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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of December 16, 2002 on GL
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Monday, December 16, 2002

by DEE

Gus demanded to know why Harley thinks it is "ridiculous" to get married. Gus told Harley that he thought it was a good move to get married because it may get Zach back and it would be cheaper and a tax benefit. Eden saw how happy her brother was and decided to get the evidence on Carmen reasoning that it was for Gus's own good. Eden told Gus that she would feel better if she could see Carmen's confession for herself. She asked to see the disk and said if she did that she would feel safe enough to tell Phillip the truth. Gus didn't want to let her but Harley pushed the issue saying she'll do it to get Zach back. Eden is left alone with the disk and goes to leave but Harley stopped her and asked her why she's protecting a woman she claims to hate. Carmen's lawyer told her that he can't get her off the charges and that their best bet would be claiming insanity but Carmen is counting on Eden.

Olivia told Alex that her and Alan's decision to have a baby was none of her business. Alexandra tries to reason with Olivia by telling her how much work a baby is. Olivia went back and told Alan she's scared and not ready and asked Alan to wait. He accused her of wanting a baby with someone else and asked her if she still had feelings for Phillip. She tried to convince him that she only loves him but that Alexandra made her realize that she just wasn't ready to devote time to a child. Alan pushed but Olivia stood her ground so Alan said he would wait...but while going through her purse to find aspirin, comes across her birth control pills!

Blake saw Rick and Mel at Towers and asked them who she could fix Phillip up with. Mel said her friend from Atlanta was in town. Her name was Noel and she's a doctor trying to get on at Cedars. Rick called Phillip and asked him to meet them saying it's time for him to get a life but not saying there would be a woman there for him to meet. Phillip caught on right away that it was a set up and was a jerk in front of Noel. Noel got up to leave but Phillip felt bad and apologized and asked if they could start over. She stayed and let Phillip buy her dinner. Ross and Blake were sitting in a corner watching and when they saw it was going well, left. While they were leaving, Ross asked Blake to marry him. (again) Blake avoided the subject. When she left, Ross called Ed and said "how is my favorite best man doing?"

Tuesday, December 17, 2002

Michelle is surprised when Bill advises her to be cautious about reuniting with Danny. Meanwhile, Danny moves into the Beacon where Cassie urges him to fight for his marriage with Michelle. Later, Danny goes to the Bauer House where Bill warns him against hurting Michelle. Afterwards, Danny confides to Cassie his belief that Bill is in love with Michelle. Blake mistakenly thinks that Ed has called the radio show to profess his love for Holly, unaware that Ed is speaking about Blake on Ross' behalf. When Blake sends Holly to confront Ed about his feelings, Holly is embarrassed to learn the mix up. Ed consoles Holly and reveals that his feelings for her are similar to those that he expressed on the radio show. Harley confronts Eden about stealing the disc. Eden admits that she learned her father was on the take and that Carmen threatened to tell Gus unless she stole the confession. Harley agrees to keep the secret to protect

Wednesday, December 18, 2002

At Cross Creek (cabin)

Tony and Marah enter. Marah talked about making hot chocolate and sitting in front of the fireplace. Tony began to make a fire. Marah brought in a tree for them to decorate. Tony explained that his family put lit candles on the Christmas tree when he was little. But Marah said they were going to decorate the tree themselves. They began to look for things to hang on the tree. Marah wanted to know if Tony was serious about Eden. He explained that he kept Eden around to find out things about Carmen. Marah said there couldn't be anyone else for her because she couldn't stop caring about him. Marah wanted to know about Tony's dad. Tony said that when he was six years ago, his dad taught him how to play baseball. Marah made hot chocolate. They put a blanket on the floor in front of the fire and made love.

At the Spaulding mansion

Olivia and Alan enter. Alex said she had a meeting with Edmund. Alan said Edmund wasn't the asset he thought he would be. Alex said she knew that he bribed India to change her vote. Phillip enters. Alan wanted to know where Phillip was the night before. Phillip introduced his date. Phillip told them he knew Noel through Rick. Noel said she had to run. Alan told Phillip that Noel was a keeper. Alan and Alex exit. Phillip told Olivia that Noel was a nice woman. He said that life moves on. Olivia said that she wasn't going to have a child right now and she and Alan decided to wait. She said that Alex convinced her to wait even though Alan had become persistent. She doesn't want that kind of pressure. Olivia agreed that he should move on. Gus enters. Olivia exits. Gus wanted ten minutes of his time. Gus explained that his sister was the one who pushed Tony Santos' father off of the roof. Phillip was confused why Gus was telling him this information. Gus said they could on go to court. Phillip said he would not allow his son to be caught in the crossfire if the Santos' goes after Eden. Noel enters. Phillip asked her to meet him in the foyer. Phillip said if Harley wished to hang around with him that's fine, but he will keep his son away from him.

Holding the tape to her chest, Olivia began crying. She put the tape in the VCR. She continued to cry as she watched. She pulled the tape out and destroyed it.

Outside on the patio Alan spoke with Miss Parker and wanted to know how hard it would be to slip placebo in birth control pills. She accepted the assignment. Miss Parker exits.

Alan enters. Phillip wanted to know why he was on the patio. He told him that Noel was on her way home and he probably wouldn't see her anymore. He wanted to know who told Alex they had spoke with India. Alan informed him that Edmund was on the payroll. Alan said they were looking for information why Alex was truly there.

