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Grant vowed to make Donna pay for the accident. Josie's undercover FBI work caused a strain on her marriage. Scott put Carl's plans to take over Cory Publishing into action. Cindy told Donna that Lila had forged Shane's journal.
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Another World Recaps: The week of June 8, 1998 on AW
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Monday, June 11, 1998

At The Cory Mansion
The hitman shows up and introduces himself to Amanda and Rachel as Scott Guthrie, who Carl hired as an consultant to work at Cory Publishing. Surprised by all of this and that Carl never mentioned him, Amanda asks Scott if he has a contract. Knowing that he covered all of his bases, Scott pulls out the contract to show to Rachel and Amanda and told Rachel she was exactly the way Carl described her, beautiful. Amanda asks him when was the last time he saw Carl. Scott looks through his notebook and told them that he had many meetings and phone calls with Mr. Hutchins over the past few months and his last meeting with Mr. Hutchins was May 4th. Rachel told him she would very much love to honor her husband's commitments, but Cory Publishing was in the middle of a financial crisis right now. Scott told her he was sorry to hear that while Amanda stands there opposing the contract. Scott told them it was no problem and rips up the contract as a sign of good faith. He then told them he was sorry he has taken up so much of their time and told them it was nice meeting the both of them and prepares to leave. Taken in by Scott's story, Rachel asks him to stay and invites him into the study and asks him for details about his last meeting with her husband. Rachel questions Scott about Carl's behavior, but Scott told her that Mr. Hutchins acted like any normal person does who conducts business. Just then, the nanny brought little Cory and Elizabeth into the study. As they all ooh and aah over the little tykes, Scott says they look exactly like the pictures Mr. Hutchins showed him. Scott then told Rachel that Carl wanted to build up Cory Publishing and leave it to Elizabeth and Cory. Rachel was surprised again that Scott new about the restructuring of Cory Publishing.

On A Ride Out Of Town
Cameron lucks up and gets picked up by a truck driver who asks him how far was he going. Cameron told the guy as far out of Bay City as he can get. As they are riding, a song comes on and the driver says that was what he calls a road song. It kind of takes you back to all the girls you left behind. As the song plays, lingering thoughts of Amanda feels Cameron's head and he told the driver to stop the car. The driver says he thought Cameron was trying to get as far away as he could. Cameron told him that he's changed his mind, so stop the car. The driver stops and Cameron gets out and finds Josie waiting there for him. Josie cuffs him for jumping bail, pulls her gun on him and threatens to take him in. Cameron explains to her that he returned to Bay City to find out who set him up and framed him for murder. Josie told Cameron that her new assignment was to find out who set him up. Josie then asks Cameron if he would like to work with her to solve the case. Cameron refuses her offer and then heads to the Cory's to see Amanda.

At Bay City General Hospital
While locked inside of one of the hospital rooms, Vicky was astounded to hear Jake pronounce that their marriage was over. Vicky says what do you mean it's over. Jake told her to just chalk it up as a week moment from all most getting killed during the fire. Vicky doesn't understand and asks Jake what was all that talk of his about forgiveness. Jake told her he was sorry and Vicky told him that he held her in his arms and he said he forgave her, he said those words before God. Jake told her that God must have been asleep, because if he had heard them, he would have stuck them down with lightning. Vicky told him that none of this was making any sense to her. He told her to think about it long and hard enough and it'll come to her. She puts her arms on his shoulders and told him yesterday at the cottage, he wasn't just all carried away, he was there because he wanted to be there. He told her to take her hands off of him. Vicky asks him how can he say that and why was he looking at her like he hates her when she loves him and she knows he loves her. Jake asks her does she, because he knows she loved Shane and she probably has another Shane hanging around somewhere on a leash. Vicky asks him what was he talking about, because he said he forgave her. Jake told her to cut the crap because he knows she slept with Shane and for her not to deny it because he won't believe a word she says. Vicky told him she never slept with Shane and asks where he got this idea. Jake says nothing to her about who told him. Vicky says she never slept with Shane, not the night he died, not any night and if she had she wouldn't have lied about it. Jake told her that she never had any problem lying before. Vicky says that was the worst time of her life and when she told him the truth she came clean with all of it. She's not gonna start over with him and base it on a lie, she respects what they have too much. She's not gonna risk their happiness or her kids happiness. Jake says nothing and Vicky swears to him and swears on her children's lives that she was not lying. She then told him to look into her eyes and he'll see that he's wrong. However, Jake still believes she's lying to him and told her to open the door or he'll kick it down. Vicky starts rambling and doesn't understand what was going on and why he's believing these lies. Jake told Vicky that he was not going to get into the who, what, why and when's, it's over and that was all she needs to know and as soon as Marley was better he's leaving Bay City and was never coming back. Vicky lets Jake leave and then she figures out that Marley must have done this to her.

