All My Children Recaps: The week of March 9, 1998 on AMC
The mystery woman revealed that Adam had beaten her mother to death. Dimitri found evidence that virtually proved that Jim was the one who had sabotaged Flight 149. Liza figured out that Marian had slept with Stuart. Bianca was able to release some of her anger and fears.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of March 9, 1998 on AMC
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Monday, March 9, 1998

Joy's wedding photo brought back many memories for Adam. The picture was never shown and the groom remains a mystery. He also found a copy of a twenty-year old Pigeon Hollow newspaper featuring Joy Hawkin's obituary. A security guard entered the storage area and informed his boss that the building was being searched top to bottom and that the intruder would be apprehended. Adam made an unusual request, asking that the woman be brought directly to him rather than hauling her off to jail.

Twentysome floors above the ground, Tad dangled perilously close to death. His only hope of surviving a deadly fall was a thin piece of rope. Somehow Tad mustered the strength to climb up to the window-washing platform. Once safely aboard, he checked to see how serious the woman had been injured. Joy regained consciousness and rolled dangerously close to the edge of the platform. When she looked down she panicked. Tad begged her to remain calm, but fulfilling his request wasn't going to be easy. Tad struggled to climb up the rope, but he eventually reached the roof. He held his extended arm over the edge and asked "Joy" to grab hold of his arm. Joy feared that she wouldn't be able to reach him. When she finally linked her fingers with his, a feeling of reassurance overcame her. That feeling was short-lived as the platform gave way beneath her. The woman gripped tightly to Tad's hand and he was slowly able to pull her to the safety of the room. Tad informed the woman that he'd be taking her to the hospital, but Joy refused to go somewhere where Adam might find her. Adam's voice called out from the stairwell, sending Joy scrambling to find a place to hide. An out of breath Tad had to concoct a bogus excuse about being scared by a flock of pigeons to explain his panting. The security guard appeared a few minutes later and told Adam that he'd apprehended the intruder and locked her in the basement. Once Adam was out of the way, Tad picked the woman up and carried her off to the hospital.

Trevor tried to seduce Janet, but Janet fought off her desire. He noticed that Janet was wearing her pajamas and asked her where Axel had disappeared to. Janet motioned to the bathroom and claimed that her beau was washing up to prepare for a night of passion. Trevor might have bought her excuse had Axel not showed up at her door! Trevor looked at Axel's "shiner" and asked him to explain how he'd gotten the black eye. Axel explained that he'd had a bad encounter with the hotel's revolving door. Trevor looked at Janet and, with a straight face, asked her why she hit Axel. Janet couldn't believe that Trevor figured out the truth---but she couldn't let him know that he was right. Janet went along with Axel's door story not matter how weak the story sounded. Janet also took time out to explain that she only said that Axel was washing up because she wanted to get rid of Trevor. Trevor agreed to leave. Axel told Janet that he wanted to apologize to her for his lewd behavior. He shyly noted that he'd developed a crush on Janet and had hoped that she felt the same way about him. Janet admitted that she liked the actor, but told him that Trevor was the only man she'd ever love. They both agreed that their story about the black eye wasn't the best lie in the world. In order to make up for the lie, they'd need to step up their performances. Axel proposed that they get married to throw Trevor off their trail. Before they could discuss the matter in detail, they were forced to leave their room because of a fire drill. The drill turned out to be a hoax, but it did allow Trevor enough time to sneak into the room and hide in the bathroom. When Janet and Axel returned to the room, Axel saw Trevor's reflection in the bathroom mirror. He pulled Janet aside and gestured to the bathroom so that Janet would know that they had a visitor. Rather than seizing the opportunity to put on a show for Trevor, Janet stomped over to the bathroom and demanded that Trevor explain why he'd broken into her room. Trevor stated that he was concerned for Janet's safety. Janet didn't slug a guy just for the heck of it, Trevor noted, and he wanted to be sure that Janet wasn't in any trouble. Janet insisted that she was fine---so fine that she had set a date to get married to Axel. Trevor said he was "underwhelmed" and snapped that he'd give Janet away at the wedding. He turned and stormed out of the room.

