All My Children Recaps: The week of November 17, 2003 on AMC

Derek wanted Jack removed from the murder case. Mary tried to seduce Jamie. JR warned Adam to stay out of his marriage. Adam threatened Babe. Kendall asserted her claim to the Cambias fortune based on her pregnancy. Jamie worried that he could be the father of Babe's baby. Babe saw a man from her past.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of November 17, 2003 on AMC
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Monday, November 17, 2003

Greenlee tells Erica that Kendall is pregnant with Michael's baby. Erica refuses to believe Greenlee until she says that Ryan told her the news after seeing the sonogram. Greenlee and Erica agree to team up against Kendall in foiling her lie before she can go public and hurt Bianca with the news.

Tad overhears Simone tell Carlos that no one will find out what happened the night that Michael was killed. Tad asks Carlos if he is the one who killed Michael. Carlos doesn't answer the question but refuses to implicate Simone. Juan Pablo later tells Tad that if Carlos did indeed kill Michael, when they leave town to escape the Calastravas brothers, he will leave a signed confession behind, so as not to send an innocent person to jail. Tad questions Simone outside Carlos' hospital room regarding her involvement in Michael's murder. Simone is overjoyed that Tad really cares for her. Tad explains that he does not want to see her charged as an accessory in Michael's murder if she knows anything about what happened that night.

Jackson attempts to throw the police off by implicating himself as the possible killer in the Michael Cambias investigation. Derek and Justin question Jackson as to his whereabouts on the night of the murder. Jackson willingly tells them where he was and attests to the fact that he was alone for most of the evening. He states that he did not kill Michael and is therefore not a suspect, but is quick to point out how easy it is to make anyone look guilty. He suggests the culprit might be found in the person who excused Michael's police escort the night after the rape trial, which turns out to be Justin McCoy. Jack then gives a solid argument on what Justin's motives might be, taking Jack's place as DA, and how he might have gone about killing Michael himself to frame Jack. Justin protests and Jack explains to the two that they don't have enough evidence to point the finger at any one person, and without enough evidence, they might as well close the case. Later, Derek makes a phone call to have Jackson officially regarded as a suspect in Michael's murder, which will also remove him from working on the case.

Mia and Aidan end up at the beach on their joyride to Mexico in Greenlee's car. Mia attempts to put the moves on Aidan and entice him into a kiss, which fails, but not before the two end up in a compromising position. Aidan tells Mia he is only interested in finding Michael's killer and that he is involved with Kendall. After further prodding, Aidan admits that he and Mia do have something -- a chemistry -- and they kiss. He quickly pulls away, telling her he doesn't want to lead her on, since he's in a relationship with Kendall. Mia is angered by Aidan's loyalty to Kendall and ends up telling him that Kendall slept with Ryan. Mia tells Aidan that she doesn't mean to upset him, but she thought he should know the truth. A furious Aidan stormed off, leaving Mia behind.

Bianca and Kendall discuss the repercussions of Kendall's announcement that she's pregnant and the two work on a plan. Maggie later returns to the apartment with David in tow. Kendall enlists David to help her and Bianca continue their lie by making her pregnant. David initially suspects Kendall of having an ulterior motive in saying she's pregnant. Since the time of Michael's death revealed that the two couldn't have married, as Kendall says, David asserts that a pregnancy would legitimize the claim and give Kendall back her alibi for the night Michael disappeared. Bianca defends Kendall claiming she didn't have enough time to think ahead before lying. David agrees to forge some pictures and medical documents to make it appear as though Kendall is pregnant. With David and Maggie on board for Kendall's fake pregnancy, Bianca tells Maggie they need to pray it works. Before leaving, Kendall decides her next step is to cause a ruckus about the pregnancy, by torturing Ryan, and the rest of Pine Valley, with news of the next Cambias heir. Kendall arrives home to find Erica in her living room.

Tuesday, November 18, 2003

Adam promised JR that Mary Smythe would not interfere again in his marriage. JR then grilled Adam about missing files from Chandler Enterprises, now that Ryan owns the company. Adam handed JR a stack of cd's with the missing files. Babe came downstairs, gushing about the news coverage of the Cambias funeral.

