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It's sad to watch Gwen go down a slippery slope. It makes no sense to deny Jonathan a chance to get a liver donor. Theresa is willing to have Little Ethan (LE) tested, but Gwen is moving heaven and earth to prevent it.

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It's so pitiful watching Gwen go down a slippery slope. It makes no sense to deny Jonathan a chance to get a liver donor. Theresa is willing to have Little Ethan (LE) tested, but Gwen is moving heaven and earth to prevent it. Earth to Gwen! Jonathan is sick, and he needs treatment, pronto! Please, please, snap out of it! I'm really sick of the role reversal. It was not too long ago that Theresa would have stopped at nothing to land Ethan, even threatening to have an entire family killed. Doesn't that sound familiar to anyone? Gwen is now doing the same thing, and all for a worthless cad a.k.a Ethan.

Some may think that Theresa is being disingenuous by being so sanctimonious in that she has Jonathan's best interest at heart. Is she really that concerned about Jonathan, or does she only cares because Ethan is the father? Doesn't it also seem that Theresa thinks that Ethan is so distracted with Jonathan's illness that he will not be that hard on her if Ethan learns the truth now? Is she trying to get off the hook by using Jonathan's illness as a way to get out of her predicament? She will kill two birds with one stone; LE will save the day by being a perfect match for Jonathan's donor, and the truth will conveniently come out that he is Ethan's son. That will definitely make an easy landing for Theresa. Hmmm...that's definitely something to ponder.

Ok, Gwen is not playing with a full deck, but Theresa is acting so self righteous, so why didn't she tell Ethan that she found a possible donor? It's not like she hasn't gambled with her life before. Vincent, not too long ago, threatened to kill Luis if she didn't stay away from Ethan, but did she heed Vincent's warnings? Luis got executed, didn't he? It was Endora who stopped time, and Eve came forward and saved Luis. Ethan pleaded for her help, but she refused to tell him the truth. How is Theresa any better than Gwen?

Luis is Overcome by Magic

I was about to get stereotypical and post about how some men are weak, but I have to take it back. Luis was about to do the deed with Pretty, and he stopped himself. The only reason they did it is because Paloma unknowingly cast a lust spell. I thought only witches were able to cast spells. How did Paloma pull that off? Is the magic bowl that enchanted that it accepts spells from anyone? Adios Mio! This show gives me a headache. Anyway, the current storyline (SL) with Luis and Pretty is just as frustrating as Luis and Sheridan's of yesteryear. If Sheridan/Luis and Fancy/Luis weren't happy, then I guess Pretty/Luis have the same fate, so I won't hold my breath for a happy ending. All James E. Reilly (JER) does is torture couples. They are never happy for long.

Kay Is Clueless

Kay bothers me. How many times Tabitha has to tell her that one cannot cheat death? It's like what Tabitha tells her does not register. Me: Knock, knock! Kay: Who is there? Me: Death! Kay: Death who? I give up. She is hopeless. Tabitha, can you please do me the honors of zapping her once again? It would make me feel so good.

How Will Julian Cope?

I wonder when will Julian figure out that Vincent and Valerie are one and the same. When he finds out, he will definitely drink heavily again. Eve's drinking will be tame compared to Julian's. My only disappointment is that JER destroyed Valerie's character just to come up with ideas for Vincent.

Who Is Esme's Man killer?

Who is killing Esme's lovers? Some people think it's Vicki, and I'm beginning to wonder myself. There is something about her that I can't quite put my finger on. She doesn't speak. She keeps all her emotions bottled up. I can see why she is on a killing spree. This is merely a speculation on my part of course.

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