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Sunset Beach Recaps: The week of February 16, 1998 on SB
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Monday, February 16, 1998

Bette called the hospital to tell them Olivia was on her way. Annie wondered how she could stop Olivia from having the baby.

Meg worried that Ben might be hurt, or worse, as the words of Madame Carmen echoed in her head.

At the resort construction site, Ben found a bottle of booze and poured it down Tim's throat as if he'd drunk too much and fallen. Casey and Gabi found Tim unconscious and badly hurt. They called 9-1-1.

Olivia was only having false labor pains. Annie convinced Sean to visit -- after all, he wanted to be an uncle.

Meg awakened from a nightmare and found someone banging on the door. It was Ben, and she was relieved. He told her he had taken a walk on the beach to get rid of his headache. She noticed his sleeve was torn. He told her it was from climbing a rock. Ben grabbed the fireplace poker and headed near Meg.

Cole carried Caitlin over the threshold and said she was lightweight for being pregnant. She changed. Cole dropped Caitlin's purse by accident and discovered the lactate pills. She walked out and explained the doctor had given them to her in case she had problems breastfeeding. Cole told Caitlin he knew they couldn't make love, but he wanted to be close to her.

Gregory asked Olivia to sleep with him in their room instead of in the guestroom.

Tim was taken to the emergency ward.

Annie attempted to find the tape that Eddie had talked about. Unfortunately, he woke up.

Tuesday, February 17, 1998

When Casey called Meg to tell her that Tim had been hospitalized, Ben and Meg left Ben's house for the hospital.

At the Richardses' house, Olivia agreed to stay in Gregory's room with him for a while, and the two reminisced about the night that Caitlin had been born and the night that Olivia had suffered her miscarriage. Olivia and Gregory kissed, and Olivia nearly bolted, but when Gregory vowed his love for her, she stayed.

At the inn at Sunset Beach, Cole told Caitlin that he wanted to feel their baby, but Bette interrupted by delivering their wedding cake. When Caitlin invited Bette in for some cake, Cole realized that she really didn't want him to see her naked. While holding Caitlin in his arms, Cole felt the strap of her pregnancy pad, which Caitlin told him was the strap of a back brace.

At South Bay General, Tim began to regain consciousness. Meg arrived at the hospital, distraught over Tim's condition. Meanwhile, Ben sneaked into the hospital through a door marked "laboratory technicians only." Ricardo, who was investigating Tim's "accident," was questioning Meg when Ben arrived. When Ricardo asked Ben if he'd had anything to do with Tim's "accident," Meg gave Ben an alibi. Tyus told the people waiting for news on Tim that they'd had a scare but that Tim was doing better. He then told them that there was a great deal of alcohol in Tim's blood system.

Eddie awoke and found Annie standing by his bedside. He assumed she was there because she wanted to revive their relationship, and Annie told him he was right. While a drunk Eddie tried to seduce Annie, she reached for the pile of videotapes on his nightstand. Finally, Eddie passed out, and Annie was able to get away with the tapes.

When Annie found the videotape, she first thought it was a particularly bad pornographic movie. When she realized it was the tape of Cole and Jade, she decided to use the tape to get Olivia alone and then drug her to induce labor. Annie tricked Bette into telling her the name of the clinic where Olivia was taking Caitlin, so she could blackmail that doctor into helping her steal Olivia's baby. Annie called the doctor from the clinic, Dr. Brock, and began her plan to blackmail him into helping her. Bette told Annie that Annie's scheme would only end up hurting Annie and not Olivia.

Wednesday, February 18, 1998

At Vanessa's apartment, Vanessa called to check on her mother and was told that Lena had spent the whole night insisting that someone had been in her room, taking her picture. When Michael asked Vanessa why she was getting mail from Cedar Oaks, she said that she was writing a story on the hospital.

At the photo developing place, Virginia picked up the photos, and when the clerk asked what was wrong with Lena, Virginia laughed hysterically. She said that Lena's disfigurement was the result of movie makeup. As she left the photo developing place, she dropped a picture, which the clerk then dubbed their "photo of the week" and put in the window of the shop.

At the Richardses' house, Olivia nearly told Gregory that the paternity of the baby was in doubt, but she chickened out and ended up telling him that she wanted to name the baby Gregory Jr., which Gregory agreed to. Gregory told Olivia about Tim's injury, and Olivia sent him to the hospital to check on him.

