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Jake wanted Liza to be held accountable for Mia's fall. Anna learned that Aidan was wanted for murder in Scotland Yard. Kendall and Greenlee hired Simone to be a part of their new cosmetics company. Maria helped Aidan hide after someone shot him. Mateo and Hayley left Pine Valley, and Julia returned.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of December 16, 2002 on AMC
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Monday, December 16, 2002

David arrives at the Free Clinic to begin his 500 hours of Community Service and is immediately offended when Dr. Janelle Anderson assigns him to scrub used medical instruments so they can be used again. David points out that, at Pine Valley Hospital, those used instruments would just be discarded but Dr. Anderson assures David that the free clinic can afford no such luxuries. Dr. Anderson informs David that his reputation has preceded him and she plans to keep a tight reign on ALL of David's activities. Maggie slips into the clinic unnoticed by David. As David and Janelle tangle, Maggie muscles in and urges David to watch his P's and Q's so that she does not lose yet another family member to the criminal justice system.

Hayley arrives at the Chandler Mansion and reluctantly informs Adam that she and Mateo are moving to California so she can syndicate her show. Adam surprises his daughter by telling Hayley that she should NEVER apologize for success and, as Adam gives her his blessings. father and daughter share a tender farewell.

When Edmund arrives home at Wildwind, he is surprised to find Mateo and Lorenzo, playing with Sam and Maddie. When Mateo informs Edmund that he and Hayley have made the final decision and ARE leaving for California, Edmund expresses his regret that Mateo will NOT be there to help as Maria regains her memory. When Mateo quizzes Edmund on the possibility of Maria regaining her memory, Edmund admits that he has experts working on a solution. When Mateo tells Edmund that Mateo could send Hayley ahead to California alone while Mateo stayed behind to continue to help with Maria's recovery, Edmund urges Mateo to NOT let the woman he loves get on that plane alone!

Meanwhile, Maria is shocked when Aidan collapses at her door at the Pine Cone Motel and she quickly realizes that Aidan has been shot. But, when Maria insists that Aidan let her call the Hospital so he can receive immediate medical attention, Aidan tells Maria that, if any doctor gets involved, Aidan will surely end up dead. Aidan tells Maria that SHE will need to remove the bullet, even though Maria protests that she does NOT remember her medical training. Aidan reminds Maria that she saved Edmund's life with her quick thinking, but Maria insists that Maria only followed David's telephone directions. Aidan tells Maria what medical supplies she will need and tells her that he has always trusted her. Maria grabs the toys she had wrapped for the kids in the Pediatric Ward, stuffs them into a Christmas shopping bag and heads to the Hospital.

Laurie brings her father in to the free clinic, suffering from a lacerated head and, when Laurie realizes that Maggie is there, Laurie begs Maggie to never mention to anyone that Maggie saw Laurie at the free clinic. Maggie assures Laurie that her lips are sealed. Later, Laurie confides to Maggie that her Dad drinks and then picks fights with people in the bar. Dr. Anderson urges Laurie to get her Dad to attend some AA meetings but Laurie tells Dr. Anderson that she doubts that Laurie could ever successfully convince her father to do something like that.

When Maria arrives at the Hospital, she tells the nurse on duty that she brought cookies and presents for the Pediatrics Ward. But, when the Duty Nurse leaves, Maria slips into an unused Emergency room and dumps the presents out on the bed and begins stuffing bandages and antibiotics into the bag. Unfortunately, Opal spots Maria and invites Maria to have a nice long chat in the cafeteria about Opal's memories of Maria. But Maria begs off, claiming to have a headache. Opal notices a blood stain on Maria's blouse, but Maria claims that she had been helping Maddie paint Christmas ornaments and it must be paint. When Opal leaves, Maria finishes filling her bag and returns to the Pine Cone Motel.

A patient is brought in to the free clinic in full cardiac arrest and David reacts automatically, pressing Maggie in to service to perform CPR on the patient. David gets the patient breathing again. And Dr. Anderson admits to being impressed with the way David reacted instinctively to a crisis. After David supervises making sure the cardiac patient is loaded in to the ambulance to be moved to the Pine Valley Hospital, Janelle invites Maggie to volunteer at the Clinic again. Maggie agrees that she would get a lot of practical experience at the clinic. David again asks Janelle to let him begin working on the patients, since Janelle is so desperately in need of every hand she can get, but Janelle informs David that where he is needed most is in sterilizing the instruments, because the need to avoid spreading any kind of infection is critical to the clinic.

