Guiding Light Recaps: The week of December 1, 2003 on GL

Carrie revealed more information to Marah, Michelle, and Marina regarding the life and times of MaryAnn Caruthers, while their fathers and grandfathers were consumed with the fear that their secret would be revealed. Cassie was finally able to tell Edmund that she loved him. Phillip's fragile condition and mental state became apparent, and he later agreed to accept psychological help via hospitalization. Olivia returned to Springfield and told Cassie the devastating news that her baby had not survived. Alan begged Olivia to keep the news from Phillip until after treatment and when he was more stable. Danny announced his candidacy for mayor on Reva's television program. Tony continued to pursue Eden, threatening to reveal their past together, while Eden maintained her stance that she was serious and sincere about her relationship with Bill. Beth tried to warn Marah about getting involved with Jeffrey. Harley received a strange and mysterious offer from Jeffrey.
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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of December 1, 2003 on GL
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Monday, December 1, 2003

At the Lewis home, Sandy questioned Reva about whether Marah had stayed away from the Thanksgiving dinner, assuming that he would be there. Reva assured him that he'd had nothing to do with Marah's decision. She explained that it had to do with Reva's relationship with Marah, and she told him that Marah was mad at her for overstepping where Jeffrey was concerned. On another subject, Reva told Sandy that on days like that day, she would always wonder what kind of man her son had grown into, and fortunately, she knew. She told him that he was a terrific young man.

Sandy told Reva that appearances could be deceiving. Reva remembered other times that he had said the same thing and wondered why he continually said that. She questioned whether there was something that he was not telling her. Sandy told her that he was just worried that she was expecting a lot and reminded her that he might not stay in Springfield for good. Reva told him that no matter what happened, he would always be her son.

Before Sandy left, Reva sent him home with a bag full of leftovers. She commented that before she would send Shayne and Marah off to wherever they were going, she would always kiss them goodbye. Sandy turned his cheek toward her and let her give him a kiss goodbye.

Just outside, Shayne and Josh were having a private conversation. Shayne wanted to speak with Josh about the pressure he had felt when he had played baseball. Josh jumped to the conclusion that Shayne intended to yell at him. Josh had felt since the accident that he had been in the wrong, pushing Shayne so hard, but instead, Shayne said that he wanted Josh to push that hard once again. Shayne wanted Josh to be his physical therapist.

Sandy stepped out to say goodbye to Josh and offered to help Marina get Shayne home. That left Reva and Josh home alone. Inside, Josh told Reva that Shayne had asked Josh to be his rehab coach. She told him that he was the best person for the job. As Josh was leaving, he and Reva shared a goodbye kiss themselves.

Cassie's Thanksgiving was going well, and love seemed to be in the air. She noticed the attraction that Marah showed toward Jeffrey and later apologized to Jeffrey for assuming that he had been the aggressor. He told Cassie that he didn't need an apology; he needed help. Cassie told him that he needed to talk to Marah because a woman needed to know where she stood. Jeffrey asked Cassie whether she had told Edmund that she loved him yet.

Tammy gave Edmund a gift of thanks for all he had done in helping her get the part in the school play. It was a cashmere scarf, but he told her that he couldn't accept the gift. He explained that he didn't want her to spend that kind of money on him. Tammy told him that if he didn't keep the scarf, she would be really mad at him. Later, Tammy left for an evening with her friends. Cassie pulled Edmund aside so that Jeffrey could have a few moments with Marah.

Before Jeffrey could get a word out, Marah told him that he had been a perfect gentleman the previous night and that he was the kind of man she wanted. She then handed him a key to her hotel room at the Springfield Inn and told him it could be that simple. Jeffrey told her it was not going to happen for them. He explained that there needed to be chemistry, and he didn't feel it. She told him if he suddenly changed his mind, he should let her know because she'd have the hotel room for a week.

After Jeffrey left, Carrie appeared and spoke with Marah about wishes. Marah said that she didn't know who to reach for because Sandy was her brother, Tony didn't want her, and Jeffrey was too old. The woman said that Marah only wanted what she couldn't have in order to keep from being hurt.

Inside, Cassie stunned Edmund so much that when she told him that she loved him, he had to ask her to repeat it.

Things were winding down at Harley's as well. She even got a round of applause from her guests. Gus was impressed but had hoped that Eden would attend. Frank and Darci helped clean up. Once they got a moment to themselves, Frank asked Darci to move in with him. She joyfully accepted. In the midst of their celebration, the rest of the Cooper clan interrupted them. They were excited for Frank and Darci.

Surprising all, Phillip showed up. He said the doctors had told him that everything was stress-related, and since he had gotten the rest he needed in the hospital, everything was back to normal. Harley offered Phillip a meal. Off to the side, Gus and Alan called Rick to question Phillip's condition. Rick gave Phillip a clean bill of health. Once everyone had left the room, Phillip noticed that Olivia was looking in the window. He rushed out to see if it was really Olivia but found that no one was there.

