All My Children Recaps: The week of September 8, 1997 on AMC
Gloria decided to go away for a while to think about her relationships with Dimitri and Tad. Jack visited Erica in jail. Trevor and Janet argued. Mateo continued to look for information about the plane crash. Scott and Laura broke up. Kelsey thought that Kevin was in love with her.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of September 8, 1997 on AMC
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Monday, September 8, 1997

After an enjoyable morning spent shopping, Marian and Liza headed to the Valley Inn for a bite to eat. Liza was surprised that she and her mother had spent the entire morning without an argument. She was equally impressed that she was able to find designer maternity clothing at the outlet malls. Marian waxed nostalgically about her last shopping trip with Liza, a trip that must have been at least twenty years prior. Marian said that during their last outing, Liza locked herself in the public restroom because Marian broke a promise to buy Liza a puppy. For the first time in recent memory, Liza and Marian actually smiled together. Marian told her daughter that she is anxious to greet her new grandchild. But one word of advice. She asked Liza not to "encourage the child" to call her "granny." That, Marian chuckled, would make her suicidal. Liza looked over the menu and looked for the waiter. As Liza groused about the slow service, Hayley and Belinda slipped into the restaurant and made their way tot the table. Collectively, Hayley, Belinda, and Marian all shouted "Surprise!" Liza was caught off guard by the impromptu surprise party and sobbed as her friends presented her with gifts. But this was not a baby shower. It was a "pamper yourself" shower. Hayley presented a pair of feathery-fuzzy shoes to make Liza feel like a movie star and Belinda gave Liza a series of romance novels. For her part, Marian gave Liza a gift basket of natural beauty supplies and a gift certificate for a day at the spa. The four women headed to the patio where Hayley gave Liza three balloons---each representing a different area of stress in Liza's life. One by one, Liza left go of the balloons to signify the disappearance of stress. She allowed her mother to release the "money" balloon and she secretly wished for Adam to accept her child before allowing the "love" balloon to sail free. Belinda and Hayley left the party and Liza readied to go to the hospital for a sonogram. She asked Marian if she could go with her. Marian smiled proudly and assured Liza that she'd be by her side.

The winds picked up at the beachhouse and Skye and Edmund had to double-check every window and door to make sure that the locks were latched. Skye went to check on the kids and Edmund plopped down on the sofa. A knock at the door grabbed his attention and Edmund went to see who was outside. He opened the door and came face to face with Dimitri. Dimitri told Edmund that he was concerned for his safety and had to drop by to make sure that everything was okay. Edmund insisted that Dimitri's help was not needed. Dimitri said that he knew Skye had tagged along with Edmund and the kids. He also made it clear that he doesn't trust Skye or her alcoholism. Skye heard raised voices and returned to the room. She assured Dimitri that the children were okay. Edmund didn't feel that Skye should be around while he and his brother argued and asked her to leave the room. Skye followed Edmund's instructions and went back to be with the kids. Dimitri rattled on for several minutes as he explained why he felt the need to stay at the beachhouse. Edmund heard nothing he said---but it wasn't by choice. Edmund's "condition" flared up and his hearing was cut off. He could see Dimitri's lips moving, but her heard nothing more than a humming noise. Edmund covered for himself by issuing a "generic" response to Dimitri's comments. He said that he doesn't care what Dimitri has to say... he just wants him to leave. Edmund's game fooled Dimitri, but only up to a point. When Maddie started to cry, Edmund made a comment that Dimitri's yelling might wake the kids from their naps. He had no idea that his daughter was crying. The argument became physical and punches were exchanged. Edmund ended up on the losing end, inuring his already broken hand. Skye heard the sounds of fighting and returned to the room. She showed immediate concern for Edmund and worried that he might have re-broken his hand. She told him that a doctor lived only a few doors down. Someone could fetch the physician and have him give Edmund a quick check-up. Dimitri returned to the room and told Edmund that he cannot leave because the roads are flooded. In effect, they're all trapped in the house.

Soaked from frolicking in the rain, Gillian struggled to get out of her dress. She asked Tad if he could help her with the zipper. Tad obliged, but as he tugged on the zipper, Gloria opened the door from her adjoining suite. For several moments, Gloria stood motionless in the doorway. Gillian was about to introduce Tad and Gloria, but Gloria told her that an introduction was not necessary. Gillian feared that Gloria's reaction to seeing a man in her room meant that she was barred from having men in her room. Gloria excused herself to answer the phone. While she was gone, Tad asked Gillian while she had hid her lineage from him. When he referred to Gillian as a Countess, Gillian quickly corrected Tad by telling him that she's a princess. Gloria returned and told Tad that Jamie was on the phone. Tad didn't understand how Jamie knew where to reach him. Gloria smiled slyly and told Tad that Jamie called to speak to her, not Tad. But since he was in the next room, she told Jamie that he could speak to his father. With Tad out of the room, the stage was set for a "catfight." Gloria lashed out at Gillian for running up a huge tab on designer clothing. Gillian defended her actions and promised to pay off her debt---just as soon as her trust fund is "unfrozen." Gillian wondered what Gloria would do to pay off her debt to Dimitri. Gloria shrugged and asked Gillian what she was talking about. Gillian explained that Gloria had been running up a tab of her own while married to Dimitri. Gloria informed Gillian that she is Dimitri's wife and does not have to explain her actions. Gillian disagreed. She said that she is aware that Gloria is married to Dimitri, but the fact that Gloria has the "hots" for another man changes everything. As the two women yelled back and forth, Tad returned to the room. Gillian excused herself, saying that she needed to get away. Before leaving, however, she order Gloria not to do anything that she wouldn't do.