At the hospital, Ruth, Joe, and Allie threw Jake a "Welcome Back" party. They trio also told him that David was gone for good. Allie repeated a rumor that she heard in which sources claimed that Joe threatened to leave if David wasn't relieved from duty. Joe made no attempt to hide the truth. He admitted that he threatened to quit when the board planned to give David a slap on the wrist. Jake thanked his father for standing behind him.

Tad found an empty room on the third floor and placed Joy in a bed. He paged Jake and asked him to report to the room. When Jake showed up, he gave the woman a quick examination. He determined that she'd suffered a concussion and requested that she stay in the hospital overnight. Tad asked if the woman could spend the night in the same room so that no one would bother her. Jake agreed to breech hospital policy and told Tad that he'd check on the woman in the morning.

Back at the Chandler building, Adam came face to face with the supposed trespasser---Liza! Liza, needless to say, wasn't pleased about being manhandled by the security guard and she was even less pleased about being locked in the basement. Adam apologized for the misunderstanding and told her that she should have told the guard that she was Mrs. Adam Chandler. The misunderstanding exploded in their faces when Adam accused Liza of being part of the mystery woman's plan to "gaslight" him. Liza had no idea what Adam was talking about. Adam also determined that Tad was in on the plan because of his convenient knack of being around whenever Joy appeared. Plus, he recalled, Tad helped the magicians at the Crystal Ball. Liza worried that Adam was suffering some type of melt down and headed to the phone to call the doctors. Adam yanked the phone from the wall. He blasted Liza for trying to kill him, noting that as a widow Liza would get more of his assets than as a divorcee. Liza's face dropped. Adam called Liza's expression of shock a fašade. He told her what she'd done to Stuart was horrific, but that what she'd done to Joy's memory was even worse. He told her that he'd never forgive her for ripping open a would that had taken twenty years to heal. Adam claimed that he had loved Liza more than any other woman in his life. "You can have your divorce," Adam snarled. "The sooner, the better." Adam turned and walked away.

Tuesday, March 10, 1998

In the hospital chapel, Erica prayed to Mona for guidance and support. While she prayed, Travis entered and overheard Erica stating that she'd failed her daughter. Travis tried to ease the burden Erica had placed upon herself by letting her know that she wasn't the only person that should be blamed. Travis wanted to stick around and say a few prayers, but he looked a little uneasy about praying. Erica offered to stay with him and say a few prayers together. He took her hand as they both looked for assistance from God.

In the meeting room, Jack asked Barbara why Travis is so opposed to his engagement to Erica. Barbara insinuated that the engagement allowed Erica the opportunity to dodge her responsibilities to her daughter. Jack insisted that Erica has not ignored Bianca, but Barbara demanded to know when Erica has "ever put Bianca first." Barbara doubted that the therapy session would accomplish anything. Jack referred to himself as the "black sheep" of the family while Travis had always been "the golden boy." Perhaps, but cryptically commented that it hasn't been easy for Travis to see his black sheep brother succeed where he had failed. The failure was never explained, but the implication was that Travis was jealous of Jack and Erica's relationship.

When Erica and Travis returned to the room, the lid was blown off of the powder keg. Dimitri's unannounced arrival proved to be the spark that set off an explosive confrontation. Erica didn't think it was appropriate for Dimitri to be present. Jack explained that Dr. Erle wanted Dimitri to take part in the therapy session because of Bianca's accusation that he and Dimitri were in cahoots. Erica argued that Dimitri had failed Bianca as a stepfather. A wave of back-and-forth accusations flew left and right as each of the five grownups took turns blaming each other for letting Bianca down. Erica felt that everyone was ganging up on her. Erica snapped at Barbara and claimed that she'd been a little "loose" at times. She noted that had Barbara's daughter, Molly, not become seriously ill, she never would have known who the child's father was. Erica was far from innocent in the adultery category. Travis vented his frustrations as he blamed Erica's affair with Jack for destroying their marriage. The family feud would have continued, but fortunately Dr. Erle entered the room and restored order.

