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Monday, June 1, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Marguerite

Victor tries to explain to the non-Garcia cop that they aren't criminals. The cop isn't buying it, even when Kevin explains. In the cellblock the other working girls are picking on Lucy's attire. Naturally, there is a hooker with a heart of gold who shoos them away and guesses that Lucy is working for Enchanted Escort Services. Lucy is excited to find out that she also worked there. She told Lucy that there was a girl who called herself Marie Curious, who left the service to go to medical school. Lucy's eyes light up! Lucy nags her about Marie's real name. The things the hooker remembers all fit Eve: needing money, tough, a wicked sense of humour. Finally, she remembers, Eve Lambert!!! Just as Lucy is starting to get details, Kevin comes - he's bailed her out. She tries to get him to wait while she chats, but Kevin is cross. She gets the hooker's name - Tammy - and went out. One of the girls says "Boy, I thought my pimp was bad." Kevin throws her a look. Back at home, Victor is dis- missed from the room. He told Lucy that he hasn't had so much fun in years, puts on his shades and told Kevin "Later." Lucy told Kevin about Eve. He's not impressed with the discovery. He doesn't see how that proves Eve's guilt in murder. Lucy gets mad, she thinks Kevin is just mad because he's wrong. He's mad because they still have not yet made marriage plans, though she did - with Rex. He thinks she's coming up with excuses not to marry him. He angrily demands to know why, after a year-long engagement, they still aren't married, and why he had to bail her out of jail for doing something she swore she wouldn't do again. He told her he won't live like this and leaves.

Julie and Frank discuss Eve's mostly unknown past. They discuss Chris and Eve being each other's alibi, Grace's call to Scott, etc. They are determined to find a way to prove Eve guilty. They start digging through Eve's stuff, and Joe comes in and they fill him in. Joe isn't too convinced of Eve's guilt. Frank tells Joe that he met Courtney (whom he describes as "some skirt Joe was chasing"). Joe told him he saw her too and they both talk about her being trouble - but no specifics.

Meanwhile, Eve and Scott are discussing where she is going to live. Serena offers her home for Eve to live in. Eve and Scott let her down gently. Serena goes off to clean her room, and Scott apologizes for not encouraging her to live there - Eve understands. Eve decides to spend the night in the on call room. At the hospital, Eve told Chris that she is gone from the Scanlons'. She told Chris that since she now knows he wanted her out so she wouldn't discover he was broke - they could be roomies again. She wants his office as her room. Chris worries that she could kill him some night with a fountain pen - she offers to get rid of all the fountain pens in the house and replace them with felt tips. She points out that she wouldn't kill him - she needs his half of the rent. He concludes he could always smother her with a pillow and agrees to be roommates.

Eve returns to get her stuff and fights with Julie about going through her things. Then they fight over Devlin's affair with Eve. Julie vows to bring Eve down, Eve told her Devlin failed and so will she. They threaten each other and Eve leaves.

Tuesday, June 2, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Kate Metzger

Matt helps Ellen get Alice's apartment in order after the damage from the pipes. While they're working, Ellen told Matt that while she was at GH, he was the leading candidate for the Quartermaine fellowship. Later, she gets a call from Dr. May asking her to return as intern supervisor at GH. Ellen is tempted, but expresses concern to Matt about being his boss as well as his lover. Matt says they can keep it a secret until she is no longer his supervisor.

Kevin, still very angry with Lucy, asks her if she's planning to tell Scott that Eve used to be a prostitute. Of course I am, Lucy responds. He has a right to know. Kevin disagrees, reminding Lucy again that A) it's none of her business and B) that he didn't listen to what everyone said about her before they got together. That's different, Lucy insists. No, it's not, Kevin replies. You married Alan Quartermaine for money and prestige, didn't you? It's all a form of prostitution. Kevin takes off in a huff.

Eve convinces Chris to let her room with him--if she helps him with the rent. They spar for a while about how each of them could be the murderer and Chris leaves. Eve calls Scott to tell him about her new living arrangements. He gets angry and asks her again if he can put her up in an apartment. She refuses, they fight and hang up on each other. Later, Eve relates their conversation to Chris and realizes that she wants to make up. She heads to Scott's.

Kevin returns to the lighthouse and asks Victor where Lucy went. Victor confesses that he heard Lucy make plans to go to Scott's. Kevin tries finding Eve to warn her about Lucy, but he is unable to locate her. Lucy shows up at Scott's first and told him that Eve used to be a hooker. He doesn't believe her and they argue loudly about it. Outside, Eve approaches Scott's door, but stops because she can hear exactly what Lucy and Scott are fighting about. She runs off in tears. Serena comes downstairs and asks Scott where Eve is because she had seen her coming up the driveway. Scott and Lucy look at each other in horror, and Scott runs to the door--but it's too late, Eve's already gone.

