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Isabella hinted to Mateo that Hayley might not be the right woman for him. Dimitri left for Hungary to find a child to adopt. Trevor told Amanda that Janet was her real mother. Erica figured out that Maria was carrying Dimitri's baby.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of February 17, 1997 on AMC
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Presidents' Day Monday, February 17, 1997

Gloria took Tad's announcement very well and she seemed to enjoy watching Tad squirm when she asked him how long he's known that he was in love with her. He offered up several possible times when he first knew that he cared for Glo---when she went away to her seminar in Richmond or when she came back and they "christened" the new bed--but he said that he isn't really sure of an exact time that his feelings blossomed. The he watched nervously as Gloria stood emotionless before him. Gloria finally broke her silence and assured Tad that his feelings were not one sided. She, however, knew the exact time that she fell for him: Halloween. She said that she loves "a man in a cape."

Dimitri asked Erica if she wanted to try for another child. Erica nodded. She said that her pregnancy "seemed right" and that their love for each other would make a welcomed environment for a new life. She did, however, say that Dr. Clader advised them to wait at least six months before trying to conceive. This time advisory, Erica said, did not quash her desire to have a child---now. She said that she wants to adopt a child because there are "other Sams" out there who need love. Erica wasn't keen in waiting and ordered Dimitri to proceed with the process immediately.

Upstairs, Maria was relieved to learn that she would not have to live without Edmund. As the night drew to a close, Edmund joined Maria in bed---ended his several day occupation of a bedroom down the hall.

Janet tried to see Amanda, but Trevor told her that Amanda was sleeping and that it was not the right time for her to visit.. Inside Amanda's room, a bubbly Amanda told Joe and Ruth that she was ready for visitors. But when Trevor suggested that Janet be allowed to visit, Amanda said she was "sleepy" and could not have any visitors. Ruth advised Trevor not to pressure Amanda into a visitation.

Janet told Jack that she was not yet allowed to see Amanda. Jack said that it should be only a matter of time before Janet is allowed to see Amanda. After all, he said, Trevor did risk his own life to save the woman who saved his daughter. Janet was stunned that Trevor tossed aside his own safety to save her from the well. Janet confronted Trevor with the news. Trevor explained that he could not let Amanda lose another mother.

The following morning, Jake was introduced to Amanda as the man who saved her life. Janet asked Ruth if she could see Amanda. Ruth said that she'd have to check with Trevor first. Trevor came out of the room and told Janet that Amanda was still sleeping. That excuse held up until Jake exited the room and said that Amanda was smiling. Trevor finally had to part with the deception and tell Janet that Amanda is still "processing" what she saw on the video tape and that she just needs a little time before she comes around. Brooke and Pierce arrived and asked to see Amanda, but Trevor told them that it is not fair for them to see Amanda before Janet. Trevor went back into the room and told Amanda that his feelings about Janet have changed and that she's an okay kinda person. Janet told Jack that she wants Amanda to be happy---even if it means that she can never see her again. A few seconds later, Trevor popped out of the room and told Janet that Amanda agreed to a visit.

Pierce went to Dr. Tolan and told her that he does not need any more therapy sessions because his relationship with Brooke is back on track. She warned him that love can sometimes blind a person for problems, but Pierce didn't pay her any mind.

Gloria and Tad checked in to the Sleepy Hollow Inn and were surprised when the woman at the front desk said they were booked to the Honeymoon Suite. She said that Valentine's Day is always a busy time of year and that all the other suites were booked. She asked "Mr. and Mrs. Martin" to follow her to their room.

Tad and Gloria laid with down on the bed and began kissing. They had no idea that someone else was about to enter their room. Joe and Ruth used their key to open the door and stood in amazement that Tad and Gloria were in their room! Joe asked if they should be celebrating a marriage. Tad blinked his eyes several times and realized that their room reservations must have been swapped. Tad raced down to the front desk, Joe following behind him. Ruth told Gloria that she and Joe already think of her as family and asked if there was a wedding in Gloria's future. Gloria shook her head and said that Tad is not at that point yet---but that they are very happy with their current arrangements.

Downstairs, Tad told his father the same thing. Joe insisted that Tad and Gloria keep the suite because they were already settled in. The two went back upstairs. Ruth instructed Tad that he and Gloria should remain in the suite. When Tad said that Joe had said the same thing, Ruth said that being together for several decades will cause you to think alike. Before leaving, Joe teased Tad that he should "try to forget that your parents are down the hall."

