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Mateo remained in a coma. Scott and Gillian had sex. The mystery woman continued to elude Tad and Adam. David made a confession to the hospital board. Bianca was hospitalized. Marian unknowingly seduced Stuart instead of Adam.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of February 23, 1998 on AMC
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Monday, February 23, 1998

The board's decision to hold Jake's hearing in the morning threw a monkey wrench into Allie and Jake's plan. Allie was ready to throw in the towel, but Jake remained optimistic. He decided that their plan could--and had to---proceed as planned. Liza worried that David might not show up to kill Adam. Jake smiled and said that with a little encouragement from Allie, David would be there in a second. Allie paged David and he returned her call quickly. He didn't know whose number he was calling and he was startled to hear Allie's voice at the other end. She told David that she had no one to turn to and that she needed to see him immediately.

Janet prepared to tell Trevor "the truth" about her an Axel, but her explanation was postponed by Tim's sudden appearance. Tim told his father that Amanda was going to be spending the night at Carrie's house. Trevor walked with Isabella to the chapel to say a few prayers. While they were gone, Janet thanked Tim for looking out for Amanda. Some big brothers are bothered by "kid sisters," Janet commented, but Tim wasn't that way. Tim chalked it up to a sense of duty. Stuart joined the pair, but he didn't get to speak to them for long. Jake appeared and pulled Stuart aside to tell him that the timetable for their plan had been changed. Stuart was ready to go, but there was one big point he wanted to verify. He asked Jake how he planned to inject him with a lethal dose of medication and not end up dead. Jake explained that the drug was replaced with a harmless saline solution. There was one more thing that Stuart had to---he had to make sure that Adam stayed away from Chandler Mansion. Janet and Tim continued their small talk, both speaking softly and haltingly. Tim noted that he hadn't seen Janet at his house lately and hoped that he wasn't the reason for her absence. Janet avoided the truth by blaming her scarcity on her work. Tim mentioned that he's going to be getting his driver's license in a few weeks. Janet reminisced about her first car, but silenced herself when she realized that she was babbling. Amazingly, Tim stated that he had wanted to call Janet on several occasions. Janet was taken aback. Tim said that he wanted to thank her for believing that Natalie had saved him from the thugs. Janet firmly believed him and told him that she believes that Natalie is still watching over all of them. Trevor returned and the chat session stopped. Tim allowed the pair some privacy. Trevor asked Janet again if she was serious about accepting Axel's proposal. Janet nodded. Trevor was furious and told Janet that she shouldn't wait for him to congratulate her.

David told Hayley that it was time to remove Mateo from the hyperbaric chamber. Hayley's face dropped. She refused to allow the doctor to give up on saving Mateo's life. David's announcement was very poorly worded. He rephrased things and explained that the carbon monoxide had been removed from Mateo's blood and that the chamber was no longer needed. In short, removing Mateo from the chamber would not kill him---there was nothing more that the chamber could do. David insisted Hayley allow a nurse to take her to her room so that she could rest. Hayley argued that she was fine and wanted to stay by Mateo's side. Adam arrived with a wheelchair and told Hayley that he'd take her anywhere she wanted to do. Hayley demanded to be taken to Mateo's room. Adam nodded. When Hayley was wheeled into Mateo's room, she threw a fit because Mateo was not in a private room. The second bed signaled that in time another patient would be sharing the room with her husband. Adam smiled slightly and informed her that the second bed was for her. Hayley instantly knew that her father had pulled a few strings to arrange for the special room. She gave him a big hug and thanked him for being there for her. Hayley refused to even think that Mateo might not pull through. Stuart dropped by briefly to give Hayley a present---a piece of artwork that he'd made. Hayley thanked him for the work and proudly showed the item to Matt. Hayley suggested that her father return home to get some rest. Adam refused, saying that he planned on spending the night in the room. Stuart liked the idea, knowing that if Adam stayed in the room he would be able to foul up Jake's plan. Hayley agreed and turned in for the night. Stuart left and Adam curled up in a chair. David dropped by to check on his patients and was surprised to see Adam trying to get comfortable in a chair. He pointed out that hospital visiting hours were over and suggested that he go back home. Adam agreed.