Meanwhile In Grant's Room, Grant was being released from the hospital and asks the nurse if Vicky McKinnon was in the hospital. The nurse told Grant that her sister was having surgery tonight and Grant says so then she must be here. He then has a flashback of Donna hitting him and Marley and says to himself now that he remembers what happened, it was Donna who was going to pay. He encounters Donna in the hospital corridors and told her he would like to talk with her. Donna enters his room and asks Grant what was it that he wants. Grant makes small talk and asks Donna about Marley and how she was doing. Donna told him that it was too soon to tell. Grant asks if her doctor's are hopeful and Donna says they all are hopeful and she really doesn't have time to sit there and chat with him. Grant says really, I'm enjoying it. Donna says you mentioned the accident, what about it. Grant told her he was curious that's all, her daughter was seriously injured in an accident and she doesn't seem very interested in finding out who was responsible. Donna told him that Lila Roberts was responsible. Grant says that's right, Lila was being investigated isn't she and then asks Donna wasn't she the one who brought the accusations against her. Donna says your point being. Grant says my point being, that was very good Donna, admit nothing. He then picks up the phone and starts dialing, while a nervous Donna asks him who was he calling. Grant says, Captain Carlino please, but since Joe was out he gets dispatched over to Josie and told her that he was starting to remember some details about the hit-and-run accident and would like her to come over and take a statement. He hangs up and told Donna that he could have told Josie over the phone, but he would like to see the expression on her face when he told her that he was standing in the room talking to the woman who mowed him down. He then says what's the matter Donna, cat got your tongue.

Back At The Cory's
As Scott rambles on about some of the various things Carl has told him, one of the servants comes in and told Rachel and Amanda that a young man would like to see one of them outside. Amanda rushes outside to find Cameron standing there. Amanda asks Cameron if he was alright. He told her yes and thanks her for bailing him out. Rachel curious to see who was at the door, appears and upon seeing Cameron standing there says, "what are you doing here". Cameron told her that he wants to find out who shot her husband and why. Rachel says so does she, but she doesn't have the faith that her daughter has in him. Cameron went on about the conspiracy theory and told them he plans on staying in Bay City until he finds out who set him up. He then asks Rachel for his old job back, protecting the Cory's. Rachel told Cameron that she never wanted him there to begin with, but Cameron says what if the shooter has more targets within the Cory family. Cameron says if he returned they can watch him and he can watch them. Amanda told her mom that Cameron could be right, there could be more targets. Rachel leaves the decision up to Amanda and Amanda allows Cameron to come back to work, but there will be no personal stuff. Back inside, Scott told them he was going to leave and gives Amanda one of his business cards in case she needs any help or advice, he knows people that will help her protect her company against corporate raiders. Amanda introduces Scott to Cameron, and Cameron says he'll be in his room and went up stairs. Scott asks if Cameron lives there and Amanda told him that Cameron was security and he was also trying to prove he was set up for the murder of Carl Hutchins. Scott leaves and calls Carl. He told him about Amanda bailing Cameron out of jail and talking Rachel into letting him move back into the house and about Cameron looking into the shooting. He then told Carl to calm down he can handle it and he doesn't want Carl getting any more of his headaches. He then told Carl to let him handle Amanda, he has been waiting all his life to go one on one with the Cory's and they will never even see it coming. He assures Carl that he'll have his loved ones back with him, forever.

Back At The Hospital
A bewildered Vicky was still reeling from Jake's harsh words and knows she has to talk with Marley, because she was certain Marley knows why Jake was acting the way he is. Vicky went to see Marley, who has just gotten out of surgery, but all Marley wants was Jake. Jake rushes into the room and told Marley that he's here for her now. Jake told Vicky that she's upsetting Marley and told her to leave. Vicky watches from the window and knows that Marley and Jake have grown closer, but feels that she still can't confront Marley now, so she leaves. Back in Marley's room, Marley told Jake that him being here means so much to her. Jake told her that her being there with him helps him as well. He then makes her a deal and told her that what ever comes at him and her, they are a team and nothing will get them down and asks her how does that sound. Marley replies, like a life.

