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Mateo slipped into a coma due to carbon monoxide poisoning. Adam learned that his ghost wasn't really a ghost. David agreed to help Liza kill Adam. Marian plotted to seduce Adam for Liza's benefit. Janet accepted Axel's marriage proposal. The board refused to postpone Jake's hearing.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of February 16, 1998 on AMC
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Monday, February 16, 1998

Kelsey's proposal that she and Scott test the dating waters brought a mixed reaction from Scott. He leaned over and gave Kelsey a kiss. The he pulled away from her and claimed that kissing her was the wrong thing to do. Of course the kiss was exactly what Kelsey wanted him to do. Scott explained that any physical intimacy would ruin their friendship. Kelsey downplayed the impact sex would have on them, but Scott adamantly refused to sleep with Kelsey. He begged her to leave the hotel room before Ryan returned home. Kelsey thought about heading to the movies and asked Scott if he'd join her. He initially accepted, but when he realized that he had a date with Gillian, he grabbed his coat and raced out the door.

Allie and Jake basked in the afterglow, hoping that David would soon be out of the way and that their need to pretend that they were not really lovers would come to an end. Suddenly, a knock sounded on the door. David called out to Allie and asked that she let him into the room. Allie told him that he'd picked a really bad time to visit and asked him to come back in the morning. David mistakenly assumed that Allie was still reeling from her battle with Liza. When Allie's continued attempts to get David to leave failed, Jake spoke up and told Allie to let David in so that they could rid of him. David was stunned to hear Jake's voice coming from inside the room. Allie put on her robe and walked slowly to the door. David entered the room and found Jake, wearing only a bed sheet around his waist, smiling broadly at him. David didn't know what to say. He asked Allie how she could have sex with a man she knew had the potential of cheating on her. Allie claimed that everything had changed since the brawl in the staff lounge and that she and Jake were going to live happily together. Jake was tiring of having David hang around and noted that the cardiologist's presence really wasn't needed. Before leaving, David warned Allie that she was going to get hurt if she continued to date Jake. Once David had left, Jake and Allie wondered if they'd blown their plot to expose David.

At the hunting lodge, Ryan managed to seduce Gillian, which was evident by the way Gillian kissed him. After sharing a long and passionate kiss, Gillian pronounced that Ryan was no novice in the art of kissing. Ryan planned to leave an indelible mark in Gillian's memory when he was done making love to her, one that would distinguish him from the rest of the lovers she'd had. Gillian leaned back on the sofa and Ryan straddled atop her. As the passion began to heat up, Scott entered the lodge. Gillian saw Scott at the doorway and knew she had to act fast. She hollered for someone to help her from Ryan's advances. Scott pulled Ryan off of the young woman and ordered Gillian to call the police. Ryan defended himself, explaining that Gillian's plea for help was her way of saying "You're on your own---my boyfriend's here." Gillian claimed that calling the police would result in a scandal, one that would drag down her royal name. Scott ordered Ryan to beat it and Ryan obliged. Gillian hugged Scott and thanked him for saving her. Scott noted that Gillian seems to have a hard time keeping her clothing on when Ryan's around. First, he commented, there was the incident at the Sleepy Hollow Inn and now this. Gillian asked Scott if he doubted her account of what happened. Scott never gave her an answer. He decided that he'd take a late night stroll and told Gillian not to wait up for him to return.

Wanting to follow up on Jim's claim that he and Brooke were engaged, Edmund showed up at Brooke's house hoping that Brooke would tell him that Jim was lying. Brooke reminded Edmund that he has two small children at home who need his attention. Edmund wasn't going to shy away from the truth that easily. He couldn't believe that Brooke had fallen for Jim's scam. Edmund asserted that Jim was only interested in Brooke's money. He bolstered his claim by telling Brooke that he'd caught Jim snooping through her investment portfolio. Brooke accused Edmund of making the story up, but Edmund pointed out that Jim had told him that she'd given him permission to look through her files. Brooke ordered Edmund to stay out of her business. The ruckus caused by the pair's argument roused Phoebe. She wheeled into the livingroom to investigate. Edmund turned to Phoebe for support in his argument, asking why Phoebe hadn't talked Brooke out of the engagement. Phoebe replied that she wants her niece to be happy and will do all she can to support her. Citing her sore muscles and the discomfort they were causing her, Phoebe asked Brooke if she could give her a shoulder massage. Edmund didn't know it, but this was Phoebe's way of trying to get rid of him. Phoebe left the room, but the fighting picked up where it had left off. Edmund asked Brooke if Jim was "in the loop" with some new lead on the plane crash. Again Brooke ordered him to leave, but he refused. This time Brooke had reinforcement. Jim had let himself into the house and repeated Brooke's command. He even went as far as to pick up Edmund's coat and hand it to him. Brooke didn't want the two men to come to blows, so she begged Edmund to leave. Edmund agreed to leave. Jim wanted to know why Brooke and Edmund were fighting. Brooke laughed nervously and stated that Edmund had accused him of only being interested in her money. Jim nodded and said that he knew why Edmund had jumped to that conclusion. He admitted to looking through Brooke's portfolio. He bashfully admitted that he wanted to see what stocks she'd invested in so that he could buy her something new as a wedding present. These stocks, he boasted, would be their first joint investment. Again Phoebe came to the rescue. She told Brooke that she desperately needed a massage. Jim offered to give the woman a medical fix-it, but Phoebe denounced the use of medicine. Jim decided to call it a night. Once the coast was clear, Phoebe demanded to know why her niece was keeping Edmund in the dark about Jim. Brooke weakly replied that she didn't have enough evidence to prove that Jim was involved in the crash of Flight 149. Besides, how was she supposed to break the news that Jim had been the reason for Maria's death? Brooke was afraid of what she might learn about Jim.