At Linden House, Jack dropped by with a present for Erica: blueprints for the new house they planned to have built. Erica loved the design, but her mind was elsewhere. She told Jack that she'd been wearing his engagement ring on a necklace until she had a chance to tell Bianca about the engagement. There was no time like the present to break the news to Bianca. Erica called her daughter down to the livingroom and prepared to break the news. Bianca was more interested in going riding with Dimitri than hearing big news. When Erica told Bianca about her plans to marry Jack, Bianca's face dropped. She obviously wasn't thrilled by the announcement. Erica tried to get her daughter excited about becoming a family and moving to a new house, but nothing enthused the young girl. She forced a smile and claimed that she was happy, but Erica knew better. Dimitri arrived a few minutes later and Bianca couldn't wait to get out of the house. Jack and Erica were left to wonder why Bianca wasn't happier by their announcement. Erica wondered if the thought of moving from Linden scared her. Jack encouraged Erica to ask her daughter what was bothering her, but Erica didn't think it was necessary. She blamed Bianca's poor attitude on her disease. Before anorexia had taken hold of her daughter, Erica claimed that Bianca was the perfect daughter. Jack reminded Erica that Bianca wasn't always perfect. A few years back, Bianca caught Jack and Erica in an intimate moment---while Erica was still married to Travis! Bianca took two of her dolls, which she named Erica and Jack, and set them on fire. The ensuing blaze almost completely destroyed Linden.

Dimitri cut his riding excursion with Bianca short after Bianca disobeyed his orders about racing Maximillian. Bianca used the crop to whip the horse and make him go faster. When Dimitri asked her to stop, she ignored him. Dimitri could tell that Bianca was agitated and asked her if something was bothering her. Bianca dodged the question. She claimed that she was in a great mood because she'd received great news---her mother and her Uncle Jack were going to get married. The sarcasm in her voice disagreed with her supposed glee. She bad-mouthed the notion of being a bridesmaid again and worried that she'd be shipped back to Seattle like a piece of luggage when it was time for the honeymoon. Bianca stormed out of the lodge and waited for Dimitri to take her back to Linden.

Allie ordered two glasses of scotch to help with her plan to push David over the edge. David knew full well that Allie never drank anything other than a glass of beer. She took a swig of scotch so that her breath would smell of alcohol and dumped the remainder of the booze in a plant. When David arrived, Allie transformed herself into a drunken, pitiful mess. She told David that she saw Jake and Liza walking hand-in-hand. Not only that, but she also saw Jake kissing Liza. She explained that Jake was the one who initiated the kiss, dashing her hopes that Jake was right when he said that it was Liza who was pursuing him. She asked David if Liza was prettier than her and demanded to know why Jake would choose Liza over her. David claimed that Jake chose Liza because they have a history together---much like he and Allie. Allie convinced David that his sympathy was endearing him to her. Just as David thought that he'd won Allie over, Allie stated that she wanted to give Jake a second chance. David stewed over her decision and tried to talk her out of it. Allie told him that she wanted to splash some cold water on her face and left the table. David picked up his cellphone and called Liza. He told her that as soon as she's finished killing Adam, she needs to call him so that he can sign the death certificate himself.

Dimitri returned Bianca to Linden, but Bianca scampered directly to her bedroom. Dimitri told Jack that he wanted to talk to Erica about something. Erica was out of the room, so Dimitri spoke to Jack instead. He told Jack about the incident while riding and claimed that Bianca seems to be bothered by the engagement. Erica overheard the latter part of the discussion and demanded some answers. Bianca walked halfway down the steps and asked Dimitri if she could go riding again in the morning. Her vision blurred and she lost her balance. Had Jack not been there to catch her, she would have tumbled down the steps.

Liza arrived at Chandler Mansion to set up for the big performance. Scott headed upstairs to install a video camera. He was clueless as to what was going on, but Liza assured him that no one would get hurt. Winifred proved to be a kink in Liza's plans. The house was supposed to be empty, but Winifred was still there! Liza asked her why she hadn't gone to the movies with her cousin. Winifred frowned as she explained that her cousin had fallen ill. Liza grabbed a fistful of cash from her pocket and ordered Winifred to go to the movies. That still left unanswered the question of why Liza was in the mansion. She told Winifred that she and Adam had gotten back together. Winifred was overjoyed and left the mansion with a smile on her face. Once the coast was clear, Jake, Allie, and Stuart entered the house and readied for their parts in the scheme. Liza ordered Stuart to change into Adam's pajamas to make the scene as authentic as possible. Stuart wanted to wear his own flannel pajamas, explaining that David doesn't know what Addam sleeps in. Then, with the group gathered around, Adam returned home and demanded to know what was going on.

