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Passions Recaps: The week of December 16, 2002 on PS
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Monday, December 16, 2002

The Bennetts arrive at the Seascape to celebrate Miguel and Charity's engagement. Kay jealously eyes the couple as Jessica warns her not to make any trouble. Jessica tells Kay that Charity and Miguel are getting married and nothing is going to change that. Sam excuses himself and Grace away from David by saying he wants to be alone to dance with his wife. David just smiles as he reminds Sam that technically Grace is still his wife, not Sam's. Charity seems on edge after the premonition she had of losing Miguel. Miguel assures her nothing bad is going to happen. Once Charity goes to freshen up, Miguel corners Kay. He informs her that she better not do anything to hurt Charity or ruin their wedding. He says that if she does, he will never speak to her again. She will lose him as a friend. Miguel tells Kay that enough is enough. He turns on Kay and accuses her of trying her best to break them up. He warns her to "Back off!" Simone and Jessica tell Kay she would be smart to heed Miguel's warning.

John tells Kay he heard what she said about making love to Miguel when they were in church. He tells her there is nothing worse than someone trying to come between true love. Kay tells John to mind his own business. She then remembers overhearing David's conversation admitting he works for Ivy. Kay tells John that she wonders if his Dad feels the same way. She smiles knowingly at David. She then baits David, unsettling him in thinking she knows the truth about his working for Ivy. She asks David how his good friend Ivy is doing these days.

Tabitha seems to have given up hope of ever stopping Charity from coming into her full powers. She dresses in black mourning clothes and tells Cecil and Connie that she is going to pick out caskets for them. Tabitha says that their demise in inevitable. Tabitha asks the funeral director for a coffin big enough for three. She explains that it is for her and her dolls. Cracked Connie and Cecil scare the poor funeral director almost to death.

Whitney goes to Theresa's office and gets an update on Theresa's scheme to break up Ethan and Gwen. She explains to Whitney that Ethan agreed to work for her. She is having the contract agreement rushed over to the Crane mansion so fast that Ethan will probably not even have a chance to tell Gwen about it. Theresa is betting that Gwen will be so furious when she finds out "accidentally" that she will call off the wedding.

The other engaged couples arrive at the Seascape to celebrate their engagements, courtesy of Theresa and the Crane money. The Russells arrive with Liz in tow. She again makes more threats to Eve that she is about to ruin her life. Liz tells her that the life she knows is over. Ivy knows something is up and digs Eve while she is down.

Antonio arrives at the party and seems a little shaky. Pilar notices it but Antonio explains it away.

Theresa makes a toast to the happy couples. Sam offers a toast to his son. He tells everyone that nothing in this life is more important than love. David toasts "first love" with Ivy's urging. This gets Kay to remember that she was Miguel's first love until Charity came a long.

Mrs. Wallace tags along to the party. She says she will do whatever she can to stop the wedding. Once alone, she tells Beth that there will be no wedding tomorrow if Antonio croaks. Beth fears what her mother might do to Antonio.

Antonio grabs his head and collapses. Luis rushes to his brother's side and says, "He's not breathing."

Tuesday, December 17, 2002

Charity keeps having frightening premonitions. She tells Miguel that there are many people at the party that are trying to ruin true love. She keeps insisting that these people are breaking apart marriages and trying to stop weddings. She can't see all the faces but does zero in on Kay. She warns Miguel that Kay wants to stop their wedding. This news upsets Miguel as he flashes back to his confrontation with Kay in the confessional.

Sam eagerly wants to question Kay to see if she knows anything about David being connected to Ivy. Kay does everything but tell David that she knows he is working for Ivy. David is at a loss over what to do.

Theresa is about to deliver Ethan's new contract and cause a major blow up between him and Gwen.

The party gets interrupted when Antonio collapses. Theresa rushes to her bother's side. Sam goes to get oxygen. David takes this opportunity to slip over to Ivy and warn her that Kay knows everything. Ivy refuses to have all her hard work blow up because of that "Little Twit, " as Ivy calls her. Ivy corners Kay and threatens her. She tells Kay to keep her mouth shut if she knows what is good for her. Ivy grabs her wrist and tells her she is not prepared to play with the "big girls."

Eve helps Antonio over this crisis. He is brought home by Sheridan and Luis. Pilar, Beth and Mrs. Wallace tag along. Eve, TC and Liz go to the cottage as well. Antonio sleeps as Liz sits by his side. Pilar can see how much Liz loves her son. Eve informs everyone that Antonio's condition is deteriorating faster than she expected. She says that then end is coming very soon.

Sheridan looks heartbroken. Luis brings her some tea out in the garden. Sheridan asks Luis what will happen to their future if Antonio is to die before the wedding. She wants to know if he will still go through with his wedding to Beth. She asks this question three times. Beth is listening by the cottage door waiting on his answer. Her mother assures her that the wedding will not come off if Antonio dies. Beth goes to the sleeping Antonio and whispers a plea to him to pull through for the wedding.