Erica and Dimitri told Maria and Edmund that they are considering adopting a child. Opal dropped by to give Sam a present for his birthday. Opal, Erica, and Maria went upstairs to see if Sam had waken from his nap. Dimitri told Edmund that he hopes his plans for adoption finally convince him that he has no "designs" on Maria's child. Edmund wasn't convinced. The two then bickered over Skye and how to handle her. As they squawked, Erica entered the room and demanded an explanation for their argument. Edmund explained that Dimitri asked him to reassign Skye to another job position to put space between them. Edmund quickly left the room. Dimitri told Erica that their presence at Wildwind is starting to cause problems and that they had better think about relocating. Maria stuck her head into the room and told Dimitri that he has a phone call from someone who does not speak English very well. Dimitri ducked out to take the call, but Erica needed a few words with Maria. She asked Maria if she and Dimitri were starting to wear out their welcome. Maria insisted that she was very happy having her brother-in-law and his wife live with them because she is used to having a big family living under one roof. Maria then ducked a question about knowing the reason for Skye's wedding interruption and the contents of the now missing letter. Opal came downstairs and Erica pulled her a side for a chat. Opal told Erica that she does not know what was in the letter, but that it had to have been something pretty bad because Maria said the letter would ruin the wedding. Erica was furious that Maria lied to her about not knowing what was in the letter and when Opal said that Maria burned the letter, Erica raced to the fireplace. She managed to retrieve a small unburned portion of the note: "Don't marry Dimitri.....unforgivable.....Maria." Erica vowed that she would get to the bottom of the mystery.

Tuesday, February 18, 1997

Prospective Student Day at Pine Valley High, the day where students get to meet with representatives from local colleges, turned into a day of acceptance for some and ridicule for others. Kelsey offered advice to Bobby, Anita, Kevin, and Laura based upon articles she read in her teen magazines: Do talk about science and math. Don't talk about religion, politics, or sex. Carol Johnson, a representative of the Pine Valley University Alumni Association and mother of the young woman who jetted out of Michael's history class when he revealed his homosexuality, waltzed over to the group and made small talk. Bobby decided to "kiss up" to Mrs. Johnson so that he could get her backing when he applies at PVU. Carol was thrilled that Bobby, the son of a doctor and the grandson of a business mogul, was considering staying in town for college. She was just as happy with Anita's intended application as well. Anita, of course, is the daughter of a "righteous" Hector and Isabella Santos. Kelsey dropped knowledge that she worked closely with Edmund at Tempo. This pleased Carol and she announced that she had picked her "favorites." This left Laura and Kevin out in the cold. Carol told Laura that she is not PVU material because they do not have vocational programs. And Kevin, well, Carol told Laura that Kevin can't possibly be accepted because no "normal boy would want to room with him." The small-minded comment outraged Laura and she began a verbal confrontation with the woman. Michael waltzed over and broke up the yelling. He assured Laura that she will get into a college of her choice and said that he is writing her a glowing recommendation. Kevin thanked Laura for standing up for him and said that he had worked too hard to give up on secondary education. Anita and Bobby worried that they would not be accepted to the same schools and that their college worries would keep them from planning their wedding.

As Hayley did some organizing at Holidays, she complained that the work she was doing was supposed to have been done by Tanner. Mateo stood up for his pal and told Hayley that Tanner was at his mother's helping her fix a broken chair. Hayley apologized for snapping and commented that Amanda's disaster still has her jumpy. Matt told Hayley that his mother insisted on traveling to Texas with him for the business meeting and that he needed to go over to her house and work out their travel itinerary.

At Isabella's, Rosa gave Tanner the dirt on why Hector did not like Hayley. After making Tanner swear that he would not tell Isabella that she was gossiping, Rosa filled Tanner in on Hayley's previous marriage and her non-religious, alcoholic mother. Isabella overheard her daughter's conversation and threatened to wash her mouth out with soap. Rosa was sentenced to an hour in her room. Isabella told Tanner that she is worried about Mateo and his total devotion to Holidays. She said she hopes that he can settle down with Hayley and start a family. She asked Tanner to keep and eye on her son and make sure that he's okay.