Downstairs, Laura sat at a table reviewing some papers. From behind, a pair of hands covered her eyes. Laura smiled and told the owner of the hands that she hopes he's the "kissing bandit." The man bent over and obliged Laura with a kiss on the cheek. When Laura opened her eyes, she learned that the man who had kissed her was not who she thought it was! Jim smiled broadly as Laura flipped out. She accused Jim of stalking her, a charge that he adamantly denied. Without asking, Jim sat down at the table and handed Laura a large manila envelope. He told her that the envelope contained the photos he had taken of her as well as the negatives. Laura was perplexed by Jim's sudden about-face. She had offered to buy the negatives from him, but he had turned her down. Why had he suddenly had a change of heart? Jim said that he wants Laura to treat him with civility when they meet. Jim toyed with Laura as he opened the photos and began describing what he saw. Laura snatched the envelope from Jim's hands. She asked him how she can be certain that he does not have another set of negatives. Jim told her that she'd just have to trust him. Scott overheard the conversation and asked Laura what she and Jim were talking about. With a devilish smile on his face, Jim reached into his bag and revealed another manila envelope. This package he handed to Scott. A look of supreme horror crept over Laura's face. She tried to distract Scott so that he would not open the envelope, but her efforts didn't succeed. Scott opened the envelope and found a beautiful picture of Laura. Jim told Scott that he had taken the photo of Laura at the youth center. Jim grabbed his things and left. Scott asked Laura if he could see the photos in the other envelope, but Laura flat our refused to let Scott anywhere near the envelope. Scott tired of Laura's secrets and told her that he was finished with her. Laura chased after him and explained that the photos were horrible. Scott told Laura that he doesn't care how the photos turned out. He's exhausted from her continuous game of "I've Got a Secret." He gave her an ultimatum: Stop keeping secrets or end the relationship. Laura chose the latter. She grabbed the envelope and ran away. Once again, Scott's statement that he would always love Laura fell on deaf ears. He tried to convince her that he doesn't care what she's hiding---he wants her to confide in him. Scott slumped over in his chair and shook his head. Gillian happened upon Scott and asked him if he could use some company.

Back upstairs, Tad asked Gloria if she felt anything when she saw him with Gillian. Gloria denied feeling anything and told Tad that he is not the center of her universe any more. Tad didn't believe her. He told Gloria that he was going to continue seeing Gillian. That proved to be Gloria's breaking point. She admitted that she felt the green-eyed monster known as jealousy when she walked into the room. "Happy now?" Gloria asked. Tad said that he was anything but happy. He turned and stomped towards the door. He made an abrupt about-face and stomped back to Gloria. He planted a big kiss on her and she returned the favor.

Tuesday, September 9, 1997

Still no signs of Kevin. Kelsey placed calls to all of Kevin's friends, but no one had reported seeing him. Laura, distracted from her confrontation with Scott, arrived at Holidays on Kelsey's request. Kelsey filled Laura in on Kevin's sudden disappearance and the less than merry dinner with the Sheffields. Saying that she knows she should be happy for Kevin's possible interest in the waiter at the Valley Inn, Kelsey worried that the waiter might have played a part in Kevin's disappearance. It wasn't hard for Kelsey to figure out that Laura's mind was elsewhere. Laura initially refused to talk about her problems, but after Kelsey demanded to know what was going on, Laura told Kelsey about her break-up with Scott. Laura shook off her own problems and told Kelsey that she wants to aid her search.

On their way to the boathouse, Scott and Gillian drove around in Dimitri's convertible with the top down! Gillian and Scott frolicked in the rainstorm. This marked the second time Gillian pranced around in the rain within twenty-four hours. Gillian described the feeling of rain on her face in a manner that aroused Scott. As Gillian caressed her face and chest, she talked about the "sweet, wet" warmth of the liquid sliding down her face and into her throat. Scott turned away and his mind focused on Laura---but only for a second. Gillian suggested a swim in the lake. Scott looked toward the heavens and told Gillian that it was not wise to swim during an electric storm. Plus, neither one had a swim suit. Gillian winked and worked on her zipper. Who needs a swim suit? Gillian said she'd understand if Scott wanted to wait until she was in the water before joining her. That way he wouldn't have to be embarrassed about seeing her sans clothing. Gillian scampered towards the water and Scott, taking off his shirt, was right behind her.

