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Sophia fought with Paulina after learning Paulina and Joe were separated. Michael and Shane were declared dead after the car crash. Vicky hid her involvement in the crash at Donna's insistence so Jake wouldn't know Vicky had been at the cabin with Shane.
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Another World Recaps: The week of February 16, 1998 on AW
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Monday, February 16, 1998

Over on Stony Point Road at the accident site, Michael and Shane's cars have crashed leaving all the victims' lives at jeopardy. Soon afterwards a police officer arrives on the scene and telephones for help out to the site.

While waiting for Josie's plane to arrive at the airport, Gary was approached by an FBI Agent who orders Gary to follow him. Refusing to cooperate and thinking Josie has something to do with all this, Gary reluctantly agrees to go in for questioning. Meanwhile a mysterious figure dressed in black enters Gary's apartment.

At Carlino's, Donna and Jake try to give Nick and Sofia their advice on marriage. While Joe and Paulina stay silent on the subject as they both try to put up a front for Nick and Sofia's sake. The accident call was routed to Joe, who told the cops he'll be right there. Donna overhears Joe mention Stony Point Road and worries that Michael may have been involved in the accident. After receiving details from Joe, Donna insists on accompanying him up to the site of the crash. As Joe told Paulina he has to go, Paulina admits to Jake that she and Joe aren't as close as they seem. "As a matter of fact", she told Jake "they couldn't be further apart." Jake admits to Paulina that he has also had a hard time trusting Vicky where Shane was concerned. As the two discuss their troubled marriages, Sofia walks into the kitchen and overhears Paulina telling Jake that she threw Joe out of the Cory Mansion.

Over at Bay City General, Lila was overjoyed to have her pregnancy confirmed and doesn't bother to correct the doctor when he assumes she was still Mrs. Shane Roberts. Lila thinks to herself, as soon as Shane knows about the baby I will be Mrs. Roberts again. Then she went over to the nursery to look at the other babies and fantasize about her life with Shane and promises her unborn child that she will be their for them always.

At the accident site, Joe tries to keep Donna calm as she was anxious to find out who the accident victim is. It turns out to be Shane, who was barely alive and rushed to the hospital for observation. Joe gives Donna a flash light and told her to look around for any other evidence to connect to the accident. A good distance from the site, Donna finds Victoria's purse and gets scared when she realizes Vicky was with Shane, but was no where to be found. Back at the crash site, Joe senses something doesn't add up with Shane's accident and realizes that Shane must have hit something else other that the embankment. Joe has the chopper searchlight around the site and they find another car that has gone into a ravine and has been totaled, while Donna frantically searches for Victoria.

Back at Carlino's, Sofia was upset to find out Joe and Paulina are separated and shouts out accusations at Paulina. As the two square off with Jake and Nick in the middle, Sofia told Paulina she doesn't know her any more and thought she was the one person she could count on. Paulina told Sofia she can still count on her but her problems with Joe are between them. Sofia angrily cuts her off saying that if Paulina were to admit she still has a drinking and drug problem none of this would be happening right now. Paulina then told her there was more to marriage than "china patterns" and "wedding cakes" and someday "Bambina" you will find that out. Upset by Paulina's words, Sofia runs out of the kitchen crying with Nick on her tail and admits to him that she worries about marital problems happening to them also. Nick reassures her that their love was strong and will get them through any thing. Back in the kitchen, Jake tries to keep Paulina calm as Paulina told Jake that she doesn't want to go the wedding and face Joe's family with their accusing eyes. Jake told her she doesn't have to go to the wedding if it's going to make her feel uncomfortable, but Paulina adds that she wants to be there; She's a sucker for weddings. Jake told her even so, she deserves to be trusted and so does Vicky.

After being questioned by the FBI and told not to leave town, Gary returns home to find out Josie's not home yet and her flight has been cancelled. Unaware he's not alone in the house, Gary was startled when his bedroom door suddenly flies open...