Back In Grant Room, Donna still continues to try to play if off like she doesn't know what Grant was talking about. As Grant recall the accident in detail, he told Donna that he was quite sure that the police will impound the vehicle and find some kind of evidence to back up his statement. Donna finally confesses and told Grant was was an accident her foot slipped. Grant told her that she has always been a beautiful woman, one who was very hard to forget, but he has to admit he was stunned when he remembered. He then told her he never knew she had such a ruthless streak, it's kind of sexy and then asks her why did she do it, because he knows she has never hidden her dislike for him, but to risk killing your favorite daughter. Unless of course you didn't realize it was Marley, you thought it was Victoria didn't you. Donna told him everybody did, the doctors, the nurses, Jake. Grant cuts her off and says but everybody didn't try to kill her did they. Donna asks Grant what does he want. Grant taunts her and says that she's a dangerous woman and he was sworn to warn the public about people like her and he thinks he'll start by telling Marley. Donna begs Grant not to tell Marley because it'll kill her. Grant says you mean it'll kill you don't you Donna. Donna then told him that she'll do whatever he wants. Just then, Josie shows up and told Grant she's ready to take his statement. Grant told Josie that he thought he knew who the driver was, but now he can't remember. Josie becomes angry and storms out of his room. Donna thanks Grant again for not telling, but Grant told her it was temporary and he could remember again at any minute. Donna asks Grant again what does he want. Grant told her that he was going to have to mow over the possibilities. A nurse enters and told Grant he was released, Grant thanks her and told Donna she will hear from him. Outside his room, Grant says to himself that he played that perfectly and then add's by the time Donna has stopped shaking, she'll be ready for anything.....

Today's recap was provided by Amanda Schumm

Matt and Sofia share a romantic moment in Matt's apartment. Lila interrupts them. Matt asks her what she needs and she says nothing. She says she gets lonely and can't sleep. Matt sends Sofia into the kitchen and asks Lila what she's doing. As she told them not to worry about her, Cass shows up to take her out of the apartment and back into hers. Cass told her he's right, Lila's going after Matt. Lila denies it, but Cass sees through her protestations. Lila told Cass that she's not just trying to get support checks and visitation, she wants to marry Matt because she wants her baby to have a father living under the same roof. Cass told her that he's afraid she'll get hurt and that she doesn't love Matt Cory and that Matt doesn't love her. She asks what's wrong with wanting to give her baby a good life and Cass answers nothing, but her plan won't work. She told him to leave, and Cass nearly knocks on Matt's door, but decides against it, walking away.

Sofia asks Matt what's wrong. He told her about the embezzled Cory funds and that he's putting the money for their music business back into Cory. She tells him that she understands. As Sofia's leaving Matt's apartment, she again sees Donna dressed as a nun.

Donna prays in the hotel chapel, remembering her conversation with Grant about the accident. She begins to cry, saying that she's hurt Marley all of her life and says that she'll do anything she can to see that Marley gets what she wants. Cass finds her. She pours out her feelings to Cass.

As Vicky tries to go into Marley's room, Grant stops her. Vicky won't tell him what's bothering her, so Grant says if she won't, he'll find out from Jake. Vicky told him to leave her alone and that Jake told her it was over. She told him that she doesn't know where the lies came from. Donna sees them in the hallway and told Grant to get his hands off Vicky. Donna apologizes for interrupting, looking flustered, and walks off. Grant asks Vicky when her family was going to start treating her like a human being. As Vicky leaves, Grant walks over to Donna and whispers in a sinister tone that she's made a serious mistake. He told her that if she ever comes between him and Victoria, he'll make sure that the world knows that Donna was driving the car.

Marley wakes up from a nightmare and Jake holds her. She told Jake that she's okay and she can deal with it. Jake told her he can't buy it and she's a lousy liar. He told her that she'll be beautiful no matter what she looks like. Jake asks Marley if she remembers telling him about Shane and Vicky. She says yes and he told her about his confrontation with Vicky. Jake asks Marley how she found out. Marley asks Jake to stay with her. Donna relieves Jake, sitting with a sleeping Marley. Marley wakes up and calls for Jake. She told Donna that she talked to Jake and Jake was glad he knew the truth.

