All My Children Recaps: The week of June 1, 1998 on AMC
Erica and Mike were rescued. Hayley and Mateo talked about starting a family. Marian drowned her sorrows in alcohol after being rejected. Liza blasted Adam for his behavior. Edmund became aware of the closeness between Brooke and Dimitri. Opal went against Palmer's wishes and hired a driver.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of June 1, 1998 on AMC
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Monday, June 1, 1998

All in all, this was a sweet and romantic day on AMC. It started with Hayley and Mateo in their hotel room, celebrating their 1st anniversary. Hayley was thrilled with the way the room had been set up for them and the goodies that were left, declaring that it was like 'an R-rated Martha Stuart.' While Hayley was exclaiming over a small box of chocolate truffles, Mateo hinted that carrots would be a better treat. Hayley was unsure if he meant edible carrots or... karats until Mateo gave her a gift - a single perfect pearl on a fine gold chain.

In their own room Janet and Trevor were endearingly awkward with each other. As Janet showed her new long white nighty to Trevor, he exclaimed, 'Hubba hubba!' She smiled happily and decided to go 'slip into something more comfortable,' stating that she'd always wanted to say that.

Meanwhile, still at Holidays, Tad found Brooke frantically searching for something, asking if she was 'trolling for loose change.' Brooke informed him that she was looking for her aunt Phoebe's antique compact. With the item found and safely secured in Brooke's bag, Tad asked how she was doing, a question she was clearly just a wee bit tired of hearing. He quickly changed the subject, asking Brooke how the wedding had gone. She informed him that it had been rather calm considering - no handcuffs, merely an alternate Groom, which Tad labeled 'the old bait 'n switch.' On that note, Tad offered to provide Brooke with some distraction for the evening.

Mike and Erica were still trapped in the cabin, with Mike turning his charm full force of his hapless consort. He spoke of their possibly imminent end, and told Erica that the time he'd spent with her was the last time he felt truly alive. Erica sarcastically referred to Mike as 'the spy who loved me.' He referred to Erica as his first and only love, and asked her to be with him. Erica shushed his morbid talk, and reminded Mike that her fiance would never ever give up until he found them. Mike demanded to know why she loved Jack, but upon hearing her explanation decided that Jack sounded like 'a cross between Lassie and a Boy Scout,' and insisted that Erica only loved Jack because he fits conveniently into her appointment book. He then insulted Erica by inquiring about her sex life with Jack, asking if he makes her 'shake, rattle and roll.' She pointed to her ring as a sign of the commitment between them, and he pointed to his own ring, given to him by Erica. She, in turn, asked him to remove it.

Jake found Allie sitting on the floor in her room. He tried to entice her into going out with him to find a jukebox, but she declined. When he asked her to go to dinner with him, Allie pointed out a half-empty box of crackers and said she'd already eaten. Seems that Allie has kept herself busy by cleaning out her closets and ironing her clothes (including her lucky cow-socks). When Jake asked if she'd left the house that day, Allie was silent. Finally he asked when she had last left the house. She confronted him with the fact that this is her life now, there is nothing else. Not even the promise of a 10k run could break Allie out of her funk. She showed Jake a large, dusty old medical book that she'd found in an old bookstore while she'd been in college. The book had a woman doctor's name in it, and Allie had long ruminated over this woman, who was she? Would Allie, too, soon have the priviledge of adding 'MD' to her name? Allie then gave the book to Jake, under his noisy protest, insisting that this part of her life had ended.

Hayley pointed out to Mateo that he'd jumped the gun on her anniversary gift, stating that pearl was the proper gift for the 30th anniversary. He promised to make up the other years he'd skipped over in the years to come that they would share. Hayley again brought up the subject of making a baby. Mateo felt that this was not a good time to bring a baby into the world. Taking Hayley in his arms, he told her, 'I see things.' He then painted a beautiful picture of the children they would have, and their children bringing their grandchildren to visit. He promised her that everything would work out. Hayley agreed that there was no rush because 'we have a lock on the next 30 years' while smiling at her pearl necklace. She then grinned and suggested that they could still practice making a baby.

Trevor, dressed in his nightclothes, hides a small box under a pillow on the bed as Janet emerges from the bathroom, looking beautiful in her white silk robe. They kiss for a moment before being interrupted by a knock on the door. It's Amanda, of course, followed by Tim. Tim apologizes profusely, saying that Amanda had force him to bring her over. Seems that Amanda wants a family honeymoon.