After Mateo leaves Wildwind to pick Hayley up at the Chandler Mansion, Maddie gets out of bed and comes to tell Edmund that she is worried that Santa might not find Maria at the Pine Cone Motel. Edmund promises that they will hang a stocking up for Maria at Wildwind.

Hayley, Mateo and Lorenzo share a tender farewell with Adam at the Chandler Mansion.

When Maria returns to the Pine Cone, she finds Aidan delirious and still losing blood. When Aidan regains consciousness, Aidan tells Maria that he was in Special Forces and instructions on how to take care of bullet wounds was part of his training, so Aidan is going to tell Maria what she needs to do, and Maria begins removing the bullet.

Tuesday, December 17, 2002

Greenlee and Kendall sat at a table in the Valley Inn bar discussing their business venture as Simone sat at the bar eavesdropping. Greenlee was quick to point out Kendall's failure in luring Boyd from Enchantment, and she suggested they forget about him and move on. When Kendall said they needed to figure out a product to market, Greenlee suggested they should figure out the product later, and start with the marketing. Kendall was astonished that Greenlee wanted to advertise "nothing". Greenlee filled her in a company that got started through advertising before their product was even concieved. Kendall warned her that this would be perpetuating a fraud if they began advertising with nothing to advertise. Simone interupted their argument by telling them that they could probably have both. She started to walk away but Kendall stopped her. She wanted Simone to explain what she meant, but Greenlee told her to just let the eavesdropper leave. Simone told Kendall to put money into production and get the advertising for free. Kendall wanted her to explain more, but Greenlee had enough. She stood up and told Kendall, "If Simone stays, I leave". Kendall managed to convince her that listening to Simone is free, so Greenlee decided to stay. Simone told them that they could advertise through publicity stunts or other newsworthy events that will get their faces on camera. Kendall questioned whether "Guerrila Advertising" could really work, and Greenlee said that she knows it works "because I've done it." She told them the story of dressing up in a nightgown at the mall to sell Enchantment perfume, and how well it worked. Greenlee told her that this time, however, the product they'll be selling "is us." Simone agreed with her, and Kendall told Greenlee that she'll do this under one condition, Simone joins the company. Greenlee reluctantly agreed, because they need a writer, and Simone decided to join them. Happy that they were all together, Kendall ordered three glasses of champagne to celebrate.

After being released from the hospital, Mia arrived with Jake at his apartment. As he carried her bags back to their room, Frank arrived. He told Mia that he just swung by to see Jake. When Jake returned, Frank told him that he came over to say good-bye. He was leaving Pine Valley. When Jake began questioning him, Frank told him that he isn't fit to be a doctor. They stopped him from leaving their apartment and convinced him to tell them more. Frank said that he does owe them an explanation and they sat down. He reminded Mia how he was in the old days, and she remembered that he was in love with his filmmaking. She told him that he would have filmed his own death if he could. Frank told them that he actually filmed somebody ODing. He went on telling them the story of filming Anthony and how he didn't help him. Jake and Mia tried to console him and asked him what he could have done differently. Frank went on and told them that the boy was Simone's brother. Jake told him that he was a different person and he shouldn't change his life now because of a past mistake. Frank tried to convince Jake that he was a bad person who might do the same thing in the ER. Jake said that he deserves a second chance, but Frank replied that he's never done anything worthwhile in his entire life. Mia interrupted and told him that he did do at least one wonderful thing, only nobody ever told him. She finally told him that he had a son five years ago. He was shocked as Mia told him that she gave William up for adoption to a wonderful family. Frank asked her, "Was this supposed to make me feel better?" He acted distraught over the news as he questioned why she never told him. He told her that she gave up his child to complete strangers five years ago, and asked "What kind of messed up person does that?" She reminded him of the person he was five years ago, and said that she didn't think he would care. Jake interrupted and told him that Mia did what she thought was in the child's best interest. Frank told them that he might have become a different person if he knew about his child, but now they'll never know. He said he might have stopped that boy from ODing too. He asked Jake, "How does anyone know what I would have become." Mia was in tears as Frank become more upset. He told her that she did what was easiest for her. Jake tried to stand up for her, but Frank told him to keep out. He said that times have changed, and Mia told him not to interfere. She said that William has two loving parents, but Frank exploded and said they had no right to raise him. He said that he's William's father, and he asked her where he was. He grabbed her arms, and stared at Mia repeating the question, "Where is William?"

