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News of Ian's death spread. Nora grew suspicious of her assistant, Georgie. Todd insisted that he was innocent. Blair was prepared to make a statement. Kevin was injured in the fire in Canton.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of February 16, 1998 on OLTL
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Monday, February 16, 1998

Bo told Nora and Congressman Graham that he wasn't sure Todd was the right suspect and couldn't arrest him. Congressman Graham was livid that Bo wasn't taking action because Todd "might" have an alibi. Andrew told Bo about Todd's actions towards Téa and suggested he talk to her. After Andrew left, Bo and Nora learned that Ian had died. Nora accused Bo of being inconsistent because he was so willing to lynch R.J., but he was putting himself on the line for Todd. Hank told Bo that Graham was after his head and he better do something fast. Téa pleaded with Blair to tell the truth about Todd and later told Blair that she was moving out of the penthouse and leaving Todd. Blair thanked Téa for her honesty, but was noncommittal as far as being Todd's alibi. Jessica went to visit Todd and promised him that she would look after Starr. Viki went to see Andrew and broke the bad news to him about Ian. Andrew lit a candle in honor of Ian and as Viki stared at the flame, she shuddered and got an uneasy feeling. As the farmhouse burned, Dorian and Mel tried to get to Sonya and Miss Stonecliff. Kevin went after Cassie as she ran back into the house for Dorian. Mel and Kevin finally broke the door down leading to the third floor, but the landing was engulfed in flames. Outside, Joey had to hold Kelly back from going in after her family. Kevin noticed that the burning ceiling was about to fall and desperately shoved Cassie out of the way. Cassie screamed in horror as the burning ceiling fell on Kevin. Joey and Mel freed the unconscious Kevin and carried him out of the burning house. Cassie finally was able to tell Kevin that she loved him and willed him not to die!

Tuesday, February 17, 1998

The Police Station:

Bo continues to argue with Hank over the status of Todd's case as Nora looks on. Clint appears and tries to get a statement from Bo, who blows up and storms out of the squad room. Hank then turns to Nora and asks her what is wrong with Bo. Nora gets defensive and tells Hank that if she had any idea what's got Bo so stressed out, she would do whatever she could to change it. Nora watches helplessly as Bo becomes more frazzled and more hostile as the pressure of his investigation takes its toll.

The Cramer House:

Max shows up as Blair is on the phone with Barbara Graham. After hanging up, Blair expresses some regret over using Barbara's pain to forward her own situation. That's when Max bluntly announces that Ian Armitage is dead. Blair is stunned and saddened by the news, even to the point of thinking about Kelly for a second, but Max shows no feeling whatsoever and is concerned only with the fact that Ian's death interferes with their plans. Blair tells Max that he is being even more callous than usual. Max goes on to say that it is good that Ian died before Max had to pay him the $750,000 he owed him and continues to pressure Blair to lie about Todd's alibi. Nevertheless, Blair is reluctant to perjure herself, so Max takes off to ask around and see what is up with Todd's case.

A hospital in Canton, Ohio:

Mel, Dorian, Kelly, Joey and Cassie are in the waiting room while the doctors work on Kevin. Kevin's injuries include burns, broken bones and possible internal bleeding. The police question Dorian and Mel about Sonya and Miss Stonecliff. Mel fills in the detective on Sonya, Miss Stonecliff and the death of Dorian's family. When the detective mentions the injuries that the coroner has found on Sonya, Dorian confesses that she killed her mother. She tells how Sonya attacked Cassie and how Dorian killed Sonya in the attempt to protect her. The doctor tells Kevin's worried friends and family that Kevin is in critical condition with a skull fracture and second degree burns over 30% of his body and that the next twenty four hours will be the deciding factor. He then suggest to Joey that he call Viki and Clint while Cassie goes into the examining room and begs Kevin to live. Joey reaches Clint at the Banner and tells him about the fire and Kevin's condition. Clint promises to get Viki and take the Buchanan jet to Canton as soon as possible. After hanging up, Joey breaks down and tells Kelly how worried he is about Kevin. "I don't know how to do life without my big brother!" he says. Kelly hugs him and tells Joey that he doesn't have to. Mel fills in some of the details of the nights events as Dorian stands by, detached. The detective informs the two of them that no charges will be filed and departs. When Mel suggests to Dorian that they get a hotel room, she berates him for even suggesting that she would leave the girls and turns her back on him.

