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With all of the latest backstabbing and deceit in town, it would be interesting to see Doris and Bill Lewis adopt young Will and take over Springfield. Let those three loose on the town and it won't resemble the one we see today. Even Alan would be scared!

No matter what holiday you celebrate this season, it's always nice to see people getting together and giving of themselves for those who are less fortunate. And GL fans, known for their dedication to the show, certainly turned out this week in Baltimore!

While the show put on the monthly visits to towns across the country, they saved my birthplace for last - and combined the visit with the area's "Elf Night" to sort a ton of toys for local children. I've never seen so many bikes, clothes and gifts - it did my heart good to see how the people of Baltimore embraced those less fortunate - and the fans of GL who came out on a rainy night to put everything together. My pics of the event can be found at

But even in Springfield, things were kicking into high gear this week. The Springfield mayoral election went down to the wire - with a little help from a well-meaning Ashlee. I knew that this election had to have some sort of twist, but poor Ashlee has got to stop taking the law into her own hands (remember: she shot Alan when he mocked her family). But now that Buzz has befriended (?) Doris how will it all play out? If Mallet learns the truth (and you know he will) will Ashlee go to jail? Of course, Doris would have to be the one to press charges - so hopefully she won't put her own daughter behind bars - where you know she won't visit her.

Speaking of citizens sneaking around, it looks like Phillip is making himself seen and heard off-screen. But will these mentions, and Grant Aleksander's recent interviews mean a return of this fan favorite? I certainly hope so - but no one is letting this cat out of the bag just yet. Although it would be a great holiday gift for GL fans (including yours truly!).

With all of the latest backstabbing and deceit in town, I've decided on a new little family unit who can take over the whole town. Doris and Bill Lewis can adopt young Will and take over Springfield as their First Family. Could you imagine? Let those three loose on the town and it won't resemble the one we see today. Even Alan Spaulding would be shaking in his overpriced loafers!!

Since this is the last week before Christmas, I hope the show can at least focus on some family unity and happiness. Lately there has been little cheer in Springfield - and it worries me. The show won't air on Christmas Day (golf is on, I think) but a good Christmas themed show would really make this fan a happy girl! And some singing from our talented cast (who I still think should put out a CD of holiday songs - with the profits going to charity).

And I hope that with everyone preparing for the Christmas holiday that you are able to take a few minutes to relax and think of all of the blessings in your life. Sometimes we don't really take a few minutes to take stock of all we have in our life, and I know that I'll try to do the same (between cooking and decorating). I know that I am grateful to be able to share my love of the show with all of you each week. And I love to hear from you on how you think the show is going.

This week should be full of action (both naughty and nice).


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