Myrtle showed Bianca a picture that had been taken of her one year ago. Bianca looked at the photo of herself and claimed that she was fat in the picture. Myrtle disagreed, saying that Bianca looked like a vibrant young girl in the picture. Myrtle had another photo to show the girl, but this one wasn't one of her. Bianca turned her head and refused to look at the picture. Myrtle told her that the picture was one of her old carnie friends named Amelia. Amelia suffered from anorexia and lost so much weight that she was billed as "The Skeleton Woman." Bianca reluctantly turned her head and stared at the photo. Bianca seemed to know that the woman was too thin---and Myrtle told her that Bianca looks much the way Amelia did. Bianca asked Myrtle what happened to Amelia. "She's dead," Myrtle said softly. Amelia died from complications brought on by her eating disorder--one month before her sixteen birthday.

Bianca was wheeled into the therapy room, but she wasn't pleased to be there. She said that it was unfair of the doctors to tether her arms down. Erica asked the doctor if she could free Bianca's hands even if it was only for the duration of the session. Bianca was forced to promise that she wouldn't remove her feeding tube. One by one, each of the adults was asked to explain how they felt. Barbara said that she was nervous that she might say the wrong thing and, at one time, also stated that she was "embarrassed." Travis stated that he felt like a schoolboy who had been called on by the teacher when he didn't know the answer. Dimitri felt the same way, but added that he also feels sad. His sadness, he explained, was brought on by seeing Bianca fading away. Jack tried to make some jokes to lighten the mood, but he knew that it wasn't the appropriate time or place to be funny. Erica told Bianca that she fears losing her. The doctor asked Erica if there was anything that would help ease her fear. Erica nodded and was allowed to approach Bianca and to hold her hand. The gesture, however, made Bianca very uncomfortable. Bianca said that she'd feel better if her mother returned to her seat. Dr. Erle asked Bianca if there was anything that would make her feel better. Bianca nodded and reached for her feeding tube. In spite of everyone's screams for her to stop, Bianca removed the tube. Dr. Erle asked Bianca if she felt like eating something. Bianca shook her head and claimed that she was full. The doctor explained to Bianca that if she refuses to eat and doesn't allow the feeding tube to be put back in place, she'll die. The doctor tried to get Bianca to express her feelings. Jack asked Bianca why she crumpled up the blueprints he had drawn up. Bianca shrugged her shoulders and claimed that "it was an accident." Dimitri questioned her about her treatment of the horse, but again Bianca refused to give an answer. It took a great deal of prodding, but Bianca finally admitted what had been making her feel so poorly---the loss of loved ones in her life. Citing her mother's divorce from her father and Jack, Bianca said that whenever fighting breaks out it seems that someone leaves her. The words had escaped her lips, but Bianca tried desperately to take them back. Dimitri told Bianca that even though he divorced Erica he still loves her. Jack also noted that he and Erica have fights, but that they still love one another. Bianca didn't believe it. Erica told her daughter a story about how poorly she treated Mona after her father left them. She said that she called Mona every bad name she could think of, but that her mother never once got angry with her. She pleaded with Bianca to vent her frustrations and told her that she could whisper them in her ear if it would help. In what can only be described as a powerful and emotional moment, Bianca whispered her innermost feelings to her mother. It can only be assumed what was said since the whispers were inaudible, but Bianca apparently told her mother that she hates her for getting divorced from her father. Erica encouraged her daughter to keep going... and the floodgates opened. Bianca said that she felt unwanted because she was growing up; Her father wanted a little girl that he could tell what to do while her mother wanted a little baby to take care of. That need, Bianca sobbed, led to her mother's decision to kidnap Maddie. Erica sobbed and embraced her daughter, telling her that she loved her.

When the therapy session ended, Erica privately thanked Dimitri for "the noblest lie" he ever told, he was, of course, referring to his statement that he still loved her. Dimitri lowered his voice and informed Erica that it wasn't a lie... it took the therapy session to make him realize that he never stopped loving her.