Adam snuck up behind Liza in their living room, and she admonished him for scaring her. He received confirmation from her that she set up interviews with potential marriage counselors, and none of them practice within 50 miles of town. She began having second thoughts as Adam kept pestering her, and she told him that she should probably just cancel the interviews. He assured her that he would go through counseling and be on his best behavior, just as the first interviewee arrived. As the interview started with Dr. Black, they began interrupting each other. When Liza started talking about Adam switiching the sperm samples, an argument began. Dr. Black got up and immediately fled their home saying, "I don't think I can help you." Adam and Liza stared after him. The next interview started with Liza telling the female Doctor about Marian locking Adam in the saferoom. When she and Adam began arguing about Tad, the doctor stood up and left, saying they were beyond counseling. For the third interview, Adam and Liza chose not to sit next to each other. Sitting across from each other though didn't work very well as they told the counselor the story of Adam being committed to Oak Haven. In the end the counselor told them that he couldn't help them, either. The fourth doctor, Lysistrata Schwartz, was a little unorthodox. She stretched out on their couch, saying relaxation helps her, as Liza and Adam stood over her telling their story. They weren't sure about her style, and Adam assumed she probably wouldn't be able to help them either, but she sat up and told them she new exactly what they needed. She told them they need sex. When she asked if they have had sex recently, Adam told her that they're actually living in separate wings of the house. She asked them how it effects the children, and Liza told her that Colby's been having nightmares and J.R.'s been depressed. She turned to Liza and told her to take Colby and move out, tonight. She turned to Adam and told him that J.R. can continue staying with him. Adam scoffed and said, "You sure know how to pick ‘em lady." Adam naturally didn't like the idea, but Liza seemed open to listening to her. Lisistrata told them that they need to achieve independence before becoming a cohesive family unit. Adam was adamant that they not pick her as their counselor, but Liza pulled rank and reminded him that she gets to pick the counselor. Lisistrata told her that she had to move out tonight, not after Christmas, and she told them to call her office to schedule appointments. Adam questioned what her name meant after she had left, and Liza informed him that "Lisistrata" was a Greek play about wives who witheld sex from their husbands until they agreed to stop going to war. Before Adam could respond she left to pack. Later, Liza returned to the foyer with Colby. She told him that they would be in the gatehouse if he needs them. After Adam said goodbye to his daughter, Liza told him that she hopes this works. He replied, "So do I," as they left.

Maria woke up next to Aidan in her hotel room, and noticed Aidan staring to stir. She was ecstatic and said, "Thank God. I thought for sure I'd killed you." She began wiping sweat of his head while telling him how worried she had been. Aidan assured her that he would trust her with his life. She then asked, "If you would trust me with your life, then why don't you tell me who shot you?" He told her that someone tried to rob him at gunpoint as he got into his car. When he didn't give them his wallet, because he couldn't find it, they shot him. Maria asked him why he didn't let her bring him to the hospital, and he told her that they would just waste his time by questioning him, and the whole matter would end up being dropped. She reminded him that Anna is Chief of Police and wouldn't drop it without a good reason. A lightbulb flashed over her head and she asked him if David was involved in the shooting. When he said that it wasn't David's voice, she asked him again who the shooter could be. She told him that she didn't buy his mugger story, and he replied that she can choose to believe him or not. He said that he had to run, because if whoever shot him finds out he's there, then she could be in danger. She told him that that proves his story was false, but he didn't reply. She didn't want him to go, because he was so weak, but he pulled himself out of bed. After moving a few feet, however, Aidan collapsed. Later, Aidan was sleeping in Maria's bed and he had a nightmare that a man was in their room. He woke up screaming, and Maria moved to his side. Assuming the dream was about the shooting, she told him that he'd probably sleep better if he told her everything about it. Aidan was delirious as he said, "I won't let them hurt you." Maria became worried and asked him who would want to hurt her. He couldn't answer her, however, as he passed out. Maria told him, "You know who shot you. Why won't you tell me?"

