All My Children Recaps: The week of December 22, 2003 on AMC

Bianca and Myrtle discussed the rape. Juan Pablo's car was blown up. Jamie and JR fought. Babe convinced JR that he was the father of her baby. Adam devised a new plan to get Babe's medical records. The residents of Pine Valley celebrated Christmas.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of December 22, 2003 on AMC
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Monday, December 22, 2003

Adam is introduced to Krystal at Chandler Mansion. Recognizing her from the hospital, Adam accuses her of staging the whole fainting incident to get Babe's doctor's attention and stop Adam from seeing Babe's file. Krystal tells Adam she was at the hospital strictly for pain relief. Adam counters the only thing she "relieved" was the doctor to get him on her and Babe's side. JR tells Adam to stay away from Babe, her records, and her doctor. Jamie enters the fray accusing JR of being afraid to face the truth - that it is his (Jamie's) baby. Before any blood can spill, Krystal grabs a boom box with a Christmas CD in it and leads a distracting round of "Deck the Halls." Adam turns the CD player off and stops Krystal's caroling. Krystal tells Adam, "It's Christmas. We're family. We should be decking the halls instead of each other." Adam retorts, "We are not and never will be family." He tells Krystal to pack up the mother/daughter trapeze act and hit the road. Krystal is not going anywhere unless JR tells her to go. JR opens his arms and welcomes "Moms" to the family.

Erica runs to Myrtle very upset about everything that's gone on for the past few months with Kendall and Bianca and the havoc wreaked by Michael Cambias. Erica vents, and Myrtle soothes her.

Having run downstairs to the parking lot after seeing the car blow up, Greenlee and Maria see a body covered with a blue sheet go by on a stretcher. The EMT indicates it is the victim of the explosion and says, "The poor guy never had a chance." Greenlee exclaims, "I can't believe this is happening to me," and embraces Maria for comfort. A bit later, Greenlee and Maria are back in an office at the hospital, both clearly shaken by the explosion that killed Pablo. Edmund enters and hugs Maria. Maria comments on Juan Pablo's car being so horribly destroyed. Edmund agrees and adds, "Thank God he wasn't in it." What? Juan Pablo appears at the door behind Edmund looking a bit sooty but otherwise okay. The man who was setting the bomb made a mistake and blew himself up. Juan Pablo got dirty trying to save him.

At Ryan and Kendall's new loft, Bianca and Kendall are concerned about the DNA test Kendall must take. Ryan offers to help. Bianca tells him they don't need his help. David walks up to the door and seconds the motion. Later Ryan convinces them all that they must let him help because David can't. Ryan points out that David was there for the pregnancy test. If David is there again for the DNA test, everyone will be suspicious.

After Erica leaves, Bianca shows up at Myrtle's. Suddenly without meaning to, Bianca fixates on the couch and asks Myrtle why it is still there. Myrtle tells her because it's not time to get rid of it yet. Myrtle recognizes that Bianca is having a flashback and tries to get her to talk about it. Myrtle expands on her previous answer that she hasn't gotten rid of the sofa because she still has pain from knowing Bianca was raped on it every time she sees it. Bianca doesn't understand and asks Myrtle, "Why is what happened your problem? Why can't you move on?" Myrtle feels responsible because she wasn't home to stop the rape and launches into a fiery tirade about the evil of Michael Cambias and how much it still hurts her and when it doesn't any more she will throw the couch out the door and burn it in the street. Bianca tells her she can't feel responsible. Myrtle tells her she can't either. Still Bianca doesn't talk about it very much.

With the loft to their self, Kendall begins ranting to Ryan about Jack choosing Livia Frye as her defense attorney. Kendall is lost and doesn't know what to do. Ryan tells her to trust him. Kendall and Ryan fall on the new love seat and begin kissing. The sound of a throat clearing breaks the kiss. It is Erica looking for Bianca. Everyone present claims to have no idea of where Bianca went but Ryan finds Erica's visit the perfect time to make an announcement. Ryan tells Kendall that neither he nor Erica want to see her go to jail, and Erica will no longer contest her pregnancy. David enters and Erica wonders why he is there. He tells her he was there earlier to check on Bianca's condition but she was in a hurry. David doesn't know where she went either.

