All My Children Recaps: The week of December 9, 2002 on AMC
Maria stopped Aidan from drugging David. Adam visited Liza in jail, where she told him about Mia's fall. Anna was reinstated as the chief of police. Simone viewed a tape of her brother's drug crash, and Frank was forced to reveal that he was the person who had filmed it.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of December 9, 2002 on AMC
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Monday, December 9, 2002

It looked like this was one situation that David could not squiggle out of. Completely tied up in ropes, Aidan waved the serum in front of David's arm and threatened to inject him with it. He told David that he now had the 'X-17', the same drug used to erase Maria's memory. Aidan gleefully predicted that now David would lose his memory, and suggested a new identity for David: "Dan Harris, the exterminator." David begged Aidan to stop. Without me, Maria will never get her memory back, David pleaded.

Then David turned the tables on Aidan. He accused Aidan of secretly hoping that Maria never regained her memory. That way, she'd never remember her love for Edmund. This accusation seemed to strike a nerve with Aidan. Aidan angrily raised the needle, but just then Maria ran in. At first she tried to stop Aidan. But when she discovered that Aidan had found the 'X-17', she abruptly changed her mind. She took the needle and decided that she would do the honors of hurting David.

Panic stricken, David reminded Maria how he had saved her life. He told her how injecting her with the drug had been extremely difficult. But Maria was feeling no mercy: "That's where you and I differ... To me, it just seems so easy." Aidan pinned David down as Maria raised the needle. But then, she stopped. She realized that injecting David would be like becoming David. She instructed Aidan to untie David. But David, concerned that Aidan would take the drug to authorities, made a grab for the serum. A big brawl ensued. Clutching the vial, Aidan slammed David's head against the wall. Then David choked Aidan with the rope. Aidan tossed the vial to Maria and managed to break free. But before the two could escape, David grabbed for the gun. He pointed the gun at both of them.

Greenlee met Trey to find out the status on obtaining that factory. Trey claimed the factory sale looked promising, and that soon her dream of running a cosmetics empire would become a reality. Trey tried to hide the fact that the female was none other than Kendall. But not well enough. Greenlee quickly figured out that Kendall was the one, and that Kendall knew about the factory. Greenlee jumped out of her seat. "You idiot", she yelled at Trey, and ran out of the restaurant.

In the meantime, Kendall was sweet-talking Palmer. She explained that she was a cosmetics genius in the making. "I want to be a somebody" and proposed that Palmer sell her his building so she could prove it. Moments later, Greenlee appeared, out of breath. She explained to Palmer that she too would like to purchase his building. But Greenlee was too late. Palmer had already made a deal with Kendall.

An appalled Greenlee told Palmer that Kendall was a broke loser. But Palmer wasn't listening. He had already signed a contract (on a cocktail napkin), which leased the building to Kendall for a couple of dollars per year. Greenlee openly mocked the thought of Kendall making a profit and the 2 women began trading insults. Palmer suggested to the two women, that while he thoroughly enjoyed watching their slugfest, they should consider working together. "... With that backstabbing, manipulative hustler? I'd rather stick my finger in a light socket." Greenlee declared. But with Palmer's and Trey's encouragement, Greenlee calmed down, and reluctantly agreed to work with Kendall. But only if she got the corner office.

In the hospital, Liza was admitting to Tad that she did indeed push Mia, when Mia walked into the room. Naturally, Mia overheard what Liza had said and became visibly upset. Mia tearfully asked Liza if it was true. Liza tried to explain that Mia's fall was an accident - that she had tripped over her dress. But Jake wasn't buying it. Jake suddenly recalled how Liza had recently suspected Mia was having an affair with Adam. "My God Liza, you were trying to kill your won sister" he exclaimed.

Liza confessed that Mia's frequent secret meetings with Adam made her mighty suspicious. But she insisted that murder was not her intention that night in the attic. Mia stared listlessly at Liza, while Jake was openly unforgiving. He warned Liza that detectives were asking questions about the incident. A depressed Mia went back to her room. Back in her hospital bed, Mia cried that all she ever wanted was to feel like she belonged. She thought Liza had loved her, but now felt everything was different. Jake assured Mia that he was going to "take care of this" and left the room.