Sam hopes that Kay will know something about David. Kay looks at Ivy and tells her father that she does not know anything about Ivy and David knowing each other. Ivy tells Kay she did the wise thing. Kay tells Ivy she kept quiet, for now.

Whitney informs Theresa that is was a good thing that she got interrupted and did not give Ethan the contracts in front of Gwen. She says that Ethan would catch on that she was only trying to make trouble. Theresa agrees with her and orders Trish to deliver the contracts to Gwen before the wedding.

Fox Crane is introduced. He is winning big at a high stakes poker game. He seems particularly interested in the news article about Ethan Winthrop's engagement to Gwen Hotchkiss.

Wednesday, December 18, 2002

Gwen and Ethan's wedding day begins with Ethan getting ready at the Bennett home. Grace hugs Ethan and wishes him all the luck in the world. Ethan tells her how special she is for opening her home to him and making him feel like part of the family. Sam kisses Grace and tells her she is even more beautiful today than the day he married her. They kiss again and Ethan remarks to Kay that watching them makes you want to kiss the special person in your life. Kay just looks at Ethan like she is going to be sick. She glares at her parents and says under her breath, "Get a room."

Sam tells Grace he sincerely loves her with all his heart. They seem to grow a little closer. Grace smiles at Sam and holds him in her arms. David jealously watches the scene and says to himself, "Damn it Sam! I want Grace to be mine."

David shows up to take some wedding photos of the groom. Kay comments that he should be taking wedding photos of the bride but she is sure he does not want to be in the Crane mansion with Ivy. David remarks to Sam that Ivy will love the shots he took of Ethan and Sam. That comment puts Grace a little on edge. She goes over to Kay and warns her not to make trouble for her cousin. Kay snaps back to her mother to mind her own two-timing business.

Luis arrives at the Wallace home to take both Beth and her mother to Ethan's wedding. Beth asks Luis to wait in the car because she has one errand to take care of. After Luis leaves she ties her mother to a chair with duct tape. She then puts Mrs. Wallace's favorite shawl under the chair. Beth tells her mother that it is extra absorbent in case she has an accident. Beth reminds her mother that this is payback for ruining her wedding fabric.

At the Crane Mansion, Gwen is dressed in her bridal gown. Julian has agreed to walk Gwen down the aisle. Rebecca comments that she can't believe her ex, Jonathan won't be in the same room with her. She smiles thinking he is still pining for her. Ivy and Rebecca give Theresa the evil eye when she comes into the living room. Gwen is cold to her as Theresa wishes her good luck and says that this day will be unforgettable. Ivy and Rebecca know that there is a double meaning to her words. They corner Theresa when Gwen is not looking and warn her not to try anything. Ivy says she will kill her with her bare hands if she tries.

Theresa calls Trish and orders her to "accidentally" deliver Ethan's work contract to Gwen at the church.

Mrs. Wallace frees her self and heads to the church.

Beth is thrilled to see Antonio arrive. She goes to his side and asks him to hang in there until their double wedding. She explains that him marrying Sheridan means the world to her.

Sheridan sees Luis alone and asks him once again if he still plans on marrying Beth if Antonio should die before the wedding.

Theresa enters the church and calmly takes her seat by Whitney. Whitney asks if Theresa still plans on stopping the wedding. Theresa smiles and tells her friend to sit back and enjoy the fireworks.

Trish enters with the all important papers. Julian intercepts her and takes the papers from her. He orders Trish out or he'll fire her. Theresa starts to panic. Trish then goes to Theresa and tells her about the botched delivery. Theresa goes into a full panic and begins to hyper-ventilate. Theresa turns on Trish. She tells her poor assistant that if Ethan and Gwen get married today not only will she be fired from Crane Industries but she will never work in Harmony.

As they are walking down the aisle, Julian lets it slip to Gwen that he doesn't understand what Theresa's assistant could have possibly wanted with Ethan. After hearing that Trish is Theresa's assistant she orders Julian to give her the papers. Gwen reads them as she walks down the aisle. Rebecca and Ivy eye Theresa's smile and they both know that she is trying to derail the wedding. Gwen walks up to Ethan and calls him a lying son of a bitch as she slaps his face!

Thursday, December 19, 2002

Gwen slaps Ethan's face and walks off the altar. Rebecca and Ivy are outraged and just know that Theresa is behind it. Whitney tells Theresa that someone is sure to figure out that she is behind all the trouble with Ethan and Gwen. Theresa is dying to hear the argument between the couple. She tells Whitney she is going to listen. Whitney does her best to try to stop her. Theresa hides behind a statue and listens to Gwen's tirade. Gwen screams at him that she would rather be on welfare than have him with that lying scheming little slut. She does her best to try to get Ethan to see that Theresa had him blackballed so he would have to take her job. Gwen cries and puts her foot down. She yells "It is the job or me!"

Rebecca does her best to do damage control. She approaches the couple and finds out about Ethan agreeing to work for Theresa. Ivy turns on Ethan and asks how he could take her job. Ivy and Rebecca both tell Ethan that Theresa had him blackballed. Both Julian and Ethan defend Theresa. Julian says that she does not have that much clout to have Ethan blackballed all over the country. Julian insists that the messenger was insistant that Ethan get the papers. He says they were not intended for Gwen. Theresa pipes up that Gwen has no trust in Ethan and should not be marrying him. Rebecca goes for Theresa's throat and tries to strangle her.

