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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of December 8, 2003 on GL
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Monday, December 8, 2003

Olivia shows up at the Spaulding home to see Beth. She had called ahead of time to make sure that Lizzie wouldn't be there. Olivia wants to know more about Phillip's condition. She wonders whether Alan had exaggerated a bit assuming that Alan just wants to keep her out of Phillip's life. Beth tells her that unfortunately Alan was telling the truth, in fact, they are transferring him to a psychiatric hospital. Olivia suddenly feels faint. She finds herself a seat while Beth gets her a glass of water. Olivia assures Beth that she is fine physically, but emotionally, she is a mess. Beth questions Olivia about her plans. She tells Beth that she had planned on telling Phillip about the baby and then she planned on leaving, but now she is not so sure. Olivia wonders whether she caused Phillip's condition. Beth assures her that this is something that has been building up for a long while, and tells her not to blame herself. Beth tells her not to worry about Phillip because everything is under control. Olivia tells Beth that she really wants to see Phillip. Beth agrees with Alan telling Olivia that it is a really bad idea. Olivia thinks that her leaving was the last straw for Phillip, so her coming back would make things better. Beth explains the hallucinations that Phillip has had while she was gone. Beth tells her that seeing Phillip would mean that she would have to tell him that she lost the baby, and that would only set him back. Olivia still feels that she has to do something. Beth tells her to talk to Christopher and Rick before doing anything. Their conversation is interrupted when Beth gets a call so Olivia starts to head out. Before leaving, Olivia grabs Beth's hospital visitation card for Phillip's room.

Phillip wakes up from a nightmare at the hospital. In his nightmare, he was surrounded by his family who were hounding him about his schedule. Beth, Lizzie, Harley, and Olivia were demanding that he spend more time with them and/or their children. In the meantime, Olivia shows up at the hospital but is stopped by a nurse who tells her that she isn't allowed to see Phillip. She flashes her hospital identification badge so the nurse allows her to pass by. By this time, Phillip has fallen back to sleep. Olivia whispers to him telling him that she is there. She just got back into town. Phillip barely awakens and gets teary eyed, looking up at the ceiling, asking Olivia to stop torturing him. He tells Olivia that he knows she is not real. Olivia tries to assure him that she is real, but Phillip puts his hands over his ears, begins to hum to himself, and continues to say she is not real. Olivia grabs a hold of his hand in hopes that this would make him see that she is really there. Phillip, talking to himself, says that things are going to get better, because she is going away. He begins to strangle Olivia, but she gets away.

Jeffrey tells Harley that someone in her life is in great trouble. Harley, still in the dark, wonders who he might be referring to. Jeffrey tells her that the person in trouble is the father to one of her children. Assuming it couldn't be Rick, Harley assumes he is talking about Phillip. Jeffrey questions whether she would get involved if it were Phillip, and he was involved in a conspiracy which not only was illegal, but it also threatened his personal safety. Harley tells Jeffrey that she would get involved – absolutely! Jeffrey is pleased. Harley clarifies that she would do anything to help Phillip. That doesn't mean she will help Jeffrey. Jeffrey tells her that he wants her on his investigative team. Jeffrey tells her that he will share the necessary information with her shortly but tells her that she can't tell Gus anything because he is Alan's son. Harley tells Jeffrey that she is not saying that she'll help until she has more information. Jeffrey tells her that it has to do with Brad Green. Harley wants a guarantee that Phillip won't get caught up in someone else's wrong doing. Jeffrey can't promise her anything. Harley tells Jeffrey that she'll need some time before deciding on what to do. Jeffrey tells her if she decides to join forces with him, her code name will be "Terrier." Harley returns to her office. She tries to call Phillip on his cell phone, but the number seems to be out of service.