Bianca leaves Myrtle's and goes to sit on a park bench. Staring up at the street lamp Bianca says, "Hey, Grandma." Bianca can't go to the cemetery because of the memory of Michael's burial ceremony there. Bianca recalls her grandmother teaching her to ice skate and how when she fell and it hurt Mona taught her to think happy thoughts so the pain would go away. Weeping, Bianca tells Grandma it doesn't work any more. Further breaking down Bianca wails, "What if I look at my child and all I see is Michael's face? I don't want to hate my baby," and begs Grandma for help.

At the hospital Maria tears into Edmund. "Edmund, you could have been killed in that explosion. And before I thought you were killed in a car explosion. Do you remember that? I planned a funeral for you. I thought I'd lost you," Maria says. She feels he is risking his whole family's happiness for a stupid story. Edmund tells her it's more than that and she knows it. If he pulls out, it will never stop, and this is the same kind of thing that sent Julia and Noah into hiding. Maria knows he is right but still worries. Later she tells Edmund there is only one thing she wants for Christmas. Smiling, Edmund kisses Maria and promises her, "I'll be home."

Babe confronts Jamie in the foyer of Chandler mansion. She tells him the only one there making her miserable is him. JR comes out and punches Jamie in the stomach a couple of times. Tad tries to break up the fight, and Jamie accidentally punches him in the face. Tad gains control of the situation and sends the brothers to their corners. Adam shouts at Babe, "If you love JR so much you'll quit this flim-flam before JR and his brother kill each other." JR says Adam is right and it's time to talk. Adam is eager but it is Babe with whom JR wishes to speak.

Brooke congratulates Krystal on her ER performance. Krystal explains that a mama's got to do whatever it takes sometimes and warns Jamie to stay away from her little girl. Brooke comforts Jamie after the fight and Krystal's warning. "You told the truth, Jamie. That's all you can do," she tells him. "No it's not. I can demand a paternity test," Jamie says.

Tad tells Krystal he made a mistake by bringing her to Pine Valley. He was hoping she would try to talk sense to Babe. Instead they're two of a kind. Shrugging off Tad's comments, Krystal turns to Adam, "Well if looks could draw and quarter . . . ." Adam assures her the last thing he wants for her is death. She asks what he does want. Adam says he will tell her when they are alone.

JR and Babe get alone. JR is not talking. Babe does the talking for him and reasons he must love her because he fought for her. JR breaks his silence long enough to tell her he fought for her because she is his wife and carrying his baby. Babe gets his attention when she says, "No, JR, I'm not."

Adam gets Krystal alone. Krystal helps herself to a little high octane Christmas cheer. Adam tells Krystal their children are in trouble. Adam says he and Krystal have something in common because they both want what is best for their children. Adam tries to win Krystal over to his side saying, "So I think if we work together we can solve this conundrum."

JR demands to know what Babe means. "I'm not your wife. I'm payback," she shouts. "And this baby, it's not your baby. It's a weapon. You didn't marry me because you love me. You married me because you hate your daddy." Babe wants to get back that loving feeling they had when they first met and is determined to try.

Greenlee tells Juan Pablo this is never going to end. "You'll always be looking over your shoulder," she says. Juan Pablo vows to stop this man. He tells Greenlee he loves her and swears he will come back to her. "I can't do this," Greenlee cries and rushes out. Alone on a park bench memories of Leo and Pablo mingle flooding a distraught Greenlee's mind.

Juan Pablo finds Greenlee's glove in the office she fled from at the hospital. He picks it up and caresses it. Edmund calls to Pablo that it's time to go. Juan Pablo takes the glove with him.

Bianca enters a chapel and turns to see a life-size nativity scene. She hears a baby cry and looks in the manger where she sees a real baby.

With a phone call Ryan finds a DNA specialist to help with the test Kendall volunteered for. Kendall asks if he called 1-800-Bribe-A-Doc. Ryan is in a hurry to leave after his phone call but comes back long enough to lay a kiss on Kendall's neck.