IN the meantime, Tad renewed his efforts to calm down Liza. But then, Liza suggested that maybe, just maybe, pushing Mia was subconsciously what she wanted. At that very moment, Jake walked in. He angrily instructed Liza to stay away from Mia. A few minutes later, police officers entered. They announced that they were there to arrest Liza for attempted murder and handcuffed her.

Tuesday, December 10, 2002

Mateo was watching from the bar as Hayley interviewed Jamie-Lynn Sigler on "The Wave", held at SOS. They were discussing Jamie's career, her role in Broadway's "Beauty and the Beast", and her fiancÚ. A man whispered in Mateo's ear, "Your wife's the best." Mateo nodded in agreement. Hayley concluded her interview by discussing Jamie's new book and the problems she has had to overcome. When they were finished, Jamie told her it was a fabulous interview and she should consider going national. She left the stage as Hayley told her stage manager what Jamie said. As she walked up to Mateo, he was talking to Marian on the phone and asking her if she still does commercial real estate. Hayley overheard him telling her that he was selling SOS. At first, Hayley played dumb and asked Mateo what he was up to. When he didn't come clean right away, she told him that she knows what he's up to. She was upset, and told him they were supposed to be partners. He said they are partners, and that's why he's selling their place. He said that he's seen how she is on camera, and he can't hold her back from the rest of the world. Hayley asked about his mother, but he told her that Maria is back and Edmund's around. Finally, Hayley relented and agreed with Mateo that they should move to L.A. Later, they reminisced about the opening of SOS as they drank some sparkling cider. In remembrance of the first day of SOS, they danced.

Liza was sitting quietly in her jail cell when Adam rushed in. He told her he thought it was a horrible joke when Barry told him she was arrested. He asked her what she did and why she didn't call him. She said she knew he would start the party, because he has her exactly where he wants her. He asked her again what she did, and she admitted she pushed Mia. Adam told her that it was an accident, and it couldn't be true, but Liza responded that it was attempted murder. She told him that it was all her fault and she went on to tell him the whole story. Adam tried to comfort her, but was shocked to hear she thought he was having an affair with Mia. She told him that he was having an affair, but she just had the wrong woman. She was extremely remorseful, and prepared to give up as she finished her story. She told Adam that he now had all the ammunition to get full custody of Colby. She fell to her knees and began crying, telling him not to take her daughter away from her. Adam bent down to her and led her to her feet, assuring her that he has no intention of taking Colby. Liza didn't believe him, and said that she's always been afraid he would take Colby from her, and that's why she was trying to protect her. Adam said that all he really wants is his family. He also assured Liza that it was not intentional when she pushed Mia. He forced Liza to admit that the thought of Adam with another woman affected her mind. When she saw Mia talking on the phone, all she could think about was what Adam did to her. She told him that she felt this way because she loves him. He was stunned to hear he say that, but she went on. She said that it's probably self-destructive of her, but she's never stopped loving him. She's tried to make herself stop, but it just wasn't happening. Sitting down on her cot, Liza told Adam that he's finally won.

David was pointing the gun at Aidan, and told Maria to give him the vial or he would shoot Aidan. She told him that he wasn't serious, but he continued to threaten Aidan with a trip to "7mm hell". Maria decided to call his bluff and told David to go ahead and shoot him. Aidan wasn't sure it would work, but Maria assured him that David isn't a cold blooded killer, and he wouldn't kill him. David decided to prove her wrong by shooting a whole in the wall behind Aidan. Maria freaked out and told him that his life would be ruined if he shot them. David told her that his life would be ruined anyway if she walked out with the serum. He also told her that any chance she had to regain her memory would be gone if he was locked up or dead. He ordered Aidan to turn around and told Maria to set the vial on the table. Maria was hesitant, but David was adamant and screaming at her to make her choice and put the vial down. Maria finally set the vial on the table. She and Aidan slowly walked to the door and left, as David continued to have his gun trained on them.