Nico tells the public reporters that the Santo's family killed his parents. Tony tries to stop him, but Nico claims he only intends to tell the truth about the Santo's family. He confirms again to the reporters that the Santo's family did kills his parents, and continues by telling them that he doesn't blame Danny though because he didn't have anything to do with it. Nico tells them that Danny and Michelle have been real good to him even when he didn't deserve it. He claims that Danny gave him a second chance and tells the public to give Danny a second chance too, because Danny would make a great Mayor. The reporters clear the room, and Danny thanks Nico for his support. Afterwards, everyone gathers inside at Company to celebrate. Marah runs into Tony at Company as well and notices that he is wearing the suite she made for him. They have a few unpleasant words. Bill and Eden notice from a distance, and Bill sends Eden over to make sure that Tony is okay. Tony tells her that he's alright and continues to tell her that things will never work between he and Marah just like they won't work for her and Bill. Eden tells him to "shut up"! Not getting anywhere with Tony, Eden approaches Marah instead. Marah tells her that she is fine, and claims she is moving on to other things. Just as she said that, Jeffrey walks in. Marah quickly steals Jeffrey away from Ross, telling him that she needs some legal advice. Jeffrey assumes that it was just a ploy to get him to herself, but she really does want to discuss legal matters for her new clothing line. Although, she would like to continue the meeting in her hotel room over a drink. Jeffrey tells her they can discuss it right there at Company without an alcoholic beverage.

Tuesday, December 9, 2003

Jeffrey and Marah continue their legal discussion at Company in regards to her clothing line. Oops -- Jeffrey accidentally says, "read between the sheets" instead of "read between the lines"! Marah senses she is making Jeffrey nervous. She changes the subject and begins to tell Jeffrey she thinks the law is a turn on. He tries to get back on course. Marah tells him he is trying to rescue her from danger. Jeffrey claims you just need to know when to avoid danger.

Sandy and Lizzie discuss the school play at Company. Sandy seems a bit distracted seeing Marah and Jeffrey together. Lizzie wants to talk to Sandy about the play and its importance to her. She wants to give her best performance yet and tells him it is all for her dad. Once Lizzie leaves, Sandy approaches Jeffrey and Marah.

Sandy asks to join them, but Marah seems to have a problem with that. Jeffrey insists he grab a seat. Marah asks to borrow a dollar from Jeffrey. She claims she used to pay off her brother, Shayne, every time she wanted him to leave her alone. Marah insists she and Jeffrey finish their meeting at her place. The two of them gather their things and leave together.

Shortly after they leave, Olivia arrives at Company. Sandy brings her a cup of coffee and introduces himself as "Jonathan." Olivia is overjoyed to see him. It had been such a long time since she last saw him, she didn't recognize him. Olivia tries to catch up with him. Sandy tells her he knows all about Reva and Richard. When Sandy tells her about the atmosphere at his adoptive parents' home, Olivia gets upset and wants to call her sister. Sandy begs her not to call. He tells her she should relate to him. She moved to Springfield to make a new life just as he did.

Back at Marah's place, she tells Jeffrey she doesn't have any expectations; she just wants to have a good time. Jeffrey tells her she is just so young. Marah promises if he were to give her a chance, she could prove to him she is mature. Jeffrey begins to read a document he assumed was related to her business. It turns out to be an agreement between Marah and Jeffrey in regards to any relationship that might develop. It states what she wants from him and what she doesn't expect. Jeffrey says her contract covers just about everything. Marah reaches in for a kiss. Jeffrey pushes her away and tells her this is premature because he hasn't signed anything yet. She reaches in for another kiss. He responds for a few seconds but pushes away again. He tells her just about any guy would want to be in his position right now, but he has to say no. Marah doesn't back down, she reaches in for another kiss and conquers. Well, momentarily she conquers. Jeffrey turns away again and eventually leaves.

Harley shows up at the Spaulding home to see Alan. She was left in the dark about Phillip having gone to the psychiatric hospital. Harley thought he had been released with a clean bill of health. Alan told her he didn't intentionally leave her in the dark. He assumed Gus told her. Harley tells Alan she would like to see Phillip, but Alan tells her he shouldn't see any visitors. Once Harley returns home, she calls Jeffrey and leaves a message for him to get in contact with "Terier," her new code name for the case.