Adam refused to show Babe around town and JR left for work, telling Babe to have fun with the platinum card. Babe asked Adam for directions to nearest naval base and reminded him she hadn't told JR about him and Erica being elbow-deep in the Cambias murder. She asked if he needed anything from town, like a gun, ammo or an alibi and she swished out the door. Adam murmured that he would get out her out of the family.

Tad and Brooke met for breakfast and Tad tried to convince her that something happened between Babe and Jamie, even though JR doesn't think so. They agreed that Jamie being Jamie and Babe being Babe could have spelled trouble and Tad rushed over to Brooke's to talk to Jamie. Babe stopped by Brooke's table to ask for help in getting Adam to like her. Brooke was surprised to hear Babe call him "Pops", but was not surprised he'd tried to buy her off. She was reluctant to interfere and tried to explain to Babe how difficult Adam can be. Babe then gushed that she had to share a secret with Brooke. Later, Babe left a stunned Brooke sitting at the table.

Mary snuck into a sleeping Jamie's bedroom, purring about the value of a good breakfast. She woke Jamie by pulling the covers off and said it was a sin to wake him, at least she hoped it would be. Jamie shouted at her to save her kinky stuff for Adam and that he hated what she's trying to do to JR and Babe. She said she wanted to make it up to all of them and he had to ask if she was trying to seduce him. She admitted she was an artist and discussed her experience and his youth and what they could do. Tad got to Jamie's room in time to see Mary stroking Jamie's chest and telling Jamie he has a body like a Greek god. Tad said to get her hands off before Zeus smacks her in the head with a thunderbolt. Mary suggested he learn to knock, but Tad kept shouting and told her he was glad he hadn't had breakfast or he'd be throwing up. Jamie told Tad he'd handle it and he lectured Mary and said she could not play him, because no matter how hot and heavy she tried to be, he did not consider her a good time. He told her to find someone her own age and leave him, JR and Babe alone, no matter whose bed she ends up in. Alone, Jamie went back to sleep and dreamt about Babe.

Tad went straight to Adam's, with Mary in tow. Mary tried to play innocent and Tad told her she is as innocent as a heat seeking missile. He urged Adam to keep his barracuda locked up, or sent away with a large check. JR burst in to yell at Adam for sending Mary to grill Jamie about his wife and marriage. JR told Adam to give his best shot and they'd see who's left standing. Tad lectured Adam about not conducting open warfare with JR and threatened to squash Mary if she comes near Jamie again and left. Winifred ran in with a package for Adam, who was delighted with the contents and shooed Mary away.

Ryan went to see Bianca and swore on Chris's grave that he would keep her secret. They discussed Kendall's pregnancy and he asked for her help in keeping Kendall from ruining her life. Bianca said if he really cares, he should leave Kendall alone and asked him to leave, saying she and Kendall can deal with the baby on their own. Ryan still questioned her about being pregnant herself. Lena came in and asked Ryan to leave Bianca alone. Ryan wondered how he became the bad guy when Kendall is the one claiming to be pregnant with Michael's child and he left. Lena and Bianca talked and Bianca was stunned to hear that Lena would be supportive if Bianca had decided to keep her baby. Bianca asked Lena to support Kendall and she agreed.

At Kendall's, Erica told Kendall she'd just heard the news about her pregnancy and painted a picture of a desperate Kendall claiming to be pregnant only to regain the Cambias inheritance. Erica asked her to stop the charade in order for them to resume a normal relationship. She gently gave Kendall the pearls that had been recovered from Michael's grave and asked her help to make their family work, by telling the truth about her pregnancy. Kendall seemed torn, but insisted she was greedy and accused her of only loving Bianca, so much that she would even pretend to love Kendall. Erica tried to strike a deal and offered Kendall a trust fund, a position at Enchantment, and her maternal love. Ryan came over and Kendall invited him in. Erica asked his help in getting Kendall to tell the truth. Kendall scoffed at their offer of money and Erica's endless love and forgiveness in favor of the Cambias fortune. She said the ME report on Michael's time of death would not stand up in court because she could prove she's pregnant. Kendall said she couldn't accept Erica's offer because she refused to give her baby up and she gave Erica back the pearls. Erica gave up trying to reason with Kendall and stormed out. Ryan and Kendall kept up their argument as Ryan accused her of losing her mother to save her sister. He begged her for the truth and said he was only trying to save her life. She collapsed into his arms.

