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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of November 10, 2003 on ATWT
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Monday, November 10, 2003

Still at the chapel, Rosanna is furious at Craig for being so late to Cabot's christening. Of course, he can't tell her that he had to help the adoption lady get out of town, so he only tells Rosanna, "I would do anything to keep him," as he slides a piece of paper under a hymnal Although his answer seems a little odd to Rosanna, she forgives him. As they prepare to leave the chapel, Craig tells Rosanna that he wants to stay and say a quick prayer. With the paper in his hand, Craig prays, "Lord, I haven't asked for anything in a long time....Please, can you help me keep this a secret? Amen." Craig joins Rosanna in the car, where she and Cabot wait in the back seat. He covers the wig and scarf under his coat in the passenger seat. Rosanna, in the process of changing Cabot's diaper, uncovers the wig and scarf. She angrily begins hitting Craig with the wig, demanding to know what woman he was with. Craig frantically makes up a story that the wig and scarf belong to Carly, who left them in the car when he gave her a ride after she called and told him she had car trouble. Rosanna tells Craig coolly that she would like to drive the car home. He opens the door for her, she gets into the driver's seat, locks the doors, and drives off. During this time, Jack and Carly have discussed Craig's delay at the christening, and Carly is suspicious that Craig is plotting something that has to do with the baby. After Rosanna drives off, Craig walks to Carly's house and asks Carly to cover for him. Immediately, Rosanna appears at the door, having dropped Cabot off at Fairwinds with the nurse, and Craig tiptoes into the next room. Rosanna anxiously asks Carly if the scarf and wig belong to her.

At the hotel bar, Paul tells Molly that she was overly suspicious of Rose and Dusty, and that their relationship is perfectly innocent. After Molly leaves, Paul has an odd look on his face. Molly goes up to Dusty's room, finding it topsy-turvy from his search for a bug. Molly leaves to go to The Metro, telling Dusty that Paul is toying with him, and that Dusty is playing into Paul's hands with his suspicions of Paul. Dusty admits to Molly that he is afraid that, once Paul marries Rose, he will stop pretending to be nice to her and show his true colors. Dusty tells Molly that he wants to protect Rose since he still cares for her. Molly answers, "I hope to God that you are not the one who is destroyed instead."

Outside Al's Diner, Lily runs into Hal. They agree to have a cup of coffee to discuss their fear for Rose's safety, since Rose publicly humiliated Barbara. Both feel that Barbara might do something drastic again, and Hal asks Lily to try to persuade Rose to back off from baiting Barbara. As Hal and Lily talk at the diner, Barbara pounds on the door of Rose's Roller Palace, screaming, "Rose! Are you in there?" She recalls hiring the hit man to kill Rose, calling, "I have to talk to you before it's too late!" However, Rose is entering the front door of her house in Luther's Corners. As Rose puts the chain on the door, someone watches through her front window. A hand knocks on the door, and a nice-looking strange man is at the door, who is actually the hit man without his sunglasses. The hit man asks to use her phone to call a tow truck for his disabled car. Rose lets him in, and he pretends to call for help. When Rose turns her back, he pulls a wire out of his brief case and is about to garrote her, but Mitzi rushes in and asks Rose to help her with her hair. As the hit man pretends to give directions to the garage, he pulls a gun out of his brief case.

Lily enters the hotel bar, having called Paul. When she tells Paul that she is frightened for Rose's safety, Paul replies, "I have a plan to keep Barbara at bay. When Paul tells Lily that Rose has gone home alone, she again tells Paul that she is afraid for rose. Paul tells her, "Believe me, I've got Rose covered."

As the hit man points the gun at the back of Rose's head, there is a knock on the door. Barbara bursts in, sees the hit man, and offers to give him a ride home. The hit man declines and walks out the door. After a few unpleasant words, Barbara leaves, telling Rose, "You're playing with fire, and you don't know how close to the flame you really are." Lily enters, bring Rose a cheeseburger from Al's Diner, and warns Rose about Barbara, reminding her how unstable Barbara is. Rose assures Lily that Paul will never let anything happen to her. Outside the house, the hit man tells Barbara, "That was a stupid thing you did in there." Barbara tells him that she has changed her mind, but he responds, "Money has changed hands. Somebody is going to die." When Barbara tells him that he can keep the $20,000 down payment, he says, "It's your money. You won't be seeing me again. The girl gets a break." After he leaves, Barbara mutters to herself, "I have other plans for her."

Lily leaves Rose' house and a frightened Rose carefully locks her door. Her phone rings, and a mechanical voice says, "Careful, Rosie. Somebody's got it in for you."

Tuesday, November 11, 2003

Carly lies for Craig, but after Rosanna leaves she demands that Craig tell her what's going on. Craig is forced to reveal that Annabelle Fettle is in trouble with the Canadian authorities. Carly makes Craig promise to contact Cabot's birth mother. At Fairwinds, Rosanna and Emma are having a tender moment about motherhood. Craig returns and Rosanna apologizes to him.