At Holidays, a rather scruffy lookin' Aussie walked through the front door and asked Hayley if Holidays is a "real restaurant." He demanded a glass of beer and said that he wants to see Tanner Jordan. When Tanner arrived back at the restaurant a short time later, the man told Tanner that he "owes" him. Tanner bad-mouthed the man and the two started their own bar room brawl. Hayley dodged flying glass as she raced to the phone and threatened to call the police. Tanner begged Hayley to spot him some cash so he could pay the man and get rid of him. Hayley asked Tanner why money is the only way to solve his problems, but she forked over the cash any way. Tanner paid the man his money and the Aussie left. As Tanner downed a glass of vodka to ease his worries, he told Hayley that he "loser" who was in the bar was actually his father!

Liza showed Jake a video tape of his rescue of Amanda and told him that the footage was going to be shown during a special news broadcast. The footage played a sound bite of Janet yelling to "save my daughter." Jake insisted that Liza cannot air the footage because it would tell everyone that Janet is Amanda's mother. He said that Liza is entitled to air the actual rescue footage, but pleaded with her to remove Janet's voice. Liza explained that she needs to take risks and that if she took no risks, they'd be left airing "bake sales." Liza then went on to shifting the blame for Amanda finding out about Janet's past to Tad, saying that her broadcasts are not meant for five-year-olds and that Tad was irresponsible for letting a video tape of the show laying around the house. She said that "no one wants to be the Top Story" on a newscast because it means that they either did something bad or something bad happened to them. Jake warned Liza that Trevor will be furious and accused her of letting Adam pull her strings. Liza blasted Jake for what she viewed as a sexist comment. Jake shook his head in disgust and pleaded with Liza to think of Amanda. He said that one good thing did come out of the bicker battle. He said that he has finally seen the real Liza Colby---a cold, heartless woman, definitely not like the woman he met in the woods.

Marian arrived at the station and did her best to console Liza. A surprisingly vulnerable Liza asked her mom if she was a bad person. Marian said that Liza is not a bad person and that she does great work. She offered Liza a hug, but Liza turned her down. Marian asked Liza to join her on a shopping trip, but Liza said that her special report was about to air and she did not want to miss it.

Janet showed much reluctance in entering Amanda's room. When she entered the room, Amanda had her face directed towards the wall do that she did not have to look Janet in the eyes. Outside the room, Trevor told Jack that he had to twist Amanda's arm to get her to agree to seeing Janet. Janet apologized for disappointing Amanda and told her that she thinks their friendship can be even stronger now that she has confessed her sins. Amanda thanked Janet for saving her from the well, but her apology was hardly heart-felt. Janet smiled and said that she'd try to sneak in some chocolate for Amanda. Amanda rolled her eyes and told Janet that Trevor told her she only had to thank Janet for saving her once. When asked if she no longer wanted to Janet, Amanda nodded her head. Janet told Amanda that it's okay to be angry with her. Amanda asked if Janet's daughter knew about the bad things she'd done. Janet lowered her head and said "yes," but implied that her daughter got over the initial hurt and is better now. Janet told Amanda that she wants her to be happy and that she will not bother her any more unless Amanda gives her the green light. Dejected, Janet left the room and told Trevor that Amanda no longer wants to see her. With this in mind, Janet told Trevor that Amanda can never learn that she is her mother.

Bakc inside the room, Amanda channel surfed and came across Liza's special report on Janet and Amanda's well rescue. The opening comments had Liza announcing that Janet was a convicted murderer. Amanda's mouth dropped.

Wednesday, February 19, 1997

Adam praised Liza for her spur-of-the-moment special on Janet and Amanda's rescue. The special drew huge ratings, but seemed of little consequence to Liza who found herself battling her conscience. Adam tried his best to convince Liza that he was on her side and supported her decision to air the piece. Liza insisted that there were no sides to be taken. She, as a professional in the media, is responsible for airing the news, not making sure that people feel happy about the news. Adam agreed. He said that the only thing missing from the special is footage of Liza and Amanda together to provide closure for the story. Liza nodded and headed off to the hospital.

Isabella told Mateo that he works too hard and is worried about his well-being because he does not have a woman at home waiting for him. She indicated that postponing his wedding was the best decision he could have made. She warned Mateo that since he and Hayley only spent a short amount of time together---she means quality time at home, not the time they spend working together---they run the risk of growing apart. She also said that she does not think it is wise for Hayley to be working around alcohol all day. No, Isabella was not done. She said that she likes Hayley and can see that Hayley loves Mateo, but worried that she cannot be a good wife because she had no one in her life to teach her the skills of being a good wife. Mateo insisted that he and Hayley were very much in love and that they are well suited for each other.

