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Katie and Brad procreate
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Bob's heart is breaking. Probably literally. After a fight with his arrogant son, Chris, about his plan to install a research lab in the hospital, Bob fell to the floor last week.

Bob Hughes' heart is breaking. Probably literally. After a fight with his arrogant son, Chris, about his plan to install a research lab in the hospital, Bob fell to the floor. I'm guessing Bob had a heart attack, since he made some off-the-cuff comment this week about watching his cholesterol. Maybe it was Vienna's pepparkakor that did him in.

For the past couple years, I've been receiving plenty of mail from Two Scoops readers wanting the Hughes family to be front and center, instead of playing second fiddle to the Snyder brood. With Chris back in town, it looks like you're getting your wish. Who will step up to fill in for Bob? Since the only people we know from the hospital are Susan, Eli the lab tech, and Chris, I'm guessing Chris is going to take over for Bob in the interim. But, not if Dusty has anything to do with it.

Dusty overheard Chris and Bob's argument, so he knows that Bob was not in favor of Chris taking on even part of the chief-of-staff duties. You can bet he'll be making that argument to the board. It's a real shame that with all the folks wandering around Oakdale, that none of them have chosen medicine as their profession. It's even more of a shame that I don't love new Chris. I know. I'm a party pooper. Sorry. Neither he nor Evan Walsh has grabbed my attention yet. Is it too late to hope that Sam is a doctor with years of medical administration training? He's the one new guy in town who did grab my attention. I'm sure Bob isn't dead, so stop panicking, Scoopers. Unlike "General Hospital," "As the World Turns" actually shows its vets some respect, instead of the inside of a coffin.

In other musings:
--Katie, Katie, Katie. What is she thinking trying to have a baby with her ex-husband's brother? I'm with Henry on this one; she's pulling one of her impetuous moves, without thinking through the consequences. I'm not sure if she's just trying to stick it to Jack, or if she's just using any excuse she can think of to hop in the sack with Brad. It doesn't matter. This is a bad plan, if you look at it logically. But it sure is a lot of fun watching Brad and Katie getting romantic, not to mention Jack, Carly, Margo and Henry's reactions.

--I couldn't help but chuckle that Iris has a pink flask. She even tries to girly-up her liquor container.

--Rosanna woke up from her coma again, but from the e-mails I've received not many of you care. You don't seem to recognize this needy, DNA-result-changing woman. I'm with you guys. I miss old Rosanna. You know, the one we cared about and who actually had scenes with her sister, Carly.

-- I found it strange this week when Henry panicked when Vienna mentioned wanting to have a family. If I recall, Henry couldn't wait to have kids when he was married to Katie. Didn't he even have a chest of storybooks to read to the future tykes? Is this an indication that Vienna isn't the one for Henry? I'm not sure. But, I'd like to see Henry in any kind of storyline that doesn't involve him serving fries at Al's Diner. Wouldn't it be interesting though if Katie had asked Henry to be a sperm donor, instead of Brad? It would make sense. The two have had a longer friendship/relationship than most couples on the show.

--Henry seemed a little too panicked about Katie wanting to have a baby with Brad, didn't he? It's obvious to me that it stung Henry to see Katie making plans to have a child so nonchalantly. Note to writers: Henry's lingering feelings for Katie could be a good plot catalyst to jumpstart a real story between him and Vienna, one that doesn't involve making cookies, but does involve Bubbles.

--One of the funniest scenes this week was between Jack Snyder and a dummy. Not Brad, Scoopers. A real dummy. Sam is apparently a ventriloquist and when his dummy started chatting up Jack in the police station, I was laughing out loud. I'm not sure Sam's act will be a hit at Metro, but it sure was funny at the police station.

--Did Brad, the go-to-baby daddy, the "dream maker," actually buy Katie's dream house? I'm confused. If so, I guess he'll be moving out of the Snyder farm. I sure hope not. It's too much fun watching him interact with Emma, Parker, Jack and the gang.

--Add the word "baby" to the As the World Turns drinking game. Suddenly, it's babies, 24-7, in Oakdale, and frankly, it's irritating. Almost every storyline is about babies lately. Gwen and Will want a baby, Sofie is having a baby, Barbara and Iris are manipulating a baby adoption, Aaron and Ali know about the baby plot, Meg is pregnant, Katie is trying to get pregnant, Brad wants to be a baby daddy, Vienna wants a child, Rosanna changed the DNA results when she realized that Meg's baby belongs to Paul, and Craig is ecstatic that he's going to be a daddy (or so he thinks.) Sigh. This almost has me reminiscing for the days of the Oakdale Slasher. Almost.

--Barbara and Iris are a hoot. When Iris laid a kiss on Babs' cheek in an embarrassing display of glee about her future granddaughter, Barbara quickly whipped out her handkerchief and wiped her face, in disgust. Priceless.

--Emma should get her license as a therapist or at least take a cue from "Peanuts'" Lucy, set up a stand, and start charging for advice. From Jack to Meg to Brad to Craig, Emma's wise words have helped more than one person in town in their decision-making.