St. James Church:

Téa comforts Andrew as he deals with the news of Ian's death. Andrew tells Téa that although the last few years have been awful, she has been a bright spot for him. Andrew then asks how Todd responded to the news that she is leaving him. Téa reluctantly tells Andrew that she will be representing Todd. Andrew is disgusted and as he and Téa argue, Bo comes into the church to question Téa about the events that happened before Barbara's rape. Téa invokes attorney-client privilege but Bo tells her that privilege wouldn't apply to events that happened when she wasn't acting as Todd's attorney. The commissioner leaves, but asks Téa to let him know if she's in the mood to answer "a few friendly questions." Téa asks Andrew why Bo would ask her any questions and Andrew confesses that he pointed Bo in her direction. Téa is outraged that Andrew would betray her confidence. Andrew screams that he was torn between his duty to Téa, Barbara, the law and the church and he is not interested in protecting Todd. But he has come to realize that no matter how much he loves Téa, she will never be free of Todd. Téa says that the two of them have a lot to think about, but she is going home. "Where is home?" asks Andrew. Home is Todd's penthouse, answers Téa as she walks out of the church.

Viki's office at the Banner:

Viki walks in, takes one look at Clint and realizes that something is wrong. Clint tells her that Kevin is hurt and they need to go to Canton. Viki says that she knew that no good could come of Kevin's going to Canton, but Clint tells her there is nothing that she can say that will make him feel any worse than he already does.

Wednesday, February 18, 1998

Nora's Office- Nora, Georgie and Max

Georgie has her feet up on the desk and is on the phone obviously engaged in a personal conversation when Nora walks through the door, wondering what her assistant is doing there. The office is officially closed because of the snow. Georgie tells her she came in to catch up and organize the work backed up from the blizzard so that her boss could get a fresh start when the office opened the next day. Nora says that she wants to work that the whole world has gone mad. Georgie begins to nag her about taking her supplements, her ginseng tea and mother's wort. Nora replies that it is not about her hormones today. Georgie explains that holding onto things is like clogging your arteries and she is a good listener, so what is troubling her. Nora enumerates R.J., Ian death, Congressman Graham and the pressure he is putting on Bo, Georgie can't help. She should go home. There has to be something in her life she should be doing. Georgie mentions a test in Evidence Law. Nora tells her to go study. When she leaves, Nora lowers the lights and holds her head.

A little while later, Max finds Nora in the dark listening to blues music. He wants to know if Bo has any other suspects in the "Graham thing" besides Todd. Nora replies it is not a thing, it is a rape and wants to know if he is inquiring because of Blair. He admits it is. Nora tells him that if she knew something, which she doesn't, it would be a confidence she shared with Bo and she could no more violate that than a confidence with a client. But for the record, Bo has not said a word. Max makes note of the fact she has been crying and asks what about. Nora replies she feels bad about Bo. He has been on edge since the kidnapping and she was not there for him. Max says she comes through for everyone. Yes, she replies, everyone else. Max facetiously asks if this is a private flagellation or do others get to join. Nora believes she has to give up something and next time maybe it will be Bo's turn. Bo is most upset about the contracts with Blue Jay-Indigo. Max says Bo has a point. Nora EXPLAINS she only did it for Rachel, but she has to give somewhere and maybe this is it. She will think about it but it is a biggie. MEANWHILE AT ...

