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Jack was shot once in the chest. Anna issued an ultimatum to David. Greenlee agreed to give Carlos a chance. Kendall tricked Michael and later warned Erica about what he was up to. Erica told an unconscious Jack that she would marry him.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of April 28, 2003 on AMC
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Monday, April 28, 2003

Greenlee and Kendall are at SOS and switch drinks because Kendall's reminds her of Michael. Maggie and Henry arrive and Henry is asked to fill in on stage. Anna taps Jackson on the shoulder and realizes she is not the one he is waiting for. Jackson invites her to join him and she accepts tell him she is waiting for David. Jackson tells Anna that Erica turned down his engagement and Anna encouraged Jack not to give up on her. She explains how she gave David so many chances and never gave up on him. Jackson continues talking to Anna about Erica, when Flanders sneaks in. Jackson tells Anna he wants someone in his life to love. David comes in and Anna is very happy that he made it. David is a little nervous about being away from the Leora, and Anna tells David she really needs to reconnect with him. David tells her she is gorgeous and passionately kisses her.

Henry declines the invitation to play while Greenlee and Kendall are on to another kind of drink, slurring a little and trying to figure out who Michael was sleeping with. Greenlee feels there must be a reason why Michael is with another women. Maggie convinces Henry to fill in.

Greenlee and Kendall party it up and goof around with Maggie about Henry. Henry joins the Gambling Guthries on stage at SOS. Jackson tells Kendall that trey is being moved to a minimum-security prison. Kendall congratulates Jack on his engagement to Erica. Jack tells her it never happened. Flanders steps up from his table and sneers at Jackson behind his back. Henry jams and Maggie looks on very proudly. Chris calls Flanders but he turns his phone off when he hears it ring. Chris leaves a message to Flanders to not do anything or make a move with out his approval first.

Erica is talking on the phone when in walks Chris; she stutters and hangs up, while Chris takes a seat at the bar. Erica asks him if he will say hello. She asks how he is and when he asks Erica, she tells him she is going through a difficult time and that her and Jackson had a terrible falling out. He figures they will patch it up, and Erica tells him she turned down Jack's marriage proposal. Chris is surprised she said no. 'Why are you telling me this Erica? Because I don't really care.' Erica says 'I'm sorry I know you don't care and I have no right to tell you all this.' She tells Chris that she has lost everyone. He tells Erica she is not as alone as she thinks she is and that sometimes he picks up the phone to call her also. Erica explains to Chris that what she and Jackson had was indefinable and it interfered with many areas of her life, she is so truly sorry and he said 'So am I sweetheart, so am I.' Erica wants Chris to promise her that he will be happy and they admit to each how happy they were together for a long while. He tells her she was always easy on his eyes and Erica hopes that sometime in the future they can be friends again and she gives him a long kiss on the cheek as she tells him good night.

Lena enters Erica's office sits at her computer, she's surprised by Boyd. Lena tells him she's doing a job for Erica and asks Boyd if he is still working on his formula. Boyd tells her whatever choice she made about Bianca is fine as long as Bianca does not get caught in the middle. They discuss the accusation of Erica being accused of the lawsuit for Fusion. Lena asks Boyd who he thinks is behind this. He tells her that Erica thinks it's Michael Cambias. Lena asks Boyd about the wedge Michael has created between him and Kendall. Boyd says he doesn't care about that, only about finding out who is behind what is happening to Erica's company and he decides to stick around the office.

Erica enters her office and Lena tells her she has not found out who or how the money was used to fund the woman to enter into a lawsuit against fusion. Lena puts a disk into Erica's computer after Erica and Boyd leave. Outside Erica's office, Erica questions Boyd about Lena, and tells him that she knows Lena and Bianca are together. Boyd tells her he has already tried to tell Bianca to be careful, and if she hurts the company or Bianca that Erica will kill her with her own two hands. Lena tells Erica what has happened is all her fault. She shows Erica on the computer how someone moved money from one account to another, Barton Phillips is who she names as someone who she let go and she accuses him of doing this because he did not take it well. Erica asks for a print out to take to Jackson. Michael is seen on the phone leaving a message for some one that they need to talk. 'Now'

David and Anna relax and when he reaches for his phone she grabs his arm and puts it around her. Henry receives a huge round of applause. David calls the nurse and then rushes Anna out of SOS because Leora has a fever. At the end of the night Jackson is the only one left drinking in the bar, and Erica is alone in her office, staring out her window and crying. Henry and Maggie make love. Lena knocks on Michael's door; Kendall has just seen her enter is place. At SOS Jackson walks outside and is shot! He holds his chest, which is full of blood and falls to the ground struggling to breathe.