Tuesday, February 24, 1998

David had just about finished his rounds for the evening when he noticed Ruth working over a stack of papers. He walked over to her and asked her how she was handling the stress of Jake's suspension. Ruth was anxious to get the hearing over with so that her son's name could be cleared. "What kind of man," she asked David pointedly, allows another man to take the blame for his own incompetence? David swallowed hard and asked her what she was talking about. Ruth explained that it was obvious that someone had mismedicated Adam and allowed her son to take the fall. Erica, Jack, and Dimitri burst into the emergency room, with Jack carrying Bianca. David ordered that Bianca be taken into an examining room and asked that Dr. Wyman be paged. The three adults waited nervously while the doctors gave a resistant Bianca a thorough checkup. Dimitri felt that he should tell Erica about Bianca's peculiar behavior at the lodge. Jack tried to interrupt him, but Dimitri continued unimpeded. He told Erica that Bianca had whipped her horse, something that she'd never done before. Dimitri added that Bianca seemed riled by Erica's engagement. Jack accused Dimitri of reading between the lines. Dimitri quoted one of Bianca's statements, "Mommy and Jack will live happily ever after and I get another bridesmaid dress." There was no denying that the comment voiced Bianca's opposition to the engagement. Dimitri explained that he didn't want to upset Erica, but he felt that she needed to what had transpired. Dr. Wyman exited the examining room wearing a grim face. She told Erica that she'd postponed the inevitable for far too long... Bianca needed to be admitted to the hospital and given a feeding tube. Erica didn't fight the doctor's orders. Inside the examining room, Bianca called out in pain as the nurses tried to insert the feeding tube. Erica raced into the room to comfort her daughter. Bianca begged her mother to make the nurses stop, but Erica didn't interfere. A nurse gave Bianca a sedative to help her relax and, hopefully, to help the young girl sleep. Back in the emergency room, Dimitri apologized for coming across so strongly. He affirmed his love for Bianca and his desire to see her get better. Erica asked herself why Bianca had turned to starving herself. She feared that something horrible must have happened to her.

Liza smiled slightly and tried to make it seem as though everything was perfectly normal. Adam looked around the foyer and asked why everyone was standing in his house. One by one everyone offered their own weak excuses. Adam knew that they were all lying and demanded to know the truth. Liza informed her husband that they were there to videotape the contents of the house. That way Adam couldn't hide any of his assets before the divorce hearings. Adam denied that he'd do such a thing and questioned why she needed an army to help her videotape the house. Scott, Liza explained, was manning the camera, Stuart was a witness to ensure that she didn't steal anything, and Jake was there for protection. Adam cast a glance at Allie and asserted that she must be there to keep Jake away from Liza. Allie smiled broadly and insisted that she doesn't go anywhere without Jake. Adam asked the gang to hurry it up so that he could be left alone. Upstairs, Jake placed an urgent call to Tad to ask for his help in getting Adam out of the house. Downstairs, Liza assured Adam that she'd be out of the house in a matter of minutes, but implied that it would be only a matter of time before Adam had a new wife to harangue. Adam claimed that it wouldn't be that easy to replace Liza. He picked up a vase from the liquor cabinet. He held it in his hands and studied it closely as he told Liza that it was worth well over a million dollars and the object of desire for countless museums and collectors. He removed his hands from the vase and allowed it to crash to the ground, shattering into dozens of pieces. Liza's mouth gaped and she lunged across the room to prevent Adam from destroying another vase. Adam asked Liza to come back to him. He used Mateo and Hayley's near-death as an example for how precious live and love are. "Whatever," he said confidently, "is broken we can fix." Liza bent over and started to pick up several of the larger pieces of the broken vase. Adam joined her on the ground and begged her to forgive him. Liza fought back tears, but Adam could tell that his wife still loved him. Tad's timing couldn't have been more tragic or better---depending upon how you look at it. Adam flapped his arms up and down and tried to get Tad to leave before his presence destroyed the moment. Tad told Adam that he had a lead on his "problem," a reference to Joy. Adam asked Liza if she wanted him to stay. "You'd better go," Liza said softly, tears now flowing freely down her cheeks. She never told Adam that she wanted him to leave, she told him that it would be best if he did. Tad wanted to comfort Liza, but he knew that his younger brother's plan demanded that he take Adam as far away as possible. Allie wandered down the steps and asked Liza if everything was in order. Her desire to get rid of David made her completely oblivious to Liza's pain. Allie only knew that something was wrong when Liza sniffled several times. She offered Liza hug and tried to comfort her.

