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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of June 1, 1998 on ATWT
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Monday, June 1, 1998

At the racetrack Jack and Julia discuss their relationship. Jack tells Julia that he is on the rebound and that he cannot start another relationship yet. As the argument heats up Julia gets mad and storms out. When she calms down and returns to talk some more, she finds Prince Xavier waiting for her. Julia tells the prince that she is not going to marry him and leaves. Jack also has second thoughts and decides to leave a note for Julia, asking her to meet him at the Sears Tower observation deck. Prince Xavier finds the finds and balls it up saying if he can't have Julia no one can. Julia goes back to the apartment and starts to pack.

Ben admits to Sarah Ruth that he hasn't actually asked Camille to marry him. She interrupts and asserts that he is not going to marry her daughter. Ben suggests she stop interfering in her daughter's life. Camille has the biopsy done. The Dr goes to check on the lab results. Camille suddenly notices that the pain is gone and believes that she is cured and wants to leave. Susan convinces her to wait for the lab results. Susan also goes to the lab to check on the results. Susan and the Dr come back with the results. Camille is told she has breast cancer. Camille is told she has to undergo chemotherapy and radiation. Camille cries on Susan's shoulder and tells her that she does not want to die. Later she goes back to the pool and is daydreaming about Ben when he appears and asks her to marry him.

Carly and Nikki are arguing over the condoms that were found in Nikki's purse. Hal walks in and wants to know what is going on. Nikki makes up a story about Carly wanting her to stay for dinner tonight but she has a date. Soon Andy shows up to pick up Nikki for their date. Andy takes her to the university where he packs his things. Nikki wants to know what is going on. Andy tells her that she is quitting his teaching job so he can date Nikki. That makes Nikki very happy. Carly tells Hal that Nikki has condoms.

Tuesday, June 2, 1998

Nikki goes to the juke box to put on some music when Andy knocks over Nikki's purse. He picks it up and discovers the condoms. Andy tells Nikki that he does not intend to rush her into bed and that they ought to enjoy the summer by doing things and going away on some trips. And tells her that their first time should be special not something rushed. Andy takes Nikki back home after their date and are kissing on the front porch when Hal opens the door. He tells them he thought he heard a noise. Nikki gets upset when he asks about the condoms. She gets mad at Carly and tells Hal that Carly called Jack this morning. Hal gets a call to go to the station and Nikki lays into Carly for telling on her and Carly slaps Nikki in the face.

Eddie and Margo bring the injured dog home and Adam is thrilled when he is told they can keep the dog. Lisa stops by and Margo tries to convince her to hire Eddie at the Mona Lisa. But Lisa will not hire a person who ripped her off once before. Eddie starts to worry when he tells Margo that he has to meet with his parole officer in a week and still has no job. Eddie sleep walks again and ends up next to Margo bed.

Ben tries to get Camille to say yes to his marriage proposal. Camille tells Ben that she can't marry him right now and runs off into the path of a speeding car.. The car stops just before hitting her. The driver is thankful that she did not get hit. Camille tells the driver to take her far away from Oakdale. Ben goes to a bar and drinks heavily. Susan is there and tries to get him to tell her what the problem is. Ben is in a rage and will not tell her. Finally he calms down and allows Susan drive him home.

Wednesday, June 3, 1998

Julia boards a trains for wherever it is going. She is staring out the window when she turns around and sees Luke standing there. Cal tells her that Luke has a rash and cannot be with his mom because she is pregnant so they are on their way to Oakdale. Cal lays a sleeping Luke down on the seat and chats with Julia. Cal starts to complain of a headache. He asks the conductor how much longer to Oakdale. Suddenly he passes out onto the floor. Julia calls for help.

Jack goes to the Sears Tower and waits for Julia. He bought flowers and 2 bottles of cherry cola. Emily goes to the Sears Tower and joins Jack. She is surprised to see him there. Jack tells her about Julia and admits that he screwed things up and hopes that she comes to dinner. After waiting for a while Jack calls the bar and learns that Julia was their and that she has packed her bags and left. Jack asks Emily is he can join her on her trip back to Oakdale tomorrow.

Margo wakes up and is startled to find Eddie standing there. When she turns on the light, he quickly grabs it and smashes it on the floor. When the phone rings he pulls it out of the wall. When he finally wakes up he is confused about how he got there. Margo asks him how long has he been sleepwalking. He tells her he has been doing it since he was about 4 or 5. He tells her that Mo was a sweater that his mom gave him and it disappeared a while ago. He finally falls asleep on Margo's bed and as she is putting the covers on him Tom walks in.

Nikki gets tired of Carly and runs out. Hal comes home and wants to know what happened to Nikki. Carly tells him what happened and asks Hal if they can go away for awhile. He surprises her by making plans for them to go back to the cabin they first went to. Nikki goes over to Andy's and sneaks into his bedroom. She cries to Andy about what happened with Carly. She asks him if she can stay the night because she does not want to go home. He agrees to let her stay. They both go to bed but with their cloths on.

Thursday, June 4, 1998

Tom is furious to find Eddie in his bed. Margo and Eddie try to explain that Eddie was sleepwalking, but Tom finds it hard to believe. He tells Margo he thinks Eddie is faking it and on drugs. Tom warns Margo that he wants Eddie out of the house because he is dangerous.

Kim is surprised the find Nikki in bed with Andy. Andy assures his mother it is not what she thinks. Nikki explains to Kim that she needed a place to stay because her evil stepmother, Carly, slapped her . Kim persuades Nikki to call her father to let him know where she is because he will be worried. When Nikki calls, she finds out that Hal and Carly have left town on their honeymoon.