Dusty tells Molly that he doesn't want to be with Rose, but he doesn't want Paul to be with her either. Dusty meets up with Barbara, asking her to hook him up with some real estate people in Paris -- he thinks Paul is lying about finding an apartment there for him and Rose. Meanwhile, Rose is terrified when she gets a threatening call warning her to watch her back. When Rose tells Paul, he suggests Rose move in with him -- he'll post a guard outside the door.

Alison learns she's pregnant. She makes plans to meet with Chris and tell him the next day, but unbeknownst to her, Chris has announced that he's leaving Oakdale for a fellowship in Philadelphia.

Wednesday, November 12, 2003

Bonnie has to go to court for her sentencing. She represents herself and pleads guilty. Jessica decides to speak at the hearing and gives the judge the background about Marshall. She says she feels like it is her mistake that Bonnie was ever involved with Marshall. The judge sentences Bonnie to six months in a minimum-security prison and no contact with Sarah. Bonnie accepts her punishment but is very upset that she can't see Sarah. Jessica tells Ben that she has to help her daughter see Sarah.

Rose decides to go shopping but Paul convinces her to take along a bodyguard that he has hired for her. They discuss their plans for Paris and Rose is excited to have Will and Luke visit. Meanwhile, Lily is meeting with Dusty who is convinced that Paul is trying to hurt Rose. He tells Lily that he checked and there is no record of Paul leasing any property in Paris. Lily tells Dusty he is just jealous but she decides to go see Paul. She tells him everything Dusty said and they laugh about it. Then, Lily asks Paul if he did rent an apartment and he replies yes but she wants to see the lease. Paul is offended and starts to argue with Lily who then grills him about the apartment. At that moment Rose walks in and asks what is going on.

Alison is about to tell Chris that she is pregnant but they get interrupted by a nurse's congratulations and Chris tells her that he has accepted another position at a children's hospital in Philadelphia. She decides not to tell him she is pregnant and instead tells Chris she wished she was two years older and that she probably is too young for him. Paul tells her she is a wonderful person, they hug, and say goodbye. Chris cleans out his locker and sees a picture of Alison. He starts to remember all of the good times they had together and he says, "I miss you already Alison." Meanwhile, Alison is crying when Katie walks in and comforts her. She tells Katie she doesn't want to ruin Chris' life and says he will never know she is pregnant. .

Mike surprises Katie with a new cast that enables him to walk around by himself. He tells her that he doesn't need her help anymore but she says she wants to stay and help. Mike says he knows that she feels guilty for hitting him but he thinks that they need a break. Katie insists on continuing to help him and won't take no for an answer.

Thursday, November 13, 2003

Ben told Jessica that she better think twice about letting Bonnie see Sarah. Jessica said she understood the consequences and wanted to go ahead with it. Margo came in and apologized for not being there during the sentencing. Jessica wanted Margo to help set up a visit between Bonnie and Sarah. Margo agreed and as they were leaving the courthouse, Ben said good-bye to Bonnie. Jessica asked Tom if Bonnie could stop by the house first. Margo agreed to be the police escort. When Bonnie arrived home, Sarah was waiting for her. Bonnie asked Sarah for her forgiveness and they shared a tearful goodbye.

The sexual tension between Mike and Katie heated up when Katie was giving him a sponge bath. Just as they were about to kiss, Carly showed up. Katie left to give Carly and Mike some time to visit. Carly felt she had interrupted something. When Mike kicked her out of the room, Carly went out and found Katie nervously polishing the silver. Carly tried to get Katie and Mike to admit how they felt about one another but they both made up excuses. Later, Katie came in to help Mike button his shirt. As Katie started to button his shirt, Mike kissed her passionately. When he tried to continue, Katie ran from the house.

Mitzi tracked Jack down at Al's and told him about someone who had committed a terrible crime. She told Jack about this girl who was taking money from her boss and she was worried that when the books were audited, the accountants would find that money was missing. Jack told Mitzi that her friend was looking at jail time. Meanwhile, Rose called Mitzi and told her that she was going to help her start her own business.

Dusty was telling Molly that he was convinced that Rose was going to dump Paul once she found out that Paul had not leased an apartment in Paris. Meanwhile, over at Paul's, Rose walked in on Lily and Paul discussing Dusty's concerns about the lease. Paul produced the lease and that didn't satisfy Lily. Lily had a copy of the same leasing companies document stating that Paul never leased an apartment. Paul went and made a phone call. When he came back, he said that Dusty should get his facts straight. Paul explained how the leasing company was protecting Paul's interests and when Dusty called, the leasing agent didn't believe him so he sent a false document. After Paul left, Lily told Rose that she was just trying to protect her. Lily questioned Rose about her loyalties to her family. Rose finally admitted that she was going to miss everyone but that she loved Paul too much and wanted to keep him safe. Lily went back to Dusty and told him to mind his own business.