Pine Valley's lingerie shop was busier than ever. In spire of their large stock of gifts for the bedroom, one particular outfit caught the attention of two determined women. Marian and Opal both fought over a leopard print peignoir. Marian insisted that the design wouldn't look right on Opal and bolstered her claim by saying that Opal didn't have the right body curves to properly flaunt the outfit. Opal snapped back that Marian, the queen of the one-night stands, shouldn't go out of her way to purchase an outfit for a quick fling. Both women grabbed hold of the mannequin and struggled to pull it away from the other woman. During the scuffle, Opal yanked off one of the mannequin's arms! Marian took the mannequin and started to slink away. Opal used the mannequin's arm as a saber and started chasing Marian around the shop. Opal eventually caught up to Marian and grabbed on to the mannequin again. Marian tried to distract Opal by tossing unfounded comments that Palmer might be uninterested in his wife. The jabs hit too close to home. Marian had no way of knowing that she'd spoken the truth. Opal asked Marian if she'd been talking to Palmer. She lowered her head as she explained that Palmer has his eyes on "the widow Santos." Marian couldn't believe what she'd heard and assured Opal that Isabella wasn't Palmer's type. Opal asked to hear Marian's reason for wanting the outfit. When Marian said that she wanted to use the get-up to seduce Adam, Opal broke out into a fit of laughter. Marian asked Opal to keep it down and whispered her plans to make it appear that she and Adam are having an affair so that Liza can get half of Adam's assets. Marian explained that she was trying to be a mother to her daughter, something that she'd never done in the past. Opal was moved by the tale and agreed to let Marian purchase the peignoir. Opal wished Marian luck with her mission and asked her to plant a "big wet one" on Adam for her.

Tad and Adam drove around the Chandler property looking for signs of Joy. Adam was completely quiet while Tad tried to lighten the mood with a few jokes. Tad explained that Joy must be hiding somewhere on the grounds because she'd already been caught at the Pine Cone and at Myrtle's. Adam thought that Tad was toying with him and ordered Tad to turn the car around. Tad refused and a battle for the steering wheel ensued. The all terrain vehicle swerved off the road and lodged itself on a tree stump. The vehicle was rendered inoperable. In the dark of night, the only source of light that the pair has was from a pocket flashlight. Adam rued leaving the mansion and blasted Tad for dragging him away from Liza. Tad noted that Adam and Liza might still be together had Adam not acted like such a jerk. Adam asked Tad if he wanted to "step outside" and settle their differences. The two men, acting more like kindergartners, wrestled for control of the flashlight. Adam crumpled up a roadmap and tossed balls of paper at Tad. Tad got Adam in a headlock with Adam retaliating by pulling Tad's hair. The battle appeared to be a stalemate. Tad noticed a light coming from a nearby cabin and asked Adam to take a look. Adam thought that Tad was trying to pull "the oldest trick in the book" on him, but then he saw the light too.

Back at Chandler Mansion, David arrived, answering the "It's done" page Liza had sent him. Upstairs, Stuart, who was supposed to be pretending that he was given an overdose of sleeping pills, had to leave the bedroom to use the bathroom. He made it back to bed just as David and Liza walked into the room. David examined Adam's and realized that he was still breathing. Liza explained that she couldn't finish her husband off and begged David to do it for her. She held the syringe and medication in her hand and held it out to David.

Wednesday, February 25, 1998

At WRCW, Ryan tried to hustle another businessman into advertising on WRCW. He appeared to be successful, but his pressure tactics took a back seat when Gillian wandered into his office. Ryan quickly got off the phone and turned his attention towards the young woman. Gillian claimed that she was looking for Scott, but Ryan thought otherwise. He implied that she wanted to pick up where things had left off in the hunting lodge. Gillian rolled her eyes and touted Ryan's overactive imagination. She smiled coyly and told him that his fantasies of making love to her are all that he'll ever have. Ryan didn't as much as bat an eyelash by Gillian's sharp words. He insisted that she still desired him and that it would be only a matter of time before she ended up in his arms.

Down the hall, Kelsey dropped by to talk to Scott about Mateo and Hayley's accident. She found herself babbling endlessly and felt like a fool. She blamed her lack of composure on her desire to be more than friends with Scott. She worried that her confession in Ryan's hotel room would alter her friendship with Scott. Scott assured her that things between them were still "cool," and that he didn't hate her for speaking her mind. At the present time, Scott feels unable to get involved in a long-term relationship. He left the door open for things between him and Kelsey to heat up at some point down the road. Kelsey gave him a hug to thank him for being some understanding. As they embraced, Ryan and Gillian entered the office. Gillian put a picnic basket on the desk and announced that she'd picked up some gourmet delicacies for her and Scott. Ryan and Kelsey left the duo alone and retreated to another office. Gillian accused Scott of avoiding her since the fiasco at the hunting lodge. She insisted that she'd prepared the romantic evening for Scott and that Ryan ruined it for them. Scott said that he believed Gillian's story, but he didn't bow to her seduction. He told her that he had a busy night ahead of him and asked Gillian if he could get back to work. Gillian took the rejection rather well and offered little resistance. On her way out of the station, she dropped by Ryan's office. She plopped her picnic basket down and told Ryan that he and Kelsey could enjoy the meal. Then, with a smiled etched on her face, Gillian sashayed out of the office. Ryan and Kelsey both agreed that Gillian was definitely up to something. Scott wondered by a few minutes and told Kelsey and Ryan that he was going to head home to study for a big exam. He invited Kelsey to join him in the morning. Kelsey agreed and after Scott went on his way, she jumped for joy over what she perceived as a date with Scott. Ryan quickly noted that it was only a study session. He also reminded Kelsey that Gillian was still in the picture. "Never underestimate a woman with an accent," he stated.

