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During Thanksgiving dinner, Jack warned everyone that the police were watching each of them. Ryan and Bianca worked together to free Kendall after she was arrested. JR accused Jamie of wanting Babe. JR caught Babe in a lie.
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Monday, December 1, 2003

Derek secured search warrants for Kendall's condo, Jack's loft, David's cabin, Erica's apartment, and Myrtle's boarding house. Jack let it be known to everyone around the Thanksgiving table that the police were keeping a close eye on them all. Later, Perry and Justin arrived at Jack's, prepared to arrest someone for Michael's murder.

Ryan warned Kendall that the police were going to search her house and also disclosed that he was going to get a DNA test on her unborn baby to ensure that it was Michael's. A suspicious David cornered Jack and accused him of planting drugs in Michael's condo. Meanwhile, Maggie was troubled by the news that Bianca had shared the truth with Lena.

Adam figured out that Babe was the one that had given the police the information about him. Jamie was riddled with guilt about sleeping with Babe and was ready to break the news to JR. When Edmund arranged a Thanksgiving dinner outside Carlos' room, he noticed the interesting ring that one of the male nurses was wearing.

Tuesday, December 2, 2003

Cleanup was underway at the Martin', with Jamie and JR having a heart-to-heart talk outside as Adam confronted Babe, and Brooke fretted to Tad about Jamie telling JR that he had slept with Babe.

Adam admitted to Babe that he'd shown Jamie the file about her past and told her that JR had a right to know what kind of slut he was married to. She admitted she'd called the police about his whereabouts the night Michael had disappeared, and Adam vowed she would not share another family dinner with them. Babe wept, and Brooke rushed to her rescue and listened as Babe shared her fear of Adam. Brooke was sympathetic then confronted Adam about using Jamie to do his dirty work. She berated him for not letting JR grow up and for not accepting Babe. Adam reminded Brooke that Babe had slept with Jamie and every naval officer in San Diego. She warned Adam that he'd better stop trying to run JR's life and let him love his wife.

Jamie tried to tell JR that something had happened with Babe, but JR refused to let Jamie share any information he'd gotten from Adam and said he knew that Jamie only wanted Babe for himself. JR was angry and accused Jamie of acting like a kid, but Jamie only told JR that Babe was not as innocent as JR thought. JR told Jamie to stop acting like Adam, but Jamie kept trying to tell him the truth. Jamie reminded JR that he loved him, but JR pushed Jamie away and said to stay away from him and Babe. JR got Babe, and they left in a rush.

Tad tried to talk to Jamie, who could only say that JR hated him.

At home, JR asked Babe if Jamie had hit on her and she said yes, but nothing had happened. She said Jamie kept looking at her, and she'd had to tell him how much she loved her husband. They kissed, and later, Adam knocked on their door, but JR slammed the door in his face after telling him Jamie wouldn't help Adam spread his lies about Babe.

At the Valley Inn, Derek arrested Kendall for the murder of Michael Cambias. Ryan rushed to Kendall's side as Greenlee looked on jealously. Derek and Justin were stunned to hear about Kendall's pregnancy but not as stunned as Jack was to hear that he'd been taken off the case and was suspended indefinitely as D.A., by order of the governor. Allen Singer announced himself as Jack's replacement and said there would be an investigation by the ethics committee.

Maggie and Lena tried to stop Bianca from rushing to Kendall's aid, and even though she wanted to help her sister, she collapsed and had to rest. Ryan offered to get Kendall the best lawyer, but she was suspicious of his motives. Kendall, Greenlee, and Ryan argued over the fortune, Fusion, and friendship, and Kendall told Greenlee that Greenlee could have Ryan for herself. Erica was actually sympathetic toward Kendall and referred to Kendall as her daughter, but Kendall was hateful in return. Reggie suggested that Mary could get in good with Jack if she'd confess to the murder. Mary turned the tables and suggested that Reggie was the guilty one.

Greenlee approached Erica about a plan to save Kendall and Jack. Erica reminded Greenlee that she wanted nothing to do with her, regardless of paternity. Ryan called Bianca from the bar, and she went to meet him. He wanted to talk to Bianca about Kendall's pregnancy. Ryan apologized for his behavior at the grave but eventually asked her if Kendall could pass a DNA test. Bianca said yes and later confided to Maggie that Ryan had figured out that Kendall wasn't pregnant and Bianca was. She said that his only motivation was to keep Kendall out of jail.