Ryan returned to his room at The Valley Inn. He asked Kelsey how her encounter with Scott had gone. Kelsey moped around the room depressed that Scott had left her. Ryan explained that Kelsey had Scott "where it hurts." Had Scott made love to her, it would have shown that he didn't really care for her. Kelsey rolled her eyes and sarcastically commented how horrible it would have been to have had sex with Scott. This wouldn't be a one-night stand, Ryan smiled. Kelsey was going to win Scott's heart.

Liza burned the midnight oil at WRCW. She didn't anticipate a late night visitor, but sometimes a surprise is a good thing. David dropped by with news that he'd just come from Myrtle's and found Allie and Jake together. Liza waited for the earth-shattering news to unfold, but it never came. She was surprisingly blasť. She blinked several times and explained that both Jake and Allie live at Myrtle's, so it would be expected to find them together. David reworded his statement, making it clear that he'd found the couple in bed together. Still, Liza was unmoved. She commented that Jake was merely having meaningless sex with Allie and that all she would have to do is crook her little finger and Jake would run back to her. David called Liza delusional, issuing her a challenge to put her money where her mouth was. Liza picked up the phone and called Jake. She told him that she was in need of a doctor's special attention. Jake knew what was going on and played the part of a callous lover to the hilt. He told Liza that she was on her own because he was busy tending to Allie's needs. He urged her to call Adam if she needed some attention. Jake hung up the phone. David laughed quietly at Liza's total failure and reiterated the seriousness of the situation. He tried to convince Liza that the only way she would get Jake back into her life would be to divorce Adam. Divorce wasn't an option for Liza. "Who do I call for a little cardiac stimulant," Liza asked. David couldn't believe what he'd heard. Liza lectured David on the inappropriateness of his forced concern for Adam's welfare. She nonchalantly brought up the fact that she'd already picked out what she was going to wear to Adam's funeral. A second "accident" could happen, but this time Liza asked that David not be standing by with the proper remedy. "Anything's possible," David smiled sinisterly. He turned and slowly walked out of the office.

After making love, both Mateo and Hayley began feeling a little funny. They had no way of knowing that Jim had been poking around in the basement of their apartment building. Jim closed off a heating duct. The blockage caused a buildup of deadly carbon monoxide gas. He then attached a piece of tubing to the heating system and ran it to the ventilation system for Matt and Hayley's apartment. Now the gas was running directly from the blockage to their apartment. The lightheadedness and drowsiness the couple experienced wasn't from their physical exertion---it was a result of carbon monoxide poisoning! Mateo drifted off to sleep first. Hayley tried to wake him so that they could pick names for their child. When she couldn't wake him, she decided to join him in sleep. Both were out cold and didn't hear Edmund pounding on their door.

Tuesday, February 17, 1998

Jake stuck around Allie's bedroom, mulling over her Cleopatra costume. The door to the room swung open and a young woman entered the room. Upon seeing Jake, se quickly apologized for intruding. She explained that another boarder told her that she might be able to find Myrtle in the room. Jake, who had no idea that this woman was the mystery woman that his brother had been searching for all over town, told the woman that she didn't need to apologize for walking in on him. Jake asked the woman if she was looking for a room. He quickly realized how stupid he must have looked for asking such an obvious question. Jake tried to talk up the boarding house by telling how closely knit all of the boarders had gotten to be. Only problem was that the mystery woman was looking for privacy. Jake turned to discussing how everyone has a great deal of privacy---right before he started asking the woman if she was new in town and, if so, where she'd come from. He introduced himself to the woman. When she heard his last name, se couldn't believe that she'd run into another Martin. She tried her best to disguise, but Jake correctly assumed that she'd met at least one of his family members. She confessed that she'd seen Tad on television and said that he seemed like a nice guy. Jake wandered off to find Myrtle, but when he returned to the room, the mystery woman had vanished.

Jim returned to the basement and removed all traces of his plot to kill Mateo and Hayley. The savvy would-be-assassin made sure that he wore gloves so that no one would know that he'd been there. After disconnecting and disposing of the tubing, Jim headed upstairs to the apartment. He let himself inside and poked around to make sure that everything had gone according to his plan. He walked to the dining room table and removed the bugging device. He felt a cold draft and looked in horror as he noticed that one of the windows had been left open. The open window could have foiled his attempt to kill the couple by providing enough fresh air to disperse the deadly carbon monoxide gas. He tiptoed to the bedroom to check on Mateo and Hayley. He nudged Hayley's shoulders and gently shook Mateo's head. There was no response. He smiled confidently as e realized that he'd killed the couple. He strutted down the hall, but froze in his tracks when he heard Hayley groan. He raced back to the bedroom and grabbed a pillow. He held it over Hayley's head, hoping to smother whatever life was left out of her body. His plan was thwarted yet again when Edmund dropped by the apartment. Jim had to think fast. He grabbed a chair and smashed the bedroom window. Edmund heard the noise and raced to the bedroom. Frenzied, Jim explained that he didn't know what happened to the couple, but that they appeared to be suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning. Jim played the part convincingly. Edmund grabbed Hayley and Jim put Mateo over his shoulder and together the two men headed to the hospital.