Maria drove Aidan to where he parked his car. Before he got out, he asked her if she wanted to talk about it. She told him that if he was so eager to talk, why he doesn't just tell her what he thought he would accomplish back there. He told her that he thought she wanted the same thing he did. She responded that she was happy neither one of them went through with it. She said that she never should have vented to him, because she was afraid he might do something like this. He said that he only wanted to scare him, but he would do whatever was necessary to make sure justice was done. She told him that she appreciates the help he's given her, but she doesn't need a guardian angel right now. He told her that he's not her guardian angel, and he knows she can take care of herself. He said that he wanted her in his life when he first met her, and he still does. He said that he's tried to get her out of his mind, but he can't. Maria said that she didn't want to think about this right now, and Aidan promised her that he would stay out of her way so she didn't have to worry about it. Before leaving her car, he said that he regrets not sticking it to David, because he deserves whatever he gets.

David found his lawyer, Kenny, nursing a drink at the bar of the Valley Inn. He told his lawyer that Maria said Jackson didn't have enough evidence to charge him. Kenny said that he'll just get a slap on the wrist, but David told him he'd rather negotiate a plea now, so he can stop looking over his shoulder. When Kenny asked him what the rush is, David told him that he hopes that Anna could get her job back if he's no longer wanted by the police. He asked Kenny what kind of deal he could get, and Kenny told him that he'd probably get a suspended sentence and community service. David asked Kenny to go make the call, and he left. When he returned, he repeated to David that he didn't think he was acting in his own best interests. He said, however, that the DA's office would go for a suspended sentence and 500 hours of community service working at the free clinic downtown. David was irate that he'd have to work in that "Third World hell hole". Kenny told him that those people deserve the same treatment he would give the "country club set", and if he didn't accept it, he'd be cleaning the highways with a toothbrush. David relented and told Kenny to make the deal.

Wednesday, December 11, 2002

David and his attorney arrived at court. David said he wanted to cop a plea as long as it would get Anna her job back. Jack came over and David told him he had one more demand. He wanted Jack to agree to getting Anna's job back for her. Jack agreed then David had one more demand. He wanted Jack to make sure Anna only worked behind a desk while she was pregnant. Jack said the way she does her job is up to her. David very snidely said she would always choose the safety of their baby, just as she chose him. After the hearing David came out of the court room smiling. He thanked his lawyer who then walked away. Jack came up and reminded David that for the next 6 months "You belong to me." David said he was going home to Anna.

Meanwhile Anna and Maggie were at Myrtle's boutique. Anna was trying on maternity clothes but was very disgusted by the choices, saying she looked like a couch. Anna picked up a slinky black dress and wondered why maternity clothes couldn't look like that. Maggie took the dress and said it was just her size and went in a dressing room. Anna found another dress to try on and followed Maggie. A woman walked by and saw Anna's purse on a chair. She began to rifle through it and took out the wallet. Just then she heard Maggie and Anna coming out so she ducked in an empty dressing room. Anna told Maggie she looked beautiful in the dress but that she looked like a window treatment. Maggie told her she should wear black and take up a hobby like bedazzling. Anna laughed and said a hobby is what got her pregnant in the first place. Anna listened to Maggie describe bedazzling as she walked around the room. She whipped open the dressing room curtain and pulled out the woman hiding there. Anna said she was under arrest and the woman laughed, saying "Right blimpie, you're not a cop!." Anna told Maggie to have Myrtle call the police. After the cops took the would be thief away Myrtle thanked Anna, saying "Sticky Fingers has been prowling around here for weeks." She went to find Anna another dress to try to Maggie talked to Anna about her police work. Anna said she gave it up for the baby but that she missed it. Her cell phone rang and she spoke to the Commissioner, who told her she had her job back. Maggie was surprised that he had heard about Anna's arrest of the purse snatcher already but Anna said it wasn't because of that, it was because of David.

Anna went home to the cabin and found David finishing up on the cradle. She kissed him and thanked him for making the deal with the DA. She said she was sorry that Jake wouldn't give him his job at the hospital back but David said the hospital would be begging for him to come back. They hugged and laid down on the bed. After making love David was in his robe but Anna was getting dressed. The phone rang and she told "Sanchez" that she'd be right there and to bring her gun and badge. She told David there was a car jacking and she had to go. David tried to talk her out of going but she said she'd be fine and left.