Mary talked to Greenlee and told her to let Jack, Kendall, Erica, and the rest go. Mary said that no matter how many times they rejected Greenlee, Mary would always be there for her. Greenlee was less than enthused by Mary's outpouring of maternal affection.

David and Erica went to her house, where they were upset to see the mess caused by the police search. They took comfort in knowing the police could not have found anything. Erica also expressed her concern about Jack and Kendall and said she knew Kendall was innocent. She then told David about her conversation with Adam, who had seen everything that night and had promised not to tell anyone. Bianca went home and asked them if they were planning to let Kendall go to prison for something they had done.

When Jack absorbed all the news, he decided to become Kendall's defense attorney. He met Kendall in the jail and promised to get her out soon and find the best defense attorney, because he knew everything she had done had been for Erica and Bianca. She asked him to get a message to Bianca that nothing had changed. Later, Ryan went to visit her.

Wednesday, December 3, 2003

Mia walked into Aidan's hotel room, chilly and cold from the winter weather. Aidan removed Mia's mittens and offered to get her a blanket to warm her up. Mia told Aidan that he shouldn't walk away from her or try to protect her for her own good. She walked over and kissed him passionately then confessed that she knew they wanted each other, but it couldn't happen if he continued to try to protect her. She continued to try to persuade him to give in to his feelings by saying she didn't care about his relationship or feelings for Kendall.

Aidan said that he couldn't promise her a future and didn't want to mislead her. Mia told him that she understood and suggested they take a shower then let the rest lead to under the sheets. Aidan agreed, and when they began to kiss, the music on the radio stopped, and a reporter announced Kendall's arrest. Mia told Aidan that when they made love, she wanted all of him to be with her completely. She urged him to go talk to Kendall, and when he returned, they could pick up where they had left off. She gave him a small bar of soap before he left to remind him of what excitement awaited his return.

Mary continued to bug Greenlee about driving her home, but Greenlee was very intoxicated with Champagne and didn't listen to her. When Jackson walked in, Greenlee joked that each of them should take one of her arms, pull, and make a wish. Mary was hesitant to leave Greenlee in Jackson's care, but he told her he would take care of Greenlee, so Mary left. The first thing Greenlee asked Jackson was about Kendall's condition. Jackson told her that Kendall was about as well as anyone could be when locked up in a jail cell.

When Jackson suggested he take Greenlee home, she told him she had no home because "home is where the heart is." She said she had no heart, so therefore she had no home. She continued to whine about being all alone and having no one, not even Jackson because he only cared about Kendall and Erica. When Jackson asked for her car keys, she tossed them to him but refused to leave. Determined to sleep in the restaurant rather than go home with Jackson, she tossed out some more bitter words, and Jackson left.

Bianca surprised Erica and David by asking them what they had done to Michael the night he had disappeared. She told them she knew they had been together, and if they wanted to help Kendall get out of jail, they should be honest with her. David told Bianca that he and Erica had been together that night because they were lovers. Bianca didn't believe them. In fact, she told both of them to stop lying. She said if Erica were in love with David, Bianca would be able to tell by her behavior.

As far as Bianca was concerned, there weren't any sparks flying between her mother and David. Erica sat down and told Bianca that she deserved to hear the truth. Erica told Bianca about the fake alibi, and David told her about the potion they had planted to make Michael impotent. To finish their story up, Erica and David claimed that they had watched Michael drink a shot of the potion and then had left while he was still alive and well.

Bianca appreciated their honesty and asked them if there was more to the story. David and Erica told her no, and although Erica admitted she had wanted to kill Michael, she hadn't. Bianca told her mother that Erica's anger toward Kendall was frightening, and she was worried that Erica would not help clear Kendall's name out of revenge. David tried to get Bianca to see that Kendall might be the killer, but Bianca refused to accept it.

Erica and David promised Bianca that they would help Kendall any way they could. Erica reminded her that Kendall was her daughter, as well, and she would not let Kendall take the blame for something Erica had done. Bianca thanked them for their honesty and left.

Once Bianca was gone, Erica began to remember the day she was supposed to have gotten married to Jackson. She told David that for one moment, she and her daughter had stood together as strong, confident Kane women. They had been closer than ever before, but she had failed to give her daughters everything they'd needed. David told Erica that she had been an excellent mother and chided her for knocking herself down. Before he left, he told her that they had done the right thing by not telling Bianca the complete truth. After David left, Erica looked at herself in the mirror and heard herself telling Kendall and Bianca that they were a generation of strong Kane women.

