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Bianca was hospitalized after the explosion. JR decided to believe Babe. Aidan and Edmund got a confession from Carlos' killer. Ryan found Bianca's baby book and sonogram. Tad took Krystal back to Pine Valley. Krystal prevented Adam from gaining access to Babe's medical file.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of December 15, 2003 on AMC
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Monday, December 15, 2003

In an office at the hospital, Maria looks at records and recalls conversations surrounding Carlos' surgery and death. Juan Pablo enters and asks where Joe Martin is. Maria isn't sure but tells Juan Pablo she is going to give Joe her resignation when she sees him. Juan Pablo tells Maria he does not believe she caused his brother's death. He tells her Edmund has proof she's not responsible. Edmund and Joe enter. Edmund tells Maria Carlos did not die because of surgical error. Juan Pablo follows with "Carlos was murdered." Edmund tells Maria about the crest ring the male nurse, Rick, who got the pre- and post-surgical films for her wears and hypothesizes that the bone fragment was reintroduced via the surgical wound post surgery in order to murder Carlos. There are four other instances of enemies of the same family dying under similar circumstances in hospitals.

JR tells Jamie he believes his wife. Jamie is incredulous that he's not going to believe his brother. JR tells Jamie to "just take it back and we'll be alright." Jamie refuses to take back the truth and storms out.

Greenlee arrives at Juan Pablo's carrying groceries only to find Ryan hanging out in Juan Pablo's room drinking martinis. Greenlee accuses Ryan of chasing after her because she chose Leo over him and now that Leo is dead he thinks he can just waltz back into the picture. Greenlee tears about the room seeking clues of Juan Pablo's whereabouts. Ryan tells her, "No note, no clue, no flight info . . . ." and says the reason she can't find Juan Pablo is because he doesn't want to be found by her and for her to take the hint. It dawns on Greenlee that he still hasn't finished arrangements for his brother so he's probably at the hospital. She's going there to look for him. Ryan insists on tagging along to protect her.

Kendall and Bianca lay in the aftermath of the blast as Erica leaves a message on the answering machine and an alarm wails in the background. Kendall comes to and begins screaming frantically because she can't wake her sister. Medics arrive. Bianca is alive with a pulse of 112 and a blood pressure of 100/60. She starts to come to saying Kendall's name and asking what happened then she says, "The baby." Kendall covers saying she's talking about their niece who is at a play date, "Right, Bianca?" Bianca nods but when Kendall asks how she is (clearly referring between them to her pregnancy) Bianca says, "I don't know."

Maggie sits at the student union recalling her and Bianca's conversation in front of the mirror earlier when they noticed Bianca is showing. Erica enters and starts drilling Maggie about how Bianca is really doing. Erica thinks Bianca may be internalizing the stress of Kendall's antics. Maggie accidentally breaks the news to Erica that she and Bianca will be studying in Europe for the spring semester, that they are leaving the first week of January. Maggie tells Erica she is also getting study credit and wants to keep Bianca company. Erica tells Maggie that if she wants to keep Bianca company she'll be staying in Pine Valley because Bianca is not going to Europe. After Erica leaves, Maggie, still oblivious about he explosion, leaves a message for Bianca that Erica is not happy about their plans to go to Europe.

As Maggie ends her message to Bianca, Jamie enters the student union looking for a kegger on the bulletin board and is disappointed to find there are none. Maggie expresses concern that he is looking for a kegger so early and Jamie tells her it's because of the kind of day he's had. Jamie proceeds to hit on Maggie even inviting her to NYC to find a place to party. Maggie won't go to NYC with him but is flattered by his advances. They leave the student union together looking for trouble closer to home.