At Holidays, Tanner told Hayley that the man he booted from the bar was his father. He went on to say that the story of his family dying in a fire was a fairy tale. He told a heart-wrenching story of growing up with an alcoholic father. He said that his dad was teased and taunted by his fellow townspeople and that he used to grovel for money just to feed his need for booze. The story hit home with Hayley who said that she can relate to having a "drunk" for a parent. Tanner insisted that Mateo cannot know the truth about his parents. He said that he will tell Matt the truth one day---but only when the time is right. The two hugged just as Mateo walked back into the club. Hayley and Mateo said the good-byes. Matt, of course, is heading to Texas on business. Hayley indicated that she really wanted to go, but Mateo said that Holidays needs her. Tanner slipped away for a few minutes and approached the man that he had kicked out only a few minutes before. Tanner told the man that he had done a great job and that he almost believed that he was his father. He smiled as he said that he has Hayley right where he wants her.

Erica approached Edmund to see if he had seen Skye. He shook his head, but said that he'd be willing to help Erica with whatever problem she was having. Erica showed him the note she had pulled from the fireplace and told him the story about how the note ended up in the fireplace. She said that Maria had told her that the note was accidentally mixed-up with the wrapping paper and tossed away. Opal, however, told her that Maria deliberately burned the letter. Edmund told Erica that Skye was "toasted" when she wrote the note and that nothing she said or wrote during her drunken rampage should be taken seriously. She showed him the note and asked if he isn't the least bit curious to find out why Maria's name is in the note. Again Edmund told Erica to pay it no mind. She continued on by saying that Skye was about to confess some sin to her AA meeting, but that she was stopped before she could come clean. She said that Edmund can disregard the note, but she vowed to find Skye and learn what was in the letter.

Jake called Trevor to warn him about the WRCW special report. Trevor turned off Amanda's television just in time to prevent her from hearing Janet call her "my daughter." Laura was surprised and concerned to see Janet walking around the halls. Janet told her friend that Amanda no longer wants to see her. Laura assured Janet that Amanda would come around. She said that all Janet has to do is to "be there for" Amanda and show her that she is not a bad person. Janet contemplated leaving town, but Laura said that that would not do anyone any good. Trevor exited the room and told Janet that Amanda had only seen a few minutes of the report. Just as they were mentioning Liza's name, Mrs. Chandler walked into the hospital and prepared to pay Amanda a visit. Trevor blocked the door and wrapped his hands around Liza's throat. He warned her that if she makes another step toward Amanda's room, it'll be her last step. Liza warned Trevor that he should be thanking her for finding Amanda or she'd be dead by now. She told Trevor that he will have to keep Amanda in a bubble if he expects to prevent Amanda from ever learning that Janet is her mother.

Adam talked to Jake about his disagreement with Liza. Adam reminded Jake that he was hired to execute orders, not make them. The was no problem with not agreeing with Liza according to Adam. He said that he welcomes a difference of opinion at WRCW. He then invited Jake to dinner. He said that the relaxed environment might help him and Liza patch up their differences. Liza returned to the station and told Adam that her trip to the hospital yielded no results. Adam then told her that they were having a family dinner to celebrate her ratings victory.

Erica returned to Wildwind to try to track down Skye. Before she could move on with her location of Skye, someone phoned for Maria. Erica told the caller that she had no idea where Maria was, but that she could check her attaché case to see if she left her appointment book behind. Erica placed the caller on hold and walked over to Maria's attaché case. She opened it up and found some very interesting papers.

Janet suggested that Trevor take Amanda and move far away from Pine Valley. Trevor said that he cannot run from the truth and that it is time for him to tell Amanda the truth. Janet begged Trevor to reconsider, but when she saw that he was determined to tell Amanda the truth, she asked him to leave out the part about her murder conviction. Trevor slowly walked into Amanda's room and prepared for possibly the most difficult talk he'd ever have with his daughter. He began by saying that he wanted to talk about her mother. Amanda responded by saying that her mother is in heaven. He told Amanda that she is a very lucky girl because she has more than one mommy. He said that Natalie and Laurel are both in heaven, but that Amanda has a birth mother who is still in town. Her birth mother, he went on to say, is the same woman who she had had tea parties with: Janet Green. Amanda burst into tears and told her father that he was lying to her. Her squeals of "I want my real mommy, not Janet! I hate her! I hate her! I hate her!" escaped the confines of the hospital room and made their way out to the hall where Janet heard her daughter's cries and broke down in tears.

