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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of December 15, 2003 on GL
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Monday, December 15, 2003

Marah and Michelle continue their conversation about the missing pieces to the Maryanne Caruthers mystery. They decide to search the internet again with some of the new facts they have regarding Maryanne's death. In the midst of their search, Carrie shows up again. Carrie suggests they zoom in on the photograph they have found of possible bridges on which Maryanne may have had the accident. They find one of the three bridges was not built before the time of Maryanne's accident. The second would have been too thick through which to crash. That only leaves the one bridge on which she must have had the accident. Now that they know the lady's name and which bridge she crashed through, they wonder how they could get their hands on the police files. Later, they consider involving Marina since her father is the chief of police.

Marina shows up at the police station and claims she is there to go through the old police files for a school project. The police officer is hesitant about letting her in, but agrees after Marina tells him to call her dad. She tells him her dad said it was okay. Marah and Michelle come in with her as Marina tells the police officer they are in a study group together. They went through every police record for the last decade and didn't find anything. They are now beginning to wonder why someone, including the police, is trying to cover up this accident. Since they are unable to find the police records, they decide to go to the graveyard to look for Maryanne's headstone this evening after dinner.

Tony, Bill and Danny discuss addressing Danny's past to the public rather than ignoring it. Eden bursts in and insists they all clean up. She tells them two political figures, George and Jim, are coming over in ten minutes. Moments later, they show up with their attorney, Ross Marler. Danny offers them each a cigar, and they begin their political discussion. Danny is hoping they will back him. George and Jim need an assurance that his ties to his past are over and suggest he gives them something more concrete. They want Danny to turn his back on Tony. Danny assures them Tony left that lifestyle behind long ago. They remind Danny about some more recent behavior problems Tony had. Tony wants to step down, but Danny tells them if this is the only way they can trust him, they can shove it. Ross and Bill try to smooth things over. They continue their political discussions, and depart on a good note. They feel comfortable with George and Jim but aren't too sure about whether they have Ross's support.

Harley is at the gym lifting weights when Brad Green, assuming she is trying to pump him for information, holds the weights next to her throat. He tells Harley of his suspicions and if she isn't involved, he thinks she knows who is. She plays dumb. Brad tells her he thinks her boyfriend is the one behind everything. In addition, he thinks Alan is involved. Alan hasn't completely trusted Brad since the last incident where he took company money to pay off his blackmailer. He tells her he only took an hour off to enjoy the gym so he wouldn't have a stress related heart attack. Harley assures Brad she would never work for Alan under any circumstances. Then the conversation changes for the better. Harley compliments him on forgiving his wife. Brad tells her Jeffrey is pushing him into testifying against his wife. Harley reminds him he legally doesn't have to testify. She then tells him maybe she could pull some strings and try to get the charges dropped against his wife. Brad tells her if she could do that, he would be forever grateful.

Afterwards when Harley and Jeffrey discuss how things went down with Brad Green, he disagrees with the way she handled things. He tells her she needs to follow his rules for their next encounter. Jeffrey tells Harley he planned from the very beginning on dropping the case against Brad's wife. Jeffrey tells her he couldn't have prosecuted her to begin with, because he needed Brad to testify against her. He just didn't tell Harley because he wanted her to be convincing.

While holding onto a confidential company file, Gus remembers the conversation he had with Harley in regards to finding company information. Before he has a chance to open it, Alan interrupts him. Gus tells him he hadn't opened the file since it wasn't addressed to him. Alan assures him he has nothing to hide. Moments later, Alexandra enters the room and demands that Gus give her the file. He tells Alexandra that Phillip trusts him to look after his interests. Before too long, Brad Green shows up and finds out Gus was hired on at Spaulding Enterprises. Gus assures him he is going to do his homework to find out everything he can about Spaulding Pharmaceuticals. Brad questions whether Gus would have access to every file and seems particularly concerned about the file he has in his hands. Alan tells him Gus can have access to any file he wants. Brad informs Gus he had a work out with Harley earlier at the gym.