At the hospital, Phillip continues screaming at Olivia to go away, telling her she is not real. He refuses to be tricked by her again. From the hallway Gus and Dr. Langham overhear Phillip screaming at Olivia, and they rush in to his room. Olivia steps out to the hallway while Dr. Langham and Gus try to settle down Phillip. Dr. Langham steps out to talk to Olivia. He questions whether she came there for payback because she lost the baby. Olivia gets upset with him and tells him she only wanted to see Phillip and didn't know he was that bad. She reminds the doctor he doesn't know anything about her. Olivia does agree with the doctor that Phillip isn't ready to hear about the baby. Before she leaves, Dr. Langham questions whether she is seeing anyone professionally in regards to her daughter's death. Inside Phillip's room, Gus tells Phillip they all saw Olivia because she is really back this time. The doctors must have sedated Phillip, because he seems rather out of it. Barely awake, Phillip begins to question things including his and Olivia's baby girl. He starts talking about his business and worries, and Gus tells him he won't let him down. After Gus leaves, Phillip spends some time alone with Dr. Langham. He tells Dr. Langham about a dream he had where he had seen his daughter. He started walking toward her, but just before he reaches her, the door closes and she is gone.

Back at Harley's, Gus returns home and tells Harley that Olivia is back in Springfield. Harley thinks things will get better now that she and the baby are back in town. Gus informs her Olivia came back alone, because she lost her baby. She tells him this is why she needs to help Phillip. He has three other children who need him. Gus tells her he is going to help Phillip too, but the way he plans on helping is something she probably won't like much. Harley doesn't understand what he could mean by this because she would be okay with anything that would help Phillip. Gus tells her Alan wants him to take a leave of absence from the police force to come work at Spaulding while Phillip is away. Surprisingly, Harley completely supports Gus in his decision to work at Spaulding Enterprises. She continues to express her support but accidentally mentions the word "danger." Gus wonders who said anything about danger. She covers by telling Gus she thinks Phillip is in danger of not recovering without the family supporting him in every way including helping with the family business. Harley questions Gus about whether he would cover up anything if when he got into the company he discovered something illegal. Gus tells Harley if Alan had anything to cover up, he would have never invited him into the company.

Dr. Langham goes to the Spaulding home to tell Alan that Phillip had an unexpected visitor. Lizzie overhears the doctor tell Alan that Olivia is back in town, and she stopped to see Phillip. Dr. Langham tells Alan he thinks Olivia may be the one person who can reach him now.

Wednesday, December 10, 2003

Alan chastises Olivia for upsetting Phillip. She swoons; he worries and leaves to fetch food because she hasn't eaten. After Alan exits the room, Lizzie, who has been pouting and eavesdropping just outside the door, enters. She immediately cops an attitude toward Olivia, who in turn gives as good as she gets. She lets Lizzie know the baby is dead. Although momentarily stunned, Lizzie continues her snarky attitude. Alan enters and tries to shoo Lizzie away, but Olivia thinks it would be a good idea to try to clear the air. Alan reluctantly retreats. Olivia and Lizzie trade thinly veiled insults, and it's clear Lizzie still harbors great anger toward Olivia, and Olivia doesn't trust Lizzie. After much arguing, Olivia gets fed up and announces her intention to leave town. The statement jolts Lizzie back to what's important: Phillip's recovery. She remembers Dr. Langham saying Olivia might be the key to Phillip's recovery, so she begs Olivia to stay to help. Olivia is unsure, but Lizzie continues to plead for her father's sake.

Harley comforts Zach, who's upset about Phillip. Her resolve to help Phillip is strengthened, but first she needs to speak to Jeffrey.

Shayne pushes himself too hard in his rehab exercises, despite Josh and Remy's advice against it. Josh flashes back to his stint in a wheelchair, when Bert Bauer was giving him encouragement and advice. Shayne whips himself into frenzy; he's so focused on trying to walk that he turns on Josh and Remy. They are begging him to stop before he causes himself more damage. Shayne tries to throw the guilt card in Josh's face, and Josh counters by threatening to walk away as his coach if he doesn't get back in the wheelchair. A concerned Sandy enters and tries to be the voice of reason. Shayne collapses back into the wheelchair, and Josh towels off his frustrated son.