When Ryan kissed Kendall, she pulled away and told him to leave her alone. Ryan asked her why she made it so hard for him to love her. Kendall smugly told him that she had been down the road of love with him and didn't want to travel on it again. Ryan informed her that he was there to talk about the DNA test, and he knew she would pass the test. Ryan told her that he had talked to Bianca, and Kendall immediately got defensive.

Kendall ordered Ryan to leave her sister alone. Ryan said that Bianca was the cause of everything that was happening, and he wanted Kendall to be honest with him. Kendall didn't believe that Ryan wanted to help her and spit hateful words at him, calling him a "greedy, selfish bastard." Shaking his head, Ryan told her that he was only trying to help her, and all he got was trashed in return. He assured her again that he knew she would pass the DNA test. When he brought up the night on the roof of Fusion, she told him it had just been a good workout and that their relationship was over. Aidan walked in, and Ryan walked out.

Greenlee was alone in the restaurant, and she began dancing to the music. Ryan sneaked in and danced behind her. When she turned around and saw him, she smiled and melted into his arms. Ryan seemed amused to see Greenlee quite tipsy and drunk. She confessed to him that the "good girl" act wasn't working for her, and Ryan joked that the "bad girl" act wasn't so great either.

Greenlee talked about how she was supposed to have had a great Thanksgiving holiday with her family and new father, but Kendall had ruined everything and gotten Jackson to run to her side. When she started getting a bit braver, she began to start a little striptease, but Ryan stopped her quickly, and they sat down. He suggested that Greenlee was jealous of Kendall because she had everything Greenlee wanted. Greenlee told him that Kendall had nothing Greenlee wanted -- she didn't want Aidan, and she certainly didn't want him.

Ryan tried to boost Greenlele's confidence by telling her that she was a remarkable woman who could hold her own. Greenlee suspiciously asked him if he was being nice because she wouldn't remember their conversation in the morning. Ryan laughed and told her no then asked her for a dance. She accepted, and they danced, folded into each other, as the music played.

Kendall grew hopeful when she saw Aidan, and she thanked him for visiting. Aidan told her that he'd let Lieutenant Frye know she didn't belong in jail for Michael's murder. Kendall thanked him for his support and reminded him that they had no right trying to be in love with so many obstacles around them. Aidan said he wouldn't give up on Kendall because there wasn't enough evidence for her to be guilty. When Kendall asked him how she could thank him for everything he had done, he bluntly told her he wasn't helping her for the thanks. After Aidan left, Kendall was alone in the jail cell. She was upset and cried out for her "mommy."

Aidan returned to Mia, and they began their night of passion.

Bianca went to her apartment and called out for Maggie. She saw a note from Maggie on the kitchen counter, saying she would be studying at the library until midnight. When she turned around, she hallucinated and saw Michael Cambias sitting on her couch, munching on popcorn, threatening to take everyone that she loved away from her, including her baby. Bianca spit back that he would never take anything away from her ever again because she had become stronger and was ready to fight him for the win. Suddenly, Michael was gone, and Bianca looked around the room but saw no one there.

Thursday, December 4, 2003

Aidan and Mia were lying in bed after finishing making love, when Mia said she was ready for another round. Aidan climbed on top of her, looking over toward the desk, and noticed the phone was off the hook. Aidan said he knew they were wild but not wild enough to knock the phone off the hook. Mia said she had taken it off the hook so that they wouldn't be disturbed, mentioning that he there was no important calls he was expecting. Aidan said that he actually was expecting a call. Mia said, "Ah, from Kendall." Aidan said that he was expecting a call from Jack because Jack was supposed to let him know if Kendall was being arraigned.

Mia said she understood and that Aidan should go take a shower if he needed to leave. She said she would order breakfast and go pick it up. Aidan asked her to have it delivered so that she could answer the phone if it rang while he was in the shower. She said sure, and he went to take a shower. The phone did ring, but Mia covered it up with a pillow to make sure that he couldn't hear it. Moments later, he asked if it had rung. She said no.