Mike solomnly tells Erica that he removed the ring once. When he awoke from his 'death' and saw the ring, he believed it was a sign that he and Erica would find each other once again. He removed the ring solely to find out if there was an inscription. He asked her if she remembered the inscription, and Erica asked how she could be expected to remember something that happened so long ago. The inscription read: 'Mike and Erica forever.' He then told Erica that if she wanted the ring off his finger, to remove it herself. Erica waffled, clearly unable to do it. Mike changed the subject abruptly, asking Erica if she had a list of things that she wanted to do before she died. After some thought, Erica admitted to wanting to see the Sarengeti, and wanting to skydive. Mike teased her not to try both at once, as she'd likely wind up landing amidst a pack of tigers. He then promised that if they made it out of this current situation (when, she reminded him) he would take her skydiving and even pull the ripcord for her in case she froze. Erica snorted at the thought of freezing at such a time, then asked Mike what was on his list. He mentioned a desire to tango with her, saying that he'd learned how in Spain while on assignment, from a Contessa who lived to tango. Mike asked Erica to tango with him, and she drifted into his arms, saying she wasn't sure if she could do it. He told her to follow his lead, but clearly the dance is not what she meant, as she displayed an ability to step and swivel with the best of them.

Jake wanted Allie to go to the gym with him for a run around the track. She snapped at his apparent inability to grasp her situation, telling him that she was afraid to leave the house. When the doorbell rings, Allie fears that the police have come to arrest her. Jake insists that it probably won't happen. He tells Allie not to give up, to apply for her license in Pennsylvania and try to move on with her life. Allie professes her helplessness and ignorance on how to go about fixing her life. She refuses Jake's suggestion to speak to Joe, since his feelings regarding Allie have been made pretty clear. Allie insists that her life is over and she has lost.

Amanda polishes off the last bit of a treat, declaring that she's never had such wonderful chocolate pudding. Janet informs her that it was chocolate mousse, causing Amanda to dramatically clutch her throat and exclaim, 'I hope I didn't swallow an antler!' Amanda insists that she is suffering from separation anxiety because Trevor and Janet aren't at home. Just then comes a thudding sound from the door. Amanda rushes to open the door and in bounces Harold. He bounds into the room and hops up on the bed, instantly seizing onto the box that Trevor had hidden there. They manage to secure the ring box, and Amanda insists on witnessing Trevor placing the engagement ring on Janet's finger. After consulting with Tim, Amanda agrees that after watching, she and Tim will go home. Trevor places the ring on Janet's finger, reciting: 'Come grow old along with me, the best is yet to be.' After the kids leave, Janet states that this is the happiest day of her life.

Brooke and Tad are still at Holidays, chatting idly while Tad tries his hand at darts. Tad decides to show off by using the mirror from Phoebe's antique compact to watch the dartboard while throwing the dart backwards over his shoulder. Tad babbles on about his history with games, telling Brooke that as a child he once threw a game of 'pin the tail on the donkey' at the request of a cute little girl. He then tells Brooke that Jamie must be taking after him, because he's gotten very good at horseshoes. Brooke shows her insecurity by telling Tad that when she sent Jamie away, she was worried that he would miss her, but also worried that he wouldn't miss her. The conversation grows serious as Brooke asks 'What if I'm sent to prison?' Tad shakes his head and says that they will deal with it as best they can, if and when the time comes.

After their slow and sensuous dance, Erica asks Mike what else he regrets. He stares unblinking into her eyes as he says, 'dying and not coming back to you.' He then expresses his dismay at having missed so much of her life. Erica changed and became a much stronger woman, and he missed seeing it. Mike holds Erica and swears that he will not let her die.

Tad and Brooke are not yet tired, and they decide to go to a cinema that shows old movies, everything from 'Animal Crackers to Duck Soup.' Erica falls asleep on Mike's chest. Trevor and Janet, alone at last, give in to their passion for each other. Hayley and Mateo make love.

Tuesday, June 2, 1998
byy Amanda Schumm

Belinda and Brooke interrupt Janet and Trevor's honeymoon. They tell Trevor that the judge is about the rule on whether or not to take Brooke's case to trial. Janet tells Trevor to go to the courtroom and that she'll go with him. Belinda and Brooke leave the lovebirds.