Erica went to Mona's gravesite to complain about Kendall's horror and vowed to stop her.

Wednesday, November 19, 2003

Bianca was startled by Aidan while she walked alone at the waterfront. They both stood and watched divers going into the water and Bianca realized they were looking for Lena's gun. She got upset and said she had to warn Lena but Aidan calmed her down. The divers brought up a duffle bag and Bianca said she remembered Maggie saying she saw Kendall and someone else dragging a duffle bag out of Michael's condo. She said this could be really bad for Kendall and ordered Aidan to find her. "Tell her to just stick to her story!" Bianca said as they split up.

Ryan held Kendall in his arms and begged her to tell him what was going on. He told her to pretend that nothing existed but the two of them. Kendall said too much had happened but he said no, they were just 2 people who were in love once and might be again. "But tell me, are you pregnant or is it really Bianca?" he asked. Kendall went off on him about his leaving her a year ago. She said he was only there because of the inheritance, not her. "Where were you when I couldn't sleep at night?" she cried. Ryan said he was sorry but this was about their future, not their past. Kendall sat back and said his concern was a ploy to get the Cambias fortune. Ryan said no, he just wanted to help her and Bianca. Kendall stood up and said "I AM pregnant with Michael's child, I get all the marbles and I'm not sharing with anyone!" Ryan quietly said "In 3 months when you still have a supermodel figure and Bianca looks like she swallowed a grapefruit, how are you going to help her then?." Kendall tried to laugh it off and said she doesn't do noble, she's still the same self-centered bitch she always was. Ryan didn't believe a word and told her she wasn't going to get a bloody dime. He said he'll just prove the baby doesn't exist and Kendall ordered him out of her house. She opened the door for him and Aidan walked in saying "Three's a crowd." Ryan replied, "Four's a fiasco! This is deja vu all over and unlike you, I learn from my mistakes!" and he left. Kendall shut the door and Aidan said he had some information for her. Kendall stopped him and said she had something to tell him. Aidan said he knew about her having sex with Ryan and that it was no big deal. Kendall was surprised and told Aidan she didn't mean to hurt him. Aidan said it wasn't about him and then told her about the duffle bag being brought up from the waterfront. Kendall was horrified and said she was so sure she got away with it. Aidan told her Bianca said to follow David's advice and just stick to her story. He asked her to tell him what that meant but all Kendall said was "Would being pregnant with Michael's baby help me with a judge and jury?" Aidan told her to just stick to the story like Bianca said and left. Kendall grabbed the phone and spoke to someone saying, "I have to see you right now, you know where!." She ran out the door.

Ryan went to the stables at Wildwind looking for Edmund but found only Maria. She offered to help him and he said it was entirely possible that he was about to make a most catastrophic mistake.

JR was meeting with Palmer at the Valley Inn bar. He asked Palmer to help him nail Adam and promised if he did, Adam would stay out of his life forever. Palmer was very skeptical and said it sounded like a personal thing between him and his father. Opal showed up and told Palmer he couldn't go after Adam because Adam could get him put away for attempted murder. Palmer tried to get Opal to shut up by pretending she was drunk but she wouldn't cooperate. JR sat back and listened, amused. Opal kept arguing with Palmer and finally JR stood up and said he'd take care of it on his own and left. Minutes later Bianca rushed up to Palmer and told him Kendall would be needing someone to stand by her. Opal immediately started spitting nasty remarks about Kendall but Palmer just ignored her and told Bianca that Kendall would have everything she needed. Bianca thanked him and left. Opal couldn't believe what she just heard.