Tuesday, April 29, 2003


Leora was spiking a fever and her parents rushed her to the hospital. David and Anna were obviously stressed about their daughter. They discussed the pacemaker option and David was still against it. They finally found out Leora had strep throat, not caused by her heart condition. Anna talked to Dr Joe about their options, who agreed it would be wise to revisit the pacemaker decision. David continued to oppose the surgery but Anna signed the consent forms. The parents fought about it, but Anna was insistent. David threatened to take Anna to court.


Kendall went to Michael's condo to let him know that she knows that Lena is the other woman. He was on the phone, buying up Enchantment shares. Michael told Kendall he just started seeing Lena to help him get over Kendall. Kendall accused him of working with Lena all along and using her as part of his grand plan to get Boyd's formula and to bury Enchantment. She then told him she knows that Lena was working for him and that it was no accident that they met in Aspen, only after Lena failed to seduce Boyd because he was in love with Kendall. She told Michael she knew he dumped her because she couldn't get the formula either and that the Fusion lawsuit leads right back to Enchantment. Kendall wanted to know if she was right and Michael would only say that if she was, she couldn't stop him. Kendall then said she did not want to stop him, but to join forces. She offered her assistance in return for being able to replace Erica as Enchantment CEO. Michael doubted Kendall's sincerity and ability to help. Kendall convinced him that she is a manipulator like him and she can deliver Boyd's formula and together, they can take over Enchantment. She agreed to stay quiet about Lena, then they shook hands and made a pact to bring down Erica. Then Michael kissed Kendall to show her he did want her. The kiss was passionless and Michael said he knew how to get the passion back by delivering Enchantment. Kendall couldn't wait.


Erica went to the community center looking for Jack and learned from Reggie that he had not come home the night before. Reggie let Erica know that Jack was probably with another woman and that he'd been to SOS the night before. Erica ran out. Jack was, in fact, lying in an alley outside SOS, suffering from a gunshot wound to the chest.

Erica went to the police station to report Jackson's disappearance and ended up talking to Chris, who was still busy leaving phone messages for Flanders, telling him to not make a move. As she outlined her fears and concerns, Chris told her Jack was probably avoiding her or just nursing a hangover, but he grew more and more worried. Erica told him she knew he wasn't with another woman and that she'd called everyone she could think of already. Then she could tell he knew something more, maybe about Jack's enemies, and begged him to tell her. Chris called Lt Derek Frye and convinced him to put out an APB.

Joni lectured Reggie about the way he talked disrespectfully to Erica and he didn't care. Joni then saw Luis, the thug who tried to rob her at the park, come in to talk to Reggie and overheard him threaten the DA if Reggie talked. Joni begged Reggie to tell Miss Kane everything he knows and Reggie warned her to keep quiet and not call the cops. He promised he'd take care of everything and that no one would get hurt.

Luis then found Jack in the alley. Jack was hoarsely crying out for help, but Luis just told him no one would find him as long as he stood guard. Reggie walked toward Jack and Luis tried to get him to leave the alley. Reggie spotted blood on his shoes and raced around him and saw Jack lying in the alley. Reggie accused Luis of shooting Jack. Luis refused to let Reggie go for help and punched him out. As Reggie hit the ground, Joni came around the corner and saw the scene. Reggie and Luis continued to fight as the sirens sounded. Luis ran off, Reggie bent over Jack to try to help, and Joni returned to the scene to say she'd called 911. Reggie continued to comfort Jack and talked to him while waiting for help to arrive.