Now that her request was on the table, Liza paid a follow-up visit to David to see if he'd decided to help her secure the medication that would do in Adam. David looked at her coldly and firmly stated that he would not be a part in her plot to kill her husband. David explained that he'd helped save Adam's life and that he couldn't see him die now. Liza needed the cardiologist to fall for her scheme so she went overboard to convince him that he needed to help her kill Adam. Liza insisted that she couldn't live without Jake in her life. David callously replied that she'd get over Jake. Liza shifted her weight onto one leg and asked David if he really believed that piece of canned wisdom. She asked him if he'd flown three thousand miles to "get over" Allie. Liza insisted that David give her the drug. She even said that she'd administer the drug so that David wouldn't feel guilty. David picked up the phone and called the district attorney's office. Liza hung up the phone before David could say anything. She plead her story one more time, explaining that Adam's lawyers had made it so that she wouldn't see a vast fortune if she divorced Adam. Death was the only way to go, so to speak. David asked Liza if she'd ever seen a corpse, ever touched a dead body, or ever smelled death. Liza rolled her eyes and said that the atmosphere of death was irrelevant. David reminded Liza that she'd have to go through a trial if it were ever learned that she'd killed Adam. There was certainly no way that she could convince a jury that she was innocent. And even if she did get away with murder, how could she live with herself? Liza flashed a slight smiled and watched David closely. She asked him why he'd suddenly become so pious. He didn't seem to have a problem with seeing Adam die when he administered the cardiac stimulant before. David's mouth dropped open. Liza continued, but on a more subtle tone. She put the blame for David's failure to reunite with Allie squarely on Adam. It was warped logic, but it seemed to make sense. Adam's existence was responsible for Liza not being able to be with Jake. Jake's failure to be with Liza meant that Allie wasn't free to reunite with David. Before David would respond, he was paged and ordered to report to the emergency room.

Adam fell victim to yet another of the mystery woman's cruel jokes. A noose dangled ominously from a tree branch just outside his window. Adam opened his window and prepared to grab hold of the noose, but before he could crawl far enough out the window, Tad burst into the room and pulled Adam back inside. Tad mistakenly assumed that Adam was trying to jump. Adam explained that he was trying to reach for something in the tree, but when the two men looked out the window, the noose was gone. Adam called his security squad and ordered them to search the grounds for an intruder. Tad told Adam that he wanted to re-enter the passageways. While sitting at home, he remembered bits and pieces of what had happened to him in the passageways. He told Adam that he'd encountered Joy. Adam was stunned. Tad explained that he'd seen the woman twice before---on his terrace and breaking into his house. Adam accused Tad of trying to play a cruel joke on him. Adam refused to listen to another word... that was until Tad told Adam that he'd heard the woman chanting "confess." Suddenly Adam realized that he might not be losing his mind. Adam's placidity lasted all of two minutes. He wondered how the ghost that had been haunting him had shown up at Tad's house. Tad ad a quick explanation: the ghost wasn't really a ghost: She was a real person. Joy couldn't be real, Adam snapped. He started to explain why, but he stopped short. Tad begged for more information, but Adam clammed up. The woman Adam had seen floating outside his hospital room and hovering in the trees at Wildwind was translucent---she wasn't real. Tad couldn't explain these appearances, but he knew that the woman was real. He reached into his pocket and showed Adam the necklace he'd found on his terrace. Adam was speechless. He noted that the necklace was in perfect condition. "I haven't seen this since..." Again Adam failed to finish the sentence. Adam's stubborn mind wouldn't allow him to concede that Joy might be a real person. Over and over he repeated that Joy was gone. He asked Tad to describe the woman he called "Joy," hoping that this would prove that Tad suffered from a mistaken identity. Tad could do better than describe the woman. He pulled the sketch he had commission by his temporary secretary out of his pocket. Adam doubled over in astonishment. He knew that the two women were one and the same. Tad asked Adam for more information on Joy. What did he do to the woman that would make her want to convince him that he's going insane?