Back at Bay City General, Lila continues to fantasize about what life will be like for her, Shane, and the baby. When suddenly Shane was brought in on a stretcher as the doctors order a code blue. Lila panics and rushes to Shane's side. While in the ER, Lila tries to tell an unconscious Shane that she was pregnant with his child and he can't die on them. As Shane comes to, Lila was ecstatic and ask him to hold on for her and their child. Shane tries to speak, but Lila can't understand him and ask him what he was trying to say. As Lila moves in closer so she can hear, Shane removes his oxygen mask and whispers Vicky's name as his heart monitor flat lines.....

Tuesday, February 17, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Deborah Mcelreath

Gary was making a call to the airport to find out when Josie's plane is expected when the door to the bedroom opens. Gary grabs a bat and turns around to find his love Josie standing in the door in a nightgown. They fall into each other's arms and kiss. Gary ask about her training but Josie says there was time for that tomorrow. They take a bath together and go to bed to make love.

Lila tries to get Shane to listen to her that she was going to have his baby , so that he will have something to fight for to live. Shane goes into cardiac arrest after saying Vicki's name. The Doctors take him away after trying to revive him. Paulina and Jake arrive as Lila screams Shane's name. Lila told them in a hysterical fit that Shane is dead. A doctor comes and takes Lila away to help her. Jake is stunned by the revelation, and told Paulina he feels guilty. He explains how he went to the cabin to confront Shane and to see if Vicki was there. Jake also explains how he did not get to explain on the phone to Shane how dangerous the roads were, that Shane had hung up on him and that he shouldn't have stopped the sheriff from going up to the cabin to warn him about the conditions of the road. Jake explains to Paulina that he doesn't know how to tell Vicki that he did not trust her and had gone looking for her and that Shane was dead. Paulina tells Jake to tell Vicki the truth . That was the only way to handle this situation. Paulina talks to the distraught Lila and decides to take her to the Cory house with her.

Donna found Vicki's purse in the snow and starts yelling Vicki's name. Vicki comes out of the woods unhurt. She had been thrown from the car. Donna finds out from Vicki where her car is, and told Vicki that she can't go to the accident. They walk to Vicki's car. Donna tells Vicki that she must never tell that she was in the accident that too many people would be hurt. Donna brought up Grant how he would use it against her, and that everyone would think that a married woman chasing after another man was selfish. Vicki brought up all of Donna's transgressions in her past marriages. Donna gives Vicki the what for about that. Vicki tries to convince Donna that nothing happened but Donna was adamant about keeping Vicki's involvement a secret. Vicki says she thought of Jake and that kept her from having affair with Shane, and that she had hid from Jake when he came to the cabin. Vicki says she will not forget the accident and Donna told her to say she was in Chicago.

Joe has found the other car involved in the wreck and makes his way down to the car. There he discovers Michael body in the car and says God No! He radios for the MedEvac chopper. Back up on the top of the steep incline Joe ask if they got Michael out. The other officer said it was too late and that he didn't have a chance in the wreck that the man was dead. Joe said he knew the man's identity. It was Michael Hudson, he was dead.

Vicki was at home remembering her kiss with Shane worrying about him she calls the hospital. She hangs up before she ask about Shane, remembering Donna's words, no one must know of her being with Shane. Jake comes in and told Vicki he has something very bad to tell her.

Donna was opening her door to her home when Joe arrives, saying he has to talk to her. Donna was taken aback and her face falls.

Wednesday, February 18, 1998

The accident which claimed Shane's and Michael's lives continues to have its repercussions across BC. Jake told Vicky about Shane's death. She is racked with guilt but Jake interprets her reactions as those of someone who has lost another loved one. She comments that the accident brought back thoughts of Ryan and begs Jake to please be careful because she couldn't bear it if she lost him too. Jake feels guilty about lying to Vicky about going up to the cabin to confront Shane, especially when she says he doesn't deserve him.

