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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of February 23, 1998 on GL
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Monday, February 23

Boasting that she'll soon be with Josh, Annie dons a parachute and jumps out of the plane, leaving a bound Reva to fend her for herself in the pilotless plane. Using every bit of her strength, Reva manages to break the tape that has her feet and hands bound and rushes to the cockpit. Sitting in the pilot's seat, she takes control from the auto pilot and struggles to land the plane after one of the engines stops. In spite of a brewing storm, Josh orders his pilot to continue to the Florida Keys but once there realizes that Annie has lied to him. After they are married by a minister in a private ceremony, Abby and Rick make love for the first time. Harley uncovers some interesting facts from Beth's medical files and realizes that all of the "accidents" listed in her file prove that she has pulled this kind of stunt before to get the attention she needs. Later, Beth vows to Harley that there is nothing that she can do to stop her and Phillip from being together. When Lillian apologizes for setting her up with a shrink, Beth forces her to tears by reminding her that thanks to her, she has to face for the rest of her life what Bradley Raines did to her. Lizzie claims to her concerned father that Beth needs her help if she's going to get better. Phillip assures his daughter that her mother will be fine. When Beth returns home, Phillip is caught off guard when Lizzie shouts that she and Phillip will help her get better.

Tuesday, February 24

Josh's sailboat capsized while he was searching for Reva. He was rescued by the coastguard. They thought he was a nutcase (because he was ranting and raving about Annie and Reva) and did not take him seriously. They were restraining him and then, the pilot Annie hired came to the door with the police. He told them how Annie broke his radio, jettisoned the fuel and pointed a gun in his face until he parachuted out. Now the rescue squad is gathering all of their forces to find, where they are guessing, the plane might have crashed. They told Josh to stay behind because he was exhausted and would only slow them down. Before they left, Josh asked the pilot how Reva was the last time he saw her. He told him that she was incredible and fearless - if anyone could survive, he was sure it would be her. After they left, Josh called Cassie. He didn't tell her about Reva. He just told her that something had come up, to go ahead and take the kids to Cross Creek and he would phone her later. Then he dialed up his messages. Reva had left one for him from the plane. She told him she was out of fuel and the engines were gone but she wasn't afraid. She asked him to promise to tell Mara and Shane that she loved them, Cassie - that finding her was one of the best things that happened in her life, and for Josh to always make the family, feel the love that they had always shared. She said that she didn't expect 2 miracles in one lifetime and that she loved him with all her heart. Then the phone message ran out of time.

Matt shared a special moment with little Maureen. He then prayed to God that his baby would survive.

Dinah found out she wasn't a match for a kidney donor. Holly then volunteered to be tested. Fletcher was very angry. He reminded Holly that they were planning to leave in 2 weeks. He told her that Meg needed to get into that school in Toronto and the upcoming interview was a one-time deal. Holly said that she would just be tested and then they would deal with it if she matched. Fletcher left and Roger entered. Holly told him Fletcher was so angry and Roger replied that Fletcher was just afraid of them being together. Holly said Fletcher has never felt intimidated before, to which Roger responded, "It's not me he's afraid of. It is the feelings you still have for me he fears." The nurse came up and told Holly that she was indeed a match. Holly and Roger discussed it and Holly went to Matt and agreed to be the donor. She thanked Roger for his help and gave him a hug. Fletcher got off the elevator and saw them embracing.

Cassie and Hart made up. She confided in him that she was scared of Rob and could not handle the situation alone. He suggested that he go to Cross Creek with her until Reva and Josh arrived. She thought it was a wonderful idea.

Rob cornered Dinah at the hospital. She was telling him that they couldn't be seen in public together when a nurse interrupted with a message from Ms. Lane. She told her that Ms. Lane wanted Vanessa to know she was thinking of her, but that she was going to Cross Creek for a little while. As soon as she returned, she would visit. Rob and Dinah went to her apartment. The wanted to discuss how to keep Hart and Cassie apart in private. Rob conned Dinah, telling her he was out of her league and then laughed at her when she believed it. He told her she had a lot to learn about attracting the opposite sex. He pressed her for her plan and Dinah told Rob that Hart was a sucker for damsels in distress and she would use her baby sister to keep him in Springfield. Rob laughed, telling her she was shameless, and he would be headed to Cross Creek.

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Wednesday, February 25

Fletcher and Holly got into a major argument over Roger. Fletcher admitted that the reason he wanted to move so badly was because of Roger. Holly was furious and said she wouldn't let Roger manipulate her and she wasn't going to let her husband either!

Amanda told Roger she has everything in place to take over Spaulding West. She told him that if he wasn't on the plane with her in two weeks not to bother. She told him he was about to have it all, unless of course he wants to throw it away on Holly. Roger kissed her (while Holly was watching behind a tree) and told her she had nothing to worry about. He would be there by her side.