Mateo and Hayley were rushed into the emergency room in critical condition. Dangerous levels of carbon monoxide gas had infiltrated their bloodstreams. Unless the oxygen levels could be restored, they'd both perish. Joe instructed that they be placed in hyperbaric chambers, a device that pressures the air around a victim and makes it easier for the blood to absorb oxygen. There was a serious problem; The hospital only had one of the chambers meaning that only one of the two patients would receive the care necessary to save their life. Joe got on the phone and called all of the nearby hospitals with the hope that one of them could rush a hyperbaric chamber to the hospital. David arrived on the scene and learned of the life-threatening predicament. He had a friend at a nearby hospital who owed him a favor. He asked Joe to call the hospital and ask that the chamber be airlifted to the hospital immediately. Joe briefed Edmund and Jim on the couple's condition, but the diagnosis was not good. He calmly stated that they didn't have much time left. Edmund walked over to an observation window and watched helplessly as two young lives dwindled away. Jim was pleased with himself. He smiled cockily and strutted over to the window. Liza, looking to talk to David and Allie about their plot, was unaware of what was going on. When she saw Edmund, she worried that something had happened to Sam or Maddie. Edmund told her that what had happened. Liza asked if anyone had contacted Adam and raced off to find her husband. The hyperbaric chamber arrived just in the nick of time and Hayley was quickly placed inside. Jim was furious that the fates had once again been looking out for the couple. Edmund walked over to Jim and stood beside him. Jim weakly commented that things would be looking up now that the second chamber had arrived. Edmund agreed. His tone changed as he asked Jim why he'd happened to drop by the apartment in time to save the couple. Inside the emergency room, Mateo's body convulsed erratically. An alarm on his monitor sounded and a nurse announced that they were losing him.

Wednesday, February 18, 1998

Edmund's question was met with avoidance from Jim. Jim turned his head and looked up at Edmund. Jim claimed that he was about to ask Edmund the same thing---why was he at Mateo and Hayley's apartment. Sitting down next to Jim, Edmund was quick with an answer. He reminded Jim of an upcoming feature in Tempo on Generation X entrepreneurs. Jim didn't explain why he'd dropped by initially. He claimed that he'd dropped by and found the door unlocked. Finding it odd that that the couple would leave the door unlocked, he decided to investigate. Edmund recalled that he'd heard glass smashing only after he'd called out to Hayley. Jim, for some unknown reason, chose that moment to explain why he'd dropped by the apartment. He explained that he'd had a fight with Mateo over his engagement to Brooke and wanted to drop by to apologize. He continued his tale, explaining that the window in the couple's bedroom was jammed and that the only way to let some fresh air in was to smash the window. Jim smiled proudly as he noted that had he not arrived when he did Hayley and Mateo surely would have died. Edmund advised Jim not to pat himself on the back too much because Hayley and Mateo might not pull through. Edmund rose to his feet and walked away. Fearing that Edmund might be going to Brooke's, Jim raced to the phone in an attempt to beat Edmund to the punch. Brooke, however, was nowhere to be found.

David managed to stabilize Mateo's condition, but it was too soon to tell if the young man had suffered any permanent brain damage. Allie left the emergency room and headed to the staff lounge. If she wanted time alone, she wasn't going to get her wish. David, whistling loudly, entered the room. Allie watched him walk around and wondered how he could go from life saving miracle worker one moment to pompous and arrogant the next. David referred to himself in glowing terms, praising his God given talent to snatch patients from the jaws of death. Allie was quick to note that outside the hospital walls David was another regular person. He lectured her for sleeping with Jake and insisted that when Allie wasn't around Jake and Liza were sleeping together. Allie refused to believe him.

Too many questions prompted Adam to order Tad out of his house. Tad didn't budge. He demanded that he be clued it to what happened to Joy so that they could find the woman once and for all. Adam looked at the sketch of the mystery woman in awe. It was as if someone had turned back the hands of time. He told Tad that the woman he'd seen couldn't have been Joy because his sketch was a sketch of what Joy looked like over twenty years ago. Tad cocked his head and wondered if Adam was hallucinating again. He remembered the photo he'd seen in Joy's room at the Pine Cone Motel. He described the photo to Adam: Joy standing in front of a barn wearing a summer dress. Adam knew of the photo. In fact he even knew what color dress Joy was wearing in the photograph. Tad listened in disbelief as Adam informed him that he was the one who'd snapped the photo of Joy. Again Tad couldn't believe that the woman hadn't aged in the twenty years since the photo was taken. Adam also said that he was the one who's given Joy the inscribed necklace. It was gift, a "celebration of [Joy's] life." Tad could tell from the look on Adam's face that he'd loved Joy very much. Out of breath, Liza stumbled into the room. She told Adam that there'd been a terrible accident and that Hayley and Mateo were in the hospital.

Tad left Chandler Mansion and headed over to Myrtle's boarding house. Tad told his brother that, as promised, he'd been keeping tabs on Adam. He had one concern: He still wanted to know what exactly Jake was up to. He asked his brother point-blank if part of his plan was to make Adam think that he was going crazy. Jake was caught off-guard by the question and noted that Adam had almost died after someone administered the wrong medication. He wasn't about to make him question his sanity on top of that. Tad commented that the old expression "if these walls could talk," had taken on an air of truth at Chandler Mansion. Tad told Jake about the mystery woman that both he and Adam had seen. Jake suddenly realized that Adam might not have been hallucinating at the Crystal Ball as he'd previously thought. Tad pulled his sketch from his pocket and showed it to Jake. Tad wondered why he was so drawn to this particular woman. He bragged that he'd had his fair share of beautiful women. Jake responded that some might say that Tad has had more than his fair share. Tad decided that there wasn't a ghost of a chance that he'd ever find the mystery woman. Jake, remembering the woman that had dropped by to find a room, told his brother that the woman was definitely not a ghost