Laurie went to the cemetery and knelt in front of her mother's grave. She told her how much she missed her and that her dad is angry all the time. Laurie told her that her father won't let her see JR and that he is the first guy she's ever really liked. She said she didn't want to sneak around and wished her mother was there because she'd know what to do. JR was standing behind her, listening. He walked closer and Laurie heard him. She told him her mother had died 2 years ago. He asked why she had never told him before and she said she didn't want any pity. She said when they first met his mother had just died and she didn't want to put more on him than he already had. Laurie said she is the only kid left at home and that she's all her dad has. She asked if JR ever talks to his mom. He asked how to stop hurting long enough to talk. Laurie told him how she talks to her mom all the time and that she thinks her mom would like JR. JR said Laurie was the first person he felt comfortable with after his mom died. He kissed her hand but she pulled away and said it wouldn't work. He said yes it can and kissed her lips. Laurie pulled away and said she couldn't just forget about her dad because he needed her. JR said "I need you too. We'll work it out." He kissed her again.

Jake came into Mia's hospital room and handed her engagement ring to her. He told her it meant she was being released today and she has a wedding to plan. Tad came in and wanted to talk to Jake. They went into the hallway and Tad jumped on him for having Liza arrested. They argued and Tad told Jake to just cool down. Jake said he was protecting Mia. Tad asked him if he could live with sending a friend to prison and left.

In the jail cell Liza just laid on her cot. Adam came in and she jumped up, exclaiming "Thank God you're here!." She told him to forget what she had said the night before about loving him. "I meant it but just forget I said it," she told Adam. She told him she'd be very grateful if he'd still let her see Colby. Adam smiled and said he wanted more than her gratitude, he wanted her. "I love you too!" he told a stunned Liza. She said "You don't hate me?" and he said he loved her more than anything, and that even after all the horrible things they've done to each other their love is still there. She asked if this was a set up and Adam said his love for her is the one true thing in his life. She asked about Mia and Adam said it was his fault, he drove her to that and was sorry for that and for Brooke. Adam said he'd get Liza out of jail today and take her home. Liza said "I said I love you, I didn't say I could live with you!." Adam asked what kind of game she was playing and Liza said their relationship was like a war and she couldn't take it anymore. Adam said it was all in the past but Liza said they couldn't hurt or confuse Colby anymore. Adam volunteered to go to counseling and Liza was amazed. He said he'd do anything she wanted if she'd just give them another chance. He took her hands through the bars of the cell and she finally agreed. Adam was thrilled and said they'd be happier than ever. He was on his way out to work on getting Liza out of jail when Tad walked in. Adam was pleasant and said "Merry Christmas!" to Tad. Tad told Liza he'd never seen Adam so happy and asked what was up. Liza just looked at Tad and smiled. Tad cringed and said "Oh no, he got to you again, didn't he?" Liza told him that Adam said he'd go to counseling but Tad didn't believe he'd go through with it. Tad told her that Mia was being released and that Jake was the one who had her arrested. Liza told him not to be mad at Jake, "Don't let my stupidity get between you and your brother." Tad said he'd keep working on Jake. Liza thanked him for standing by her. He left and Brooke walked in. "I know I'm the last person you want to see," she told Liza.

Stuart and Marian went into Mia's room. Mia told them she was confused and thought that Liza loved her, "How could she push me out the window?" Marian tried to stick up for Liza but Mia asked if they both had known that Liza had caused the accident. They admitted it and Mia was very unhappy. Marian said it was her fault that Liza didn't tell anyone, she had told her not to so Adam couldn't take Colby in a custody battle. Mia was appalled. Marian started to cry and told Mia Liza was in jail. Mia didn't know she'd been arrested and wondered how Colby would take the news. Adam walked in and said Colby would be fine when her mommy was home where she belonged. Adam said he'd just come from seeing Liza in jail and Mia said that wasn't her fault. He told her to call the DA and tell him it was an accident. She said she didn't know if it was an accident or not. Adam said Liza wasn't lying, that she never meant to hurt her sister. Marian wondered why he was sticking up for Liza and he said they admitted that they still loved each other. Mia said it was warped, that because she almost died they found each other again. Adam told her Jake was the one who had Liza arrested just as Jake walked in. Jake said it was just what Liza deserved. Mia asked why he hadn't told her and he said that until they had proof that Liza didn't do it on purpose she was staying in jail. Everyone started arguing and Jake ordered them out of the room. Stuart kissed Mia and said he knew she'd do the right thing. They all left Jake alone with Mia. She told him she was surprised he had Liza arrested and that she didn't feel good about keeping her from her family. Jake said he'd do whatever it takes to keep Mia safe. He told her he was taking her home with him to recover. She was happy and hugged him. He told her not to worry about Liza and to just concentrate on getting better.