Thursday, February 20, 1997

Edmund raced over to Linden House and charmed his way past Coral, Erica's housekeeper. He ran up the steps and confronted Skye about the note she sent to Erica's wedding ceremony via Bianca.. Skye said that she had "covered" for the note, but Edmund informed her that Erica plucked the half-burned note from the fireplace. He insisted that she do a better job of preventing Erica for getting hurt and learning the truth about Dimitri's affair. If Skye doesn't, he warned, she'll be in a heap of trouble.

Amanda pulled her pillow over her head and sang "Frere Jacques" so she would not have to listen to Trevor's story. Trevor told his daughter that he knows she's upset. Amanda looked him straight in the face and called him "the biggest liar of all." Trevor apologized for keeping the truth from Amanda, but he said that he thought she was too young to understand and wanted to wait until she was older---much older, no doubt---before he told her about Janet. He told her that Janet was in the same situation as "Mr. and Mrs. Grey." He said that Janet, like Sam's mother, knew that she could not be as good a mother at the time as Natalie and that Janet did what was best for her daughter.

Outside in the hall, Janet was visibly a wreck. She kicked herself for hurting Amanda and went as far as suggesting that committing suicide would be her best option. Laura tried to keep Janet's head on straight, but it didn't help. Janet concocted a strong front to convince Laura that she'd be okay. She then told her that she should go to Chandler Mansion and have dinner with Scott like she had planned. Janet slowly walked off. Laura, tears rolling down her face, dashed to the phone and made a frantic call to Pierce to ask for his help in making Janet feel better. Pierce agreed to assist and said that he'd be at the hospital in a few minutes.

Erica quickly perused a pamphlet in Maria's briefcase about genetic blood disorders. She told the caller that she was unable to locate any information and urged her to call Maria's secretary. Dimitri entered the room and told Erica that he was off to the airport to begin his Russian expedition. The trip would be a search for a child that he and Erica can adopt. Erica commented that Maria and Edmund adopted because they thought that they could not have children and then poof! Maria got pregnant. She called id a miracle. She then asked Dimitri about his genetic blood disorder, Thalissemia. Before Dimitri could give an answer, Bianca called to tell her mom that she had won a horse show title. While Erica was on the phone, Maria slipped into the room to wish Dimitri the best of luck on his trip. Erica watched the two converse with a strange look on her face. Maria slipped back out of the room just as Erica was finishing off her phone call. Dimitri then got the chance to explain his disorder. He assured Erica that a baby they conceived would not be at risk because Erica is not a carrier of the disease. He also assuaged her fears that Maria's baby would not be at risk because Edmund is not a carrier. Erica walked her almost-husband to the door and wished him well on his trip. If only her mind was not working over time, Dimitri might not have suspected that something was up.

Marian told Liza that her ratings coup will be her biggest asset in trying to lure Adam into bed. When the doorbell rang, Liza expected that either Skye or Hayley would be arriving for their father's dinner party. She was no t prepared to seeJake Martin. Adam smiled devilishly as he said that Jake is family---he's part of the extended WRCW family. Besides, he said that Skye is "partial" to him. Jake walked over to Adam and whispered that he thought he was invited to "mend fences" with Liza. Adam told Jake not to worry because Liza was just caught of base. "You know how women are," Adam aped as he said that Liza was just unprepared for another dinner guest. Skye and Barry, Adam's attorney arrived. Adam told Barry that he is setting Liza up for the fall even as they speak. Daddy Chandler then summoned Skye to his side and ordered her to smile while he talks to her. He demanded that she be on her best behavior and not throw any tantrums. He said that he does not care what people think of him, but he is concerned about what people think of his family. Skye vowed not to act childish, set any fires, or throw food at the guests. Hayley and Tanner were the next to arrive. Hayley explained to everyone that Mateo was in Texas on business and let everyone know that Tanner was Matt's friend. You know how easily rumors get started! Scott and Laura were the last to arrive. Adam proposed a toast to Jake to fete his rescue of Amanda Dillon. He then turned the honors to his beloved wife and marveled at his ratings victory. Laura refused to honor the toast and nearly knocked down a priceless piece of Chandler art when she put down her glass. Adam turned in her direction and asked for an explanation as to why she did not go in on the toast.

