What has James E. Reilly done to Gwen?

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Rebecca is a horrible mother. She is making Gwen's situation worse by pushing her on Ethan. More importantly, why is Gwen being turned into Theresa?

Gwen needs to snap out of it and fast because Jonathan is not getting any better. Can't Ethan get her some psychiatric help? Speaking of getting help, Rebecca is a horrible mother. She is further making Gwen's situation worse by pushing her on Ethan. This storyline (SL) is insane! What has James E. Reilly (JER) done to Gwen? Why is he sacrificing one character for the other? He has been so inconsistent with his writing that it gives me migraines taking all this in. It's bad enough that I had to sit thought this drab for 8 years, and now he is turning Gwen into Theresa? What gives, JER? I won't ask if you ran out of writing materials because that much is clear.

Little Ethan is such a brave little boy. It's too bad that he is always being used in some way shape or form. I wish Theresa was brave enough to tell Ethan the truth. She certainly didn't waste anytime sacrificing Luis's life to be with Ethan, so I don't see why she cannot tell Ethan the truth. This is how I look at it: She has beaten the odds when she took risks in the past, so why is this any different? She has never backed down from anything before.

We spend so much time discussing Gwen and Theresa that we ignore Ethan all together. The man is a ding dong. Something could be staring him in the face and he will not see it. He acts all noble when he is the worse in the triangle. He pits both women against each other, so that they will both stick around. For example, he will go on and on about Theresa in front of Gwen, and he does the same to Theresa making each of them envious of each other.

What was the purpose of shrinking the cast?
I wish JER hadn't let Whitney, Simone, and Chad go. He definitely needs enough characters to push the SL's forward. I wonder if Jessica will return. If she does, how will JER handle her baby?

I detest Alistair
Alistair is disgusting. I know how cruel he can be because I have seen him in action with Sheridan, but telling Pretty that she is ugly and that her only hope of being next to a man in the future, is if she pays him, is beyond sick. Luis is really an idiot. Of all people in the world, he knows Alistair's track record, so why did he even fall for sleeping with Pretty? He must have wanted to be with her deep down. In all fairness, Luis did refuse to sleep with Pretty. It was Paloma who read an enchanted spell from the spell book, and then the magic bowl did the rest. On Wednesday's episode, 12/12/07, why did Pretty just stand there and not grab the gun when Luis knocked it out of Spike's hand? "Pretty, what is wrong with you? Alistair has called you "ugly" to your face. He has tortured Sheridan and Fancy. Why is it so far fetched that he would give orders to kill you? Girl, you must have had "stupid" for breakfast." If Luis hadn't told her to grab the gun, she would have just stood there. Pretty is so pathetic. Alistair has really done a number on her. She has no self worth whatsoever. She would rather stay and suffer from the gun shot wound, just so she can be near Luis. "Girl, wake up!" Luis is no Alistair, but he loves Fancy. "What makes you think he will dump Fancy for you?" You may just get your wish because it looks like Fancy has given up on Luis. There is only one problem: "Luis does not love you." It was so frustrating watching her clinging to Luis when he wanted to go get help for her.

Will Paloma change her mind and give Noah a second chance?
All this time I thought that Paloma knew that Santa Claus was none other than Noah. She has been around Noah all this time, and she is not familiar with his voice or features? I do understand her behavior though. No one wants to be tricked into admitting feelings to someone under disguise. That's dishonest. Paloma has a right to feel the way she feels, even though what happened was pure magic. Noah should let her come to her own conclusions without any prompting on his part.

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