Wednesday, December 18, 2002

Frank pays Mia a visit. He angrily tells her the adoption should never have happened. Mia begs Frank to leave William alone so he can be happy. She is worried that Frank will destroy William's life. Frank is furious that Mia made the decision to give away their child without consulting him. Mia won't apologize. She feels that she did the right thing. Frank tells her he has to know more about his son and see how he is. Mia says no. According to her lawyers, Frank's rights aren't as clear cut as he may think. This makes Frank wonder how many other people know he has a son. Mia admits she's told Adam, Liza, and Jake.

After Frank leaves, Jake appears with a dozen red roses in hand. When he sees Mia, Jake instantly senses something is wrong. Mia tells him about her encounter with Frank. Jake is sure Frank won't do anything stupid. Then, Jake changes the subject and talks about making Liza pay for what she's done to Mia. Though Mia feels it was probably an accident, Jake calls it attempted murder. Mia wonders if Jake is still angry with Liza about losing Colby.

Liza asks Stuart if he will ever be able to look at her the same way again. She is worried that every time Stuart sees her, he will remember what she did to Mia. Stuart counsels Liza that she has to forgive herself. Forgiveness is up to her. What happened to Mia was an accident. He tells Liza she has to accept this in order for Colby to have a happy mother.

Stuart leaves, and Liza gets another visitor. Frank. His only words to her are: You knew all about this, didn't you. Liza is confused until Frank repeats his question and adds, you knew all about my son. He asks Liza why she helped Mia with the cover up. Didn't Liza think he had a right to make a decision about his own child? Liza explains that they have to respect Mia's decision. Frank doesn't understand. He calls Mia a coward. Liza angrily defends her sister saying that Mia did the best she could at the time. Mia wanted William to have the best start in life possible and it is a painful decision to give up your child. Liza tries to comfort Frank by telling him that being Jesse's son, someday he'll make a great father. Frank replies, "I already AM a father!"

Maria tends to Aidan who refuses to see a doctor. She is worried about leaving him alone, but she needs to go to Hayley and Mateo's going away party. Otherwise, someone will come looking for her. Aidan tells Maria to go. He'll be fine. As soon as Maria is out the door, Aidan picks up the phone and asks when is the next bus to Montreal. He then begins to dress and pack his things. Before he can finish, there is a knock at the door and Edmund calls out, "Maria, are you there?"

At SOS, Hayley frets about taking Mateo away from his family. Adam takes Hayley aside and tells her she has no reason to feel bad. Her only crime is being a success. Adam points out that Mateo seems supportive of her career and she has a smart, healthy baby. To him, her future looks perfect. However, as Hayley watches Mateo saying goodbye to his mother and sister, she decides to call off their move to LA.

Meanwhile, as Mateo and Maria promise not to lose touch, Isabella bustles over and reminds Maria that she is supposed to be going to a pageant with the children. Edmund is coming to the motel to pick her up. Maria rushes out. She races to the motel and finds Edmund knocking at her door. When Maria asks for time to get ready, Edmund says no to rush. The Christmas pageant has been called off because the wise men got chicken pox. Instead, Edmund suggests they have dinner then go shopping. As Ed moves to open her door, Maria exclaims, "I can explain!!" "Explain what?" Edmund asks looking around her empty room. Seeing Aidan has disappeared, Maria says she needs to explain that her room is messy and she hasn't had time to clean it up yet. Maria then asks Edmund to leave her alone for awhile so she can shower. She promises to meet up with him later. As soon as Edmund leaves, Maria runs out to her car and starts the engine. She is startled when a hand clamps over her mouth.

At SOS, Isabella asks to speak to Hayley in private. Hayley tells her not to worry, the move is off. Nonsense, says Isabella. She explains to Hayley that Hayley is not taking Mateo away, she is taking him home. Hayley looks confused until Isabella explains that anywhere Hayley is, that is Mateo's home. Isabella tells a story about how Mateo always seemed to be searching for something. He found that something in Hayley. As Hayley gets teary eyed, Isabella presents her with a heart necklace. Isabella explains that it is a mother daughter necklace. The heart is open so love can flow in and out.