David went rushing over to Bianca's with medical bag in hand, saying that he knew the events from the night before had taken a toll on her; he wanted to take her blood pressure. Bianca apologized, saying that she hadn't meant to sound frantic if she had. She wanted to know if he'd give her an amniocentesis so they could get DNA to use to help Kendall. David told her that it was too risky and was only used when there was a high-risk pregnancy or an older woman got pregnant. He said that it could cause her to lose the baby or give her an infection.

David told her that she needed to trust that Jack, Erica, and he would do everything they could to help Kendall. Bianca expressed concerns about Erica's involvement. David said that Erica was going to surprise a lot of people, even herself, when she protected Kendall.

Kendall lay sleeping when Erica walked outside the jail cell. Kendall woke up not believing her eyes at first. Kendall asked Erica why she was there. In a gentle voice, Erica told Kendall that she had taken Kendall a change of clothes in case Jack could arrange the arraignment hearing. Erica said that the guards had the clothes and were going through them. Kendall asked why Erica would do that. Erica said she had thought that maybe Kendall would like to wear something besides the clothes she had slept in.

Kendall wanted to know what Erica wanted. Erica said she wanted to help Kendall. Kendall said that 24 hours before, Erica hadn't been able to stand the sight of her because she had married Bianca's rapist and was pregnant with his child. Erica said that was before Kendall had been arrested for Michael's murder. Kendall asked if being behind bars for murder changed things. Erica said that it proved Kendall would do anything to protect her sister.

Kendall asked Erica to remember when Kendall had married Michael and had said that Erica would have to trust that she had done it for a good reason, yet Erica had just ridiculed her instead. Erica said she remembered and added that she was making a memory book, too, and that the way the picture turned out depended on whether Kendall would take Erica's hand and let her help. Kendall turned to look at Erica and said that Erica had gotten her going for a minute. Kendall told Erica that maybe Erica felt guilty because they should be exchanging places.

At that moment Jack walked in and told them that he had arranged for arraignment and that Kendall needed to get changed. Kendall thanked Jack for helping her. Jack told her that he'd do his best to get her bail, but there was no guarantee. Kendall said she understood then left with the guard to change. Erica pleaded with Jack to make sure he got Kendall out of jail. Jack said he'd do his best then asked Erica if there was anything that she could tell him to help him with his case.

Jack asked her what Erica and David had done that night. Erica said that she wouldn't jeopardize his career any further. Jack said that Erica knew as well as he did that secrets could tear people apart. Erica said that not all secrets had to mess up people's lives. Jack said that he would hold Erica to that and wiped away her tears and kissed her cheek.

Greenlee woke up shielding her eyes from the sunlight, making a grunting noise. Ryan started speaking to her, and she looked around in shock, lying in his bed with her dress on the floor. Greenlee thought she and Ryan had made love and was saying what a wonderful time she'd had. Ryan went along with it for a little while. Greenlee said that she'd had a glorious time the night before. Ryan said, "Oh, you did." She asked if it was as good for him as it had been for her.

Ryan leaned over the bed, put his face close to Greenlee's, and said, "Nothing happened." Greenlee asked, "You didn't see the stars?" Ryan replied, "The telescope didn't even come out of the box." Greenlee's face went blank then she said, "You mean to tell me I was in your bed and nothing happened?" Ryan said he had slept on the couch. Greenlee asked why nothing had happened. Ryan said that he liked to have someone's consent before having sex with them.

Greenlee shoved the covers off and said, "Yes." Ryan laughed at her. Greenlee said that they both were attracted to each other, and she was the only one brave enough to say it. Ryan said the last time they had kissed had just been to make Juan Pablo jealous. Greenlee asked, "Who?" Ryan climbed in the bed, she pulled him on top of her, and they started kissing. The phone rang. Ryan answered it. He asked the person on the other line, "When?" then said he was on his way.

Greenlee asked where he was going. He said that Kendall's arraignment was about to start. Greenlee was furious. She quickly put on her dress, fussing that Kendall was always in the way. Ryan tried to calm her down, but she pushed him away and stormed out into the hallway, where she ran into Juan Pablo. He asked if she was okay, and she told him to mind his own business. Juan Pablo told her that he was leaving. Greenlee was stunned.

Ryan walked out at that moment and said Pine Valley would miss Juan Pablo. Juan Pablo went inside his room. Ryan left, and Greenlee stared at Juan Pablo's door. A little while later, Greenlee walked out of Ryan's room after fixing herself up, and the bell boy and Juan Pablo were walking out of the room with the bell boy saying that the luggage would be waiting for him in Venezuela. Greenlee asked Juan Pablo if he was going home. Juan Pablo said that he and Carlos were returning home.

