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Passions Recaps: The week of November 17, 2003 on PS
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Monday, November 17, 2003

All hell broke loose at the Bennett house, after Grace chose to be with David. Jessica and Kay, both furious, lash out at Grace about her decision to be with David and John over their family. On the other hand, Tabitha and Ivy were the only ones thrilled that Kay decided to keep her mouth shut. Tabitha told Kay that now your mother will be far to busy with her own problems to stand in your way of getting Miguel. A guilty Kay asks God for forgiveness secretly and prays that her father will too.

David asks Ivy if in any way she feels guilty of what their lie has done to the Bennett family. Ivy responds to David that she feels no remorse, and quotes David, "Yes, I am a bitch, and I may go to hell, but for now I will be with the man I love." Overwhelmed with guilt, David tells Ivy that he decided to tell everyone the truth, as he approaches Grace, an excited John comes up to his father and tells him that he has been a wonderful father to him and he deserves to be happy with Grace. David changes his mind in telling everyone the truth, in order to protect his son. Sam threatens David to leave his sight immediately, or he will kill him.

At the hospital, Luis is determined to tell Antonio the truth about his relationship with Sheridan. Pilar asks Antonio to leave for a moment so she can speak to Luis. Pilar begs Luis not to tell Antonio the truth, but to no avail, Luis tells his mom that Antonio needs to know the truth once and for all. Antonio interferes Luis and Pilar' "secret" conversation, and demands to know what is going on. Luis asks Antonio, "Do you remember when you first met Sheridan with amnesia, did she ever mention about a guy she was in love with back home." Antonio is hesitate at first to respond, but tells Luis that even though it's none of his business, "Yes, she mentioned that she was in love with someone else back home, but what does it matter his dead." Luis responds to Antonio. "The man Sheridan is in love with is very much alive, and that guy is me."

As Beth tries to calm Sheridan's crying baby, Sheridan overhears her baby from her hospital bed. Determined to find her baby once and for all, she follows the baby' cries all the way to Beth's hospital room. Sheridan demands for Beth to hand over her baby, reluctantly Beth obeys. Once the baby is in Sheridan' arms, he immediately stops crying. Mrs. Wallace tells Beth that, "It's all over, everyone only needs to look at Sheridan and they will know that the baby is hers." A frantic Beth tries to persuade Sheridan to give her the baby. At first, Sheridan mistakes Beth's worry for her welfare, but then realizes that Beth wants to take the baby from her. A furious Sheridan tells Beth, "No one is taking my baby again", and punches Beth right in the mouth.

Tuesday, November 18, 2003

Kay is furious with Grace for breaking up their happy little home. She thinks her mother is being incredibly foolish and selfish for hurting her father this way. Jessica is no less upset by her mother's rejection of Sam, and is devastated by what's happening in her family.

Sam is put in the unenviable position of defending Grace for leaving him as he tries to get Kay and Jessica to understand that sometimes love is not enough to keep a marriage going. He tries to comfort his daughters while dealing with his own pain.

The truth leaves Antonio feeling like a fool. He can't believe that Sheridan and Luis were sneaking around seeing each other right under his nose. He's hurt by their betrayal. Pilar and Luis try their best to explain the situation to Antonio. Meanwhile, Sheridan is convinced she has found her baby and refuses to hand him back over to a frantic Beth.

Wednesday, November 19, 2003

Before Grace departs the Bennett house, Grace tries to make Kay and Jessica understand why she chose David and John over Sam, but to no avail. Kay continues to attack Grace, and finally convinces Jessica that she was right all along about their mother. A devastated Sam, reminds Grace of all the happy times they had together; a confused Sam asks Grace, "How can you throw all this away, I hope you are happy with David." A teary eyed Grace responds to Sam, "It's not about not loving you Sam", and walks out of the Bennett home.

Once outside, Grace tries to make sense of everything that has happened with her family. David tries to comfort Grace; Grace confides in David that she thinks she may have made a terrible mistake leaving Sam. David tries to be nice, and reminds Grace that it's not too late to go back to Sam; and promises Grace that he will spend the rest of his life taking care of her. A vulnerable Grace embraces David.

As soon as Grace leaves the Bennett home, Ivy is on the move. She tries to comfort Sam. Ivy reminds Sam, that even though you lost Grace, "I'm still here for you and I still love you." Sam looks at Ivy in disbelief that he just lost his wife of 20 years, and adds "I can't think about us know." Evil Ivy manipulates Sam into seeing David and Grace embrace.

Mrs. Wallace continues to antagonize Beth about the connection between Sheridan and her baby. A frantic Beth tries to convince the doctor to get her child away from Sheridan. The doctor advises Beth that Sheridan has been traumatized, but she is not a threat to the baby and adds, "Have a heart." The doctor orders the nurse to get Sheridan' husband. Beth continues to order the doctor to get her baby, and tells him that if he doesn't, she will. The doctor tries, once again, to get the baby, and asks Sheridan if he can examine the baby boy. A thrilled Sheridan realizes that she had a baby boy, and can't wait to tell Luis.

Antonio refuses to believe that Sheridan and Luis were lovers. Antonio is convinced that his brother is trying to take his wife away from him. Antonio believes that Sheridan has put the past behind her and moved on with him. Antonio adds that he once promised Sheridan that he would kill anyone who tries to take you from me, and tells Luis "It's time I make good on that promise." Once again, Luis and Pilar try to explain to Antonio that Luis was engaged to be married to Sheridan long before he ever met Sheridan on the island. Pilar begs Antonio to calm down, and asks him if they can discuss this later as a family. Antonio tells Pilar and Luis that he no longer has a brother. The nurse interrupts and informs Antonio that his wife needs him. Luis, Antonio, and Pilar follow the nurse to Sheridan.

Luis walks into Beth' hospital room, and sees Sheridan holding Beth's baby. Sheridan tells Luis, "Here' our little baby boy." A confused Luis looks at the baby and Sheridan.

Thursday, November 20, 2003

Antonio is rocked when he realizes that not only are Sheridan and Luis in love, but Luis is the father of Sheridan's baby. Sheridan continues to insist that the baby she snatched from Beth's arms is her baby. Sheridan shows a bewildered Luis that she's found their baby as a worried Beth looks on.

Rebecca is convinced that Gwen is making the biggest mistake of her life if she gives up on Ethan and lets Theresa have him. She can't let Theresa win! Gwen will not listen to her mother's arguments for staying with Ethan, and says she couldn't care less what he does. Meanwhile, Ethan and Chad drown their sorrows at a bar.

Julian tries to help out a concerned Eve when he confronts Fox and peppers him with questions. He wants answers regarding Fox and his intentions toward Whitney. Theresa does her best to convince Whitney that she can't give up on Chad, but she can't get Whitney to give Chad a chance.

Friday, November 21, 2003

Gwen feels that she's been hurt once too often by Ethan and his never ending obsession with Theresa. She insists she won't let Ethan back into her heart. Nothing is going to change her mind about this. Rebecca and Theresa face off in a nasty battle of words. Rebecca insists Theresa has ruined Gwen's life.

Fox and Julian have a heart-to-heart talk about Fox's true feelings for Whitney. Julian's pressure on Fox only strengthens Fox's resolve to have Whitney, much to his father's dismay. Meanwhile, Chad pulls out all stops to get Whitney to forgive him and take him back.

Beth insists that Sheridan is delirious and that this is not her baby. She's so adamant that Luis actually starts to believe Beth. Sheridan continues to cling to the baby as Luis tries to convince her she's mistaken. Antonio deals with a harsh reality that Sheridan and Luis are meant to be together.

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