Llanview Police Department-Bo and his detectives

Bo tells his force that no one sleeps, eats or goes home until the rapist is nailed. A female detective asks if isn't Todd the suspect. Bo replies that Todd may have an alibi and if he does that could mean the rapist is still out there and he must be caught. One detective tells him that Barbara Graham's ex boyfriend is ruled out as a suspect because he was in bed with someone in Los Angeles at the time of the attack. There is other news about evidence. There was no DNA sampling from the victim and because she wore no gloves, no hair or skin samples under her nails. There was some dog hair on the victim. Bo says that neither Barbara or Todd own a dog. He wants his force to pin down when Todd was in Pediatrics and when he left the hospital with Blair, if he did. He wants anyone who might have seen Todd during the time the rape took place to come forward. He is giving Blair time to get her thoughts together, but come morning, he will not be interested in her personal agenda, he wants answers from her about Todd's whereabouts that night. Sex offenders are being contacted, so far 11 and there are many more. Bo wants to know about all of them. Nick says they won't be getting any sleep, but Bo says neither is he.

Bo and Nora's House- Bo, Nora, Georgie and Mudd

Bo settles down on the couch and is greeted by Mudd, who gives him a big wet one. Bo asks if he has been eating garlic and Georgie comes through the doorway from the kitchen and says the dog was taste testing the meatballs. She also made pasta, broccoli and lemon soap, lettuce and garlic bread. Bo firmly tells her all he wants is a hot shower and bed, then more nastily, to get the hell of his house. Georgie says she is so sorry, she should have called first, but she knew that Nora would be in the office and that Bo had a rough day. It WAS OK BEFORE (when she made dinner for them). All she wanted to do is help. Bo softens and tells her that it has been a tough few days and he hasn't slept. He motions to her and opens his arms to hug, but it more of a hug you would give a child, with Bo patting her on the back as he held her close. Right at this moment, Nora arrives home.

Bo says it was just a reassuring hug. Nora wants to know reassuring to whom. Bo replies he hurt Georgie's feelings. Georgie admits she got overemotional. Nora suggest ginseng tea and mother wort. And by the way, what happened to studying for that evidence law test. Georgie says she left the book at their house and came back to retrieve and realized only then it would be a good idea to make them dinner. As she picks up her brief case and prepares to leave, Nora says what happened to the book. The ever efficient Georgie replies she already put it in her brief case. Nora tells her this is not a good idea to do again. Georgie agrees. She was intrusive and it won't happen again. Nora calls to her "Happy studying" as her personal assistant goes out the door.

Nora asks what that was about? Does he have a vibe about Georgie? Now that she mentions it... Nora finishes "she needs to get a life". Bo casually states that Georgie already has a life- Nora's. Nora is getting the creeps, but Bo is too tired to continue the conversation. Given the choice of bed or take out, he wants to sleep and Nora goes to the kitchen to put away the food.

Llanfair- Jessica, Moose, Viki, Clint and Asa

Jessica is playing with Moose when Viki comes in. She is promising the bird that Uncle Todd will be fine when Uncle Bo realizes that this is a big mistake. When she sees her mom, Jessie explains that she went to see Todd, who told her that Viki had promised to take care of Starr and that Jessie could have Moose. When Jessie arrived at the Penthouse and found out that Viki still had not arrived at the Penthouse to pick up Judith, Starr and Moose, she brought them home with her. She put Judith and Starr in Kevin's old room. When she asks her mom if that was alright, she sees how distractedly Viki is acting and asks her what is wrong.

Viki updates Jessie on the events in Canton and Kevin's condition which is critical. Jessie says that Kevin is going to be alright. He promised to take her skiing and Kevin always keeps his promises to her. She wants to go to Canton, but Viki mentions school and Starr. She promises if the doctors tell them Kevin is in lot of trouble, she and Clint will fly her there. The bell rings and Viki lets in Clint and Asa. The Buchanan private jet is ready. Asa says that the Buchanans run through plagues, floods and fires and always come through hell to the other side. Viki goes upstairs to get her bags and Clint asks Jessie if she is coming. Jessie explains the deal she came to with her mother. She will watch Starr and Moose and if anything happens with Kevin, she will go to Canton. Asa nicely offers to keep his granddaughter company while the folks are away. He teases her that they will take turns running Nigel ragged. Jessie giggles at his meanness and Moose squawks "Feed the bird". Asa says that maybe Nigel can find a way to barbecue that thing. He thinks staying may be fun, they can play gin rummy, smoke cigars. Jessie says yes to everything but the smelly cigars and Grandpa Asa promises he won't smoke them and gives her a big hug.