The judge decides that there is probable cause to hold Brooke over for trial. Miles tries to have Brooke's bail revoked, but Belinda and Trevor argue that, allowing Brooke to remain out on bail. Trevor and Belinda ask to be able to argue justifiable homicide and the judge takes a recess to decide. Brooke leaves with Dimitri. Belinda and Trevor stay to argue a defense of justifiable homicide for Brooke. The judge leaves to make his decision. Miles and Belinda exchange sly remarks as each tries to determine if the other is attached. The judge rules that they can use jusitfiable homicide and Belinda goes to the dock to tell Brooke.

Dimitri takes Brooke to look at his sailboat, and tells her about his father wanting him to be a world sailing champion when he was younger. He takes her out for a sail.

Liza walks in on Marian trying on clothes in her office at the TV station. As Liza tries to kick Marian out, Marian begs her for help in choosing a dress. Liza tells her that Stuart will love her in whatever she wears. Stuart joins them and adds his two cents to the dress selection. He gives both Liza and Marian gardenia corsages. Liza sends Marian out of the room so that she can talk to Stuart and asks him if Adam is up to something. Stuart tells her that Adam thinks that Marian is bad for Stuart, but he knows that Marian makes Stuart happy, so he's trying.

Gillian fends off Dimitri's jabs at her marriage to Ryan. When Mateo and Hayley come into the room for breakfast, Ryan tells them that their apartment building has exploded. Hayley realizes that Mateo knew that something would happen, which was why he booked them a room at the Sleepy Hollow Inn. Mateo thinks that Camille is behind it. Edmund and Mateo debate whether or not she could have been responsible for it. They also discuss the visions that Mateo's been having. Ryan finds out that a few people were taken to the hospital because of the explosion, but no one was killed. He managed to salvage Hayley's Valentine's card to Mateo and a picture of them. Mateo has another vision of Hayley's death.

Wednesday, June 3, 1998

Dan is still drowning in email and tornado residue which piled up while he was on vacation. Sabine will provide today's recap in his place.

In keeping with his efforts to distract Brooke from the trial, Dimitri drags her home to share dinner with the entire Wildwind-residing clan. In the living room, Gillian finds Ryan sprawled out on the sofa. She slowly saunters past to make sure he gets a good look at her low-cut, black and grey dress. Of course Ryan gives her positive feedback on her outfit, asking if she wore it just for him. Gillian wonders what if it is, and replies that it would make him a very lucky man indeed. Just as he leans in to kiss her, she slips away.

Trevor and Janet return to her room at the Valley Inn to find that all Janet's belongings are packed and ready to go home! Trevor points out that they now have time for 'more honeymoon' before they are expected home, and gleefully ruminates over the whole family being together 'in our house.

Meanwhile at WRCW, Liza is in a rush to leave so she can get to Adam's dinner party in time to defuse whatever maniacal plot Adam surely must have cooked up. She gives instructions to a sound guy then bolts for the door, insisting that nothing will keep her from attending the party. Just then she smells smoke.

Adam stalks around the huge private dining room, checking to make certain that all preparations are in place and the evening will go as planned, as Stuart and Marian arrive. Adam informs the couple that Liza has a situation to attend to at WRCW, but will arrive shortly. Just then, Tad appears, bearing an invitation to the party. He demands to know exactly what Adam is up to. Adam confronts his hired hand, who insists that Tad's name was 'on the list.' As Marian and Stuart dance, a waiter approaches and offers some caviar. Marian is startled when 'Carl' calls her by name, and seems to be even more startled when she sees his face. She declines and waves him away, abruptly steering Stuart away. Just then, the bass player for the quartet catches Marian's eye. He mouths the words, 'hello babe,' and winks at her.

As they gaze around her hotel room, Trevor wonders if she will miss living at the hotel. Janet tells him that she will not miss dining alone, or spending her evenings watching television alone. A big messy house with kids, a dog named Harold, and her favorite man on the planet sounds just like paradise to her. In fact, the only thing she would admit to missing about hotel life is the little chocolates on her pillow.

Gillian continues to purr and coo at the hapless Ryan, who is clearly feeling like a very lucky man, when suddenly the doorbell rings. Gillian hops away from Ryan and exlaims that this must be the arrival of her special guest - Scott! Poor Scott realizes too late that he's just entered the lion's den. Gillian drapes herself around him and says how happy she is to see him when a bell dings. Scott wonders aloud if the bell means dinner, or round two! All are seated for dinner (Ryan at one end of the long table, Gillian with Scott at the other) and the first course arrives. Scott comments on the good food and Ryan makes a sarcastic remark about Scott's 'witty repartee.' Eugenia decides to change the subject by suddenly declaring that her Alexi once shot a man dead. Edmund hurries to change the subject, asking if anyone had read any good books lately. Scott gave the title of a mystery novel and Gillian wondered aloud why Americans like mysteries when true crime is ever so much more interesting. Once again, everyone tries to change the subject at once. Brooke jumps in with a comment about the 'elephant in the room,' referring to everyone's fear of offending her with all these mentions of crime. Finally everyone relaxes and talks about other things while Brooke and Dimitri lean against each other and giggle.