Meanwhile, Carl returns to the mansion to find a surprised Rachel. Before they discuss much, Paulina arrives with a distraught Lila and she explains what happened to Shane. Rachel helps Carl in his pain at the loss of another "son." Carl asks Lila if Shane said anything before he died but Lila decides not to tell them Shane's last word was "Vicky." Matt arrives and Carl allows him to come in and comfort Lila who experiences some dizzy spells. Paulina gets a phone call from Jake who warns her not to tell anyone that he saw Shane at the night of the accident. Lila gets on the phone and asks Jake if he saw Shane but Jake denies going up to the cabin. Paulina tries to convince Jake to tell Vicky the truth but he hangs up on her.

Joe comes to tell Donna about Michael's death. She denies it at first and insists she needs to go to him. Distraught, Donna orders Joe to leave before she succumbs to her grief. Later, someone brought over Michael's personal effects and Donna lovingly went through them. She finds the engagement ring Michael planned to give her with the inscription "Michael & Donna forever." She cries that forever was too short and then starts talking to Michael saying she isn't going to cry anymore that she lost him, just as she found a way not to cry when she lost him the first time (when her father forced Michael out of her life before she could tell him she was pregnant). Donna says that she didn't cry all the years that she had to pretend Marley was her sister and not her daughter and that Michael knew Vicky was reckless like Donna used to be. Donna vows to Michael that she will not let him die in vain and will continue to protect Vicky's marriage as he was doing before he died, even if it means using some of her past tricks.

Joe arrives at the Cory house to tell them about Michael's death too. While Paulina was happy he was safe, she was reminded they are still separated. Joe leaves to tell Nick and Sophia about Michael. Carl told Rachel that everything he loves was in their house including her and the twins and they reconcile in light of the tragedy surrounding them. Amanda was nervous that Carl has returned but she gets no comfort from Matt who was too preoccupied by Lila. When Matt walks Lila out, he says he believes she was pregnant. Paulina told Rachel and Carl that she and Joe are separated.

Back at Vicky's house, Jake was about to tell Vicky what happened when she notices Donna outside. Donna was in a daze but she shows Vicky the ring Michael was supposed to give her. Horrified, Vicky begins to realize Michael was dead and she starts to wail that she killed her father. Donna shakes her and told her to get a hold of herself and remember that Vicky was in Chicago. Distraught, Vicky wonders how she can lie about this but Donna slaps her and reminds her that Michael died trying to save Vicky's marriage to Jake and if Vicky told Jake what happened, Jake will leave her and Michael will have died for nothing.

Thursday, February 19, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Deborah Mcelreath

As Matt and Lila leave the Cory house Lila feels faint again. Matt says he knows why she feels bad that she was pregnant: Lila says yes that she was pregnant. Matt wants to know if it was his, Lila assures Matt that the baby was Shane's. She told Matt that she was going to find out why Shane died, and leaves in a storm, Matt following.

Sofia awakens early and, while looking at her wedding dress, was very excited about today being her wedding day

Joe arrives at the Hudson farm where Nick was calling for his Dad. Nick thinks Joe was Michael but was not surprised to see Joe. Joe told Nick about the accident, Nick doesn't believe him. Finally he ask if Michael was cold or scared and Joe told him no that he died on impact. Joe offers to tell Sofia the news and Nick says he has to do that in person.

Donna was trying to get through to Vicki not to tell the secret that Vicki was at the cabin and in the accident when Jake comes outside where they are. Vicki says she has to tell Jake. Jake wants to know what. They go inside giving Vicki time to collect herself, and warning looks from Donna. She tries to tell Jake about Michael and Donna has to finish for her. Jake was very upset. Jake gets phone call from the paper and has to take the call, leaving Donna and Vicki alone. Vicki wants to tell Jake the truth and Donna says she will loose both her parents if she told the secret of being there because she (Donna) will hate her (Vicki)) for letting Michael die in vane: trying to save Vicki's marriage. Donna says also that "Don't you have enough blood on your hands? Does she want everyone to know she walked out on her husband and children in a snow storm to be with her lover?" All this makes Vicki even more upset. Vicki states that it won't help either of them if she lies. Jake has taken care of the obituary in the paper, Vicki and Jake start to leave when in burst Lila. Accusing Vicki of being with Shane she calls Jake a fool when he defends Vicki. He blurts out he was there at the cabin the night before. But Lila insist that Vicki was there getting what she wanted all along from Shane and she was probably hiding in the snow half naked. Jake explains Vicki just lost her Dad and was in Chicago. Lila screams that Vicki was responsible for Michael being on the road trying to protect Vicki and her marriage and that Vicki was responsible for her father's death. Vicki was visibly shaken, and Donna states that Michael gave Shane the key to the cabin and that was why Shane was there in the cabin. Jake says that it was a lie that Vicki was at the cabin but Vicki can't say anything being so shook up.