Tuesday, December 23, 2003

At a church, Bianca finds a real baby in the manger. Father Clarence appeared and she tried to convince him to call Child Protective Services. He explained they probably wouldn't come out at this time of year. She suggested the police and the Reverend put her off saying she could take care of the baby while he went out to make his calls. Bianca wanted to find his mother. "Not to worry. Seek and ye shall find," replied the Reverend. He picked up the baby and put it in her arms. The baby needs loving arms, he told her. He told the baby to take care of Bianca. Bianca replied he probably would be an angel. "Close," replied Father Clarence. Before he left to make his rounds he said, "Bianca stop fretting. Life works itself out the way it is suppose to." Bianca was puzzled. How did he know her name? She didn't tell him.

Bianca looked at the baby and talked quietly to him. Did your mother look back at you before she left you? Did she tell you she loved you? Bianca eyes become teary. She hugged the baby closely.

At Kendall's condo, Kendall was decorating her tree while Aidan talked to her about not being able to find the two witnesses to her marriage as well as Fred Lomax, preacher and sole proprietor of the Chapel of the Loving Heart. Kendall explained Boyd paid them off with pockets full of cash to destinations unknown to her. Boyd wanted it that way. Aidan said he would go talk with Boyd. Before he left, Kendall confessed her feelings about Ryan. Aidan asked her what has changed. She didn't know only that it is good and feels right this time around. Aidan wished her well, gave her a hug and told her if Ryan messes up she will learn that he (Aidan) is one of the good guys. Aidan leaves to find Boyd. Kendall silently watches him leave.

Krystal and Adam were having drinks together and talking at Chandler Mansion about Babe's pregnancy and the Jaime/JR baby situation. Krystal was very happy Babe is expecting as it makes her the youngest grandmother in the trailer park. Adam expressed concern that the baby probably is Jamie's and not JR's. She told Adam not to get his shorts in a knot and then suddenly grabbed him and kissed him passionately. Adam shoved her away and she coyly asked him if he had the hots for Babe himself. Adam became enraged. In the middle of the confrontation, Tad suddenly appeared much to Adam's dismay.

JR and Babe were at a pier trying to sort things out. Babe reminisced about how they met on a pier in San Diego It's déjà vu all over again she cooed to JR and said she was sorry she got pregnant so soon. JR commented that birth control doesn't work all the time. Babe then confessed she slipped up and got pregnant on purpose before they were married so if JR decided to leave her she would have something to remember him. JR angry to hear that but Babe sweet talked him into thinking they should move out of Chandler Mansion to a place of their own. She wanted to go home and pack. They left the pier and returned to Chandler Mansion interrupting Tad as he was saying to Krystal that JR is Adam's son in name only. He is more like Dixie. Adam demanded JR talk to him alone. JR ignored him and walking arm in arm with Babe went up to their bedroom. There they kissed and Babe wanted to start packing so they can move out. JR convinced Babe they need to stay at Chandler Mansion. He picked up Babe and carried her to their bed.

Meanwhile downstairs, Krystal told Tad to bring in her luggage. Adam was aghast that she planned on moving in. Tad commented should he bring it to the Blue Room or the Peach Melba? Krystal replied the Red flocked room with the naked cherubs would be fine. Adam said she belonged in the Pine Cone Motel and that's where she should go. Krystal ignored him and Adam stormed out of the room.

Krystal asked Tad who was Dixie. "JR's mother and the love of my life!" Tad replied. She wanted to know who Tad's parents were and Tad gave her the history: The Martins, Ray Gardner, and Napa Valley. Krystal wanted to know where Tad stood if the baby is Jamie's. Tad replied he didn't care who the father was as long as the baby was loved and cared for. Tad needed to go and warned Krystal that her room was the second one on the left. Don't go into the first room on the left without a whip and a chair: that is Mary Smythe's room.

Ryan was at the boathouse talking to a stranger giving him instructions to do as he asked and before Kendall goes to trial. The stranger left as Greenlee rushed into the boathouse distraught. She admonished Ryan for seeing her crying and tried to cover up what was bothering her. She told him about the car bomb and the Juan Pablo was ok. Ryan demanded Greenlee stay away from Juan Pablo because she might get killed. He confessed he could not handle it if something happed to her. Greenlee was surprised at his confession. She shoved him away from her exclaiming he had gone back to Kendall. He said that she was afraid Juan Pablo would leave her alone as Leo had done. She retorted that what she wanted on her Christmas wish list was for him to get lost and go to Hell. Ryan replied that she was in the same rut as always. Greenlee dismissed him to go to Kendall. Ryan left.