Frank and Darci talk about redecorating Frank's house; Gus interrupts to ask for a leave of absence. Frank is reluctant, but Gus makes a solid case so he agrees.

Marina receives a package from Shayne that contains a beautiful dress for the winter dance. He encloses a romantic note, and she realizes how lucky she is to have him. Marina later discusses her wish for Shayne's recovery with Michelle.

Harley runs into Jeffrey outside of Company, where they talk in code about his previous business proposal. Bottom line: Harley doesn't want to be jerked around by Jeffrey, and Jeffrey hints she would be in a position to protect loved ones from collateral damage resulting from the investigation.

Gus tells a very pleased Alan he's signed on for the stint at Spaulding Enterprises.

Thursday, December 11, 2003

Reva is at the gym taking her frustrations out on a punching bag. Cassie arrives to join her for a workout and questions her mood. Reva tells her Shayne is pushing himself so hard and it is eventually going to hurt rather than help him. She tells Cassie Shayne collapsed yesterday during a session with Josh. Cassie tells her Josh has been in the same place that Shayne is, and he should know what it takes and how hard he can push himself. Reva tells her she has consulted with several experts, and they all have told her Shayne should not push himself too hard.

After Reva leaves, Jeffrey approaches Cassie and tells her he has some ideas that may help Shayne. He offers to show her what he is talking about and wants her to leave with him. Jeffrey takes her to a doctor's office that does nontraditional procedures like acupuncture. Cassie seems a bit suspicious and doesn't seem to think this would help Shayne at all. She thinks his injuries are too severe. Once Cassie meets the doctor, he instantly notices she has a headache and he wants to treat her. Moments later, she is on the table being treated with acupuncture. Even though this procedure cured her headache in an instant, she still doesn't see how this will help Shayne. Jeffrey tells her to tell the doctor about Shayne's condition. The doctor tells Cassie it is possible he can help Shayne. He offers to give her some literature to take with her to share with Reva.

Tammy and Sandy go over the play at Company. Sandy gets upset when he hears Edmund has been coaching her for the play. He claims he doesn't want outsiders involved. In addition, he doesn't trust Edmund. He gets even more upset when Edmund shows up and learns Tammy invited him to join them today. When Edmund realizes Sandy is there, he feels Sandy would not want him there so he decides to leave. Tammy tries to stop him and explains she thinks they should discuss their ideas of the play together. Edmund tells her she is a terrible liar. He thinks she is trying to help Edmund and Sandy grow closer. Edmund tells her Sandy is not ready. Tammy talks him into waiting out on the porch while she talks to Sandy.

At first Tammy doesn't have much luck. She tells Sandy he isn't the only one who has been hurt by Edmund. She tells him that when Richard died, she blamed Edmund for a long time. She explains Edmund has changed and after she got to know him, she has grown to care a great deal for him. She tells Sandy if he lets himself miss out on this chance, he is a jerk. Later, Sandy steps outside to talk to Edmund. He invites Edmund to come back inside with him. Sandy tells him Tammy sees the good in people and the importance of family, and that is why he has come here to begin with. Sandy tells him he wants to cut the tension a notch. When they get back inside, they discuss Richard for a while. Later, Reva shows up. They invite her to join them, but she is looking for Jeffrey.

Reva meets up with Josh, and she questions how Shayne is doing. She tells Josh she knows he and Shayne have gotten a lot closer since he started training him, but she thinks he is pushing himself too hard. Reva tells him she saw the two of them at the gym yesterday. Josh wonders why she didn't say anything. She tells him she didn't want to cause tension in front of Shayne. She apologizes and tells Josh she's not trying to attack him. She wants Josh to promise her he won't push Shayne too hard.