Reggie met Jamie at BJ's. Jamie made him promise to keep a secret and Reggie agreed. Jamie said he had a problem with a girl and she's married to his brother. He said she was totally hot and Reggie told him to keep his hands to himself. By the look on Jamie's face Reggie realized it was too late for that. "For shame James! You're in way too deep!" Jamie said it was only one time and they didn't know who the other was. He said Adam and Mary Smythe were trying to break Babe and JR up. Reggie told Jamie to keep quiet and not stir anything up.

Babe came home with a large shopping bag filled with purchases. Adam walked up to her and said they had business to discuss. He said she was leaving town tomorrow and she refused. He told her she could take anything she could carry but Babe reminded him that she heard his conversation with Erica about Michael's murder. Adam told her to leave by tonight so JR doesn't have to know about the San Diego Naval base or she'll be the guest of honor at a dinner party he'll throw next week. Babe thought that sounded like fun and Adam told her one of her old pals would be there, a Paul Kramer. Babe said Adam never gave up and Adam agreed ,"Not until I win." Adam said Dorian Lord in Llanview was Paul's aunt and she agreed to come to the dinner party and bring Paul. Babe said fine, she knew the truth and when Paul came he would let Adam know that they'd never met before. Adam said he'd have Winifred finalize the seating plans and have Paul sit next to JR. Babe's face fell and then she told Adam to call it off because if he didn't, he'd be in jail. Adam offered her the phone and told her she was out of her league. Babe said he was just bluffing. Adam said he wanted this to be educational for her, that with power comes privilege. "An officer will come over, ask polite questions, and leave." Babe said he couldn't just get off the hook for murder and Adam said it was only her word against his and Erica Kane's. Adam told her Paul's brother is the Lt. Governor and he'd come to the party too where Babe could charm him with her cow collection stories. Babe was visibly shaken and said "What do you think JR will say?" Adam replied "Thanks Dad for getting rid of her!" Babe said Adam was the cruelest person she'd ever known. Adam handed her a check and told her to go pack. Babe said JR put the ring on her finger and only JR could make her take it off. Adam told her to write a letter to JR to tell him she was leaving. She refused and said she wanted to look into his eyes and explain. JR walked in and said "Explain what?" Adam almost grinned until JR asked Babe what his father did to her now. Babe tearfully said nothing, that he had been wonderful to her. She said she didn't think JR would like what she had to tell him. Adam offered to leave them alone but Babe stopped him, "You're JR's father, you have a right to hear this. Besides he may need you to hold him up." JR sat Babe down and told her he loved her, that she was his life. Babe said she thought everything would work out and JR again demanded to know what Adam did. She said it wasn't what Adam did, but what she did. "You're going to hate me for it." she told JR. Adam burst out "For God's sake, just spit it out!" JR told him to shut up and said that nothing Babe could say would make him love her less. Babe struggled to tell JR her news while Adam tried to push her along. Finally Babe said "You're going to be a daddy!" Adam choked on his drink and JR was speechless.

Thursday, September 20, 2003

JR was shocked by the news that Babe was pregnant and Adam started calling Babe a tramp telling JR that it wasn't his baby. JR grabbed Adam and threw him the chair. Babe got in between them trying to break up the fight. Adam continued calling Babe a tramp, JR told his father to back off and Babe fainted.

Brooke caught up with Tad at the hospital asking why he hadn't returned her messages. Tad told her that he was visiting a friend at the hospital. Brooke told Tad that had more important things to deal with. Tad asked what? Brooke said Babe and Jamie. Tad told Brooke that they had agreed to back off that subject. Brooke said that was before Babe told her that she was pregnant. Brooke started freaking out asking Tad "what if it is Jamie's baby"? Tad said that they were only together once. Brooke reminded him that they were together once and they had Jamie. Tad was telling Brooke to relax when JR came rushing in the ER asking for help. Babe was taken into a cubicle to be examined and Tad asked JR what happened. JR said that Adam started saying nasty things to Babe and she fainted. JR went to be with Babe and Adam yelled she may be pregnant but I guarantee it isn't a Chandler's baby she is carrying. Brooke had a slip of the tongue and said that "she knew it." Adam asked her to explain. Tad intervened saying that Brooke had been examined by a doctor who had given her medication for Hyper Active Anxiety Disorder. Brooke went along with Tad who pointed out a water fountain so that she could take her medication. Tad told Brooke to calm down.