Gloria broke off Tad's kiss and scolded him for acting irresponsibly. "Excuse me," Tad yelled. He pointed out that Gloria was kissing him back, something that he said he knows an awful lot about. Gloria denied the claims and talked up her deep devotion to Dimitri. Tad disagreed. He told Gloria that they would be married to each other if her "stupid pride" had not gotten in the way. Gloria may be wearing the ring Dimitri put on her finger, but Tad said that Gloria definitely does not love the man. Tad walked out on Gloria. Gloria looked frantically around the room. She picked up the phone and placed an urgent call.

Dimitri was told that he could leave at any time. The weather service announced that the storm was moving out to see and Edmund saw no need for his brother to stick around. Dimitri insisted that he was stuck in the beachhouse because of flooded roads. In the meantime, Dimitri suggested that Edmund be checked out by a doctor. Dimitri left the house and headed down the road to find the doctor that Skye had mentioned. Once outside, Dimitri placed a call to the Valley Inn so that he could speak to Gloria. There was no answer. Dimitri made it to the doctor's office and filled the doctor in on Edmund's condition. He carefully selected every word that he used so that he could plant a seed in the doctor's mind about Edmund's health. Dimitri explained that he was concerned that the children might suffer if Edmund is not in tip top condition. One other thing, Dimitri made sure that the doctor would make no mention of their discussion to Edmund.
The doctor gave Edmund the once over and determined that Edmund's hand appeared to be no worse for the wear. The only other "symptom" Edmund suffered was a high level of grief over the loss of his wife. Dimitri escorted the doctor outside. Once the coast was clear, Edmund let out a yelp of pain. He had lied about his health and did everything in his power to mask the pain in his hand from the doctor. Outside, Dimitri told the doctor that Edmund wasn't telling the whole story. Dimitri informed the physician that Edmund is still suffering from hearing loss and blackouts. The doctor became concerned. He told Dimitri that the symptoms he described might signal a more serious problem, a problem that could continue indefinitely. And if the problem does persist, it could interfere with Edmund's work... and the raising of the children. That was all that Dimitri needed to hear. He returned inside and offered to charter a plane to take Edmund to a doctor in Boston. Skye lashed out at Dimitri for suggesting a plane flight. Dimitri closed his eyes and realized how insensitive his comment was. Skye told Dimitri that things would be best served if Dimitri returned to Pine Valley. Dimitri obliged, but not happily. Edmund thanked Skye for being such a good friend and wondered how he would get by without her help.

Kevin spent the night in Dr. Chapman's office. He had somehow gained access to the locked office and waited for the therapist to arrive. When Dr. Chapman did show up, Kevin wasted no time in offering a thorough tongue-lashing to the doctor. Kevin claimed that Dr. Chapman set him up for a fall. The dinner, he explained, was a total disaster. The doctor told Kevin that the dinner meant a lot to his parents. Kevin shook his head. He pointed out that Dr. Chapman doesn't know anything about his family. The only real person at the dinner, Kevin said, was the waiter. Why? Because he didn't try to be something that he's not. Dr. Chapman stroked his chin and walked to his desk. He told Kevin that he's finally diagnosed the problem: Kevin is still angry at his parents for "abandoning" him. SO in order to get back at them, Kevin decided to "play gay." Kevin insisted that he is not pretending to be gay---he is gay. "Imagine your parent's pain," Dr. Chapman instructed his patient. Dr. Chapman told Kevin that his father is ashamed and that his mother feels like a failure. And this is all because Kevin thinks he's gay. Kevin denied the doctor's comments. But Dr. Chapman told Kevin that it is his fault that his parents feel that way. "Be a man," Dr. Chapman ordered, "and stop this hurtful act."

Gillian told Scott that she had a wonderful time skinny-dipping with him. She noticed that Scott wasn't as giddy as her. Gillian somehow knew that Scott was suffering from a broken heart. She told Scott that "all life's experiences are delusions." By that she meant that feelings of love really are nothing more than ideas---they don't exist. Scott wasn't so sure. He told her that he ached terribly and that a delusion wouldn't make him feel so badly. Kelsey arrived on the scene and saw a topless Scott cavorting with Gillian. She turned and tried to stop Laura from continuing forward, but it didn't work. The bottom fell out for Laura when she saw Scott and Gillian together. Kelsey told the twosome that they were looking for Kevin. Both said that they'd keep an eye out for him. Gillian offered Scott a ride to work and they both left. Kelsey worked on damage control. She told Laura that she doesn't think Scott and Gillian "did anything." Laura didn't seem to care. She said that any man would choose a "hot babe over a popsicle."