--I'll trade Bonnie, Chris and Evan, all three, if I could get Sam full time on screen. Wally Kurth barely had a scene before those dimples worked their magic. He has a sparkle that few on daytime do. Give this guy a guitar, get him singing at Metro, and I may just have a reason to rush home to watch ATWT again. Or better yet, make him a Walsh. No one does corporate guru better than Kurth. He could help Lucinda gain back power from Craig. The folks at "General Hospital" let Kurth slip through their fingers. I hope "ATWT" realizes what a gem they've snagged.

--Lily, I'm warning you. Don't fall for Dusty. He's obviously still hung up on Emily. A relationship with Dusty is a recipe for heartbreak. This could get interesting though, because I always thought that Dusty had lingering feelings for Lily. (He even was infatuated with her twin Rose, once.) An Emily/Dusty/Lily triangle has potential.

--Eli has a dark side. Who knew? Not even lab techs are above bribery, I guess.

--So all it took this week to convince Meg that she's blissfully happy with Craig was delivering another woman's baby in an elevator. If you look up fickle in the dictionary, there is a photo of Meg.

--I'm so thankful that this baby drama is over with Cole and Sofie, so hopefully they can split town and take this yawn of a storyline with them. I thought I could like Sofie, but when she was begging that loser boyfriend to stay in her life this week, I felt like shaking her. I have no tolerance for such a pathetic woman. Hopefully, she'll find her backbone before she leaves town.

--By now you've heard that Casey is coming home. Maddie is gone, though, so I'm not sure who he'll be interacting with. Perhaps, he'll be involved with Will and Gwen in a storyline that doesn't involve babies.

Best Lines of the Week:
(Jack yells at Carly about her latest bad decision in front of Sam, Margo and Kit, and Sam defends Carly.)
Sam: (to Jack) "Maybe you need a lesson or two on how to talk to a pretty young lady."
Margo: "That's not a lady. That's his wife."

(Vienna tries to convince Katie and Henry that Brad will be a perfect sperm donor for Katie.)
Vienna: "Brad has some flaws, I'll admit. But if he can deliver what she wants..."
Henry: (interrupting) "All Brad delivers are headaches, am I right, Bubbles?"

Reader Spotlight:
(From Two Scoops reader Kristy)
"Why can't characters interact with friends and family anymore? Lily and Carly are friends but can't squeeze in a lunch? Nor can Gwen get together with her sister Carly who can't take a minute to go see comatose Roseanna. The only friendly get-togethers are with Katie (who I couldn't hate more since she's become a "pillar" of virtue)and Henry and Vienna. Jack has three repeating scenes 1. Yell at Carly, threaten her with the kids 2. Beat up Brad and 3. Beg Katie to forgive him. If the only person who has friends is Katie then I'm not sure Oakdale hasn't been taken over by pod people."

(From Two Scoops Kathy.)
I find it very disheartening and out-of-character for Rosanna when she switched the results of Meg's paternity test. Did the writers forget that the reason she was in her coma is because she was trying to reunite Jennifer with her son? Also, did they forgot that Rosanna had the courage to give up her adopted son for his own safety after discovering that he was James Stenbeck's grandson? Although I'm very saddened to see Cady McClain leave ATWT, I think Rosanna needs to go.

(From Two Scoops reader Sandi.)
I don't like having Emily back especially with Chris. I have really disliked her since she kidnapped Dusty and I don't think she has any chemistry with this Chris. He doesn't seem to have any chemistry with anyone. For that one brief moment I was so happy to see Wally Kurth. Of course Carly has chemistry with everyone. I can see him as the one person who could take her away from Jack.

(From Two Scoops reader Russell.)
I know that the Snyders are an important family to Oakdale. I think, however, that too much emphasis is given to that brood. You say that they are the "core" of Oakdale, but the truth is that the Hughes clan (and the remaining Stewart's) are the TRUE core of ATWT, and one day, a group of Writers and Executives will see that and return the storyline emphasis to include this real core.

(From Two Scoops reader Lina)
I don't understand why all the women on atwt are so needy and don't have any pride, they beg, lie manipulate to get what they think they want. The men are all so stupid and gullible. You have ruined the character of Jack, I used to love his honesty and sense of family love. Now he has become a raving idiot that does't know what the hell he wants, I feel so sorry for those kids, they have more sense and values than their parents. Please writers open your eyes before you lose all your audience.

(From Two Scoops reader Lewis)
Jennifer - I couldn't agree more about Rosanna. I was so excited to hear that Cady McClain was making her return, but the story has been nothing short of terrible. How much fun would it have been to see "old" Ro getting even with Craig, Paul and Meg? She could buy and sell each of them! The entire storyline has been such a disappointment. She also hasn't really had much connection to Emma, for whom she has always shown much affection, or her own sister, Carly. It's like the writers brought back Rosanna only to keep her in a little box and let her whine and pine for lame Paul. Sad.

That's all for now Scoopers! See ya next time.
Jennifer Biller

Jennifer Biller
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