Wednesday, March 11, 1998

Fearing that Jim's anger might spill over to her family, Brooke arranged for Jamie to spend time in Pigeon Hollow with Dixie. The thought of parting with her son was obviously a heavy burden for Brooke and she couldn't tell Jamie why she was so upset. While Brooke was upstairs getting a few final items for Jamie's suitcase, the doorbell sounded. Jamie ran to the door and called out "dad." When the door swung open a bit further, Jamie saw that it was Jim, not Tad, on the other side. Jim sort of sauntered into the house and told Jamie that while he likes being called dad, he thinks that Brooke wants him to call him Jim. Jamie took a few steps away from the man and hollered that his mother was not going to marry him! Brooke had come downstairs and overheard the exchange. She sent Jamie out of the room and performed immediate damage control. She claimed that Jamie had misunderstood her; She had told him that she wasn't going to get married right away. Jim seemed to accept the explanation, but when Jamie and Brooke headed to the airport he set out to get answers from Phoebe. Brooke was obviously quite distant and she even tried to get Jim to leave the house so that Phoebe wouldn't be in any danger. While Phoebe fielded a phone call from Juanita Ramsey, Jim planted a bug under the coffeetable. Jim asked Phoebe if she knew why Brooke was acting so coldly towards him. Phoebe laughed off Jim's concerns, insisting that Brooke was merely exhibiting pre-wedding jitters. She added that Brooke had been married several times before and that she wants to get everything right. Jim confessed that while he's never been married, he wouldn't mind having a big to-do. Jim decided that it was time for him to go. Once he'd left, something drew Phoebe to the coffeetable. When she looked underneath, she found the bug.

At the hospital, Edmund was amazed to learn that Erica and Dimitri were having a tete-a-tete. Inside the meeting room, Erica still believed that Dimitri was pretending to have feelings for her. She accused him of playing mind games with her, but Dimitri swore that he meant what he'd said. Citing the successful therapy session, Dimitri asked Erica if it was possible for the two of them to mend their severed relationship. Dimitri commented that he and Erica lash out at people when they're angry. Had Bianca been able to do this, he said softly, she might have been able to avoid her current health crisis. What Bianca had been doing, he continued, was turning her anger on herself. Dimitri apologized to Erica for hurting her. Erica agreed that their fighting would end, but when Dimitri asked her where they'd go now that they were on speaking terms, Erica clammed up. She told Dimitri that she is very much in love with Jack and added that she thinks she and Jack could be very happy together. Erica promised that she'd try to hold onto the memory of the love she once had for Dimitri. Jack and Edmund decided that enough time had passed and they entered the room to make sure that no one had been injured. Erica and Jack left together while Edmund hung around to see if Dimitri had been able to dig up any dirt on Jim. Dimitri put his arm around Edmund's shoulder and prepared to escort him somewhere a little more private. He assured Edmund that he had found something out about Jim---but it wasn't a pretty picture.

When Tad woke in the morning, his mystery woman was gone. He started to worry that she'd run out on him---but she had only been in the bathroom. "Joy" thanked Tad for saving her life and told him that she felt a little bit better. Joy appeared to be opening up to Tad, but the lines of communication were disrupted when Jake showed up to examine Joy. Tad wanted to stay in the room so that he could be sure that the woman didn't flee. Joy promised him that she wouldn't vanish. Jake gave Joy an "all clear" and told her that she could check out of the hospital (even though she'd technically never been admitted). Jake wondered why the woman had captured Tad's attention and worried that she might try to play games with him. Jake spoke highly of his big brother, hoping that he could endear Tad to the woman---and at the same time even the score with Tad for his help in the plan to get rid of David.
Outside the room, Brooke and Jamie showed up to see Hayley. They had no idea that Tad was at the hospital, but it turned out to be a great coincidence. Tad was stunned that Jamie was being sent away, as he had no prior knowledge of the impromptu trip. Tad knew that something wasn't quite right, but Brooke wouldn't confirm or deny his suspicions. Brooke did, however, state that there were a few things that she needed to take care of while Jamie was gone. Tad wished Brooke well and told her that she could always turn to him if she needed help. Jake exited Joy's room and told Tad that he could go back inside. When he did, he found that the mystery woman had once again disappeared.

