All My Children Recaps: The week of November 10, 2003 on AMC

Bianca visited Lena in jail. Ryan and Kendall made love. Reggie wanted Kendall and Bianca to persuade Jack and Erica to reconcile. The time of Michael's death was finally established. Ryan asked Bianca if she was pregnant with Michael's child. Tad remained suspicious of Jamie and Babe.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of November 10, 2003 on AMC
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Monday, November 10, 2003

After walking in on Kendall and Ryan making love on the roof of the Fusion building, Greenlee quietly slips away unnoticed. Jack arrived at the Fusion office and ordered Greenlee home - but instead of taking her back to her apartment, he took her home with him. At Jack's apartment, Greenlee and Reggie squabbled in two brother and sister style of such things pizza topping. Feeling vulnerable, she asks Jack if her hurtful deeds through the years have made her completely unlovable. Jack's show of support and love really touches her, prompting her to fight for Fusion.

As they basked in the afterglow of making love, Ryan and Kendall admit that their feelings for each other are more alive than ever. An awkward silence ensued immediately after the lovemaking - one that eventually gave way to both Kendall and Ryan vowing that their fight for the Cambias fortune wasn't over. Mia caught sight of the two of them together and scurried away before being spotted. Justin McCoy arrived at the Fusion building with a bra that had been tossed from the roof of the building. Justin informed Kendall that Michael's body was being released by the coroner in the morning. Kendall sauntered to the phone and called a local funeral home to help her make arrangements for Michael's burial.

Mia showed up unexpectedly at Aidan's motel room. There, she found that Aidan's room - albeit extremely messy - had been turned into a makeshift police station. Aidan had a chalkboard, newspaper clippings and other information about all the suspects in the Cambias murder.

Juan Pablo told Carlos that, for their own safety, they have to leave Pine Valley... and that Greenlee can't go with them.

Simone fantasized about Tad wanting to make their relationship more than a fling. However, during some post-sex ramblings, Tad blabbed that he doesn't like it when a woman wants to take a platonic relationship and turn it into something more. Crushed, Simone never revealed her feelings for Tad and pretended that she was interested in another man - Assistant DA Justin McCoy. Locked behind jail bars, Lena tells Bianca she's not sorry for what she did because she was now free from

her disgraceful past with Michael. Bianca smuggled in some chocolate for her former lover and promised Lena that she'd help her find a way out of jail.

Tuesday, November 11, 2003

Ryan delivered a bouquet of white flowers to the Fusion office. Simone enthusiastically rushed to put them in water as Mia asked Ryan what the hell he was doing with Kendall and accused him of pitting Greenlee against Kendall. She vowed that they would all stick together to save Fusion.

Jackson went to Aidan's motel room and saw his list of suspects and Aidan confronted him about the evidence against Jack, including his visit to the evidence room and possible missing items. Jack warned Aidan to stop trying to protect Kendall. Jack got a phone call telling him the authorities had narrowed the exact time of Michael's death.

Erica went to see Lena in jail and after hearing Lena admit she had poisoned Michael's pills, offered her whatever help she needs. Erica was very sympathetic to Lena and wished she had known Mona; she told Lena about how Mona had gone after Richard Fields with a gun but couldn't shoot him and in the end, let him die of a heart attack without calling for help. Erica offered to get Lena a better lawyer but Lena resisted Erica's help or interference with her relationship with Bianca.

Reggie arranged for Bianca and Greenlee to be at Jack's to discuss getting Erica and Jackson back together. Greenlee would not accept blame for breaking them up and did not believe that David had come after Erica without help from Erica, since females lions do the hunting in nature. She refused to be part of a scheme to get Jack and Erica back together. The only thing they could agree on is they each want to see Jack happy. Jack came home and told them all that Michael had died sometime in the night of the hearing, before his father died in Las Vegas. Greenlee realized this meant Ryan owns everything and rushed out. Jack explained that Lena would be set free because Michael was dead before she poisoned the pills. Jack wanted to talk to Reggie about the gun and Bianca waited before going to Lena. Reggie admitted it was the same caliber that had killed Michael and he'd bought it to protect Bianca but said he never shot it. Bianca swore that Reggie had been with her the entire night and she had gotten rid of the gun.

