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Stuart was injured in the elevator crash. Joe disapproved of Allie's heroic rescue effort. Liza realized that Marian might be in love with Stuart. Mateo learned that his visions might turn out to be true. Joy, Adam, Tad, and Jack headed to Pigeon Hollow to exhume Joy's body.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of May 4, 1998 on AMC
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Monday, May 4, 1998

The implication that she was helpless without Ryan's help frustrated Gillian. She insisted that she was still a desirable wife even if she was penniless. Gillian claimed that a long line of royalty would line up at her door if she so much as crooked her pinky. Ryan didn't believe her high claims. He believed that she was trying to make him feel badly for breaking her heart. How'd he break her heart? By telling Gillian that he loved her. Gillian stormed off with Ryan trailing her.

Dimitri went to Wildwind to ask Edmund for his help in waging a media war to clear Brooke's name. He suggested that his political connections and Edmund's job at Tempo could successfully convince the public that Brooke should be lauded for knocking off Jim. Edmund refused to be a part of Dimitri's plan. He tried to make Dimitri see that his plot could further harm Brooke's case. After all, the public's perception of Dimitri wasn't too good. Edmund ordered Dimitri to move back into Wildwind so that he could keep an eye on him. Dimitri was surprised by the offer-slash-order. Edmund explained that his offer was sort of a way of thanking Dimitri for saving his life. Gillian stormed the castle and blasted her cousin and Edmund for not being around to help her when her life was crumbling. She accused them of playing "hockey," but she actually meant "hooky." Dimitri explained that they had no choice in the matter because they were being held captive by a serial killer. Gillian rolled her eyes and asked Dimitri to come up with a better excuse. "How can you kill cereal?" she asked. Dimitri asked Gillian to explain her problem. She didn't have to explain anything---her problem walked through the front door. Ryan introduced himself only as "Ryan" before proceeding to saying how honored he was to meet Dimitri and Edmund. Dimitri and Edmund exchanged glances before Dimitri finally asked Ryan to explain how he was involved with Gillian. Ryan grabbed Gillian's hand and flashed the diamond engagement ring. "I'm her husband," he grinned. The newlyweds quickly explained their immigration woes. Gillian announced that she wanted to move back into Wildwind and ordered Edmund to toss Ryan out on his ear. Eugenia> entered the room and announced that Edmund would do no such thing. She ordered Ryan and Gillian out of the room so that she could speak to Edmund and Dimitri in private. She told the pair that Ryan and Gillian have the potential to become a loving couple. She noted that many of history's most romantic couples started out as enemies. Edmund and Dimitri agreed to keep Ryan and Gillian together. Gillian shrieked from another room and claimed that Ryan was trying to steal the silver. When he returned to the room he denied the claims and also let it be known that he'd saved Dimitri life. Everyone looked at him awkwardly until he explained that he'd donated blood the night that Dimitri had been pinned under the tree. Eugenia decided to leave the room. Both Edmund and Dimitri kissed her on the cheek, but Ryan's inexperience with royalty temporarily prevented him from knowing that he too was supposed to kiss the duchess' cheek. Edmund told the married couple that they were allowed to stay in the main house as long as they "behave." Behaving meant that they would live as a married couple for twelve months. In addition, Ryan would have to remain at WRCW so that he could one day support his wife. For her part, Gillian was ordered to return to college. Gillian hated the idea of staying in the monogamous relationship and took a spur of the moment vow of chastity. Once alone, Dimitri asked Edmund if his offer to move back to Wildwind was still on the table. Edmund smiled and said that he'd need Dimitri around to help squash any fireworks that might erupt between Gillian and Ryan.