Clint and Viki leave and Jessica and Asa have a card game going. He assures her that Kevin will be back getting into trouble in no time. He tells her he is grampa and he knows everything. Didn't he tell her that. She giggles and says yes, a hundred times. Asa replies she has Kevin's smart mouth, but she can take it to the bank that Kevin will be alright and she knows a Buchanan keeps HIS promises. "Or her promises", Jessica adds. Jessie admits she is glad he stayed. She loves her grandpa. Asa tells her to cut the deck and concentrate.

Buchanan Private Jet- Viki and Clint

Clint and Viki agree they have a lot to face in Canton and a lot to resolve before they get there. Viki apologizes for saying Kevin is not his son. He is most definitely a Buchanan like the rest of them. He believes he is indestructible. "We are strong, we are invincible, we are Buchanans", he jokes. But Viki is serious. She is angry he did not back her up when everything inside her was screaming that anytime any of her family gets caught up in Dorian's web, it spells disaster to Viki's family. Clint points out she would not allow such hyperbole in the Banner. Viki says let her continue. He did not trust her instincts and accused her of trying to control her boys, their sons. He pushed her buttons because he is controlling. The only time he is really open is when she is needy or in trouble. When she is dependent he can assert herself. When she asserts herself, she is irrational. Why does he consider himself strong when he asserts himself and her irrational when she does the same. And why does she play into it. Clint says he has no response to that. Viki asks him to think about it.

Viki and Clint buckle their seat belts for the descent. He reaches for her hand and holds it.

Canton Hospital- Dorian, Mel, Kelly, Joey, Cassie, Kevin, Clint and Viki

The doctors tell them their is no change in Kevin's condition. They are doing all they can without a state of the art Burn unit. The Doctor tells Joey they will have a clearer picture by the next day. Second degree burns are worse than 3rd degree because the nerves are not destroyed and that makes them more painful. The doctors have Kevin on morphine. Cassie asks to see Kevin and she is trembling and unable to get on her scrubs without Kelly's assistance. Joey is distraught too and Kelly hugs him.

In the hospital room, Cassie tells Kevin that there is so much she has not told him because she was not brave. She is grateful to him for the only unconditional love she has know. He saved her life. If he hadn't it would have been her lying there. She thanks him and begs him to pull through this, so she can give back some of what he has given her. She vows she loves him, maybe not the way he deserves but she does love him.

Dorian sees Mel as the catalyst for all the horrible things that happened since he pressured her to delve into her past. He set it all in motion. He brought all of them there to participate in this tragedy. Mel replies he only wanted the truth and closure for her. She questions if this is his idea of closure. Thanks to him she found out her mom was insane and killed her dad because Dorian made her angry enough to do it. Sonya turned the sisters against each other and drove Addie and Melinda to insanity. She found her mom was locked up for 37 years when she could have been treated and made well enough to share her music with the world. Mel reminds her these events were not in her control. She replies that in the final chapter all the events were totally in his control. She went to Canton alone. He brought Cassie. Kevin, Joey and Kelly followed. Dorian killed her mother to protect Cassie. True there are not going to be charges pressed, but she did kill her mother all the same. Miss Stonecliff killed herself and set the house on fire. Kevin got injured protecting Cassie. These are the things Dorian will have to live with, the burden her soul will have to carry around the rest of her life. Now, Mel, Dorian asks, dare you tell me these are things I should cherish because they are the truth?

