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Port Charles Recaps: The week of February 23, 1998 on PC
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Monday, February 23, 1998

Scotty and Eve try to comfort Lucy as she deals with the effects of the poison. The origin of the poison has been narrowed down to a plant. Kevin tries to get more info from Rex about the whereabouts of the antidote by using Rex's arachnophobia. Rex finally caves in as the spiders make their way up his arm. Kevin calls Scotty and told him that the antidote has been placed inside Dirty Kitty, and Lucy relaxes a little. Meanwhile, Serena and her grandmother visit the park, and as they leave, Serena drops Dirty Kitty and leaves her behind. Matt went to visit Ellen and they discuss "what might have been" between them. Serena arrives at the hospital to have lunch with Lee, and they discover that she has lost Dirty Kitty. Scotty retraces her steps and they find her in the park. He finds the antidote tucked inside her and rushes it to the hospital to save Lucy. Serena and Eve share a special moment as they repair the cut in Dirty Kitty together. Serena asks Scotty if she can go and visit Lucy at the Lighthouse and he told her that Lucy is sick from something she ate, and that they should wait until she feels a little better. Scotty tries to explain to Serena why bad things happen. Ellen and Matt share a passionate kiss as they prepare to say goodbye. Meanwhile, Kevin is crushed as Karen discovers that the "antidote" is actually Arsenic. As Kevin wonders how he is going to break the news to Lucy, she is in her hospital room asking the "higher powers" for help.

Tuesday, February 24, 1998

Due to ABC News coverage of a Presidential news conference, only a portion of today's Port Charles was broadcast in many parts of the country.

Scotty's verdict was overturned, and Lee congratulated him on being a free man. Judge Harrington was able to contact the family services people, and Scotty was awarded sole custody of Serena. After a warm reunion with Serena, Scotty promised her that no one would ever take her away again. Scotty thanked his parents for taking such good care of Serena. Lucy and Kevin go to the hospital to check out Rex's claim that he poisoned her.

At the coffeehouse, Devon spilled his drink. Kay approached him and asked if he needed a hand. Devon said he was just clumsy. Kay offered to help Devon if he ever needed a hand.

Wednesday, February 25, 1998

Grace discovers that Matt's name has been removed from the schedule and questions Dr. Burgess. She confirms that Matt has taken an indefinite leave of absence from the hospital for personal reasons, and says Matt's good-byes for him. As she is telling Ellen, she remembers their passionate kiss by the fire the night they said goodbye. Eve brought the list of the ingredients in the poison she received from the herbalist that made it. Scotty fears that he has taken too long to find the antidote. Allen comes to see Lucy and told Kevin that she is deteriorating fast. He asks Kevin what Lucy would want done if she were to get much worse. Kevin refuses to believe that Lucy could die and doesn't want to discuss it with Lucy. He finally agrees that if it is done, that he will be the one to talk to her. He insists that she will be fine. Grace asks Chris if he was aware that Matt has left Port Charles. He denies knowing anything and told Grace to keep him informed. After she leaves, he enjoys the knowledge that Matt left because of his note. Scotty pushes the interns to hurry on the antidote. Keith asks to see DR Harmon and Ellen tells him that he has left. Chris told Eve that Matt has left and she accuses him of doing something to him to make him leave. He again denies any part of it. Kevin refuses to let Lucy go and remembers the times that they have shared together. He credits Lucy for saving him from going over the edge, and begs her to fight for herself. Ellen comes home to find Matt in her apartment. He told her that he couldn't leave. The interns have isolated the poison to 6 different compounds that each require a different antidote and the wrong one could kill her. Lucy awakes again and Allen and Kevin ask her to sign an advance directive to state her wishes should she turn for the worse. Allen told her that her symptoms indicate that her lungs will be the first organ to fail should they fail to get the antidote in time. She refuses to be hooked up to a machine and makes her choice to die with dignity. She told Kevin that if he really loves her, he will help her sign the paper. Lucy comforts Kevin as he breaks down.

Thursday, February 26, 1998

Surprising her at her place, Matt told a dismayed Ellen he's left the Witness Protection program. When she expresses a fear that his decision will prove fatal, Matt informs Ellen he couldn't imagine a life without her. Joe warns Kevin that they haven't had time to calibrate the correct dosage of the antidote, which means that instead of saving Lucy's life the antidote might end it instead. Despite the lousy odds, Lucy elects to go ahead and let the doctors administer the antidote. After sharing a tender moment with Scotty, Lucy tries to put on a brave face as she reminds Kevin how much his love has meant to her. Later, Lucy went into respiratory distress and the interns discover that the lab rats on which they tested the antidote have begun to die. When Karen intubates Lucy, Dr. Boardman steps in and announces that he wants to pull the plug based on Lucy's signed consent not to have any extraordinary measures taken to save her life. When Matt announces that he's going to a hotel for the time being to think about how to proceed, Ellen insists that he stay with her. Later, Mike's suspicious when Ellen stops by.

Friday, February 27, 1998

As Lucy slips deeper into her coma, Dr. Boardman informs his patient's fiancée that the "Do Not Resuscitate" order must be enforced. Insisting that they give the antidote a chance to work, Kevin refuses to honor Lucy's last wishes. Scotty sides with his friend, assuring Kevin that the hospital doesn't have a legal leg to stand on. Afterwards, as a guilt-ridden Scotty confides how he blames himself for putting Lucy in harm's way, Eve tries to bolster his morale and reminds him that they were all trying to save Serena from the deadly clutches of her Uncle Rex. Matt hides when Grace comes to Ellen's door with concerns about her missing friend. Hoping that the deep bond between his daughter and Lucy can somehow work a miracle, Scotty asks Gail to bring Serena to the hospital. Later, standing by Lucy's bed, Serena told her friend how much she loves her. Leaning in to kiss her cheek, Serena begs Lucy not to die. Grace describes for a distraught Ellen how she spoke to the police about locating Matt. Serena overhears Scotty arguing with Boardman about the court order to unplug Lucy's life support system.

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