At the airport, Belinda returned to Pine Valley much Erleier than expected. She was greeted by Miles, but Miles had not known that Belinda's flight had come in. He told her that since he didn't expect her to be back so Erley he accepted a job on Japan. He asked Belinda to go with him, but she told him that she couldn't leave her friends and clients behind. She walked him to the gate and said a final farewell to him. On here way back, se bumped into Brooke and Jamie. Brooke offered to give Belinda a ride home once Jamie's plane had taken off. Brooke was heartbroken as her son prepared to board the plane. Jamie hoped that when he returned Jim wouldn't be around any more. Brooke crouched in front of her son and assured him that she was "going to take care of" Jim. Belinda hadn't intended to eavesdrop, but she did observe Brooke's bizarre behavior.

Tad returned home, dejected by yet another vanishing act. When he opened the door, he found his mystery woman sitting on the couch. He praised her for being able to get past the alarm system this time and begged her not to "blow anything up" this time around. The woman laughed, but assured him that she had no tricks up her sleeve. She told him that she wanted to thank him for all that he's done for her---and to tell him the truth about why she's in Pine Valley.

Thursday, March 12, 1998

Hoping that Barry Shire could help her out of her deportation predicament, Gillian showed up at WRCW for a legal meeting of the minds. As has been the case over her past few visits to the television station, Gillian met up with Ryan. Ryan told Gillian that he was concerned for her situation and hoped that she could find a way to remain in the country. Scott tracked the princess down a short time later and told her that Barry was waiting to meet with her. Kelsey made a surprise appearance and offered to help Gillian by speaking to the INS agent on Gillian's behalf. Gillian cast a piercing glance at Kelsey and told her that she didn't need her help. After Gillian and Scott left, Ryan blasted Kelsey for calling Immigration on Gillian. Kelsey rolled her eyes and let out a deep breath. She assured Ryan that Gillian would work her magic and somehow managed to stay in the country. Things weren't looking good for Gillian. Barry informed Gillian that she had violated the terms of her student visa by not enrolling full-time in college. The way he saw it, she had two options: either go back to Hungary and then apply for a green card or use some her of financial resources to purchase a company that would employ at least ten American citizens. Gillian knew that neither option was plausible; Her family had no money to buy a company and she no longer had a home in Budapest. She rose from her chair and walked behind Scott. She asked what was wrong with marrying an American to be allowed to stay in country. Barry agreed that it was an option, but told her that the INS had become wise of that age-old trick. He told her that the INS would keep tabs on her and make sure that she wasn't getting married just for the sake of staying in the country. Scott reaffirmed his decision to steer clear of the marriage idea. Barry was called off to other business and Scott had to report for work. Ryan entered the room and learned that things were not going well for Gillian. The resident princess asked Ryan why Kelsey would want to get her kicked out of the country. Ryan tried to throw Gillian off, but it didn't work. Gillian determined that Kelsey wanted to get rid of her because she saw her as a potential rival for Ryan's love. Ryan laughed and told Gillian that Kelsey doesn't love him. He realized that he'd made a fatal faux pas. As Kelsey entered the room, Gillian realized that Kelsey had her sights set on Scott. Gillian twirled around and called Kelsey a "pathetic, vindictive piece of trash." Kelsey no longer hid behind her lies; She admitted to Gillian that she had reported her to the INS. Kelsey added that Gillian "deserves to be deported." What Kelsey didn't know was that Scott was listening to the argument from the hall.