Tony caught up with Eden and tried to convince her that they were meant for one another. He again reminded her about their night on the roof. He told her that they were connected. Eden stayed strong against his advances, and he finally left.

Tuesday, December 2, 2003

Phillip was expected to meet Beth, Lizzie, and Alan for lunch. The three of them got there ahead of Phillip and began to wonder where he was. He was not late yet, but he'd been out of the house all day. Alan was concerned because he had learned that Phillip had declined taking some psychological tests.

Moments later, Phillip arrived and tried to assure them they had nothing to worry about. He began conversation by asking what he had missed while he had been in the hospital. He was anxious to hear more about the school play in which Lizzie would act. She didn't offer much information. Phillip told them to take off their kid gloves. He explained that he had gotten all the rest he needed and was ready for things to get back to normal. He reminded them that Rick had given him a clean bill of health. He did not know that Rick was questioning his decision.

Phillip told the others at the table it was time to celebrate his being home, and he ventured off to the bar to order a bottle of wine. At the bar, the bartender turned to greet him. She happened to look a lot like Olivia. He started to talk to her as though she were Olivia but soon realized, when the woman began to talk back to him, confused by what he was saying, that she was not Olivia after all. Phillip apologized to the woman and told her he had thought she was someone else.

Phillip appeared to be having a setback because once he returned to the table, he saw Olivia again and envisioned her joining in on the conversation. Alan sensed something was wrong with Phillip and offered to send Beth and Lizzie on a shopping spree so he and Phillip could spend some time together. Once Alan had a moment alone with Beth, he told her Phillip was barely holding on and ordered her to call everyone they had discussed earlier.

Danny and Michelle allowed Spaulding Enterprises to use their home for a photo shoot for their new Bad Girl product line. Eden questioned Danny about whether they would be alone, hoping he would tell her there would be no surprise visits from Tony. Danny assured her they would have the house to themselves. The photographer began to photograph Eden, who was wearing a white oxford shirt with a red striped tie.

During a break, Eden began to renegotiate her contract with Alexandra. Alexandra finally agreed to have her attorneys negotiate a deal. The photographer began to photograph Eden some more, but this time, with her shirt unbuttoned. The photo shoot was interrupted when Tony entered the room to tell her how good she looked.

Seeing Eden and Tony together, Alexandra got another bright idea. She wanted to photograph Eden with Tony. Tony agreed without a second thought. He began to kiss Eden on the neck while the photographer got a few more shots. Alexandra suggested Tony take his shirt off for a couple more.

Once Tony took his shirt off, Alexandra had second thoughts after seeing his tattoo. Tony explained to Eden that the new tattoo was a reminder to him that he and Marah would never work. He continued to tell her the same reasons he and Marah wouldn't work were the same reasons she and Bill wouldn't work out either.

Marah, Michelle, and Marina discussed the wishes Carrie kept mentioning. They wondered whether she would even have the power to grant their wishes. Marah thought maybe Carrie wanted the three of them to figure out what they wanted so they could make their own wishes come true. Moments later, Carrie appeared again. She gave each of them a ring and told them it was about time she made good on her promises.

Carrie told a story about a party just before the museum had been due to open, on the same night in which a woman disappeared. She then handed each of them an invitation to a ball. When Michelle received her invitation, she began to daydream about an evening with Danny, and she was dancing to music in an evening gown and looking completely in love. Once Marina opened her invitation, she began to have a similar daydream of herself with Shayne, who was also on his feet.

Marah's daydream was a bit more interesting. While she was dancing with Tony, Jeffrey cut in; she didn't seem to mind at all. The three couples continued to share the dance floor in their daydream, but once they opened their eyes, they were back to reality. Carrie explained that was not all. She was there to right a wrong.

Carrie explained that there were five men in town who wanted to forget about something. She wanted Marah and Michelle to ask their fathers something, and she wanted Marina to ask her grandfather a question, as well. She wanted them to ask each of the men whether they remembered a woman named Maryanne Caruthers.

Wednesday, December 3, 2003

Marah, Marina, and Michelle debated whether or not to ask their fathers and grandfather Carrie's question about Maryanne Caruthers. Marah and Michelle were hesitant, but Marina didn't think there was any harm in asking a simple question. Without further thought about possible repercussions or Carrie's agenda, all three separately asked their respective fathers and grandfather Carrie's question. They kept her existence a secret by saying they had received the question anonymously.