As Trevor carries Janet over the threshold to 'paradise' she smells something suspicious. Amanda appears and confesses that the dinner she'd tried to make for them didn't quite make it. They are making burritos in the microwave instead. Amanda shows off a banner that she and Tim made on the computer, reading 'Welcome Home Trevor and Janet Dillon.' Tim finds some tape while carrying Janet's belongings from the car, and the banner is hung. Suddenly Trevor realizes that he can still smell something burning. There goes dessert. Amanda, clearly ecstatic over Janet's arrival, babbles on about how she has made space in Trevor's closet and the drawers in the bathroom so that Janet will have places to put her things. Janet reminds Amanda that today is report card day, but Amanda is surprisingly reluctant to hand her's over.

At WRCW, firefighters inform Liza that there was no actual fire, just a smoke bomb. They warn her that such things are usually planted to cause a diversion so that a theft can occur. As soon as Liza hears the word 'diversion' she knows who is at fault. Adam!

Slowly, Marian realizes that she knows all the waiters. Clearly unsettled, she drags Tad on the dance floor while Stuart and Adam step outside to talk. Stuart tells Adam how happy he is. He speaks of how Marian listens to him and is interested in the things he has to say. A flicker of what might have been remorse almost crosses Adam's face. Just as Marian is telling Tad what Adam has done, the door opens and the room suddenly fills with men - all shapes, all sizes. Marian declared that she was 'drowning in a sea of ex-lovers.' Stuart greets the newcomers, but tells them that this is a private party. The man in the front of the crowd shows his invitation and asks if Stuart is Adam. Upon hearing his name, the man crows that the two of them have something in common - Marian! Before the man can clarify his relationship to Marian, she rushes over and drags Stuart off, telling him that she wants to leave. Just then Liza arrives, and Tad rushes her back out the door to inform her of what is happening. Stuart, not understanding Marian's distress, wants to be introduced to her old friends. He is thrilled that Adam chose to surprise her by filling the room with her old buddies. After hearing the full story, Liza confronts Adam, who snidely insists that 'you can judge a person by the company she keeps.' Just then, an oblivious Stuart declares that it is picture time. He shoves Marian next to Adam and encourages all the other men to crowd in behind them, then snaps a Polariod while Marian squirms.

Amanda reluctantly hands over her report card, which contains a warning for her spelling grade. Janet and Trevor point out that Amanda's placement in advanced classes does not mean that she doesn't have to work hard on her school subjects. Amanda promises to do better next year, but Trevor thinks she should do better starting tomorrow. Amanda wails at the thought of being sentenced to summer school.

At Wildwind, the dinner progresses with Gillian continuing to hang on Scott's every word and gesture. She asks him if he'll be staying at the dorm this summer, since it will be so convenient for her to come over for tutoring sessions. She asks if Scott remembers the time she spent the night with him. On that note, Ryan declares that enough is enough, and drags his bride out of the room. With such an unceremonious ending, dinner is over. Brooke and Scott stay at the table and talk about Laura and Jim, and how Scott wishes he could have helped Laura.

In the living room Gillian calls Ryan a caveman, and he retorts by labelling her a dimwit! Ryan swears that her scheme to make him crazy will never work. When Gillian questions Ryan's response to the situation, he insists that it is only because she is embarassing herself.

The Dillon family decides to order pizza rather than risk another attempt at cooking dinner, since the burritos did not survive the microwave. After some discussion, it is decided that Amanda will not have to go to summer school, rather her family will help her with her spelling over the summer, playing the 'spell check' game.

Liza offers to take Marian home, but she wants Stuart to leave with her. Stuart wants to know what's wrong, but agrees to escort Marian home. As they start to leave, Marian is faced with the hoarde of men between her and the door and almost swoons. Adam demands that Marian tell Stuart who all these men are, or he'll do it himself!

Scott says goodnight to all at Wildwind, except for the newlyweds who are still battling in the other room. Brooke walks him out. In Brooke's absense, Edmund corners Dimitri and accuses Dimitri of trying to play the hero to Brooke's 'damsel in distress,' just as he'd previously done with Gloria. In the living room, Gillian continues to taunt her new husband, until he finally heaves her over his shoulder and heads up the stairs.

