One Life to Live Recaps: The week of November 10, 2003 on OLTL

Flynn was killed. The Music Box Killer struck Llanview. Aunt Betsy arrived and announced her intent to leave her money to one of the Cramers. Viki realized that Walker was Todd. Blair and Walker were married.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of November 10, 2003 on OLTL
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Monday, November 10, 2003

Antonio, John and Blair find one body in the crashed elevator as Walker staggers in with a gunshot wound. Walker convinces Blair, John and Antonio that Flynn is the dead man in the elevator. Blair accepts Walker's version of what happened and tells him she wants to get married immediately. Bo and John fear that the Music Box Killer has come to Llanview after finding Elyssa's dead body in Angel Square.

Al becomes frustrated when Marcie doesn't realize that he has inhabited Michael's body. Luna warns Al that he can't tell Marcie the truth, explaining that Al will have to give Michael a soul by Valentine's Day in order to make him a person that Marcie can love. Al vows to find a way to make Marcie love him.

Viki feels guilty when Harrison kisses her after they have dinner together. Natalie is adrift in her pain over Cristian. Roxy prepares to move into the cottage with Natalie.

Tuesday, November 11, 2003

Al has difficulty adjusting to the fact that the rest of the world sees him as Michael. Antonio suggests to John that they consult with Rae as they start to profile the Music Box killer. Marcie sadly tells Gabrielle she can't accept the fact that Al is never coming back. Nora grinds her teeth in frustration as Daniel begins throwing his weight around in his new office. Kelly admits to a startled Kevin how she went to Mexico with David Vickers to buy a black market baby. As Walker urges her to be part of his wedding, Viki realizes with a shock that it's her long- lost brother who stands before her. Irked to learn about Harrison's date with Viki at Llanfair, Dorian schemes to make the governor see her with new eyes. Blair happily announces her wedding plans to Kevin and Kelly. Viki cries tears of joy when Walker confesses that he is indeed Todd. Relating how he plotted to eliminate Mitch by impersonating his brother, Walker admits to Viki that Starr knows his real identity but Blair must never hear the truth. "Michael" introduces himself to Gabrielle, then tries to ingratiate himself with Marcie but only succeeds in alienating her even more. Harrison tells Kevin he'll be making the keynote address at the party convention---but at a price. Jessica encourages her mother to spend time with Harrison if he makes her happy. Dorian's Aunt Betsy appears unexpectedly and hints that an important announcement is forthcoming.

Wednesday,November 12, 2003

An exhausted Bo looks over the growing file of the Music Box Killer. When Nora stops by they talk about John McBain who appears to be an intense guy who is a good detective and goes on his instincts. It appears that this job is his life and he does things his own way. Nora happily anticipates his first meeting with Daniel Colson. She mentions that she's tried to call Gabrielle without success and urges Bo to go home and get some rest. After he refuses, she manages to convince him to play a game of chess to relax a bit.

While searching for clues in Elyssa's death, Antonio finds a matchbook cover from a club called Scintillating Sensations, located near where her body was found.

John lugs his belongings into a dismal hotel room and lovingly sets up a framed publicity photo of an Eve McBain, "appearing nightly." He places a dusty LP on the record player. Ripping down the already peeling wallpaper, he starts to staple folders on the wall, creating a massive bulletin board related to his latest case. An expected Antonio arrives to discuss the latest findings and they learn that there's a pattern, with killings occurring every 15 days. They figure they have a week before another may happen. They also notice the similarities in the cases; besides the appearance of music boxes, each victim has been strangled with a red leotard and each has red tears drawn on her face. Antonio learns that the woman in the photo is John's mother.

As Marcie calls out for Al, he walks by as Michael, tripping over her feet. In his mind, he begs her to notice him. Speaking out loud, he urges her not to hang around with a dangerous killer on the loose and convinces her to have a drink with him. Luna scolds him and tells him not to give up. A restless Gabrielle wanders Angel Square.

Natalie applies for a job as a bartender at Rodi's and gets the position after mixing a drink for the manager. While Al/Michael gets Marcie a drink, Nat sits down with her. She admits to dropping out of school and that she is afraid to move Cris' belongings because he'll be gone for good. When Marcie suggests that perhaps Cris can come back, a perplexed Marcie asks her to explain. When interrupted by Al/Michael, Marcie introduces him to Nat; his last name is McBain and yes, John is his brother, he responds to Nat's question. Marcie urges him to leave them be and tells Nat that she has felt Al's presence and that she needed him to be able to move on. He "wrapped his hands around my heart..." she says. Nat replies that she feels cold and empty. She dashes off, upset. When Al/Michael playfully taunts her for upsetting Nat, Marcie tosses her drink in his face and runs out quickly. Nat is accosted by Pete, a harmless homeless man, and is rescued by Antonio and John. After Antonio agrees to accompany him to the shelter for the night, she tells John that she has "...a pain in my heart." John tries to comfort her but she wants no part of him. She doesn't want him anywhere near her. Al/Michael spots his brother and the two end up back at Rodi's for a drink. They make small talk, but obviously have not seen or spoken to each other in quite a long time. Al/Michael refuses to call their mother; that part of his life closed a long time ago, he tells his brother. Luna later tells him that Michael is a "lost soul" but Marcie should be able to help. Al is doubtful that he'll be able to do anything but Luna won't let him back out of the deal.

