One Life to Live Recaps: The week of December 15, 2003 on OLTL

David and Dorian plotted in order to prevent Paul from obtaining Betsy's inheritance. Marcie turned Michael down. Nora visited Troy in Statesville. The Music Box Killer attacked Jen. Todd caught Blair in a lie. Bo placed Flash under police protection.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of December 15, 2003 on OLTL
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Monday, December 15, 2003

Jen is attacked by the Music Box Killer and knocked unconscious. The killer escapes when Rex returns unexpectedly. Joey makes a plea to Jen to try to save their marriage. Jen tells Joey and Marcie that she slept with Rex. After seeing Joey race to Jen's side, Kelly wonders to Viki if Kevin would rush to her if she were attacked.

Walker grows suspicious of Blair when she avoids making love with him and also after he catches her in a lie. Walker follows Blair as she goes to meet Kevin at Dorian's. Blair pulls Kevin into a kiss when she sees Walker spying on them through the window. Kevin tells Kelly that he is proceeding with their divorce.

Joey informs Viki that he's planning on going to London. Natalie isn't pleased to learn that Roxy invited John over. Natalie and John grow closer but Natalie warns Roxy not to play matchmaker again. Marcie turns down Michael/Al's invitation to go on a date because of his past with Madison.

Tuesday, December 16, 2003

Suspicious of Blair's behavior, Walker concludes that she's known all along that he is actually Todd. Blair fills in Kevin on her vengeful scheme, which he refuses to be a part of. When she returns home, she's surprised that Walker is acting like nothing physical happened between her and Kevin, unaware that Walker too had a plan for revenge.

While searching for a witness in a divorce case Evangeline is working on, she and Antonio find that witness has been murdered. At the same time, Bo worries that the Music Box Killer has struck again. Nora and Asa argue over his tendency to spoil Matthew and his unbendable intentions for him.

To prove to Dorian that Paul is a con artist, David talks him into taking a lie detector test "for the fun of it." When Paul passes the test with no problem, David wonders how he did it. Dorian and David agree that they have to find a woman to seduce and marry Paul, which would make him ineligible for Aunt Betsy's inheritance.

Wednesday, December 17, 2003

Marcie broadcasts her new talk show, live, with her guests Rae and two students, Greg and Kim. The show is called "Bridge the Gap" and the topic is date rape. Greg and Kim become embroiled in a debate when Kim seems unable to believe that girls don't "ask for it" by their actions or dress.

Roxy arrives at Rodi's with an armful of Christmas gifts that she found in the garage. It turns out that they are from Cristian who did his shopping early and hid the packages. While Nat is apprehensive about opening her gift, Roxy can't wait to open her own, which turns out to be a tee-shirt inscribed, "I Beat the One-Armed Bandit." Michael/Al spots Gabrielle and re-introduces himself. He mentions that Al spoke highly of both of his parents, which pleases Gabby a great deal. She excuses herself hastily though, saying that she has an appointment. He hears Marcie on the radio and panics after Nat suggests that maybe she will get together with a cute sounding Greg.

Carlotta returns home from a wasted trip to Puerto Rico, she tells Dorian. Adriana has run away and no one knows where she is. River eavesdrops nearby and is caught by Paul who suggests he not get caught. Dorian reassures Carlotta that Adriana will be found plus she will try to get information from River. When the women approach the door, River is spotted and stopped. He reminds them that he's not the lying kidnapper and has no clue as to his girlfriend's whereabouts. Paul receives a call from Babe, urging him to meet her at a bar called Bend an Elbow. When David stops by, he agrees to follow the suspicious acting man for any clues on his activities, after observing him leaving the house rather quickly.

Antonio and Evangeline discuss the newest murder victim who was a star witness for them in an upcoming case. It's unknown whether it's a copycat or a rushed job by the same person, but Antonio is finding it difficult to deal with since he's no longer on the police force. He's put a lot of thought into the case and has a revelation though he thinks it could be a stretch. Going down the list of victims, he points out the possible links to Nora. One woman was Jewish, one studied law and the last was being prosecuted by Nora. Some of the victims don't have apparent links yet but Jen was probably an attempt also and she and Nora are close. They surmise that the killer could be someone close to Nora. When an obviously jealous R.J. comes by, he tries to pick a fight with Antonio since the two people look so intense, their heads close together. Antonio doesn't fall for the ruse and instead decides to run his idea past John. Evangeline and R.J. chat and she is suddenly grasping for something that reminds her of the music box case. She can't quite put her finger on it yet.

John, Nora and Bo discuss the case and the many details that are different from previous cases. John shows them a bag that was found near Jen's assault, which looks familiar to Nora. It dawns on her that it strongly resembles a bag that Troy had which provokes John's curiosity. It can't be his though, she insists, as he's locked up in a maximum-security cell in Statesville. John wonders if Troy could have gotten out but Nora says no way. He is uneasy and insists on checking it out. Later, he discloses that Troy is locked in his cell, his belongings in storage. Nora insists that the bag can't be Troy's.