Tad and Liza both encourage Marian to leave. Instead she squares her shoulders and declares Adam the winner. She tells Stuart that she doesn't remember most of the men in this room, and further, doesn't want to remember any of them - she met them while she was drunk. Marian then tells Stuart that she has slept with all of these men - and more! Adam all but glows in triumph while Stuart simply stares at Marian, obviously shocked.

Thursday, June 4, 1998

I'd like to thank Sabine and Amanda for filling in for me earlier this week while I was away on vacation. I'm back now and will resume providing my regular daily recaps. I hope you'll continue to enjoy them.


Ryan responded to Gillian's sharp tongue and shameless drooling with a wild display of machismo. He hoisted Gillian over his shoulder and carried her upstairs to her bedroom. He ran some cold water through the shower nozzle and dumped Gillian into the tub. Of course, both ended up soaking wet. Ryan claimed that Gillian needed the cold shower to take her mind off of Scott. Gillian countered by accusing Ryan of "lusting" after Hayley. Instead of being upset by the accusation, Ryan simply smirked. He noted that Gillian sounded jealous. "I'd have to care about you to be jealous," snapped Gillian. Gillian, however, did not lack feeling or emotion. She told Ryan that she's "a woman." Ryan needed no reminder. Gillian rolled her eyes at Ryan's lascivious response and scolded him for only thinking of her as a sex object. Life had been hard for Gillian since her family's riches melted away. She wasn't at all comfortable with the idea of living off of Edmund nor was she keen on having to translate her thoughts and statements from Hungarian to English. In another of her word confusions, Gillian confused "prepositions" with "propositions." Ryan noted that a preposition was a part of speech while a proposition would be something more along the line of asking her to join him for a night of passion! They couple shared a passionate kiss. Slowly, they stepped towards the bed. Gillian reclined onto the bed and Ryan straddled atop her. The passion grew and both seemed ready to give into their desire. Ryan suddenly jumped up and yelled, "Gotcha!" This was his way of paying Gillian pack for the way that she'd seduced him earlier in the evening. Ryan was quite pleased with himself and left the room striding confidently. Gillian, however, was noticeably upset. She threw her bath towel against the ground and groaned in frustration.

Downstairs, Edmund asked Dimitri if he has his sights set on Brooke. Edmund explained that he cared deeply about Brooke and seemed worried that his brother might not be the best thing for Brooke. Dimitri insisted that he was merely being altruistic; Brooke was a friend in need and he wanted to be there to support her. Edmund raised his eyebrows and cast his brother a peculiar look. He explained that Phoebe had also detected a certain "something" going on between him and Brooke. "Do you think I just want to jump her bones?" Dimitri snapped. In the doorway, Brooke cleared her throat. "As the potential jumpee" Brooke felt that she needed to shed some light on her supposed relationship with Dimitri. Brooke mused that she never believed that Dimitri's intentions were honorable. She and Dimitri played a game of cat and mouse with Edmund, both enjoying making Edmund believe that they were more than just friends. Before Edmund could learn any more about the pair, Sam burst into the room and asked his daddy to read him a bedtime story. Once Edmund had left, Brooke told Dimitri that her Aunt Phoebe had given her a lecture on the joys of being single. Brooke made no attempt to downplay her aunt's suspicions about Dimitri. She also added that she's had horrible choices in men over the years. Dimitri wondered if the idea of a romance was so far-fetched. Brooke told Dimitri that she doesn't feel that the time is right for a new romance. In fact, she said that she was only concerned that her next relationship might be with a woman named Bertha from Cellblock D. Both argued against a relationship, but neither was very convincing. Dimitri, however, seemed far more in favor of a relationship than Brooke. When it came time for Brooke to leave, she extended her hand to Dimitri. "I'll be damned if [I'll settle for] a handshake," Dimitri chuckled. Brooke suggested that they hug. Both extended their arms awkwardly as they tried to figure out exactly "how" they should hug.