Wednesday, April 30, 2003

Anna and David continued to argue over Leora's possible surgery. Anna said she'd have David arrested for violating his probation if he tries to stop the surgery. She told him she knew all about the serum he was working on for Edmund to give Maria. He was surprised that she found out and Anna reminded him that she was a spy and that she knows his computer password. Anna said David's fear is preventing his best judgment in Leora's case. He disagreed and Anna said his fear is jeopardizing their daughter's health. She said they couldn't avoid this any longer because Leora wasn't getting any stronger. She told David that he has lost his perspective but he said she had lost hers by second guessing his judgment. Anna said she wanted Leora to have the surgery whether he agreed or not. David said "So unless I do it your way I go to jail?." Anna said she loved him and she's compromised her career for him but she wouldn't compromise their daughter's life. He reminded her that he is a heart expert but she said she wanted Leora to have a chance at life. David said Leora could die on the operating table and Anna retorted "She could die on the way to the hospital!." He walked away from Anna and after a moment she followed him.

Meanwhile Jackson was brought into the ER by the paramedics. Reggie and Joni were with him. Joe Martin ran to the gurney and then ordered them to put Jack in an exam room. Reggie was very upset and begged Jack to hang on. After they took him into the exam room Joni tried to comfort Reggie by telling him that Mr. Montgomery was going to be fine. Reggie didn't believe her. Then she asked if his friend Luis shot Jack. She said she had heard their conversation at the rec center and in the alley. Reggie said if they tell the cops they'll both be found in an alley in worse shape than Jack. Joni asked Reggie if he was afraid of Luis and he said yes. She said they could tell the cops everything and they'd arrest him and put him in jail. Reggie said he'd just get his friends to mess them up. Joni said she can't forget what happened and that Reggie was a hero. This made Reggie uncomfortable.

David and Anna returned to the ER and when he saw Reggie he wasn't happy that "the punk" was there. Anna told him it was ok. An officer came over and asked Anna if she was there because of the DA. She didn't know what he meant so he told her about Jack being shot. The officer said someone found him in an alley and called 911. Joni piped in and said that was her. Then she said Reggie was there too. The cop came over and started questioning Reggie and then tried to pat him down. Reggie was getting upset and Joni stuck up for him and told the cop to leave him alone. Reggie told the cop what had happened. David made snide comments and the cop offered to take Reggie to the station in cuffs. Anna said Jack trusted Reggie and that was good enough for her. Reggie was touched to hear that Jack trusted him. Joe came out of the exam room and told them that Jack had lost alot of blood and they didn't know if he'd make it. Reggie went running and Joni caught up with him. She took him to the chapel and told him they were going to pray for Mr. Montgomery. Reggie said he didn't believe in prayers, they were just for little white girls. Joni said prayers do help and she didn't care what he thought. She went to the alter and got on her knees and began to pray. Reggie watched for a moment then joined her. His prayer was a bit unorthodox, beginning with "Yo, God, what's up? J is my friend, he's good people and didn't deserve to get shot. Throw down some strength." He ended with "If J pulls through, I owe ya one. Thanks for listening." Joni smiled and said Amen with Reggie.

At the health club Mia and Greenlee walked into the workout room. Greenlee said she told Simone and Kendall that the yoga class was mandatory. Mia asked about Carlos and Greenlee smiled and said she knew he wanted her. In walked Simone with Carlos, laughing and hanging on his arm. Greenlee was surprised and asked where Kendall was. Simone said she was AWOL so she got Carlos to come along and be her partner. Greenlee pulled Simone to the side and said it was inappropriate. Simone laughed and said Greenlee was jealous because she was going to swap sweat with Carlos. Greenlee said he only came because he knew she'd be there. Bianca and Lena walked in and Greenlee made a snotty comment about how Erica had to buy Bianca a girlfriend. Bianca told her to be nice to Lena because she's the one who found out who set up the phony lawsuit. Bianca told her it was a fired accountant from Enchantment and Greenlee said she thought she knew all the names of the employees there and didn't recognize that one. Lysistrata came in and began the class. Greenlee grabbed Carlos and they looked into each other's eyes. Greenlee said with Lysistrata doing the class anything could happen and smiled at him. The class was told to link hands with their partners and gaze into each other's soul. Simone said to Mia, "No offense but I was hoping to be the one with Carlos." Lysistrata kept talking and told them to get into their partner's spirit. Greenlee kept looking at Carlos and then broke down in sobs. After the class Lysistrata came over to Greenlee and Carlos and told Greenlee that her tears opened up issues of relationships, trust and love. She told Greenlee to focus on those issues and walked away. Greenlee told Carlos she felt like an idiot for crying but Carlos told her not to hide her feelings from the people who care about her. She said she had to go and he asked her why she was pushing him away. She said she didn't know and Carlos told her to look behind the veil and see what happens next. He asked if she was free that evening and she said yes and asked him to come to her place for dinner. He replied "It's a date!" and they kissed. Bianca and Lena went into the steam room and talked about Greenlee's meltdown. Lena said she wished she could be as open as Bianca and Greenlee are. Bianca said the "mystery woman" thing she had going on is completely irresistible. Lena turned Bianca around and began to massage her shoulders while Bianca sighed in contentment. Lena leaned against Bianca and said "This is heaven!." Simone rushed in and told Bianca that Jackson had been shot. Bianca bolted to the locker room and Lena followed.