Stuart worked on soliciting donations for the AIDS hospice. He hoped that his brother would give a sizeable donation, but Adam's mind was elsewhere. Adam smiled proudly as he told Stuart that "Joy" was not a ghost. His smile turned into a frown in a matter of seconds. He told Stuart that Joy was really an actress that Liza had hired to make him think that he was losing his mind. Adam's accusations confused Stuart and he asked his twin how he knew that Liza was involved. Adam told Stuart all about his run-in with the mystery woman at the Chandler building and added a little tidbit about Liza's appearance. Stuart noted that it could have been a coincidence that Liza showed up. Dam didn't think so. He explained that Liza wanted to see him suffer a stroke---or worse---so that she could get her hands on his money. That, he snarled, was the reason that Liza had Marian sleep with Stuart. Stuart smiled bashfully and brought his brother up to date---Marian thought she was sleeping with Adam not him. Stuart made a funny little face as he explained that Marian had no way of knowing that she wasn't sleeping with Adam. "You and Marian ever, you know, did it, did you?" Stuart asked. Adam shivered as he imagined himself and Marian in bed. He adamantly exclaimed that he loathes Marian and that he'd never, ever sleep with her. Adam's face contorted for several additional minutes while the thought lingered in his mind. Stuart still didn't see how Liza figured into the Joy situation. It's possible that Adam didn't understand either. He fumed that he had no time to explain it to Stuart and stormed out of the room.

Meanwhile at The Valley Inn, Opal and Marian were supposed to be having lunch together, but their plans were quickly changed when Liza showed up. Marian raced into the ladies' room and asked Opal to help her hide. She explained that Liza had been trying to track her down to ask her why Adam had yelled at her. Opal locked the bathroom and Marian hid in one of the stalls while Liza banged on the door and demanded to be allowed inside. Opal tried to tell Liza that Marian had canceled their luncheon, but Liza told her that the maitre d' had already told her that Marian was in the restaurant. Liza opened the stall doors and found her mother crouched on one of the toilets. Marian tried to run away, but Liza demanded that the truth be told once and for all. Marian did everything in her power to avoid answering her daughter's questions, but she ran out of lies. Marian insisted that the envelope she'd been carrying to Liza's office the other day was filled with real estate information---not some top secret information on how to divorce Adam. Liza demanded the truth. Circuitously, Marian nudged closer and closer to telling the truth. Opal, who still hovered over them, told Liza that she needed to keep in mind that Marian had done what she thought was in her (Liza's) best interest. Liza opened up the door to the bathroom and shoved Opal outside! Quietly and quite quickly, Marian told Liza that "Isleptwithhim." Liza blinked her eyes and asked her mother to repeat herself. When she did, Liza asked who the "him" was. Marian bowed her head and told Liza that "him" was Adam. Liza laughed and Marian and told her that she must be losing her mind. Adam despises her and there was no way that he'd ever sleep with her. Marian was offended by the comment and handed Liza the envelope containing the proof. Liza took a long look at the photos before asking Marian when she'd slept with Adam. Marian thought for a few moments and then informed her daughter that the dirt deed took place on the night that Liza had Jake and Allie over to the mansion. Liza's mouth dropped as she asked her mother what she'd done. Marian claimed that Liza didn't understand that she was trying to help. Liza shook her head and told her mother that she understood ---even more than her mother. Liza walked away and Marian tried to chase after her, but Opal prevented Marian from taking up the chase.

The mystery woman felt strangely for wanting to tell Tad the whole truth. She had no idea where to begin, so she started by telling Tad her real name: Camille Hawkins. Tad cocked his head to the side and asked Camille who Joy was. Her name no longer a mystery, Camille said that Joy was her mother. Now Tad was even more confused than before---Adam had told him that Joy had no children. Camille had a simple answer for that---Adam lied. Tad wondered why Adam would want to lie about something like that. Again, Camille had an answer---"because Adam killed my mother." The strong accusation caught Tad off guard. Camille told Tad that her father had worked as a roustabout, traveling from town to town working in the carnivals. While her parents were on the road, Camille lived in Illinois with an aunt. During a stint in Pigeon Hollow, Adam saw Joy working at a diner. He fell head over heels for her, but Joy told him that she wasn't interested in him. Adam supposedly couldn't take the rejection and late one night he dragged Joy off to a field and beat her to death. Camille was barely four years old at the time. The untimely death of her mother also caused Camille to lose her father. Her aunt didn't think that life on the road was suited for Camille and she refused to allow Camille's father to take her on the road with him. A few years ago, Camille bumped into her father, his face hadn't changed in twenty years. She tried to work her way back into his life, but before she could do that her father passed away. Before he died, Camille's dad wrote her a letter about Joy's death. He said that for years he claimed that Joy was killed in an accident. In the letter he explained how Adam had beaten Joy to death. As the sole survivor of the family, it was Camille's task to find Adam and make him pay for what he'd done over two decades Erleier. Tad was awestruck by the tale and wished Camille luck in getting Adam to confess to the crime. Camille didn't want Tad's well wishes---she wanted him to help her bring Adam to his knees.