The tears rolled freely down Marian's cheeks. She looked coldly at Adam and told him that he would get what he wanted---the truth. Marian didn't embellish nor did she try to detract from her "checkered past." Liza tried to stop her mother from continuing her walk on broken glass, but Marian felt that she needed to come clean once and for all. She explained that she'd head to local dives only to get drunk. Then in her drunken stupor, she'd wind up having sex with a countless number of men many of whom, she admitted, she no longer remembers by name. Marian blasted the men for thinking that they were somehow more masculine for having had sex with her. She told her former lovers that Stuart was more of a man than all of them put together. Tad stepped in and ordered the men to go home. The men slowly filed out of the dining room. Marian swore to Stuart that she hadn't slept with anyone else since she'd slept with him. Stuart said nothing. Marian begged Stuart to say something---anything. "All those men..." Stuart finally said softly. Marian pursed her lips together and bowed her head. She said that she was glad the truth had come out, but realized that she and Stuart were not meant to be together. She unpinned the corsage that Stuart had given her and handed it back to him. Marian hurried out of the room with Liza, fighting back the tears, chasing after her. She stopped momentarily to tell Adam that he had gone too far. Tad slowly approached Adam, but he couldn't find the words to express the way he felt. Without warning, Tad punched Adam square on his mouth and then walked away. Adam applied ice to his now bruised lip and then joined his brother on the patio. Adam apologized for putting Stuart through the embarrassment of Marian's past. "I understand," Stuart said with his familiar half-smile on his face. Adam couldn't believe that Stuart wasn't angry. Adam rejoiced that Stuart had seen Marian's "true colors" and realized that he was too good for her. On the contrary, Stuart felt that Marian was too good for him. Adam referred to Marian as an "indiscriminating hussy." Stuart chuckled when his brother used the word "hussy." He explained that Marian is "the most beautiful" flower around, a flower that has attracted many bees. Marian could never be satisfied with one man. "My point exactly... I think," Adam said as he blinked his eyes in confusion. Stuart reckoned that men would always want to be around Marian because she was so beautiful. Stuart claimed that he had been letting Marian down because she was "too special" for him. Stuart began to cry. He placed the returned corsage on the patio's railing and slowly walked away. Adam offered to give his brother a ride home, but Stuart said that he wanted to be alone. Adam's face dropped. He walked over to the corsage and picked it up. He called to Stuart and held up the white flower. Stuart shook his head and continued to walk away.

Erica took off one of her shoes and pounded on the boarded up windows. She hoped that one of the boards would come loose and allow her an easy escape route. Mike found a radio in one of the cupboards and tried to find a local news station. Erica was furious when the newscaster failed to mention anything about her disappearance. She was further infuriated when it was announced that Jack had attended a ribbon-cutting ceremony earlier in the day. After some careful thought, Erica determined that Jack attended the ceremony in order to keep up with his public appearances. In actuality, she told Mike, Jack is probably secretly working with the authorities to find out where she's being kept. Erica put her show back on her foot and stomped around the cabin. She desperately wanted to find a way to get out. Mike picked her up and placed her on the cot. He took off one of her shoes and began massaging her foot. He explained that he'd learned reflexology while doing an undercover stint in Thailand. The sensuous nature of the massage sent Erica to the heights of ecstasy. She managed to elude the passion. She told Mike that they needed to focus their attention on escaping---not foot massages. Mike assured Erica that his partner, Adrian, a man with a Ph.D. from MIT, would rescue them. Mike fiddled with the radio until he found some soft rock. The song playing on the radio was "their" song---or at least one that evoked a great deal of memories. As they slow-danced, their passion once again showed---and they shared a passionate kiss.

Belinda answered a knock on her door with her wallet clutched in her hand. Adrian looked at her curiously and asked her if she always answered the door holding money. Belinda explained that she'd expected the pizza delivery boy to drop by. Belinda wondered how the man had tracked her down. He explained that he'd seen the name "Keefer" on the door and decided to take a chance that it might be her. Belinda knew that she'd never told the man (who she still believed to be a stripper) her last name. For reasons unknown, Belinda invited the virtual stranger into her home and the two split the pizza that arrived a short time later. Adrian asked Belinda if she knew of any jobs that he might be able to fill. Belinda asked him if he had any experience in any particular fields or if he had a college degree. Adrian made no mention of his degree and only commented that his most recent job was as a chauffeur. Belinda realized that she might know of someone who needs a chauffeur. Adrian asked Belinda when he could start his new job. Belinda told him that she'd first need to know his name. "Sword. Adrian Sword," the secret agent smiled.

At The Gatehouse, Stuart looked helplessly at the ball of string that still sat on his sofa. He envisioned enjoying the warm late-Spring air with Marian. But his vision, like the relationship, slowly faded away.

