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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of December 22, 2003 on GL
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Monday, December 22, 2003

Ross decides to run for mayor and Blake encourages him to do so. He asks her to remarry him first. Danny gives Ed a donation for the hospital. Danny lets Bill know he can make the call to the press and Ed sees the caption. Ross warns Danny of the pitfalls of campaign promises. He informs Danny and Bill he is also running for mayor. Olivia appears after going missing all night. Harley doesn't buy her cover story. Cassie encourages Olivia to let them help her. Olivia decides to go back to Ravenwood. She enters Phillip's room as Christopher tries to get through to him. Christopher asks Olivia to stay in town and help Phillip get better. Cassie and Harley are quick to offer Blake congratulations after she reveals she's getting married. Cassie suggests the Beacon for the wedding and Blake agrees. Billy shows Josh the newspaper with the caption, "Mysterious Car Raised Near Cutter's Bridge." Josh remembers a flash Reva had. Billy wants Josh to stay away from Reva. Marah and Reva begin to make ornaments with the boys. Marah asks Reva what Josh was like when he was younger. Reva remarks that it was Billy that was always dragging Josh into his messes. Marah encourages Reva to try again with Josh and Reva leaves to do just that. She approaches Josh but he brushes her off, saying that just wants to get back together because of the holidays. Reva is confused by his reaction. Billy gives Marah a lighthouse charm for Christmas. Marah asks him about Maryanne Caruthers. He tries to pass Maryanne off as an old girlfriend of Josh's.

Tuesday, December 23, 2003

On the radio, the Mole announces that everyone knows there is no Santa Claus. Reva confronts Sandy and drags him out of the restaurant to find him a little Christmas spirit. An overwhelmed Cassie has a wedding to prep, presents to wrap and a child with a Santa complex. Marah takes one look at Sandy, and comments that he's the "Mole who stole Christmas." She is sorry that Sandy grew up feeling cheated out of Christmas, but that doesn't give him the right to spoil things for everybody else. An annoyed Sandy keeps an eye on Marah and Jeffrey. Marah tells Jeffrey she loves a challenge. Michelle, Blake and Harley are angry with whoever started this "no Santa" garbage. Harley is surprised to find out that Ross is running for mayor. Ross wants to put politics aside for tonight. Alan brings Gus to the chapel to see Lucia, and Gus isn't happy about it. Gus is amused by Alan and Lucia's banter. Awkward Gus kisses Lucia on the cheek; she wishes him a Merry Christmas. Ross asks Ed to be his best man. Blake picks out a wedding dress, but later realizes she's forgotten to write her vows. She has a momentary case of the butterflies. Ed tells Shayne that he doesn't want to blow the progress he's already made by pushing himself too hard. Marina asks Shayne to go caroling, but he says that nobody wants to see some cripple hanging out on their front porch. He sends her off, and then asks a nurse to take him to the gym. Ed arrives for the wedding. Michelle tells Ed that she knows his secret about the wedding. Marah leads the family in Christmas carols.

Wednesday, December 24, 2003

Reva, Harley and Cassie have thought of a way to restore the children's belief in Santa. Josh, Gus and Edmund all arrive dressed as Santa. Alexandra asks Alan to play Santa Claus. Add Danny and Rick to the list of Santas. Olivia tells Cassie she can't make it to the wedding. She goes to church instead to pray. Father Ray reminds an emotional Olivia that Christmas is about birth and new beginnings. Shayne continues to work out by himself. He struggles to lift his body out of the wheelchair and into a standing position. His hand slips from the bars, and he goes down, falling hard on the mat. Marina rushes to Shayne's side, cradles him in her arms. He tells her he wanted to walk for her. She reassures him. Unbeknownst to them, a large red welt swells on his spine. Back at the Beacon, Santas Alan, Frank and Buzz arrive, as does Jeffrey. All Marah wants for Christmas is for Jeffrey to tell her one personal detail about himself. Later, Jeffrey confides in Marah he was afraid of thunder as a child. Josh, Alan and Buzz worry about the sunken car. Reva asks Sandy to spend the night at the house. Holly refuses to let Ross see Blake before the ceremony. Ross asks Ed to help him see Blake. Ed volunteers to walk Blake down the aisle. But first there is someplace he wants to take her. Ed delivers Blake to Ross; they confirm their undying love. Blake and Ross say their vows. Alan surprises everyone when he begins to sing. Blake and Ross exchange rings. Jeffrey pronounces Rose and Blake husband and wife. Josh agrees to spend Christmas at the house. The "real" Santa hands out gifts to the kids. After everybody leaves, Blake and Ross dance beneath the Christmas tree.

Thursday, December 25, 2003

Due to the Christmas holiday, today's episode was preempted for special programming. There will be no lost episodes as a result of this schedule change; Friday's show will pick up where Wednesday's show concluded.

On behalf of everyone at Soap Opera Central, have a safe and Merry Christmas.

Friday, December 26, 2003

Jeffrey needs Harley to be willing to do whatever it takes with Green. He gives her a jeweled pin as a Christmas gift. Harley makes nice with Brad Green. She tells him she got his case dropped. He asks Harley to dinner as Jeffrey listens in. Later, she eats with Jeffrey. Michelle's not sure she likes the political Bill. Blake and Ross revel in their new married status and happen upon Danny, Michelle and Bill. Each group sends the other a bottle of champagne. Everyone makes nice for a moment, but Bill can't let it go. He suggests Ross drop out of the race; Ross counters by saying Danny could drop out. Michelle toasts the group, reminding everyone that above all, they are always friends. Blake and Ross head to the honeymoon suite. Eden thinks she's meeting Father Ray, but he's in Rome. Eden turns to leave and runs smack into Tony. They realize they were set up. Eden and Tony encounter The Shadow for the first time. The Shadow wonders what Tony and Eden are willing to do to save Danny and Bill. The Shadow leaves after opening the lines of communication with Eden and Tony. Olivia asks Phillip to please come back. Alan rages at Christopher for letting Olivia visit Phillip. Olivia overhears Christopher defending her and after Alan leaves, she thanks him. Christopher tells Olivia to focus on herself and offers his friendship. Later, he takes notes on Phillip's condition, while Phillip remains unresponsive. Christopher is reminded of a prayer his mother used to say.

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