The fire department was unable to respond to the disaster at the hospital due to a four-alarm blaze that raged across town. Inside the elevator, however, things slowly improved. Marian's moans signaled that she was still conscious. Stuart, however, made no sound. Allie managed to rouse Marian enough that Marian rolled off of Stuart's body. Within a few seconds Marian was alert and on her feet. She looked down at the floor and realized that Stuart was seriously injured. Stuart's pulse was rapid and he didn't appear to be breathing. Allie used a stethoscope to listen to Stuart's lungs and realized that only one of Stuart's lungs appeared to be functioning. By asking Marian to lay atop his body, Stuart probably prevented Marian from getting seriously injured. His heroics, however, put his own life at risk. The impact caused when the elevator stopped falling coupled with Marian's weight fractured at least one of his ribs. The resulting fracture punctured his left lung. Allie diagnosed the situation as "serious" and possibly life-threatening. She had to take quick and drastic measures to prevent pressure from building in Stuart's chest, pressure that could cause serious damage to his heart. Using an ordinary syringe, Allie poked the needle into Stuart's chest to help relieve some of the pressure. Some time later, the maintenance crew managed to pry open the elevator doors. Everyone was stunned, to say the least, to see Allie inside the elevator. She didn't take the time out to explain how she'd gotten inside. She rattled off her diagnosis of the situation and a trauma team surrounded them and helped stabilize Stuart. Marian raced out of the car and headed towards her daughter. She was very distraught and hoped that she hadn't hurt Stuart. Once the confusion subsided, Joe approached Allie and asked her if she had any idea what she'd just done. "I think I may have saved Stuart Chandler's life," Allie said with a modest smile. While she might have been right to a certain degree, this was not the answer that Joe was looking for. He told her that her impulsive actions might have put an end to her medical career. Jake walked over and tried to ease the tension, but he didn't succeed. Joe stormed away and Allie was left to defend her actions. She insisted that her disregard for her own safety may have saved a life. Jake didn't disagree, but he wanted her to see that she'd put her career on the line by forgetting that she'd been suspended from duty. Jake said that another doctor could have dropped into the elevator. He also noted that the elevator doors had been pried open and that Stuart would not have died during those extra few minutes. Allie claimed she made a "judgment call" and was furious that Jake wasn't backing her up. She stormed away. Jake told Adam and Liza that Marian had been examined and, except for a few bruises, was unscathed. He also explained that Stuart would most likely wake up within a few hours and make a full recovery. He let it be known that Allie's actions might have been Stuart's saving grace. Adam asked Jake to thank Allie for him. Jake turned to other matters and asked Adam if he'd spoken to Camille. Adam scrunched his face and asked Jake why he'd ask such a question. Jake explained that he'd noticed that Camille was looking for him just before the elevator accident. Joe joined the conversation and informed them that the accident was not an accident---someone had deliberately sabotaged the elevator. The maintenance crew had gone to the roof and found that someone had jammed the elevator's breaking mechanism. Liza pulled Adam aside and told him that Camille had probably been the one that tinkered with the elevator. Adam refused to believe that Camille could be responsible. Liza knew that Adam didn't want to believe that Joy's daughter could do something so vicious, but she quickly noted that she might have inherited some of her father's "violent genes." Adam asked Liza to keep an eye on Stuart because he had something he needed to take care of.

Marian entered Stuart's room and broke down in tears when she saw him sprawled lifelessly in bed. She was unaware that Liza was listening at the doorway. Tears streamed down Marian's cheeks as she begged Stuart to come back to her. "You risked your life to save me," she sobbed. She stopped to take Stuart's hand. "You've got to get better because I need you." Liza rested her head against the door. She, too, was overcome by the display of affection and emotion.

Camille told Tad that she hated Adam more than she's ever hated anyone else. The rage scared Camille. Tad did his best to lighten the mood by pretending to be a Brazilian dance instructor. Camille wondered how Tad could jump from a serious discussion into a humorous dialog. Things quickly jumped back to serious when Tad suggested that Camille give the okay to have her mother's body exhumed. Camille was taken aback by the suggestion, but she soon realized that it was the only way to verify Adam's claim that Joy was not dead. She told Tad that he has every right to pressure her into agreeing. Tad didn't feel like he was pressuring her, but he was relieved that Joy agreed to have the body exhumed. Suddenly Adam appeared at the doorway. He walked up to Camille and gave her a piercing glance. "You try to kill me, that's one thing," Adam growled. Hurting Stuart, however, is a totally different matter.

Tuesday, May 5, 1998

Edmund paid Mateo at a visit at the hospital. There he learned of Edmund's "psychic" visions. Edmund felt much the same way that Hayley did; seeing Brooke at the gallery was one thing, but the other visions had to be more like dreams than forecasts. While Edmund confessed that he had "seen" Maria while handcuffed in the viaduct, he wasn't ready to buy into Mateo's visions. He suggested that the visions were more of a coincidence or a fabrication of his unconscious state. Mateo wanted to learn more about Edmund's visions of Maria, but Edmund didn't offer too much detail. "Do you believe in ghosts?" Matt asked his brother-in-law. "I believe in," Edmund stopped short of completing his sentence. He simply tapped his temple and smiled. Edmund realized that the visions were troubling Mateo. He didn't want to seem unsympathetic or indifferent, so he suggested that Mateo arrange a visit with Frederick, the psychic who had told him an Mateo that their child was not dead. Mateo had already accepted an offer from Adam to stay at Chandler Mansion, but the idea of living under the same roof with Adam didn't really seem like a good solution. Matt asked Edmund if he and Hayley could move into Wildwind. Hayley entered the room and announced that there was no way that she was moving to Wildwind.