In the Valley Inn bar Opal ordered a lemonade as Chris walked over to her. He asked if she'd seen Jack lately and she said no. All of a sudden she was overcome by a premonition and stopped cold. She looked at Chris and said "Oh Chris, someone's going to die!." Chris said Erica had told him she gets "feelings" about things and asked if she knew who it was. She said since they were just talking about Jack it must be him. Chris asked if she was ever wrong about the "feelings" and she sadly shook her head no. Opal left and Chris stayed at the bar. He called Flanders and left a message for him. As he spoke a news report came on the TV with a special report about Jackson. He said the DA was in extremely critical condition and that they hadn't found the shooter yet. Chris looked away and said under his breath "Flanders, what have you done?"

In her office at Enchantment Erica tried calling Jack again and left another urgent message. Outside her door Val and Kendall argued until Kendall pushed her way into Erica's office. She told her mother she was there to save her and for the first time in her life she was going to thank her. Val offered to get security but Erica agreed to listen to Kendall. Erica told Kendall she knew about the fiasco with Boyd, he told her everything. Kendall said she was there to help Erica and not to go for her throat. Erica just laughed at her so Kendall turned to leave and said "When Michael comes after you don't say I didn't warn you!" Erica said Michael could never touch her or Enchantment. Kendall said he's trying and that Erica would need her help to take him down. Kendall said she has some information about Michael and that their affair was over because he was using her to get Boyd's formula. Kendall told her mother that Michael wants Enchantment and Erica wondered how she could be so sure. Kendall said she told Michael she'd help him if he put her at the head of Enchantment and he agreed. Kendall said she didn't want Erica's company, she just wants to take Michael down. She said he has a secret weapon and Erica said she has a poison pill. Kendall said her information was legitimate and Erica finally asked to hear it. She said Michael has a mole in Enchantment and Erica said she already knew about Barton Philips. Kendall said she doubted if that guy really existed and that Michael's spy is Enchantment's CFO, Lena. Erica was horrified and said she had her doubts about Lena and that Boyd had tried to warn her. She said Lena had done so much for her and Enchantment and Kendall remarked that Lena had done more for Michael. Then Erica gasped and said "Oh my God! Lena and Bianca are together! What if Bianca is a target?" Kendall said Michael was going to sic Lena on Bianca to get the formula. Erica said Michael was going to use Bianca and Kendall said he already used her. Erica said she tried to warn Kendall and then went off about Michael and Lena. She started to call Bianca but then Val told her Joe Martin was on the line for her. Erica picked up the phone and Joe told her that Jack had been shot and if she wanted to see him to get to the hospital now. She said she was on her way and hung up. She told Kendall what happened and Kendall said she'd drive her to the hospital.

Anna checked on Leora and came back to the waiting room. She told David their baby was sleeping like an angel. She asked David if he was going to fight her on the surgery. He asked how he could if he was behind bars. "It doesn't matter what I think, you've made the decision for all of us. Let's hope you don't regret it," he said to Anna.

Erica flew into the ER and demanded to see Jack. Dr. Joe was there and started to talk to her but a nurse rushed out of Jack's room and told Joe "Code Blue!!." Joe ran into Jack's room and Erica followed. She ran to Jack's bedside and began begging him not to leave her as the doctors worked to bring him back. She cried over and over "You promised you'd never leave me!"

