Bob has a stroke

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Bob has a stroke
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Chris is acting quite guilty in the aftermath of Bob's stroke. Dusty is not going to give up on searching for whatever he can find against Chris, and we all know that when Dusty is on a mission, he leaves no stones unturned.

There were moments in this week's show that I saw shades of the Oakdale that I have loved like Emma being the true Snyder matriarch and Kim doing something besides being a sounding board to Katie - it's a shame that these things are so infrequent these days.

Dr. Bob and Chris
Did that argument with Chris cause Bob's stroke or was it the drink he took before collapsing? Chris is acting quite guilty including his first order of business after being made interim Chief of Staff is to do the one thing that Bob was against. What kind of power trip is on? Dusty is not going to give up on searching for whatever he can find against Chris. We all know when Dusty is on a mission he leaves no stones unturned - I believe that Chris is going to be in real trouble if Dusty finds anything.

Emily believes in Chris and she is encouraging him to go after what he wants. Susan has not pulled any punches with Emily regarding Bob and Chris' shaky relationship and how much stress he has put on his father. It is obvious that she does have some unresolved feelings for Dusty. The question is: how long will she string Chris along before she gives in to her feelings for Dusty? Then poor Chris will be devastated as he will want to run out of town again.

Kathryn Hays as Kim has been given an opportunity to act again and what a joy to see her show some real emotion. I remember years ago when storylines revolved around her character and she is phenomenal. I can't remember the last time I heard her refer to anyone as "Toots". I just wish ATWT was more like Y&R or Passions or Bold and the Beautiful where older character had storylines just like the younger members of the cast on a regular basis.

Katie's Parenthood Plans
What is Katie really doing here? Is she trying to get back at Jack for leaving her by sleeping with Jack or does she have feelings for Brad? It does seem that every time she has an encounter with Jack or Carly, she wants to sleep with Brad more. Also, she does not want any other woman near Brad that raises other questions - she gets jealous about that also.

I think she really enjoyed her time in bed with Brad a lot but she does not want to embark on another relationship. Does she realize that she will be hurting Brad if she is trying to get back at Jack? Brad really has feelings for her and he cannot contain himself with joy every time that they get together to make the baby she wants.

Katie is indeed screwed up - whatever she is really feeling someone is going to be hurt.

Emma Snyder
Emma Snyder is the best - real and honest about everything, never any pretense. When Luke asked if Noah could stay over the holidays she made excuses at first then she talked it over with Holden. In this day and age, why would any parent allow a boyfriend or girlfriend to knowingly sleep together under their roof? He had nothing to do with Luke being gay, it was her rules that she has followed for all of her children. I applaud her for being honest with Luke and Noah about how she felt and what the rules are in her house.

I was puzzled at first when she made excuses before I knew what she was really thinking: Emma has taken in any stray kid without someplace to go for years so why not Noah? I knew there had to be more to her feelings.

Gwen, Will and Sofie
Sofie is now all alone now that Cole has left her and she is not trusting Gwen too much. I wonder will she give up the baby eventually to the Munsons or will something happen during childbirth and they get the baby that way. Without Cole, there is really no place for Sofie - she has not made an indelible mark since she has been in Oakdale. A baby would be a great Christmas gift for Will and Gwen. I just have to wonder if they would forgive Barbara if they get the baby.

Craig, Meg, Paul and Rosanna
Wouldn't it be a great gift if Rosanna would just tell the truth about what she did to Paul and Meg? It would have saved her some of the money that she has paid Eli.

There are moments though when you feel so sorry for Craig no matter how many bad things he has done - when he was talking to the picture of Bryant, I just like Meg felt something and kind of wished this had been his child. Then he finds out the truth and he goes back to being bad Craig by threatening Rosanna and plotting against his wife.

Here are some thoughts from some readers:

Mary said, "Carly needs to have a conversation with Jack regarding Parker's constant disrespect of her. Parker has a mouth on him for a kid. If Jack is such a great dad, he would teach Parker how to act towards adults especially his mother, no matter what she has done."

Liz said, "I am still having a hard time with Rosanna changing the DNA results. Why would she do something like that and stay quiet about it? Why would she allow someone to blackmail her as well? This is not the Rosanna that went into the coma. I think that need to give her another drug to wake up the real Rosanna."

Lewis said, "Is it really that hard to figure out Carly on ATWT? The answer: no. Her single motivation in life is to get what she wants. There's nothing wrong with that. She has always been my favorite character - and that's saying a lot. True that she has connived and lied her way into getting things, but there are also times when her "conscience" kicks in and she realizes she has gone too far. She loves her children, although they do take second place occasionally to her scheming. Again, this is usually because she is just trying to have her cake and eat it, too. Just remember, when Carly sets her mind on something, just stand back and watch her go for it. Maura West is, in my opinion, the best actress on daytime right now. She can always make me feel for Carly - even when I know what she is doing may be morally questionable (or downright wrong!). I do agree that the thought of Carly having a new story - sans Brad, Jack and Katie - is a great move. She needs some new action and Kit is a great character to get in on the fun! I think this is going to be good stuff and will be fun for a while - until Carly and her G-man are reunited, of course!"

Finally, with the New Year coming, it is time to reflect on the past year: send me your opinions on the best and worst in Oakdale this year, I will include some in my final column of the year. I wish everyone a very Happy Holiday season.

That's all I have for now.
Reggie Jackson

Reggie Jackson
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