At Annie's house, Annie told Dr. Brock that his job would be to do to Gregory and Olivia what they had planned to do to Caitlin. Then she had another fantasy of talking over her plan with Del in Hell. She told him that she was not doing it because of her inheritance but because Olivia had taken Del away from her.

Sean arrived, and Annie told him that she didn't think she could have Caitlin's baby that day because she needed someone trustworthy to say that he or she had delivered Caitlin's baby. Sean told Annie that he knew she was asking him to volunteer to be the person who "delivered" Caitlin's baby.

At the inn at Sunset Beach, Caitlin walked in on Cole saying into the phone, "My wife cannot find out about this." After he hung up, Caitlin asked him who he'd been talking to, and he told Caitlin that he had found them an apartment. As Cole left for work, he told Caitlin how much he loved her. Just as Caitlin started to feel more secure, Cole mentioned how much he was looking forward to the birth of their baby.

Sean and Annie arrived, and Sean told Caitlin that he knew about her miscarriage. Annie told Caitlin that Sean was going to help her get the baby for Caitlin. After Annie left, Sean pointed out to Caitlin that once she had the baby, a lifetime of lying about the origin of the baby would begin.

At Surf Central, Michael told Vanessa that he was going to the construction site for a job to help him make ends meet during the winter. Gabi arrived and told Vanessa about Tim's accident. When Gabi asked Vanessa how Lena was, Vanessa said she didn't know because Lena was, apparently, having a paranoid episode.

At South Central, Virginia visited a voodoo priestess for a potion. She showed the priestess the photos of Lena and asked if she could put together a potion that would make someone look like Lena. The priestess said she could make a potion that would make someone look like Lena, but she wouldn't.

Outside the photo shop, on his way to apply for the job, Michael saw the photo of Lena.

At the mission, Gregory stopped by to talk to Antonio about getting Gregory Jr. baptized. While he was there, he lit a candle and prayed that he and Olivia stayed together. If he and Olivia stayed together, Gregory promised that he would finally turn over a new leaf.

At the Richardses' house Annie, disguising her voice, called Olivia and threatened to hurt her and Caitlin if she didn't find Gregory.

Thursday, February 19, 1998

At the Richardses', Annie disguised her voice and lured Olivia to the cabin where she was claiming she had the tape of Cole and Jade. At the photo shop, Michael saw the picture of Lena. The attendant told him it was movie magic.

In the hotel room, Caitlin told Sean she could never have children, so he understood a bit more why she wanted the baby. He agreed to help her. The plan was that Caitlin would get the baby and take it to a hospital, and Sean would say he'd delivered it.

At the hospital, Michael told Vanessa about a picture he had seen in a store window, of a lady with her face melting off. Tim regained consciousness, but when he saw Ben, who was there with Meg, Tim got upset.

At South Central, the woman gave Virginia a very high price for the potion. Virginia was afraid she wouldn't be able to get that kind of money. At Surf Central, Virginia looked at her checkbook, which didn't have what she needed. Jimmy returned home and told her about the picture he had seen in a photo shop window. She wondered if it was a picture of Lena.

Olivia got to the cabin, which seemed deserted. Little did she know, Annie was hidden in a closet, waiting to shoot her.

Friday, February 20, 1998

Unable to speak, an agitated Tim attempted to convey an urgent message to Meg, but the doctors assumed their patient was in dire straits and quickly sedated him again. After hearing Michael's story, Vanessa realized that her mother might not have hallucinated about her picture being taken against her will.

Meanwhile, a panicked Virginia hurried back to the camera store and demanded that Lena's picture be removed from the front window.

As Olivia decided to leave the apparently deserted cabin, Annie shot at her prey with a tranquilizer gun but missed. Tyus explained to Ben that with his jaw wired shut and both hands too fractured to hold a pencil, Tim had been rendered completely incommunicado.

Waiting together at the appointed rendezvous, Caitlin asked a delighted Sean if he would be the godfather for her child. Virginia snatched her photo out of the window and hid as Vanessa arrived and asked Harry about the picture that had been causing such a stir.

Olivia railed at Annie for luring her out to such a desolated spot under false pretenses. Cole began to worry about his missing bride. Caitlin admitted to Sean that she has been wondering what the birth mother was like.

During a struggle with Annie, Olivia accidentally stuck herself with a tranquilizer dart. Later, Annie grew frantic when Olivia went into labor before Dr. Brock arrived. Ben slipped into the ICU, unseen, and pressed a pillow down over Tim's face.

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