Kendall went to the funeral home for a private goodbye to Michael and ordered the staff to open the coffin. She could not hide her dislike of Michael. She yelled a hateful goodbye at the corpse and when she turned to leave, a hand reached out to grab her. It was Ryan, who had overheard every nasty word of Kendall's farewell. He was there to offer his help with making the arrangements and they hugged. Soon, they were arguing over love, sex and the Cambias fortune. Aidan came in to break the news about Michael's time of death. Kendall refused Ryan's offer of financial help for lawyers and ran out. Ryan and Aidan argued about Kendall before discussing how distressing it was that Michael would be in the same cemetery as Chris Stamp and Leora Hayward.

Back at the Fusion office, Greenlee rushed in and told Mia and Simone about seeing Kendall and Ryan naked on the roof and that Ryan owns Fusion. When she learned the beautiful flowers were from Ryan, she threw them out. Greenlee offered to make the ultimate sacrifice, for the good of the company and take Kendall's place in Ryan's bed.

Later, Erica brought flowers to Mona's grave and her talk was interrupted by the noise of a grave being dug next to Mona...a grave for Michael Cambias.

Wednesday, November 12, 2003

JR was dressed in a dark suit and Babe hugged him, saying she'd miss him while he was gone. After he walked out of the house Adam came into the room and commented that Babe probably missed all the boys at the San Diego Naval base. He offered to arrange a reunion. Babe plopped down on the sofa and told Adam to tell her what his spy found out about her. Adam said a woman fitting her description had quite a reputation for partying at the naval base and even set her sights on a pilot. Babe just grinned and said he was persistent and didn't give up and she admired him for it. Adam said there were "certain experiences in the cockpit" that would destroy JR. Babe said it was a nice story, "How does it end?." Adam said it ended by Babe writing a goodbye note to JR, packing her things and leaving Pine Valley. She picked up a newspaper and saw the front page story about the Michael Cambias funeral. She went on and on about it while Adam continued pressing her to leave town. He handed her a check and all Babe said was "So who do you think killed Michael?." Adam told her to go pack her bags but she yakked on about the murder. Adam became very annoyed and told her Michael Cambias had nothing to do with their deal. Babe smiled and said he had everything to do with it. She told him how she was in the hidden passage when he and Erica discussed what happened the night of the murder.

Ryan came to Jack's apartment at Greenlee's request. She told him they had to stop Kendall because she was crazy. Greenlee said Kendall is the number one suspect and she's having a fancy funeral for Michael so she must be sick. Ryan thought it was actually a good idea but Greenlee insisted that Kendall was demented. Ryan wasn't buying into that so Greenlee tried another tactic. She asked Ryan what was going on with Kendall and he said the time of Michael's death meant that Kendall had married a corpse and that he didn't want to see Kendall "do 25 years." Greenlee asked if Kendall told him her survival plan and Ryan said all she told him was "Go to hell!." He then said he had someplace to be and walked out. Greenlee grabbed her purse and followed him.

At the cemetery Kendall walked to the gravesite, completely dressed in black. The funeral director told her she wouldn't be disturbed and she took off the black coat and hat, revealing a bright red dress. She told the director to begin but Erica ran over screaming to stop. She said Kendall couldn't bury Michael anywhere near Mona's grave. Kendall was horrified to learn that Mona was buried so close. Erica went nuts on Kendall, screaming and yelling at her. Then she noticed that Kendall was wearing Mona's pearls. Erica tried to grab them off of Kendall but they broke, scattering pearls on the ground and down in the freshly dug grave. She fell to the ground trying to find the pearls as Jack and Aidan arrived. Jack rushed to Erica who cried out that Kendall was purposely burying Michael near Mona. Aidan went to Kendall and told her he had taken care of things and to go ahead and put the coffin in the ground, then he ran off. Jack defended Kendall, saying he was sure Kendall didn't do this on purpose but Erica wouldn't hear of it. She said it was disrespectful and she couldn't watch. Jack told her not to watch, just to walk away but Erica refused to. Meanwhile at Bianca's apartment a reporter was trying to get Bianca's take on the funeral of her rapist. Bianca let him have it, telling him he was a slug. She slammed the door and Maggie applauded her. They began looking through Thanksgiving decorations and Bianca said this whole ordeal wouldn't be over until the murderer was found, but that everyone she loved was a suspect. She told Maggie that Jack had grilled Reggie about it and said she had taken the gun Reggie bought and thrown it in a dumpster.