Tuesday, December 16, 2003

Eden shows up at Spaulding for a scheduled meeting with Alexandra and the advertisement team. Eden is upset to find that Alexandra cancelled the meeting and didn't let her know. Alexandra surprises Eden when she tells her that her brother, Gus, is the new Vice President at Spaulding. Alexandra tells her that it is temporary, but she knows that Alan has a more permanent plan. Eden senses that Alexandra doesn't think that Gus is good enough for the company. Eden tells her that Gus might not have been born with a silver spoon in his mouth, but he can accomplish anything he sets his mind to. On another note, Alexandra tells Eden that she doesn't think that their new "bad girl" line will not go as far as she would like it to. Brad Green seems to be standing in the way as far as funding goes. Eden seems to want the challenge of convincing Brad otherwise. Moments later, Brad enters the room per an earlier request from Alexandra. Alexandra suddenly has something to do and leaves Brad and Eden alone. Brad tells Eden that he knows what she wants - Money! Eden leans in closer to Brad. She takes Brad's money out of his jacket and tells him to keep it in his pants where she gently puts it. Brad tells her to forget it. The budget stays right where it is. Eden tells him that he is thinking too small with this product line. She wants to prove it to him that she can make it the must-have label. After some convincing, Brad wants to know what she needs to get started. Eden tells him that she needs a bikini, sun block, and the corporate jet by morning.

Danny gets a little suspicious with Michelle wanting to leave this late at night, and she is hesitant on telling him where she is going. Michelle eventually tells Danny that Marah wants some girl time tonight in regards to her feelings for Tony. Michelle heads out just as Nico and Bill show up. Nico has come to tell Danny that he is leaving town. Nico tells Danny that he wants to make a record. Danny offers to help him and tells him that they can do that right there in Springfield. Nico thanks him, but tells him that he wants some real exposure. Danny tells him that he can take care of that too. Nico then tells Danny that he wants to see the world, so Bill shows him a globe and gives it a quick spin. Bill tells Nico that they need him around. He turned what could have been a media disaster into something positive. They both want Nico to be part of their political team and the Fifth Street Development team. Nico tells Danny that he has Tony, Bill, and Michelle. Danny pulls out some new designs for Fifth Street. Nico notices a memorial park in his parents name. In addition, he finds some other changes he would like to make and asks to mark on the drawings. Looks like Nico is back in the ring.

Eden rushes home to see Bill. He was on the phone discussing Danny's political views. Eden starts to kiss him on his neck. She whispers into his ear telling him to say "goodbye" to Bob. It takes Bill about two shades of a second to end the call. Bill responds and asks what brought this on. Eden jokingly tells him she was with another man. Bill backs down and wants to know details. Eden tells him that the man she was with is a real ladies man and knows exactly what she wants. When Eden tells him that it was Brad Green she was with, Bill remembers Brad as a former client of the Garden of Eden. In addition to everything else he has heard about Brad Green from the papers, he doesn't want Eden to hang out with guys like that. Eden informs him that she doesn't have a choice because Brad Green is the CFO overseeing the line of "Bad Girl." Eden tells Bill that she and Brad had business tonight that went really well, that's all. Bill asks Eden whether Brad gave her what she wanted this evening. Eden tells him that he will when he sees her in a slinky bikini which she pulls out of her purse and offers to model it for Bill. While she is changing into her bikini, she mentions to Bill that she will be going to Barbados tomorrow.

Marah and Marina are already at the graveyard waiting for Michelle. They begin to get a little spooked when they hear sounds. Marina and Marah try to convince themselves that it is just the wind. Moments later, someone puts their hand on Marah's shoulder. Fortunately, it was just the groundskeeper, Mr. Fisher. Mr. Fisher remembers Marah. She and Shayne used to play at the graveyard as children. Marah claims that she is scouting out locations for her mothers next show. After Mr. Fisher leaves, Marah and Marina decide to get a head start on their search. Michelle finally shows up. While Michelle and Marah begin to argue over Michelle's excuse to Danny about getting out of the house, Marina shuts them up fast when she finds Maryanne's grave. There it is - they finally have proof that she existed, and she really did die. They decide to finish their conversations at Company. After they leave, Carrie shows up and tells Maryanne to rest in peace because the time has finally come.