Scott returned home and tossed his knapsack on his bed. For some reason, his bed moaned in pain as the heavy sack hit the mattress. The covers rolled down and Gillian smiled broadly at Scott.

Tad and Adam entered the cabin and realized that someone had been living there. No one was there now, but it looked like the inhabitant could return home at any minute. Adam didn't buy into Tad's explanation. He believed that Tad had gone to extreme measures to make it look like someone was living at the cabin. Tad looked around and found a bag on a nearby chair. He rummaged through its contents and came across the photo he'd seen in the Pine Cone Motel. Adam instantly recognized the photo and announced that the woman in the photo was, in fact, Joy. Adam recalled taking the picture of Joy. His mind whirred into overdrive as he recalled that Joy didn't want to pose for the picture because she couldn't smile. He also remembered that Joy had a large bruise on her neck and that he asked her to cover it up with her long, flowing blonde hair. Tad and Adam both agreed that the woman haunting Chandler Mansion was not a ghost. Tad wanted answers and demanded that Adam tell him everything about Joy. Adam refused, prompting Tad to announce that he was going to hunt down the mystery woman and get answers from her. Adam noted that Tad had no idea where he could find the woman. Tad did some quick math and realized that the woman could be Adam's daughter. Adam sighed deeply and said that the woman could not be his daughter because he'd never been intimate with Joy. In fact, Joy had no children. Tad thought long and hard for another explanation. Why would an unknown woman want to gaslight Adam? Not knowing that her hideout had been penetrated, the mystery woman walked along the path to the cabin. She over heard Adam and Tad's voices and tried to find a hiding place. While she was scampering for cover, she knocked something over. The thud was audible inside the cabin and Tad and Adam went outside to investigate. The woman dashed off with Tad and Adam following closely behind.

Liza claimed that her shaking hands made it impossible for her to give Adam the lethal injection. David grabbed Adam's arm and found a vein. He told Liza that it would be simple for her to inject the medication. Announcing her strong fear of blood, Liza feared that she'd hit an artery. She begged David to help her kill Adam, but David refused. Liza tried everything in her power to get David to do the evil deed, but nothing worked. She informed him that if Adam did not die, he'd never get Allie. David stated that he is a doctor---someone who saves lives, not takes them. Liza reminded David that he'd nearly killed Adam once before by giving him the wrong medication. Finally, David cracked. He argued that his administering of the wrong medication was different because he was standing by with the antidote. "So you did it to frame Jake," Liza snapped. David nodded his head, saying that it was easy to frame an oaf like Jake. David found it difficult to believe that as much as he loved Allie, he was unable to kill for her. Allie walked slowly into the room. David looked at her and then at Liza and then back at Allie. He demanded to know what was going on. Allie claimed that she wanted to see how committed David was to winning her back. It was at that moment that David knew that he'd been set up. He tasted the supposed lethal drug and realized it was a harmless saline solution. Liza smiled and announced that she was not about to let David kill her husband. David went on the offensive, claiming that he needed to frame Jake to prevent him from making mistakes in the future. Allie begged David to speak to the hospital board and proclaim Jake's innocence. There was no way that David was about to do that. Liza told the doctor that he'd better---or she'll be forced to show the board "the tape." David looked on in amazement and asked what tape she was referring to. Jake walked out of the bathroom and waved a tape in David's face. Stuart broke his silence, sitting up in bed and stating that doctors are supposed to help people, not hurt them. David was embarrassed that he'd been unable to differentiate Stuart and Adam. Jake talked down David's observation skills, which led to an all out verbal assault from David. David called Jake an incompetent fool, one who he'll never understand how Joe can accept as a child. Jake demanded that David appear a half-hour before the board hearing so that they could rehearse his statement or risk having the tape shown. David snatched the tape away from Jake and ripped out the tape. He smiled smugly as their proof had been destroyed. Liza calmly stated that they had many, many more copies of the tape, copies that she'd have no problem distributing to everyone in town if David doesn't appear at the meeting. David vowed that he wasn't out of fight yet.