Charity panics and tells Miguel her evil premonitions are coming true. She insists that more people will be hurt.

Fox Crane ominously decides to return to Harmony.

Julian pulls Rebecca off of Theresa. Gwen tells Theresa that all her schemeing was for nothing because Ethan isn't taking the job. Theresa asks Ethan if that statement is true. Ethan says "NO" he is taking the job. He needs to work. Gwen then says that he is choosing the job over her.

Ethan gives Gwen 10 minutes to decide if she still wants to go through with the wedding. He says if she decides not to, he will tell everyone that he will explain to everyone that the wedding is off and it is his fault.

Mrs. Wallace lets it slip to Beth that she was never married to Beth's father or any other man. She tells Beth that she went to the Five and Dime Store and bought a fake wedding band to keep the old biddies in town from gossiping.

Ivy pleads with Ethan not to give Gwen ultimatums. She reminds her son that not marrying Sam was the biggest mistake of her life. She pleads for him not to make the same mistake.

Rebecca works on Gwen. Gwen says she feels guilty about Ethan being blackballed by the Cranes when she emailed his birth secret to the tabloids. Rebecca begs her daughter not to let Theresa win. She insists that Theresa is betting Gwen will walk away from Ethan and the entire wedding. Rebecca says walk down the aisle and not let Theresa get her own way.

Antonio goes to Sheridan's side and Beth keeps Luis company. Antonio admits he has a fierce headache. He tells Pilar he prays he can make it through the wedding.

Ethan waits with Theresa as Gwen decides. Ethan warns Theresa that if she had anything to do with this mess, he will resign immediately and have nothing more to do with her.

Ivy cries on Sam's shoulder and gets Grace angry enough to walk away from Sam.

Ethan is about to call off the wedding. Gwen walks in and tells everyone that it is alright. She is going to marry the man of her dreams and no one is coming between them again. Theresa looks heartsick as Father Lonigan prepares to marry the happy couple.

Rebecca walks over to Theresa to twist the knife. She asks Theresa is her tears are tears of joy for the newlyweds. Father Lonigan pronounces Ethan and Gwen husband and wife.

Fox decides to crash the wedding reception.

Friday, December 20, 2002

Ethan and Gwen's wedding reception attracts a lot of attention. Fox climbs over the estate wall to crash the party.

Theresa walks through the reception like a sleepwalker. She can't believe that Ethan is really married to Gwen. Pilar is praying that Theresa will now give up on Ethan forever. Gwen graciously thanks Theresa for the reception and for giving Ethan a job. She tells her rival that all their dreams will now come true. They never wanted to leave Harmony. They had always planned on living happily ever after in Harmony. Theresa tells Gwen that Ethan is a good man and will be a valuable employee. Pilar congratulates her daughter on being strong even though she can tell her heart is breaking.

Ivy jealousy watches Sam and Grace get closer. Sam promises the first dance to Grace. He says it will be a sign that they will be together forever.

As Chad announces the first dance, Grace gets ready to accompany Sam on the dance floor. Ivy makes an unplanned announcement. She rises up out of her wheelchair to the amazement of everybody at the party. She goes to Sam who has no choice but to take her in his arms for a dance.

He silently apologizes to Grace. David goes to Grace's side to comfort her. He asks her to dance.

Julian and Rebecca watch Mrs. Wallace as she loots the Crane mansion again. They plan on keeping a close eye on her.

Eve watches Ivy as she tells TC that Ivy could lose the use of her legs permanently. Eve says she could even die.

As Sam tells Ivy he wants to dance with Grace, Ivy faints.

Pilar sees a glimpse of the handsome young Fox and says, "No, it couldn't be. This house has enough trouble in it tonight."

Gwen corners Theresa and gets real and nasty. She tells Theresa that she knows she was behind the Alaska job falling through. She knows Theresa tried to stop the wedding and if she makes anymore trouble for them, she will live to regret it.

Chad plans on a secret meeting with Whitney. Simone comes between their quiet moments at every chance she gets.

Julian and Rebbeca "bust" Mrs. Wallace as they empty the loot from her bag. Beth is horrified to see what her mother has stolen and calls a cab to take her home.

Ivy is happy to see that she once again put a wedge between Sam and Grace. Ethan asks Sam to watch over Ivy for the rest of the night. He explains that he is the only one Ethan feels can be trusted.

After hearing this, Grace walks out.

Julian drools over Liz when he lays eyes on her. Eve warns Liz off of TC. She tells Liz that on a level playing field, Liz wouldn't stand a chance with him. Liz wants to test that theory.

Luis tells Sheridan he is not going to wait around for his brother to die so they can be married. He fully intends to marry Beth.

Fox walks into Theresa's bedroom. He undresses and gets into bed with her. Theresa screams and interrupts Ethan and Gwen's wedding night.

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