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Passions Recaps: The week of December 15, 2003 on PS
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Monday, December 15, 2003

Baby Endora is up to her old tricks again as she uses her magic powers to disrupt the lives of the citizens of Harmony. Tabitha realizes that she has to discipline the child to prevent everyone from figuring out that she is a witch and so is her mother, but it's not easy. Tabitha thinks that all the holiday cheer is making Endora cranky.

Beth does her best to kill off Sheridan by driving her insane and to her own suicide, but Charity keeps getting in the way of her plans with her vivid visions of bad times ahead for Sheridan. Meanwhile, John plays Santa and tries to bond with Maria, which disrupts Kay's goal of being alone with Miguel.

Theresa attacks Julian for plotting to take her son away from her. Rebecca gloats over the predicament Theresa is in, Pilar cannot take it anymore and physically attacks Rebecca who is knocked into an open grave. Sarah's funeral becomes a circus and Gwen is devastated.

Tuesday, December 16, 2003

Theresa takes the battle for little Ethan to the legal field when she consults an attorney about her rights. The attorney tells Theresa she has nothing to worry about. The court will be on her side. But Theresa thinks that she is in danger of losing her child.

Ethan and Gwen have a squabble when Ethan criticizes her mother for causing problems for Theresa and for firing Pilar. Gwen comes to her mother's defense and wants to know why Ethan can never blame Theresa for anything. Meanwhile, Rebecca continues to push for what she wants and makes sure nothing stands in her way.

Sheridan continues to insist that baby Martin is her baby, not Beth's. Her obsession with this idea is making her family think that she has lost touch with reality. Meanwhile, Beth becomes concerned when little Martin becomes seriously ill and she rushes "her" sick son to the ER.

Wednesday, December 17, 2003

When news of a family crisis reaches Miguel through Charity, he feels that his family needs him and he tells Kay he can't stay and visit with her and baby Maria. Kay is absolutely furious about this. Her reaction makes Miguel realize that he'll always be caught in the middle between Kay and Charity.

While helping the gang decorate Tabitha's house for the holidays, John is confused when it seems as if there are supernatural forces at work there. As Sheridan's mental state deteriorates, so does the health of Beth's "son." Eve suggests bringing in a psychiatrist for Sheridan.

Pilar finds a way to let Theresa secretly visit with little Ethan, reuniting mother and child. Gwen blows up at Ethan when he refuses to condemn Theresa and side with her about the decision to take little Ethan away from Theresa. Gwen accuses her husband of taking Theresa's side all the time.

Thursday, December 18, 2003

Ethan makes a difficult decision for the sake of Little Ethan and decides to secretly help Theresa regain custody of the boy. With Sheridan's accounts frozen, Fox in debt and Pilar out of work, Ethan has no choice but to secretly fund Theresa's legal battle.

Theresa is greatly relieved when it appears that she'll have the legal muscle to go head-to-head with Rebecca in court. Meanwhile, Julian is wracked with guilt about what he is being forced to put Theresa through. Pilar puts the pieces of her life back together and tries to be supportive to Luis during the family crisis.

As Sheridan struggles with depression, her loved ones watch helplessly. Eve thinks that Sheridan could become a danger to herself if she continues to spiral down and "delude" herself into believing that baby Martin is her baby. Meanwhile, Luis and Beth are told that little Martin's illness is life threatening.

Friday, December 19, 2003

Tabitha tries to get Jessica and her friends out of the house before they realize that the place is bewitched and that all manner of spirits are about to descend on the place as guests of Tabitha's party. Kay is upset when Miguel and Charity leave together for little Martin's baptism at the hospital.

Now that Theresa has legal representation, she goes to Ethan to share the news and get his support. Ethan is cool and detached from Theresa and insists on remaining anonymous even though Theresa is upset by his seemingly unsympathetic behavior. Theresa blasts Ethan.

Eve becomes increasingly alarmed as Sheridan unravels even more. She advises the family that Sheridan might need to be institutionalized for her own protection. Meanwhile, Beth and Luis plan a baptism for the dying baby Martin as Beth does her best to get closer to Luis. Sheridan breaks down at baby Martin Lopez-Fitzgerald's baptism.

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