At WRCW, Liza and Tad found Marian shredding the dresses she'd been loaned for the party. Wielding a pair of scissors, Marian warned them to stand back. She called herself "foolish" for having believed that she could have a relationship with Stuart. Marian kicked herself for having agreed to go to botanical gardens with Stuart. She again referred to herself as foolish for thinking that she could somehow be interested in nature. Tad begged Marian not to let Adam win. Marian didn't feel that Adam had one. She believed that he had helped speed along the inevitable breakup of her relationship. Now, Marian could no longer hold back the tears. She burst into hysterics and blasted herself for hurting Stuart. Tad frowned and walked towards the door. He was prepared to return to The Valley Inn and sock Adam again. Liza asked Tad to keep an eye on her mother because it was her turn to give Adam what he deserved. Tad did his best to console Marian. He made a mistake by leaving the office to search for some coffee. While he was gone, Marian turned to an old friend for comfort---a bottle of liquor.

At The Valley Inn, Adam pounded away on the piano. He heard footsteps enter the room from behind him. He turned slowly and saw Liza standing only a few feet away.

Friday, June 5, 1998

Scott returned home and found his dejected father moping around the house. Initially, Scott was surprised to see his father home so soon. He asked him why he wasn't at the dinner party, but Stuart explained that he had already left the party. "Adam explained everything," Stuart said softly. "You don't have to worry about me and Marian again." Scott's face displayed a surprising amount of concern. He knew that his uncle had done something---he just didn't know what. Scott told Stuart that Marian likes him and wondered why their relationship was suddenly off. Stuart reminded Scott that he hated Marian and told him that he doesn't have to pretend to be upset. Scott quickly clarified that he never hated Marian; he was a bit concerned and perhaps jealous because his father had fall in love with a woman who was so different from his mother, Cindy. Stuart went on a several minute journey in which he downplayed his abilities as a man. He claimed that other men where "shiny" and exciting and that he was just "nice." Nice, Stuart mumbled, wasn't enough for Marian. Scott was still unsure about what had gone down at the party. When Stuart told his son that Marian had given him the corsage back, Scott assumed that Marian had been the one to break of the relationship. He urged his father to remain strong and commented that Marian was foolish for dumping him. Scott headed to a back closet to look for some fishing equipment. Stuart remarked that he'd always loved watching the sun rise over the lake. Scott smiled slightly and invited his father to join him at the cabin. Stuart was overjoyed and gladly accepted the invitation.

During the few moments that Tad was out of the office, Marian downed nearly an entire bottle of scotch---and Marian let it be known that scotch was one of her least favorite alcoholic drinks. Tad returned and found himself face to face with a sorrowful---and drunken---Marian. Marian thanked Tad for staying with her, saying that it was a very thoughtful and sweet thing to do. She broke down in tears once more and told Tad that she always thought he was a nice guy. She then planted a big kiss on his lips. Tad pulled away and a loud suction noise sounded. Tad told Marian that he knew she didn't want him and informed her that he wouldn't allow her to make a terrible mistake. Tad lauded Marian's feelings for Stuart and told her that she shouldn't let Adam's bombshell ruin that special relationship. "So you slept with a lot of [people]," Tad quipped. "Good for you! Join the club." Marian didn't allow Tad's pep talk to offer her any consolation. She straightened her blouse and staggered towards the door. She recalled seeing an attractive younger man in the editing department. As she stumbled out of the office, she shouted out to Joshua, the man in editing, that she had something for him to "splice." Luckily, Tad managed to intercept Marian before she did anything that she'd regret.

Ruth, Myrtle, and Phoebe joined Opal at Cortlandt Manor for a game of bridge. Her mind on her gal pal, Erica's, problems, Opal blew several chances to win tricks. Even in the face of this distraction, however, Opal and Phoebe emerged victorious. Opal told her lady friends that Mike had returned to Pine Valley. Everyone knew that Mike was dead, so they were very skeptical of Opal's tale. She later added that he was a government agent who had faked his death as part of a top-secret mission. From there she surmised that Erica must somehow be involved with the mission since she was allowing Mike to stay at Linden with her and Jack. Phoebe smirked as she noted that it would be only a matter of time before the two men killed each other. Myrtle, however, had a more romantic view of the situation and imagined all kinds of sexual situations. Palmer entered the room and blasted Opal for spreading rumors about her supposed friend. He called her scenario "poppycock" and tossed the three other women out of his house. The doorbell rang a few seconds later and Palmer ordered Opal to get rid of whoever it was at the door. Opal answered the door and Belinda appeared on the other side with a broad smile planted firmly on her face. She entered the house followed by Adrian several moments later. Opal sized up the tall man and grinned devilishly. She looked at Belinda and praised her for finding such an attractive man. She, of course, didn't know that Belinda and Adrian were not an item. Adrian introduced himself as Adrian Sword, a name Palmer referred to as "ridiculous." Belinda told Palmer that she'd heard that he might be in need of a driver soon. Opal chirped that their current chauffeur suffered from cataracts and was nearing retirement. Palmer snapped that there was no need to hire a new driver since they already had one. He then ushered himself out of the room still mumbling that "Adrian Sword" was a strange sounding name. Opal apologized for her husband's bad temper and asked Adrian if he had any other skills or talents. Adrian replied that he can cook, garden, chauffeur---as well as several other useful skills. Opal smiled broadly and told Adrian that she would hire him!
Downstairs in the wine cellar, Palmer skulked around in the dark. He headed for what looked like a large wall safe. Footsteps sounded on the wooden steps and Opal called out to her husband to figure out "what the heck" he was doing.