At Chandler mansion, JR yells into his cell phone, "I can't believe you didn't call a board meeting." He hangs up the phone and talks more with Babe about him choosing to believe her instead of Jamie. Babe asks him to "say the words." JR hugs her but remains silent. "JR, why won't you say it?" His cell rings again and she says to let it go to voicemail. JR answers the phone and must leave for a meeting at work. Before he leaves Babe berates him, "Do you love me?" He tells her, "I chose you didn't I?" Babe tells him, "I love you. I love you with all my heart." "And that's how I know you would never lie to me," JR tells her as he leaves for his meeting.

At the hospital, Kendall and Bianca realize if the doctors examine them they'll find out Bianca is pregnant - and Kendall is not. The same doctor that did Babe's pregnancy test wheels Bianca away for a neurological exam. Derek Frye enters and asks Kendall how she feels. Kendall tells him unless he has an official reason to talk to her don't. Frye tells the nurse to take care of Mrs. Cambias because she's pregnant. As Kendall sticks her head through the door, the doctor tells Bianca, "Your baby is fine, Mrs. Cambias." The doctor leaves and Kendall comes in. Bianca tells Kendall, "My baby is okay." They can't do x-rays because of the pregnancy but Bianca aced the neurological tests so she's fine. Kendall tells Bianca she can't leave the hospital until the doctors say it's okay. She needs to be under observation and though Kendall doesn't know how they're going to pull off this switch when they run into someone who knows them she stands firm on Bianca staying for observation. Smiling Bianca affectionately says, "Boy, bossy big sisters are a big old pain."

Still trying to figure out how they're going to pull this switch off in their own backyard, Kendall leaves Bianca's room and runs into Ryan and Greenlee. Still covered in soot from the explosion Kendall tells them, "I need your help." Greenlee asks what they can do. Kendall clarifies, "I need Ryan's help." Greenlee gets lost. Kendall briefly brings Ryan up to speed on what's happening and says she needs help getting Derek off their back as Derek talks to a nurse at the nurse's station in the background. Ryan tells Kendall he knows exactly how to handle this situation. As Derek walks up to them, Ryan starts going on about how Kendall is trying to pull the wool over his eyes again. Asked to elaborate, Ryan says Kendall is fine but she's going to play this explosion for all it's worth and makes up headlines like "Pregnant Murder Suspect Finds God After Explosion Causes Near Death Experience" when she is really fine all to get jury sympathy. It works and Derek leaves for an appointment.

Greenlee finds Juan Pablo and they embrace. Juan Pablo asks Greenlee what's wrong. She says she thought she had lost him, that he was gone. Greenlee wants him to go back to her apartment with her. She has lots to tell him. Juan Pablo can't go with her. He has business he has to take care of. Greenlee figures out he is going after Carlos' killer and is terribly upset that he is endangering his life. Meanwhile Joe tells Edmund & Maria, "I will not be an accessory to murder." Edmund tells Joe they hope it won't go that far. Joe refuses to have any part of their scheme unless the authorities are brought in. Joe leaves. Maria makes Edmund swear to her he will not let Juan Pablo commit murder. Maria goes to get Rick's address from the hospital computer for Edmund and tells him it's not necessary, that Rick will be on duty in the ER in a half hour.

Greenlee demands information from Maria about where Juan Pablo and Edmund have gone. Maria won't tell her anything because Greenlee would only be a liability if she tried to help. Maria tells Greenlee it's hard for her too because she knows Edmund is out there putting his life on the line as well. Greenlee asks who Edmund called before he left. Maria honestly tells her she doesn't know.

Erica arrives at Bianca's apartment to find the explosion mess and firemen. She asks a fireman about Bianca. He doesn't know. Erica takes off for the hospital. Erica enters the hospital demanding to know where Bianca Montgomery is. As Erica berates the nurse for the hospital losing her daughter who was mangled in a gas explosion - yes Erica's imagination is working overtime - Kendall and Bianca overhear her. Kendall and Ryan rush to Bianca's room to get her out of there before Erica can find her only to find Bianca's bed empty.