Babe apologized to JR saying that she knew the baby was a shock especially since they haven't been married long. JR said that he was happy about being a father. The doctor came in and confirmed that Babe was pregnant. They were excited to hear the news. JR stepped out of the room and Babe asked started talking to the doctor asking if he had done something he regretted. The doctor said he had. Babe said that she had one too many boiler makers one night while JR was away on a business trip and wondered if he could fudge the conception by a couple of weeks. At first the doctor refused to do this but Babe said that if JR found out that she may not be having his baby she and her baby would be out on the streets.

JR confirmed that he and Babe were having a baby and asked Tad to congratulate him. Of course Tad did and told JR that when he needed advice that he at least had him to come to and they both looked at Adam. Adam said that Babe cooked up the pregnancy story because she didn't want JR to find out that he wasn't Babe's first lover or second or third and not even fourth. JR was furious. He told Adam that he had better apologize to Babe when she came out or Adam would never see him or his grandchild ever again. When Babe came out Adam did apologize to her and Babe hugged him saying "thanks Pops." Adam did ask the doctor how far along Babe was and the doctor replied "approximately 9 weeks." JR said that they got pregnant their first week together. They turned to leave, when Brooke thought the coast was clear she said to Tad. "9 weeks then Jamie can't possibly be the father", not realizing Adam was listening in on them. Tad said that he knew Jamie couldn't be the father.

Jamie had arrived to Joe's house to help fix the turkey table that was pretty wobbly. Joe insisted that they have some apple cider and talked about Ruth buying more food than they would need. Jamie asked his grandfather how he and Ruth hooked up. Jamie asked about his grandmother being married to someone else when his grandfather met her. Joe said that Ruth had been in a unhappy marriage but they didn't get together until after Ruth was out of the marriage. Jamie said, "then you moved in on her." Joe said that he wouldn't call it "moving in on her." Joe then figured out that Jamie was talking about himself, and asked if Jamie wanted his brother's wife. Jamie said no that he was trying to figure out the whole love and marriage thing. Ruth came home with some groceries and said that she bought more because she wanted to invite JR and Babe to Thanksgiving. Jamie started daydreaming that Babe was sitting beside him and started rubbing his leg. Ruth called out Jamie's name a few times and asked if he was alright saying that he looked flushed and was going to take his temperature. Jamie insisted that he was alright.

A little later Jamie arrived at the Chandler mansion. Winifred asked Jamie if he had bad news. Jamie asked what she was talking about. Winifred told him that JR had to take Babe to the hospital. Jamie asked what happened to Babe. JR, Babe, and Adam walked in, JR said everything's fine I'm going to be a father. Jamie looked shocked and Adam watched Jamie's expression.

Maria asked if she could help Ryan. Ryan said that he couldn't involve her. Maria told Ryan to take his shirt off. Ryan told Maria that every time he saw her she is wanting him to strip. He took off his shirt and she took out her stethoscope, listened to his heart and told him that it would be $20.00. Ryan asked if she was serious. Maria said she was, she was his doctor when he came in from being poisoned and that this was a follow up appointment. All he had was a $50.00 she said fine and took it, then told him that this was a house call and it was doctor patient confidentiality meaning anything he said to her would stay between them no matter what. So Ryan said he may have to break a promise he made to a dying man. Ryan told Maria about the scene at the gravesite, finding the sonogram that he is more certain is Bianca's but Kendall insists that it is she who is pregnant with Michael's baby. Maria suggested that he get close to Kendall and maybe she'll confide in him what is really going on.

