All My Children Recaps: The week of November 24, 2003 on AMC
Ryan figured out what Juan Pablo was up to. Tad and Jamie talked about Babe's pregnancy. Stuart assured JR that he would be a great father. Maria announced the results of Kendall's pregnancy test. The Martins had their Thanksgiving feast, and Jack hosted Thanksgiving dinner at the Valley Inn.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of November 24, 2003 on AMC
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Monday, November 24, 2003

Mary unveils her latest sculpture creation, a nude male torso done in plaster, on Adam's patio. She calls it "Triumph of the Spirit" and goes on about how the strong back muscles remind her of Adam but that he wasn't the model. Tad overhears and thinking Jamie was her model tells Mary, "If you ever come after Jamie again, your next artistic vision will be me coming after you with a chisel." Later Tad bursts Mary's sculpture into a thousand pieces on the patio. Mary screams, "You have no idea how I suffer for my art!" To which Tad replies, "Yeah, and I just have to suffer when I look at it."

Having shown Jamie the P.I.'s dossier on Babe, Jamie is convinced to tell JR about sleeping with Babe. Jamie begins his speech by telling JR how they have always been brothers, etc. Tad interrupts just as Jamie is about to tell JR he could be the father and tells Jamie he doesn't have to say another word. Now JR's curiosity is really piqued. Tad makes up a story that Jamie is worried about Babe's health during the pregnancy because of something he overheard when he was 8 or 9 about Dixie not being able to carry a second child. Tad explains that Jamie wasn't there like he was to hear the doctor say Babe and baby are exactly where they should be and doing fine for a pregnancy in its "9th week." Jamie relaxes a bit and JR buys the lie. Later Jamie admits to Tad he slept with Babe but that he used protection. Even though no method of protection is 100% Tad convinces Jamie that the best thing to do is maintain the lie because the truth serves no higher purpose.

Ryan attempts to break the lip-lock with Greenlee after Juan Pablo is out of site. Greenlee doesn't want to stop and tells Ryan, "Read my lips. I kissed you to prove I still care about you." Not a minute later, Greenlee reverses herself telling Ryan the kiss was just to get rid of Juan Pablo. The look on her face changes to amazement when Ryan reminds her she just said it was because she still cares about him and tells her he still cares about her too.

Erica confronts Kendall at David's accusing her of running to David for help faking a pregnancy test. Trapped with Erica present and Bianca hiding in the bedroom, David tells Kendall she made a huge mistake by running to him for cover because he keeps no secrets from Erica. David physically throws Kendall out in mock disgust telling her as he's tossing her out what supplies he will need from the hospital to help her fake her pregnancy test. With Kendall gone, Erica continues talking with David. Bianca makes a sound in the bedroom. Erica wants to go investigate. David distracts her from checking "under his bed" by saying she really wants to slip between the sheets with him. David promises Erica he will be present for Kendall's pregnancy test by Maria so there is no way she can fake it and sends her on her way. Bianca comes out of hiding asking David for reassurance that he is going to help Kendall fake the test. David assures her that he will and coaches Bianca on what she must do to help. Bianca promises to practice her lines and hopes she does not get stage fright.

Ryan tries to convince Greenlee to let him handle Kendall. Greenlee tells Ryan, "I'll deal with that lying bitch myself!" Kendall overhears this comment and confronts Greenlee. She accuses Greenlee of trying to ride her baby's back to get control of Fusion. Greenlee tells her she's right and draws the proverbial line in the sand: "You ain't seen nothing yet." Kendall and Greenlee continue their verbal sparring over Fusion, Ryan, the baby, etc. During the course of their arguments, Kendall tells Greenlee about seeing Juan Pablo at her bedside when she was unconscious confessing his love for her. Greenlee thinks Kendall is lying.

Ryan leaves Greenlee and accidentally wonders into the part of the hospital under construction where Carlos is being kept hidden. Juan Pablo's hired guards immediately pounce on Ryan. Ryan fights them off and gets control of one of their guns. As he points the gun at the guards, the elevator doors open, and Juan Pablo holds a gun to Ryan's head demanding that he drop the guard's gun in his hand. Ryan sees that the goons take orders from Juan Pablo. Ryan puts two and two together figuring out that Carlos is hidden in the hospital and that he is hiding from something big. When Ryan realizes that Carlos and Greenlee getting hurt could have been an attempted hit on Carlos, Ryan yells, "You stupid bastard! Greenlee could have died because of you!" Ryan and Juan Pablo each tell the other to stay away from Greenlee.

At the hospital to steal the supplies David told her to get, Greenlee runs into Juan Pablo. He asks her what kind of man Ryan Lavery is. Kendall asks, "Why?" Juan Pablo rocks her world with, "Because Ryan and Greenlee are together." Juan Pablo does not believe Ryan is good for Greenlee. "Ryan's not good for any woman," according to Kendall. Now aware of the danger Juan Pablo poses for Greenlee, Ryan shows up and convinces Greenlee to let him take her home. Kendall turns to Juan Pablo as Ryan and Greenlee leave asking him, "Have you ever lost your heart's desire because you decided to stand up for something else?" Juan Pablo assures Kendall he understands more than she will ever know and they embrace.

