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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of December 15, 2003 on ATWT
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Monday, December 15, 2003

Ben carries Jessica across the threshold into her house, but they find the house in a terrible mess. Ben checks the lock and finds that it has not been forced, and they remember that the only other people who have keys are Bonnie, Isaac, and Curtis, all who they believe are out of town. Jessica immediately jumps to the conclusion that Sarah must have done the damage. She calls the Center and demands that Troy come over right away. Troy comes with Sarah, and Jessica angrily shows them her trashed house. Sarah defiantly insists that she didn't do it, and Troy tells Jessica and Ben that Sarah was in bed with the flu the entire time they were gone on their honeymoon. Just then, Curtis comes in the door and cheerfully welcomes the newlyweds' home.

At Al's Diner, Alison calls to cancel the sonogram, so that neither Chris nor Aaron can find out that the baby is actually Chris'. At the hospital, Chris tells Susan that he ordered the sonogram because he thinks the baby might be his, and he is the first to break the news to Susan that Alison and Aaron were married the previous night. Aaron joins Alison, and the two agree that their marriage doesn't seem real. Alison suggests that the two of them go to Chicago to the Women's Health Center rather than to Oakdale Memorial, but her plan is interrupted when Susan calls and berates her for not telling her about the marriage. Susan demands that Alison come to the hospital to talk to her and to have the sonogram. In spite of Alison's repeated attempts to go to Chicago, Aaron bundles her up and takes her to the hospital. As soon as they arrive, Susan sends Aaron off to get her a cup of coffee so that she can speak to Alison alone. Susan tells Alison that Aaron is too nice a boy to be saddled with a baby that is not even his. Chris arrives and confronts Alison about canceling the sonogram. Aaron returns and shouts, "Leave my wife alone," but then turns and asks Alison why Chris is talking about a sonogram. Instead of answering, Alison keeps trying to get Aaron to leave with her. Chris finally interrupts and tells Aaron that he and Alison had unprotected sex and that he thinks the baby might be his. Aaron, Chris, and Susan all insist that she have the sonogram immediately, and Susan is able to get Alison's appointment reinstated. An orderly takes Alison in a wheelchair to her sonogram, while the others just stand there and don't accompany her.

At Oakdale Memorial, Joe D'Angelo arrives from Italy and Lucinda must tell him that Rose has died. In the room where Rose's body still lies, Dusty cries and promises Rose that he will make the person who killed her pay. Lily, overhearing, blows up at Dusty and accuses him of coming between her and Rose. She tells him, "There's no hero in this story, just two selfish men!" Lily cries to Holden in the hospital chapel, "I feel so alone." Holden leaves to go help Joe, and Dusty enters the chapel. Joe cries at the sight of his daughter's body, slips his ring on her finger, then, bewildered that his daughter has been murdered, sobs to Holden, "The whole world loved my little Rose." In the chapel, at first Dusty blames Lily for pushing Rose toward Paul, then admits to her, "It's not your fault." Lily cries and cries, but Dusty finally tells her that Rose is still living in Lily. She collapses in Dusty's arms just as Holden enters the chapel.

Barbara arrives at the police station to tell Hal her theory that Dusty wanted revenge on Rose and Paul for marrying, so Dusty murdered Rose himself and framed Paul. At the same time, Paul comes to the church, tears off the police tape, and walks down the aisle toward a figure covered by a white veil. He begs the veiled figure for forgiveness, and a ghostly Rose throws back the veil and tells him that it is too late. A policeman arrives to find Paul there and the vision disappears. Paul collapses on the altar in hysteria, and the policeman calls Hal to tell him Paul's whereabouts, since the police were looking for Paul. When Hal arrives at the church, he discovers Paul sitting in a pew begging for forgiveness. This, of course, makes Hal suspicious, but Paul insists, "I'd never hurt Rose." Hal tells Paul that the fact that Rose had had nothing to eat or drink but the champagne Paul brought to her makes it clear that the poison was in Rose's glass of champagne. Paul admits that he bought the champagne and the special red glass to lull Rose into a false sense of security, so that she would be totally set up for her humiliation at the altar. Paul tells Hal that he poured the champagne into the four glasses and left the tray in the hall outside their room. Paul insists that he did not put poison in the glass, and he suggests that Hal find out who took the champagne and the glasses. Hal answers, "I think I might already have an idea." Barbara is lurking outside the door, eavesdropping. Hal then tells Paul the evidence that points to premeditation: the disguised-voice threats and the vandalism to Rose's car. When Paul denies the vandalism, Barbara, still outside the door, looks frantic. Hal leaves, admonishing Paul not to leave town. Barbara quickly disappears.