Dan kissed Michelle and got very upset at himself. He was going to go remove himself from her case. She cried when he left. Meanwhile, Jessie called the library and found out what the initials were on the bracelet he had found. He now has the address and is going in search of Michelle.

Harley paid a visit to Beth under the pretense of returning Lizzie's scrunchie. She invited herself to a tea party they were having and "accidentally" poured tea on Beth, causing her to go upstairs and change clothes. While she was gone, Harley questioned Lizzie about their life in Arizona. She was surprised at the vehemence in Lizzie's voice when she said I don't want to talk about that place. Harley managed to find out about a "bad man" that made mommy cry a lot. When Beth returned Harley left. Beth then had a talk with Lizzie about never talking about their family to anyone.

Abbey and Rick invited Blake, Ross and Phillip to lunch where they announced their elopement. After all the congratulations, Abbey told Ross that she had decided to take the plea agreement. Ben overheard this and told her it was a wise decision. He and Ross had words but Ross finally told him it was over. He accepted the plea on behalf of his client. When Ross left to do the paperwork, Ben confronted Blake. He told her that she had lost the bet and it was time to pay up. Blake looked at him and said "The only thing you will ever get from me is contempt" and stormed off.

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Thursday, February 26, 1998

by Angela Vogel

Phillip shows up at Harley's apartment and learns she's going to Chicago. He wants to know why. He tells her that Rick and Abby got married, and if they worked through all their problems, why can't he and Harley? Harley says it's because nothing has changed where Beth is concerned. Just then, Beth barges in, accusing Harley of quizzing Lizzie about her personal life and warning her to stay away from the little girl. Phillip breaks the two women up, yelling that he is in love with Harley and going to live with her, but is going to stay at the mansion until Beth is back on her feet. Then he tells Harley he believes her when she says she isn't up to anything, because he knows she wouldn't lie to him. When he continues to probe anyway, Harley hints that maybe she's keeping her options open -- maybe to have a fling? To this, Phillip just laughs, saying, "You're not the fling type," and leaves her feeling more certain she has nothing to lose by investigating Beth.

Cassie is at the cabin with the kids when Rob Layne shows up. After a few minutes, he pretends to leave but claims his car won't start (he actually removed a part). So, what other choice does he have but to stay at the cabin with Cassie?

Holly tells Blake she is going to donate a kidney to Matt and Vanessa's baby. Blake tells Holly how Ben Warren has hurt she and Ross since coming to town and how he has been coming on to her. Holly compares Ben to Roger! and warns Blake not to fall prey to Ben the way she did to Roger. Blake assures her all is well in her family, then after excusing herself to call the babysitter, places a secret call to Ben Warren.

Josh has a dream that Reva is back and that the kidnapping was only a dream. He is drunk and crying when he wakes up. He calls Cassie to say he won't be up to the cabin until tomorrow, hiding the news of Reva's death from her and the kids. In many heart-wrenching scenes, he remembers his beloved wife and mourns her loss. He plays the message that Reva left on his voicemail from the plane as she was about to die. Michael visits Josh to talk about the project and finds him a wreck. Josh tells him that Reva is dead and how it happened.

Dinah fakes a pain at the hospital in front of Hart to get sympathy. She says it's from being tested to be a kidney donor (which she failed). Hart postpones his trip to the cabin to get her some food.

At show's end: Michael finds a card in Reva's wallet and Josh tells him it's from when Reva had some of her eggs harvested in case they wanted to have more children. Michael grows even more serious and tells Josh, "Don't tell the kids about Reva. Don't tell anyone. There may be a way for you to have Reva back!"

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Friday, February 27

by TV Guidel

Holly is caught off guard when Vanessa explains that they need to harvest her kidney within a few hours to save Maureen's life. Realizing she can't reach Fletcher to ask him, Holly decides to go ahead with the procedure. Hart overhears that Holly can be a donor and lays into Dinah for failing to tell him earlier that they had found someone who could save Maureen's life. Josh cannot believe it when Michael suggests that they use one of Reva's frozen embryos to clone another Reva. In his drunken state, Josh blasts him for thinking that he could do such a thing but Michael assures him that his experiments have done just that. He escorts a still shaken Josh to his lab and shows off Remus the cat, one of his experiments. Josh starts laughing when he brings in Romulus next, the clone of the first. Michael urges him to seriously consider his offer and think about what it would be like to have Reva back, thanks to his growth stimulant which hastens cell development. Michael then reveals that Remus the cat is almost a month old even though he looks like he's over a year old. Michelle is thrilled when Rick and Abby pay her a visit. Though she doesn't like the idea, Michelle assures them that she will support Abby's decision to accept the plea bargain. She congratulates Rick and Abby on their nuptials but puts off their suggestion that she contact Jesse by revealing that she caught Jesse in Drew's arms back in Springfield. She is unaware that Jesse has arrived and is tracking her down. \

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