Before Erica went on her trip to see Bianca, she made it known that she wanted Mike Roy out of Linden by the time she returned. Mike, however, had other plans. Erica's visit went very well and Erica returned home with a weight off of her shoulders and a smile on her face. The good mood didn't last too long. When she opened the front door and set foot back in her house, she found Mike sprawled out on the sofa reading a book, listening to the stereo with a pair of headphones, and snacking on some popcorn. Mike was so involved in his activities that he didn't even hear Erica return. It was actually a mixed blessing for him because the music prevented him from hearing Erica read him the riot act about still being in her house. Erica yelled at him for several minutes before realizing that Mike hadn't heard a single word she'd said. She walked over to the stereo and turned up the volume to his headset. That got his attention. Now that Mike could hear Erica, he fought back with his usual dry wit. He implied that he didn't know Erica was coming home and when that didn't work he implied that his top secret mission still required him to hole up at Linden. Erica didn't believe a word he said and ordered Mike to vacate immediately. As she opened the front door and prepared to give Mike the boot, Dimitri appeared at her door. Erica froze in place as her ex-husband looked curiously at the pair. He asked Mike what he was doing at Linden. Dimitri didn't realize that his "connection" was actually one of his ex-wife's ex-lovers! Once Dimitri learned of Mike's supposed mission, he, too, began to have his doubts. Dimitri told Erica that he and Mike, who he knows as "Mike Jeffries," shared drinks at The Valley Inn. He didn't mention that Mike had helped him lace Jim's drink with the radioactive isotopes. Seeing that Dimitri found Mike's story hard to believe, Erica now became even more curious about Mike's mission. Since Mike and Dimitri were sort of pals, Erica suggested that Mike move in with Dimitri instead. She left the room an allowed the two men to work out a strategy. Once alone, Mike confessed that his top secret government mission was actually had more to do with the "secret" part than the "government" part. His mission was to win Erica back. Erica returned to the room and realized that the men hadn't solved anything, so she solved her own problems. She tossed both Dimitri and Mike out of her house!

Adam's accusation that Camille had tried to kill Stuart stunned Tad. Adam and Camille shared a bitter exchange in which Adam told Camille that she shared her mother's beauty but accused her of being just like her father, "an evil core hidden by an angel's face." Tad asked Adam to slow down and explain what he was talking about. Camille vehemently denied that she'd sabotaged the elevator, but nothing she said convinced Adam that she was telling the truth. With each denial, Adam grew more and more furious. Camille looked to Tad and asked him to observe Adam's behavior. His anger, she stated, proved that he could have beaten her mother to death. "There's only one way to find out," Jack announced as he walked onto the patio. That, of course, was to exhume the coffin that was said to hold Joy's body. Camille still wasn't thrilled by the idea of having her mother's final resting place disturbed, but she knew it was her only way to prove that Adam had killed her mother. Adam knew that he'd be vindicated once that coffin was unearthed and found to be full of sand and rocks. Jack was relieved that the feud between Adam and Camille would finally be out to rest. But once Jack and Adam left, Tad began to wonder if Camille really had tampered with the hospital elevator.

Marian's display of affection made Liza reconsider her stand on her mother chasing after Stuart. Liza entered the room, and stood beside her mother. Stuart began to twitch and Liza knew that he was slowly regaining consciousness. Marian began to panic and told the still out-of-it Stuart that he couldn't wake up just yet. Se made a mad dash out of her room. She looked at some signs on the wall and muttered under her breath. She headed back towards Stuart's room but stopped when she saw that the door to a nearby room was wide open. She slipped into the room and found herself in a virtual flower shop. The woman in the room rested comfortably until she heard Marian's footsteps. She opened her eyes just as Marian prepared to snatch one of her flower arrangements. Marian smiled devilishly and told the woman that she was doing her a favor by ridding her room of some of the excess flowers. She claimed that the flowers would "suck up" all of the oxygen. She then turned and dashed back to Stuart's room. Stuart had already started conversing with Liza by the time Marian returned. opened his eyes and smiled at Marian. He called Marian "an angel." Marian already adored Stuart, but knowing that he'd probably saved her life made Stuart a hero in Marian's eyes. A doctor entered the room and asked that everyone leave while he examined Stuart. Stuart clutched Marian's hand and wouldn't let go. He begged the doctor to let Marian stay, but the doctor said that hospital policy requires that he examine him in private. Liza and Marian took a seat outside Stuart's room and discussed years gone by. Liza recalled seeing an old photo of a young girl wearing a brown dress with daisies in her hair a spotted dog in her lap. Liza wanted to know who the young girl was---why was she smiling and how old was she? Marian dodged the question and tried to pick another topic. Liza put her foot down and demanded an answer. "Who broke your heart?" Liza asked her mother. Marian became very serious. Her somber face looked ready to burst into tears at any moment. Marian said that she couldn't remember. Liza could see the heartbreak in her mother's eyes. Liza smiled weakly and told her mother that when she sees her and Stuart together, she sees the young girl that's "so full of the possibilities of love." Visiting hours were drawing to a close, but after the doctor finished his examination he told Marian that Stuart had asked to see her. Marian stood nervously at the foot of Stuart's bed. She asked Stuart how he was feeling to which he said that he'd feel a lot better if she'd stand a little closer to him. Marian slowly walked towards Stuart. The two were about to kiss when Adam burst into the room and ordered Marian to get her " poisoned manicured claws" off of his brother! Liza surprised everyone by announcing that she no longer believed that Marian was a danger to Stuart.