Wednesday, June 33rd">

Today's recap was provided by Richard S. Scire

Nick went to Sofia's apartment and let himself in only to find that Sofia was not alone. Matt was there. Matt immediately left so the former couple could talk. Nick and Sofia argued. Sofia made matters worse when she complimented Nick on how well he was handling the situation and assured him that he would find someone to love someday. She promised him that he would one day be just as happy as she was right now.

When an angry Nick left Sofia's, he got a phone call on his cell phone from Lila urging him to come over right away. At Lila's, Lila told Nick the truth about her baby's paternity. Nick was shocked to hear that the baby was Matt's. Lila tried to convince Nick to work with her and fight for the woman he loves by telling Sofia about the baby. Nick saw through Lila and her selfishness and refused her offer.

Gary arrived home after being out all night working on the Grant Harrison case. A worried Josie argued with Gary about his all-nighter. Gary was quick to point out that he's the one that should be angry with her because of her lies and secrets. Gary demanded Josie to "come clean." She refused. Gary stormed out. Later, at the police station, a fellow officer informed Josie that Gary was seen going into a bar. Josie went home to try to track him down. When Gary returned home, Josie asked if he had been drinking. Gary said no, but his sponsor was on the verge of drinking and he was there for him. A guilt-ridden Josie decided to tell Gary everything, from Carl being the suspect to the ex-boyfriend who sent the flowers. They vowed to start over and to never lie again.

At Carlino's, Felicia tried to find out who was on Cass' mind. She knew it had to be a woman. The part of Cass that died with Frankie seemed to be alive again. It didn't take her long to figure out it was Lila. She tried to convince Cass what a horrible couple they would make. He denied having any feelings for Lila. Even though he defended Lila to Felicia, he tried to agree with her opinion about their incompatibility. Their conversation was interrupted by Lila who wanted advice from Cass about a plan to let Sofia and Matt know about her baby.

When Amanda didn't answer the knock on her bedroom door, Cameron walked in only to find Amanda naked. She had taken a shower. When she clothed herself, Cameron asked Amanda if O'Hara, the cop that stopped him on the night Carl was shot, could have possibly left fingerprints on his car since he touched it. Amanda quickly warned him that today was the day the groundskeeper washes the cars. Luckily, Cameron stopped the groundskeeper before it was too late.

Cameron and Amanda decided to see if the police could fingerprint the car. Waiting for Cameron, Amanda got a visit from Scott who was looking for Rachel. When he was innocently helping Amanda with her sweater, Cameron wrestled him to the floor. Cameron's reasoning was that he was hired to protect the family. Cameron was suspicious of Scott's employment. At the police station, Cameron and Amanda told their theory to Josie. Josie finally agreed to help and ordered the car to be fingerprinted. While waiting, Amanda confided in Cameron that due to financial difficulties, she sold the platinum necklace with sapphire hearts that belonged to her grandmother (Ada) to afford to pay his bail. Amanda was feeling bad because it was Allie's birthday, and Allie was promised the necklace for her birthday. Cameron quickly left the police station only to return with Ada's necklace. Josie confirmed the fingerprints belonged to O'Hara who was really an ex-con, Ron Jaynco. Although Ron has a long criminal record, he was never convicted of murder.

Later, Scott followed Cameron to the park. When Cameron was still, Scott aimed a gun at Cameron's back.

Thursday, June 4, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Amanda Schumm

As Lila told Cass that she's got to find a way to casually tell Sofia that Matt was the father of her baby, Cass told her that it doesn't matter about anyone else's feelings as long as she gets what she wants. When Lila accuses him of calling her a whore, he uses the old "if the shoe fits" adage, and Lila storms out of Carlino's.

Vicky and Etta Mae decorate for Kirkland's first grade graduation party when Grant stops by. As Grant acts sympathetic over Donna's treatment of Vicky the previous day, Vicky told him that she's going to the hospital to talk to Marley again and try to find out why the lie about her sleeping with Shane was told to Jake. When Donna shows up, Grant told her that it would be to her advantage to work with him to get Vicky to become closer to him. When he asks Donna how she found out about Vicky sleeping with Shane, she mentions the journal, and Grant decides that he has to talk to Marley in order to help her win Jake, and in order to keep her silence.