Greenlee asked how Carlos was doing. Juan Pablo said fine. Greenlee asked Juan Pablo, since he was going home, if he'd be honest with her and tell her if he had ever loved her. He said he really liked her, but he didn't love her. He said that he had never wanted to hurt her. She said that he had hurt her and that the relationship had been nothing then stormed off.

Maria and Edmund were talking about Juan Pablo and Carlos going "home." Maria apologized if she had worried Edmund in taking care of Carlos. He said that he kissed her in the morning and hoped she would stay safe and that the bodyguards didn't take a coffee break while she was around. Simone arrived and asked to speak to Carlos. Carlos said that when it was all over, he'd go back to Pine Valley, and hopefully by then, Simone would be over Tad Martin. Simone told Carlos that he could wear his tool belt and she'd wear her black mini skirt, and nobody knew what would happen.

Edmund and Maria were about to kiss when an alarm went off. Simone rushed to the door, saying Carlos needed help. Maria rushed in. Simone said they had been talking, and he'd turned gray and started gasping for air. Maria had the crash cart, and they tried to revive him. Eight minutes went by then they finally got a heartbeat but not a steady one.

Kendall pleaded not guilty at the arraignment. Jack asked for bail. The prosecutor said Kendall was a flight risk because Kendall had been arrested on a plane headed out of the country. Jack told the judge that had been on a different charge of attempted murder that had no bearing on the case. The judge sarcastically said attempted murder had no bearing. Ryan interrupted and said, "As you can see, judge, I'm still alive, and Kendall never tried to kill me."

Jack said that the prosecution was trying to twist everything around. He told the judge that Kendall was pregnant. The judge said that she wasn't sure that was enough to get her bail. Ryan said that he would guarantee that Kendall wouldn't flee. The judge asked how. Ryan said that there was competition for the Cambias money. He wanted DNA to prove whether the baby belonged to Michael or not, and that Kendall would be stapled to his side until he got that proof.

The judge granted two million dollar bail. Kendall told Jack that she couldn't get that much cash. Ryan told Kendall he had her covered. Kendall wanted to know what Ryan was up to. Ryan said he was there to help her. Kendall didn't believe him and said that she would give him a fight for the money then stormed off saying she was going to see someone she could trust.

Bianca walked out and hugged Ryan, thanking him for his help. Ryan said he wished Kendall was as grateful. Bianca said that they both loved Kendall for everything she was. Inside the courtroom, the prosecution told Jack that they had his gun in a duffle bag with Michael's blood and Kendall's hair.

Aidan wondered where their food was, and moments later, there was a knock on the door. He told Mia to stay where she was and that he'd get it. He opened the door. Kendall rushed in to hug him, but seeing Mia with her shirt open, Kendall backed up and said, "Sorry, Aidan."

Greenlee stormed into Fusion, telling an upset and quiet Simone that they had to take their business back from Kendall and Ryan. She looked at Simone, telling her that she better not be upset over some man. As Simone told Greenlee something terrible had happened, Juan Pablo walked onto the hospital floor and found Maria crying in Edmund's arms just outside Carlos' room; they looked at him sadly. As they did, Simone told Greenlee that Carlos was dead.

Friday, December 5, 2003

Although she tried not to show it, Kendall was rattled to see Mia in Aidan's bed. Still, she voiced her gratitude for his friendship. Mia lied to Aidan, saying that the phone had never rung, when, in fact, Jack had called about Kendall's arraignment.

The news of Carlos' death stunned Juan Pablo, who demanded Maria tell him how his brother had died. When Maria found out the cause of Carlos' death, she, too, was shocked by the answer. Later, Kendall and Greenlee temporarily put their differences aside and united as friends when they learned of Carlos' death, but they soon were bitter enemies again.

Jamie visited the doctor who had conducted Babe's pregnancy test and bluffed his way into making the doctor believe that he and Babe were in on the "secret" surrounding her pregnancy. The doctor unwittingly confirmed Jamie's belief that Babe wasn't as far along in her pregnancy as she had said.

With his suspicion about Babe growing, JR paid off the manager at the Pine Cone, who verified that Babe had previously taken a room at the no-frills motel. He then flashed a picture of Jamie, and the manager confirmed that Jamie was the "lucky man" who had spent the night with Babe.



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