Bianca asked Kendall what was in the duffle bag and could she go to jail. Kendall told her everything was going to be alright. Bianca reminded her that Maggie told the police that they saw her with a duffle bag the night Michael disappeared. Kendall told Bianca that it might not even be the same bag. Bianca was still concerned and asked Kendall if she would be arrested. Kendall told her no. Bianca asked why Kendall called the meeting. Kendall told her that Erica came to the see her and knows. Bianca asked if Erica knew that she was pregnant. Kendall said "no, she knows that I am pregnant." Bianca asked how Erica found out. Kendall told her that Greenlee ran her mouth because Ryan couldn't keep his mouth shut. Bianca told Kendall that Ryan had stopped by to see her. Kendall said she knew and told Ryan to leave her alone. Kendall said since Erica knew about the pregnancy it was time to make an announcement to the media. Bianca didn't think that was a good idea. Kendall said it was and it would be proof that she had no real motive to kill Michael. Bianca said that maybe they should tell Erica the truth. Kendall said that wouldn't be a good idea because Erica wouldn't be happy that Bianca didn't terminate the pregnancy and that she was helping Kendall lie by saying she was pregnant. Bianca agreed. Kendall said that Bianca was going to have to act hurt and surprised when the media gets in her face. Bianca said she could handle it and tried without success to act surprised and hurt. Kendall and Bianca started laughing. Kendall showed her how to do it correctly and Bianca said that she was very good at it. Bianca wanted to try again. Bianca said "Oh my God!" Kendall said that was good, Bianca said, "no, Oh my God!" Kendall asked what was wrong. Bianca said that the baby was moving. Bianca put Kendall's hand on her stomach. Kendall said that was another Cane woman in their reminding them that they were doing the right thing. Kendall told Bianca that her baby shouldn't have to grow up under the "rape" memory and everything they were doing was for that baby and no matter what happens the baby made it worth everything as long as they could protect her.

Friday, November 21, 2003

Bianca pushes Kendall's hand away from her stomach and tells her that she doesn't want her to be part of her life anymore. Her attitude completely changes and Kendall is shocked. She asks Bianca what is wrong with her, but Bianca simply pushes her away even more. Suddenly, Ryan appears, smiling and clapping at the scene. He compliments them for their acting, but assures him that he doesn't believe they really hate each other. Again, he asks them for the truth, but neither one will blow their act. Bianca tells Ryan that he came back to Pine Valley as a Cambias' heir, completely hurting her even further. Ryan tells Bianca that he never meant to hurt her and when he asks her about being pregnant with Michael's child, she denies it and runs off. Kendall tells Ryan that her doctor can prove she is pregnant with Michael's child. Ryan informs her that she will have a pregnancy test done tomorrow by his trusted physician, Maria. Kendall tells Ryan that she will be there for the test to prove him wrong.

Erica goes to see Jackson and tells him that Kendall has done something else horrible. Before she can explain further, Justin, and Lt. Perry show up. Of course, Justin seems surprised to see Erica there, but gets to his point. He tells Jackson that he is there about Jackson's missing gun. He suggests that Erica stole his gun and then murdered Michael with it. Erica, distraught at his accusations, calls him a "perverted piece of slime" until Jackson is able to calm her down. He tells Justin that she was genuinely shocked when she heard about his missing gun. When Justin asks Jackson if anyone else had the combination to his safe, Jackson tells him no. Erica suddenly blurts out that Kendall had the combo to the safe because she gave it to her the night of the rehearsal dinner. Justin thanks Erica for the information and leaves. Jackson gets upset that Erica put another hole in Kendall's coffin. When Erica tells him that she is claiming to be pregnant, he still comes to Kendall's defense. Erica is shocked that Jackson is sticking up for Kendall and tells him that if she is telling the truth, she should be punished. She explains that she offered her love to Kendall in exchange for her to stop the lies, but Kendall refused. Jackson tells Erica that he will protect her and Bianca, but he won't let Kendall go to jail either. Erica feels that Jack is doing what he supposedly did with Greenlee-choose her over them. She calls him blind and tells him that she will get David to help her. She leaves before Jackson can stop her. Jackson calls the police station to ask about any new information on the Michael Cambias case. The cop who answers the phone tells him there is no new information, due to Justin's orders. Justin pulls out Jack's gun wrapped in an evidence bag.