Wednesday, May 6, 1998

It might not have been something that he wanted to consider, but Tad found himself wondering if Camille was responsible for the elevator accident. He remembered walking in on Camille and hearing her asked herself, "What have I done?" Camille explained that she was referring to the way she had turned everyone in town against her, not sabotaging the elevator. Jack, Camille said with a twinge of embarrassment in her voice, probably thinks she a raving lunatic. Camille admitted that she had once considered doing bodily harm to Adam. The thought, she said in retrospect, terrified her. Camille claimed that Tad's opinion of her really mattered and that she knew that Tad would turn on her in an instant if she did anything crazy. Tad thought about all of the lengths that Camille had go to in order to force Adam to confess to a crime he probably hadn't committed. He couldn't decide if Camille was "a liar" or a "misdirected fool. " Camille didn't appreciate the condescending manner in which Tad spoke to her. She became defensive and implied that it was Adam who was the liar, not her. Camille announced that she was going to go to Pigeon Hollow so that she could make sure that the coroner digs up the right coffin. Tad worried that Camille didn't have a place to spend the night and asked that Camille spend at least the night at his house.

Erica had ordered Mike and Dimitri out of her house, but for some reason they just couldn't bring themselves to leave. Mike had already told Dimitri that he planned on winning Erica back, but when pressured by Dimitri to come clean, Mike stated that he'd tell Erica everything in due time. Erica returned to the room and asked Mike what is was that he was going to tell her. Mike thought quickly and came up with a story about wanting to tell her the true nature of his top secret mission. He did his best to convince Erica that he really wanted to tell her everything, but warned that his life would be at risk. Erica rolled her eyes and let out a heavy sigh. She seemed to momentarily forget that she'd asked the two men to vacate the premises. Then something clicked and Erica once again demanded that both Dimitri and Mike hit the road. There was little resistance, but Mike insisted that he needed to leave via the back door so that he wouldn't be spotted. In his haste to leave, Mike left behind his black duffle bag. Dimitri, however, opted to leave by a more traditional route---the front door. When he opened the door, he probably regretted that decision. Jack made his way up the walkway. So as not to provoke any raised eyebrows or argument, Dimitri made it appear that he'd dropped by Linden to get updated on Bianca's condition. Jack was already suspicious but he became even more suspicious when he found the duffel bag. He took a peek inside and found a man's T-shirt. Erica said that the shirt was her workout shirt, but Jack didn't believe her. The shirt was obviously several sizes too large for Erica's petite body. Erica searched for another answer. She pointed her finger towards the sky and surmised that she must have picked up the wrong gym bag in the locker room. It might have worked if the shirt were not a man's T-shirt. Jack asked Erica if she was sure that she's been changing in the women's locker room! Erica could see that she was sinking---and sinking fast. She tried to pull off yet another lie, claiming that she had come up with a new idea for a perfume. The idea behind the fragrance was lost loves. Jack wondered if the supposed lost love was actually a lost husband named Dimitri. Erica professed her love for Jack and wrapped her arms around him. Somehow, Jack just wasn't convinced.

Dimitri and Mike traveled to Wildwind where Mike tried to explain that his goal to recapture Erica's heart was an honorable thing. Dimitri approved of Mike wanting to rekindle an old flame, but he didn't exactly agree with the way Mike was going about it. Dimitri told Mike that Erica was engaged to Jack and noted that they appear to be very much in love. Mike assured himself that he would be able to beat out Jack---or any other man, for that matter---and win Erica's heart. Quite casually and almost undetectably, Dimitri made a comment that almost signaled that he might still be interested in winning Erica back. He'd already confessed to Erica that he'd never stopped loving her. The two men toasted to seeing "the best man win." Afterwards, Dimitri extended an invitation to Mike to stay at Wildwind.