Tad and Boyd arrived at the dump with shovels and looked around for Aidan. Soon he showed up and Tad told him "the package was delivered." Aidan told the other two to leave but they refused. He reluctantly agreed and Tad broke out a bottle of scotch. He toasted the "package" saying, "Here's to your one way ticket to hell!." Aidan took a swig and said there was no hallowed ground for Michael Cambias. Tad said he'd like to have a word before they "took him out with the rest of the trash." Tad sat next to the package and said that hallowed ground was for the people they cared about and that Michael didn't belong there. Tad said Michael had alot in common with Ray Gardner and that he, Ruth and Opal all got over Ray the same way Bianca will get over Michael, "with love and support." Aidan and Boyd said "Amen" and they got on with their project. When they were finished they started to leave. Aidan stopped when he saw the blanket they had wrapped Michael in at the funeral home. Tad said it didn't matter but Aidan said he wanted to destroy it and sent Tad and Boyd on ahead. He bent down to pick it up and found a gun.

At the cemetery Jack told Erica to go to the car and he'd stay with Kendall. She was furious that he would stay for Kendall and decided she was staying for her mother's sake. JR arrived and went to Kendall's side. She was happy to see him and touched that he thought of her. He said she had helped him when his mother died and he was there for her. Kendall said she was sure Babe was waiting for him and he said his wife reminded him of Kendall, she has to fight for everyone's approval too. The funeral director walked over and told Kendall that other friends of the deceased had arrived. Kendall said he didn't have any friends and was shocked when most of Pine Valley walked over. Ryan joined Kendall and reminded her that he had said he wouldn't let her go through this alone. Even Bianca and Maggie came and Kendall was speechless. Erica tried to convince Bianca to leave but she refused. Kendall told the director to begin but he said he didn't have anything prepared. So Kendall asked if anyone had any final words for Michael Cambias. Myrtle stepped forward and said he got what he had coming and that "God may forgive you but I never will!." Opal said she hoped Michael was "sizzling on a spit in hell." Lena spit on the coffin. Erica said that Michael didn't win and that they all would forget him. David and Palmer said a few words then Ryan said he had the honor of knowing Michael's father and that he hoped Michael was being punished for his many sins. Bianca walked to the front and said "Thank you for the gift you've given me.." She went on to talk about the outpouring of love she received as a result of Michael's attack and that she was proof of how love really heals all wounds. Erica hugged Bianca as tears poured down Kendall's cheeks. Myrtle asked if everyone would join hands in a prayer. The group slowly gathered around as Myrtle prayed "Dear God, Bianca gave us hope today. Let us all find the strength to heal." Ryan took Kendall's hand and Greenlee watched. Many of the Pine Valley residents took turns shoveling dirt on Michael's coffin. Jack picked up Mona's pearls and gave them to Erica, who smiled at him through teary eyes. They left and only Ryan, Kendall and Bianca were still in the cemetery. Ryan asked Kendall how she was doing and she said fine, it was Bianca she was worried about. They looked at Bianca in time to see her faint. They got her back on her feet and Ryan noticed a handkerchief she had dropped. Bianca told him to leave it but he picked it up and found her sonogram picture in it. He looked at it then held it up and asked "Bianca, what is this?"

Jack took Erica to his place. Erica began throwing a fit about the funeral. Jack said he thought it brought some closure to Bianca. Erica said she still didn't trust Kendall, she was sure Kendall wouldn't rest until she'd destroyed everyone. Greenlee came in at that moment.