Gloria summoned Myrtle to the hotel. Once Myrtle arrived, Gloria tried everything in her power to dodge the real reason behind Myrtle's visit. Gloria told her close confidant that she was scared. Myrtle smiled as though she was thinking "I told you so." She said she was pleased that Gloria finally came to her senses and asked how long she's known that she's still in love with Tad. Gloria insisted that she loves Dimitri. She couldn't have married him if she doesn't love him. Fine. But why did Gloria call Myrtle if she's happy and cozy living with Dimitri? Gloria said that she doesn't "love Dimitri the way [she] should" or the way she loves Tad. Myrtle nodded her head in understanding. She told Gloria to take some time for herself to think about things. Maybe then she'll be able to understand things better.

Kelsey returned to Holidays but there was still no sign of Kevin. Finally, Kevin showed up for work. Kelsey raced to his side and asked if everything was okay.

Scott dropped by Tad's office at WRCW and handed him some files. Tad asked Scott why he was wearing non-traditional work clothing. Scott told Tad about his skinny-dipping session with Gillian. Tad chuckled to himself and said that he had had a similar encounter with the Princess---only without the naked swimming. Scott told Tad that if he was not interrupted by Kelsey and Laura, something more might have happened. Tad devised a plan that would enact a little pay back on Gillian.

Dimitri returned to his room at the Valley Inn. He asked Gillian if she had seen Gloria. Gillian shook her head and said that the last time she saw Gloria she was with Tad. Gillian explained her rain dance with Tad and how Tad and Gloria started arguing. Dimitri found a letter on the desk from Gloria. In the letter, Gloria wrote that she needed some time away to think about "love, life, and marriage." Dimitri picked up a candy dish and smashed it against the wall.

Wednesday, September 10, 1997

The sound of shattered glass sent Gillian racing into Dimitri's suite. She asked him what had happened, but Dimitri hardly felt like explaining his actions to his cousin. Instead, he asked Gillian to tell him everything that happened between Tad and Gloria. Gillian yawned and informed "Dimmie" that details bore her. Dimitri grabbed her by her slender arms and told her that she will tell him everything. Gillian's account started off as a tale of jealousy, claiming that Gloria seemed jealous of her trendy clothing. As her story wound on, she told Dimitri about Jamie's phone call, Gloria's lecture for running up a clothing tab, and Gloria and Tad's display of discomfort. Gillian's mouth curled into a smirk as she mused over Gloria's disappearance. "Wherever could she be?" Gillian sneered. Dimitri shook his finger admonishingly and told his cousin that Gloria's whereabouts were none of her "damned business." Dimitri also warned Gillian to stay away from the "vain, egocentric, television celebrity" known as Tad Martin. Gillian claimed that Tad was the only good thing about Pine Valley. Now that Gloria was missing, Gillian had but one last question from Dimitri: Where was he last night? Again, Dimitri told Gillian that it was none of her business.

Liza and Marian headed to the hospital for Liza's sonogram. Marian played to part of a concerned grandmother perfectly. She order Liza to fill out a patient information form to the letter. Liza was pleased that her mother had accompanied her---even if she was a pain in the neck---but, taking nothing away from Marian, she wished that baby's father was there instead. As the two prepared for the doctor visit, Jake and Allie exited from a patient's room and bumped into the mother-daughter tandem. Jake jokingly asked Liza why was at the hospital. To the best of his knowledge, there were no late breaking news events happening at Pine Valley Hospital. After telling Jake was a pleasure it was to see him, Marian beamed with the news that Liza was going to have a baby. The news was, in fact, news to Jake who mustn't have read the newspaper in the past month. He showed genuine pleasure at the news. Allie watched on curiously, making a note of every expression Jake made. Jake apologized for not introducing the hospital's newest intern. Liza and Allie exchanged pleasantries, but Liza and Marian headed down the hall to the doctor's office. Allie quizzed Jake on his relationship with Liza. Jake wasn't forthcoming with many details. He did, however, imply that Liza was someone special in his past.

After the sonogram, Liza and Marian doted over the printed images of the baby. Liza repeated over and over that she could not believe that she was going to be a mother. Sure, she knew she was pregnant, but seeing a picture of the life growing inside of her was a totally exhilarating experience. In a rare display of closeness, Liza told Marian that she loves her. Both were moved to tears. Jake stumbled across the two women, but rather than put themselves on display, Marian and Liza walked off together.

Hayley and Kelsey told Kevin that they were worried about him. Kevin apologized for dropping out of sight, but said he didn't mean to worry any one. Kelsey told Kevin that she had to be worried about him---she's his friend. She said that she was worried that Kevin might have spent the night with Rick. Kevin scrunched his face and asked Kelsey what kind of person sleeps with someone they barely know. His face drooped as he realized what he had said. He hadn't thought about Kelsey's one-night stand with Bobby Warner. Kelsey accepted Kevin's apology and again told him how much she cares about him. "I love you," Kelsey said softly. Kevin was unable to return the sentiment. Kelsey was devastated. With tears streaming from her eyes, she raced out of the restaurant. Kevin bowed his head and chased after her.

