Port Charles Recaps: The week of December 23, 2002 on PC

Rafe admitted that Stephen Clay was really Caleb. Caleb revealed that his return was part of a cosmic balancing. Alison sought information about a woman she believed to be her aunt before preparing for her wedding. A power outrage led to the residents of Port Charles gathering at the town Christmas tree.
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Port Charles Recaps: The week of December 23, 2002 on PC
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Monday, DECEMBER 23, 2002

Tess returned to Jack's place and told Jack that she had been to see Livvie and knew the reason behind the pictures she kept seeing in her mind. Tess tearfully explained that she was a part of Livvie and that she was not anybody. Jack tenderly reassured Tess that she was very real to him. To demonstrate, Jack kissed Tess, and they continued kissing -- then they hit the sheets.

At Stephen's studio, Alison expressed her sincere concern for her mother's health, and Elizabeth was genuinely moved by her daughter's concern. Elizabeth seriously contemplated biting Alison in order to give her daughter the greatest gift of all -- immortality. But, as Alison tried to locate a doctor for Elizabeth, Elizabeth began to have second thoughts and excused herself as she fled into the next room.

Meanwhile, in the woods, Rafe was genuinely shocked when Caleb appeared to be immune to the stake Rafe had just driven into his heart. As Caleb got up with the stake in his hand, Rafe dared Caleb to go ahead and try to take Rafe out. Caleb lunged at Rafe but stopped before he reached Rafe. Caleb announced that he was no longer "into" killing and just wanted fame, fortune, and rock and roll. When Rafe asked why Caleb wanted all of that in Port Charles, of all places, Caleb announced that his band was going on a road tour soon, so they would no longer be in Port Charles.

Rafe tried to learn if the water had anything to do with Caleb's return, and Caleb admitted only that "it helps." When Caleb claimed that he had been a perfect citizen that time around and had not killed anyone, Rafe mentioned the way Caleb had turned Alison's mother. Rafe accused Caleb of going after Elizabeth as a way to get to Alison and, ultimately, to Rafe. But Caleb told Rafe that, while Caleb had had that goal in mind originally, Caleb had since grown to care for Elizabeth -- but Caleb would solve the Elizabeth problem by taking Elizabeth along when the band went on tour.

While Elizabeth was in the next room, Mr. Travis, the private detective that Alison had hired to help locate her missing sibling, gave a box to Alison and explained that he'd found the box hidden behind a wall in her father's old office. After Mr. Travis left the studio, Alison hesitantly opened the box and discovered some books and some old love letters. Alison determined that the letters were not written by her mother and found one letter making plans for Malcolm to visit his lady love and their child. Alison decided jt had to be a letter talking about her lost sibling.

As Alison continued to investigate, she discovered that the box had a false bottom, and in the hidden bottom, Alison discovered a picture of a lovely, dark-haired woman with the name "Katrina" written on the back. Alison concluded that it had to be a picture of the woman who had written the letters to her father and that Alison was looking at a picture of the mother of her brother or sister.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth was stunned when she realized that she'd contemplated biting her own daughter and wondered what she had become. When Elizabeth returned and noticed the box, Alison just said that the private detective had stopped by with it, but Alison did not show her mother the love letters or the picture of Katrina.

Back in the woods, Rafe insisted that Caleb had robbed Alison of her mother just as the two were beginning to make a real connection, but Caleb professed that he was truly fond of both Alison and Elizabeth. As Rafe vowed to do away with Caleb in the end, Caleb shocked Rafe by announcing that Caleb had Rafe to thank for Caleb's second chance on earth. According to Caleb, when someone from upstairs returned to earth, someone from downstairs was allowed to return, as well, to keep everything "in balance."

Tuesday, DECEMBER 24TH, 2002

At Rafe and Alison's place, Rafe contemplated Caleb's pronouncement that Caleb had gotten a free ride back to earth with Rafe when Rafe had traded in his heavenly wings for a mortal life with Alison. Rafe worried whether or not he would be able to keep the promises he'd made to Alison that they would lead a "normal" life, since Rafe knew that evil in the form of the returned Caleb Morley still needed to be vanquished in order to keep all their loved ones safe. Later, Alison tried to get Rafe to share what was on his mind, but Rafe put it off, and Alison began to discuss plans for their upcoming wedding. Noticing that Rafe still seemed pensive about something, Alison urged her angel to just have faith.