JR returned home as Adam and Babe discussed what she had heard Erica say. Babe ran to JR and hugged him tightly. JR said it was so nice to have her to come home to and Babe replied "I'll always be here for you!" as she smiled at Adam.

Thursday, November 13, 2003

Ryan held the sonogram toward Bianca asking her if she was pregnant with Michael's baby. Bianca couldn't speak; Kendall came to her defense tell Ryan to back off and leave Bianca alone. Ryan kept asking Bianca if she was pregnant; ignoring Kendall's demand to leave Bianca alone. Kendall started accusing Ryan of being insensitive accusing him of being greedy. Ryan said that he wasn't being greedy because if Bianca was pregnant with Michael's child it changed everything; that the baby would be the richest baby in the world. Ryan also added that he would call the attorney's because they would know how to handle it. Bianca ran off. Ryan called after her and Kendall told him to stay away from her sister. Ryan insisted that he had to know the truth. Kendall told him he was being insensitive. Ryan said that if Bianca wasn't pregnant then why didn't she say no and why would she run off. Kendall said she would tell him the truth if he promised to leave Bianca alone. Kendall told Ryan that Bianca had gotten pregnant when Michael raped her. Ryan said that situation did change everything. Kendall said that Bianca had been through enough and it was over because Bianca had an abortion. Ryan repeated "Bianca had an abortion?" Kendall said that Bianca had made a very difficult decision. Ryan almost bought it then asked why would Bianca be caring a sonogram if she terminated her pregnancy. Kendall didn't answer. Then Ryan said that he would only believe that Bianca wasn't pregnant if Bianca told him herself.

Bianca returned to the grave site when she saw that Ryan and Kendall weren't there. She stood staring down into the grave when she heard Michael's voice telling her that the baby was a Cambias. Bianca looked around but saw no one. She heard Michael again this time when she turned around he was standing there. He walked toward her telling her "that the baby was a Cambias and that some say that sons carry their fathers in them, boy, girl it didn't matter but soon the whole world would know that she was having his baby." Bianca screamed no to him and started walking away, he grabbed her and she screamed "GET YOUR HANDS OFF OF ME!" When she turned around she found Kendall there. Kendall asked Bianca if she was okay. Bianca totally freaked out told Kendall that Michael was there and told her everyone would know she was having his baby. Kendall told Bianca that Michael was dead that he couldn't hurt her anymore. It took a few times but Bianca said she was scared. Kendall hugged Bianca telling her that her secret was safe and she wouldn't let anyone find out. Kendall looked up; Ryan was standing behind them. Bianca told Ryan that she didn't want to deal with this right now. Ryan told her that he needed to know the truth. Kendall told him to leave Bianca alone. Ryan said that he had to honor Alexander's will that the clause in the will says if there is an heir that the estate belongs to the baby. Kendall grabbed the sonogram out of Ryan's hand and said "You want to know the truth, I married Michael we had a wild night and I am the one carrying Michael's baby!" Bianca looked on in shock!

Erica continued to complain about Kendall's behavior. Greenlee agreed with Erica adding that Kendall needed to be stopped. Reggie sat down saying he wasn't going to get involved with this conversation. Greenlee suggested that she and Erica team up and stop Kendall. Erica asked why would she want to team up with Greenlee telling her that she was as self-centered as Kendall was. Greenlee didn't deny it she said that it gave them an advantage because she and Kendall thought alike because Kendall wasn't stupid and if she was backed into a corner she was going to come after everyone. Erica still thought the idea was ridiculous. Greenlee said that if it was true that Kendall didn't really marry Michael then she would go after Ryan and still have a chance to own Fusion and Enchantment out right. Erica said that she was sure that she could work out a deal with Ryan to get Enchantment back adding that Fusion was a start up company that should probably be closed. Greenlee was furious saying that Fusion was beyond start-up they were a real company that was succeeding. Jack tried several times to stop the conversation saying that Kendall needed support. Erica said that it was just like him to try to protect everyone but why wasn't he on her side. Greenlee stormed out. Erica asked Reggie to check on Greenlee.