Adam was stunned by Liza's "defection" from his side. Liza did her best to plead her mother's case and make Adam see that maybe Stuart and Marian would be a good couple. Adam couldn't and didn't want to envision. Stuart overheard their bickering and, still in a very weakened state, struggled out of bed and into the hallway to stop the fighting. Stuart successful, albeit momentarily, at stopping the argument and he was hurried back into bed. Adam resort to reasoning with Liza about Marian's ill effect on Stuart. Liza didn't waver and asked Adam to back off and allow the two to see each other. Adam vowed to do everything in his power to keep Marian away from his brother. While Adam's attention was diverted, Marian slipped back into Stuart's room and gave him a "goodnight kiss." Stuart said that the kiss was "sweeter than any dream" he could have. Adam caught Marian just as she was leaving Stuart's room and warned her that he would stop her from seeing Stuart.

Down the hall or possibly on another floor, Hayley told Mateo that she'd be returning to the apartment. Mateo feared the idea of Hayley being along in the apartment and did everything in his power to get his wife to spend the night with him in the hospital. Hayley agreed. She showed Matt the postcard that they'd received from Noah and Julia in honor of their first wedding anniversary. Mateo got down in the dumps when he thought about his inability to see Julia. Even though he might not be able to see his sister for a long time, at least he could---one day. Of course, Mateo's hear still ached for Maria. Matt tucked his wife into bed and watched over her as she drifted off to dreamland. Mateo, however, was unable to get to sleep. His mind was filled with memories of his visions. No matter what he did, he was haunted by the vision of Hayley---dead.

Thursday, May 7, 1998

The little black duffel bag proved to be Erica's undoing. The first words out of Erica's mouth in the morning were once again about the supposed bag mix-up at the gym. After her obvious attempt to make her tale more believable, Erica thanked Jack for a wonderfully passionate night. Jack called their evening "strangely intense." The implication was that Erica went out of the way to make the physical encounter more pleasurable than normal. Erica professed her undying love for Jack. Jack, however, wondered if Erica was trying to convince herself that she was in "the right place [with that] right man."

Over at Wildwind, a dazed and confused Mike Roy wandered into the dining room. Dimitri was surprised that Mike was able to remain vertical after his experimentation with several bottles of two hundred-year old brandy the night before. Dimitri suggested that Mike return to bed and sleep off his hangover. Mike struggled to his feet and agreed that he probably shouldn't be wandering about. There was but one problem: Being semi-drunk and in a foreign place, Mike had no idea where he bedroom was. As he staggered out of the room, Edmund entered from the other side and asked Dimitri for the mystery man's idea. Dimitri explained that Mike was a friend who'd been unable to drive home because of his drunken stupor.

Upstairs, a nearly naked Ryan slipped into Gillian's bedroom and gently nibbled on her ear. Gillian, who had been sleeping on her side, smiled in pleasure and rolled onto her back. Ryan straddled atop her and began kissing her. Without warning, Gillian sudden bit Ryan's ear and ordered him to leave her alone. Gillian threatened to call the police, but Ryan told her that the police would not charge him for wanting to make love to his wife. Gillian walked over to a punch bowl filled with what looked like pineapple chunks. She picked up the crystal bowl and hurtled it towards Ryan. Ryan managed to dodge the bowl, but not the fruit.

Back downstairs, Edmund and Dimitri overheard the crash and subsequent arguing. Eugenia strolled into the room and asked if either man had seen Gillian or Ryan. They shook their heads and commented that they'd only heard the lovebirds. Eugenia> wondered if Dimitri was able to tell who was winning the argument. With a smile, Dimitri gave Gillian the early lead in the battle. Ryan, now dressed, entered the room and started chowing down. Dimitri made a snide remark about being able to pass Ryan any food that he needed. Eugenia shushed Dimitri and encouraged Ryan to keep eating, saying that he reminded her a lot of her late husband. Erica phoned Wildwind and asked to speak to Dimitri. In a voice barely above a whisper, Erica told Dimitri that she needed to get rid of Mike's bag because it was causing too many problems. She announced that she'd drop it off in a little while. Erica quickly ended the phone call. Erica, who had previously told Jack that she was going to call Enchantment and say that she needed to make a stop before going to the office, grabbed the black bag and told Jack that she was going to stop by the gym and return the bag. Jack wasn't completely blinded by his love for Erica. He waited until Erica was gone and then headed to the phone. He pressed the redial button and, of course, connected to Wildwind. Peggy answered the phone and Jack asked if he could speak to Edmund. Peggy told him that Edmund had left but offered to put Dimitri on the phone. Jack was surprised to learn that Dimitri had moved back into Wildwind.