Mateo, Hayley, and Lorenzo prepare to leave. The show ends with a music montage showing Mateo and Hayley's relationship over the years.

Thursday, December 19, 2002

Greenlee was at home on the phone arguing with a company she wanted to hire. She was not happy when she was told everyone was gone because of the holidays. She hung up and rummaged through her desk for a pencil and found a note Leo had left her. She stopped and just held the note until a knock on the door interrupted her. David came in and Greenlee just hugged him. He could tell she was upset as she handed him the note she had found. Greenlee explained that Leo was always leaving her notes all over the apartment in silly places, like the freezer. "Leo's gone but I keep running into him everywhere" she told David. David said he went into a toy store today and looked at train sets, remember that Leo had told him he'd taken the Orient Express once. Greenlee asked why David had stopped by. She went to get him coffee and he looked at photos of Leo on the desk. They sat down and she told him about starting her own business. "It's given me focus" she told David. David was happy for her. Then he told her that he had woken up this morning and watched Anna sleep. He said he was the "luckiest bastard alive" but still had a hole in his heart. Greenlee asked if he told Anna and he said he didn't want to "infect" Anna with his problems. David said he misses Leo so much and Greenlee said it was like feeling homesick all the time. David apologized for burdening her with this but that she was the only other person who could understand what he's feeling. Greenlee said he has got to stop blaming himself for Leo's death. She said he can't help but miss Leo and that he should not fight it. He asked if she hated him because he let her and Leo down. She said no and that he needed to move on, Leo would want him to. Greenlee said David had given her some good advice, that she should celebrate the life she has, not mourn the one she lost and that he should do the same. She told him to get rid of the guilt, "You saved the one life you could, mine." She said he was there for her when she needed someone but David tried to dismiss his help but she wouldn't let him. She asked why he became a cardiologist and he said he realized in med school that he was good at the heart thing. She said it was because he's keeping score of every life he saves to make up for not being able to save his father. David told Greenlee she gave Leo peace and she told him that they had decided to let go of everything that weighed them down and that he and Anna should do the same. David stood up and said this talk had been just what he needed. He asked what she was doing for the holidays and she said she was skipping Christmas this year. David asked her what she and Leo did last year and she told him about Leo giving her a special glass ornament and promised to give her one every year. David said she should put it up and she explained that Trey had accidentally made her drop it. She said Christmas wasn't really her season and David said it wasn't his either. Greenlee remembered that David's father had died during the holidays. David said he had to go and kissed her goodbye. She got out all her Christmas decoration boxes and hunted through them until she found a small brown envelope. She poured out the contents into her hand. It was the shattered pieces of the ornament Leo had given her. Greenlee sat down and remembered Leo as tears fell.

Kendall went into the Valley Inn Bar looking for Aidan. The other bartender said he took some time off and probably went back to England for Christmas. She was surprised and ordered a strange health drink as Anna came in just in time to hear her describe the contents. Anna started panting and moaning and Kendall asked if she was alright. Anna said she was until she heard Kendall describe the drink she wanted. Then she explained that she had morning sickness "the gift that keeps on giving." Kendall was amused and kept yacking about different foods and how she'd gotten food poisoning once. Anna told her if she didn't shut up she was going to shoot her as she stuffed saltine crackers in her mouth. Kendall got a glass of water from the bar and brought it to Anna and sat down with her. Anna asked if she'd seen Aidan lately and Kendall told her what the bartender had said. Anna was a bit taken back by the news. She went to the restroom and Kendall sat alone, reminiscing about her time with Aidan. Kendall was a little down when Anna returned. Anna said it was weird that Aidan would leave without telling her, especially since she had asked him to spend Christmas with her and David. Kendall said she has that "I smell a rat" look and Anna said she was worried. Kendall asked how well she really knows Aidan and Anna said she knows her own family. Kendall said Aidan was a "flat-leaver" and then explained that this is someone who comes into your life and then leaves without a good bye. She told Anna not to worry about Aidan, he could take care of himself. Kendall told Anna about the picnic Aidan took her on, complete with all British foods. She said he was a loner, restless and rootless. Anna asked if Aidan was Kendall's type, which she denied. She said they had been seeing each other but it didn't work out. "I never had a chance while he's so totally into another man's wife." Anna asked if she was talking about Maria and Kendall said yes. Anna thought they were just friends and Kendall said that Aidan worships Maureen. Kendall told her she needed to get to know her nephew better and stood to leave. She told Anna she knew this holiday was going to be difficult for David because of his brother's death. She said next year would be better and walked out. Anna said to herself "Let's hope so." Anna went back to the cabin and was humming as she looked through the mail. She sat a Christmas card on the fireplace mantle and then noticed the bullet hole in the wall.