When the room cleared Jack asked her what it was that she had to say to him since she cleared the room out on purpose. Erica didn't like his tone and was going to leave but Jack stopped her. Erica said that she thought Kendall could've really married Michael. Jack said he hoped she was right then told her about the time of death findings. Erica asked if Kendall was in trouble. Jack said that without an air tight alibi that would make her the number one suspect. He also added that right now there still wasn't enough physical evidence to convict Kendall. Erica said that if one more person she loves gets hurt because of this case she didn't know what she would do. A knock came to the door, when Jack answered it he found Derek and Justin on the other side. Jack invited them inside. Derek asked if they were planning a wedding or a murder. Erica nor Jack found that funny. Erica said that she was there for family reasons. Derek made some remark and Erica pointed out that Bianca was her daughter, Jack was Bianca's uncle and they were discussing her. Jack said they didn't have to explain themselves. Jack asked why they were there. Justin said that they were there about Jack. Derek said that something was missing from the evidence room the night Michael disappeared and wondered if Jack would like to guess what was missing.

Reggie tried getting Greenlee to go back up stairs to work things out with Erica. Greenlee refused. Reggie offered to drive Greenlee because of her broken arm but she said she wouldn't risk it because he left her mother stranded the last time he drove a car. Reggie said that Mary deserved it. He pleaded again with Greenlee to go talk to Erica with no luck. Greenlee got in the car. Reggie said he understood reached in to give her a kiss on the cheek and took her car keys and left. Greenlee realized what Reggie had done yelling for him.

Tad found Jamie at The Pit playing pool. Jamie asked if Tad was following him and Tad said no that he happened to spot his car in the parking lot. Jamie accused Tad of being as bad as his mom. Tad took offense saying he was not if it weren't for him Brooke would have had a global tracking device installed in him when Jamie was a baby. Jamie asked what Tad wanted. Tad said he wanted to know what was going on between him and Babe Chandler. JR chimed in saying "I know all about Jamie and Babe." Tad confused asked "You do?" JR said "yes I know about them hooking up." Tad asked "and you were okay with this?" Then JR said that they knew Adam and Mary had tried to make it look like Jamie and Babe had a fling and went on how they staged a fight and burned them on it. JR walked over to Jamie hugged him and said that Jamie was one of the few people he could trust. Jamie blew it off. Carrie walked in and kissed Jamie. JR asked if she was Carrie and asked about the cow caper. Carrie said she wasn't involved in a cow caper. Jamie turned to face her and said "oh it's okay you can tell Dad and JR they won't turn us into the cops." Carrie went along with Jamie. Off to the side Carrie asked what that was about and Jamie said he would explain later. Carrie told him he was cute and he owed her big time kissed him then left. Reggie turned up at "The Pit." Tad asked what he was doing there and if Jack knew where he was. Reggie said that he wasn't there to drink but to play pool. JR introduced himself to Reggie and offered him and Jamie a job at Chandler Enterprise's when he took over. JR and Reggie took off out the door talking about business. Jamie was going to follow but Tad stopped him telling him that he thinks that it was Babe Jamie was with the night the cow got stolen, the night he was out at the beach and the night he was with a girl. Jamie blew up at him asking why Tad would believe Adam over him then ran off.

Aidan hassled David again about the night Michael disappeared asking why he would shield himself behind a woman. David told him that he needed to leave things alone. Aidan mentioned that he talked to Anna adding that Anna didn't mention David once in the conversation. David told Aidan the only reason why Aidan was coming after him was for personal reasons. David warned Aidan that he would be doing a lot more harm if he continued to try to blame David for Michael's murder.