Mel argues that Dorian always knew the truth and she came to Canton to free herself. Dorian says that Miss Stonecliff is not the only manipulator, Mel is a master at it. She does not absolve him or forgive him and every time she looks at him, she will remember it all. It is time for him to face the truth. There are two people dead and one in critical condition and Mel Hayes, star reporter, cares only about the truth behind the big story. Mel replies that he was only helping her so they could move forward with their lives. He is devastated about Kevin but he can't change anything that happened. He takes full responsibility. Dorian says he is incapable of taking responsibility and that is why he is a drunk. He insists he did this out of love and that he will be there for her for the duration as he promised. Dorian informs him she does not want to be with him. She can't stand the sight of him. Mel tells her he loves her. Dorian warns him to leave her and her family alone. A hurt Mel gets up and walks away.

Joey tells Kelly he realizes that even Kevin couldn't do any more than he is now. He has to be steady and focus on what others need. Kelly should call Ian, he may be worried.

Viki and Clint arrive and Dorian apologizes to Viki, not just because of what he did for Cassie. He will pull through. Viki replies, "How many more disasters, how many more times?" and moves over to where Joey, Clint and Cassie are standing. Cassie tells Viki Kevin is not conscious. Viki puts on her scrubs and says "Oh my God". She is sobbing with her hand over her mouth. She stands by Kevin's bed and tells him to listen to her for once in his life. He must stay with them. She can't know the pain he is in, but he must live. She wants to put her arms around him and hold him like when he was a baby. If she could take this away from him, she would, but she can't. It is up to Kevin and to God. After a plaintive, "please, please...". She kisses him on the forehead as Joey, Clint and Cassie watch through the doorway.

Thursday, February 19, 1998

Dr. Fisher told Viki that it was too soon to take Kevin home. Dorian inquired about Kevin's condition and Viki turned her anger full force on Dorian. Viki completely blamed Kevin's injuries on Dorian saying she knew something bad would happen if Kevin got involved in Dorian's problems. Dorian was very understanding and that threw Viki off guard. Cassie took the blame for Kevin's accident and surprised Viki when she said she loved Kevin. Mel and Clint bonded over their mutual misery and Clint thanked Mel for saving Kevin's life. Cassie was in the middle of telling Dorian why she called Blair when Kevin's monitors began to beep wildly. Dr. Fisher assured everyone that Kevin was just fine. Dorian was determined not to let this mess hurt or destroy her family any more. This latest scare with Kevin made Joey realize how close he came to losing his brother. Kelly comforted Joey and they came close to kissing. Todd continued to proclaim his innocence when Bo questioned him again. Briggs told Todd he was quitting The Sun and antagonized Todd enough that he called for the guard to have Briggs removed. Téa came to see Todd and told him that she thought Blair might back him up, but Todd said it was a waste of time because he knew exactly what Blair was up to. Congressman Graham kept the pressure on Bo and couldn't understand why Bo didn't think Todd raped Barbara. Hank later came by to see Bo and gave him the news about Kevin. Meanwhile, Max encouraged Blair to make a move on Todd before he found out about Ian's death and the events in Canton. Bo called Blair and asked her to come and make a statement as soon as possible. Blair showed up to see Todd and offered him a deal. Blair would provide Todd with his alibi for full custody of Starr!

Friday, February 20, 1998

The hospital in Canton

Dorian and Cassie watch Kevin from outside the hospital room as Viki sits by his bedside. Clint joins her and asks how she's doing. She's not so good, she wonders how this has happened. It's encouraging news that Kevin's off the ventilator, Clint says. He finally talked to Bo. Bo and Nora will be there in an instant if they need them, but Bo's got his own hands full right now. Viki remembers about Ian and the crash and realizes no one's told Kelly. Clint suggests that Viki not worry about it and concentrate on Kevin right now.

Out in the waiting room, Joey and Kelly almost kiss, but Kelly pulls away at the last moment. Kelly can't let this happen, she's going to marry Ian, Ian loves her. Maybe he does, Joey allows, but he doesn't believe that Kelly loves Ian. "Of course I do", Kelly insists. Then prove it to me, Joey challenges her, look me straight in the eye and tell me that you love Ian Armitage.

