One Life to Live Recaps: The week of November 17, 2003 on OLTL

Kelly provided Walker with an alibi. Joey refused to believe that Jen was cheating on him. The McBain brothers reminisced. An unknown person reached for a music box and wound it up. Viki and Dorian survived a plane crash. Jen called Rex for help.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of November 17, 2003 on OLTL
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Monday, November 17, 2003

Blair and Kevin enjoy their time together in Lake Champlain, although Blair is puzzled as to why it is taking so long for Walker to arrive there. Meanwhile, Bo and John question Walker about Elyssa's murder. Walker hires Evangeline as his lawyer and tells her to buy him an alibi for the night Elyssa was murdered. Bo realizes John knows something about Walker that he isn't saying.

Dorian is desperate to contact Blair. Dorian tells Carlotta to bring Adriana back from Puerto Rico immediately. Dorian tries to charm her way onto Harrison's private plane after learning that Blair is in Lake Champlain.

Bo and Nora try to bolster Gabrielle's spirits. Roxy urges Bo and Nora to dance together but after a moment, Bo makes Gabrielle his partner.

Antonio invites John to dinner, unaware that Jessica has also invited Natalie. John is impressed when Natalie jumps to the defense of the murdered women and shares a little bit about his past.

Tuesday, November 18, 2003

Evangeline refuses to give Walker a fake alibi for the night of Elyssa's murder but assures him she will get him out of jail. John tells Bo that Walker is really Todd. Walker begs Bo not to reveal the truth to Blair. Kelly gives Walker an alibi for the night of Elyssa's murder. Kelly insists to Dorian that she can't tell Blair the truth about Walker.

Dorian fails to talk her way onto Harrison's plane and later calls David for help. Harrison isn't pleased when he finds Kevin with Blair and warns Kevin not to do anything to bring on a scandal. A photographer secretly snaps a picture of Kevin and Blair in a friendly embrace.

Lindsay confides to Rex that she doesn't trust David and later tells Daniel that she thinks David is planning to try to con her. Rex refuses to give up on Jen. Natalie and Jen argue when Jen states she wants to attend Cristian's memorial service. Jessica's friend, Mandy, tells Jessica how a professor made advances towards her with the promise of a passing grade.

Wednesday, November 19, 2003

Viki leaves for the private jet to take her to Saranac, promising to talk to Jess as soon as she returns.

At Rodi's, Nat insists that Jen is cheating on Joe, who refuses to accept what she has to say. Marcie thinks that if anyone is at fault, it's Rex. Roxy flirts with Ron. A pool table is delivered and Nat learns that John requested it to be sent over from a now closed Crossroads. It doesn't sit too well with her.

Bo threatens to lock Walker/Todd up again if he needs to and he doesn't like to be behind bars, he tells a confused Evangeline. Antonio and John learn that all of the victims in the Music Box Killer case were students in formal dance classes. Al/Michael shows up and calls Antonio by name. John introduces them and the guys briefly try to figure out why Michael knew Antonio's name. They quickly forget it and move on, with Al/Michael looking at the autopsy reports of the victims. He explains them to John and mentions that he can tell that the last girl really fought her attacker. The brothers also reminisce about the doctor who helped in killing their father by being drunk.

Jen complains to Rex about the Buchanans while they sit and relax at the university's student center. Marcie spies them sitting together and goes over to say hello. Rex invites her to the next Search and Destroy, asking her to be a judge so that she won't win again. Jen suggests he go peddle his flyers and after he leaves, Marcie tries to get Jen to talk about him and inquires if he was bothering her. Jen simply responds that Rex always bothers everyone. She is told that Joe is looking for her. Al/Michael appears with a single daisy for Marcie and she mentions that Al used to give her the same thing. He wanted to apologize for past awful comments that he made to her, like putting down her brother. He makes a hasty retreat as he has to make rounds at the hospital.

Grumpy Aunt Betsy complains to Paul about men being liars or cheaters. He asks if something once happened to her and she breaks down, telling him how she was left at the altar when she was 19. He attempts to comfort her, though they're interrupted by a surly Walker/Todd, looking for Dorian.

A surprise guest, Dorian, astonishes Viki when she finds her on-board the governor's private jet. Dorian explains how she must get to Blair, due to an emergency. There's been "a terrible fraud perpetrated..," she explains. Walker is Todd and she has to tell Blair about it. Viki wonders where the woman got her information and in general, does not react the way that Dorian expected her to. Viki thinks Todd should tell Blair, if it's really him. An annoyed Dorian grumbles about Viki taking Todd's side of course and family sticking together. Viki puts an end to Dorian's free ride by calling security and having her removed from the jet before takeoff.