Friday, March 13, 1998

It was still hard for Tad to believe that Camille/B>'s mother had died at Adam's hands---literally! Tad refused to help Camille haunt Adam, but he vowed to help her get to the truth. The way Tad saw it, Adam wasn't the kind of guy to bludgeon someone to death. He told Camille that Adam has been known to buy entire companies just so that he can fire one person. It became apparent that Tad wasn't going to help "the mystery woman." She remarked that Adam might have honed his revenge tactics since his days in Pigeon Hollow. Camille threatened to bolt and Tad had to physically restrain her. He grabbed her shoulders and became temporarily engulfed in the woman's beauty. He quickly removed his hands and assured Camille that he would help her learn the truth. He again stated that it was possible that the story Camille's father had written was not entirely accurate. Tad brought new light to a very cloudly subject. Camille never knew how her mother obtained the much-cherished locket she'd been carrying around. Tad informed her that Adam had given it to her---and that Adam had taken the picture that Camille had displayed at the Pine Cone. Suddenly the locket lost its significance. Camille dropped it to the ground and told Tad that he could have it. Tad offered to talk to Stuart and get the truth about Joy. Camille worried that Stuart would lie to protect his twin brother, but Tad guaranteed her that Stuart wouldn't lie. Before leaving to track Stuart down, Tad made Camille promise that she would "go haunting" while he was gone. He turned and took a few steps away before stopping. Tad informed the former "ghost" that his house would be empty for a few weeks while his son was out of town and extended an offer for Camille to stasy with him. She accepted promised that she wouldn't leave.

Liza found Stuart toiling over a stack of papers. She told Stuart that she knew what happened the night of the sting. Stuart lowered his head and apologized for fouling things up for Marian. He knew that Marian wanted to sleep with Adam not him. He referred to himself as "a stale beer" while Adam was toasted as "vintage champagne." Liza help boost Stuart's esteem by letting him know that Marian enjoyed every moment in bed with Stuart. Stuart was under the impression that Marian knew that she hadn't slept with Adam. Of course, she was wrong. Stuart wanted to be the one to tell Marian about the mix-up, but he wasn't sure how to go about it. Liza offered to do it for him, but the two never came to an agreement. Stuart hoped that clearing the air would lead to a reconciliation between his brother and Liza, but Liza told him that he shouldn't hold his breath. Adam, she sighed, wanted a divorce even more than she did. Stuart shook his head and insisted that Adam still loved Liza. Liza told Stuart about Adam's accusations that she is trying to make him go crazy. She asked Stuart to tell her more about Joy, but Stuart refused to part with even a morsel of information. Later after Liza left, Tad entered the room and demanded Stuart to tell him everything that he knows about Joy.