Kelly replies that she doesn't have to explain herself to him anymore, things have changed, she's grown up. When they were together she believed that love conquered all, and it did, it conquered them. Joey realizes that she's changed, she's stronger, smarter and more beautiful than ever. But it's not strong and smart to give up on love just because it scares you. What Kelly and Ian have isn't love, it's safety, Joey tells her. What she wants is no risk, because he hurt her, Joey is willing to admit it. But he's changed too, and if she'll just take the chance and come out with him on the ledge again, he promises he won't let her fall. Kelly leaves to go take a walk, she wants to be alone. Viki joins Joey and tells him that Kevin's still unconscious, but stable. Viki has to talk to him about something. Ian was killed in a plane crash on the way to Canton.

Joey is shocked to hear of Ian's death. He wonders what is going on, first Kevin being seriously hurt and now this? He's not sure how Kelly will handle the news of Ian's death. Viki says that Kelly is a very lucky girl, she has lots of people who love her and will be there to support her. Joey decides he'll be the one to tell her. Suddenly, Clint appears and tells Viki to come quickly, it's Kevin... Cassie is by Kevin's bedside asking him to open his eyes again, and he does and asks what happened. Cassie explains that he saved her life. Viki, Clint and Joey watch happily through the window.

Viki, Clint and Joey join Cassie in Kevin's room. Viki goes up to give Kevin a kiss on the forehead and quickly makes peace, telling him that he was right to come, he was needed and she's so proud of him. Viki wishes that she could take the pain away. Kevin claims that he's OK, but it's soon evident that he's in enormous pain. Viki sends Clint to find the doctor.

Viki, Joey and Clint all leave Kevin's room, looking for the doctor. Viki stops a nurse, who tells her that Dr. Fisher is down in ER, but he's too busy to leave there right now. Clint and Joey go to find him anyway. The nurse rushes away to see to another patient and Viki tries desperately to find someone, anyone to help Kevin. Inside, Cassie is telling Kevin to hold on, help is on the way. Viki stops another nurse, who refuses to give Kevin more morphine because he's not due for 15 minutes. "Somebody, my son needs help, please", Viki cries out desperately.

Viki finally finds a nurse to give Kevin the morphine injection, it should start to work almost immediately, she tells them. Viki's had enough, she wants to move Kevin to Llanview Hospital as soon as possible. Clint agrees with her, they'll leave as soon as possible. Kelly returns from her walk and Joey explains that they couldn't find the doctor to give Kevin painkillers. They can't wait to get Kevin back to Llanview, Joey says. Kelly comes up with an idea, she can call Ian and they can use his plane. Ian's not going to be able to help them, Joey says. Of course he will, she'll call him, Kelly replies. Joey tells her that Ian is dead.

Dorian and Mel

Dorian goes to the chapel, where Mel finds her. He sits down behind her. Dorian tells him she asked him to leave her alone. Mel asks if there's any news on Kevin and Dorian tells him "no". Mel reaches out to touch her shoulders, but Dorian pulls away from him.

Mel asks Dorian if she wants him to leave because she doesn't want him to see her in pain. He reminds her of the night they first met, when he asked her what she wanted for herself and she told him respect. Well, he does respect her, she's survived what Miss Stonecliff and her mother did to her. Everyone else in that house was too weak or too scared to do anything, but Dorian put a stop to it, and she was just a little girl at the time. They've walked through fire together, it was supposed to heal them, not burn them. Mel doesn't believe that the fire has put out what was between them.

It all seemed so noble, Dorian says, he took her by the hand and led her down the path to self-knowledge and fulfillment. The only problem was the path led to hell. Dorian comments that Mel belongs there in the chapel, with the rest of the saints. How can Mel even bring up the word respect, Dorian asks, he doesn't know the meaning of the word. She asked him to respect her privacy, but no, Mel made her face the truth. This has been all about Mel and his need to turn Dorian into something she's not. Was it that she was too strong, too in control? Those are the things she's needed to survive, she explains. He nearly ruined her life and she doesn't know who she is anymore, thanks to him. The woman that's left doesn't want anything to do with him, Dorian tells him. "I love you and I'm never going to give up on you", Mel says. Dorian doesn't answer and walks away.