Thursday, December 12, 2002

Brooke visits Liza in jail to let Liza know how sorry she is and how guilty she feels for what she has done. When Liza asks why she did it, Brooke can only say she wasn't thinking. She had an urge to lose herself even if it was only for awhile. With everything she's been through in her life Brooke has found the only thing she can't deal with is guilt. Surprisingly, Liza understands. She doesn't blame Brooke for what has happened to her marriage. Liza admits she cheated on her marriage with Ryan. However, now that she has come so close to losing everything, Liza understands that she has to hold on to what is important. She tells Brooke that she and Adam are going to work to save their marriage.

Edmund arrives at David's cabin to let David know his data checked out with the experts. David angrily tells Edmund the deal is off. He goes on to tell Edmund about the ordeal he was put through by Maria and Aidan. When David figures out Edmund knows nothing about his wife's activities, David tells Edmund that Maria and Aidan have their own private frequency. Edmund tells David just keep concentrating on the research. He hands David a check and explains that this could be David's ticket to the Nobel Prize. He knows how to stroke David's ego and having David's research recognized would do that.

Maria paces the inside of her motel room worrying about Aidan. All morning she had been placing calls trying to find him. Eventually, Aidan comes to the motel. When he asks Maria what's wrong, she tells him she needs to pay him back the money she owes him. Aidan asks what is the REAL reason she was looking for him. Maria says she was worried he'd gone back to the cabin to finish what they'd started the night before. Aidan promises to be careful, but won't promise to stay away from David. Maria continues to fret about how close they came to injecting David and wiping away his memory. When it's time for Aidan to leave, he opens the door, then he and Maria embrace. Of course, this is just the time that Edmund decides to visit and he sees them together.

Aidan leaves and Maria invites Edmund inside. Edmund comments that he didn't know Maria and Aidan were still so close. He then asks if Maria has given any more thought to an antidote for her memory. Maria says yes, she thinks about it all the time, but there is no way she will ever let David lay his hands on her again. Edmund is clearly disappointed. Maria tries to lighten the mood by talking about what to get the kids for Christmas. When Edmund begins to pace, Maria asks him point blank if he wants Maureen gone. Edmund says he has tried and tried to get to know her, but still doesn't know any more about her than he did at the beginning. Edmund leaves and places a call to David. He tells David to work faster on his research. Edmund wants his wife back as soon as possible.

Simone's father pays a visit to Myrtle's where he finds Simone happily stringing popcorn and cranberries. He tells Simone he's found out something terrible about Frank. He's hired a private investigator. Simone is disgusted that her father has nothing better to do than try to destroy her happiness. She doesn't care about anything Frank has done in the past. She has done a lot of terrible things herself. Her father hands Simone a video tape, then leaves. Simone is angry, but curious. She pops in the tape and is alarmed by what she sees. It is a video of her brother Anthony the night he overdosed and went into a coma. The video shows Anthony stumbling through an alleyway being helped by friends. Anthony falls to the ground unconscious as his friends helplessly look on.

Simone wonders what kind of sicko would film such a thing. Why didn't the filmmaker get help for her brother? When Frank comes in, Simone tearfully runs to him telling him about the video. She can't understand why her father gave the tape to her and what ties it to Frank. Frank confesses that he was the one who shot the video.

Friday, December 13, 2002

Simone paced around the living room at Myrtle's boarding house. She couldn't believe Frank filmed her brother, Anthony, while he had OD'd on drugs. Frank tried to explain his reason for making the documentary video. He wanted to win a major film award and make a ton of money from it. He continued to explain his motives and how the video of Anthony changed him. He wanted to study medicine so he could help save lives. Simone couldn't understand how he could continue filming Anthony and not stop to call 911 to help her brother. She blamed him for not helping to save Anthony. His video was more important to him than her brother's life. She became more distraught and ran out of the boarding house.