Frank and Darci arrive at company after having been Christmas shopping. They find Buzz to be in a grumpy mood. Moments later, Alexandra shows up to vent. She discusses business mistakes with Buzz. Buzz thinks that it has to do with Phillip. Alexandra tells him that with Gus on board at Spaulding, everyone is going to start second guessing her. Buzz tells her that maybe the two of them can run away with their mistakes. It doesn't seem like a good idea for Alexandra, but she begins to wonder about what Buzz would want to run away from.

Wednesday, December 17, 2003

Carrie drops in at the museum and prods the increasingly reluctant trio of Marah, Michelle, and Marina to keep investigating the mystery of Maryanne Caruthers and her link to their fathers/grandfather. Amidst much subterfuge, the young women proceed to not so subtly approach the subject in subsequent conversations with the men, resulting in increasingly strained relations between all. As the young women reconvene at the museum, they come to realize that they are causing their fathers/grandfathers great emotional pain by demanding truth, when they themselves are not being completely truthful to the men about Carrie's existence. Carrie makes another sudden appearance and encourages the young women to continue despite the pain. She accuses them of not wanting to face the truth themselves - that underneath a placid surface, the town and citizens of Springfield are not what they seem. Carrie then dangles a carrot - perhaps when the truth comes out, the men will experience spiritual healing. She challenges the trio to make a decision; they are either in or out of their pact. Marina and Marah stay in, but Michelle opts out.

The cast of Romeo and Juliet is rehearsing at the gym, and an exasperated Sandy is trying to teach Joey how to fence. Joey is long on enthusiasm but short on talent. Edmund and Cassie, who are dropping off Tammy, observe with amusement. At Cassie's urging, Edmund steps in and shows Joey proper positioning and how to thrust and parry. Sandy is greatly relieved and moves on to work with the rest of the cast. As a starry-eyed Tammy watches, Edmund teaches Joey how to fence realistically. Later, Tammy gives Joey a present - a scarf that is identical to the one she gave Edmund. It appears that she is subconsciously trying to make Joey over in Edmund's image. Joey is unenthusiastic about the gift and points out it's not his style. Tammy goes off to run lines with Sandy, and Lizzie takes the opportunity to move in on Joey. As Lizzie makes her move, a seething Cassie observes and is ready to set her straight. Before she can, Edmund stops her. He points out that Tammy wouldn't appreciate her mother fighting her fights, in front of her peers. Instead, he steers Cassie out to go Christmas tree hunting.

After making points with Joey, Lizzie is teased about her father's mental collapse by a cast extra. Lizzie shoots back with a snappy comment but is clearly upset as she leaves the gym. A concerned Sandy follows. The two connect somewhat as she confesses that she feels like she'll never fit in, and he tells her he felt the same way when he was in high school. However, it's clear that Lizzie's sights are set on Joey as, at the end of rehearsal, she gives him a ride home in the limo when Tammy rides home with Edmund and Cassie.

Buzz and Ed meet up at Maryanne's grave, where Buzz warns Ed that they all promised to visit the grave only once a year. Ed is clearly buckling under the strain.

Thursday, December 18, 2003

The press surprisingly shows up at Harley's Angels and begins to photograph Michelle at work. She was in the middle of a telephone call from a girl who was coming off drugs and experiencing trouble. Michelle transferred her to the appropriate doctors, but she was upset with the distraction. It appears as though Bill set up the photo opportunity on purpose to benefit Danny's campaign. Moments later, Danny comes in and the photographers begin to get photographs of the couple together. Danny plants a kiss on her for one last picture. Once they have a free moment, Danny senses that Michelle isn't too happy with the way things went down today. Danny promises to handle things better the next time. Moments later, Rick shows up. Rick had stopped by to talk to Michelle about their dad. Rick tells Michelle that he is worried about him. He seems distant, quiet, and secretive. Rick tells Michelle that their dad asked him to do something for him but didn't want him to tell anyone. Michelle begins to question Rick about their dad's behavior in the 70's. She wonders whether that was the time frame that he was drinking heavily.