Downstairs, Marian and Dirk slipped into the mansion to prepare for their photo shoot. They overheard voices and realized that they'd have to wait for everyone to leave. Dirk worried that they could be waiting for hours. Marian told him to keep quiet, reminding him that he gets paid by the hour. Back in the master bedroom, Stuart yawned and stated that he'd taken some of Adam's tranquilizers to help him relax for his performance. The other agreed to let him sleep and filed out one by one. Now that the coast was clear, Marian and Dirk headed upstairs.

Thursday, February 26, 1998

Ryan's comments weren't exactly a confidence boost for Kelsey. Kelsey wanted to act on her feelings for Scott, but Ryan continually lectured her on the dangers of smothering Scott. Kelsey lumped men into two categories: the romantics and the cynics. Scott fell into the former while Ryan found himself in the latter. Ryan actually believed that he fell into a third category: the hunters. He explained that he enjoys chasing after women who pretend not to be interest. The hunt, he claimed, makes the woman more enticing. Kelsey warned Ryan that he'd better start tracking Gillian down because she's ready to find a mate. If he doesn't, Kelsey felt that Ryan could lose Gillian. Ryan smiled confidently and announced that he never loses. Ryan doodled Gillian's name over and over on a notepad.

Scott chuckled quietly at the spectacle before him. Gillian took his laughter as a sign of rejection. She was embarrassed that Scott had turned her down---again. Gillian asked that Scott turn around so that she could get dressed and depart. Scott ogled her body and announced that he didn't want her to go anywhere. Gillian was confused and told Scott that she finds it hard to figure out what he wants. Scott spelled it out for her---he wanted her. Scott prepared to kiss Gillian, but he had flashes of kissing Kelsey. Gillian started to unbutton Scott's shirt, but she could only envision Ryan's muscular torso. Somehow, the two managed to put their fantasies aside long enough to make love to each other. After their moment of passion subsided, Gillian told Scott that making love to him was special. Scott laughed and implied that it would be only a matter of time before Gillian chased after another man. Gillian denied his claims and insisted that she'd changed. She took Scott in her arms and told him that she loves him.

Allie, Jake, and Liza stopped by WRCW to pick up a copy of their incriminating tape. Liza and Jake feted the end of their need to put on performances, but Allie wasn't so jubilant. She worried that Liza's performance on the tape was too convincing and that someone might actually believe that she wanted to have Adam killed. Liza assured Allie that she could handle herself. Jake left the office to place a call to Tad and tell him that he could take Adam back to the mansion. While he was gone, Allie asked Liza if she still plans on going through the divorce proceedings. Liza nodded and claimed that it was over between her and Adam. Allie disagreed, she'd seen the look on Liza's face earlier in the evening just after Adam left. Liza explained that because Allie is in love with Jake, she is looking at the world through rose-colored glasses. Allie knew that Liza still loved Adam, something that Liza didn't deny. Allie had the final word on the matter, noting the extreme measures Liza had gone to in order to stick it to the man who'd almost killed her husband. Jake returned and told the two women that Tad wasn't answering his cellphone. He mused that they might be doing some male bonding, but they all laughed and shrugged it off.

The mystery woman dashed into a country-western bar and begged a pair of men to hide her from two men that were chasing her. They told her that she could hide in the restroom and promised to protect her from her pursuers. Tad and Adam entered the bar a few minutes later. Adam looked around and saw no sign of the woman, so he believed that she hadn't run into the bar. Tad rolled his eyes and stated that the woman wasn't likely to sit down at the bar and have a few drinks. Tad asked the two men, Vern and Wally, if they'd seen the woman. The two men rose to their feet and towered easily over Tad. Tad tried to impress the men by introducing them to the Adam Chandler, but the men didn't impress easily. The bartender forecast an impending battle and high-tailed it out of the bar. Adam sighed and told himself that he should have stayed in bed. Tad picked up his cellphone and placed a call, but received no answer. A few seconds later, the phone rang. He answered it and claimed that someone on the other end wanted to speak to Wally. Tad used this as a way to gain the upperhand on the goons. He slugged Wally and sent the man stumbling backwards. Vern was still ready to rumble and chased after Tad. Tad ran around a jukebox and pushed Adam into Vern. Adam ducked two swings from the behemoth before hauling off with a flurry of rabbit punches. Tad picked up a chair and clobbered Wally. During the ruckus, the woman Tad and Adam had been chasing slipped out of the bar unnoticed. Adam and Tad picked up two bottles of cheap vodka and smashed them over the men's heads. Vern and Wally turned and ran out of the bar to mocking calls of "Dumb bunny" from their conquerors. Tad and Adam basked in the excitement of their win for several minutes. Ultimately, however, Adam's thoughts turned to Liza and how he'd been forced to leave her. Tad again noted that it was Adam's fault that Liza wanted nothing to do with him. He claimed that a few choice words would not woo Liza back, but as consolation he told Adam that he knows what it's like to lose the woman he loves. Tad informed Adam that he was going to call the auto club and try to return home. He never made it home. He returned to the cabin and waited for his mystery woman to return home. She did return, but she never set foot inside. Instead, she watched Tad from the window.