Adam went to the Center dressed as Santa Claus. He groused about the beard scratching his face. He wondered aloud how Stuart did this.

Santa also passed by Greenlee at the boathouse. She threw a lot of cash in his bucket and growled at him that she hoped that was enough for him to disappear. He left quickly. Greenlee gazed skyward asking Leo why are you gone and who's left behind for me.

Santa knocked on Kendall's door. She opened it in disbelief commenting she already gave as Santa pushed his way past her. He dropped his sack on the floor and asked her if she had been naughty or nice as Ryan pulled down his Santa beard.

Wednesday, December 24, 2003

Greenlee sat alone at the boathouse and talked out loud to Leo. She thought she saw him and ran to him but it was just her imagination. She said how much she wished he was there and then suddenly felt a warm breeze blow across her face. She looked up to the sky and said "It's you! You're here with me!" Greenlee remembered when she and Leo met up in a Christmas tree lot because he threw an empty gift box and hit her in the head. She had told him then that she wanted him in her life forever. Out loud, she asked Leo what he'd say to her now about her life. Greenlee sat down and told Leo that Ryan said it was ok for her to take off Leo's rings."Is Ryan right when he said you wouldn't want me to be alone?"

At Erica's penthouse she, Myrtle, Lena and Maggie lit candles and set out food for the Christmas Eve dinner. Erica was wondering where Bianca was when she heard a "Ho, ho, ho" at the door. In came Jack dressed as Santa with Reggie by his side. They didn't know where Bianca was but Jack offered to go look for her. Erica kissed him at the door and Myrtle announced that dinner was ready. She convinced Erica that Bianca was a grown woman and wouldn't want them waiting for her. They all began to get their food and sit down.

Jack found Greenlee at the boathouse and said he had a hunch he'd find her there. Greenlee said she felt close to Leo there. Jack invited her back to Erica's and she said she still had a few things to say to Leo but she'd catch up with him later. Jack understood and said "You do know I love you, right?" Greenlee said she knows and they hugged. Jack asked if she'd seen Bianca but Greenlee hadn't. Jack went on looking for Bianca and Greenlee stayed at the boathouse. She told Leo she still needed him and felt the warm breeze again. Greenlee began describing her relationship with Pablo and how he is obsessed with family honor. She was worried that Pablo would end up dead. She told Leo she just couldn't come up empty again. The warm breeze touched her again and she looked over and saw a package glowing on the floor. She picked it up, opened it and said "Merry Christmas Leo!"

Bianca talked to the sleeping baby and said she'd love him no matter who his family was. She realized she also meant it for her unborn child. She told the baby "We all start out the same, every one of us!" She thanked the baby for "opening my eyes." The church bells began to ring and Bianca said Father Clarence must be back and they should go find him. She put the baby in the manger and headed toward the door when a young priest came in. She told him she was going to find Father Clarence but he told her there was no such person. Bianca told him she met the father in the cottage behind the church. He told her that was just a shed. Bianca got more and more confused and told the young priest about finding the baby. He referred to him as "it" and Bianca realized he thought it was the statue of baby Jesus. She went to the manger where she had laid the infant and only found a porcelain statue. She dropped to her knees in prayer. When she stood up the priest asked if she was alright. Bianca said she was looking for an answer and she found it. She hugged the priest and ran out.

Opal and Palmer arrived at the Martin's together, throwing barbs at each other. Jamie stood alone, and looked depressed. Brooke and Tad talked about the situation as JR and Babe strolled in the door, followed by Krystal. Brooke warmly welcomed them and made the introductions. She took their coats and walked over to Jamie. She told him to behave and not ruin the holiday. Krystal told JR and Babe not to pick a fight. Palmer went up to Krystal and introduced himself. He was very dashing and Liza, Mia and Simone stood to the side watching. Opal came over and asked Krystal how soon she'd be heading home. Krystal said she was staying until after her grandbaby was born and maybe longer. Opal was not happy.