Gabby arrives to a darkened commissioner's office but soon tracks down Bo in Nora's office with the chess game. She agrees to hear what Nora has to say but warns her that whatever she says won't help. Nora reminds her that Bo is having a tough time and Gabby breaks down. She's sick of feeling the way she does. Nora gets her to laugh about a dance class that Roxy and Ron are teaching and she gets Gabby to agree to go with her. It should prove to be comical, they figure. Antonio and John meet with Bo to discuss their latest findings and to show him the evidence. They decide that it could be a plant, with the killer playing a cat and mouse game with them. All of the victims seem to be related via strip clubs except for Elyssa and they decide to check into her whereabouts during the recent year. The men agree that they all need some rest. It is agreed that Daniel will be kept away from John and the investigation. Al/Michael visits Marcie, who has returned to work at the station but she doesn't want to see him. She praises Al instead. He blurts out that he's in love with her, grabs her and kisses her; she slaps him and chases him out. Later, she sadly looks at Al's picture as tears roll down her face.

Al/Michael bumps into Pete foraging in a trashcan and hands him his dinner. Luna looks on, pleased.

Gabby and Bo leave Rodi's and she thanks him for not giving up on her.

A busy Nora calls Matthew and tells him she's on her way home.

John returns to his room and plays another old record. Soon, a knock on the door suspends his thoughts and it turns out to be Natalie. She explains that she's been trying to understand it all and get on with her life, but every time she sees him, it forces her to remember it all. She doesn't want him to help her or be there for her. It's too bad if he feels guilty about it. He'll do whatever she wants him to, he replies solemnly. Confused, she replies that she's not really sure why she's there. It was to tell him to go to hell, he prompts her. "Go to hell," she tells him.

Thursday,November 13, 2003

While Joe is officiating Blair and Walkers wedding Jen watches Rex with another woman, despite her husbands request that she join him. Jen tries to convince Rex that she doesn't want him while Natalie looks on disapprovingly. When Joey goes home to check on his wife, he accidentally finds her birth control pills.

Blair and Walker prepare to wed. When Dorian tries to get the wedding started, Walker insists on waiting for Viki. Disappointed that Todd didn't tell the truth, Viki leaves as soon as the ceremony is over. When Addie announces it's time to cut the cake, she again calls the groom Todd. As the reception progresses, Aunt Betsy announces that she intends to leave someone in her family thirty million dollars inheritance.

When Kevin decides not to go to the wedding, Viki tries to convince him to get over Blair. When he blurts out that the groom is Todd, Viki is stunned that he knows the truth. When Viki refuses to tell Blair the truth, Kevin wants to know how she can let the wedding happen when Todd is lying to the bride. After his mother leaves, Kevin talks himself into telling the Blair the truth but before he can leave, Bo shows up to inform him of Elyssa's murder. When Viki returns, she tells Kevin that she is proud of him for not confronting Todd.

Friday,November 14, 2003

When John runs into Natalie at Rodi's he offers to leave. When Daniel questions John about the Music Box Killer, he refuses to talk stating that Bo knows everything. Upset, Daniel tries to score points by mentioning Cristian, which enrages Natalie. Later, when she accidentally knocks a stack of papers off of John's table, she helps him answer some questions in his notes. Jessica is surprised to find that Antonio is working with John. At Rodi's, Antonio and John get to know each other, causing Natalie to confront him when he says he grew up in Atlantic City.

Evangeline advises Kevin to let Walker take the heat for Elyssa's murder. When he hesitates, she points out the downfall not pointing the finger at Walker. In the end, he agrees but refuses to disclose what Elyssa was actually looking into. The next morning, Evangeline informs John of the case that Elyssa was investigating for Kevin.

At Blair and Walker's reception, Aunt Betsy states the stipulation of her inheritance: only a Cramer woman who has never been married or given birth will get her 30 million dollars. Pointing out each woman's history, the family comes to realize the only person who fits the bill is Starr. When Blair and Todd leave, Dorian over hears him calling her 'Daddy's daughter'. Later, Addie starts talking about Todd again, piquing Dorian's curiosity. When Aunt Betsy learns more about Starr's father, she revokes the girl's inheritance and gives it to Paul since he told her the truth.

The next morning Dorian tells Walker that Blair needs to tell Aunt Betsy that Todd was a wonderful man. When Starr comes to his defense, Dorian confronts him. When Todd attempts to leave for the airport to meet up with Blair, he runs into John who wants to question him about Elyssa.

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