A frantic Lucinda arrives at the hospital to see Cal and get Luke. She is surprised to find Luke with Julia, a complete stranger. When Bob informs Lucinda that Cal has suffered a stroke as a result of his spinal surgery, together they convince Cal he needs to take things easy. Lucinda offers to find an investor for WOAK. Suspicious of Julia at first, Lucinda later offers to give her a ride to her destination. Julia ends up at the Snyder farm with Luke and Emma recognizes her as Jack's nurse in Chicago.

James lures Molly to David's suite where he toys with her, testing her trustworthiness. He tries to seduce her, but Molly informs James she prefers David. James informs her she is making a big mistake and will forever be destined to live an "ordinary" life. Later, Molly reports back to David that Cal is sick. Immediately David begins a plan to take over WOAK. When David realizes he needs to distract Lucinda in order for his plan to be successful, James tells David "Don't worry, leave Lucinda to me."

Friday, June 5, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Meredith Thompson

Camille and Brad stop at a restaurant. Despite having driven around all night, Camille still wants to "keep going." Ben leaves another message for Camille. At Cal's bedside, Lucinda tells him about B & B Enterprises being interested in his share of WOAK and that they are closing the deal-she says she had them investigated thoroughly and found no connection to David. The nurse from Cal's room leaves to call David and tells him what she overheard. Nurses are always underpaid, David drawls to his dad.

Margo and Tom argue about Eddie. Tom is convinced that Eddie's actions are a result of being on drugs, not sleepwalking as he claims, and he's worried about the boys. Tom tells Margo he wants Eddie out of their house, and turns to realize Eddie overheard them. Tom waves off Margo's apology to Eddie. Eddie denies using drugs but wishes it were something that easy to cure. Eddie listens in as Margo reminds Tom of her PTS episodes and how she got through it because of him, because he gave her that chance. Fine, Tom tells Eddie-prove you're not on drugs by taking a drug test. Eddie refuses and walks out. James leaves David's hotel room to "take care of" Lucinda, just as Molly is entering. Molly worries that James has told David something about her but David tells her to relax-his father is not coming after her like he did with Emily. Molly says she's still scared of him. She tells David about Kim refusing to give her book airtime on WOAK. Soon she'll have all the airtime she wants, David promises.

Ben pronounces Cal to be on the mend (if he gets rest) before leaving to answer a page. Lucinda leaves Cal's hospital room to answer her cellphone. It's James, calling her "lover." He wants to know if the package he had sent to her home has arrived yet. She hangs up. Margo tells Tom not to tell her what to think or feel and then walks out. She meets Eddie on the doorstep. He refuses to go to the hospital with her to get treated-he doesn't trust doctors because "they bury their mistakes." Emily arrives to have Tom (the other half of the "Tornado Twosome") edit her article, but Tom's not in the mood. She agrees with him about Eddie's sleepwalking being a ruse. Bob's not enthused about Nancy and Kim's plans for a surprise anniversary party for Tom and Margo-he's worried that they're at a rough point in their marriage. Ben turns down his party invitation and tells Bob about having to sleep off a hangover because Camille needed time to think about the marriage proposal he made to her.

Brad tells Camille he can't walk away from her-he's involved now. He picks up a magazine and opens it to one of her pictures. She's upset at seeing it, saying it, like everything else now, is in her past. She brushes off his attempts to cheer her up and tells him she has cancer. He figures out that that is why she was running. She tells him it is breast cancer. Bob tells Ben not to give up. Ben is determined to find Camille. Nancy and Kim plot to get Tom and Margo to the party until they spot Margo rushing by them in the hospital corridor. Margo asks Ben for help-sleeping disorders was one of his specialties in med school. She describes Eddie's actions and Ben defines it as night terrors. Eddie enters the room. David tells Molly about his buying a share of WOAK. Lucinda arrives home to find the place emptied of servants. But James is in her bathroom, giving himself a bubble bath.

Eddie remembers Ben as the doctor who worked on Deena. Ben arranges for the drug test. Emily is supportive of Tom's anger about Eddie. She calls Margo "just plain wrong." She tells him not to feel bad. David has room service deliver a book-shaped cake to celebrate the success of Molly's alter ego, "Cherish Forever." Molly leaves to visit her "publisher," promising to cut the cake when she gets back. Matthew doesn't return Lucinda's repeated hails. James tells her he's her surprise package. She tries to call the police but discovers he's cut the phone lines, too. James just wants her to join him in the tub. Emily hugs Tom, then goes to leave as Bob, Nancy and Kim arrive. Bob tells Tom about their plans for a surprise party. Tom admits to forgetting it was his anniversary and nixes the idea of having people come over. Ben arranges to have Eddie stay at the hospital overnight to monitor his sleep patterns.

Camille tells Brad that she hasn't told anybody else. He tells her that someone he knows has survived breast cancer, though it wasn't easy. She tells him she wishes she could get her treatment outside of Oakdale, away from everybody she knows. Brad agrees and they leave the restaurant. Tom tells his "grams" to un-invite everybody. Ben is called away from watching Eddie and the lone nurse then gets called away, just as Eddie "wakes up" from dreaming about when Deena left him the first time. He begins removing his monitors. Cal's nurse meets David at the hospital and tells him she's given Cal a sedative. David enters Cal's room and hover over the sleeping oil magnate. When Lucinda goes to leave James drags her into the tub with him.


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