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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of November 17, 2003 on ATWT
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Monday, November 17, 2003

At Al's Diner, Kim Hughes tells Lucy and Aaron that Chris has left for Philadelphia and that she is afraid that he left because of Alison. Lucy lets it slip that another guy was involved in the breakup. After Kim leaves Aaron tries to persuade Lucy to stop asking questions, but Lucy persuades him to go with her to see Alison. Back at Susan's, Alison looks at her calendar for the umpteenth time. Susan arrives with apple juice, telling Alison, "It's painfully obvious what's wrong with you." When Alison begins to tell her about the pregnancy, Susan interrupts, talking about how much it hurts to lose the person you love, and the moment for confession passes. Susan is not at home when Lucy and Aaron arrive and Lucy immediately begins questioning Alison about the "other guy." Susan arrives at the front door just as a delivery man comes with a package from the Westford hotel which contains Aaron's watch. When Susan brings the package inside, announcing that it contains a watch, Alison lunges to grab the package. The watch falls to the floor, where Lucy picks it up, saying, "This watch is yours," as she looks at Aaron.

At Rose's shower, the girls share a toast, then Rosanna announces that she has to leave because of a business matter. When she walks out the door, she encounters Crater, Rose's bodyguard, so Rose has to explain her threatening phone call and the fact that Paul insisted on hiring a bodyguard for her. Rosanna, concerned, offers to help Rose however she can, then leaves. Mitzi is thinking about the money she stole from Rose's Roller Palace when Lily comes up to her to ask her why she is not talking to Rose. When Lily tells Mitzi that the sale will go through as soon as the books are audited, Mitzi begins to chatter incoherently, mystifying Lily. Rose then tries to patch things up with Mitzi, but Mitzi brushes her off and rushes out the door. A minute later, Mitzi comes back in and says, "I gotta tell you what's really going on."

At the funeral home, Jessica and Ben arrive to find the room empty except for Marshall's casket. As they turn to leave, they confront Sarah. Sarah goes to the casket and cries, "I tried to love you, Daddy....I know now that you really wanted me." Although Ben urges Jessica to leave, Jessica approaches Sarah and tells Sarah that she knows that Sarah was the most important person in Marshall's life. Sarah turns her back and walks out of the room with Troy. Ben comforts Jessica, suggesting that the two of them can now start having a normal life. Ben urges Jessica to elope with him, and she answers, "How quickly can you pack your bags?" They kiss.

Dusty calls Molly from his apartment but has to leave her a voice mail message. He asks her to call him on his cell phone to tell him what she found at Paul's apartment. Dusty hurriedly leaves the room, opening the door to find Barbara there, in a new hairdo. Barbara says, "Something is happening. Tell me what it is - maybe I can help." Dusty lets Barbara in "for two minutes." Barbara admits that she heard him leaving the message for Molly through the hotel door. Dusty advises, "Stay out of my way and maybe this whole wedding thing won't come off." Both leave the room. Dusty rushes off and Barbara calls Jennifer, asking her to meet at Al's because she needs a favor. Jennifer arrives at Al's, where she tells her mother that Barbara used Will, and what frightens Jennifer is that Will has let himself be used. Barbara immediately asks Jennifer to pick up Will and bring him to a park or a mall, where Barbara will accidentally "bump into them." Jennifer answers angrily, "Forget it, Mom. I'm not going to help you screw up Will more than you already have." Jen walks out of Al's, saying, "Thanks for lunch."

At Paul's apartment Molly holds the voice alternator she found in Paul's coat pocket. When Molly insists that she will stay right where she is until she can see Rose, Paul tries to say that the bought the "gizmo" as a gift for Will, but Molly isn't fooled for a minute. Paul tries to turn the tables on Rose, accusing her of being pathetic in her love for Dusty. When Molly protests that she is just trying to help her "friend" Dusty, Paul answers, "Dusty doesn't have any friends - he has women he sleeps with, women he wants to sleep with, and women he slept with." Paul taunts Molly, saying that she is so lonely that she has to settle for Dusty. Molly is so angry that she storms out of Paul's apartment, leaving the voice changer. Paul picks it up and collapses on the sofa, breathing a sigh of relief. Soon Rosanna appears at Paul's apartment to ask him if he needs help. Paul becomes distracted, tells her that he did something really stupid and admits, "I think I'm losing my mind." He confesses to Rosanna that he called Rose himself, so that he would have an excuse to hire a bodyguard and thus keep Rose on a short leash.