Tuesday, December 16, 2003

While getting the sonogram, Alison fakes being sick and switches photo records with someone less pregnant. Susan and the technician find Alison collapsed on the floor, and Alison gets away with the switch. All believe the baby is Aaron's. Curtis confesses to Ben that he was kicked out of school for smoking pot. Meanwhile, Jessica tries to apologize and make things up with Sarah. Sarah wants to see Bonnie. Troy asks Jessica to stay away from Sarah for Sarah's sake. Ben tells Jessica the news and offers to move into his old apartment with Curtis. She promises that they will deal with this together. Joe wonders why Paul hasn't been arrested. Jack explains that he can't make an arrest without a proper investigation. Emily and Carly point the finger at Molly. Carly wonders if Jack would investigate Mitzi, considering his feelings for her. Meanwhile, Molly sneaks into Dusty's room to plant a vial of poison. She covers when she runs into the maid. Dusty shows up and demands to know why Molly is in his room. She claims she's there to apologize but he doesn't buy it and she makes her escape. After, Molly points the finger at Dusty to Hal. As Dusty attempts to drown his grief, Hal arrives. Barbara tells Paul he must let her protect him. He refuses, but she insists she is his only friend. Paul calls Rosanna who comes to comfort him. She says she sees his heart and he is no killer. Lily tells Dusty and Holden that she wants to be alone. Holden wants her to come home. Lily hangs out with Rose's things as Holden watches, undetected.

Wednesday, December 17, 2003

Henry informs Carly that Mitzi purchased a train ticket on the morning of Rose's wedding. Carly wants to build a case against Mitzi, but realizes that her evidence isn't strong enough to tell Jack. Craig sees Rosanna comforting Paul and calls her to come home and take care of Cabot. Rosanna returns and senses that Cabot is fine, accusing Craig of knowing she was with Paul. Rosanna insists that he and Cabot are the only men in her life but he doesn't believe her, and continues to plot. Craig blasts Jack and the Oakdale police for not arresting Paul. He wants Carly to advise Rosanna to stay away from Paul but she refuses. Later, Craig pretends to be Paul and intercepts flowers from James, offering congratulations. Distraught Lily goes through Rose's things. Lucinda finds Rose's life insurance policy. Dusty won't let Hal search his room without a warrant. Jennifer waits for Paul as Dusty arrives. He suspects Paul killed Rose himself and is trying to frame him. Paul denies he tipped off Hal and Jennifer sticks up for Paul. Lucinda arrives and shows Rose's life insurance policy, which names Dusty as the beneficiary. Jennifer is pleased the police are looking at Dusty. Jennifer tries to be there for her brother, but Paul is inconsolable in his grief for Rose. Henry leaks to Molly that Mitzi could be a suspect but she isn't pleased. Molly finds out about the insurance policy and goes to Dusty's to be with there when the axe falls.

Thursday, December 18, 2003

Lily was still at Rose's when Emma arrived to see if Lily would like to go Christmas shopping. Lily just wanted to stay at Rose's and be alone. Emma got a little harsh with Lily and told her that Rose wouldn't want her to sit around and mope. Emma told Lily that Rose would be down at the police station asking all kinds of questions about her murder. They started to talk about a service for Rose and Emma said Rose wouldn't want anything conventional. Lily agreed. Later, Lily went over to the Roller Palace and transformed herself into Rose!

Craig went to see James to see what James knew about Paul's involvement in Rose's death. James believed that Paul was involved in Rose's death and gave Craig a hard time about Rosanna's interest in Paul. James told Craig that he would sabotage his own marriage as he had done with Sierra and Barbara. Craig left James and placed a call to Jack to meet him at Al's Diner. Craig told Jack that she should talk to James because James told him that Paul killed Rose not Dusty!

