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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of November 17, 2003 on GL
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Monday, November 17, 2003

Alan joins Lucia/Regina, Gus's biological mother, for dinner at Company. Gus thought she had left town. She explains that she wanted to give Gus the space he needed so she didn't tell him that she never left town. She stayed in town because she was assigned to St. Michael's on Fifth Street. She is pleased to see that Alan and Gus have been getting along and building a relationship, but she still senses emptiness in Alan. She then questions Alan about when the last time he sang was and tries to remind him how happy it made him. She tells Alan that she is concerned for him because she wants Gus to see that behind the exterior, there is a big soul. On another topic, they begin to discuss Phillip. She tells Alan that he needs to give Phillip support and unconditional love. Just before she leaves, she tells Alan that he has to be true to himself before he can be true to his children.

Gus and Harley spend the evening on a stake out in a home of Andrea, a pregnant woman who believes she's being stalked. She wanted some protection from them. It appears to be a bit romantic, but then sounds are heard which call them back to work. Someone begins to climb through the window. Both Harley and Gus pull their guns on the man, who ends up being Phillip. Fortunately for him, neither pulled their trigger. Phillip tells them that Olivia is staying there. He has been following Olivia and wanted to be in the apartment to talk to her in private when she came home. Gus tells Phillip that Olivia doesn't live there. A woman named Andrea lives there. Phillip thinks that Andrea must have let Olivia stay there and tells them that he will have to write the woman a check. Harley tries to grab his attention but he seems a bit jittery and begins talking about a gift he bought for the baby. Harley forces him to focus on her, and she tells him that Olivia does not live there. Only Andrea, who is also pregnant lives there, but they still don't know where Olivia is. Phillip then accuses Harley of hiding his child from him. He wants to know where Olivia is. Just then the pregnant Andrea enters the room, and Phillip asks her where Olivia is. Andrea questions Phillip about what kind of man he is because she is pregnant and alone, and he scared her. Phillip then realizes that when he saw her earlier, he must have thought she was Olivia, and he apologizes to her. Harley pulls Phillip aside and tells him that she thinks that he needs some professional help. While Harley, Gus, and Andrea are having a private conversation, Phillip sees his grown daughter with Olivia. Phillip puts his hands over his face and continues to say she is not real.

Marah, Marina, and Michelle discuss the possible spirit that is harassing them. Moments later, Carrie appears again, and tells the three of them to stop talking about ghosts before others start to sense they are insane. She has come to assure them that she is very real. Michelle asks how she is able to continue entering her home. Carrie claims there are tunnels everywhere. Each one has a secret door leading into many different homes. She continues to explain that everything they do matters and affects everyone. Michelle wants Carrie to explain who she is because she certainly knows all about them. She begins to explain the tunnels were built for people who were in love but were not permitted to see one another. The tunnels allowed them to see each other without anyone knowing. She tells them that she never once interfered with anyone's personal life until now. She found it fascinating that Michelle loved the house so much and had since she was a little girl admiring it from the street. Marina wants to know how she would know that. Carrie claims that she makes it her business. They ask her where she lives. She tells them that she lives in Michelle's house and continues to discuss Michelle's taste of design. She then asks Michelle to never tell anyone that she saw her. She promises that in turn for keeping her secret, she will tell them a secret of her own. If they were to tell anyone, she would disappear. After she leaves, the three of them decide not to tell anyone about Carrie.

Beth questions Lizzie in regards to not getting the lead part in the play. Beth tries to assure Lizzie that the part of the Nurse is an equally great part. She explains that it is easy to play someone who falls in love, but it's a lot harder to play someone who's lost so much already as the nurse had. While Beth was still trying to convince Lizzie that the part she got was just as good, if not better, than the part of Juliet, Alan enters the room. He begins to discuss a play as he once saw, but Lizzie doesn't want to hear anything about it. She explains to Alan that she is a teenager, and being a nurse is not cool, but being in love is cool.