Maria brought in a box that contained Carlos' things at Juan Pablo's request. Juan Pablo pulled a gun out of the box opened the chamber and noticed a bullet was missing. He asked Maria if anyone else saw the gun. Maria said a nurse saw it and she stopped the nurse from telling the cops because she figured it was for self protection since there were people after him. Maria asked Juan Pablo why he was concerned. He explained that Carlos might be involved with Michael's murder. He said that Carlos was angry after the trial; that Michael went to Fusion and was harassing the girls there and Carlos attacked Michael and if he hadn't stopped him Carlos would've killed him. He also told her the night Michael disappeared Carlos was gone all night and wouldn't say where he was. Maria asked what he was going to do because if Kendall didn't do it she shouldn't go to jail for it. Juan Pablo said he knew and wanted to ask Carlos about it. He said that he couldn't turn Carlos over to the police because Carlos would be dead within a week because the people after him would hire someone to kill him inside. He said that Carlos survived this long on the run that what they could do is write a confession that would be found after they disappeared. Carlos woke up and asked why Juan Pablo looked concerned. Juan Pablo asked Carlos to tell him the truth about what happened the night Michael disappeared.

Friday, November 14, 2003

Erica is shocked that Derek and Justin suspect Jackson as Michael's killer. Without any hesitation, Justin accuses Jack of stealing the gun out of the evidence room at the police station. Erica gets upset and the accusations and defends Jackson. Justin gets suspicious and asks her why she is there with Jackson. Jackson snaps at them to watch their tone of voice and tells them again, that the reason for her visit is not their concern. Erica blurts out that Derek is so desperate to have a case for Michael's murder, he is accusing everyone he can think of. Justin and Derek ask him about his whereabouts the night Michael disappeared and Erica is quick to jump to his defense. She tells them Jackson was with Greenlee the entire night. But Jackson reveals to her that he was never with Greenlee and it was a lie she made up. Justin scolds Jackson for letting Greenlee lie to the police about a murder investigation. Jackson says that Greenlee was just getting over a serious accident and he didn't think about telling them anything because he was so focused on the investigation. Jackson asks to speak to Erica alone, and Justin and Derek step outside. Once they are gone, Jackson tells Erica to calm down and that she has nothing to worry about. When Derek and Justin come back in, Jackson suggests that they continue their questioning formally at the police station. Erica doesn't want him to go, but he assures he will be ok. She wishes him luck and they leave. Not long after they leave, Aidan shows up. Erica assumes he is there to tell her that Jackson was released from the station, but instead, he has a more important matter to discuss. He tells Erica that Michael was not buried next to her mother, Mona. He says that Michael's body was buried elsewhere and the only thing in his coffin, was a bunch of rocks. A smile spreads across Erica's face, she throws her arms over him, and hugs him in gratitude. Aidan assures her that no one saw what he did and leaves.

Derek and Justin continue their questioning at the police station. They try to figure out what Jackson did the night Michael disappeared. They say that Jackson asked one of the officers to let him into the evidence room, where he took a few kilos of heroin. Then Justin asks him about his registered gun, and Jackson claims his gun was stolen. Justin tells Jackson he never reported the stolen gun because he didn't want them to know. Tired of their accusations and comments, Jackson snaps at them and brings up all the negative judgments they think he has made in order to protect the suspects. Derek tells Jackson that the reason he is protecting his suspects is because he knows who the real killer is. They tell Jackson that he stole the heroin and planted it in Michael's house. Then he made an anonymous tip to the police, hoping to get Michael arrested for drug possession. But Michael showed up before the police arrived and before they can finish their accusation, Jackson cuts in. Jackson tells them that if they think he could have shot Michael, then sure, he did it.

Greenlee goes to the back of her car to retrieve her spare key, but is unable to open the box with the key in it because of her broken arm. Mia shows up and see bombards her with demands to drive her to Ryan. When Mia asks why she wants to go see Ryan, Greenlee brings up her plan to get Kendall away from Ryan. Mia rolls her eyes and tells Greenlee she isn't going to driver her anywhere. Mia tells Greenlee that she isn't going after Ryan to save Fusion-she is going after him because she is jealous of his relationship with Kendall. Greenlee tells Mia that she could care less about Juan Pablo dumping her and unlike Mia, she isn't going to be a whining victim. With that, she walks off, and moments later, she takes off in Mia's car. Mia, feeling foolish for leaving her keys in her car, hot wire's Greenlee's car. Aidan shows up and asks her where she is going. She tells him somewhere warm, like Mexico, and invites him too. He hops in the car, and she speeds off.