Juan Pablo and Edmund grab Rick by the arms and put their hands over his mouth as he pauses outside the hospital to put on his ID badge, his family crest pinky ring glinting in the parking lot lights.

Dizzy and nauseated, Bianca wanders around outdoors in a hospital gown and slacks. Bianca grabs her stomach and hollers, "Help, help!" before passing out on the ground.

Tuesday, December 16, 2003

At the hospital, Erica wondered how they could have lost Bianca as Greenlee rushed in, looking for Jack. They argued about life, Jack, and parenting until David broke it up. Greenlee tried to be sympathetic about Bianca, but Erica just pushed her away. Greenlee warned her that if Erica wants Jack, she has to know Greenlee is part of the package and should cooperate with her. Erica told her she did not need her help to find Bianca or with Jack.

Babe found a nearly unconscious Bianca at the beach but she refused to let Babe call for help. Babe brought her to Stuart and Marian's house since they were gone to Disney world. Bianca asked Babe to call David and she made him promise not to tell anyone. David said he'd be right over. Babe called Kendall and assured her Bianca was fine but wouldn't tell her where they were. David arrived and after looking Bianca over, made her promise to call Erica. Bianca called Erica and assured her she was fine, but staying with a friend and not coming home. After listening to the phone call, Babe offered Bianca a crash course in how to house train her mother. Babe's mother's real name is Mona and is her best friend and shocked Bianca with the openness of their relationship, especially about sex. Bianca was grateful for Babe's friendship and was thanking her when Erica came to the door.

Juan Pablo, Aidan and Edmund interrogated Rick, especially about his ring. Aidan outlined the plan to have his picture published in Tempo, with a story about how he sold all the secrets of the family. Rick admitted he killed Carlos but begged them to protect his family, then agreed to tell them everything about the hit. He refused to tell them about Miguel and Andreas, but when they promised again to keep his family safe, he told them a mistress named Manuela Ortiz in Atlantic City. Juan Pablo promised to fly Rick's family out of Argentina, took Rick in to the US Marshal, and vowed revenge.

Kendall was relieved to hear her sister was alright and collapsed in Ryan's arms in Bianca's apartment. Later, Ryan found the baby book and suggested Kendall keep "her" baby book in a safe place. Kendall was suspicious of his motives, now that she understood he knows the truth, but Ryan insisted he just wanted to help. He wants to follow Alexander's wishes about the child and needs Kendall's help, he said. Kendall was indignant that he was doing it all for Bianca and not her. Ryan again pleaded with her to let him help and they hugged, just as Greenlee entered.

Jamie and Maggie drove to a secluded spot and kissed. They had to agree it wasn't really working and Jamie asked for advice about women and Maggie guessed he needed to get her, whoever she was, out of his system. Maggie decided to have Jamie teach her how to drive a stick shift and they drove around, talking about cars and love and life.

Wednesday, December 17, 2003

Babe sputtered as Erica walked in the front door of Stuart's house. Erica headed straight to Bianca and fussed at her for not staying at the hospital. Bianca told her to calm down and Babe told Bianca to let Erica in on "the secret." Bianca didn't know what Babe was talking about so Babe said she felt an instant connection with Bianca when they first met. Erica said that was nice and turned back to Bianca, then realized Babe is JR's wife. Babe asked Erica to keep things quiet about her and Bianca and Erica misunderstood. She told Bianca it wasn't wise to have an affair with JR's wife. Babe was very confused until Bianca explained that she's gay and her mother thinks they're "together." Babe giggled and said no, she just asked Bianca for advice on clothes and makeup. She started buttering Erica up with flattery and finally Erica offered to give Babe some tips. First thing Babe needed to do was change her hair color to a less brassy blonde, according to Erica. Babe was thrilled to be getting beauty advice from Erica Kane. Then she turned to Bianca and asked what kind of tips she'd give a pregnant girl. Erica asked why Babe would say such a thing and Babe said because she's pregnant with JR's baby. Babe went on and on about being pregnant and starting to show, how she couldn't wait to feel the baby move. Bianca touched her own stomach as Babe yakked. Erica finally told Babe to stop it and went to Bianca's side. Bianca said she was fine. Her mother offered to take her back to the penthouse but Bianca said she had plans with Babe. Finally Erica agreed to let Bianca stay there. As she started out the door she told Babe "Remember, you don't have to change yourself for anyone!." Bianca thanked Babe for helping her and Babe said she got her people skills from her own mama.