Marah and Marina tell Michelle about what they learned from the newspaper articles in the basement. They might have found new information, but they still don't understand what connects Maryanne Caruthers to their fathers and grandfather. Carrie shows up and wonders why she wasn't invited. Marina suggests she start emailing. Michelle questions Carrie about how their fathers and grandfathers are connected. Carrie seems to want to play a game with the girls. She promises in the end, everything in Springfield will change forever. Michelle tells her she may want to play games, but she has involved people they love so they want to know something now. Carrie agrees to give them some information. She tells them it has to do with the white powder inside the Egyptian sarcophagus and a warning never to open the sarcophagus. First she has each of them put their rings on again. She continues to explain a man had broken into the museum where he found the rings and the white powder. He knew he had a lethal substance and he used it to develop a medication. This was when the man and Mr. Spaulding joined forces. She tells them their fathers and grandfather are linked because of memories of a terrible night... a night when a car plunged off a bridge and into a river... a night when Maryanne Caruthers died.

Friday, December 12, 2003

Gus nervously prepares in his new office for his first day at Spaulding. Alan sweeps in dressed for casual Friday, contrasting sharply with Gus' starched white shirt and suspenders. As they leave to meet various managers, they run into Olivia who is giving orders to an admin assistant. Olivia states to their surprise that she's here to help out, and proceeds to pitch herself to Alan as the perfect solution to help fill the gaps while Phillip is gone. Alan is suspicious of her intentions and scoots her out with the standard "we'll call you." Olivia, however, remains undeterred.

Harley calls Jeffrey to tell him she's in on his investigation. Brad Green runs into Jeffrey at the gym and wants to make a deal re: his wife's arrest for faking his mistress' murder and the resulting blackmail, but Jeffrey blows him off and goes to meet Harley.

Harley and Jeffrey meet up; he wants her to keep close to Brad and insinuates that she use her feminine attributes to do it. Harley understandably hits the roof. Jeffrey points out that, when she was a cop, she probably had to dress provocatively on a lot of undercover cases. Harley can't deny this and trudges off to make contact with Brad at the gym, supplied with a skimpy outfit and microphone courtesy of Jeffrey. Once at the gym, Harley successfully flirts with Green. However, she jumps the gun and pushes too hard for information. Brad gets suspicious and starts to lean on the weights that Harley has lifted over her head.

Josh and Reva have a tense breakfast meeting at Company re: Shayne's rehab. Cassie arrives to pitch the idea of acupuncture. Josh and Reva are skeptical at first, but Josh recalls that Billy had acupuncture for his bum knee (which got better). Josh doesn't need to be sold on acupuncture's virtues; however, he needs to be sold on the idea that his coaching Shayne's recovery is doing more harm than good. Cassie clarifies that she doesn't think that Josh is doing a horrible job. Josh and Reva take a ride on the I-don't-trust-you-I-feel-guilty carousel. They stop the ride when they agree on one question- they wonder if acupuncture could help Shayne's desperate mental state, to make him calm enough to proceed with his rehab at a safe pace. They agree to research that question together.

Outside of Company Rick runs into a clearly despondent Ed, who asks his son for a favor. He asks Rick to run a fingerprint check on the invitation Michelle received from Carrie. He further clarifies that it must be done through back channels. Rick is confused and questions his father, who becomes increasingly agitated at being questioned about his motives. Rick backs off and agrees to run the check, and Ed beats a retreat into Company.

Once there, Josh questions Ed about acupuncture. Ed gives it a qualified endorsement, stating it's a thousand-year-old practice so there must be something to it. Their conversation turns to Billy and the unspoken elephant called Maryann Caruthers. It's revealed that Billy has been calling both of them incessantly, reminding them all to stick together. As Josh walks away from Ed to rejoin Reva, she's struck with one of her visions. This one is of a cemetery. She tells Josh about her vision, which prompts Josh to cancel their planned dinner/research date for that night. Reva becomes suspicious.

Gus is trying to familiarize himself with the Spaulding corporate structure. While looking for backup information, he searches through an unsecured drawer and finds a file from Spaulding Pharmaceuticals that practically blinks in neon that it's for A. Spaulding's eyes only.

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