Edmund walked in the door at Wildwind and found that Sam and Maddie had been helping to decorate a gingerbread house. He told them that Maria was coming over and they should go put on their costumes and perform their pageant for her. They screamed with excitement and ran upstairs. Meanwhile Maria sat in her car with a man's hand over her face. Finally Aidan told her it was him and to be quiet. He told her they have to go to Canada for her safety but she refused. He told her to take him to the bus station and then passed out in the back seat of the car. Maria panicked and tried to wake him up with no success. She got out of the car and said "I can't do this anymore!" and walked into her room. Later she arrived at Wildwind with a suitcase. Edmund asked what was in it and she told him it had gifts plus her pj's and slippers. Edmund was thrilled and went to get the kids. She walked into the living room and looked uneasy. Edmund returned and said he couldn't be happier that she was there with them. She asked if they could go shopping later because she had no idea what to get him for Christmas. Edmund told her he already had his gift and kissed her passionately. She whispered "Wen the time is right" and he answered "You tell me when and where and I'll be there." Elsewhere, Aidan lay on some straw and moaned Maureen's name. The kids came down dressed in their costumes and performed their parts from the cancelled pageant. Afterwards, Edmund told them to go get the decoration boxes and asked Maria to help put up some more decorations. She said yes but first she wanted to go take a walk around the grounds, hoping something would jog her memory. He told her to make sure she goes to the stables as he had just gotten 2 new horses. She put on her coat and left. She went straight to the stable, where she had put Aidan. Maria grabbed some horse blankets and went up to the loft where Aidan was waking up. She covered him up and told him he was someplace safe. In the house Edmund looked at the family's Christmas stockings with hope.

Friday, December 20, 2002

Palmer was waiting at the bar in the Valley Inn for Kendall and Petey. They showed up two hours late and Palmer was not pleased for having to wait so long. Kendall wanted to ask a favor. She needed more money to launch her cosmetic product. Palmer smiled and gave her an envelope. It's your Christmas bonus for working as a nanny for Petey he said. He left with Petey but Petey returned to tell Kendall he knew how she could get more money from Palmer for a price of course. Kendall reluctantly gave him some of her bonus money and then Petey told her to go ask Adam Chandler for a loan. Palmer hates Adam and would then loan the money to her. Petey then left the bar.

Jamie and JR went to the boathouse. Jamie was not happy JR convinced him to tag along because he is still grounded. Jamie was part of a ruse so JR could meet Joni there. Laurie and Joni showed up at the boathouse. Jamie was glad to see Laurie and had not expected her to be there. She reminded Jamie she had only an hour before she had to be at church. Her parents have forbidden her to see Jamie so she was uneasy about being there alone with him. Laurie and Joni talked about how they hate lying to their parents about where they really were. Laurie then went to talk with JR. They kissed. JR gave her his class ring to wear. She put it on a chain she had around her neck. It belonged to her mother. JR was pleased she was willing to put his ring on her mother's chain. Laurie needed to go to the homeless shelter to serve dinner. JR wanted to come along. Laurie agreed.

JR's cell phone rang. It was Kendall. She wanted to come see him right away. JR told her he was at the boathouse and now was not a good time. But Kendall appeared anyway. She cattily told Laurie she needed to borrow her boyfriend and then passionately kissed JR. Laurie was stunned. Kendall told JR she needed to talk to his dad, Adam Chandler. She then left. Laurie asked JR if he and psycho Kendall were tight.

Jamie and Joni talked about the differences between their parents. Jamie told Joni she should make her own choices and not let her parents tell her what to do. Joni told Jamie she makes her own decisions. It was time for her to leave for church. Jamie wanted to go with her but since her parents would be there, they could not be seen together. Jamie decided he would sit by himself in church. Joni was pleased he would be there.