Hayley and Mateo sat at a table and discussed their investigation into the TransGlobal crash. As they talked about things that might "turn up," Jack walked past the table. From the flyers he saw around town, he knew that Matt and Hayley had started their own private investigation. Hayley explained why they felt the need to dig for details on the crash. Jack understood their feelings, but warned them that they might beg getting themselves into trouble. He confessed that he had considered the possibility that the crash might have been the result of sabotage. It wasn't his first thought, be when Julia contacted him after the crash, it became a strong possibility. If the crash was an act of sabotage, Mateo and Hayley are putting themselves in position to be the next victims of the hired guns. But the FBI, CIA, and NSTB were already investigating the crash and the Feds don't appreciate civilians sticking their noses into their business. Jack assured the couple that he would keep them informed of the latest findings. Jack's words didn't shake Mateo's determination. He vowed to continue his hunt for answers. Hayley, however, didn't look as determined.

Mechanics from the airline showed up at Holidays acting on one of Matt's flyers promising two-for-one drinks. As the two men downed drinks, they began talking about how they are being blamed for the crash. Matt listened carefully to their discussion and determined that he men know something about the crashing... something that no one is talking about.

Without a care in the world, Judith showed up at Cortlandt Manor to talk about "the dinner" with Opal. Opal was worried about Kevin and told Judith that her son didn't return home. Judith smiled effortlessly and hoped that Kevin and Kelsey might have spent the night together. Even after Opal told Judith that Kelsey had no idea where Kevin was, Judith still showed no concern. It's normal, she commented, for an eighteen-year-old boy to stay out all night. Opal insisted that Kevin's disappearance is anything but normal. Kevin never leaves the house, she said, without telling someone or leaving a note. Then reality struck. Judith didn't fear for Kevin's safety. She worried that Kevin was trying to hurt his family by sleeping with the waiter, Rick. Palmer, who had been standing in the doorway, entered the room and scolded Judith for her lack of concern. He told her that he finds it disgusting that Judith's only concern is over her son's sexuality. Opal defended Judith to her husband, saying that Judith is concerned for Kevin's safety. Judith told Palmer that Kevin and Kelsey are meant to be together. "They adore each other," she commented. There's one problem, Palmer pointed out. Kelsey isn't the right sex. Judith blasted Palmer for telling her how to raise her son. "As I recall," Palmer said coldly. "You disowned your son." Judith asked Opal to keep her up to date and then stormed out of the house. Palmer knew that Opal was somehow involved in Judith's scheme and wasted no time in telling Opal how disappointed he was in her. Opal tried to explain her position, but Palmer didn't want to hear it. His position was firm: Support Kevin no matter what and accept him for who he is. If she persists, she'll ruin the lives of two people.

Kevin followed Kelsey to the boathouse. Kelsey sobbed about her broken heart and told Kevin how the time she spent with him made her feel special. Dr. Chapman's voice played over and over in Kevin's mind. He heard the doctor's advisory to him to pretend to be heterosexual. Kevin told Kelsey that he loves her too, but did little to clarify the term "love." Kelsey wasn't moved by Kevin's statement at first. She thought that he might just be saying that he loved her to make her feel good. But Kevin insisted that he doesn't make up things. But Kelsey mistook the meaning of "love" and jumped the conclusion that he loves her like a girlfriend. At WRCW, Tad cleaned out his desk drawers. He found a photo of him and Gloria, a picture that made his mind flashback to kissing Gloria at the hotel. His hand and the photo hovered about the wastebasket, but Tad couldn't throw away the picture. He tucked it back in his drawer and went on with his business. Tad picked up his pocket cassette recorder and recorded a message to Liza. As he spoke into the device, the door to his office suddenly flew open. Standing at the door with a face of rage stood Dimitri. Dimitri asked Tad "where is she?" Tad assumed that Dimitri had heard his voice recording and was asking about Liza. He was wrong. In a matter of seconds, Tad knew that Dimitri was talking about his "dissatisfied wife." Dimitri lashed out at Tad for trying to seduce his wife. He ordered Tad to back off and talked up his happy marriage to Gloria. If Gloria is so happy, Tad wondered, why is Dimitri so insecure? AS the two squabbled, Liza returned to the station just in time to prevent Dimitri from clobbering Tad! She ordered Dimitri off WRCW property. If he refused, she'd have him forcibly removed. Liza and Tad, now close friends, discussed the events of the last few days. Tad had made some progress in his life, but Liza was still hopelessly deadlocked with Adam. Another of the Marick clan burst into the office. This time it was Princess Andrassy. Tad introduced Gillian and Liza, but neither woman seemed too impressed by the other. Gillian worked her charm and tried to convince Tad to dump his work. Tad agreed to spend time with Gillian. But what on Earth will they do?

Thursday, September 11, 1997

Nothing pleases Gillian more than pushing the buttons of her guardians. Now that Dimitri has been assigned the unenviable task of keeping tabs on Gillian, it's his turn for a little tweaking. Gillian made no effort to hide her decision to toy with Dimitri from Tad. She told him that Dimitri had ordered her to steer clear of Tad. Gillian pulled a camcorder from her purse and turned it on Tad. She filmed his every movement and asked him to describe his favorite place to have sex. Tad reached in his pocket and found a business card. He scribbled his address on the card and handed it over to Gillian. He told her that she was invited to his house for dinner. Gillian smiled seductively and agreed to see Tad later in the evening. One thing, though. Tad asked that Gillian keep "an open" mind about the dinner.