When Liza and Adam arrived at the hospital, Adam wanted to take quick control of the situation. He offered to have the top specialists in the country flown in to treat Hayley and Mateo. Joe claimed that those measures were not necessary. Adam wanted to know truth about his daughter's status---would she pull through. Joe was almost certain that Hayley would survive, but it was possible that she would suffer from "impaired mental ability." Adam was allowed into the room to see Hayley. Tears formed in his eyes as he saw his daughter sleeping in her "glass coffin."
Outside the room, Palmer and Joe discussed the inappropriateness of pushing Jake's hearing back. Palmer didn't want to seem like he was trying to punish Jake, but he worried that delaying the hearing would tarnish the hospital's image. Adam exited the room and told Joe that Hayley was still unresponsive. Palmer offered his best wishes to Adam for his daughter's speedy recovery. Unused to seeing Palmer being nice to him, Adam accused Palmer of hovering around to gloat over his misfortune. Palmer replied that the sins of Hayley's father do not extend to Hayley herself. It was a nice way to say that Palmer was concerned for Hayley but could really care less about Adam. As no one had contacted Isabella Santos, Palmer sent his driver to pick her up and bring her to the hospital.

Jim continued to make it look like he was concerned for Mateo and Hayley's health. He pulled David aside and asked for the latest prognosis. Adam joined the two men in conversation and thanked David for calling in favors to secure the second hyperbaric chamber. After David left, Jim made sure that he told Adam that he had been the one to find Hayley and Mateo. Adam thanked Jim for saving his daughter's life. He returned to the room where his daughter laid motionless. As he tried to rouse her from unconsciousness, something critical happened.

Brooke dropped by Mateo and Hayley's apartment unaware of what had happened. AS she walked around the apartment, a noise from another room startled her. A fireman entered the room and told her that there'd been an accident and that Hayley and Mateo were rushed to the hospital due to carbon monoxide poisoning. Brooke's face fell solemn. As she asked how the accident had occurred, Edmund arrived. The fireman explained that the accident appeared to be just that---and accident. Any number of things could have happened from a bird's nest blocking a vent to a faulty valve on the heating system. Brooke's eyes closed slightly as she asked if there was any evidence of tampering. The fireman shook his head and went back to finish his investigation. Brooke's question signaled that she had doubts about the nature of the "accident." Brooke dodged the question, stating that she didn't want to drag Edmund into her problems. Edmund argued that Brooke's silence might lead to Isabella Santos having to bury another child. Brooke took a few steps away from Edmund and fought back tears. She confessed that Jim might have been responsible for the crash of Flight 149. Before Edmund could jump to his own conclusions, she recounted the loan shark story. Edmund didn't find the story credible and wanted to know how Mateo and Hayley had gotten mixed-up in the matter. Brooke told Edmund about the couple's investigation and their encounter with the thugs in New York. Edmund wondered why Brooke would get engaged with Jim knowing what kind of creep he is. She explained that agreeing to marry Jim was the only way she could buy herself some time to do more investigating. Until now, Brooke was unaware that Jim had been the one to "find" Mateo and Hayley. When Edmund told her that he'd found Jim in the apartment, suddenly Brooke's world started to crumble. Edmund surmised that had he not arrived when he did, he doesn't think that Jim would have called 911. Edmund asked Brooke if she now believed that Jim was guilty. "Beyond a shadow of a doubt," she replied.

Thursday, February 19, 1998

Restraint wasn't easy in this situation. Edmund had just learned that Jim might be responsible for his wife's death and the attempted murder of his brother-in-law. He stormed towards the door of the apartment and prepared to hunt down Jim. Brooke chased after him and convinced him that violence was not the way to get Jim back. Jim might flee town or Edmund could end up in jail for pummeling the man. The important thing was the remain calm and convince Jim that they were not suspicious of him while, at the same time, they gathered more evidence that would directly tie him tot he plane crash. Edmund's reporter's eyes looked squarely at the facts: Jim tried to kill Mateo and Hayley. In was a safe conclusion that Brooke could be the next target. Brooke disagreed. If Jim killed her, he wouldn't get his hands on her money. Brooke vowed to make Jim pay for all that he'd done. Death, she snarled, was too quick. She wants Jim to spend the rest of his miserable life rotting behind bars.

Janet met with her Axel wannabe and told him that she wasn't sure that their last performance was convincing. Axel didn't see it that way, but he vowed that his next performance would convince the world that he was in love with Janet. Axel's ambition was a little overboard. They didn't have to convince the world that they were an item---they only had to convince Trevor. Speaking of Trevor, he entered the restaurant for his daily lunch. When Janet saw him, she lunged across the table and planted a kiss on the actor. Trevor wandered over to the table and asked them to keep their public displays of affection to a minimum. It didn't bother him, but he didn't want Amanda to stumble across the couple in a kiss. Axel tried to play the macho boyfriend as best he could, but his physical appearance detracted slightly from his performance. He insisted that he could kiss Janet anytime and anyplace he wanted to. Janet claimed that she had no idea that Trevor would be eating at the restaurant or she'd have refrained from kissing her lover. Her story didn't wash because Trevor had been eating at McKay's every day for over five years. Trevor tired of arguing with the pair and headed to a nearby booth. Axel decided that it was time to put the finishing touches on his character. He grabbed the vase off of the table and rose to his feet. As he clanged his knife against the vase, he asked that everyone give their attention to him. He told his fellow diners that he'd made a terrible mistake by letting Janet slip through his fingers a few years back. He refused to make the same mistake. Axel knelt before Janet and asked her to marry him. She looked around nervously before accepting his proposal. Trevor watched curiously, but his attention was diverted by bad news. He received a call telling him that Mateo and Hayley had been rushed to the hospital. He started to leave the restaurant, but Janet wanted his well wishes. He told her about Matt and Hayley and then snapped, "Have a great life." Axel celebrated his coup, but he found himself celebrating alone. Janet grabbed her coat and chased after Trevor.