Nick arrives at Sofia's place, knocks and says it was Nick let him in Sofia at first won't let him in till he says the wedding was off. Inside was Sofia all dressed in her wedding dress. She lets him in and he cries on her shoulder that Michael was dead. He sobs he thought he would have longer with his Dad and that he was going to tell Michael that he loved him.. He wanted to be a better son. He went out on the roof. Paulina and Joe arrive, Paulina explaining she knows Sofia was still mad at her but wanted to be there with her during this time of sorrow, Sofia hugs Paulina and says she was glad she was there. Sofia told Joe she doesn't know what to do for Nick. Joe says, "Sure you do. Just be with him." Sofia went out with a blanket and does her best to comfort Nick. He asks Sofia to stay with him.

Donna told Vicki to keep the secret that Michael gave Shane the key and that she (Vicki) would have to call Marley because she did not want to feel anything, which she would if she talked to Marley. Donna starts to leave and Vicki tries to keep her there with her, Donna was very cold to her and says to just leave her alone very adamantly and to keep the secret.

Lila told Matt she will prove Vicki was there at the cabin and rushes Matt off. She then calls the Sheriff's office.

Flowers arrive at Sofia's apartment and they are from Michael the card says: "Dearest Sofia, I wish you a glorious wedding day and welcome you to the Hudson family. You are my daughter now and we will start anew.." Nick and Sofia hug.

Vicki was alone thinking of her and Shane's last kiss and then the car crash. Jake comes in to the room and explains why he went to the cabin: that he was checking up on her. Vicki just hugs Jake, wanting to speak to him about what happened.

Donna went to the Hudson farm, puts on Michael's coat, and remembers Michael and starts to cry.

Lila meets the sheriff and wants to know all the details of the night before. He told her that a guy was on the mountain on foot. Lila says Jake! She then asks, "What was the definition of negligent homicide?"

Friday, February 20, 1998

Early morning in Bay City, Matt shows up at Lila's apartment concerned about her. He then learns from her neighbor she isn't home. Thinking to himself he has an idea of where she may be, he then quickly leaves. Mean while, Lila has returned to the crash site to mourn Shane. As Shane's last words "Vicky" rings in Lila's head, she knows Vicky was up at the cabin and makes a pact to prove it.

At Vicky and Jake's, Vicky dreams of her last night with Shane at the cabin and then has a flashback of their fatal accident. She suddenly sits up awaken from the dream, Jake grabs and holds her and told her he's there for her. When Jake ask if Vicky was thinking of Michael, Vicky lies and told him yes. Then Jake adds, "You were thinking of Shane too. Vicky then ask what does he mean. Jake told her she was saying Shane's name in her sleep. Vicky then apologizes to him, Jake told her it's okay he understands her Father died, Shane died and she maybe having nightmares about feeling guilty. Jake then tells her it's his fault, if anyone should feel guilty it's him; How could he ever think she would risk losing what they have together. He apologizes again for going up to the cabin and doubting her love for him. Vicky feeling guilty tells Jake to stop apologizing and gets ready to tell him the real story when Donna calls to make sure Vicky hasn't confessed all to Jake. When Vicky confirms that she hasn't said a word, Donna warns her again of the consequences if she told the truth. Vicky then tries to tell Donna how hard it was keep up this pretense, unconcerned, Donna hangs up on her. Jake then suggest that they try to get some sleep, but Vicky then told Jake she needs some time alone to herself and leaves to take a walk.

