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Adam advised JR to seek revenge after Jamie told JR the truth about Jamie and Babe's relationship. Tad found Krystal. Adam told Babe and Jamie to run away together. Ryan and Juan Pablo fought off assassins. Kendall confessed her love for Ryan. There was an explosion in Bianca's hallway.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of December 8, 2003 on AMC
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Monday, December 8, 2003

Greenlee embraces Juan Pablo at Stuart's gallery, comforting him about Carlos' death while Maria and Joe debate at the hospital about what could have caused it. Joe tells Maria that Carlos' death was caused by a bone fragment lodging in the autonomic nervous system, the part of the nervous system that controls respiration, etc. Maria swears she got all the fragments out. "Wait. I can prove it," she tells Joe and turns to get said proof.

Greenlee tells Juan Pablo "I know what it's like to be with someone you love. You're happy and you're laughing and then they're gone... and there's no tomorrow, not for you anyway..." and tells Juan Pablo how sorry she is that Carlos is gone. Juan Pablo fondles an unfinished sculpture by Carlos as Greenlee spills her guts. Juan Pablo says he has to go. He says, "I want to see him, to say what has to be said." Greenlee offers to go with him if he wants and they leave together. Babe calls her Mom who answers the phone with "If this is Manny you can drop dead." Babe tells Mom that she's made it. "Made what, Sweetie?" Mom asks. Babe replies, "My very own dynasty." Babe tells her mom she's still hearing wedding bells and goes on about how much she loves JR. Babe hears breathing in the background. Mom blames it on a non-existent dog declaring what a sucker she is for strays. Babe tells her mom she is pregnant, but Mom is too pre-occupied with the "dog in heat" beside her on her bed to even hear Babe's news.

Stuart brings Babe her Christmas present early. It's got a pair of onesies and a bunch of stuffed animals in it for the baby. Babe mentions that she hasn't even had time to start shopping. Stuart replies that she's already given them the best present of all, the baby.

The Pine Cone manager tells JR that Babe and Jamie were there. The couple told him it was their wedding night, and he confirmed to JR that they seemed eager to "kick it in high gear." He's sure it was them because the plastic cow stands out in his mind. At this news JR breaks a lamp in anger. When the manager tells him he will have to pay for that, JR tosses him what appears to be a few hundred dollars. The manager comments the money JR threw at him for the lamp is twice as much as he paid for information on his friends. The use of the word "friends" upsets JR. He asks the manager how long Babe & Jamie stayed. Trying to spare JR's feelings at this point, the manager tells him they paid for the whole night. When JR pushes the topic, the manager admits they were still going at it when the sun came up. JR tells the manager, "I was never here." The manager assures him his tracks are completely covered by the money he gave him.

Jamie is still convinced he is the father of Babe's baby. Jamie swears he is going to tell JR and can take the heat. Jamie thinks JR will dump Babe. Jamie is ready to quit school, get a job, maybe two jobs, and move Babe into Tad's house with him. Tad listens with a look of holy terror on his face. "James Edward Martin, You have lost your mind," Tad says. Tad wants to know why and how Jamie got his information. Jamie tells his dad he pulled a "Thaddeus" and tricked Dr. Parker into admitting he fudged the date for Babe. Asked to define a "Thaddeus," Jamie tells Dad he "cranked up the charm and worked him." Tad wonders why he doesn't take that as a compliment. Tad continues trying to convince Jamie it is far more likely that JR is the father of the baby than he is, especially since Jamie used a condom and JR likely does not use protection with his own wife. Jamie isn't ready to listen because he's still convinced that what he and Babe had was more than a one-night stand. It's more like destiny. Jamie asks Tad, "What if instead of Babe playing JR, JR is the one playing Babe?" Jamie comes up with more "what ifs" than could ever come true (even in Pine Valley) that basically add up to "what if JR tricked Babe into marrying him just to push Adam's buttons and now she's scared and reached out to Jamie to save herself." Jamie says JR is treating the women in his life the same way Adam treated the women in his. Tad sincerely doubts JR has done anything that would near qualify for Adam's league. Tad questions JR and Jamie going after one another and reminds Jamie they are first and foremost brothers no matter what happened on Thanksgiving. Tad asks Jamie to hold off and not do anything until Tad dusts off his PI license and does a wee background check on Babe himself. Jamie agrees.

Back at Chandler Mansion, JR pours himself a bourbon from the crystal decanter and shoots it. Adam enters and seeing JR says, "You wanna pour me one while you're at it?" JR Turns and walks away from Adam. "JR, I see you're upset. I would like to help you, but you still don't trust me. Chances are you never will, so I'll make myself scarce," Adam says. JR confides to Adam that he is in trouble, that he has been stabbed in the back. Adam asks who betrayed him. JR says it was someone at Chandler Enterprises who "got into bed with the competition," or at least that's what it looks like that he's not 100% sure. Adam says fire him anyway because there can be no questionable allegiance in business.

Maria and Joe continue discussing the bone fragment that killed Carlos. The pathologist had shown them the bone fragment he found during the autopsy. Joe assures Maria he witnessed the entire operation and that her technique was flawless. Maria still believes she removed all bone fragments before closing. Maria asks a radiologist to bring her all the pre- and post-op film on Carlos. Juan Pablo and Greenlee enter as the discussion continues. Joe says he will take Juan Pablo to Carlos so he can say goodbye. Maria holds up Juan Pablo to tell him what happened. Maria tells him that if it is any consolation, where the bone chip was lodged in Carlos' brain, he did not suffer. Juan Pablo blames Maria for killing his brother. Edmund and Joe come to Maria's defense. Greenlee calms Juan Pablo and pulls him away reminding him they came to see his brother. Later Maria looks at the film and the post-op film is clear. Maria blames herself and questions whether she still has what it takes to be a doctor. Edmund disagrees with her, comforts her, and says he has that feeling he gets when there is more to the story. Edmund is sure Carlos' death is not Maria's fault. As Edmund hugs Maria and wonders what his gut instinct is trying to tell him, his attention falls on the "radiologist" who brought the film earlier.