Liza didn't know how to deal with her mother's presence. Marian babbled endlessly about how Liza still loves Adam. Liza knew that she had to act quickly to keep her mother from blowing what she'd worked so hard to do---convince David that she wanted Adam dead. She flashed her mother an evil glare and ordered her to keep quiet. Rather unconvincingly she told her mother that she'd rekindled her affair with Jake. She explained that she needed to keep the affair quiet for fear of losing out on a divorce settlement from Adam. Liza denied loving Adam and stated that her only interest in Adam was his bank account. Marian blinked several times as she tried to figure everything out. Liza referred to David as her confidant and asked Marian to keep the news of her affair with Jake on "the down low." Marian spoke of how wonderful it would have been if Adam had had an affair. Then Liza would have been in the clear to get half of Adam's assets. Liza ordered Marian to put that out of her mind and remain quiet. Marian nodded and left the room. David smiled assuredly and called Liza "quite the liar." Liza's eyes nearly popped out of her head, as she feared that David had figured out her scheme. Luckily for her she didn't tip her cards. The lies David referred to were Liza's omission of preferring Adam's death to a divorce settlement. Liza breathed a sigh a relief and went back on track with her plan. She noted that Adam was in a frenzied state now that Hayley was in critical condition. She surmised that the strain wasn't good for his health and felt that now was the time to strike if she wanted to kill Adam.

Adam called for Joe to hurry over to Hayley's chamber. Hayley's eyes fluttered gently and she woke from unconsciousness. She looked around, but didn't know where she was. Being enclosed in a glass chamber didn't help matters any. She turned her head to one side and noticed Mateo lying across the room in a similar chamber... only Mateo wasn't moving. She banged frantically on the glass and ordered that she be allowed out of her prison. The doctors scrambled to calm Hayley down before she hyperventilated and compromised her health. Joe and Allie explained what had happened, but it really made no difference. Adam pleaded with his daughter to remain calm. She finally agreed to settle down and get some rest. Joe wanted Allie and Adam to take a break as well. Allie had been working for many hours without a break and Adam needed to unwind before he suffered another attack. Both agreed to take walks around the hospital. Isabella arrived at the hospital and learned that while Hayley appeared to be doing okay, Mateo was still in critical condition. Palmer offered to accompany Isabella to the chapel, but she felt it was best for her to go alone. Marian offered her support Adam, telling him she knows how difficult it must be for him to see Hayley in such serious condition.

Allie tracked down David and told him that Joe needed him to review Mateo's latest cardiogram. Once David was gone, Allie asked Liza how she was handling the situation. Liza told Allie about how Marian had overheard her discussion with David. Liza really seemed bothered by having to lie to her mother. Allie put her arm around Liza and offered her support. Liza worried that their plan wouldn't work. To date they had no indication that David was even contemplating getting involved in killing Adam.

At Brooke's, Phoebe slept peacefully in her wheelchair. As she slept, a dark shadow loomed over her. Phoebe must have detected the presence because she woke from her sleep and let out a soft shriek. She looked up and realized that Jim had created the shadow. She laughed at her folly and bopped Jim with a newspaper. She told him that he'd startled her, but downplayed her fear. Jim explained that he was still trying to find Brooke. Phoebe had no idea where Brooke had gone, but Jim didn't believe her. Jamie burst into the house and raced over to his great-aunt. They pair talked about school and other things. Jim cleared his throat and noted that there were two people in the house. Sternly, he asked Jamie "Don't I at least rate a hello?" Jim must have realized that he sounded angry and tried to soften his appearance. He sat down with the youngster and offered to help him with his homework. Jamie wondered why the man was so interested in him. Jim smiled and whispered that he and his mother had a secret---a good secret. Jim smiled shyly as he announced that he wasn't good at keeping secrets. As Brooke returned home, she heard Jim tell her son that they were going to be getting married. "You might as well start calling me daddy," Jim beamed.

Marian met with a scruffy looking gentleman named Dirk, a professional paparazzi of sorts. Dirk was known for being able to snap photos of cheating spouses. Marian told Dirk that she wanted him to take pictures of her daughter's husband having an affair with another women. The assignment was a piece of cake for the man. He chuckled as he asked who the other woman was. Marian pulled back from the table and replied, "You're looking at her."

In the hospital's chapel, Isabella found herself questioning her faith. She knows that God has a plan for everyone, but her shoulders began to ache from the burden she's been carrying. She' seen her husband and her eldest daughter killed. Now she faced burying another child. Palmer listened at the doorway as Isabella announced that she cannot handle any more pain. Palmer walked slowly towards Isabella and took her in his arms to provide her with comfort. Opal opened the door to the chapel and saw her husband holding another woman. Instantly she feared the worst. She swallowed hard and silently walked away.