Meanwhile at Bianca's apartment Maggie and Lena worriedly looked for her. The two women kept arguing about who's fault it was that Bianca got hurt. Lena thought Maggie should be looking out for Bianca and Maggie said Lena was only thinking of herself. Lena finally admitted to Maggie that she tried to commit suicide after Bianca's rape and Maggie went off on her. Maggie got a phone call from Bianca, telling her where she was. The two women left together and showed up at the cottage. Babe let Maggie in and she rushed to Bianca's side. Lena walked in behind her and Bianca said she was glad she was there. Lena held out her hand and Bianca put her hand in Lena's. Maggie watched uneasily.

Krystal stood outside the motel door and said good bye to her trucker boyfriend. He handed her a gift and after he walked away she threw it in the trash. Tad came out of his hiding place and pretended that Krystal was a made for tv actress. Krystal was flattered and told Tad her name. He said his name was Thaddeus and she asked him into her room. She quickly made a space for him to sit and said she felt an instant connection with him. Tad said he used to host a tv show, The Cutting Edge. Krystal went nuts and said she loved that show and had written him a fan letter. Tad said the show was taped in his home town of Pine Valley and Krystal said her "baby doll" lives there now. Tad asked for more information and admits he's there to find out more about Babe. He told Krystal that Babe's husband is his step son and Krystal was thrilled. Tad explained that he loves his step son and doesn't want to see him hurt. Krystal said her daughter is the sweetest most genuine person she knows and that JR has nothing to worry about. Tad asked if she missed her daughter and Krystal said yes, especially at the holidays. Tad offered to take her back to Pine Valley.

Ryan and Kendall were in each other's arms and Greenlee saw them. As she backed away Ryan said to Kendall that something was happening between them and that they'd be stupid not to go with it. Kendall explained that her claim isn't about the money and Ryan said he understood, it was to protect Bianca. She said Bianca comes first, no matter what and Ryan agreed. Kendall was confused and Ryan asked her to believe in him. He took her by the hand and led her out the door. He took her to a brand new penthouse he had just bought. She thought it was beautiful and Ryan handed her the deed and keys. She misunderstood his motive and got angry but Ryan told her he was on her side. Ryan said this was a brand new place, no baggage. "Stay here with me, trust me!' he pleaded. Kendall stared at him and he kissed her. She noticed a bare Christmas tree and Ryan said the real estate agent gave it to him. Kendall said she had thought this was going to be a "Blue Christmas" but now........... Ryan pretended to be Santa and sat down on some steps, pulling Kendall onto his lap. He asked what she wanted for Christmas and she listed some little kid toys, like a hula hoop. Then she just leaned against his shoulder quietly. Later they returned from gathering pine cones outside. Ryan wondered what her obsession was with pine cones and she said it was where they first met. Ryan worked on starting a fire while Kendall decorated the tree with pine cones. When the fire was lit and the tree decorated they laid on the floor in front of the tree. Ryan said it was beginning to look alot like Christmas and Kendall smiled as she replied "It sure is Santa!." Kendall fell asleep with her head resting in Ryan's lap. He gently stroked her hair and face. But Kendall abruptly woke up from a nightmare. She dreamed that Michael Cambias returned and said to her "Guilty! Merry Christmas." Ryan held her and comforted her.