Upstairs, Gillian threw a tantrum as she sat alone in her bedroom. The doorknob started to jiggle and Gillian assumed that Ryan was returning to continue his advances. She grabbed a vase and stood beside the door. When the door swung open she bopped the intruder with the vase. It wasn't Ryan---it was Mike. He'd gotten confused and wandered into the wrong room! Gillian shrieked in horror, a cry that sent everyone in the house running to her room. Gillian hovered over Mike and prayed that she hadn't killed him. Mike regained his composure =quickly and rose to his feet. Ryan burst into the room and prepared to throttle Mike. He didn't know that Mike was Dimitri's guest. Dimitri looked up to the sky and shook his head. He managed to explain everything and their tempers leveled off. Gillian apologized for "konking" Mike, explaining, "I thought you were my husband." Everyone but Gillian, Ryan, and Eugenia filed out of the room. Gillian ordered Ryan out of her room, but Eugenia blocked the doorway. She told the couple that they were not allowed to leave the room until they patched up their differences. "Face it," she chirped. "You're stuck with each other." Something she said opened the pair's minds and they resumed communication. Ryan asked Gillian if she really wished that he was the one that she'd hit with the vase. Gillian replied that she didn't---but quickly noted that she only hurts the ones she loves. So by not wishing that she'd hit Ryan, she appeared to be reaffirming that she did not care for Ryan. In a matter of seconds, however, that all appeared to change. Ryan stroked Gillian's face and the two began kissing.

Back downstairs, Mike had a bandage placed on his head. He told Dimitri that he wanted to speak to Erica when she dropped off the duffel bag. Dimitri warned Mike that if he hurt Erica in anyway, he'd have to answer to him. A few seconds later, Eric arrived and tossed the bag at Mike. She saw the bandage on his head and showed obvious concern. Dimitri left the room and allowed the pair to speak, but not before reminding Mike what he'd said. Mike claimed that he was meeting one of his fellow operatives when he was jumped from behind. In the main living room area of the castle, Dimitri propped his feet on the coffeetable and looked over the newspaper. Jack burst into the house and asked Dimitri what he and Erica were up to. Erica overheard the arguing from the next room and stomped into the room and demanded to know what was going on. Jack was the one who felt he was owed an explanation. Erica was supposed to be at work or the gym or somewhere. Why, he wondered, was Erica visiting her ex-husband? Erica agreed that he deserved to know the truth and said that she'd tell him everything.

Brooke returned to Tempo as if nothing else was going on in her life. She rattled off orders even as Belinda was asking her to focus more attention on the upcoming trial. Brooke entered her office and found that her employees had hung a "Welcome Back" banner from the ceiling. They'd also placed a beautiful floral arrangement near her desk. One by one they gathered in her office and proceeded to give her a round of applause. Brooke later explained to Belinda that her workers' reaction proved that people understand that she did what needed to be done. Belinda explained that employees are a lot different than a jury. She added that Keith would paint a very different portrait of what happened. She said that he would insist that the murder was premeditated. "I'm glad that I did what I did," Brooke said in her own defense. Keith happened to walk into the room at that exact moment. He told her that her comment was quite interesting. He flashed a search warrant and ordered one of his accompanying officers to poke around the office. Brooke agreed to cooperate and suggested that the second officer might want to check the darkroom. The officer rummaged through Brooke's desk and found something of interest. He handed some papers to Keith, who smiled happily. The papers were legal documents that explained that if one of Tempo's three partners (Brooke, Jim, and Edmund) died, that person's shares in the magazine would be split equally among the other partners. This, Keith announced, couple with Brooke's confession would prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that Brooke was a murderer.

At the hospital, Hayley showed up with a basket of goodies and some balloons to celebrate Mateo's release. When she entered the room, Mateo was nowhere to be found. His bed had been made, but there was no sign of her husband. Matt's roommate explained that Matt had taken a walk. Mateo returned only a few seconds later. Hayley babbled nervously about wanting Mateo to be discharged immediately. Jake, however, had not checked into the hospital yet and Mateo was therefore unable to leave. Hayley told her husband that she couldn't wait for them to return to their apartment. She explained that the apartment was going to get an overhaul---new paint, new walls, new everything. Mateo forced a smile and said only that he'd be glad to get out of the hospital. Edmund entered the room and asked if he'd picked a bad time for a visit. Mateo encouraged Hayley to go visit her Uncle Stuart while he and Edmund chatted. Once the coast was clear, Edmund told Matt that Frederick was waiting down the hall. Matt's roommate offered to keep Hayley busy so that she wouldn't return and learn what was going on. The man discussed his deteriorating health with Hayley and regretted that he no longer had anyone special in his life. The doctors' outlook for the man's survival was not too good. Hayley, however, encouraged the man to remain optimistic. She explained that all of the doctors had told her that Matt would not wake up from his coma. Back in the room, Matt told Fredrick about his visions. The two he specifically mentioned were the shooting at the gallery and the wedding-bridesmaid visions. In each instance Frederick asked Mateo if it was possible that he'd heard or read about the incidents. Since Hayley did not know about Janet's wedding, it was impossible for her to have said anything to him while he was unconscious. Frederick suggested that they could learn more about the visions by having Matt undergo hypnosis. In the hypnotic state, Mateo was able to recall yet another vision---the carnival vision. Mateo was able to see a shadowy man striking Hayley with a hammer. The vision sent waves of fear through Mateo. When he was brought out of the trance, Matt had only one question: Was the vision going to actually happen? "You have seen the future," Frederick responded. "Or one way things might play out. Unless things change..." Mateo knew what the psychic was about to say. "Hayley will die," Mateo said softly.