Adam congratulates Jamie on his new role as an uncle. When Jamie asks Babe how many months she is pregnant, she tells him two. He seems to doubt her and when he asks how she knows the doctor is right, she snaps, "A woman just know these things." Adam brings up that she certainly doesn't have a pregnant figure yet, and Babe takes that as a compliment. Suddenly, Babe starts to look ill and JR seems very concerned. Jamie mutters that he knows what is wrong with her, and Babe quickly says she just has a craving for some Mexican food. When JR asks why Jamie stopped by for a visit, he invites the Chandler's to Thanksgiving dinner. JR happily accepts and Jamie adds that he needs to talk to Babe about classes at PVU. Babe brings up her Mexican cravings, and they go out to get some food, leaving Jamie alone with Adam. Adam confides that he is skeptical about the baby being JR's and shows him a list of sailors Babe spent time with. Adam acts concerned about JR's feelings, claiming the deeper he gets in the marriage, the harder the truth will hurt him. Adam adds that anyone who loves him will tell JR the truth about his new wife.

JR and Babe run into Bianca at a small restaurant. JR introduces babe to Bianca and Babe is relieved to see someone actually be kind to her. JR and Babe tell Bianca about Adam's disapproval of their marriage and the new baby they are expecting. Babe brings up some mushy oysters she didn't eat one night and it makes Bianca visibly upset. She tells JR she has to go and rushes off. JR and Babe enjoy their food and Babe jokes about naming the baby Adam Chandler Jr. if it is a boy. JR gets a bit upset and tells Babe that their child will never be an Adam Jr. He won't have to live up to high standards and he can be free to do whatever he wants with his life. The mood is ruined when two young men walk in, one with blond hair and the other with dark brown hair. Babe gets upset and asks JR to take her home, claiming she is tired. They leave without the two men noticing. When they return home, they hear Jamie and Adam arguing. JR recommends that Babe take her nap upstairs. When JR goes to the living room, Babe sneaks outside. JR asks Adam what is going on and Adam makes up some flimsy excuse about setting Jamie up on a double date with JR and Babe. He scurries out of room and JR asks Jamie what he really walked in on. Jamie tells JR that he has to talk to him about Babe.

Greenlee is in the hospital complaining about her itchy cast on her arm with Ryan walks in. He rags on her for blabbing to Erica about Kendall's pregnancy. Greenlee says that Erica had a right to know and hoped they could prove Kendall wrong together, although it wasn't the ending she got. Greenlee also claims that she told Erica to protect Bianca from dealing with Kendall flaunting her news all over town. When Greenlee says that she is doing everything for Fusion, Ryan points out that sales won't be high if there is a murder investigation surrounding them. Greenlee doesn't listen to him-she bring sup the roof incident and Ryan assumes she is jealous. Greenlee laughs at his jealousy idea and says she has a family and Fusion to run. There isn't time for her to get jealous. Ryan and Greenlee start to argue, Juan Pablo overhears and barges inside. He tells Ryan to stop talking to Greenlee in such a negative manner. Ryan starts to leave, but Greenlee pulls him back and orders Juan Pablo to get out. She says that her and Ryan were having a "lover's quarrel" and talk about their problems, unlike Juan Pablo, who hides everything he feels inside. She turns to Ryan and whispers for him to play along. Of course, he has no problem with that. He picks her up, places her on the hospital bed, and they start giving Juan Pablo a believable show!

Kendall rushes to David, seeking help for her scheduled pregnancy test. David is a bit weary about Kendall's motives to help Bianca. He tells her that she can fake as many tests as she wants, but when the nine months is up, she won't have a baby to show to everyone. He brings up her past history of hurting Bianca and Kendall reassures her that she would never steal Bianca's baby or hurt her in any way. She tells David that when Bianca is out of town, she will miscarry her baby. Kendall gets defensive and asks David why he is going to so much trouble to help Bianca. David says that he feels responsible for helping Bianca, especially after Leora died. Bianca comes over, and tells them that she is worried Ryan will find out the truth. Kendall assures her that he won't find anything out and tries to calm a frantic Bianca down. Bianca goes to the restroom to calm down. Kendall tells David that he is her only hope and Erica walks in, demanding to know what Kendall means.



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