After questioning why the young women would ask a question at the behest of a complete stranger, all three men denied knowing Maryanne. Michelle kept pushing the question to Ed, to the point where he acknowledged not wanting to open old wounds. Marina in turn kept pushing the question to Buzz, who played it a bit cooler than Ed but acted curt toward Marina. Josh played it coolest of all but also appeared nervous.

Once he was out of Marah's earshot, Josh called Billy. Ed, Billy, and Josh showed up at Company as Buzz hung the "closed" sign on the door. Ed, Josh, and Buzz sniped at each other over what had actually been said or not said to Marina, Marah, and Michelle. Billy tried to rally the troops by pointing out that only those present in the room, plus an absent Alan, truly knew what had happened with Maryanne. The rest was speculation, which didn't count in a court of law.

Billy encouraged everyone to keep a cool head. Meanwhile, Carrie had shown up to ask about the results from the three young ladies; all acknowledged their loved ones had probably lied to them, and they wanted to know the truth from Carrie. She didn't clarify the situation much but did let them know Maryanne Caruthers was dead.

Lizzie and Beth were still eating breakfast at Towers when Lillian joined them. Lizzie saw through Beth's attempt at sugarcoating the situation with Phillip and correctly guessed an intervention was being attempted; Beth was trying to keep Lizzie away while it happened. Lizzie empathized with her father, since she had been "ambushed" in a similar way. She said she fully grasped the gravity of her father's failing mental health.

Alan had called Gus, Rick, and Dr. Langham over to do an intervention for Phillip. Phillip became paranoid and delusional and accused Alan of staging the intervention to keep him from Lizzie. He grew further confused and insisted he had to get Lizzie because Olivia was with her, and disaster would ensue. Alan tried to convince him Lizzie was actually with Beth. Phillip seemingly calmed down and agreed to check himself back into the hospital. When the group left him for a moment, he sneaked out of the house.

Phillip made a beeline to Towers to see for himself that Lizzie was okay and with Beth, not Olivia. Alan and Gus caught up to a shaky Phillip, who realized he was about to scare his daughter with a full view of his declining state. However, his realization was too late, as a tearful Lizzie stared at her father. She pledged her full support to her father, while he assured her that his mental state was due to how he chose to deal with stress and had nothing to do with her actions. Both pledged to get well together.

As Phillip departed with Alan and Gus, Beth again tried to put a positive spin on the situation, but Lizzie called her on it. Lizzie showed how much she had grown by stating that if they wanted her to be honest with them about her feelings, they had to be honest with her about how they were feeling, even if a situation was bad. A proud Beth acknowledged the wisdom of her daughter's words.

Phillip was checking in at the hospital but paused near a hospital corridor. He thought he was hallucinating about seeing Olivia again and left to lie down. Moments later, a nurse who looked very much like Olivia exited the corridor, followed by the real deal herself: Olivia was back in town.

Thursday, December 4, 2003

Marah, Michelle, and Marina sorted through the facts of the mysterious story the woman Carrie had been telling them. They each felt Josh, Ed, and Buzz had lied about knowing Maryanne Caruthers. They began to search the Internet for any information regarding Maryanne but didn't have any luck. Marah suggested they search the basement at the museum because when she had moved in, there had been a lot left behind that she had stored in the basement.

The three young women began to read old newspaper clippings. There were a few about the opening night of the museum, and they read that the Spaulding Family had financially made things possible for its opening. Carrie returned again, and they began to question her. Carrie told Marina and Marah that maybe it was time she asked the questions.

Carrie asked the young women to think about what Marina, Marah, and Michelle had in common. After several guesses, they finally realized their names all started with M, the same as Maryanne. Carrie told them Horace, the owner of the museum, had been Maryanne's grandfather. A part of their history was trying to be erased, and she wanted to make sure the girls didn't let that happen.

Danny received some good news. The mayor, Mr. Hamilton, would not be running for reelection. Danny called Michelle to give her the news, and she rushed home to discuss the life changes that Danny being mayor would cause. When Michelle arrived, she assured him she supported whatever decision he made. Michelle understood Danny wanted to right the wrongs the Santos family had caused to the city of Springfield.

Phillip had checked in to the hospital and was having trouble sleeping. Just outside his room, he overheard Olivia speaking to a nurse. Olivia had stopped by the hospital to see Dr. Sedgwick. Phillip stepped out onto the hallway to look for Olivia, but she was already gone. While Phillip searched frantically, Alan and Rick showed up and assumed Phillip was hallucinating again. Rick tried to escort him back to his room, but Phillip was a bit resistant, thinking it was for real.

Alan and Rick finally got Phillip back into his room, but he still thought Olivia had really been there. He wanted Rick to check the security cameras, but Rick tried to convince Phillip he had just been imagining things again. Phillip told Rick he couldn't stay at the hospital. There were too many memories. He and Olivia had gone to birthing classes there, and many checkups had happened at the hospital as well. Alan suggested another private psychological hospital and left the room to call Dr. Langham.