At the hospital Adam was dressed as Santa and was trying to break into Dr. Parker's office. Petey caught him and threatened to turn him in. Adam bribed him with $50 and Petey left. Adam got inside and began looking for Babe's records. Just as he found them Tad strolled in. They argued and fought over the records and ended up tearing them in two. Adam demanded Tad turn over his half but Tad took out a lighter and set them on fire. Just then Joe came in. Tad told him to call the police and have Adam arrested for breaking in and setting fire to a patient's records. Soon Adam is in a jail cell.

Tad and Joe went back to the Martin's. Tad went to JR and hugged him, saying "Have I got a present for you!" Tad told him about Adam's escapade. JR said it didn't set well with him, letting his father sit in jail on Christmas Eve and said he'd go bail him out. Tad said "Or you could take your beautiful bride home to a huge, quiet house and spend it all alone!." JR liked that idea even better. JR joined Babe as Simone came up to Tad with mistletoe in her hand. They kissed while Palmer and Opal commented that Tad should swear off women. Tad went to Brooke and asked how Jamie was doing. She said not good and Tad said he had one more ace up his sleeve. Later he stepped outside and looked to the sky. He asked Dixie to do a favor for him, to send her love and guidance to him because he needed her help. He went back in the house and hugged Jamie as the whole group began to sing We Wish You A Merry Christmas.

Jack and Bianca arrived at Erica's. Everyone asked where Bianca had been and she claimed to have been doing some last minute shopping. The group went over to the tree to begin opening gifts but Bianca went to a table that held Mona's picture. She placed a rose in front of the photo and said "Thanks to you Grandma, it's going to be a very Merry Christmas." She joined the group and Reggie and Jack began to pass out gifts.

Ryan was dressed as Santa in Kendall's condo. She argued with him and told him to spread his cheer elsewhere. Ryan headed out the door but Kendall repented and ran after him. She brought him back in and apologized. He joked that he was just "this close to putting you on my naughty list!" He took off the suit and they talked about the naughty things Kendall had been doing this year. She asked if Santa could forgive her and Ryan replied "If I can make 8 reindeer fly, I can forgive you!" He gave Kendall a large gift and she opened it, but was very puzzled by the contents. Ryan ordered her to take off her dress. She finally agreed and then Ryan took the gift and placed it around her belly. It was a fake pregnant belly. Kendall smiled like it was a diamond and they stood together with their hands on her "pretend baby." Ryan said "Merry Christmas Mommy!." They began kissing and Ryan undressed her. They laid down in front of the fireplace and made love. Then they fell asleep in each other's arms.

Adam sat alone in his jail cell as some drunken Santas were brought in. He was very upset and pulled his Santa hat down over his face.

Thursday, December 25, 2003

Due to the Christmas holiday, today's episode was preempted for special programming. There will be no lost episodes as a result of this schedule change; Friday's show will pick up where Wednesday's show concluded.

On behalf of everyone at Soap Opera Central, have a safe and Merry Christmas.

Friday, December 26, 2003

Tad follows Jamie to Jack's apartment. Jamie is there to hire Jack as his attorney to prove paternity of Babe's baby. Jack tries to get a grip on why Jamie thinks the baby is his. The noise wakes Reggie. Everyone tries to talk sense to Jamie, and Jamie and Tad end up arguing. Jack breaks up the brouhaha. Jack wants Jamie to try to talk to JR one more time before taking legal action. Over Tad's objections, Jack tells Jamie he will represent him in a paternity suit and compares the situation to himself, Mary, and Greenlee.

JR wakes to find Krystal beside him on the bed. First, she serves him a French Toast breakfast in bed, the "something sweet" she promised. Then Krystal talks to him about how much Babe loves him. JR promises to take the best care ever of Krystal's daughter and grandchild. They hug. Mary Smythe sticks her head in the door and asks, "I assume you want this shut?" Mary introduces herself and comes in. JR thanks Krystal for breakfast and goes to the shower. Mary and Krystal trade bling-bling barbs. Krystal makes fun of Mary for pronouncing "Smith" "Smythe" and wonders what Mary is doing there anyway. Mary explains Adam is a patron and she is an artist. Krystal says she is an artist too and prefers paint by numbers. Krystal digs into Mary about her own daughter disowning her and says that all she herself cares about is Babe's happiness. Krystal warns Mary to stay away from her son-in-law. Downstairs Mary tells Krystal that ingratiating herself with JR will not work. Mary does not believe Babe is good enough for JR. Adam enters the front door shouting for Winifred. Mary reminds him he gave the staff the day off.