Nora, Georgie and Hank

Nora has a talk with Georgie to redefine their boundaries. She's not angry anymore that George made dinner for Bo, but this sort of thing can't happen again. All the extra things that Georgie's been doing for Nora have to stop, the cooking, the cleaning, the friendly advice, the "never-ending litany of compliments". These things aren't bad individually, but everything put together is just too much, kind of "weird" actually. Nora needs her space and needs Georgie to pull back and stop anticipating her every want and desire and those of her husband. Georgie says she understands.

Nora and Georgie are working uncomfortably together when Hank arrives. Nora's thrilled with the interruption, but Hank tells her he can't stay, he just stopped to drop of some pictures of Bo at the PBA Christmas party. Here's a nice shot of you too, Georgie, he says, showing her the picture of herself and Bo together. Georgie looks worried as Hank hands them over to Nora. Nora looks at the picture and asks Georgie why the hell she's wearing Nora's dress.

Asa, Jessica, Blair and Starr

At Llanfair, Jessica and Asa are playing craps on the table. Starr is helping Asa by blowing on the dice. Asa wins again and Jessica wonders if he's ever going to let her win. Asa suggests black-jack next, maybe he'll even teach Starr, show her how to be a real Buchanan. She's a Manning, Jessie reminds him. But Jessica is a Buchanan and Starr is her cousin, so by extension, Starr's a Buchanan, Asa reasons. Just then, Blair arrives. Asa is less than thrilled to see Blair, but Starr calls out "Mommy" and runs to Blair, who gives her a big hug. Asa warns her not to try to take Starr anywhere. Blair seems confident that she'll have custody of Starr soon. Asa doesn't think that Blair and Todd will ever be able to come to an agreement about how to raise Starr and warns her that there are many other people willing to raise Starr, himself included. Blair tells Asa she'd die before letting that happen.

Bo and Nora

At the police station, Bo is telling Nora about his conversation with Clint, that Clint thinks they should stay in Llanview for now. Nora tells Bo that if he wants to go to Canton he should go, and she'll be right there with him. Bo really seems to appreciate her offer, but he can't leave right now. An officer tells him that "you know who", is on line two. Bo picks up the phone and tells the Congressman that they have learned nothing new in the last hour and they will contact him as soon as they know anything. Bo hangs up. Nora tries to cheer him up, he'll get to the bottom of this, he always does. Thank you Red, Bo has time to tell her before he's interrupted with another crisis to deal with, the Llantano Bridge has structural damage. Nora has to leave, but asks Bo to call her when there is any news about Kevin. She's going to be at the office with her "over-eager assistant who may or may not be in love with her husband". Bo laughs and gives her a kiss. Nick Fiori comes over with the report on the second bloody boot print found at the rape scene. Italian leather, very expensive and size 10, the same size as Todd wears.

Todd, Téa, Blair and Bo

Todd doesn't understand why he would want to take Blair's deal, it would mean losing Starr. Blair tells him he'll lose Starr anyway if he goes to jail, at least this way he'll be free. And she might even let him see Starr once in a while, at Dorian's house with supervision of course, Blair *generously* offers. Do we have a deal, she asks. Todd considers for a moment and tells her, "you march upstairs, you tell Bo Buchanan anything you want, you lie your head off, I don't care, tell him I had time to rape that nurse. Better yet, tell him you saw me do it. Go ahead, tell him, I don't care."