Tony is at the gym beating the daylights out of a punching bag. Eden shows up, but once she sees Tony she decides to leave. Tony tells her that she doesn't have to go. He tells her that he knows that he has been rough on her since he has been back. He tells Eden that he saw a look in her eyes when she looked at Bill the other day and finally agrees to back down. Eden decides to stay and begins her workout. During her workout, she begins to discuss her business ideas and money stipulations Brad Green has placed on the new "Bad Girl" line. She talks about needing a location on a low budget. Tony offers to let her use his ranch "free of charge." Eden wonders if there is a hitch. Tony tells her there is no hitch. He just thinks she is on to something, and he wants to see it go. After Eden leaves, Jeffrey shows up and the two of them discuss Danny running for Mayor. Tony is a bit surprised that a hard ball like Jeffrey would back Danny.

Ed and Buzz discuss their daughter and granddaughter and the girls continually bringing up Maryanne Caruthers. Buzz tells Ed to not let Michelle see how bothered he is about this. Ed tells him that it is too late and continues to explain that he even rearranged his schedule at the hospital to avoid Michelle. Just as he mentions this, Rick walks by and overhears. Rick begins to question him, but Ed tells him to back off. Ed tells her that he just doesn't think he should work with his daughter because others may think that she is getting special treatment. Rick gives him back the envelope with the note inside that Michelle gave him asking Ed about Maryanne Caruthers. Rick informs him that only his and Michelle's fingerprints were on it. Rick wants to know what it was about. Ed tells him to never mind and then leaves.

Harley gets a call from Jeffrey. He wants to know if she is ready for her next target. Harley wonders whether it is Brad Green again. Jeffrey informs her that it comes a little closer to home this time - It's Gus. Harley tells him that Gus doesn't know anything. Jeffrey tells her that he may be sitting on a gold mine with a lot of information that might be valuable to them. Harley wants more information as to who this information might be valuable to. Jeffrey refuses to give much information about that, but he seems to know a lot about her and Gus and their whereabouts right now. He knows that Gus is at the office and Harley is standing outside Company. Harley begins looking around wondering where he is calling from. When she asks how he knows that, he tells her to never mind that and advises her to go back inside Company to get Gus something to eat so that she can take it over to him at Spaulding. Harley tells Jeffrey that she didn't sign up for this. Jeffrey tells her that she needs to protect her investment and at the same time, protect Gus. She reminds Jeffrey that Gus doesn't need protecting.

At Spaulding, Olivia runs into Gus. Olivia doesn't seem to like the idea that Gus is filling in for Phillip. She tells him that she is going to keep a close eye on him and tells him not to get too comfortable. Gus tells her that if he wanted the CEO title, (which he does not) there isn't anything she can do about it. As Olivia is heading out, she runs into Harley. Olivia wonders whether she is working at Spaulding to. Harley tells her she is just delivering food to Gus. Once Harley brings the food in to Gus, she begins to question how the other suits are accepting his arrival. He tells her that Alexandra seems to be the only person gunning for him. He continues to tell her that he ran into her workout partner and wonders why she got so cozy with him today. She tells Gus that she was just doing Mel a favor because she is representing Marie Green. Gus tells Harley that she really turned Brad on today, and he couldn't stop talking about her. Harley tells him that he just spotted her while she was weight lifting. Gus wonders whether she got the information she needed. Harley tells him that it was a start and wonders whether he is jealous. Gus tells her that Brad is a womanizer. Harley informs him that Brad still cares about what happens to his wife. Moments later, they begin to eat. Coincidentally, Harley forgot the drinks. Gus leaves Harley alone in his office to get them some drinks. She begins to look around but questions what she is doing as she is holding a folder in her hands. (Sorry, shortly after she picked up the folder, we had a brief news conference, so I don't know whether she looked inside)