Dusty and Molly meet back at The Metro, and at first Molly tells him that she didn't find anything at Paul's apartment. When Dusty reminds her that they are partners, "a team," she tells him that she found a voice alternator in Paul's coat pocket, which she is sure Paul used to make the threatening call to Rose.

Tuesday, November 18, 2003

Lily, Rose, Emily and Carly are at Carly's for Rose's bridal shower and Mitzi shows up and then runs because she doesn't want to talk in front of everyone. She then leaves and Lily and Rose pull a switch so Rose can go after her without her body guard.

Paul talks to Rosanna about being the one who has been terrorizing Rose. He said he hired a body guard to protect her from Dusty. He said he would explain to Rosanna but she had to promise to understand. He said when he came back to town he wanted to make everyone hurt him pay for what they had done to him. He told her James is the devil on his shoulder. He wanted to get her away so no one could hurt them. He said he can't lose her again and wondered if Dusty was telling her now and Rosanna told her he must tell Rose the truth.

Molly tells Dusty she found a voice alternator in hi pocket and also states how Paul covered by saying it was for Will. Dusty asked why she didn't keep it and she said if she did Paul could have called the cops. Dusty and Molly talk about telling Rose to be careful of Paul. Molly tries to tell Dusty she isn't going to listen to him but Dusty seems to disagree. He goes off to find Rose only to find out Lily and Rose switched clothes and Rose went off to find Mitzi. Paul calls the bodyguard to talk to rose and he tells him Rose gave him the slip and changed clothes with Lily and Paul fired the bodyguard. Dusty then goes to find Rose at Mitzi's and does and tries to convince her but doesn't. Rose tells him Paul is the man she is going to marry and he can't change that. She then storms out only to find her car vandalized with "die Rose die" painted on her car.

Alison drops Aaron watch and Lucy picks it up and asks if it was Aaron's Susan was there and Lucy asks her to leave. Alison told her she borrowed his watch the night she was suppose to spend a romantic night alone with Chris since her watch died. Lucy then remembers Alison mentioning another guy and then questions Alison about sleeping with Aaron. Alison tries to deny it and makes up stories to cover for herself and Aaron and Aaron finally cracks. He tells Lucy the truth saying he slept with Alison that one night and it was his fault. Alison then tries taking the blame and Lucy decides to yell at both of them. Alison then runs off saying she is going to be sick and Lucy said she never wants to see Aaron again since he knew what would happen if he lied to her again. Lucy goes out to see Alison crying and questions it and then leaves with Aaron following after her. Lucy said maybe he just needs to be with Dusty or Alison but he doesn't belong there. Later Susan tells Alison how her actions have reactions and she said she is learning that and wants to be alone and wants Susan to stay out of her life. Alison also admits to sleeping with Aaron and how her life is all screwed up.

Bob and Kim talk about the Chris leaving situation and how Chris didn't tell them the whole truth. Kim saw Lucy who them informed her about him crashing the Halloween party. Bob states there is nothing they can do since he is an adult. Chris then calls Kim and tells him how much he loves it. Bob then gets on the phone and asked about the party and Chris tells him he already took care of it. Chris denies leaving because of Alison.

Wednesday, November 19, 2003

When Susan probes Alison about her and Aaron, she almost spills about the pregnancy. Lucy throws Aaron out. Alison arrives and guesses that Lucy dumped him. A brooding Aaron swears he'll get her back. Alison tries to confide in Aaron but he is oblivious to her pain. Lucy confides in Rosanna, who urges her to find out the whole story before cutting Aaron out of her life for good. Craig presses Rosanna about her conversation with Paul. She defends her friendship with Paul, reminding Craig of his friendship with Carly. Molly finds out that Crater has been fired by Paul Ryan. Dusty arrives and Molly persuades him to befriend Crater. He offers him a proposition - go back to work for Paul but report to Dusty. Molly will make it worth his while. Will, on an outing with Emily, Hal and Daniel, misses his mom who spies on the party. Barbara arrives on the sly, brightening Will. They make a pact to meet in secret but Barbara has to scurry off and hide before they can arrange the details. Will stalls hoping for time with Barbara. A waitress brings him a note from his mom. Hal arrives and a jumpy Will rouses his suspicions. Rose accuses Dusty of vandalizing her car. He blames Paul who arrives, provoking Dusty. Rose and Paul wait for the cops. Paul asserts that the call and the vandalism weren't done by the same person and Rose wants to know how he knows that. Paul covers as Hal arrives and starts asking questions. Hal takes Rose's statement. Paul casts suspicion on Barbara. Paul reveals that he fired Crater, upsetting Rose who feels she is to blame. Crater grovels and gets his job back. He reports back to Dusty who promises him big bucks for results. Paul and Rose get lovey-dovey, but Rose is haunted by Dusty's accusations.