Marian and Dirk slipped into the master bedroom. Dirk hid out in the bathroom while Marian got into bed. As soon as she did, Stuart rolled over and turned away from her. Marian got out of bed and tiptoed over to the other side. When she did, she jumped on top of Stuart and began kissing him. Dirk snapped off several photos just as they'd planned. Marian begged "Adam" to make love to her. Stuart awoke from his drogginess and goofily agreed to make love to Marian. One by one articles of clothing flew across the room. Dirk knew that it was his cue to leave and, after a few more photos, left the couple to their business. After their lovemaking session was over, Marian was breathless. Stuart's face glowed in ecstasy.

Friday, February 27, 1998

As the sunrays of a new morning illuminated the bedroom, Stuart rolled over and unknowingly put his arm around Marian. The gesture woke Marian from her sleep and sent her into a tizzy. She announced that there not be "no more of that" and proceeded to blast "Adam" for sleeping with his wife's mother. Stuart tried to interrupt her and set her straight, but Marian would give Stuart the chance to speak. "I'll see that you get what you deserve, Adam Chandler!" she snapped as she strutted out of the room. Marian closed the door behind her and fell against the wall. "Magnificence, thy name is Adam," she sighed, as she basked in the afterglow of a wonderful evening. Inside the room, Stuart pursed his lips together and raised his shoulder towards his ears. "But I'm Stuart," he said bashfully.

While his father was recovering from his evening with Marian, Scott was roused from his sleep by Gillian. Gillian asked Scott if he'd forgotten that she was there. Scott said nothing. Gillian diagnosed Scott's silence as a direct result of "morning after shyness." Her diagnosis for the condition was the start another round of lovemaking. A knock sounded on the door and Kelsey unwittingly walked in on an awkward moment. She saw her two peers in bed together and quickly turned and ran away. Scott was visibly upset. Gillian made plans to overtake a few of Scott's dresser drawers to store her own clothing. That way she'd be spared having to wear Scott's oversized t-shirts. Gillian called the previous night the most incredible night she'd ever spent. For Scott, it wasn't quite as thrilling. Gillian detected Scott's lack of enthusiasm and turned to a guilt trip to win him over. She claimed that she'd thought their night together meant something to Scott. Her conclusion was brought on by "the way [they] made l-." Gillian realized that she might have scared Scott off by using the word "love." Gillian started to cry as she announced that her partygirl image was just a façade and that she really needs to be in a loving, committed relationship. Scott told Gillian that he needed time to think about what had happened between them and headed to the shower. Gillian picked up a pillow and threw it across the room in frustration.

At WRCW, Kelsey told Ryan what she'd seen. Ryan told her to calm down and not to let her anger get the best of her. Kelsey refused to listen to anything that Ryan said. Had she ignored his advice before, Scott would never have ended up in bed with Gillian. Kelsey feared that she'd lost Scott forever, but Ryan insisted that it "ain't over 'til it's over." Kelsey envisioned Gillian as a fisherman and Scott as a fish dangling helplessly on a hook. Kelsey concocted a plan to get Gillian out of the picture permanently. Ryan warned Kelsey that she'd better not get caught. She smiled happily and told Ryan that from now on, he was on his own. She dashed down the hall and headed to the payphones. She placed a call to Immigration and Naturalization and informed the agency that an illegal alien was in the country. The person in question was supposed to be in the country on a student visa, but she alien was not attending classes. The agent asked for Kelsey's name, but she refused to give it. She had no problems, however, with telling the agency the name of the illegal alien: Gillian Andrassy.