Marley calls for Jake, and he rushes into her hospital room. She pours out her fears about the doctor taking the bandages off so soon. He reveals to her that he stayed in Bay City because he didn't want to leave her. He told her that he has to leave for a little while, but he'll be back before they remove her bandages.

Vicky, Etta Mae, and Donna attend Kirk's graduation. As Kirk was making his speech as class president, he mentions Jake and points to the back of the group where Jake's standing. Vicky and Jake have a short discussion, where Vicky reiterates that she never lied about Shane and told Jake that she's not giving up on them.

Grant visits Marley in the hospital. When he asks why she wanted to meet him in the cemetary, she says that she wanted to talk about Kirkland. Grant tells Marley that he knows that she wants Jake for herself and if she wants him, she'll have to keep quiet about the journal because Vicky will find a way to discredit the journal. After Grant leaves, Jake returns, and the doctor arrives to remove Marley's bandages.

As Cameron runs in the park, Scott aims a pistol at him. He puts it away when Amanda approaches and asks what he's doing. He says nothing and she remarks that he seems edgy. He asks if she wants to go out since he has extra time, but Cameron shows up and told Amanda that Rachel wants to speak with her. When Scott leaves, Cameron says that he just made that up so that Scott would leave. Cameron wants Amanda to get closer to Scott so that he can search his room. Amanda agrees, but only for a short time.

At Cory, Scott told Mac's picture that he and Carl will be taking over Cory and there's nothing that he can do from the grave to stop them. Rachel invites Scott to stay on at Cory. Scott places a call to Carl and told him that he's in the company.

Friday, June 5, 1998

At The Bay View Apartments
Lila prepares to enter into Matt's apartment, but can't find her spare key. Cass shows up and catches Lila off guard, startling her causing her to drop her purse. As he helps her pick up her things, he teases her about dishing out money to have her nails done when she was behind 4 months in her rent. He then told her not to bother breaking into Matt's apartment because he isn't there. Lila told him she isn't breaking in, she has her spare key and wants to see how far Matt and Sofia's little affair has gone. Cass told her not to trouble herself because Matt left a message on his answering machine and he and Sofia have gone to New York. Lila drags Cass back into her own apartment and demands he told her what he knows about Matt and Sofia's trip. Cass told her there was nothing to tell, Matt just called and said he was leaving to go to New York with Sofia and he'd be back by tomorrow morning. Lila asks Cass if he left a number and Cass told her no, Matt said they would be unreachable for the evening. Lila says unreachable, what does that mean and Cass told her to use her imagination. Lila told him he had better hope Matt and Sofia didn't run off some where and get married. She then blast Cass for all of his meddling and starts looking and scrounging around in her apartment for money so she can go to New York. Cass told Lila that he has had very little to do with this mess she finds herself in and says it was just like her to blame him for all her twisted little hare-brained schemes gone array. Lila told Cass if it weren't for him, she would have dropped the baby bomb days ago. Cass then asks her what the hell was she doing and Lila told him she was going to New York even if she has to count dimes and nickels to do it. Cass says well you obviously don't need me here anymore and Lila stops him and told him that she does need him, she needs him to tell her where Matt and Sofia are.

On A Plane Bound For New York
Sofia's conscience begins to nag at her as she imagines she keeps hearing people every where on the plane teasing her about doing the nasty for the first time. Matt asks Sofia if she was okay and Sofia plays her insecurities off, by telling Matt that she was just anxious to get to New York. The plane arrives in New York and Matt and Sofia catch a cab to the hotel they will be staying in. As they prepare to enter their hotel room, Matt gives Sofia some yellow roses and Sofia begins to have fantasies again about sleeping with Matt. He asks her what was wrong and she told him that she fantasizes a lot about being alone with him, but now she was a little embarrassed by it. Matt told Sofia he doesn't want to push her and Sofia was grateful that he was so understanding. Later, as they relax, cuddle and watch cartoons on TV by the fire, Sofia still keeps having her sex fantasies and they start going at it hot and heavy. Sofia told Matt that she wants him and Matt asks her if she was sure. Sofia told him she was and leads him to the bed.