At the Police station

Frank kept asking what was on Harley's mind. He felt that something was going on. She said that someone was bugging her. She said that Eden told her that Joe August was on the Santos payroll. Gus enters. Harley explained that Frank was giving her grief. Gus said he celebrated at the Bacon and toasted his father's memory. Gus said he wanted to go see Phillip. Gus exits. Harley said she was going to check out Eden's story. Harley tracked down Joe August's partner. She asked Frank to cover for her, but he said no. He suggested that she take Gus with her. Frank continued to warn her not to go alone. Gus enters. Frank told her to talk to a lawyer instead of going to Clayton. Harley told him it was a federal case and she would tell him when she got back.

Thursday, December 19, 2002

At the Lewis house

Josh and Billy brought in a Christmas tree. Josh said there was something missing. He wanted to know where Marah was. Reva said she would probably be there because she wouldn't miss the event for the world. Josh said he was worried about Marah. She suggested he call the carriage house, but Josh he did and they told him that Marah was with Tony. Josh said Marah was probably at the cabin because that was her favorite place. Reva tried to get in touch with Marah on her cell, but it said she was out of range. Josh said that she was stuck at the cabin and he was going to go get her. Josh asked Billy if he had chains for the truck. Reva said nobody was going anywhere. Billy and Josh got ready to leave. Tony and Marah were standing at the door when Josh opened it. Tony aid they took a snow mobile since the car was buried under the snow. They wondered where he got the snow mobile. Tony said he got it from the neighbor. Josh said that meant that he stole it. Tony said he left a note for the neighbors with cash to cover the usage of the snow mobile. When Josh answered the phone nobody answered on the other end. Josh said since they had their number changed, it was probably a wrong number. But Reva's expression showed worry. Josh wanted to know what was wrong. Reva said that it was during the holidays when she missed her mother and family. As they were singing, Reva answered the phone. A voice made a threat.

At Cross Creek (cabin)

Tony pulled away from Marah as they were kissing. Marah said it was ok. Tony told her that this was all he ever wanted for her. They began to kiss again. Tony told her he loved her. On the radio was a snow broadcast about roads being closed. Tony said they were doomed. Marah said she needed to call her parents. When she called, it was static and she couldn't get dial tone. Marsh said her parents couldn't expect to hear from her every single moment. Then she remembered that it was the day pf family tradition when the tree was decorated. They decided to leave since they could feel Josh's presence in the room. When Tony went outside, he found the car was completely buried.

At the Spaulding mansion

Phil entered. Olivia told him to keep out before she realized it was Phillip. Olivia was wrapping Alan's presents. Phillip said he didn't think that Alex would show the tape to Alan. Olivia said there was another copy. Olivia admitted that she thought about showing Alan the tape. But she said it would hurt a lot of people so she trashed it. Olivia gave Phillip her present and wanted him to open it. Inside was a picture of Phillip and the kids. He was shocked because he didn't have a current picture. He thanked her for doing it. Alan enters. Olivia told him to not watch her wrapping her presents. He picked up the picture and thought it was for him. Phillip told Alan to give it back to Olivia so she can wrap it and put it under the tree. Phillip decided to go wrap some presents. Phillip exits. Hugging Alan, Olivia told him this was the first time in a long time that she was truly happy. As Phillip walked in Olivia and Alan's bedroom he picked up Olivia cloches and spelled her fragrance. He told himself to get a grip. Miss Parker enters. Alan exits. She gave Alan the repaired tape. Alan said he better check it out before he gives it to Olivia. Alan was appalled as he watched the tape of Phillip and Olivia.

Alan met with Miss Parker. She gave him the placebos and said that Olivia wouldn't know the difference. He gave her a damaged tape and wanted to know if she could get it repaired. She said she would return it to him later that day.

Friday, December 20, 2002

Danny went to the jail to sign a statement and Carmen was still there, behind bars. She questioned him about Michelle, wanting to know if Michelle welcomed him back with open arms. He told Carmen that him and Michelle were fine and even if they were not, it was worth it to have her out of his life. She tried to talk him into getting rid of the evidence against her and said she is still his mother and that he didn't have to sign the statement. He signed it anyway. She taunted Gus telling him how good of a father he had and that sometimes the people we look up to the most are the ones who let us down the most. He wanted to continue the conversation but Harley pulled him away and told him to not let Carmen ruin their holidays.

Phillip took Zach to see Santa and Harley met them there. They argued about Gus again. Zach got on Santa's lap and when Santa asked him what he wanted for Christmas, he said he wanted his mommy. When they were getting ready to leave, Phillip got a soft heart and told Harley she could have Zach for the evening.

Olivia walked into the room where Alan was viewing the video tape of her and Phillip kissing the day of their wedding. Olivia tried to convince Alan that she loves only him and begged him to not throw their relationship away. Alan was FURIOUS! He said that she only married him for his money and he screamed at Olivia to get out! Alexandra ran to see what was going on. Olivia ran out of the room crying out to Alexandra, "He saw the tape, are you happy now?!" Alan was shocked that Alexandra knew about the tape. Alexandra said she thought Olivia had changed and loves him and wants to make him happy and was defending Olivia. She warned Alan that if he let Olivia go, he's going to be alone and unhappy. Olivia, upset and driving in a snow storm, puts the car in a ditch and from her cell phone, called Phillip. He came to rescue her.

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