Tuesday, November 18, 2003

Michelle and Danny have dinner with Ed at Company. Danny tells Michelle and Ed that he is thinking about running for Mayor. Danny explains that the Fifth Street project has inspired him to run for Mayor. Michelle tells Danny that things have just settled down for them, and running for mayor would put them on the front page of a media circus. Michelle finally caves in and chooses to support him. Michelle then asks her dad what he thinks about Danny running for Mayor. Ed tells her that he thinks it is the worst idea he's ever heard. Danny understands Ed's concerns, but tells Ed that he can't hide from his past. Michelle tells them they will face the truth head on. Ed wonders how the media will affect the rest of them, which at the same time he envisions the gravesite he visited on October 17th. Ed eventually comes around and tells Danny he has his vote. Later, when they are home, Danny makes a telephone call to the current Mayor who doesn't plan on running for the next term. They set up a meeting for tomorrow. After his call, Michelle comes down stairs dressed in a suit with dark glasses. Danny thought she was going up to change into something more comfortable. She begins talking like an governmental advisor and then begins to seduce him.

At the museum, Marina gives Shayne a walkie-talkie for him to communicate with her when she isn't in his room. Shayne mentions that he will be having a session with Remy in a few minutes. Marina heads out to do some studying. Marina sets the other walkie-talkie on the kitchen counter and turns it on just in case Shayne needs her. She calls her mother but has to leave a message asking her to return the call. Moments later, Remy shows up, and Darci shows up bringing over some goodies. Darci feels that Marina has something on her mind that she may want to talk about. Marina doesn't feel comfortable talking about it. Darci tells her that if she decides she wants to talk about it later, she'll be there for her, but tells her she understands that the sex talk with her dad's girlfriend must sound strange. Just then, Marina realizes that Darci picked up on the fact that she and Shayne made love for the first time. Marina tells Darci that it wasn't how she imagined it, it was much better. She feels so close to Shayne right now, but is scared about how this step will change their relationship. Darci tells her that if Shayne is the right guy for her, then this kind of change can only make things better. Shortly after Darci leaves, Nico shows up looking for Shayne. Since he is still in therapy, Marina invites him in to wait with her. Marina gets an invitation in the mail to a dance party. Nico notices how disappointed she is about not being able to go due to Shayne's medical condition. She begins to vent about not being able to act and do things that other couples can do. Nico tells her there are a lot of things that she and Shayne can still do. Marina tells him that is true, but they can't dance. Nico tells her that there isn't anything wrong with wanting something that you don't have because it makes you work harder to get it. Marina tells Nico that she doesn't want Shayne to find out about the dance because she doesn't want him to feel bad because they can't go. Meanwhile, Shayne has turned his walkie talkie on and just overheard.

Gus runs into Alan at the Spaulding home while bringing Phillip home. Gus explains to Alan that he caught Phillip breaking into a pregnant woman's house tonight. Phillip soon gets distracted again because he is seeing his and Olivia's daughter in the room. Gus tries to get his attention, but Phillip yells at him and tells him to stop distracting him. Gus wonders what he is distracting him from. Phillip begins to talk to his daughter and begins to scare Gus and Phillip. Alan mentions to Phillip that he should speak to Dr. Langham. Phillip denies needing any help, but accepts a dinner date with the two of them later. He heads out telling them it will have to be later because he wants to see Lizzie. After Phillip leaves, Gus explains the situation in more depth regarding Phillip stalking and breaking into the woman's apartment. Alan is thankful that the woman decided not to press charges. On another topic, Alan tells Gus that his mother is in town. Gus tells Alan that he has already seen her, but mentions that he hasn't talked to her yet. He acts as though he doesn't want to take that step forward. Alan tells him that Thanksgiving is just around the corner and tries to convince him to make an effort.

Lizzie is at Company practicing the school play with Tammy. Lizzie tells Tammy that at first she was mad that she didn't get the lead part, but she is okay with it now. Their conversation is interrupted when Joey arrives. Joey got the part of Romeo in the school play. Moments later, Phillip shows up to see Lizzie. Lizzie instantly senses that something is wrong with her father. Phillip changes the subject and wants to talk about how she feels in regards to getting the part as a nurse. Lizzie begins to explain that she is okay with it and continues to tell him that she and Tammy were practicing until Romeo showed up, but then she justifies it by saying practicing with three would be better. Phillip senses that she is hiding the way she truly feels and urges her to always be honest with the way she feels. Hiding your feelings will only make things worse. He explains that he let her do that with Olivia and refuses to let her do that again. She then tells Phillip that she wanted to be Juliet, but got the part as a nurse. Not only did she not get the part, she didn't get the guy either, and then she blows up about how everyone is watching her every move waiting for her to fail. She tells Phillip that she can control herself and thought this play would help. Phillip agrees to lighten up in regards to her supervision. As Phillip is talking to her, it appears as though he is having some breathing difficulties. He cuts their conversation short and rushes out and begins to have a panic attack just outside Company on the bench. Moments later his grown daughter with Olivia shows up and hands him a bag to breathe in. She disappears when Phillip's cell phone rings. It was Alan telling him that Gus won't be joining them for dinner, but Beth will be there.