Thursday, November 20, 2003

Alison was looking at herself in the mirror telling the baby to wait a little while longer. The phone rang and Susan informed Alison that she should have been to work an hour ago. Alison made up an excuse that she overslept. Lucy appeared at the door and said she had something important to say to Alison. Lucy asked Alison who made the first move when her and Aaron made love. Alison told Lucy that it was none of her business. After a brief argument, Lucy pushed Alison who fell. Alison hurt her knee and her mother arrived in time to take her to the hospital for x-rays. At the hospital, Bob and Susan wanted Alison to have her knee x-rayed. When she and Katie objected, Susan realized that Alison was pregnant!

Mike and Katie arrived at Al's Diner where Margo was waiting for them. Katie asked where Tom was and when Margo said she would call Tom she realized that she left her cell phone on her desk. Katie said she would call Tom and left. Mike asked Margo to convince Katie to have a memorial for Simon. Margo thought that Katie needed to deal with Simon's death under her own terms and that they shouldn't push Katie into doing something she isn't ready for. Meanwhile, outside Katie was asking Tom if there was some legal action she needed to take to officially end her marriage. Tom said she was free. Tom told Margo what Katie had asked him and, after hearing that, Margo agreed to talk to Katie about the memorial service.

Hal noticed that Will kept looking at his watch during breakfast and later found the note from Barbara. Hal went to the park and confronted Barbara. They started arguing about Rose and Barbara said that Rose was nothing but a gold-digger and was after Paul's money. Hal then accused her of vandalizing Rose's car and making the threatening phone call. Hal told Barbara that he had lost his patience with her and that there were no more chances. Next time, he would lock her up for good.

Jack was questioning Dusty about the vandalism and Dusty informed Jack that Molly found the voice device in Paul's pocket. After Molly and Dusty told him the whole story, Jack called Paul. After Jack left, Holden and Aaron came in and asked Dusty for Aaron's job back. Holden supported Aaron and Dusty said okay. Holden then shook hands with Dusty.

Rose woke up and discovered Paul was gone. She kept thinking about what Dusty had said about the voice device and saw Paul's bag. Paul walked in as she was opening the bag. Rose told him about the voice device but Paul brushed it off as Dusty being paranoid. Paul opened the bag and presented Rose with a beautiful photo album he said he got in Paris. Rose thanked Paul with a lot of kisses. Just as they were getting intimate, Carly arrived with Rose's wedding gown. Paul left the house and told Crater to lie for him. Jack arrived and asked Paul where he was when the car was trashed. Crater lied for Paul then went and told Dusty. Jack was also concerned that Paul had not called the police when Rose received the call. Jack told Paul to react a little faster next time anything happened. Paul walked in just as Rose and Carly were admiring her dress. Rose stopped him and, after Rose took the dress off, Paul asked her to let him love her till death do they part.

Friday, November 21, 2003

by Andy

Rosanna and Craig stop by Al's diner after an afternoon of shopping. Emily drops in and alerts Rosanna that Rose's car was vandalized. Craig asks, "Think Barbar is doing body work?" But Rosanna thinks Paul may have done the deed. She picks up her phone and calls him to see if he is all right. After she sets a meeting up with him, she leaves for the Lakeview Lounge. Even though Craig is not invited, he picks up their shopping bags and follows after his wife.

Crater breaks into Paul's car and finds a bat and a pair of gloves that indicate he may have trashed Rose's car. He hears a noise, then tries to hide behind the convertible. It was only Mitzi returning home. He continues to search the car until he hears someone coming. He stashes the bat and gloves in the bushes, and closes the trunk. Paul arrives and asks him why he's so far away from the door. Crater says he thought he heard a noise. On his way back to the door, Crater tells Paul he'll lie for him to the police if he needs help again. Paul says thanks but no thanks, as he doesn't make lying to the police a regular habit. Later, Crater calls Dusty to tell him about the bat and gloves that he found. Dusty runs off to look at the evidence.