JR is about to go upstairs to check on Babe (who really slipped out the front door instead of going upstairs). Adam him asking why he is going upstairs. "Is something wrong?" JR comes back into the living room. Adam makes a sincere-sounding apology to JR for trying to break up him and Babe and promises JR he will also apologize to Babe herself. Adam goes on about how much he missed JR when he was gone and never slept through the night. JR thinks he's trying to guilt-trip him. Adam says no, that he is setting him free because "You and your family would have a better life without me in it." JR tells Adam he is not leaving. JR wants a family for his baby - but Adam only gets one more chance - so he better not mess with JR and Babe. Adam toasts "To your child and my grandchild." Father and son seal the toast with a drink.

BONUS: On One Life to Live, Babe shows up talking to Paul Cramer about their marriage. Paul refers to it as "one night of drunkenness" and is glad they had it annulled. Paul asks Babe if she filed the annulment papers he signed. Babe leads him to believe she did. Paul assumes his copy just never caught up with him as he "bounced around the Pacific."

Tuesday, November 25, 2003

Thanksgiving preparations were in full swing at the Martin's, with Ruth complaining that she didn't want Adam coming over and Tad guessing they would all be chucking creamed corn at each other. They all fumbled trying to set up extra tables. Ruth continued to fret and said she was only doing it for JR and Jamie seemed upset, as he dropped another one of the tables. Ruth thought she should invite Mary Smythe to be Adam's keeper but Joe, Tad and Jamie all shouted "no" in unison. Alone, Tad tried to get Jamie to stop obsessing about Babe and her baby and reminded him he isn't the first guy to sleep with his brother's wife, saying "just ask Jack and Erica." Tad was dispensing more fatherly advice when Jamie said he had to run out to hear the truth from Babe. Tad opined that if she had already lied, he wouldn't be able to tell if she lies to him again. Tad appeared to be in excruciating pain as Jamie told him about confronting Babe after he found out she was married to JR and she said it had been a last fling and a mistake to sleep with him and Jamie had believed her, until she kissed him. As Tad told Jamie why he had to stay away from her, Brooke entered the room. She asked who Jamie has the hots for and as she brushed the table, it collapsed and all the dishes crashed to the floor. Alone, Brooke grilled Tad about Jamie, who denied there was anything to discuss about Jamie's sex life. Tad was saved by Ruth who asked for Brooke's help in the kitchen. Jamie returned and Tad made him promise to leave JR's marriage alone.

In the living room at Chandler mansion, JR carried Babe to the sofa and promised to keep her safe and Adam had to wonder why they cared so much about Jamie's thoughts about the pregnancy. Adam told them about his plans for a trust fund for Adam Chandler III. JR told Adam he could keep the trust fund and Babe supported her husband. Alone, Babe blasted Adam for his phony granddaddy act. Adam promised he'd turned over a new leaf and wanted to do right by the baby. Babe told him she knows he hasn't stopped plotting against her. Adam said he doesn't think she can make JR happy. She said she tried to picture him in Jethro duds in the town of "Pigeon Poop," but the real Adam is the rich one. She also said she admired him and someday he would see the real her. Outside, Stuart talked to JR about Adam and gave advice about putting up with family. JR expressed his fears about becoming a father. Stuart was reassuring and positive and JR vowed he would not be like Adam. Stuart reminded him of Dixie and what he'd learned from her and that brightened JR's face. JR came back in the room, talking to Ruth, promising to bring dishes right away. Adam suggested JR leave with the dishes and he would escort Babe when she was ready to leave. While Adam waited for Babe, he saw Jamie come over and he hid as Babe and Jamie started to talk.

David drew blood from Bianca so she could switch vials during Kendall's pregnancy test at the hospital.

Greenlee burst into Jack's apartment to find her date book but Jack stopped her from rushing out to the hospital. Jack demanded to know where she had been the night before and if she'd been the one to tell Erica that Kendall is pregnant. Greenlee defended herself and hoped Erica could bring Kendall down. Jack was sympathetic to Kendall, which infuriated Greenlee and she kept saying she was looking out for Bianca. Jack ordered Greenlee to stay out of it. Reggie was stunned to overhear that Kendall is pregnant and vowed to help Greenlee support Bianca. Jack said he couldn't help Kendall as a murder suspect, but he could try to help her in her relationship with her mother. Greenlee warned Jack that she is not a good daughter and would someday do rotten things. Jack stopped her from leaving and asked her to stop causing trouble within the family. Jack also told her she doesn't get a pass for bad behavior because of her rotten childhood and ordered her to be at the Valley Inn for a nice Thanksgiving dinner by 3:00. After Greenlee left, Reggie asked him if he'd given the same lecture to Erica about leaving Kendall alone. Reggie lectured Jack about not pushing Erica into David's arms and keeping them from becoming a real family.