Kelsey felt like a heel for telling Kevin that she loved him. Especially since he was unable to return the sentiment. Surprisingly, Kevin confessed that he does love Kelsey. Kelsey's eyes bulged and she wrapped her arms around Kevin. Kelsey rambled on and on and she did not allow Kevin to clarify his meaning of the word "love." Kelsey asked Kevin when his feelings for her changed from friendship to love, but again she did not allow him time to answer. She told him that her feelings for him grew slowly and confessed that her feelings for him are the only reason she stayed in Pine Valley. Kevin was shocked. What could he say? What could he do? Kelsey chuckled as she talked about falling for a gay guy. But she said that she obviously had not made a mistake in falling for Kevin because he had fallen in love with her too. Kevin excused himself, saying that he needed to go talk to his mother.

Myrtle visited Erica at prison. She wanted to pull Erica close to her and give her a big hug. But Erica stepped away from Myrtle's advances. She explained that some visitors use physical contact to pass drugs or contraband to the prisoners. Therefore, they are not allowed any contact with their visitors. Erica tried to dodge all of Myrtle's questions that pertained to her feelings. Erica did confess that her mind has been on Maria, Edmund, and Madeline. When she learned of the crash, Erica's heart broke. She said that she feels responsible in some way. If she had not kept Madeline for four months, Maria would have had more time to spend with the child. Myrtle tried to make Erica see that the plane crash was an act of God and that Erica had no way of knowing that Maria was going to die. Erica heard Myrtle's words, but they didn't change the way she felt. Myrtle asked Erica if she had spoken to Jack. Jack's name brought a peculiarly reaction from Erica. She told her close friend that she has more important things to think about that Jack. She also made Myrtle promise that she would not tell Jack about her visit. Myrtle agreed, but not willingly. The prison guard barked out the news that the allotted time for visiting had expired.

Janet returned from her prison conference and met with Jack at Holidays. Janet talked on and on about the things she learned at her conference. But the topic of women in jail hit too close to home for Jack. He asked Janet to change the subject, but even he could not get his mind off of Erica. Jack told Janet that Erica's cell had been on "black out." This meant that the entire cell block was barred from phone privileges and visiting hours because of bad behavior. Someone a few cells down from Erica had been found with drugs and the warden laid punishment on everyone in the cell block. Janet urged Jack to visit Erica, but he refused.. Instead he asked that Janet go on his behalf. Opal barged into the conversation and asked if Jack had seen Kevin. Jack shook his head and Opal raced off to another table to continue her search. Myrtle returned from her visit and readied for a scheduled lunch with Janet. Myrtle broke her promise to Erica and told both Jack and Janet that she had been at the penitentiary. Janet handed Jack and menu and told him to act busy. That way if Myrtle told Janet about the visit and Jack happened to "overhear" the discussion, Myrtle would not have broken her word. Myrtle called Erica a very depressed woman who feels for Maria's death. Janet agreed to visit with Erica and report back with anything that she learned. After Janet had left, Myrtle told Jack that Erica did not ask about him. Jack was crushed, but felt he deserved the harsh treatment. If it had not been for him, he explained, Erica might not be in jail. Myrtle assured Jack that he had done nothing wrong and that Erica needs to learn her lesson by spending time in jail.

Across the restaurant, Kelsey returned from her chat session with Kevin. Opal told Kelsey that Palmer had scolded her for interfering in Kevin and Kelsey's relationship. Kelsey told Opal that Palmer was off base and that Kevin told her that he loves her! Opal was shocked. She was surprised that Kevin could change his sexuality. Kelsey admitted to be equally surprised. But who cares, she asked. She is in love and nothing can upset her now.

Gillian showed up at Tad's, but she didn't expect a Space Warrior to answer the door. Jamie, dressed as one of his favorite superheroes, answer the door and pointed a toy gun at Gillian. He asked Gillian why she was not wearing a crown. Gillian though that she had the wrong house until Tad arrived at the door. He told her that she had arrived just in time for a spaghetti dinner. Gillian pulled Tad aside and told him that she thought they'd be alone for the evening. Tad commented that they were "even." He told her that he didn't think it was right for her to be hiding her relationship with Scott from him. Gillian advised Tad that the game is not over until she wins. So being even means absolutely nothing. Tad told her that she looked beautiful, but the praise was not enough to convince the princess to stick around. After she left, Jamie told his dad that he doesn't think Gillian is marriage material. They need a real princess in their lives---like Gloria.