At Tempo, Juan Pablo told Edmund to put his face on the cover of the magazine and his story as the headliner. Aidan and Edmund both told him that was suicide and that risking his life wouldn't bring back Carlos. JP said he could bring dishonor to the mob family but the two men tried to talk him out of it. Greenlee showed up and Edmund and Aidan left her alone with JP for awhile. She asked him to just let the feud go but he said he couldn't look the other way. Greenlee got angry and said she deserved to love more than just the memory of someone. JP said that as long as they were out there, no one was safe. Greenlee said "Fine! Ride your white horse but if you don't come back I'll never forgive you!" Juan Pablo held her and whispered "I love you." Edmund and Aidan came back and JP told Greenlee he'd be in touch and promised that she wouldn't lose him. Greenlee sadly walked out of the office.

Erica stopped in at Jack and Reggie's loft. She wanted to make sure Reggie was ready for court the next day. He was and then told her he'd like a wedding invitation in his stocking for Christmas. Erica said she and Jack are working on things. Reggie went to bed and Erica found one of Jack's jackets. She put it on and sat down in the dark.

Thursday, December 18, 2003

Tad took Krystal to BJ's for breakfast. Krystal asked Tad how he was going to introduce her to everyone. Krystal said where she comes from they might be considered kissing cousins. Tad said that in Pine Valley they would be considered pals. Krystal found this boring. Tad said that pals are known to kiss in Pine Valley. She asked him to prove it and they kissed. Standing behind them was Simone who didn't find this amusing at all. Simone, acting completely jealous, introduced herself as a casual interest, reached down and kissed Tad, then said to Krystal, "if you know what I mean?" Krystal said she understood and excused herself to give Tad and Simone a few minutes to talk. Simone said that it was a good thing they were keeping everything casual and that if Tad were having another casual relationship then he should be honest about it. Tad said that he didn't have a second casual relationship going with anyone. Simone said that Liza warned her about him and his "casual" relationships. Tad started to say Liza didn't have room to talk when she walked in to BJ's and Tad called her over asking her just why she would go around telling anyone about his relationships at this point in his life. Simone pointed at Krystal and said that was his latest fling. Tad told them both that Krystal was JR's mother-in-law. Liza looked at Krystal and said "that explains things." Krystal had been flirting with a guy at the bar and Liza screamed "DUCK!" as glass came flying near them. Krystal flirted with a man who had a woman with him. Tad went over to check on Krystal who said she was fine and had everything under control. Liza and Simone mumbled something at Tad and he walked over to Krystal, who did have everything under control. The bartender offered her a drink on him and told her to come by anytime. Tad asked how she sweet talked the bartender. Krystal told him that she saw his USMC tattoo and showed him hers. Tad asked what tattoo? Krystal pulled her blouse to expose her bra line and showed him her U.S.M.C. tattoo. Tad asked what if the guy had been in the Air Force, she said she would've simply walked into the bathroom and removed the ink and wrote the appropriate initials. Tad was impressed. Krystal asked Tad when he was going to take her to see her daughter.

Kendall woke up in Ryan's arms and asked if she was dreaming. Ryan asked if Kendall dreamed of him that often. She said yes, once he was even a rhino, a cute rhino. Ryan laughed. Kendall told him that most of the time they are standing near a ledge while he was holding her in his arms. They started kissing, but Kendall pulled away and started pacing. Ryan asked her what was wrong. She told him that her head was telling her to trust him completely but the rest of her needed to catch up. Ryan told Kendall that she could trust him.

Bianca awoke finding Lena still with her and that Babe was with her as well. Bianca asked Babe why she had stayed with her all night. Bianca asked Lena for some juice and when Lena cleared the room Bianca asked Babe what was wrong. Babe asked Bianca, since she knew him longer, what it was that she had to do to make things right with him. Bianca told her that she needed to go JR and open her heart and just be patient. Babe asked why JR should be the one getting the special treatment. Bianca told Babe because Babe loved JR that's why and that's what you do when you love someone. Babe left and Lena came out with juice and burned toast. Lena told Bianca that she didn't want her to go off to Europe by herself. Bianca told Lena she wouldn't be alone. Lena figured out that Maggie would be going with Bianca. Bianca told Lena that she couldn't have Lena with her because it would be too hard even if they were in separate beds and that she needed more time. Lena told Bianca that she would be there for her no matter how long it took even if it meant that they wouldn't be a couple again. Bianca was grateful that Lena understood. They looked at each other and started leaning in to kiss but at the last second Bianca hugged Lena and they held each other.