Ian visited Eve's grave with Danny, and as Ian put out a small tree with some decorations, Ian admitted to his absent wife that he had been struggling the past year to give Danny the happy life that Danny deserved -- but Ian confessed that he believed he had been messing up in that department.

Meanwhile, at the lighthouse, Lucy tried to tell Kevin how unsettling his "new and improved" attitude was to her, but Kevin urged Lucy to put the past behind them and get on with the future.

Meanwhile, at Jack's place, as Jack and Tess got ready for company, they were stunned when Livvie arrived at the door and announced that she was moving in with her "sister." Jack informed Livvie that she was not going to do that, but when Jack went to the door to greet Jamal, Marissa, and Chris, Livvie urged Tess to speak to Jack for her. Livvie reminded Tess that since they both knew that Caleb had created Tess from Livvie, they needed to stick together and protect each other because whatever caused one of them pain also caused pain to the other. Later, Tess convinced a dubious Jack to change his mind and allow Livvie to stay.

As Kevin and Lucy argued about Kevin's "new and improved" outlook on life, Serena and Christina arrived downstairs, and Christina asked Kevin to tell her the Christmas story of how they had all become a family the year before on that very day. As Kevin began to remind Lucy of their wedding the previous year, they both began to remember the promises they'd made to each other.

Back at Jack's place, Marissa invited Jamal to visit her family the next Christmas, and Chris asked Tess about her headaches. Tess told Chris that the headaches were getting better. When Chris asked Tess if there was anything that he could do for her, Tess replied that she thought the one thing she wanted most was for everyone to just be together and love each other. Later, Livvie gave Tess a scarf that was similar to a scarf that Livvie already had. Jamal took Jack aside later and asked Jack if it was a good idea for Livvie and Tess to be wearing matching outfits, and Jack agreed with Jamal that Jack did have reservations about the wisdom of Tess and Livvie dressing alike.

Meanwhile, back at Rafe and Alison's place, Alison told Rafe about the private investigator finding a box that had belonged to Alison's father and about the box containing a picture of the woman Alison believed was the mother of her lost sibling. Alison then gave Rafe a watch that was solar-powered, so it would never run down and would always be there to remind Rafe of the eternal bond he shared with Alison. Alison also reminded Rafe about the watch he'd had the winter before that had been ticking off the time until Rafe had to leave Port Charles and those he loved.

Suddenly, the lights went out all over town, and one by one, the residents realized that the only light on in town was the giant Christmas tree in the park. One by one, the various residents of Port Charles found their way to the tree, where Serena handed out candles, and they all sang "We Wish You a Merry Christmas" together.

Wednesday, December 25, 2002

Due to the Christmas holiday, Port Charles did not air this day. The show resumed Thursday, December 26, where Tuesday's show concluded.

Thursday, DECEMBER 26TH, 2002

At Rafe and Alison's place, Alison wrote a letter to her future children, telling them the story of Rafe and Alison's love for one another, and as Alison wrote, she flashed back to memorable scenes of Rafe and Alison's courtship.

Meanwhile, at Stephen's studio, Stephen tried to keep his mind on Elizabeth but kept flashing back to his brief marriage to Livvie.

At Jack's place, Tess told Livvie that Tess was worried about Livvie. Livvie told Tess that it was Livvie's need for Caleb that had returned Caleb to Port Charles and that Livvie believed she loved Caleb. Tess told Livvie that Tess believed that Tess was there to put an end to the hunger that Livvie felt for Caleb. Tess begged Livvie to let Tess heal Livvie of her hunger for Caleb, but Livvie refused, telling Tess that Livvie was tired of people trying to "save" her.

Meanwhile, Caleb fantasized about Livvie becoming part of his rock band and announcing to the world that Stephen was really Caleb Morley and that Livvie loved him. However, Elizabeth woke up and broke into Caleb's fantasy, calling him back to bed.

Back at Jack's place, Tess fell asleep, and Livvie covered Tess up and told her that Livvie could feel Caleb's hunger calling her, so Livvie left Tess sleeping and went out.