Wednesday, November 19, 2003

As Alan and Beth wait for Phillip at Towers, their discussion turns to relationships: Beth's failed attempt with Jeffrey, Alan's short-lived romance with Lucia, and Phillip and Olivia's situation. Meanwhile, Phillip starts to further unravel at the Spaulding mansion.

Also at Towers is Jeffrey, who's having a drink with a chatty yet vapid woman. He appears to be spying on Danny, who's chatting up the current mayor.

At the museum, Marina and Nico discuss the dance, which Shayne overhears on the walkie-talkie. Marina wants to go to the dance but asks Nico to throw the invitation away; she doesn't want Shayne to feel that he's letting her down by not being able to take her to the dance. Hearing this, Shayne becomes distressed, which Marina notices. Later on, Shayne and Nico bond over musical tastes.

Bill, Eden and Tony discuss any negative fallout that may occur during the mayoral campaign, re: Danny's former mob ties. Bill tries to ascertain if Tony is still legit, while Tony plays a mind-game with Eden by dropping innuendoes about their rooftop tryst. When Bill moves to another room to take a call, Eden tells Tony to take a hike and to take his suit with him. She goes to retrieve his Marah Lewis Original (Marah offloaded the project to Eden), and Tony cozies up uncomfortably close to her.

It appears that Jeffrey is setting Danny up for a big fall, as he speaks in French to an unseen colleague over the phone. He tells him that Danny will be right where they want him, in a vulnerable position. Jeffrey then sidles up to Danny to encourage him to run for mayor.

Sandy drops by the museum to see Marah and ends up visiting Shayne. The two brothers bond further as Sandy manages to lift Shayne's spirits, per Marina's request. Then Shayne in turn asks Sandy for a favor.

Alan and Beth find Phillip back at the mansion, flat on the floor. He appears unresponsive at first but then comes around when he hears Beth's voice. He finally realizes that he desperately needs help. Beth pulls him into a comforting embrace.

Danny goes to Eden's to update Bill, Eden and Tony about the outcome of his talk with the mayor. It appears that the stage is set for Danny to make a run for the office. Danny checks in with Tony once more to ensure his support. Tony offers to work the streets to gauge the people's interest in Danny and goes further to suggest that Eden should join in this assignment. Eden turns him down, citing her increased workload, which Bill supports. Tony is visibly disappointed while Danny becomes suspicious of his intentions.

Marah is dressed to kill and her prey is Jeffrey O'Neill. She tracks Jeffrey down at Towers and offers him one night of wild passion, no strings attached. Jeffrey becomes increasingly uncomfortable with her proposition and tries to put her off by citing their age difference. Marah remains undeterred and plants a big wet kiss on him. She saunters off, not knowing that Sandy witnessed her display of affection.

Thursday, November 20, 2003

Reva vents to Christopher about her difficulties in making progress with Sandy. Sandy expresses his disapproval of Marah spending time with Jeffrey. A large bouquet of balloons from Marah is delivered to Jeffrey. Embarrassed, he gives the balloons to Michelle for Robbie. Marah sees a negative article about Danny in the newspaper and rushes off to find Michelle. Ed and Ross try to convince Michelle that Danny running for mayor is a bad idea. Michelle finds the article about Danny just before Marah arrives to warn her. Marah is dismayed by Jeffrey's reaction to the balloons. Ed and Ross ask Jeffrey for his opinion about Danny running for mayor. Ross is intrigued that Jeffrey is not opposed to the idea.

Edmund struggles with what he did to Sandy in the past and with his love for Cassie in the present. He won't allow Cassie to say she loves him until he makes things right with Sandy. Edmund reminds Sandy he should be mad at him, not the other members if the family. He tries to give Sandy a family heirloom, but Sandy refuses. He won't accept Edmund's offer to pay his schooling bills. Much like Sandy, Reva doesn't buy Edmund's attempts to make amends with him. She asks him to back off so that she can develop a relationship with her son.