Jack came home to find Erica sleeping on his couch. He went over to wake her up and she asked him where he had been and told him about Reggie being arrested and Bianca's apartment blowing up, and that Greenlee threatened to come between them, which Jack said wouldn't happen. Erica told Jack that there was a lot more going on that needed his attention besides Kendall. Jack was grateful that Erica was there for Reggie. Jack told Erica that he would pay more attention to other matters but for now she had to leave. She reluctantly headed for the door. There was a knock, and it was Kendall. Erica and Kendall were civil to each other. Erica told Kendall she looked good. Kendall said that freedom looked good on her. Erica left and Jack told Kendall that he had some news for her, he had found an attorney to represent her. There was a knock on the door when Kendall asked who it was. Jack said he would let her see for herself. When Jack opened the door, Kendall recognized the person right away and start flipping out! She asked Jack why he would hire the police chief's sister as part of her defense and wanted to know if he was trying to get her convicted. Livia said now that we have the shock out of the way we have a years worth of information to go over in a few short days. Jack told Kendall that they wanted to by pass the preliminary trials and go right into the trial. Again, Kendall asked if they were trying to get her convicted. Another knock came to the door and this time it was the prosecuting attorney. Jack asked what he wanted. The prosecutor said that he was there to try to avoid a lengthy trial. Kendall asked if he was going to drop the charges. He said no, he was there to offer her five to ten years in jail. Kendall told him that she was pleading guilty to something she didn't do and would not go to jail again. Livia said that her client respectfully turns him down. The DA then pulls out a subpoena and said that it was for a DNA testing to prove that Kendall is carrying Michael's baby. Livia and Jack said that it was invasive and they had no right. The DA said that he got insinuating circumstances because the father is dead and Kendall stands to inherit a fortune. He added that if Kendall didn't take the test then he would make Michael look like a saint when he got her on the stand. Kendall told him that she would take his test. Livia and Jack told her she didn't have to do that they would fight it in court. Kendall wouldn't listen.

Erica arrived at Ryan's home. Erica loved the place and Ryan told her that she decorated the room when she walked in. Erica asked why Ryan called her over to see him. Ryan told her that he had something to tell her that she wouldn't like. Erica told him to tell her something she would like. Ryan told Erica that he was conceding the Cambias fortune to Kendall. Erica said that he couldn't do that because she wouldn't get Enchantment back and asked what about the DNA testing. Ryan said that he wasn't going to ask for it any more because it's too risky. Erica was pleading with Ryan not to give up the fortune. Ryan told Erica that he had too because what Kendall was doing was protecting a lot of people and if they didn't go along with Kendall's pregnancy then a lot of people were going to get hurt because secrets would come out. He added that some secrets were better left unfound. Erica agreed with him. Erica said that she didn't want to lose Enchantment. Ryan swore on Chris' memory that he would work something out so that she didn't lose everything. Erica agreed to go along because Ryan asked her.