Over at Rodi's, Jess admits that she knew about the pool table and that John was just trying to be nice. Nat takes off, brushing past Antonio, on his way in. He stops Jess from going after her sister, suggesting that Nat can handle things herself. Jen finds an angry Joe; she expresses regret for lying about the birth control pills. He informs her that he's heard rumors of her hanging around with Rex but she denies it all. She adamantly insists that she will not report her activities or whereabouts to anyone, including him. He storms off in a huff which causes her to quickly try to reach Rex by phone. She is disappointed when she only reaches his voice mail and hangs up.

While in Bo's office, Nora promises to keep the Walker/Todd factor under wraps. John has further information on Elyssa; he's learned that she was working undercover as a lap dancer for an insurance company. They were investigating a strip club in Atlantic City for fraud. As everyone discusses the cases, Natalie bursts in and orders John to stay out of her life. He takes her outside, trying to soothe her. He wanted to be there when it was delivered, he tells her. He gives her various reasons as to why it's a good idea for the table to be at Rodi's but she hastily retorts that she won't ever play again. John and Bo continue to discuss their case and make note of the classical music theme; the dance classes versus the tune in the music boxes. All of the boxes play the same tune it is noted.

At Antonio's place, he listens to Jess prattle on about various people, from Natalie and John to Jen and Joe to the incident of sexism at the college and the professor's demand of good grades in return for sex. Antonio feels that the people involved will solve their own problems, and that Viki will look into the college incident upon her return.

Paul and Betsy bond. She's made her decision to leave her money to a kind and caring Paul, she discloses.

Dorian gets tossed from the plane and a disguised airline employee, David, is there to greet her. He suggests she take him to dinner instead and forget the trip to Saranac. She comes up with an alternative plan and stows away in the luggage area of the plane. A persistent Todd tries to locate the flight that she might have been on but there is no record of her being a passenger on any flight.

Nat wanders over to the pool table and finds herself caressing it.

A gloved hand reaches for another music box and winds it up. A copy of The Sun lays nearby, with the music box killer news headlining the front page.

Thursday, November 20, 2003

Harrison has no problem telling Blair and Kevin that it's a very bad idea that they're spending time together, considering he's a public figure who's a married man. Walker's mind starts playing tricks on him as his paranoia grows that Dorian will spill the truth to Blair. He later arrives at the Lake Champlain lodge where he finds out that Kevin and Blair have left without him.

Rex emphasizes to Lindsay that he's Jen's Mr. Right. At the same time, Jen's selective amnesia about attending a church fund raiser results in an argument between her and Joey. Kelly later breaks the touchy news to Joey that his congregation is abuzz with rumors of Jen's unsaintly conduct at Ultra Violet.

Jen unknowingly steps into danger when she accepts Karen's invitation to join her at an erotic dance club. As they obliviously enjoy the night, they remain unaware that they are being followed by the music box killer. Meanwhile, although tempted, Natalie can't bring herself to use the pool table that John gave her.

Friday, November 21, 2003

Viki helped Dorian out of the wrecked plane and managed to call Kevin to let him know she was still alive before her cell phone batteries went dead. With much bickering and flashbacks of some of their past confrontations, Viki and Dorian managed to salvage some things from the plane and take shelter in a nearby cave. They made a fire and waited for the snow to stop falling.

During their search for Viki, Kevin and Blair's car got stuck in a snow bank and they had to take refuge in an empty cottage. Kevin received Viki's call and called the governor to tell him the news. Kevin and Blair settled in and had a discussion about their feelings for each other and what might have been. Blair made it clear to Kevin that Walker was the one she wanted to be with. In the meantime, Walker/Todd drove recklessly in an attempt to find Blair and his car swerved off the road.

Jessica arrived at Rodi's and quietly told Joey about their mother's plane being missing. They wanted to keep the news from Natalie so as not to upset her anymore, but Roxy burst through the door and blurted out the news at the top of her lungs. Natalie was upset that the news had been kept from her. John McBain made some calls and found out that Viki had called Kevin and she had survived the crash. Natalie thanked John for his help.

Also at Rodi's, Evangeline spoke to R.J. about his selling his interest in both clubs and separating himself completely from the past. She suggested a fresh start for him, that he should open a new restaurant.

While waiting at Rodi's for news about Viki, Kelly worried that she should have gone to New York with Kevin in the first place and been there for his speech. She and Joey also discussed his relationship with Jen, who was nowhere to be found.

Jen and Karen came back to Karen's hotel room after their evening at the exotic dancing club, where they both obviously had a very good time. The Music Box Killer was right behind them, however, and picked the lock to get in when the two girls were in the other room checking out how Jen looked in some of Karen's clothes. Feeling sick from their night of drinking, Jen passed out in the bathtub. When she woke up and stumbled into the bedroom, she found Karen's body lying on the floor with a red leotard around her neck and a music box next to her. Jen picked up the phone and dialed Joey, but then changed her mind and hung up. Instead, she called Rex and begged him to help her.

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