At Grant and Cindy's Place
Grant arrives home from the hospital and was confronted by reporters upon entering his penthouse. The reporters asks Grant about his accident and if he knows who the hit-and-run driver was. Grant told them he doesn't know yet, but he plans to make it his number one priority for the citizens of Bay City. Meanwhile inside Grant's apartment, Cindy was telling Gary into a tape recorder all about what Grant has done. Gary says they need proof and Cindy told Gary she has enough proof to have the mayor making license plates for a really, really long time. They hear Grant coming and hide the tape recorder. As Grant walks in, he was surprised to find them together; while Cindy plays it off and told him she knows he had Gary following her and starts yelling at both Grant and Gary. Grant told Gary he did the right thing and then starts in with his Cynthia pumpkin bit and told her that she shouldn't get herself so upset because she knows what it does to her. Cindy says no she doesn't know and ask him to explain it to her and then told Grant that she won't be babysat by some second-class gumshoe. She then turns to Gary and says here's a clue Sherlock, next time you are following someone try not to get so close that you are breathing down their neck. Grant told Gary to excuse them and then told Cindy out of concern for her he did have Mr. Sinclair follow her, because he had no recourse as to her emotional outbreak at the hospital he thought she might do harm to herself. Cindy asks Grant if his speech writers are coming up with this kind of garbage, because she was fine, solid as a rock. She then told him to relieve Mr. Sam Spade over there so they can spend a quiet evening alone. Grant says of course darling, while Cindy went into the other room. Alone, Grant says he guesses he doesn't have to ask Gary how bad it was. Gary told him that Cindy knows her marriage was over and was not happy about it, plus the fact that she doesn't trust Grant, but then again why should she. Grant asks him what was he getting at and Gary says his interest in Vicky and asks Grant if he's planning to go after her. Grant told him he's going to forget he asked such an insulting question and then told him that his services are no longer required, since Cynthia caught him following her. Gary says your the boss Mr. Harrison. He then told Cindy goodnight and leaves. Once Gary was gone, Grant looks at Cindy and says I thought I told you to get the hell out of here, I want you out. Cindy told him that she was actually starting to believe that he could forgive her, but Grant told her he wants her out and doesn't want to find as much as a bobby-pin. Cindy told Grant that people are asking questions about things he's done, but she hasn't told anyone anything yet, because some stupid thing has prevented her from telling. Grant asks her what stupid thing and Cindy told him LOVE. Grant told her he was not interested in hearing her dissertations on love and adds that she doesn't know the meaning of what love is. Cindy told him she was sorry, but Grant says another word you don't know the meaning of. He says he was sorry because marrying her was the biggest mistake of his life and then told her he doesn't want her love. It and her have about 10 minutes to get the hell out of his face. Cindy says fine, she'll just gather a few of her things and send for the rest. Grant says please do, or you will find them out in the street. He then asks Cindy where her so call evidence is, because he's not letting her leave with it. Cindy told Grant to make up his mind, does she stay or go, because he was becoming very erratic. Grant accuses Cindy of having no evidence, but Cindy told him there was plenty of evidence and it's safely hidden, so if anything ever happens to her there are instructions that it was to be sent to the D.A. Grant told her he was not letting her leave without the evidence first. Cindy says oh really, and then knees Grant in the groin and storms out. Grant went to the closet and gathers all of her things and throws them out the door. Unfortunately, Cindy's shoe-box of evidence was left behind. However, Cindy says she knows how to fix it so he doesn't get Vicky. Grant calls Gary to come back and he told Gary he's re-hired and that he needs help handling Cindy.