Hal arrived at Dusty's with a search warrant. When he saw Molly, he wanted to know what she was doing there. Molly made up the excuse that she wanted to keep an eye on Dusty and see if he would do or say something suspicious. Hal and the police searched Dusty's place and found the vial of poison. Hal arrested Dusty and took him downtown. Dusty kept insisting that he did not kill Rose and that he was being set up by Paul. Hal said it wasn't Paul who tipped them off but Molly. Back at Dusty's room Molly came in and asked what was going on. She acted all surprised when she was talking to the cop and had a smile on her face when she turned away.

Carly went to see Paul about Mitzi. Carly was trying to get the goods on Mitzi and Paul told her about the embezzlement. Paul told Carly that even if she went to the police, they probably wouldn't believe it. Carly thanked Paul for his time and she left. Carly placed a call to Emily. They met later and Carly told Emily that she is sure it was Mitzi who broke into Rose's place. They decided they needed to investigate on their own for Rose's sake and went to Rose's to search for evidence.

Friday, December 19, 2003

by Andy

Craig shows Jack the note James sent Paul. Jack forces Craig to admit his fear that Paul will drive a wedge between him and Rosanna. Craig threatens Jack with bad publicity if he doesn't arrest Paul.

Hal tells Dusty that Molly was the one who pointed the finger of suspicion at him. Hal doesn't think Paul poisoned Rose. Poisoning requires premeditation, and Paul was more interested in humiliation at the wedding. Hal asks Jack to bring Molly in to the station.

Carly and Emily look for the Roller Palace accounting books at Rose's place, but can't find them. Carly calls Paul and asks him to meet them at the Roller Palace. Holden pops by looking for Lily. They all split up to look for Lily.

Lily completes her transformation into Rose by putting on Rose's old clothes. Paul stops by the shop as Carly asked, but finds Lily as Rose instead. Paul doesn't think, and immediately rushes up to kiss her. Lily kisses back, for a few moments anyway, until she bites down hard on his lips. She draws blood and Paul pushes her away. Lily wipes blood away from her mouth, and asks, "Did I hurt you Paul? Huh? You killed her twice! The first time you shamed her in front of her family." Paul reels and denies any involvement. He pulls an OJ, and swears to find the person responsible. Lily melts down, and as she rushes Paul to beat his chest, Holden, Carly, and Emily arrive. Holden pulls Lily away and tells Paul to leave. Later, Holden takes Lily home. Emily and Carly vow to catch the killer. They scrounge around the place looking for the books. Carly finds a box with Mitzi's stuff, and smells the same perfume she smelled at Rose's house on her wedding day. They resolve to pin the blame on Mitzi.

Lucy laments to Rosanna she thinks she has lost Aaron forever.

Alison and Aaron begin to look for a place to live on their own. Later, Aaron finds an apartment in the paper that is a little too expensive and promises to work overtime to make the rent payments. Alison is overcome with guilt and forbids him to put pull double shifts for her. She leaves to get back to the hospital. When Alison is gone, Lucy joins Aaron. She apologizes for following him to Indiana. Alison calls and agrees it's a good idea to move into a new place together. Lucy excuses herself.

Molly arrives at the station, and confronts Dusty. Jack shows Hal James' note. Molly lies about the exact time she spent in Dusty's apartment. Dusty suspects Molly planted the vile of poison and wants to know why she did it. She looks at him and says, "I was the best one you had in this town. How'd you miss that? Huh?" She says she'll see Dusty tomorrow at Rose's funeral and walks out.

Jack schedules an appointment with James for tomorrow.

The lab results confirm the Methanol matches the poison that killed Rose.

Molly pays off the Lakeview maid and tells her to stick to Molly's version of the story.

Holden and Lily stop off at Rose's old place. Lily manages to persuade Holden to give her more time alone, and he leaves. She walks over to a mirror, looks at herself as Rose, and says, "I know they need me. But I need you, Rose. I just can't let go...I won't. I promise you."


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