Ryan is in shock from the blow that Kendall laid on him, revealing she is pregnant with Michael's child. When Ryan's asks when she got pregnant, she tells him it was her wedding night. Ryan tells Kendall she is lying and then Bianca gets upset and runs off. When Ryan tries to go after her, Kendall tells him not to. Ryan asks Kendall why she would even want Michael's child. Kendall tells him she wants the money and Michael told her about that clause in his father's will before he died. Ryan questions her reasons and asks why she hasn't told the entire town about her pregnancy. She explains that she didn't want to hurt Bianca. She wanted to tell her after she left town, but Ryan forced her to be truthful about the pregnancy now. When Kendall tries to leave, Ryan pushes her for more answers, but she tells him she owes him nothing and goes.

Bianca barricades to her apartment and begins packing a suitcase without explaining anything to Maggie, who is sitting in the living room. When Maggie asks Bianca what is wrong with her, she starts rambling about protecting Kendall and her baby. She says she doesn't know where she will go, but she needs to get away now.

Kendall knocks on Bianca's door but Maggie tells her to go away. She pleads to see her sister, and Maggie opens the door. Bianca assures Maggie that she has calmed down and is ready to speak to Kendall. Maggie leaves and Kendall immediately tells Bianca that she isn't pregnant. She told Ryan she was pregnant because she "had to." When Bianca hears those words, she flashes back to her nightmares of Kendall and Michael taking her baby away from her. She comes back to reality and calls Kendall a liar. She tells her about her nightmare and coldly tells Kendall that she will never even know who the baby is. Bianca uses her past behavior to believe that Kendall, is once again, only out for herself. Kendall tells Bianca that she is right. She only cares about herself and she doesn't know how to love anyone. Bianca tries to comfort her, but Kendall tells her that she doesn't need her pity. Kendall holds up the sonogram and asks Bianca if she isn't capable of loving anyone, how could she love Bianca's baby? How could she love an innocent child whose heart has not yet been broken or gone through the torment she has endured? She says that she used to be that baby-she used to be good until she found out how she was conceived. She wants to show Bianca how she feels and throws a glass against the wall. She says she wouldn't wish what she feels on anyone and she would die for Bianca's baby, just so the baby would not have to suffer like she has. She says she doesn't want the Cambias' fortune, she just wanted to stop Ryan from ruining Bianca's baby, so she lied to him. She doesn't want the baby to have a shattered life. In this scene, one of Kendall's best performances I have seen, Bianca realizes that she was wrong to think Kendall would try to steal her baby. She hugs her sister and tells her that she loves her. She apologizes for thinking the worst of her, and wonders what they will do now.

Greenlee breaks into Ryan's hotel room, and he is not happy when he sees her. He tries to kick her out, but she doesn't listen. She figures that he is upset about Kendall and probes him for answers. He asks her if she has noticed any physical or emotional changes in her lately. Greenlee laughs and tells him that her behavior has been nothing out of the ordinary. Ryan confides to Greenlee that Kendall is pregnant and of course, Greenlee assumes he is the father. She rants and raves about seeing them make love on the roof of Fusion and what a low life he is. Ryan is astounded at Greenlee's accusations and tells her that Kendall is claiming Michael is the father. Ryan tells her about the sonogram and that she is probably lying to keep herself out of jail and collect the money. When Greenlee questions who the baby in the sonogram is if it's not hers, Ryan says she probably took from someone else. Greenlee seizes this chance to try to convince Ryan to team up against Kendall. Ryan doesn't accept her offer and tells her leave. He asks her to keep Kendall's pregnancy a secret, but Greenlee goes, determined to handle Kendall herself. She immediately goes to Erica at Jackson's house and tells her, she has something about Kendall that will make them take the same side.

Ryan flashes back to Alexander Cambias in the hospital room, asking him to be the sole heir of his fortune. He tells Ryan that if he had a grand child, they could honor the Cambias name, not destroy it like Michael did. He asks Ryan to honor his will, no matter what the outcome is. In his hotel room, Ryan says, "You have my word."



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