Janet visited Erica, but the visit lasted only a few minutes. Erica pressed for the details on Janet's relationship with Amanda and Trevor. She was overjoyed to learn that Amanda was calling Janet "mommy." Janet told Erica that Jack wants to see her. Erica explained that she does not want to focus on her feelings for Jack. She needs to think about Bianca in order to get by each day. She asked Janet for advice on what she could do to make time go by. Janet explained that she painted the Sistine Chapel paint-by-number while locked up. Erica didn't want to compare her time in jail to Janet's. She said that Janet's time in jail was much harder because she didn't think that she'd ever be released. The same hard-nosed guard stepped in to announce that Janet had to leave because visiting hours were over. Erica told Janet that she'd call her if she needed anything. Janet headed to a payphone and called Jack with the bad news: Erica doesn't want to see him.

Kevin visited his mother in her hotel room. He said that it felt weird not to be visiting her at their house. Judith told Kevin that she enjoyed having dinner with him. The night was not perfect, but it was a great start. Kevin asked for his mom's help. He recalled how she used to serve him cookies when he was little to help make him feel better. That's what he needs now---figuratively, not literally. Kevin told Kelsey that he's afraid of hurting Kelsey. He said that she had told him she loved him. Judith looked ready to do back-flips across the room. Kevin told his mom that he cannot let Kelsey think that they share something that doesn't really exist. Judith warned Kevin against correcting Kelsey. She told him that he needs to keep trying and that one day he will have feelings for Kelsey. Judith urged her son not to choose homosexuality. "We can't live with this," she said as she began to cry. Kevin told his mom that he needs the mother who made him feel like a prince. He was not choosing to hurt the family, it was something that he could not control. Judith lashed out at the gay community for trying to recruit her son into a "twisted life of crazy men." She added that she was not the one who changed, it was the "prince" who had changed. Kevin, knowing that he was not going to hear an "I love you" from his mom or any words of acceptance, turned and walked away.

The next morning, Janet made plans to visit with Amanda.

Kevin went to the boathouse and reflected on his discussions with Kelsey and his mother. He sank to his knees and sobbed uncontrollably.

Erica was summoned from her cell and asked to wait in the visiting room. She had no idea what was going on because it was still hours until visiting hours began. A door swung open and Jack walked into the room.

Friday, September 12, 1997

Live vicariously through your friend's love life. That's been Belinda's motto for the past few months. She was less interested in Janet's trip to Colorado than she was in her relationship with Trevor. The conversation wound its way over a zigzag course as both Belinda and Janet changed the topic of discussion back and forth. Kelsey displayed her new saccharine personality as she volunteered to fill in at Holidays until Kevin showed up for his shift. Kelsey raved about how wonderful life is for and how she has found her true love. Janet and Belinda wondered aloud who Kelsey's boyfriend might be. The only guy they've ever seen her with is Kevin. The conversation again took another turn. This time Janet mentioned her visit to the prison. Janet remarked that she is concerned for Erica and that Erica might be getting harassed by her fellow inmates because of her celebrity status. Belinda had just the remedy. She suggested that Janet contact Erica's attorney and tell him of her fears. Well ain't that something. The attorney just happens to be Trevor! Janet laughed at Belinda's attempts to play cupid, but she did finally agree to visit Trevor. For her part, Belinda said that she would also pay Erica a visit, musing that she has plenty of time in her "busy" social life.

She's growing up fast... maybe too fast. Amanda told her father that she could not use the backpack he'd bought her because it had purple ponies on it. She's too old for that. She also said, rather matter-of-factly, that she is now a vegetarian. Her friend Carrie told her hoe hamburger is made and it "grossed her out." Before leaving to catch the school bus to school, Amanda told Trevor that she'd be hanging out with Janet after school. This was the first that Trevor had heard of Janet's return to town. After Amanda left, Trevor picked up the phone and placed a call to Holidays. When Janet answered the phone, he was unable to say anything to her. He held the phone against his face, but made no sound. He paced around the house and lectured himself on the proper etiquette of phone conversations, but he remained unable to reach out and touch Janet, so to speak. He was saved a phone call because Janet showed up at his door. Trevor expected fireworks, but there was little more than a muffled bang. Janet expressed her concern for Erica's well-being, but Trevor barely followed the conversation. He assured Janet that he is planning to appeal the sentence. Trevor cleared his files off of the sofa so that Janet could sit next to him, but Janet opted to sit on the chair---across the room from Trevor. Trevor hoped the conversation would take more of a romantic twist, but Janet acted distant and even a little frigid. As Janet continued to talk about Erica, Trevor interrupted with a question. He asked Janet why she had not called him to tell him that she was back in town. The fact that Trevor was jealous that Janet called Trevor first surprised her. "Whatever happened to welcome home?" Janet quipped. "And I missed you?" The next exchange proved comical. "Did you?" Trevor asked. "Did I what?" Janet replied. Trevor mistook Janet's question as a statement. Whereas she was asking Trevor why he didn't tell her that he missed her, Trevor thought that Janet was telling him that she missed him! Janet felt that Trevor should already know the answer to his question. She asked him to recall their last meeting and their passionate kiss. Again, Trevor asked Janet if she missed him. Janet rose to her feet and said that she didn't have time to play games with Trevor. Trevor also took to his feet and pointed to the door. Before leaving, and her voice now raised and flaunting anger, Janet requested that Trevor make a motion to have Erica moved to a minimum security prison. With that said, Janet turned and stormed out of the house.