Babe shows up to bail Adam out of jail but tells him first she wants to talk to him. Adam suspects she wants to wheel and deal but all Babe asks for is a week of peace for Jamie's sake. Later, back at Chandler mansion, Babe reveals to JR she used her platinum card to spring Adam from prison. Krystal enters. Krystal says what a sweetheart Babe is for springing Adam from jail. JR asks Adam what he thought about in jail and offers a few derogatory options. Adam tells JR he thought about the New Year and that it is going to be happy for both of them.

At Kendall's condo, Ryan and Kendall lay sleeping. A red-gloved hand pokes Ryan awake. It is Greenlee. She tells Ryan she needs him. Ryan responds with, "Please tell me I'm dreaming." Greenlee's pinch shows him she's quite real. Ryan wonders how she got in. Greenlee tells him Kendall gave her a key. "This better be important," Ryan says as he pulls the sheet around him and gets out of bed. In the living room, Greenlee tells Ryan it's about Leo, that she spoke to him about what to do with Juan Pablo. She shows Ryan the empty box Leo left for her and wants Ryan's interpretation of what it means. Kendall wakes up, walks in, and asks "What's up?" as Ryan reaches for Greenlee and drops his sheet. Kendall is going to throw Greenlee out for pulling Ryan from her bed. Ryan stands up for her telling Kendall it's about Pablo. Boyd shows up at the front door followed closely by Aidan. Kendall asks if this can't wait. Boyd responds that if it could he would not be there. Kendall, Aidan, and Boyd go into the bedroom leaving Ryan and Greenlee alone in the living room. After they leave, Greenlee tells Ryan to forget Kendall and concentrate on her. Meanwhile Kendall listens from the bedroom door more interested in Ryan and Greenlee's conversation than the one going on around her. Greenlee tells Ryan she doesn't know if she can stand to lose Juan Pablo. Ryan suggests she find out by letting go of him now before he gets her killed. A stranger knocks at the door and delivers a note for "the lady." It's a note for Greenlee supposedly from Juan Pablo asking her to meet him later in the day. Greenlee says she is going because the last time Pablo saw her she walked out on him. Ryan is afraid it is not safe. Ryan talks Greenlee into letting him take her to breakfast, but she leaves as Ryan is in the bedroom setting the Guinness world record for getting dressed. Greenlee digs for her keys in the parking lot. As she finds them and goes to open the car door, someone tosses a red blanket over her head and kidnaps her. It is Ryan. As Greenlee screams Ryan spanks her butt.

In the bedroom, Aidan wants Boyd to give up the location of the witnesses so he can relocate them. Kendall tells Boyd to do what Aidan wants because he has been so true to her. That is Boyd's point exactly and why he will not tell Aidan where they are. Aidan is true to Kendall, not Boyd, and if Boyd gives up their location he fears Aidan will hang him out for murder. Kendall swears to Aidan that Boyd did not kill Michael. Boyd tells Kendall that if she wants to trust Aidan, fine - but to leave him out of it.

JR and Babe sit arm and arm on the sofa. Krystal comes in the room. She found the wine cellar, which also held a bottle of cider for Babe. Adam refuses a toast and goes to answer the door. Coming back in the room, Adam suggests they might want to pour a glass for their guests, Jamie and Tad. Jamie is there for one last shot at getting Babe to take a DNA test without going to court. Babe is upset over Jamie's claims and runs upstairs crying. JR says, "Lawyer up, Jamie. There ain't going to be any test."

Krystal follows Babe upstairs. As Tad listens at the door, Krystal urges Babe to confess because she can't help her if she doesn't know the truth. Babe reveals to her mom that she was contemplating suicide when JR found her on the pier. The ocean looked like the only way out. Babe fears all that will come out in court and ruin her life. Krystal asks, "Is it true? Are you carrying Jamie's baby?"



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