Friday,November 14, 2003

by Andy

Katie thinks twice about giving Mike a letter and stuffs it into her purse. But Mike sees her holding the letter before she tucks it away. Later, Alison stops by and asks to see Katie alone. They step outside and Alison begs Katie to keep her pregnancy a secret. Katie encourages her to tell Chris he is the father before she starts to show. And she counsels Alison to get to a doctor for a check-up and prenatal vitamins. While Katie is outside, Mike goes to Katie's purse and confirms the letter is addressed to him. Katie comes back inside, and Mike wants to know what the letter says. Katie pauses, but admits the letter says she shouldn't have kissed him last night. She has feelings for Mike, but it feels like she is cheating on Simon. She gives him the letter and he reads it. He says, "You're still a married woman." He understands and Katie starts to cry.

Dusty summons Jen to his room to get her to help spy on Paul. Jen won't have anything to do with Dusty's backhanded tricks and walks out.

Babs walks up to the front door of Paul's apartment and runs into Rose's new bodyguard. He recognizes Mommy Dearest and tells her to take a hike. Inside, Paul and Rose get ready to head over to the shower. After everyone leaves, Molly sneaks up to the door and vows to get inside to prove Paul made the phone call to Rose. Paul's cleaning lady arrives and Molly sweet talks her into letting her inside the apartment to look for her old raincoat. When the cleaning lady is in the other room, Molly snoops all over the apartment. She finds his cell phone in one of his jackets and starts to search for an incriminating phone message on the device. She quickly gives up and returns to the jacket to look for more gold. She pulls out another trinket. It looks like there is a microphone on one end. She speaks into it and her voice is automatically altered into a deep-sounding scrambled man's voice. She giggles with delight as she says, "I got you Paul. I got you good!" Meanwhile, Jen walks into the apartment and asks Molly to fill her in on her good news. Jen throws the cleaning lady out for letting Molly inside. Molly shows Jen the device she found in Paul's jacket. Jen calls her brother and leaves a message for him to come home right away.

Holden finds Aaron at Lucy's place. Holden asks his son to come home and promises he won't give him any more lectures about how to live his life. Aaron doesn't easily forget how Holden let him get arrested. Holden apologizes and says, "Your old man has to learn how to butt out." He throws down an olive branch then heads over to Al's. Aaron tells Lucy he isn't sure if he can ever trust Holden again. Lucy says she gave Aaron another chance and she thinks he should give his father a second chance also. Later, Aaron meets his father at Al's and they make up.

Mitzi sits over the pile of cash she embezzled from the Roller Palace. There is a knock at the door and Mitzi stashes the cash away. She opens the door, and Babs stumbles inside and says, "Is she alright? She's healthy...she's uninjured? Paul has hired a bodyguard. There must be a reason." Mitzi tells her about the mysterious phone call, and Babs swoops out of there just as fast as she arrived.

Carly preps her house for Rose's bridal shower. Later, Emily and Lily arrive for the party. Next up, Craig and Rosanna stop by. Carly makes up an excuse to speak with Craig alone and they step outside where she threatens to tell Rosanna everything unless he tries harder to get in touch with Cabot's birth mother. She gives him one more day to find the woman or else. Paul, Rose, and their bodyguard arrive next. As they come through the door, everyone yells, "Surprise!" Craig excuses himself and the girls quickly get rid of Paul. On the way out, Paul tells the bodyguard not to let Rose out of his sight. Later, the girls are opening presents when Mitzi stops by. She gives Rose her gift, a picture of the two of them together.

There is a knock at Dusty's door and he thinks it might be Jen having second thoughts about helping him with Paul. He opens the door and in swoops Barbara demanding to know if he was the one who made the mystery call to Rose. Dusty sighs at the sight of the woman. He denies any involvement and points the finger of blame at Barbara. He also suggests that Barbara is the one who wants to hurt Rose, whereas he only wants to get Rose away from Paul and keep her safe. Molly calls Dusty, and Dusty tells Barbara to beat it.

Paul returns to his apartment and Jen is pointing the finger at Molly. He asks his sister to leave. When Jen is gone, Molly puts the device up to her mouth and says, "Want to guess who made that threatening call to Rose?" Paul asks Molly, "What's that gadget for?" She accuses him of making the phone call.

Back at Craig's place, he calls Jane Courier in Canada. She answers the phone and Craig impersonates a representative from Family Health Services. He asks the woman if she had a baby about six months ago. There is a short pause, then Jane changes the seriousness in the tone of her voice and says, "Who is this and what do you want from me?" Craig absorbs the exchange, then hangs up the phone. Moments later, Carly calls Craig to see if he has made any progress. Craig tells her the adoption was legal and he spoke directly to the mother. Carly is genuinely pleased to hear this good news.


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