Edmund and Cassie shared a romantic dinner at Towers, where he gave her a diamond necklace. Later, Olivia showed up looking for Cassie. Cassie was excited to see her again and wanted to know how Olivia and her baby girl were doing. Olivia replied that after she'd left Springfield, she had gone into premature labor and lost the baby. She explained that she hadn't called because she had wanted to grieve on her own.

Olivia said she needed to find Phillip to tell him what had happened. By the look on Cassie's face, Olivia knew something was wrong and wanted to know what had happened. Cassie explained that Phillip had suffered a mental breakdown and was in the hospital. Olivia began to wonder how she would tell Phillip about their baby.

Alan showed up at Towers and found Olivia had really returned home. Alan questioned whether she had been at the hospital and told her Phillip had heard her voice just outside his room, but everyone had thought he had been hallucinating again. Olivia wanted to know more about Phillip's condition from Alan. Alan suggested she and the baby go to visit Phillip. Cassie left the table to give Olivia some time alone with Alan so she could tell him about the baby. Once she told Alan, he tried to convince her to not see Phillip or tell him about the baby until Phillip got better.

Friday, December 5, 2003

Danny and Michelle's house was bustling as Reva's TV crew set up for her interview with Danny. Bill tried to nudge Reva into soft-pedaling Danny's past. She firmly reminded him she was an unbiased journalist who would neither sensationalize nor soft-pedal Danny's past because the public would have legitimate questions regarding his ability to serve. Tony and Eden sparred yet again with the same debates they'd had the past week. Marah updated Michelle on Carrie's latest visit. Michelle feared Ed had much to hide.

Alan told Gus, Dr. Langham, and Beth about Olivia's miscarriage. He was adamant that Phillip could not be told the sad news yet. He further opined that Phillip should be sent to Ravenwood, a private mental health facility, before Olivia could get to him. Gus disagreed, but Beth and, more importantly, Dr. Langham agreed. Dr. Langham wanted Phillip's mental condition to be stabilized so he didn't blame himself or Lizzie for Olivia's loss. As Dr. Langham left to finalize the paperwork, Beth joined him so they could talk privately about how she should tell Lizzie the news of Phillip leaving for Ravenwood. They departed for Company.

Two men intercepted Harley when she went for a coffee run to Company, and they forced her to leave with them. They took her to a cellar, where her captor turned out to be Jeffrey O'Neill. Jeffrey played cat-and-mouse with Harley before getting down to business. He wanted her help with a confidential matter, and he blackmailed her with threats of legal trouble if she didn't comply. He alluded to his powerful government connections, which led Harley to figure out he was no mere small-town D.A. Jeffrey wouldn't give her the full story on his reasons for recruiting her, but he did say she'd be receiving the thanks of a grateful nation while also protecting someone about whom she cared deeply.

Ed arrived at Danny's interview, looking very uncomfortable. After Bill asked him to be available to the press afterward, in a show of family unity, Ed made excuses to Michelle. He claimed he had told Ross he'd watch the show with him at Company. Michelle tried to get him to stay, but Ed hightailed it out and met up with Ross at Company. Buzz and Ed then danced around the subject of Maryanne Caruthers.

Alan tried to talk Gus into spending time at Spaulding Enterprises while Phillip was recuperating. Gus refused at first, but Alan reeled him in by stating it was a temporary gig, to last only until Phillip returned. He sealed the deal by letting Gus know how much he had learned when he had been on Gus's turf during the serial killer hunt. He only wanted to share his business world with Gus, just as Gus had shared his cop's world with Alan. Gus agreed to a three- to four-week stint.

Reva introduced Danny, who then addressed the TV audience. His speech was sprinkled with references to family, friends, second chances, and redemption, which sparked a reaction in Ed and Buzz, who were watching the show at Company. Danny credited Michelle for turning his life away from crime. Danny's speech was a hit with the crowd at Company, with the exception of Ed and Ross.

Beth spotted Marah at Company. She tried twice to warn the young woman about Jeffrey O'Neill, but Marah coolly rebuffed her. Beth left with the parting shot that Jeffrey was not the man Marah thought he was.

Ross and Blake discussed Danny and the mayoral position. Ross believed Danny had a very narrow constituency -- namely 5th Street -- and would end up dividing the town. Though he professed to like Danny personally, it was clear the lawyer still viewed Danny as a mobster.

A sneaky newspaper reporter goaded Nico into a contrived outburst of how the Santos family had murdered his parents. Meanwhile at Company, another reporter quizzed Ed about Danny's past. Ed gave the party line about how everyone should get to have second chances, but the reporter's inquiry about unforgivable sin sent Ed off in silence as Buzz looked on the scene.

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