Thursday, May 1, 2003

When Jack flat-lined Erica screamed at Jack that he couldn't leave her. Joe and his team were able to get a heartbeat from Jack so they rushed him into surgery. Erica pleaded with Joe to stay with Jack and to let them know how he is as soon as possible. Kendall was walking up to Erica wanting to console her when Bianca came into the room and hugged her mom. Erica told Bianca that Jack would be okay not to worry. Bianca asked who would shoot Uncle Jack and Opal replied that she knew and told them that she believed Chris did it. Both Bianca and Erica defended Chris. Joe returned with news that the surgery went well but they weren't sure if Jack had brain damage or not.

Kendall quietly left and ran into Lena in the waiting room telling her that she worked fast and asked what she was doing there. Lena explained that she was with Bianca when she found out about her uncle and asked Kendall if she had a problem with her and Bianca being together. Kendall told her no but said that she didn't know Bianca was Lena's type. Lena said she had to make a call so Kendall told her to tell Michael hello. Lena was surprised by the comment and left.

Lena went to see Michael telling him that Kendall knew about their relationship. He said he knew and when Lena asked if the plan was falling apart he said no that it's just taken a different turn. He did ask where she had talked to Kendall and she said in the hospital and told him about Jack. She asked him if he was sure if he could trust Kendall and he told her that it was her he couldn't trust. She asked what he was talking about and he told her that he knew that her mother was really alive. Lena attacked him and Michael grabbed her and told as long as she did what she was told her mother would be safe.

Mia went to visit Edmund and as he had picked her up and was kissing her Maureen and Maddie walked in. Maddie told Mia to quit kissing her dad and called her a liar and stormed out. Edmund went after Maddie and caught up with her in the barn. He told her that he and Mia would probably be seeing each other a lot and that she should apologize to Mia because it wasn't Mia's fault that her mommy and he weren't together. Meanwhile Maureen asked why her daughter called Mia a liar and accused her of misleading her daughter. Mia told her that she never lied about her relationship with Edmund and told her she was the one who was misleading her daughter because she was the one that told Maddie that even though she cared for her she couldn't be her mother and that she was the one who wanted to spend time with Aidan instead of her own children. Maureen accused Mia of being threatened by her and she said no she wasn't threatened that she was the only one who wasn't afraid to call her out. At that time Maddie and Edmund returned. Maddie did apologize and when asked if she felt better she screamed "No! I want you to stay away from my daddy!" then ran upstairs with Maureen going after her. Edmund asked Mia if she was ok and to give Maddie time. She told him that she was more concerned with Maria and he said "you mean Maureen?" she replied "Maria, Maureen, who ever the hell she is."

Aidan arrived after finding out that Jack had been shot and asked Kendall how he was and what she was doing there. Kendall explained that she was with Erica when the call about Jack came in so she drove her. Aidan questioned Kendall's motives. Kendall said she didn't have one and Aidan said nobody changes over night. They exchanged a few more insults when Erica, Bianca, Opal, and Joe came out of the emergency room. After Opal and Bianca left to get coffee Erica told both Kendall and Aidan that the surgery went well. Erica then thanked Kendall for what she did for her and that she would be in touch. Aidan said "If I didn't see it with my own eyes I wouldn't have believed it!" They apologized to each other for what they said. He told her to watch out for Michael as Michael himself showed up. Kendall told Aidan she would talk to him later. Kendall asked Michael what he was doing there and he said "I could ask you the same question."

Lena found Bianca outside Jack's room and asked her if she trusted her. Bianca said "yes" so Lena took her hand and they walked down the hallway.

Meanwhile in Jack's room Erica was at his side. She held his hand and told him that she wasn't leaving until he threw her out himself. She told him she was so sorry as Chris watched from outside the room.