Troy prowls the bar, sitting next to a pretty young woman. He offers to buy her a drink but Babe turns him down. Soon after, Gabby walks in and asks if he has another day pass. He offers to buy her a drink as Paul shows up to meet with Babe, closely followed by an unseen David. Paul and Babe sit at a table where she reminds him to be on the lookout for Adam Chandler, showing him a picture. He will keep his mouth shut, he agrees. Once he goes, David attempts to make a play for Babe but she rebuffs him, only giving him her first name and the fact that she lives in Pine Valley. Back at the bar, Gabby reveals that she hasn't told anyone that she's seen Troy but if he's out legally as he insists, he shouldn't be worried about it. He asks her to dance and becomes insistent when she turns him down. He reminisces over Nora and her breaking his heart. He happens to have a type of broken heart tattoo on his neck.

Michael/Al heads for the radio station where he hides and hears Greg ask Marcie out for coffee once the broadcast is over. He follows them to Rodi's where he begs for Luna to do something. She refuses, urging him to continue his patience and reminding him that he doesn't look like Al on the outside. He wants Marcie to know it's him but Luna thinks that Marcie will think him crazy or mean. He'll get yanked back for good, she warns him. He decides that he will take a chance. Antonio enters looking for John and awkwardly takes his gift from Roxy. When Carlotta shows up, she eagerly receives hers and opens it to reveal an antique that she once told Cristian she wanted. Antonio finds a CD that Cris burned for him of all of his favorite songs. He receives a frantic call from Evangeline telling him that she was able to place a link to yet another victim; this one was married to an African-American like Nora. Nat puts her gift away under the bar.

Dorian attempts to place a call to Puerto Rico without success. She suggests that River play the new piano that she has but he sarcastically tells her that he can't be bought off, that his old keyboard is just fine. David fills Dorian in on the scene at the bar, mentioning that the couple left separately. Paul returns and they try to pry but without success.

Rae stops by the police station at Bo's request. He confides in her that Gabby is not doing well though Rae believes her actions to be natural. Gabby goes out and is gone all night, he insists. The cop in him wants her tailed. Antonio fills everyone in on his suspicions. Nora is doubtful while the men look thoughtful.

Thursday, December 18, 2003

Blair evades when Kevin wants her to divorce Walker and be with him. Walker unnerves Blair with his calm demeanor. Michael/Al is determined to tell Marcie the truth and Michael's soul regains control of his body after he does so. Al is called to a higher plane but Luna arranges for Al to meet with an angel, who will give Al another chance in Michael's body if he can make Michael commit three good deeds in three days. Bo receives a written, coded message from the Music Box Killer. Riley helps Bo and John break the code. Bo and John realize the decoded message is the address of Troy's former loft. Nora goes to see Troy in Statesville. Bo fears the killer may target Flash as his next victim and places her under police protection. Nigel tells Roxy that his dream is to buy and refurbish the formerly grand Angel Square Hotel. Roxy takes Nigel to meet with the owner of the hotel.

Friday, December 19, 2003

Todd goes to Viki when he figures out that Blair knows the truth, who insists the best thing he can do is ask his wife for forgiveness. Dorian tries to convince Blair that she is playing a deadly game. Blair shows Dorian papers she had drawn up giving her sole custody of the kids. Dorian states that Todd will never sign them, but Blair insists she has a plan. When Starr brings a permission slip for Blair to sign, she secretly watches her mother stapling it to another document. Todd tries to tell Blair the truth, but Blair pretends to be dreaming of Kevin. When Starr tells him what she saw, Todd goes through the stack finding the custody papers. Vowing never to let that happen, Todd tells Starr to pack a suitcase so they can leave.

Natalie opens the card from Cristian, running out of Rodi's when she becomes upset. Later John shows up, Roxy tells him that Natalie took off and convinces him to go look for her.

Kelly turns to Rae for help with her marriage. When Kevin returns to the mansion, he turns away Kelly's advances. A reporter asks David questions about Kelly and Kevin's marriage, but before he can give any information away, Asa interrupts. Later, David runs into Opal Cortland at the Palace bar and pumps her for information about Babe. To avoid Opal's advances, David kisses Dorian, who whispers that they are about to lose the inheritance.

John and Bo go through the evidence from the Music Box killings. When Flash calls, Bo insists that she let the police protect her. Rae brings Steven Haver to the police station to help Bo and Rae profile the Music Box Killer. Nora's visit to Troy elicits an apology from him, which she accepts. When he asks about Flash, she becomes wary of him again. At the mansion, Asa becomes furious when Flash tells him that Bo thinks she is next on the killer's list. A phone call from the killer scares them all.

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