At The Valley Inn, Liza said nothing upon her return. She stood motionless---without so much as a blink---while Adam begged her to yell or throw something at him; he didn't like receiving the silent treatment. As Adam rambled on, Liza finally broke her silence by telling Adam to shut up. Liza told a brief tale from her childhood. While with a babysitter, Liza watched a horror movie about the devil that subsequently gave her nightmares for weeks. These visions of the devil, she said, were nothing like dealing with Adam Chandler---they were mild. She added that she never believed in the devil until she met Adam. Adam had little sympathy for causing Marian pain. He told Liza that the "ridiculous fantasy" of a Marian and Stuart union was ludicrous. Liza praised her "been there done that" mother for being able to look past the "baffled and bewildered" side of Stuart in order to find happiness. Why did Adam want to destroy that happiness? Liza had an easy answer. Adam felt he had to destroy the happiness because he has a miserable, loveless life. Adam quickly retaliated by noting that he had happiness when he married her---but she divorced him. Liza explained that they were divorced because Adam had forced her to sign the papers. When she stated that she never wanted the divorce, Adam confessed that he didn't want the split either. Liza was infuriated when she learned that Adam was "testing" her loyalty by asking her to sign the papers. Adam saw the silver-lining in all of this: They both wanted to remain married. Perhaps, Adam suggested, they could get back on track and return to life as husband and wife. Liza told Adam that she didn't have to the time to explain to him why they could never remarry. "It's like being angry at lightning," she remarked. By that, Liza meant that she couldn't be angry at Adam for him being himself. She called their marriage and the child it had produced "a gift." She claimed that God must have been watching over them and decided that their child's life should be taken away. Liza wasn't bitter by this decision. "No child," Liza said coolly. "Deserves to have Adam Chandler as a father." Adam's face dropped. Without anything further, Liza turned and walked out of the room.

Mike and Erica's passionate kissing grew more and more intense as the minutes passed. Mike to Erica that he desperately wanted to make love to her. Erica nodded and signaled that she wanted him to make love to her too. As they lay on the bed, the door to the cabin suddenly swung open. Stuart and Scott stood in the doorway bewildered by the spectacle before them. Erica rushed to cover her slightly-naked body. She thanked Stuart and Scott for saving them, but neither Scott nor his father knew what was going on. Stuart apologized for breaking up their party. "I would have knocked," he offered bashfully. "But it's my cabin and the door was bolted from the outside." As Erica explained that they had been kidnapped, Scott nodded sarcastically. He believed that Erica and Mike had decided to use the cabin for their tryst. He pledged complete discretion, but Erica snapped at him because she didn't like his attitude. Erica begged to use Stuart's car to return to Pine Valley. Stuart sensed the urgency in her voice and handed over the keys. Eric and Mike's mad dash out the door prompted a series of chuckles and giggles from the Chandler men.

Back at Linden, Erica decided that she no longer had feelings for Mike. She said that their almost-sexual encounter in the cabin was a sign that they had changed in the thirteen years since they'd last been together. She ceded that they'd always have a special chemistry, but urged Mike to forget about that chemistry. The door to the house suddenly swung open. An overly pleasant Jack smiled and stated that he was surprised to see the pair "back so soon."

Liza returned to WRCW and told Tad about her encounter with Adam. Tad told Liza that he'd taken Marian home to bed. Both briefly discussed their failed loves. Tad remarked that he missed having Jamie around. Liza listened intently before praising Tad as a wonderful father. Without warning or any kind of signal, Liza blurted out, "Let's have a baby---you and me."

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