David informed Adam that Hayley was well enough to be sent to a regular room. Adam still worried for his daughter and he began to work himself into a frenzy. "Unless you want us to open a Chandler wing for your entire family," David said, ordering Adam to calm down. David ordered a nurse to take Adam's blood pressure and to check his vital signs. A nurse took Hayley by the arm and tried to lead her to her hospital room. Hayley refused to leave without her husband. She pulled away from the nurse and ran to her husband's side. She knocked on the chamber softly and told Mateo that he needed to wake up. Mateo did not respond. Hayley knocked again, this time a little harder. "Mateo, baby, you have to wake up. We have to go." The nurse tugged on her arm and told her that she had to leave. Hayley flailed her arms wildly and refused to move. Adam demanded that the nurse stop harassing his daughter and offered to pay one hundred thousand dollars so that a cot could be set up in the room for Hayley. The scene was far too emotional for anyone to handle. Tears flowed freely from Liza, Allie, Joe, and Adam. Even the cold heart of Dr. Hayward seemed moved by the display. Liza couldn't hold back. She wanted desperately to hold Adam and comfort him. She knew that she couldn't or Allie and Jake's plan would fail. She raced out of the room. On her way out, she bumped into Edmund. She gave him a quick update, but she couldn't hold her emotions back any longer. She burst into tears and ran away. Edmund picked up his cellphone and placed a call. "I need to speak to you," he told an unknown person on the other end. "It's critical." After Liza composed herself, she returned to the emergency room area. David tapped her on the shoulder and told her that she'd dropped something. He handed her a brown paper bag. Liza shook her head and said that she was sure that she didn't drop anything. David insisted that the bag belonged to her. Liza reached out and took the bag. She opened it up and looked inside. David had come through for her---he'd given her the medication that she'd requested to help kill Adam. Back inside the room, Hayley broke down into tears. She begged Mateo to open his eyes. A loud beep sounded as the lines on Mateo's monitors went flat. Hayley asked what was going on. Joe put his hand on her shoulder. His face was calm, but his mouth and eyes drooped. He shook his head slightly from side to side. Mateo was no longer enveloped by the darkness of unconsciousness... he was moving towards a bright light.

Friday, February 20, 1998

The sight of the norepinephrine caused Liza's hands to shake. This may have been what she wanted, but coming face to face with the medication that had nearly killed Adam taunted her composure. David wondered if Liza had reconsidered, but she assured him that she hadn't changed her mind. Adam raced out of the emergency room and told David that Mateo seemed to be in trouble. David asked Adam to calm down and suggested that Liza take Adam somewhere where he could relax. He twitched his head to one side, presumably pointing towards the cardiac stimulant he'd just given Liza. Liza led Adam to the hospital chapel. Adam was moved by Liza's display of concern. Liza admitted that she still cared for Adam, but she followed it by a distinct disclaimer. She noted that her concern for Adam is much like her concern for Mateo and Hayley. She doesn't want to see any of them hurt, but that doesn't mean that she wants to return to having a relationship with Adam. Adam insisted that Liza's heart wanted her to get back together with him. He felt that they deserved and needed to be a couple. Liza shook her head and stated that she still wanted a divorce. Adam didn't want to concede defeat and refused to grant his wife a divorce. Something drew Adam's attention to the chapel's floor. On the floor by his foot was the box of norepinephrine. The box was clearly marked, so Adam instantly knew what type of medication he'd found. He also recalled that this was the same medicine that nearly took his life. He looked at Liza and asked her what she was doing with the medication. Liza's mouth moved, but she made no sound. David burst into the chapel and covered for her. He said that he must have dropped the medication earlier in the day when he was talking to one of his patients. He also informed Adam that Hayley was sitting in the waiting room. Adam left the chapel and headed for his daughter's side. Liza thanked David for coming to her aid. David looked at her crossly and blasted her incompetence. He noted that she would have been unable to talk her way out of the situation had he not arrived when he did. How on earth was she going to actually kill Adam? Liza nodded in agreement and claimed that she needed David to help her administer the medication. David flat out refused to get any more involved in the plan. Liza pleaded and begged, but David turned her down.

Edmund met with Miles at McKay's. Edmund contacted Miles to ask him for his help in further investigating the plane crash that had killed his wife. Edmund spoke softly, but with conviction. He told Miles that he thinks he knows who brought the plane down, but that he doesn't have any proof. Miles suggested that Edmund allow the federal investigators to continue their search. Edmund didn't want the professions to halt their investigation, but he worried that their search would take too long. Edmund never mentioned who he suspected in the bombing. He handed Miles a piece of paper. Miles read the paper and claimed that Edmund's demands were too much. Edmund asked Miles to use his connections to get a transcript of the plane's black box and cockpit recorder. In addition, he also wanted an analysis of the plastic explosives. Miles agreed to do his best.