Trevor told Amanda that she is very fortunate to have both Laurel and Natalie looking down on her from heaven. He also added that Laurel would very glad that Janet is part of Amanda's life now. He reminded Amanda that Janet has always loved her and saved her from disaster in the well. Amanda looked like she was coming around, but then she chimed in that Janet has still done bad things and asked her daddy if he's ever done bad things to people. Trevor looked nervously around the room and avoided the question.

Maria picked up her briefcase along with a few questions from Erica. Erica asked Maria about the "tests" she been having to get lately. Maria shrugged her shoulders and said that all has gone well with the baby and that she hasn't needed very many tests at all. Edmund entered the room and learned that Dimitri was going to Russia.. Erica then excused herself and made a phone call to Dr. Clader. The doctor was not in, but Erica had her own private doctor knocking at the door. She was very surprised to see Joe, who had just stopped by to check up on Erica, and started asking questions about Maria's pregnancy. Joe reminded Erica that he is not at liberty to discuss Maria's condition and told Erica to ask Maria if she has concerns. A lightbulb flashed over Erica's head and she told Joe that she just remembered an errand she has to run.

Pierce went to check in on Janet, but Janet was not in her room. Her coat was also gone. Pierce made some phone calls, but could not track Janet down. Trevor asked his long-time friend to keep an eye on Amanda while he made a quick trip outside. Trevor managed to track Janet down, but Janet was unresponsive.

Laura explained that she will not drink to someone who has destroyed her friend's life. She blasted Liza for taking joy in other's tragedy. She accused Liza of being in a win-win situation. If Janet and Amanda had died in the well or even if they both were saved, Liza would still score big in the ratings. Liza defended her work, but it had no impact on Laura's opinion. Maria stepped in and told Laura that she needs to learn how to act at a dinner party. Adam asked Laura if she would prefer that the media did not cover crises. Scott stepped in and said that it is obvious that the Chandler men fall for women with strong opinions. To that, Adam proposed a toast. Scott took Laura aside and told her that she should be proud of her convictions, saying that Liza got to the top by having strong personal views and sticking by them.

Erica burst into the party and yanked Skye to the foyer. There she demanded that Skye spill the beans about the content of her letter.

Friday, February 21, 1997

Maria worried that Erica might have found something in her briefcase that clued her on to Dimitri's affair. Edmund assured his wife that everything was okay, but when Peggy came in and asked where Erica raced off to, they both became more than just a little concerned. To be on the safe side, Edmund told Maria that he would call Skye and warn her that Erica might track her down.

Erica was, of course, already digging for answers. Skye told Erica that she cannot remember what she wrote in her letter because she was too drunk at the time she penned the letter. Erica asked Skye why Maria merited such special attention that her name had to be included in the note. That seemed to jog Skye's memory. She said that she was upset with Dimitri because she felt that he was "stealing" away her best friend. Erica didn't believe that Skye interrupted her wedding just because she was concerned about losing a girlfriend. Adam and Winifred both interrupted the tête-à-tête; Adam to tell hi daughter that Jake was waiting for her and Winifred to tell Skye that she had a phone call from Edmund. Skye shooshed them both from the room and prepared to answer the phone. Erica ordered her to put the phone call on hold because she had top billing. Skye took the phone call any way and managed to convey to Edmund that Erica was already there. He reminded her that she had better not spill the beans to Erica or he'll track her down and wring her neck! Skye hung up the phone, after pretending that the call was motivated by a snafu at Tempo. Skye then explained why she included Maria's name in the message. She said that Edmund and Maria's love is much like that of Erica and Dimitri's. She said that she rambled on in the letter about how badly she wanted Maria to disappear from Edmund's life so that she could have Edmund all to herself. Erica still did not believe Skye's story. She blasted Skye for her lies, saying that she risked her life to rescue Skye from her demonic husband and that she is repaid with lie after lie. Skye told Erica that "this is Dimitri's story to tell" and that she has nothing more to say. Erica left in a huff. She told Skye that she was sorry she rescued her from Dr. Kinder's lair because she should have left her there to rot. A few minutes later, Jake tracked Skye down and asked her to join him for dinner. Skye turned him down, saying that she cannot eat because she may have just made a mistake she'll regret for the rest of her life.