Marah and Michelle find scarab rings in their fortune cookies. They are creeped out by the fortunes that accompanied the rings. Marina storms into the house with the third ring. The women realize the rings are from Carrie and wonder what they're for.

Cassie thanks Jeffrey for lightening the mood at the family dinner. He tells Cassie someone should talk to Marah about older men and the things she's going through right now. Cassie jumps to the conclusion that Jeffrey has been hitting on Marah.

Friday, November 21, 2003

Reva uses Christopher as a sounding board during their dinner at Company, venting her frustration about not being able to connect with Sandy. Josh and Billy enter and see them during a cozy moment. Josh does a slow burn while watching them; he wants to be the one she confides in and Billy urges him to take a more proactive stand. As Chris and Reva decide to put research on hold, Josh takes the opportunity to come over to say hello. He immediately feels awkward and tries to beat a retreat, but Reva and Christopher invite him to stay. Josh declines because Billy's with him, but Billy storms over and readily accepts for the both of them. He proceeds to make Reva and Christopher uncomfortable with his pointed questions - he's insinuating that Christopher is a fraud who's misleading Reva, and that Reva's time is better spent with her family, especially Sandy and Josh. Christopher calls Billy on his interference and correctly ascertains that Billy's a recovering alcoholic (given his body language and choice of ginger ale for drink). Billy digs in further and becomes more open with his hostility, resulting in Reva telling Josh to muzzle Billy or she will. Christopher and Billy excuse themselves so Josh and Reva can talk. Try as they might, they fail to reconnect. Reva does tell Josh that she prays every day to find her way back to him, she just wants to be sure that it's to the same man she fell in love with.

At Eden's, we find Bill in a full-blown rant about a negative op/ed piece re: Danny and his intention to run for mayor. Danny arrives and assures Bill that he's still considering the race. They all talk about second chances and how difficult it is to regain trust with people. Eden asks point blank if she gets a second chance with Danny; he jokingly answers yes, if he gets her vote. They're interrupted when Nico calls Danny; there's a crowd developing at the 5th Street development office, chanting Danny's name. Danny takes off.

Jeffrey and Cassie spar re: Marah's crush on him; he accuses her of being jealous of Marah and Cassie throws water in his face. He apologizes, but further digs himself into a deeper hole by unintentionally insulting Cassie's life experience. He finally makes Cassie understand that he thinks Marah respects her enough to listen to her re: sex and men who are older. Just as they are on neutral terms, he insults her yet again. She gets fed up and threatens him with a bread stick, the moment of which is captured by a restaurant photographer. They end up first in a bidding war for the picture, then in a physical altercation that the entire restaurant witnesses. Jeffrey ends up with a bruised thumb and the unflattering picture of Cassie. He likens her to a bulldog and harasses her with dog barks as she stalks out, but we're left with the impression that she intends to get even with Mr. O'Neill.

Bill kicks himself for not going with Danny to support him, but Eden responds that Bill has done plenty - he gave Danny the idea of reaching for new heights and being more that he's ever thought of being. Eden then thanks Bill, because that's exactly what he did for her.

Marah, Michelle and Marina discuss their scarab rings and Carrie's ever-growing creepiness. Carrie appears and shows them that she has same scarab ring as the ones she's gifted them with. She proceeds to spin a yarn re: the rings' ancient Egyptian origins: they were given only to powerful women and can be used for good or evil. Carrie entices the trio to each make a wish, but adds the caveat that the wish can bring mixed blessings. When none of them can think of anything, she threatens to take back the rings because they lack imagination. Michelle pipes up. She wishes that people would appreciate Danny and all that he's done and that the Santos name would be associated with honesty and goodness. Marina refuses to make a wish, thinking that you can get whatever you want with hard work. Marina and Marah end up giving their rings back to Carrie, without having made a wish and take off. Michelle also gives back her ring. Nico comes in and distracts her, and when she turns back around she finds that Carrie has disappeared. However, Danny staggers in behind Nico, which gets Michelle's full attention.

Nico and Danny have exciting news for Michelle. The crowd in front of Danny's office turned out to be a supportive one. They gathered to show their appreciation for what he's done for 5th Street and give him money for his mayor campaign. Danny's elated and Michelle is stunned that her wish apparently came true.

Sandy tricks Marah into meeting him; he wants to talk with her and warns her not to give her heart to a man who doesn't deserve it.

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