Jamie looked at Jim in total confusion. "Why do I have to call you daddy?" he asked. Brooke broke her silence, telling her son that he didn't have to call Jim daddy. She added that the only person Jamie ver has to call daddy is Tad. She asked Jamie to run to the kitchen and help Phoebe. She then cast a stone cold glare at Jim. She ordered him to never go behind her back again and demanded that Jim stay away from Jamie. Jim scratched his head and indicated that it would be difficult for him to stay away from Jamie---especially since he and Brooke were going to be getting married. That is, unless Brooke was calling off the wedding. Brooke lowered her head and apologized for her outburst. She chalked up her temper to stress, stress brought on by Mateo and Hayley's near-death. Jim paced around the livingroom and voiced his concern for the stricken couple. He called the accident "a tragedy" and worried that the vibrant couple would never be the same again. While Jim had his back to her, Brooke's face turned bright crimson. She was obviously furious that Jim, the man whom she knew to have played a part in Hayley and Mateo's "accident," tried to pretend that he was concerned. Jim turned and faced Brooke and asked her if she'd ever had her furnace inspected. Brooke's face dropped. Her mind conjured up images of another "accident." Jim informed Brooke that he was going to check her furnace for her. When he came up from the basement, he gave the furnace a clean bill of health. He wanted to make sure that Brooke and her family were never at risk for carbon monoxide poisoning, so he announced that was headed to the hardware store to purchase two carbon monoxide detectors. Once Jim had left, Edmund strolled out of the kitchen. He praised Brooke's self-control, stating that he would have slugged Jim for feigning concern for Mateo and Hayley. Edmund told Brooke that he'd met with Miles. Brooke shrugged off concerns that Jim might try to do her in. Just to be on the safe side, Edmund urged Brooke to leave a few windows cracked. "A little fresh air never hurt anybody," he said.

Allie, David, and Joe looked over the some of Mateo's readings. The readings showed an increased level of brain activity. They were all baffled by the readings, and even more baffled that the increased activity had not helped Mateo to regain consciousness. Worried that her son might die, Isabella demanded answered from Joe. Joe was unable to supply her with any news that would lessen her fears. Isabella felt that the doctors were dodging her questions and blasted their inability to give a proper prognosis. Hayley took Isabella by the hand and led her back to the observation window. There she assured Isabella that Mateo would wake up soon. When he did, she smiled, he'd probably be really hungry for some of her home cooking. Trevor arrived and offered Hayley support. Janet followed closely behind him. Palmer tracked down Joe and told him that the hospital board had denied his request to postpone Jake's hearing. The hearing would take place in the morning. Allie walked over to the two men and begged them to reconsider the board's decision. Palmer told her that board's decision was final. Joe looked at Allie and raised his eyebrows slightly. He told her that if she and Jake had anything planned to prove his innocence, they'd better do it before the hearing. Hayley returned to the room where her husband laid motionless. When she entered the room, she overheard David tell Joe that Mateo appeared to have slipped into a coma.

Dirk was perplexed by Marian's desire to have him photograph her having sex with her daughter's husband. It wasn't exactly an everyday request. Marian insisted that sleeping with Adam was something that she had to do. Dirk shrugged indifferently and laughed when Marian suggested that her tale would be fodder for talk shows around the country.

Across the restaurant, Liza met with Jake to tell him that David had given her the norepinephrine. While they talked, Marian sashayed over to their table and scolded them for carrying on their affair in public. Liza looked at Jake and rolled her eyes. She winked as she informed Jake that her mother "knew" about them. Hoping that it would get rid of her mother, Liza agreed that it wasn't wise for her to be seen with Jake. Marian patted her daughter on the back and asked her what she would do if she weren't there to look out for her. Liza could have snapped back with something witty, but she opted to bite her tongue. Content that she'd done her part to ensure Liza's financial security, Marian swished away. Now that the coast was clear, Jake told Liza that even though David had given her the medication, it didn't prove his guilt. Knowing David, he would probably concoct a story to get himself out of trouble. Allie arrived with the news of the board's ruling. Jake took a deep breath and announced that they needed to get David to kill Adam that night. Marian, meanwhile, was still disturbed by catching Liza and Jake together. She called Dirk and told him that her planned seduction of Adam had to take place later that night.

Trevor moped around the waiting room area. Janet knew that a cup of coffee would make him feel better, so she traveled to the vending machines. When she handed Trevor the cup of coffee, he took her offering as a sign that she still loved him. He confidently stated that Axel's proposal must have been a sham because she didn't really love him. Janet offered no sign that what Trevor was saying was true. He took her hand and demanded that she tell him he was right.

Mateo's journey to the other side took him... back to his apartment. There he saw Hayley looking out the apartment window. He called out to her and she turned around. She slowly walked towards him... but passed right by him. The door to the apartment swung open and another Mateo walked inside. Mateo watched in confusion as Hayley and the alternate Mateo kissed and made plans to start a family together. He tried to pull them apart, but when he reached out to touch them, the couple vanished and appeared in a another area of the room. Suddenly the phone rang. At the top of his lungs, Mateo demanded that no one answer the phone. Reddish goo oozed out of the telephone's earpiece.

Hayley raced over to the chamber and called out to Mateo. She begged him to wake up and smile for her. His lifeless body disobeyed her. David ordered a nurse to remove Hayley from the room, but Hayley wouldn't budge. Hayley had a hard time understanding how the doctors could have been so optimistic about Mateo's brain activity and now claim that he was in a coma. Again Hayley called out to her husband. On the other side, Mateo heard his wife's voice. He called out to her, but he couldn't find her anywhere.



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