At the hospital, Kendall was gloating to Ryan about being able to prove she's pregnant but Erica came up to rain on her parade. Ryan insisted he could handle things and David showed up as another witness. Maria tried to do some crowd control, but in the end, everyone stayed, including Aidan as Kendall's only ally and Bianca. There was another scene between Kendall, Bianca and Erica, with Bianca accusing Kendall of lying and trying to hurt her. Kendall's blood was drawn, and everyone anxiously paced the floor as the vial went to the lab. Kendall confronted Bianca and told her to get a life and they caused another scene, which gave David a chance to switch vials in the lab as everyone there was distracted. When Maria returned to the lab and saw David alone, she was immediately suspicious. He was defensive and Aidan said he had watched David the whole time and he hadn't done anything. The staged fight between Kendall and Bianca escalated as Kendall brought Lena's name into it and Bianca slapped Kendall hard across the face. Erica stepped between them and Ryan asked Kendall to stop. Maria came out to announce to all that Kendall is pregnant.

Wednesday, November 26, 2003

David, Erica, Bianca and Ryan all reluctantly congratulated Kendall on her pregnancy. Kendall gloats as she wondered if she should name Michael Cambias' baby Cassius - Cash, for short. Ryan was incredulous and thought that there had to be some way the test was tampered with. Maria had administered the test and said there was no way the test was tampered with and David attested that Aidan had not changed the test results as he had been watching him the whole time, to which Aidan replied, "and I was watching him." Erica told Kendall that she didn't exist for her and Bianca anymore, but Bianca defended Kendall. Kendall then offers Enchantment back to Erica on a silver platter, but Erica declined. Kendall left sadly. Bianca turned to see Lena there, and after Erica left Bianca told Lena that she had lied to her and proceeded to tell her the whole truth regarding Kendall's false pregnancy. Bianca felt bad for subjecting Kendall to so much hate, but doesn't regret shielding her unborn child from being labeled as a product of rape.

Meanwhile, Kendall found Aidan at his hotel room and asked him why he stood up for her even though he knew the truth about David switching the blood vile. Aidan said he believed in Kendall, but that they couldn't be together because she wouldn't be truthful with him. She asked him if it was over between them and pleads with him to work things out. She kissed him and he couldn't resist, but then Kendall pulled away and left after telling Aidan that she loved him. On her way out, Kendall ran into Mia who offered her an ultimatum to fully commit to Aidan, or he was fair game. She asked, "So are you in or out?" and Kendall simply walked away. Mia took the opportunity to go to Aidan's room and proceeded to pull out a Thanksgiving dinner to share with Aidan.

Reggie attempted to get Greenlee to go to Thanksgiving dinner with Jackson, but Greenlee would rather work at Fusion than spend time with him. She angrily reminded Reggie that Jack didn't listen to her when she warned them about Kendall. After they left, Greenlee called Ryan and asked him to come crunch some Fusion numbers with her. He told her to go home and spend time with her family and then hung up on her. As Greenlee sadly wondered what had happened to her "family", Mary Smythe arrived. Greenlee tried to send her on her way, but at the last minute stopped her from leaving.

Jamie probed Babe about how pregnant she actually was. Adam eavesdropped nearby, but before Babe could divulge her secret, Adam was revealed and Babe angrily left to drive herself to Thanksgiving dinner at the Martins. But, not before she called in an anonymous tip regarding the Michael Cambias murder. Outside the Martin's home, Jamie stopped her again and asked her point blank if there was anyway the baby could be his. Babe looked Jamie in the eye and told him that she was having J.R.'s baby.

As Jack readied the Thanksgiving feast, Myrtle and Boyd were the first to arrive. A messenger named Shawn arrived to pull Jack aside and tell him that the district attorney had new evidence that would break the case wide open. Erica was the next to arrive and brought David as her date. Reggie angrily opposed David's being there and said, "one turkey at a table is enough." Jack allowed David to stay, and they were soon joined by Maggie. Greenlee made her grand entrance and announced that since they were putting their past family problems behind, she brought Mary to join them. Suddenly Kendall walked in and offered to say "grace."
Tad and Joe Martin welcomed Liza and Colby. J.R. watched Colby model a new outfit that Babe had helped her pick out. Tad asked J.R. why he was subjecting himself to an unpleasant situation as a newlywed by living at Adam's home. J.R. admitted that he could handle his dad, and that he didn't want to take Babe's fantasy world away from her. As the group sat down for dinner, there was a knock at the door, and the assistant district attorney entered and asked to speak with Adam Chandler regarding the Michael Cambias murder.

Thursday, November 27, 2003

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FRIDAY, November 28, 2003

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