Friday, DECEMBER 27TH, 2002

At Jack's place, as Jack got ready to head out to be an attendant at Alison's wedding, Jack and Tess wondered where Livvie had gone. Meanwhile, Livvie met Caleb in the park and told him that she knew Caleb had seen Livvie making out with Ricky on the couch at Livvie's place. Then Livvie announced to Caleb that she and Tess both had remembered the way Caleb had "made" Tess from Livvie. Livvie suggested that Caleb's motive had been that he'd loved Livvie so much, he'd wanted two of her. Caleb denied any knowledge of what Livvie was talking about.

Meanwhile, at the chapel, as Lucy put finishing touches on the flowers, she ran into Ian and apologized for slapping him at the hospital when he'd bad-mouthed Kevin. When Lucy began to launch into a recitation about Kevin's latest strange behavior, Ian stopped her.

At Rafe and Alison's place, as Alison practiced walking down the aisle, Elizabeth arrived. When Alison ran to hug her mother, Rafe flashed back to his encounter with Caleb, when Caleb had admitted that he had already bitten Elizabeth -- and Rafe angrily told Elizabeth to leave right away. Alison and Elizabeth were both stunned.

In the park, as Livvie confronted Caleb, she told him that she was through chasing him, but when he wanted to find her, he knew where to look. Then Livvie kissed Caleb and sauntered off. After Livvie left, Joshua suddenly appeared and reminded Caleb that Caleb became careless whenever Caleb was around Livvie. Joshua reminded Caleb that Livvie had killed him before and would be able to do it again. Even though Caleb insisted that Caleb would handle Olivia, after Caleb left, Joshua said, "You will not have to."'

At the chapel, as Lucy begged Ian to continue their friendship, Ian told Lucy that Ian had no respect for Kevin, but since Kevin was Lucy's husband, Lucy should be with Kevin and be happy. After Ian left, Kevin arrived. Lucy told Kevin that she'd tried to apologize to Ian, but Ian had not accepted her apology.

Back at Rafe and Alison's place, Rafe apologized for snapping at Elizabeth and said that he'd just wanted to be alone with Alison. Just then, Jamal and Jack arrived, and Elizabeth tactfully herded Jack and Jamal back outside. When they were all gone, Rafe gave Alison an antique locket that had belonged to his mother. Alison admired the locket but did not open it.

Back at Jack's place, Tess decided to wear the sweater that Livvie had given her that was exactly like the sweater that Livvie was also wearing that day. At the same time, Livvie ran through the park and was surprised when she ran into Joshua.

Meanwhile, Jack and Jamal threatened to actually try to help Alison get ready for her wedding. At the same time, at the chapel, Lucy tried to help Rafe settle down enough to get ready for the wedding. Rafe finally confided to his cousin that he knew for certain that Stephen was Caleb. Rafe went on to describe how Rafe had staked Caleb in the heart, and Caleb had removed the stake as if it were a splinter. Rafe explained to Lucy that Elizabeth was also a vampire and that Caleb had been allowed to return to earth because Rafe had returned.

As Rafe told Lucy that he seemed to be getting more of his powers back, Caleb suddenly showed up. As Lucy insisted that Caleb stay far away from Alison's wedding, Caleb reminded them that he was a guest of the mother of the bride.

In the meantime, while Livvie was talking to Joshua in the park, Tess called Livvie on Livvie's cell phone. Livvie told Tess that everything was fine -- then Livvie stuffed the phone into her pocket. However, Livvie did not disconnect her phone, and Tess heard Josua inform Livvie that Caleb had changed his mind and wanted to see Livvie. Joshua told Livvie that Caleb wanted to meet her at the docks. Tess yelled into the receiver that Livvie should not go to the docks to meet Caleb. Livvie refused to listen to Tess, turned off the phone, and ran off to meet Caleb. Tess put down the phone and decided that Livvie needed her protection.

Back at the chapel, Kevin found Ian and demanded an apology from Ian for falsely accusing Kevin of having beaten the prostitute, and Ian gave Kevin a backhanded apology -- then Kevin warned Ian to stay away from Lucy. At the same time, as Rafe and Lucy ordered Caleb to get out, Caleb spilled some of his wine on Lucy's dress. Then Caleb announced that he was leaving town soon for a tour with his band. After Caleb left, Rafe promised Lucy that he would not let Caleb ruin his wedding day. Meanwhile, Elizabeth, Jack, and Jamal helped Alison put the finishing touches on her wedding dress.

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