As Kelsey touted her scheme to get Gillian booted, the temperature in the office must have shot up by a least a dozen degrees. Ryan tried to get Kelsey to be quiet, but Kelsey kept babbling away. She slowly twirled around to see what Ryan was staring at---and froze dead in her tracks. Scott was standing in the doorway and he'd heard every word of Kelsey's confession. He ordered her to follow him back to his office. While they were gone, Ryan tried to put the moves on Gillian. He claimed that environmentalists across the country would be up in arms over Gillian's deportation because she is a rare "natural resource." Scott wasted no time in tearing into Kelsey. He wanted to know what provoked Kelsey's decision to call the INS. Kelsey weakly commented that she was trying to protect Scott from Gillian's tyrannical ways. She explained that seeing Scott in bed with Gillian made her fearful that Scott would wind up married to the princess. Scott argued that he doesn't have to marry every woman he sleeps with and was peeved by the insinuation that having sex had made him lose a few brain cells. Finally, he told Kelsey that it wasn't Gillian who had hurt him---it was her. She was supposed to be his friend, but she'd been lying to him about the deportation plot for days. Kelsey begged for a chance to right her wrings, but Scott told her that she couldn't do anything to help. He, however, could. Scott stormed out of the office and headed back to find Gillian. When he got there, Ryan was just about the kiss Gillian. He'd told the young woman that if she were to be deported, he would fly to Hungary to make sure that she didn't get bored. He also claimed that Gillian would tire of married life with Scott. The pre-empted kiss gave way to a major announcement from Scott. He told Gillian that he'd decided to marry her to help her stay in the country.

Brooke returned home and started to tell Phoebe about Jamie's sendoff and the headaches that Jim had been giving her. Before she could get to far into the conversation, Phoebe begged Brooke to take her for a short stroll. Brooke decided that it was too cold outside, but she agreed to open the windows and allow her aunt to get some fresh air. Phoebe picked up her cane and motioned towards the table. Brooke walked in the direction of the table but so nothing out of the ordinary. When she followed her aunt's gesture to get down on the floor, Brooke found the bug. Brooke instinctively knew that Jim had planted the bug. The two women engaged in some overly exaggerated conversation about what a wonderful man Jim is and how everything will be right once Brooke is able to marry him. Sitting in the darkroom at Tempo, Jim listened to the conversation and was pleased with all of the nice things that were being said about him. Edmund and Dimitri entered Brooke's house without warning and told her that they had more bad news about Jim. Brooke waved her hands and told Edmund that she didn't want to here any of his negative comments. She quickly grabbed Edmund by the arm and led him over to the bugged table. Edmund mouthed the word "bug" to Dimitri and Dimitri quickly jumped into the conversation to make things more believable. He told Brooke that he'd told his brother to keep his nose out of her affairs. Edmund came up with the savvy idea to tinker with Jim's bugging device. He put a portable stereo by the bug and had Phoebe a statement that she wanted to listen to her favorite opera program. With the music blasting, Edmund, Dimitri, and Brooke were able to go to the far side of the livingroom and talk business. Through a secret contact, Dimitri was able to get more information about the explosives that downed Flight 149. The investigators hadn't found any wiring, timing devices, or detonators with the plastique. In short, a bomb did not bring down the plane. What it meant was that the unstable plastiques had been inadvertently set off---the plane was not intentionally brought down. Brooke realized that Jim had been responsible for the crash, for her months of pain, for Maria's death... Dimitri informed Brooke that the FBI had created confidential files on every passenger and crewmember on the doomed flight. The files were supposed to help them find the culprit. Jim, however, already had a file even before the crash. Jim had been a suspect in an arson and insurance fraud case in Trenton, New Jersey. A long time friend of Jim's, name Judy Morton, saw her business burn to the ground. In the basement of the burned building investigators founds explosives---the same explosives that doomed Flight 149. Judy was sent to a prison somewhere in New Jersey after she failed to cooperated in turning evidence against Jim. Edmund surmised that Judy was afraid of Jim. Dimitri told Edmund that he'd try to find out where Judy was being held and Email him the information.

At Tempo, Jim tired of listen to Phoebe's arias and decided to go poking around Edmund's office. He hacked into his computer and pulled up some files that Edmund had written on Jim. As he poked around, Dimitri's Email came through with Judy's location. The message told Edmund the woman's name, where she was being held, and what her sentence was. Jim wondered how Dimitri had found out about Judy. He was unaware that Brooke and Edmund were outside the office.

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