Blair thinks they must be having a lack of communication. Without her testimony on his behalf, Todd will be convicted. I'm not going to go to jail, I'm innocent and they won't send me to Statesville, Todd tells her, showing an amazing amount of faith in the system. Blair tells him the truth is irrelevant, the two of them are going to decide his future, right here and right now. "Get the hell out of here", Todd tells her. Fine, have it your way, Blair says. Todd warns her that when he gets out "there is no place on God's green earth that you can hide from me. Now you take my advice, when you least expect it, expect it". Blair tells him she's not worried, he'll be in jail with all the other caged animal. "Prison isn't going to hold me, I go where I want to go. And look, I have nothing to lose." Blair accuses Todd of being so predictable, making all these empty threats when he's scared to death. Blair starts to leave to go make her statement. If you do this to me, you'll never be able to look Shorty in the eye again, Todd says. Blair better hope that he doesn't get out of there, because he has full custody now and has grown weary of sharing Starr with her. Just as Blair is about to leave, Téa arrives to see Todd. "I thought he threw you out", Blair says to Téa before leaving. After she leaves, Todd gets so mad he starts punching the wall, Téa puts her hand on his arm to stop him and the two of them stare at each other.

Téa went to get some supplies to bandage his hand and is now trying to clean off his bloody knuckles. Téa guesses that Blair's blackmailing him. Blair turned on him, Todd complains, "why can't people just be honest?".(That's pretty funny, coming from Todd:-)Téa tells him not to worry about it, it's not an issue right now. They haven't even arrested him for the rape yet, and even if they do, Téa will tear her testimony apart on the stand. In the meantime, they'll look for someone else who can verify his location at the time of the rape. Everything will be alright, she promises. "Don't leave me", Todd quietly asks her.

I'm your attorney, at this point it would be unethical for me to walk away from your case, Téa replies. But's that's as far as she'll go, as soon as this crisis is passed, she's going ahead with the divorce. You can't do that, I need you, Todd begs. Téa can't believe he has the nerve to ask. "I stood in front of you, more vulnerable than I've let myself be with any man, ready for whatever came next and you threw me out, into a blizzard. Do you know how humiliating that felt, do you even care?" Todd insists that he does care. "Well then say it!", Téa demands. "I should not have thrown you out into the blizzard", Todd finally manages to say. Téa's sure that that is the closest he's ever come to an apology in his entire life, but it isn't enough. "Maybe I don't deserve Prince Charming, but I think, I think that I deserve better than you. I need to feel good about myself again. I need to, as a woman, as a human being. I need more than you are willing, or able, to give." She needs to be complete and as much as she doesn't want it to be the case, they both know that it can't be with Todd. "What if I could?", Todd asks. Has something changed, Téa asks, "Are you willing to try? I mean, can we have a real marriage?" "If you stay.........", Todd begins, then pauses for a moment before finishing "I'll give you another five million bucks." Téa shakes her head in disbelief and runs to the bars, rattling them and calling for the guard, unable to get away from him fast enough. Todd remains sitting there, staring after her.

Bo pays Todd a visit and shows him the photo of the bloody boot print. Todd tells him to go check for the boots at his house, they already have a search warrant. Todd asks about Blair's testimony, but Bo tells him that Blair hasn't come in yet. Todd doesn't seem too sure about his ex-wife's testimony, Bo comments. Todd then insults Bo, saying that all the Buchanan's are the same, incompetent and coasting through life on their last name. All of them are the same, Bo, Clint, Kevin. At the mention of Kevin's name, Bo reaches through the bars and grabs Todd behind the neck, forcing his face between the bars. Kevin is worth 50 of you, Bo tells him. Bo doesn't know if Todd attacked Barbara Graham, but as far as Bo is concerned, Todd is right where he should be, locked up in a cage. To everyone in this town, except possibly Téa, you will always be a rapist, Bo tells him.

Bo and Blair

Blair arrives at the police station to give her statement. Bo isn't around, so Blair sits down to wait for him. She notices a little girl sitting there, all alone. Nick Fiori brings the girl's father in, apparently she wandered away and got lost. The father is relieved. He picks the little up, tells her how worried he was and asks her to promise she'll never do it again, which she promises. "I'm so glad you're alright, Daddy would be lost without you", Blair listens to the man say, obviously thinking about Todd and Starr.

Bo arrives and Blair tells him she's ready to give a statement, she thinks she's pretty clear on the time line now. She only "thinks" she's sure, Bo asks. "No, I'm certain", Blair corrects herself, "and I'm ready to make an official statement about Todd."

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