At the psychiatric hospital, Dr. Langham tells Phillip that he really wasn't hallucinating. Olivia is back for real this time. Later in the day, Olivia shows up to talk to Phillip. Dr. Langham introduces her into the room and tells Phillip that it is okay, she is real. Phillip begins to stare at her from his bed. He gets out of bed, walks closer and tells her she had the baby - a little girl. Olivia begins to cry, and Phillip questions the tears. Phillip learns that she lost the baby, and he begins to fall apart.

Friday, December 19, 2003

At Dr. Langham's urging, Olivia goes to Ravenwood to tell Phillip the devastating news about their daughter. The news sends Phillip into a near catatonic state, and he moans that he's killed his daughter. Olivia in turn breaks down and says it's not true, that it's not his fault. Dr. Langham attends to Phillip and sends for a nurse and some meds. The good doctor then takes Olivia to Company so they can talk. They run into Cassie who immediately senses that Olivia told Phillip the bad news. Dr. Langham and Olivia proceed to talk in private and Cassie hovers around, concerned. Olivia berates the doctor, stating that his strategy seems to have made Phillip worse. Dr. Langham admits that Phillip's response was much more severe than he anticipated but thinks it was still the right thing to do. The doctor is much more interested in the comment that Olivia made to Phillip, about something not being true. He speculates that her comment can be construed two ways: 1. It's not true that Phillip killed his daughter, or 2. It's not true that the baby died. Olivia goes ballistic and can't believe that Dr. Langham would accuse her of lying, and that she would've done anything to spare Phillip any pain. Dr. Langham backs off. Cassie interrupts and offers to take Olivia home, and to also treat her to Buzz's chicken soup. Olivia exits to wait outside, but when Cassie follows (after a conversation with Dr. Langham about Olivia's defensive/control issues) she discovers that Olivia has disappeared.

At the hospital, Josh is discussing Shayne's alternative treatment with Ed, Rick, Jeffrey O'Neill and the acupuncturist. Ed explains acupuncture from the Western point of view; Rick is clearly skeptical. Josh wants to proceed cautiously, but an enthusiastic Reva and Shayne show up and want to proceed immediately. Josh reluctantly agrees. However, as Shayne is preparing to undergo treatment, he belatedly discloses his fear of needles and prepares to back out. The acupuncturist, unbeknownst to Shayne, has already stuck a needle in. Shayne gets over his phobia and immediately proceeds to relax. The acupuncturist advises that he'll need more sessions and the treatment isn't an immediate cure-all. Shayne, however, looks more at ease than he has in months.

In the meantime, Josh has stepped outside the treatment room to speak with Ed. They are both puzzled about why their daughters won't let the Maryanne issue rest.

Bill and Harley run into each other at the Beacon's bar. The conversation turns to Michelle and Eden, and Harley expresses surprise that Bill could go from one extreme (nice girl Michelle) to another (bad girl Eden). Bill says that he's cared about Michelle since they were children, but that Eden is the only person who's challenged him to be more than he is. He declares his happiness, but Harley remains skeptical.

Michelle meets up with Marah and Marina at the museum. After much hemming and hawing, Michelle has decided (to paraphrase an old adage) that the truth will set them free. All three agree that finding out the truth about Maryanne will help their fathers/grandfather deal with the emotional burden they're carrying around. Carrie does her magical appearing act and expresses her relief. She says that, in order for their mission to work, the trio must be united. She then takes them to Cutter's Bridge, the site of Maryanne's accident, where she's arranged for Maryanne's car to be recovered. Carrie predicts big changes for Springfield.

Back at Ravenwood, a distraught Phillip hallucinates about his and Olivia's daughter (in teenage form). The imaginary teen bids a final tearful farewell to Phillip while he cries out to her, begging her to not leave.

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