Friday, May 8, 1998

The newlyweds' lips connected and they shared a passionate kiss. Things became more and more amorous until, that is, Gillian pulled away and asked Ryan to stop. Ryan claimed that Gillian suffered from "a bottomless hunger poised to swallow her whole." Gillian accused Ryan of thinking that "bouncing on the bed" would make everything better. Gillian stormed out of the room. Eugenia> managed to track her granddaughter down. Thankfully, Gillian was not waiting with any breakable objects. Eugenia had overheard the latest spat and decided that she had to put an end to the fighting. Eugenia wondered somewhat surreptitiously how Gillian could throw the chiseled Ryan out of bed. She mused that Ryan must have committed a serious crime---like not pulling out her chair at the dinner table or forgetting to walk three paces behind. Gillian didn't appreciate her grandmother's teasing and believed that no one could understand what she was feeling. "He broke my heart," Gillian sobbed, her face buried in a pillow. Eugenia responded quiet peculiarly. Her face illuminated and she announced that that was the best news she's ever heard. Gillian lifted her head and cast a glance in Eugenia's direction. She demanded to know how her heartbreak could be thought of as good news. Eugenia reminded Gillian of a conversation they'd had a few months ago. In it, Gillian expressed her fear that she would never know love. Having a broken heart, the duchess noted, proves that Gillian was or is in love. Eugenia grinned and assured Gillian that Ryan also had similar feelings clarifying that he "just doesn't know it yet." Gillian's goal, according to Eugenia, was the use the Andrassy skills to make Ryan realize that he loved her.

It might have been easier for Erica to remain hidden so as not to create problems with Jack. Erica, however, grabbed the bull by the horns and raced into the livingroom. She told Jack that she wanted to tell him the truth about why she'd dropped by Wildwind. Dimitri urged her to think before she said something that she'd regret. Before Erica could offer an explanation of any kind, Tad phoned Jack's cellular phone and told him that the jet was fueled and ready to travel to Pigeon Hollow for the exhumation. Jack told Tad that he had something to handle first, but assured him that he'd be at the airport as soon as possible. Erica sensed that the call was urgent and encouraged Jack to attend to his business. While her concern may have been genuine, Jack assumed that Erica was trying to get rid of him. Erica assured Jack that they would discuss things once he returned home. Until then, Erica told Jack that he'd just have to trust her when she says that there is nothing going on between her and Dimitri. Jack remained unconvinced as he headed out of the castle. Once Jack was gone, Erica ordered "the worm" to come out of his hiding place. Mike strutted from behind an adjacent wall and announced that since jack was going to be gone for a few days he could probably return to Linden. Erica implied that Mike's head injury must have "blitzed a few brain cells." She told him that there was no way that she was going to allow him to return to Linden. Dimitri stepped in and tried to show Mike that Wildwind could serve his top secret mission's purposes quite well. Mike felt that too many people come and go at Wildwind and worried that his secrecy could be compromised. Ryan wandered into the room and took a look at Mike's bandaged head. He chuckled slightly as he mused that Gillian had "really done a number" on him. Mike leapt to his feet and tried to silence Ryan before he revealed what had really happened. Ryan, unaware of Mike's lies, told Erica that Gillian had whacked him over the head with a vase. Dimitri rose a hand to his face to cover the smile that had emerged on his lips. Erica grabbed Mike by the arm and ordered him to follow her to the foyer. Erica blasted Mike for lying about how he'd gotten his injury. Mike somehow managed to turn Erica's lecture on lies against her. He implied that Erica could not speak out on the dangers of lying since she, too, has told some tales in her lifetime. Erica didn't have the time to go tit for tat with her former lover. She told him that she had to meet with Bianca's doctor. Mike smiled and told Erica that he's catch up with her at Linden.