Inside Rose's place, Paul and Rose are planning last minute details for their wedding when Mitzi comes home. Paul and Rose are angry that Mitzi didn't check in with them when she didn't come home last night. The couple starts to suspect Mitzi may know something about the car, but Mitzi says she just spent the night alone because she needed some air. Mitzi has enough of the conversation and walks off to her room. Paul gets a call from Rosanna. She asks to meet him at the Lakeview Lounge in a half-hour. Paul leaves. Mitzi walks out of her room with a pair of suitcases. Rose thinks she won't be coming to the wedding. Mitzi says she's right. They hug, and Mitzi walks out.

At the hospital, Lucy forces Alison to admit that she is pregnant. Susan gives her daughter a hug and says, "I'm glad it came out. You shouldn't be going through this alone." Bob steps in to ask if she told Chris. Alison fibs and tells everyone, "The baby's not his." Lucy asks who is the father, and Alison pins the baby on Aaron. Just then, the man of the hour walks in to check on Alison, and Lucy asks him, "How could you do this to me?" Alison tells Aaron the news. Bob excuses himself. Aaron sinks under the weight of the news of being a father. He apologizes to Lucy, but of course it's not good enough. Lucy wishes them both well, then storms off. Aaron wants to run after her, but Susan stops him and says, "No. You wait a second. You're gonna be a father. That's serious business. Playtime is over."

Barbara calls Will and asks him about a video game, but Hal catches them talking on the phone and stops the conversation, then hangs up on her later. As Barbara leaves the Lakeview Lounge, a man gets up to follow her. Kim stops by to visit Hal and Will. Kim starts to talk with Will, but he ignores her and walks away.

Babs runs into Metro to try to get away from the man following her. Molly confronts the man, who later identifies himself as a member of the Oakdale PD. He says he was instructed to keep an eye on Barbara. Smoke starts to come out of Babs' ears.

Hal meets Emily at Al's. She wonders if Barbara will try to sneak another visit with Will, but Hal scoffs. He says he has police surveillance tracking her every move, for now. Babs rages into Al's and demands that Hal remove the spy. He slowly finishes his sandwich, then tells her the police spy will stay on the job. Barbara fixes her eyes, and says, "You'll regret this Hal. You think we're at war now? Wait." She turns on her heels and rushes out.

Dusty arrives at Rose's house and meets Crater. Crater shows Dusty the bat and gloves. Dusty tells him to return everything back to Paul's car because he wants to use this info later.

At the Lakeview Lounge, Rosanna asks Paul if he was the one who trashed Rose's car. Paul denies any involvement. Craig sits down at the bar behind them. After a small civil chat, he leaves. Rosanna then gets up and says hello to her husband.

Aaron asks Alison how in the world this could have happened. Alison says all it takes is one time. Susan comes over to comfort her daughter, while Aaron hyperventilates. Alison tells Aaron she won't expect anything from him, and Katie steps in to advise them both to table that discussion for later. Katie also tells Aaron to call Holden and Lily so he can be the one to tell them. Aaron tells Alison he won't bail on her, then takes off to call his father. Katie asks Alison who the real father is. Aaron returns and says he couldn't get through to Holden. Susan returns and takes Alison home. After Susan and Alison are gone, Katie asks Aaron if he thinks Alison is telling the truth. Aaron says they didn't use any protection, and that since Chris is a doctor he would have used protection.

Bob stops by to see Kim at Hal's. He tells her about Alison's news. A hair almost falls out of place on her head until she hears that Aaron, and not Chris, is the father. Later, Kim calls Chris, and they nearly tell him Alison's news.

Lucy finds Rosanna at Al's and sobs that Aaron and Alison are having a baby. Rosanna says she knows exactly how she feels. Lucy doubts that. Rosanna explains Carly once got pregnant by a man she loved. Lucy is scared to tell her father, but Rosanna says he'll understand.

Paul returns to Rose's home and he finds her depressed about Mitzi leaving. A delivery man arrives with a package for Rose. She opens the package and reads papers that reveal the buyers for her shop just backed out of the deal. It dawns on her that Mitzi might be embezzling funds.

Mitzi bumps into Craig at the Lakeview lounge and asks him for a favor. She wants a ticket out of town, but Craig doesn't think it's such a good idea. After he leaves, she calls Jack and asks for a loan on his answering machine.

Dusty returns to the bar and tells Molly what he saw. He says he wants to be the one to tell Rose about Paul. "I'm not concerned with making Rose feel bad. I want her to tell me she's finished with Paul." Molly advises him to go to the cops. Dusty says, "We're doing this my way. That means no cops." He turns and walks away. Molly whispers, "Yeah, we'll see about that."

Colleen Zenk makes surprise appearance as Y&R's Aunt Jordan
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