JR asked Winifred if she had seen Babe. Winifred said no that she hadn't seen Mrs. Chandler. Adam butted in and said that he wasn't sorry that Babe was gone but she could've said good bye and instead of sneaking off like a snake. JR said that Babe hadn't run off and that she would be back. Adam asked JR what he was doing, was he going to ditch his brother and his dignity and pride for Babe. Babe walked in and asked JR if he missed her then they kissed each other while Adam watched in disgust. Adam couldn't believe that JR was going to choose Babe over Jamie. JR told Adam that for now on that any conversation that they had would not include Babe or Jamie in it, that if Adam wanted to talk about Chandler Enterprises that would do so as long as it wasn't about classified information. Adam stormed off. When he left JR pulled away from Babe. Babe asked him if he really loved her or was what he did a show for his dad. JR didn't answer but demanded to know where Babe was all night. Babe said that she stayed with her friend Bianca. JR said in a town full of friends Bianca needed to spend time with you. Babe told JR that if he didn't believe her then he could call Bianca but he had better be prepared to eat his words. She asked JR what he wanted her to do. He advised her to sleep in her bed with her husband tonight. She asked him if was going to be down stairs all night with his "all of a sudden" important papers. JR said that at least she knew where he was all night. JR said that he was going to the Library and walked away. Babe looked after him, when a voice behind her said "Hi baby doll!" Babe turned around to find her momma there and gave her a hug.

Friday, December 19, 2003

As the prosecuting attorney continues to pressure Kendall about taking the court ordered test, she eggs him on by agreeing to the test. When the prosecuting attorney leaves, her lawyer, Livia, asks Kendall if she is really pregnant. She tells Kendall that if she is lying, she should be honest with her so they can plan the best defensive strategy for her. Kendall tells Livia that she is pregnant and then announces that she doesn't much care for Livia! Greenlee knocks on the door and when she sees Jackson is busy, she waits outside. She gets tired of waiting and as she barges back in, Kendall brushes past her. Jackson calls after to Kendall to come back, but she doesn't, and Greenlee throws a fit about being ignored. Livia leaves and Greenlee tells Jackson that she needs advice about Juan Pablo. Before Greenlee can even get another word out, Jackson tells her to stay away from Juan Pablo. Greenlee begs him to help Juan Pablo because she loves him and Jackson tells her he will do what he can. He tells her he has to go, and Greenlee stops him because she thinks he is going to see Kendall. Jackson tells Greenlee that he is going to court for Reggie's recent assault on an officer, but he will help Juan Pablo if he can. Greenlee leaves and Jack warns her to be careful.

Kendall goes to see Bianca and tells her that she ruined everything they planned because of her big mouth. Kendall explains to Bianca the court ordered test she agreed to take. Bianca tells her that they can get David to help them. Kendall doesn't think David can perform the procedure, especially if the prosecuting attorney will be there will the test is being done. Bianca suggests that she go somewhere where no one will know who is, get the procedure done, and return with the sample for Kendall. Kendall tells her that the procedure is way too risky for the baby and thinks she should tell everyone is she isn't pregnant and face the consequences. Bianca tells her that she won't let that happen to her and together they start working on a plan. When Kendall is outside, ready to leave, she tells Bianca that she feels like they should surrender. Ryan pops up and offers to help.

Maria walks into her office to lie down and when she does, someone covers her mouth with their hand! Maria sees that Juan Pablo is the one with her. She tells him he shouldn't be there because it could put him in danger. Juan Pablo apologizes to Maria for blaming Carlos' death on her. He admits that he feels he is to blame for his brother's murder. Maria tries to assure him that he did everything he could to protect him from the mob and it was their fault Carlos died. Maria tries to empathize with Juan Pablo and then someone knocks at her door. Juan Pablo hides and Greenlee steps in, who immediately tells Maria she should get Edmund to call of the plan to revenge Carlos' death. Greenlee calls it a "stupid male thing" and Maria notes that is more about honor than a male ego. Juan Pablo steps out and he shares a hug with Greenlee. Juan Pablo tells Greenlee he will find a safe place for them to be together and leaves. Moments after he is gone, Maria and Greenlee hear an explosion outside. They look out a window and are horrified to see the Juan Pablo's car has exploded into flames.