Over at the Cory's, As Carl and Rachel prepare for Shane's funeral, Carl still can't believe that Shane was gone when he was just starting his life over. Rachel adds just like Matthew was trying to do. Carl told her he doesn't want to discuss Matthew today, but Rachel told him that they promised each other no more secrets. When Carl ask her what has Matthew done now, Rachel hesitantly informs her husband that Matt has been in contact with Chris Chapin. Carl then ask if Matthew plans on bringing all of his former enemies to Bay City? Rachel told him that Chris Chapin was Nancy's boyfriend and has always been a friend of the families, but Carl says he was no friend of mine and Matt knows it but thanks Rachel for telling him about it anyway. Paulina comes down to talk to Rachel and Carl excuses himself to go make some calls. Rachel ask Paulina how she's holding up. Paulina told her she's fine and not to worry, she has to be strong for Jake, Vicky and the boys during this ordeal. Rachel ask her what about her own needs, as Paulina admits to Rachel that she wishes Joe could be at her side during Shane's Memorial Service. Rachel told her she should ask Joe to accompany her to Shane's Memorial Service. Paulina said "with Shane and Michael's death, and Nick and Sofia's wedding being cancelled, Joe has enough to deal with right now." Rachel adds, Shane was both of your friends I think it's the least Joe could do. Paulina then reminisce about Shane and how he always believed in her and was always there for her. Rachel sympathies as they comfort each other.

Back at the crash site, Lila was still mourning when suddenly a Police Officer shows up and ask her if she was the woman who asked him to meet her here. Lila introduces herself as Shane's wife and then pumps the Police Officer for information about the Stony Point Road accident. Lila finds out the officer is the one who saw Jake the night of the accident. When Lila shows the officer Jake's photo, he identifies Jake as the man he spoke with that night and tells her Jake told him that the person in the cabin had been warned about the icy roads. Lila then told the officer to keep this information between the two of them, suddenly Matt shows up glad to have found Lila and told her she doesn't need to be out here in the freezing cold in her condition. Lila tells him she's fine and ask him how can a rose grow in the snow? As Matt explains that the rose was a symbol of springtime coming, Lila can't believe that such a beautiful life like a rose could grow out there in the cold all alone. Sensing that she means herself, Matt told Lila that she's not alone and that he was gonna make sure her and her baby have everything they need. Lila tells Matt she needs one more minute alone out by the crash site. Matt told her he'll wait for her in the car. Alone Lila grieves over Shane not being there to experience the new life she was carrying. She told him Vicky never loved or needed him as much as she does, but makes a vow on the spot where he lost his life that if it's the last thing she does she will make Vicky pay for what she's done. Back at the apartment, Lila ask Matt if the scripture she chose for Shane's funeral sounds appropriate since Shane always said he wanted his funeral to be very simple. Matt told Lila everything will be fine and taken care of, he then told her he never really understood just how much she loved Shane. Matt gets ready to comfort her, but Lila told him to forget about it and starts getting teary-eyed again then says she's okay and doesn't want to cry again. She heads for the stereo and puts on some blues, Aretha Franklin's Dr Feelgood feels the room as Matt and Lila dance, Lila thinks of ways to pay back Vicky.