Karen moves back into her place that she sublets from Alice. Joe doesn't want her to leave the Scanlon's so they compromise with Karen giving him a key to her place. She told him that she is going to check something with Alice upstairs and takes off. In front of Alice's doorway, she finds a black book and examines it. On the other side of the door (that has a pane of glass in it) Matt and Ellen are kissing.

Wednesday, June 3, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Kate Metzger

Karen knocks on Ellen's door without noticing Matt and Ellen kissing inside. The three of them chat and Joe shows up, looking for some tools. Ellen explains Matt's being there by saying that he's helping her fix up Alice's place. She asks them about the patients and the other interns, obviously anxious to learn what's going on at GH. After Joe and Karen leave, Matt tries to convince Ellen to return, reminding her that she won't be his supervisor after the nurse's ball, which is rapidly approaching. She told him she really wants to come back.

At the firehouse, Scott runs out the door, searching for Eve. When he returns, he blows up at Lucy for her comments and told her to stay out of his business. He leaves Serena with her and went looking for Eve at Chris's, but she isn't there. Scott and Chris argue about the identity of the murderer.

Lucy brought Serena to see Gail at the hospital. The three of them meet up with Courtney and Neil, whom Serena has made friends with. Serena, Gail and Neil leave, and Lucy runs into Audrey Hardy. They chat about the nurse's ball, and Audrey asks her if she still wants to be the chairwoman, because the character of Lucy gets murdered at the nurse's ball in General Homicide. Lucy told Audrey that she's not worried, because she already knows who the killer is--Eve Lambert--and that she'll be taken into custody soon.

Frank meets up with Courtney later on and warns her to stay away from Joe. He accuses her of bringing Neil to GH in order to be close to Joe. She flips out on him and he quiets her by threatening to "make her pay" if she causes any trouble.

Kevin finds Eve at the Recovery Room. She told him that her relationship with Scott is over and that he'll never be able to think of her without the stigma of being a hooker. Kevin told her how he overcame the many trials and tribulations of his past and that she will be able to do the same thing. She leaves, and he takes off for the lighthouse.

At home, Kevin rips into Lucy for sticking her nose into Scott's business. She told him that she was only trying to watch out for Serena. He accuses her of discrediting Eve because she doesn't want Serena to "get a new mother." Kevin reminds her that he already sabotaged Scott and Katherine's relationship and that Scott won't put up with it for much longer--and neither will he.

Scott went home to find Eve in his living room. I've been looking all over for you, he says. I thought about running, but the one thing I'm not is a coward, she responds.

Thursday, June 4, 1998


Fighting back tears, Eve offers to bow out of Scotty's life but is surprised when he declares that's not what he wants. Julie is rattled to receive a letter from Greg Cooper on the anniversary of their fateful encounter. Though Eve wonders how he can ever look at her the same way again, Scotty informs her he's made more than his share of mistakes and is in no position to judge anyone. Kevin tries to persuade Lucy not to emcee the Nurses' Ball. When she refuses to back down, Kevin reminds Lucy that since her character in General Homicide dies at the Ball she could well be the copycat killer's next target. Eve confides to Scott how she grew up on the wrong side of the tracks right there in Port Charles. Explaining how she left college to help out after her kid sister was badly burned, Eve reveals that she began turning tricks to pay for Shelly's plastic surgery. Victor suggests to Kevin that the serial killer is one of the characters in his book. As the interns wonder if Greg Cooper could have escaped from confinement, Frank theorizes that their former colleague is the person who has been committing mayhem all over town. Victor told his son that he regards him as the prime suspect in the murders.

Friday, June 5, 1998


Though Lucy leaps in to defend her lover, Victor continues to insist that Kevin had both motive and opportunity for the murders as well as an unfortunate genetic disposition towards lunacy. Upon learning that Greg Cooper is still locked up in a mental hospital, the interns wonder if their former colleague might have an accomplice on the outside. Eve complains to Chris about the way Lucy tried to sandbag her, then reveals how she used to turn tricks for a living. Surprised when Chris simply shrugs off her big confession, Eve thanks her host for not judging her and asks if he'd like to help her pay Lucy back. Following another medical crisis with Neil, Courtney told Joe how comforting it is to have him nearby as both a friend and a doctor. Kevin turns the tables on his father by reminding Victor that he is also a viable candidate for suspicion of murder. As Neil sleeps, Courtney whispers to her son that his father is taking very well care of him. Meanwhile, an unwitting Joe and Karen wonder what kind of man would desert a kid like Neil. Lucy is rattled to find a clown costume hidden in Kevin's sock drawer.

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