Friday, May 2, 2003

Erica is in the hospital with Jack, while he is on the respirator she tells him she thinks that if she hadn't refused his marriage proposal all this wouldn't have happened. Chris Stamp looks on through the glass window when Aidan comes up from behind, spins him around and asks, "Did you do this?" Chris claims he didn't do anything, and Aidan tells him how he overheard Chris' plans. Erica tells Jackson that she is totally there for him, she will never leave him. Chris tells Aidan that Flanders had his own agenda with Jackson, he explains to him how he caught Flanders on his way out of town, and told him that there was a score he could help him settle. Chris said, "If there is blood in the water it is because I put it there." Aidan wants to know if Chris asked Flanders to go after Jack. He tells him he called him off. Chris said Flanders knew he blamed Jack for everything that happened in his life, that he hates him with a vengeance, because the women he loved chose another man before him. He confesses to still loving Erica and just as he says to Aidan "I wanted him gone, I wanted him dead!" Erica steps out of Jack's room, and in shock yells, "You did this?" Chris tries to convince Erica that he didn't do it. He swears that he didn't know Jack was hurt. Erica hysterically accuses him of shooting Jack, she runs up to Chris and shoves him. Aidan takes her arms and holds her back. Erica tells Chris to stay away from her and Jack; she tells him she never wants to see his face again. Aidan tells Erica to remain strong. He tries to convince her that Chris really didn't do this, not to blame Chris, and he promises her that he will find out who did and make him pay. Erica goes back into Jacks room and tries to get him to wake up. She pours her heart out to him, telling him she is sorry she didn't have the courage to be with him sooner, she accepts his proposal and wants to be with him the rest of her life, and he wakes up and asks if she loves him. Erica says, "Yes I do. Do you know who I am?" Jack mumbles, "Sure, you're my heart." He tells her she can't take back deathbed confessions and she tells him she never will. She stands up to kiss him on the forehead.

Michael tells Kendall he thinks it's quite a coincidence that she was with Erica when she got the news right after they had made a deal. He tells Kendall she might have a problem. Kendall told Michael that if they want to work together he has to trust her. She tells him she went to find out if Erica bought Lena's cover story. Michael admits he told Lena what to do. Kendall asks him if he told Lena to seduce Bianca. Kendall tells him she doesn't think Bianca deserves to get her heart broken. She tells him that she went to Erica's to tell her that she was right about Michael dating her with a hidden agenda. Michael doesn't believe her and tells her that if she is lying, she will be very sorry. Kendalls about to walk away, telling him she can do this without him, when he tells her to wait. Bianca shows up at the hospital as Michael tells Kendall he thinks they understand each other, then he leaves. As Kendall tries to comfort Bianca, Bianca tells Kendall what she did to Boyd was really low and it's totally unforgivable. Kendall asks if Lena is a friend or a girlfriend. Bianca says she's a girlfriend and what they have together is real. Kendall asks her to go somewhere private so she can tell her something.

Greenlee lights the candles and sets the finishing touches on her apartment, when she looks upon Leo's photo. She tells him she will always love him, nothing will change that, and she knows he will always love her. There is a knock at her door, she puts the picture of Leo away and opens the door to Carlos, whose arms are full of yellow roses. Carlos struggles to open a bottle of wine, and Greenlee admits that she did not cook dinner and that she set the table with unused wedding presents. She tells him she knows in her soul that Leo would not have a problem with them being together. As Greenlee leaves to get dinner, Carlos practices to himself telling her that she is beautiful. Carlos and Greenlee end up not being so formal and eat sitting on the living room floor. He tells her she is an angel only he can see and they slowly kiss. Just as she starts to unbutton his shirt he stops her. She tells him she has no doubts about him because she reread the emails he sent her. She tells him that its like the words he wrote went straight out of his heart and into hers. He admits to not writing the emails.

Henry thanks Maggie for making him realize there are other passions in his life other than medicine. She tells him that how he cradles the guitar in his lap and holds the strings totally turns her on and they start to kiss. Henry's Mom enters wanting to know about his debut performance at the nightclub. He tells her it was not a big deal. She said she had to hear about her son the guitar player by a customer. She appears very unhappy and Henry asks her if she would wish him well? She says, "no I would not." Henry and his mother argue about him not studying enough, having a girlfriend, and playing a guitar. He tells his mother she must not love him enough if she won't let him have a life. Smack! She slaps him hard across the face, crying, "After all I have done for you that you would question my love?" and leaves. Maggie tries to get him to go after his mom talk to her. He doesn't think he will ever be the person his mother wants him to be. They tell each other that they love each other, then leave for her place, while his mother watches them go.

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