Vicky returns from her walk and Jake apologizes once again about not trusting her and ask her if there was anything he can do. Vicky told Jake to stop blaming himself and if any one was to blame for any of this, its her. As Jake wonders what she means, Donna walks in and says "Oh My God You Told Him." She then realizes Vicky hasn't said a word and covers by telling Jake that Michael was going to propose to her and shows him the ring she found in Michael's things. Sensing that Vicky and Donna need to talk, Jake told Vicky he's going to go help out Paulina with the kids. He told Vicky he loves her and leaves, upon his exit Donna accuses Vicky of getting ready to tell Jake the truth. Vicky told Donna that she has to tell Jake the truth and that maybe he'll understand. Donna says her marriage will be over and once again the boys will be losing someone they love. Vicky mistakenly shouts out that she needs to talk to Michael, then realizes her slip of the tongue. Donna tells her she can never talk to Michael again "he's dead." He died trying to keep you and Jake together. Vicky says she hopes that things will be better after the funeral, but Donna told her she isn't going to the funeral. Vicky tells her if she can tell Shane goodbye then maybe she'll be rid of some of the guilt she's feeling and Jake would understand. After all he was her last connection to Ryan, he saved Kirkland's life and helped to rebuild her house. Donna told Vicky, "That's all we need was for you to start feeling guilt pains and confess all to Jake at the funeral, or worse Lila with her constant accusations might throw suspicions your way. Vicky then told her that Jake may eventually learn the truth any way since she's been having nightmares about the accident. Coldheartedly, Donna told Vicky to stop it, Shane is already gone and because she couldn't stay away from him so was her father. Feeling guilty enough, Vicky told her please don't say that anymore. Donna then continues, telling Vicky she threw away her entire life with Michael because everytime they tried to get close, she would ruin it by not being faithful to him. They wasted those precious years and warns Vicky not to make the same mistake with Jake. Vicky told Donna she was so desperate to be honest with Jake, but Donna told her she can't afford to be honest. Michael and her thought they had forever but they didn't. She then told Vicky don't lose Jake by chasing after a memory, don't let Shane ruin your life just because he's dead. Realizing her mother was right, Vicky agrees to try to forget. Donna then told her she's going out to get them something to eat. Upon leaving, Tyrone shows up with a letter for Vicky from Shane.....

At Carlinos, Jake runs into Paulina who was on her way out to the funeral. Jake admits to her that he still feels very guilty about the accident and not telling Vicky about not warning Shane. Paulina told him that it wasn't his fault and that he needs to concentrate on his family right now. Paulina then tells him they'll talk later and leaves to attend Shane's funeral. Shortly after, Donna arrives to pick up a pizza and told Jake that Vicky truly does love him and was over Shane. Jake then ask if Donna needs anything, but Donna continues to put up the front that she was fine. Back at home, Vicky swells up with emotion after reading Shane's heart felt letter to her. He told her he's glad he got a chance to experience a love so pure and wishes he had been more open and honest with her when they were together. He then writes how he wish he would have known her earlier in his life, maybe things would have turned out different for them. He adds, even though he was gone in life, his love for her will live on forever. Deeply touched, Vicky looks up to heaven and told Shane that she loved him too.

Over at Shane's Memorial Service, everyone arrives for Shane's funeral amazed that Lila put it all together by herself. As Lila greets guest she thanks Carl for performing the Eulogy for Shane, he told her it was his pleasure and ask Matt to stop by the house after the service. Shane's sister Patty comes as Lila and her find comfort in each other, Patty told Lila she's welcome to come back to the convent to pray for understanding and acceptance because they'll never know why Shane was taken from them. Lila, however sees things differently and vows that everyone in town will also see Vicky for the two-timing adulteress she is. Following Carl's Eulogy, Shane was honored with the Military Flag and laid to rest.

Back at the Cory's, Matt comes by to see why Carl has asked him over to the house. Carl ask Matt how was Chris Chapin these days and wonders if Matt learned anything at all from the Alexander Nikos fiasco! Matt told Carl that Chapin was no ones enemy but his and he'll expose Carl for the criminal he is with Chris Chapins help. Rachel tried to get both men to go to their corners, when a phone call from Nancy came in telling all that Chris Chapin was dead. Startled, Matt turns to Carl and ask him what he knows about this....

Paulina was already at Jake and Vicky's when Jake and Kirkland return home with a pizza. Paulina told Jake that Vicky was upstairs sleeping, so Kirkland goes upstairs to wake his mother up so she can eat some pizza. Jake thanks Paulina for all her help and then ask how Shane's funeral was. She told him it was fine and Lila managed to stay in control. Jake told her good as long as she stays away from Vicky. Kirkland then returns and says his mom isn't up there and hands Jake a note she left saying she'll be back soon.

As the rest of the mourners leave the cemetery, Vicky comes out of hiding so she can pay her last respects. As the guilt overcomes her, she kneels down throwing herself over Shane's casket begging him to forgive her. An outraged Lila returns to find Vicky weeping over Shane's casket. She then reaches down to grab Vicky up to face her and slaps her across the face.....


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