Simone entered the bar, passing Mia's table. Mia called out to her to sit with her. Simone was surprised to see her in public so soon from being in the hospital. Mia wanted to talk to her about Frank. Simone reminded her she and Frank had split up and was reluctant to talk to Mia. Mia asked her if she felt guilty for breaking up with Frank now that she knows Frank has a son. Mia thought it would help Frank to know he created a life (her son, William) while watching one being snuffed out (Anthony-Simone's brother). She now regrets telling Frank he was a father because Frank is now demanding custody of William. Mia thought Frank might be trying to rescue William as a replacement for not being able to rescue Anthony. Mia asked Simone to talk to Frank about dropping the custody issue. Simone refused.

Mia hoped she could convince Simone to talk to Frank by telling her how young she was to have a baby and wasn't ready to be a mother. Frank was not ready to be a father. She felt it best that William was adopted by loving parents. Mia questioned Simone on how could she just sit there and do nothing. Simone finally agreed to talk to Frank about dropping the custody proceedings.

Later, Simone met Frank at the Valley Inn bar. She talked to him about his wanting custody of William and told him to leave William with his adopted parents. She told him she thought he wanted William in order to make up for not taking care of her brother, Anthony. Frank denied that was his motive. Simone asked how he could be a father to William when he worked 72-hour shifts and zoned out on the sofa. "What kind of dad would you be?" she asked. Simone tried to convince Frank if he really loved his son, he would leave him alone with his adopted, loving, parents. She implored him to think of someone else for a change instead of always about himself. Think about your son and what is best for him.

Anna was at the cabin not feeling well. She is still experiencing morning sickness even though she is past the first twelve weeks of pregnancy. David was concerned about her not feeling well. He felt the baby move by placing his hand on her abdomen. Anna changed the subject and asked who was playing target practice in the cabin as she pointed to the bullet hole in the wall. David pretended he didn't know anything about it. Anna demanded David tell the truth this time. David pretended it wasn't a bullet hole. Suddenly, Anna, felt nauseated and ran for the bathroom. Meanwhile there was a knock on the door. Edmund wanted to see David and David nervously asked him to leave before Anna saw him there. But it was too late. Anna returned from the bathroom and asked Edmund if he had seen Aidan because Aidan was missing. Edmund replied he had not seen him. Anna told him she would call Maria after the holidays and Edmund left. David was relieved Edmund's visit interrupted Anna's questioning about the bullet hole. He hoped she had forgotten what they were talking about but Anna opened up the subject again.

David now became agitated and told Anna Aidan was a head case, full of rage, and about the episodes of Aidan torturing him. Anna couldn't believe that Aidan would do that. David replied he shot a warning shot at Aidan. He's my nephew replied Anna. She was astounded that David would do such a thing. Now he's missing replied Anna. "My God, David, what did you do?" Anna's cell phone rang. She answered it and replied, "Oh no." Chris told her that Scotland Yard had issued a warrant for Aidan's arrest. Aidan was wanted for murder.

Aidan woke up in the hayloft in the stables at Wildwind. Maria was there with him. He asked how she got him up to the hayloft and Maria explained it was with the help of Faith. Aidan still couldn't believe Maria was able to lift him and she further explained Faith was a horse and helped pull Aidan up by a pulley system she set up. Aidan realized he could really trust Maria and told her so. Maria asked him if he would confide in her and tell her who shot him. Aidan told her a story that someone tried to mug him but Maria wouldn't buy it because Aidan refused to go to the hospital. If someone had really mugged him, Aidan wouldn't have been afraid to go to the hospital. They heard Edmund calling out for Maria. She scrambled down from the hayloft and walked with Edmund to the main house. She made up the excuse she was hiding Christmas presents in the loft and made Edmund promise never to go to the loft. He agreed.

There was a knock at the door. Edmund answered it. Agent Chaney from the FBI wanted to talk to Edmund alone.

Maria returned to the hayloft. She saw a strange woman bending over Aidan. Maria picked up a pitchfork and walked toward the woman. The stranger turned around and exclaimed, "It's Jules, Maria." Julia, Maria's sister, couldn't believe she was really seeing Maria.



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