At the well, now fenced off for protection, Janet told Trevor that she is planning on leaving town. She said that after nearly seven years, Trevor will finally get his wish of seeing her hit the road. Trevor informed Janet that she cannot leave now because she is "a parent now." Janet said that she would help Trevor raised Amanda if she could, but after hearing Amanda cry in the hospital upon learning that Janet is her mother, she doubted that she could be of any help. Trevor told Janet that Amanda is better at dealing with stress than most adults. He told her that she was remarkably sane when Laurel was killed. That is not to say that Amanda did not cry buckets of tears, but he said that she dealt with it in a very mature way. Janet said that that was all fine and good, but Amanda does not love her like she loved Laurel. Trevor disagreed. He told her that Amanda's first impression of Janet will be the impression she always has of her and that in time Amanda will come around. He told her that he was going to take her some place warm because she was in no condition to sit in the cold all night.

Adam tried to buy of Scott so that he and Laura would leave the dinner party. Scott refused to head to the Burger Barn just because it was convenient for his uncle.
Liza told Laura that she respects her opinion, but suggested that she might need to take a lesson that will teach her the appropriate time to express her views properly. Laura slammed Liza for continually ruining people's lives by broadcasting their personal matters on the television. She said that the innocent, like Janet, are always displayed for entertainment purposes. Liza chuckled as she said that she had never heard the words "innocent" and "Janet" in the same sentence before.

Hayley caught Tanner slinking toward the foyer and told him that his attempt to escape the party had been foiled. Tanner smiled and said that there is no way he'd miss any fireworks.

Adam told Liza that Laura's attack on her story was unwarranted. Liza assured Adam that the teen's comments had not scathed her. She then told her husband that his toast in her honor meant a great deal to her. Liza and Adam returned to the party, but Liza noticed that something was missing. The Faberge egg that Laura had nearly knocked over had disappeared. While Liza was making her announcement that the egg was gone, Tanner slipped the egg from his pocket into Laura's purse. Adam asked Laura if she moved the egg. Laura denied that charges and was furious that Adam would accuse her of stealing. She told Adam to check her purse and coat. Marian, always the instigator, told Adam that since she did volunteer to be searched he should take her up on the offer. Scott handed Laura's purse to his uncle. Laura again insisted that she did not swipe the egg. Adam said that a search would be unnecessary and tossed her purse down. When the purse hit the ground, the egg rolled out. Laura vehemently denied taking the egg. Scott came to her rescue. He said that it is obvious that someone planted the egg in his date's purse to incriminate her. In the background, Marian chirped that Adam should prosecute to the fullest extent of the law. Adam announced that the party was over. On his way out, Barry told Adam that his plan to thrust Liza and Jake together has thus far fizzled. Only Marian, Liza, Hayley, and Tanner remained. The former two left the room, allowing Tanner to try to put the moves on his friend's fiancee. Hayley warned Tanner that his advances were uncalled for. Tanner apologized. He said that ever since he first set eyes on Hayley he was smitten for her, but said that he will not do anything else that will make Hayley feel ill at ease.

Scott took Laura home. She thanked him for standing up for her at the party and once again denied taking the egg. He told her that he knows she is innocently and kissed her gently on the lips.

Trevor escorted Janet back to Linden House even though he knew that she should still be in the hospital. Janet thanked Trevor for seeing her home and told him that he could go. But a dizzy spell had Trevor concerned for Janet's well-being. He ordered her into bed and said that he would see what he could find in the kitchen as a late night snack. When Trevor returned with a tray of eggs and orange juice, Janet was already fast asleep. Instead of just leaving, Trevor took of Janet's shoes and covered her with a blanket. He made one final check to see that Janet was resting comfortably before leaving.

Liza and Adam retreated to Adam's bedroom to chat about the events of the evening. Adam said that the best part of a party is the gossip session that follows. For the first time, he referred to his union with Liza as a marriage. He called it a slip of the tongue, but the events that followed made it seem like anything but a mistake. The two stared into each other's eyes and then leaned over for a very passionate kiss.

Erica returned to Wildwind with images of the past haunting her mind. Events that flashed in her mind slowly helped her piece together the events of the past few months. She recalled Dimitri's statement after his car crash. He said that he needed to tell Erica "the hardest thing" he's ever had to say. She put that together with the conversation in which Dimitri swore that Edmund was not a carrier of Thalissemia and Skye's comment that "She is not the adulterer." Erica slouched in the chair. Tears began welling in her eyes. "It can't be," she sobbed. "Maria slept with Dimitri.... She's having Dimitri's baby!"

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