While Aidan was working at the bar he called Maureen to find out if Edmund had overheard their conversation about the incident with David at his cabin. Maureen assured him she covered their story so Edmund didn't know anything. She replied that she was more worried about the Great God Hayward than Edmund. Aidan finished his phone call as Kendall blasted into the bar chanting, "It's a bird, it's a plane, no it's super Aidan." Aidan was a bit annoyed with her. Kendall bragged about her new business venture, starting another cosmetic business as competition to Enchantment. Aidan chided her for trying to compete with Erica. Kendall denied that was her motive. Kendall's lunch date appeared: Boyd, the chief chemist from Enchantment. Aidan questioned Kendall's motive for having lunch with Doyle and then returned to the bar.

Over lunch, Kendall tried to talk Boyd into leaving Erica's company and go to work for her company. She talked about the new formula he was working on and she was surprised to hear it had not been patented yet. Boyd said he would not write down the formula until he had the patent, which would bring millions of dollars. Kendall's eyes lit up. Boyd refused to leave Enchantment. His new formula was a thank you to Erica for having faith in him. Meanwhile there was a mysterious, young, well-dressed woman sitting at a table nearby listening to Boyd's and Kendall's conversation.

Edmund walked down the stairs to the living room at Wildwind talking to someone on the phone about making sure the money was transferred that day to Hayward's account. He completed his call before entering the room where Sam was reciting, "It was the Night Before Christmas." He would forget a line and Maddie would instantly prompt him. They were practicing for the pageant they were playing in. Maddie wondered if Maria would celebrate Christmas with them. She was worried if Edmund didn't invite her right away Maria would spend Christmas with Aidan. Edmund took the children Christmas shopping and then to visit Maria.

At his cabin, David looked at the bullet hole in his wall and then quickly moved a painting in front of it to hid e it from Anna as she came into the room. She asked him if he knew anything about a missing bullet from her back up service revolver. David looked blankly at her at first. But when Anna persisted in knowing who fired her gun, David finally admitted he did-at the possums eating the garbage outside the cabin. Anna reminded him not to use her revolver again. David changed the subject and suggested that they have his family over for Christmas. Anna wanted to invite her family, Aidan, as well. But David was against it. Anna decided she was going to call Aidan to invite him and left the room to make the call. As soon as she left, David grabbed his coat and rushed from the cabin.

While Kendall was having lunch, Aidan's phone rang. It was Anna inviting him to spend Christmas with her and David. As Aidan was talking to her, David walked into the bar. Aidan promised Anna he would think about it and get back to her. David cautioned Aidan to not tell Anna about the incident at the cabin. Aidan taunted David about the secrets David is keeping from Anna and that he might tell her about David's dark side. David left the bar after telling Aidan to watch his back. Aidan followed after him.

Jamie saw Joanie at her locker and asked her how she did on the "Scarlet Letter" test. She told him her score and then reminded him she wasn't supposed to talk to him. He wasn't happy she didn't ask him what his grade was. Joanie reminded Jamie her parents didn't want her to see him and told him to leave her alone. She walked away from Jamie.

Christmas shopping completed, Edmund took Sam and Maddie over to Maria's room at the Pine Cone Motel so they could invite her to Wildwind for Christmas. Maria said she would think about the invitation and let them know later if she would come. Maddie was disappointed Maria didn't say yes. She got a piece of mistletoe out of her shopping bag and put it over Edmund's head. "You know the drill," she told Edmund. He and Maria kissed briefly much to Maddie's approval. Edmund and the children soon left to go to rehearsal for the pageant.

Edmund returned to the Valley Inn bar looking for Aidan. Aidan had left. David walked in and sat at the bar. Edmund commented on how awful and ruffed up he looked. The bartender asked him if he wanted a second drink the same as before. Edmund realized that David had been at the bar when Aidan was on duty. He asked David if he had seen Aidan. "No," replied David.

Maria finished decorating her small tabletop tree and heard a thump on her door. When she opened it, Aidan stumbled in and slumped to the floor.

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