At Vicky's Place
Etta Mae was there helping Vicky clean up after Kirkland's graduation party. Vicky thanks Etta Mae for all her help and adds that she wouldn't know what she would do if Etta Mae hadn't been there. Etta Mae told her anything for you and then told her to go see Marley at the hospital and she will finish cleaning up at home. Vicky told Etta Mae it has been driving her crazy not to be with Marley as she was going through all of this. Etta Mae told her that Donna told her, that Marley's bandages where coming off today. Vicky says she'll call the hospital first. Etta Mae asks Vicky if she thinks Marley knows what was going on with Jake and Vicky told her if any one knows, Marley does. As she calls the hospital, Jake answers the phone and Vicky told him she was going to come over to see Marley and wondered if she needed anything. Jake told her Marley has everything that she needs. Vicky says fine, she'll be right over and Jake told her not to bother coming to the hospital because it's not a good time, then hangs up on her. Vicky says "How in the hell does he get off treating me like that!" Paulina walks in and asks her who and Vicky says Jake McKinnon, that's who. Paulina told Vicky to calm down, but Vicky told her she will not calm down, she wants to be mad and she was going to stay mad. Etta Mae says now that was what she was talking about. Vicky then told them about Jake telling her that it was not a good time for her to come and see her sister. Paulina told Vicky that she hasn't talked to Jake in a few days and asks her what was going on. Vicky told her that someone told Jake that she slept with Shane for months and months. Paulina was stunned that Jake believes these lies and Vicky says she wonders if Jake was even worth fighting for. Paulina told Vicky that Jake still loves her, but Vicky doesn't know because Jake has stopped believing in her all of the sudden. Vicky says that somehow Lila was involved in all of this. Paulina told Vicky that she owes it to Jake to straighten things out, but Etta Mae says that Jake was the one who owes Vicky. Vicky breaks their little quarrel up and says she will get to the bottom of this and then leaves and heads to the hospital.

At Marley's Unveiling at Bay City General
The doctor comes in and explains the procedure to her and Marley was scared and nervous. He finally takes off the final bandages and told her that she'll need more procedures to remove some of the scarring He then hands Marley a mirror and told her to have a look-see. Marley was still scared to look and the doctor decides to give her some time alone with Jake and leaves. Marley asks Jake to tell her what she looks like. Jake says she's still a knockout, but Marley fears she's no longer beautiful. Jake told her she was beautiful, but different. Jake hands Marley a mirror and told her to take a look at herself. Donna shows up and was shocked. Marley asks Donna how bad it was and Donna says her surgeon was a miracle worker. Donna grabs a mirror and forces it in front of Marley's face.

Back At The Bay View Apartments
Cass told Lila he likes Matt and would never sick her on him. Lila says fine and then starts going on about the life she has led and doesn't want her child to grow up the same way. Cass still refuses to help her break up Matt and Sofia. Lila continues to babble on and Cass told her to put a sock in it. Lila refuses to shut up about it and told Cass that she wants her baby to have a name, his father's name and since he seems to have all of the answers, if she doesn't marry Matt how was she going to get a name for her baby. Tiring of hearing her gripping about it, Cass blurts out "Marry Me", stunning both him and Lila. After a somber moment, both pretend it meant nothing and Lila asks Cass what was wrong with him and asks if he has a heart in there. She then told him she thought she knew him, but he was just like everybody else, a pig. Cass told her to wait just a minute and Lila told him she means it and he drives her absolutely crazy. Cass told her that would be impossible since she was already certifiable and then told her the entire Cory family especially Matt would see right through her. He then calls her pathetic and says why would any man on earth want to marry her and she asks him why he asked her. Cass says he asked to make a point and then spouts legal mumbo-jumbo. Lila told Cass that she wouldn't marry him because he doesn't have enough money to marry her. Cass decides to leave, but Lila stops him and asks if she can borrow money. Cass told Lila that he has no plans to finance her trip to New York to break up Matt and Sofia. Lila calls him a moralistic prig and told him to get out, which he does. Lila sits down and starts planning how to handle this situation with Matt and Sofia and she comes up with a new scheme and decides, it's best not to look desperate by going to New York.

Back At The Hospital
Vicky shows up to see Marley, but Jake refuses to let her into Marley's room. Vicky and Jake start arguing and she says that she knows she belongs with her sister, despite all this stuff that has supposedly surfaced. Donna shows up and Vicky says she needs Marley and Marley probably needs her. Donna decides to go inside and see what Marley wants. Jake warns Vicky that Marley was different looking now. In her room, Marley doesn't want Vicky to see what she looks like now. Donna starts spewing about how Vicky was the horrible one and was paying the price now and they can't forget that. Marley looks in the mirror and asks how can she forget it. Donna leaves and Vicky enters in to see Marley's face for the first time. Marley turns around and Vicky was surprised by her appearance. Meanwhile, outside Marley's room, Cindy shows up and asks Donna where Vicky is. Donna says she's in with Marley and Cindy told Donna that Vicky has to know that Grant and Lila forged Shane's journal and Vicky never slept with Shane, Lila and Grant just wanted it to seem like she did. Donna on the other hand, was stunned by this shocking revelation.........


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