Adam entered his bedroom and found Stuart still sleeping in his bed. He asked his twin brother he was up to, but Stuart didn't know where to begin. Adam was in a hurry to get washed and changed so that he could return to the hospital and had little time to listen to his brother's "rambling." Adam assumed that Stuart felt guilty for accompanying Liza on her videotaping mission. Adam stated that he harbored no ill will towards Stuart because he knew that it wasn't his idea to do the taping. Stuart tried to explain what was going through his mind, uttering Marian's name. Adam put his hands in the air and inferred that Stuart meant that Marian was the one who organized the mission. Adam snarled that Marian was "put together with pins of steel and covered with the hide of a rhino." Adam was ready to dash to the hospital and told Stuart that he couldn't waste any more time waiting for him to tell his tale. He suggested that Stuart write him a letter to explain what he wanted to say. Stuart liked the idea and sat down at Adam's desk with a pad and pen in front of him. He started nearly half a dozen notes, but nothing that he wrote seemed appropriate. He tossed around the idea of saying that Marian was "wearing a flimsy thing and smelled nice." His eyes squinted ever so slightly and he told himself that he should have worn his flannel pajamas because Marian would never have mistaken him for his brother. He smiled like a schoolboy as he decided that he should tell Adam that Marian definitely doesn't have the hide of a rhino!

Marian showed up at The Pit, the same roadhouse where Adam and Tad has caused a commotion the night before. Marian called Opal and told her that she needed to see her immediately. Opal agreed to meet Marian at The Pit. Once Marian got off the phone, she asked the bartender to bring her something to drink. Wally, still nursing the injuries he'd received at the hands of Tad and Adam, plopped himself on a barstool next to Marian and announced that he'd buy Marian whatever she wanted. Marian rolled her eyes and ordered the man to get away from her before she ripped out his tongue and hung it on her rearview mirror. For some reason, Wally decided that Marian wasn't interested in him and crawled back to his table. The bartender apologized for Wally's actions. Marian boasted that Wally was low-life and that she'd "just been with a real man." Marian downed glass after glass of liquor. By the time Opal arrived, Marian was already drunk. Opal covered her barstool with a handkerchief and looked around nervously. She had no idea that Marian frequented such ratty places. Opal asked for a cup of tea rather than a shot of liquor. Marian started to sob and told Opal that she'd made a horrible mistake. Opal somehow knew that Marian was referring to her plan to get Adam into bed. She took Marian's state of mind to mean that Adam did something horrible to her. Marian announced that she'd just left the mansion, leading Opal to believe that Adam had locked Marian up in the attic and that she'd somehow managed to escape. As the bartender placed Opal's cup of tea before her, Marian proclaimed that she's spent all night making love to Adam---and that the lovemaking was "beyond rapture." Opal cast a glance at the cup of tea and realized that she'd need something a lot stronger than tea. Marian cooed wildly as she stated that sex was so good that she had orgasms in her toes and elbows! Adam, she said, was a "virtual pleasure machine." Again Marian started to cry as she realized that her plan to help her daughter had unforeseen repercussions: She now wants Adam! Opal scratched her head and realized that things might not be as bad as they seemed. If Liza truly wanted a divorce from Adam, Marian could wait until Adam was "officially an ex" and then make her move.

Before the board hearing, Joe told Jake that he believes in him. Unfortunately, he'd have to act as Chief of Staff and that meant he could show Jake no favoritism during the hearing. Allie was given permission to listen in on the hearing. One by one the board members filed into the room. Palmer got the meeting started by announcing that the board was convening to decide whether or not Jake's internship should be rescinded. Enid Nelson chimed in that her mind had already been made up; Jake needed to be given the boot. She announced that Jake's mistake could result in the loss of patients, a loss of federal funding, and that it could possibly result in having to close the hospital's doors. Joe criticized Enid's premature conclusions and ordered her to listen to the evidence. Palmer assured Joe that no one was questioning his administrative abilities. In fact, it was a stroke of genius for him to get David Hayward on staff. With that, Jake was asked to give his statement. Jake rose to his feet and proclaimed his innocence. He adamantly denied administering the wrong medication and stated that had he made the mistake, he would have admitted it. Jake's testimony conflicted with the physical evidence. If he didn't give Adam the wrong medication, then how did it show up in his bag and in his bloodstream? David arrived just in time to provide the answer. He stated that he must have been the one who mixed-up the medication. Earlier in the day he said that he had taken two bottles of the cardiac stimulant to use on a patient who'd been involved in a serious car accident. He'd managed to save the girl's life by performing a heart massage, but he must have accidentally taken the second vial and given it to Adam. David issued an apology to Jake and said that he'd be willing to accept any punishment the board deemed necessary. The board unanimously agreed to reinstate Jake and expunge his record of the entire incident. They would, however, have to meet privately to discuss disciplinary actions against David. David apologized for taking up the board's time, but he told them that he had one more important issue discuss. He said that the hospital faces another possible crisis in the future with one of the doctors---Dr. Allison Doyle.

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