Before heading to the airport, Adam checked in on Stuart to make sure that he was feeling okay. Adam wasn't thrilled at the prospect of having to "dig up ghosts." Stuart wondered where Joy had gone after she left Pigeon Hollow. Did she ever fall in love again? Was she still alive? Adam knew that he was due at the airport and bid his brother farewell. He told Stuart that he felt it was in his best interest not to have any visitors while he was gone. Stuart knew that the word "visitors" applied only to one person---Marian. Marian walked down to the hall towards the room and prepared to enter Stuart's room until she heard Adam's voice. She hid around the corner and waited for Adam to leave. Adam did leave the room, but another problem was tossed Marian's way. Adam bumped into Scott in the hallway and asked Scott to keep Marian away from Stuart. Scott agreed to do his part in keeping the "man-hungry" woman away. Marian had hoped that she'd be able to talk Scott into letting her into the room. She was wrong. She waited until Adam was long gone before approaching Scott and telling him that she had helped Liza think of a way to get him out of marrying Gillian. Scott was not impressed and told Marian that the doctors had stated that only immediate family members could visit his father. Marian wasn't foiled yet. She flagged down a candy striper and whispered something into her ear. The candy striper approached Scott and told him that Dr. Martin wanted to speak to him. Scott nodded his head and blindly headed off to find the doctor. Marian slipped the young girl some cash and scrambled into Stuart's room. She told him that she'd brought him a picnic lunch complete with pickles, pate de foie gras , and caviar. Stuart smiled weakly and said, "fish eggs." Marian smiled and nodded her head. "Eggs from a fish," Stuart said unenthusiastically. Marian realized that caviar was an acquired taste and moved on. She handed Stuart a device that she described as a "painting object" that used magnetic pens to make drawings. The high-tech object she fawned over was an Etch-A-Sketch. The two smiled innocently as Stuart worked the knobs to create a picture. Scott burst into the room and blasted Marian for using sneaky tactics to gain access to his father. "That's no way to talk to a lady!" Stuart snapped.

Aboard the Chandler jet, Camille had second thoughts about digging up her mother's final resting place. Tad could see that she was unnerved and took steps to make things easier for her. He phoned Dixie and asked her to have the local minister observe the exhumation to make sure that the holy grounds were not desecrated. Adam and Jack arrived and almost immediately Adam and Camille began trading barbs. Jack ordered them both to "buckle up and shut up."

At the hospital, Frederick called Mateo's ability to peer into the future "a gift." Mateo did not understand how seeing his wife's murder was something he should be celebrating. Frederick once again explained that Mateo's visions would only come true if he did nothing to alter the future. He asked Mateo to imagine that he had a vision about being involved in a car wreck on Pine Street during a storm. Frederick said that Mateo could prevent the event from occurring by driving at a slower speed or not going out in bad weather. Mateo also added that he could avoid traveling on Pine Street all together. Frederick nodded. Mateo realized that since his vision of Hayley's death took place in their apartment, he could protect Hayley by not allowing her to return to the apartment. Hayley returned to the room and announced that she'd gotten Matt's walking papers. She recognized Frederick as the psychic who'd helped Maria and Edmund and assumed that he was there to help Mateo interpret his visions. She asked the psychic if there was any possibility that Matt's visions could come true. Mateo stepped in and stated that the only dream he'd had come true was marrying Hayley. Hayley told her husband that she was ready to return to the apartment, but Mateo announced that they'd be staying at Wildwind instead. Hayley said she'd feel more comfortable in her own bed surrounded by her own things. Matt put his foot down and, for the first time since becoming involved with Hayley, raised his voice to his wife. He told her that they'd be moving to Wildwind---period. While Mateo walked Frederick to the elevator, Edmund tried to comfort Hayley. She was quite upset about being yelled at. Edmund told her that Mateo is only trying to protect her. He explained that since Mateo and Hayley almost lost their lives at the apartment, it was only natural for Mateo to want to steer clear of the apartment.

Erica walked through the hospital's many corridors searching for Bianca's doctor. A call came through on her cellphone from Mike. She first wondered how he'd gotten the private number. Mike, using a raspy voice, told Erica that he was being held captive at 12th and Pine Streets. He begged her to come to his aid. Erica warned Mike about the little boy who'd cried wolf. The connection abruptly ended and Erica wondered if Mike really was in trouble. She told herself that she'd probably regret it in the morning, but she decided to run to Mike's aid.

At Wildwind, Hayley was less than thrilled about living in the castle. She told Edmund that she'd never realized that the castle had gargoyles on the roof. "That might have been Dimitri leaning out the window," Edmund joked. The funny line didn't cheer Hayley up. She plopped down on the sofa while Edmund took Mateo upstairs to show him their suite. Ryan entered the room and smiled broadly at Hayley. He remarked that his day was looking better and better. Upstairs, Edmund reintroduced Mateo and Gillian. Gillian smiled at Mateo and welcomed him to the castle. "The more the merrier," she smiled devilishly.

Several men with shovels met Adam, Jack, Camille, and Tad at the cemetery. With a nod of his head, the town sheriff signaled that the men could start digging.

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