Babe tells her mother, Krystal, about Jamie's accusation's which has ruined her marriage to JR. She denies sleeping with Jamie and that the baby she is carrying is his. When Krystal hears this, she immediately calls Tad and Jamie both liars. She defends Babe completely. Tad claims that he had no idea Jamie was going around, blurting out that him and Babe had sex. Babe tells Tad that Jamie is making her life even more miserable by bugging the doctor about her pregnancy. Tad tells them that he believes his son and wants to speak to JR. Babe tells him he is in the library and as soon as Tad disappears, Babe admits everything that happened with Jamie. She adds that if she had known Jamie and JR were brothers, she would not have slept with him. Krystal reminds her daughter that she forgot the two most important things to get when meeting a man -- his full name and his driver's license. Jamie comes in and asks where Adam is. Babe tells him she has no idea what Adam is up to, and Jamie happily informs her that Adam is finding out the real day the baby was conceived. Krystal calls Jamie a "home wrecker." Jamie doesn't pay attention to her. He plops himself on the couch and says he is going to stay until Adam returns. Krystal says she has to go run errands and Babe shows her out. She tells Babe she is going to the hospital to set her doctor straight.

When Tad goes to see JR, he asks him why he is putting through Jamie so much hell. JR tells Tad that Jamie is the one who is lying. Tad tells JR that they are brothers, they love each other, and he shouldn't let himself be fooled by a pretty girl. When Tad brings up Dixie agreeing with him if she were alive, JR quickly jumps at him and changes the subject. JR tells Tad that he doesn't need another Adam in his life, trying to dictate all of his actions. Tad tells him he won't just stand by and watch him dismiss his brother like it is no big deal. JR responds with, "I'll do fine without you too." Tad goes back downstairs and speaks to Jamie outside. Tad immediately scolds Jamie for telling JR the truth and that he should stop pestering them about the baby. Jamie tells Tad that he loves Babe and she only stays with JR because she is scared of him. Tad looks at him like he crazy and tells Jamie that Babe loves JR, she says it all the time! Jamie brings up Adam and Tad thinks that his son has lost his mind if he is working with Adam. Jamie says he isn't "working with Adam" but there are things Adam can find out that he can't. Tad looks for his car, ready to take Jamie home, but notices that is gone. He figures Krystal must have taken off with it.

Adam seeks out Dr. Parker at the hospital and asks when Babe was impregnated. Dr. Parker tells Adam that he can not give out patient information like that because it is illegal and unethical. Adam tries bribery to get the doctor to cooperate. He waves a check in front of Dr. Parker's face, which is large enough to pay for a fancy medical lab he has been asking grants for. Dr. Parker agrees and rushes to his office to get Babe's file. Brooke spies Adam and figures out what he is up to. She threatens to call Joe Martin and run the story in Tempo, but Adam tells her she is just as scared as him about the results of Babe's pregnancy. Brooke tells Adam that she doesn't want the baby to be Jamie's and Adam says he doesn't want the baby to be JR's. Brooke tells Adam that he will probably fix the results so he can get what he wants. Adam says he could do that or she could accompany him and see the results herself. Brooke takes him arm and gets ready to learn the truth but Krystal shows up playing the drama queen. She searches for Dr. Parker and practically tumbles on him, saying she is blind and that her blood pressure has gone to the roof. Dr. Parker takes her in a private room before he can hand the file over to Adam. Krystal walks out, throws her hand sin the air because she can see, and calls Dr. Parker a "miracle worker." Adam and Babe peek inside the room and find Dr. Parker tying his pants back on! When Adam asks for the file, Dr. Parker tells him he can not give him the file. Adam is outraged and Dr. Parker threatens to tell Joe about Adam's bribery.

JR comes downstairs and Babe tells him that her mother supports them completely. JR admits he is tired of his father trying to come in between their marriage. Krystal returns to the Chandler home and welcomes JR with open arms. Brooke and Adam follow behind and are shocked to see Krystal, the woman had been claiming to be blind, inside, chirping that she is part of the family!



Y&R's Max Page back in the hospital
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