With a nod of his head, Jack ordered the prison guards to leave the visiting room. Erica was hardly grateful for Jack's visit. In disgust, she recalled her orders to Janet and Myrtle not to tell Jack to visit her. Erica walked over to the door and asked the guard to take her back to her cell. Jack begged Erica to give him five minutes of her time. Reluctantly, Erica agreed. Jack wanted to embrace Erica and feel her against his body, but Erica refused. She reminded him that physical contact was strictly prohibited. One of the guards burst into the room and announced that Erica's daughter was on the phone. Erica was overjoyed that her daughter contacted her, but less that thrilled with the circumstances. Bianca told her mother that both Barbara and Travis had forbidden her to contact her. So she waited until she was alone before making the call. Bianca had many questions for her mom. Why did she change her plea? What is prison like? What does her mother do all day to stay busy? Erica did her best to break down the prison stereotypes that Bianca might have developed from watching television. Think of it as a big college dorm, Erica said. Bianca told her mother that she was in Center City with Barbara---they were going to see some type of horse show. She begged her mother to send a car so that she could visit with her. Erica told Bianca that she was not allowed to have visitors. AS the two talked, Barbara returned. Bianca lied about who she was talking to, saying that she had her Uncle Jack on the line. Disguising her conversation, Bianca told her "Uncle Jack" to tell her mother that she loves her and she prays for her mother every night. Bianca quickly hung up the phone. Erica asked Jack to find Bianca and talk to her. Jack figured that he could pull some legal maneuvering and allow Bianca to visit. That was something that Erica did want. She made Jack promise that he would not allow Bianca anywhere near the prison. He agreed. After Jack left, Erica began to sob and said "thank you." But as Jack was already gone, he was unable to see her display of emotions.

Barbara asked Bianca how her uncle was doing. Bianca nodded her head and claimed that he sounded fine. But some quick talking by Barbara managed to slip up Bianca. She asked Bianca how Erica sounded and, without thinking, Bianca issued and answer. Barbara scolded Bianca for going against her wishes and contacting Erica. She made a scathing comment that was totally unprovoked, telling Bianca that she is becoming more and more like her mother every day. Bianca insisted that she had not done anything wrong. She wants to speak to her mother and will do whatever she has to in order to accomplish that. Jack arrived at the door. Barbara hoped that Jack could bring Bianca around, but even Jack couldn't do the impossible. Jack told Bianca that she could not go to the prison. Bianca felt as though she was being treated like a baby and ran off to her room in tears. Barbara thanked Jack for his helped. She was stunned to learn that Erica was in agreement with them on the prison visit issue. Barbara told Jack that Travis has made it clear that he does not want Bianca to have any contact with Erica.

Opal and Palmer again feuded over Kevin and Kelsey. Opal told Palmer that Kevin told Kelsey that he loves her. Palmer blamed Opal for confusing Kevin. He said that Kevin is under pressure to conform to his parents' wishes and needs to be left alone. Kevin stood at the doorway listening to the conversation. He ran into the room and ordered the Cortlandts to stop arguing. Palmer assured Kevin that he was not the reason that he and Opal were fighting. They both love him and only wants what's best for him. Kevin informed the Cortlandts that he was packing his things for move-in day at the dorm. A short time later, Kevin returned downstairs and said goodbye to Palmer. Palmer offered Kevin a few heart-felt words of advice. He told Kevin that he does not have to be something that he's not and told Kevin that he'd be proud to have him as a son. "Don't give up on yourself," Palmer said encouragingly. Opal did not return to the room until after Kevin had left. She was beginning to feel badly for meddling in Kevin's personal life. "The road to hell," Palmer spouted, "is paved with good intentions."

Kevin arrived for his shift at Holidays and had to deal with an onslaught of attention from Kelsey. She devised plans to "break in" Kevin's dorm room. She offered decorating tips and said that it might be good that Kevin was forced into a single room. Now they'd have more privacy. Kevin claimed that he could not hang out with Kelsey because he had a soccer team meeting. He told her that he'd catch up with her later. After Kevin left, Kelsey returned to her temporary job of helping out at Holidays. She took an order from a young man wearing a PVU soccer jersey. She told him that she'd put a rush on his order so that he could make his team meeting. The man, who turned out to be the team's captain, told Kelsey that there was no soccer team meeting. Kelsey's face dropped as she tried to figure out why Kevin had lied to her.

Jack returned to the prison and told Erica about his visit with Bianca. Erica rattled on and on about what she and Bianca would do after she was released from prison. Jack, however, advised her to put her plans on hold. Travis was taking steps to make sure that Erica could not visit with Bianca now---or ever!

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