Juan Pablo kneels by the bed where Carlos' body lies and says a tearful goodbye to his brother as Greenlee looks on rubbing Juan Pablo's shoulders. Juan Pablo prays, crosses himself, and kisses his rosary.

Stuart shows Babe his gallery. First she compares it to the gift shop at the bus depot. Then she rubs Carlos' unfinished work and asks what Stuart thinks Adam would say if she put something like it in his Christmas stocking then reflects he'd probably rather have something carved out of coal. Babe asks for Stuart's help on a gift that would really impress her "pops-in-law." Stuart tells Babe how she has brought the light back into JR's eyes and taken away the sadness that had been there since Dixie died. Babe goes on about how she loves JR says waking up beside him is like getting a present every day.

The phone rings at Tad and Jamie's house. Jamie answers. It's the Pine Cone's manager with a message for him from Babe. She wants to meet him at the room where they made the magic, pronto. The manager hangs up before Jamie can ask any questions.

Babe comes in and tells JR she's been Christmas shopping with Uncle Stuart and that JR will love the present she got him. Babe's phone rings. It's the Pine Cone manager with a message from Jamie to meet him at the hotel room ASAP. When she tries to object the manager tells her if she doesn't come Jamie's next call is to her husband. Babe makes up a story that it was Lacy's dept. store and she has to get back to get "the last surprise" before someone scoops it up. She leaves. JR says, "Liar."

Tad comes back downstairs talking about his flight to California to check up on Babe's background. Jamie is nowhere to be found. Tad's latest plaything shows up at the door. From his demeanor she determines he doesn't know about Carlos' death and tells him. As Simone relives Carlos' final moments, she blames herself for tiring Carlos out. Tad assures her she has great bedside manner and that try as she might "you can't talk someone to death." Simone is ever so grateful for Tad's comfort and says, "I love you" to him.

Jamie and Babe show up at the Pine Cone each saying they got the other's message via the manager. Babe realizes they've been set up just before JR bursts through the door and says, "Welcome back to the scene of the crime."

Tuesday, December 9, 2003

Adam went to see Kendall in her office, bearing a gift of disposable diapers for the baby and assured her he could make all her troubles disappear. He told her even though he doesn't like her, he's willing to testify in her defense at her trial and say he saw Michael the night he disappeared in order to get his company back. She asked if he was confessing to murder. He said no, but he could help establish reasonable doubt by telling the jury who else went to visit Michael that night. Palmer came in and warned Kendall not to believe a word Adam says. Palmer offered to swear that he saw Adam gun down Michael and Adam reminded him that Black Brows Bart was the only one firing weapons that night. Kendall was shocked to hear about Adam being shot, but Palmer was busy yelling at Adam to mind his own business and pay attention to his son. Adam said he'd slit his throat if he ever need child rearing advice from Palmer. Kendall refused Adam's offer and said she could handle Ryan on her own. Adam got a phone call about JR's whereabouts and rushed out. Palmer and Kendall went out for a drink.

Ryan warned Juan Pablo to not put anyone else in the line of fire and danger, as he put an arm around Greenlee. Greenlee was angry as the men argued about her in front of her and she demanded the truth. Ryan left them alone and went to the bar to ask the bartender to explain women. Jean Pablo admitted he'd lied about why he was leaving and that he had only wanted to protect her. Greenlee was stunned to learn that the car accident that injured her was not an accident. Nevertheless, she was furious at him for making decisions for her and just as she was storming out, two armed men from the family after Carlos burst into the room. A fight ensued, but Greenlee and Juan Pablo were overpowered.

Back down in the bar, Ryan convinced himself he had to go back to the room to fight for Greenlee. He ran into Kendall and Palmer on his way out and they argued. Palmer tried to dispense advice about the personal lives at stake during power grabs, but the young'uns weren't listening. Ryan told Kendall that the fact he cares about her shouldn't make any difference and left to go back upstairs.

Ryan overheard the struggle in Juan Pablo's room and watched as Juan Pablo and Greenlee were led to the elevators. He approached the group.

Tad asked if he heard Simone tell him she loves him. She giggled and made fast excuses, but in the end admitted that she loves him. He stopped her from leaving his house. He tried to tell her how he feels, but Simone tried to stop him. She expected him to dump her, but he expressed his thanks to her for bringing him back to life. She ended up angry with him for being so nice, for cuddling and making her fall in love with him. He explained that him not being in love with her has nothing to do with her, even though no woman deserves better than him. They kissed before he told her he can never fall in love again the rest of his life. She asked if he is spiritually gay. Tad said he was upbeat, but not a homosexual. Simone explained she thinks Tad is in love with Liza, but Tad was firm that he'd only ever been in love with Dixie. He did not want to hear a speech from her about how he's too young to give up because Dixie is still with him. She wanted them to keep things like they were and he agreed. They kissed and Tad said he had to leave on a trip to get some information for Jamie.

At the Pine Cone, JR surprised Babe and Jamie and confronted them with his suspicions that they spent the night together in that room. Babe accused him of acting like Adam and wondered how much money he'd given to the clerk. She admitted to coming to Pine Valley a day early, out of fear of JR's family, and being in that room with Jamie and the stolen cow but denied anything else happened. Jamie told JR that he and Babe had made love and the baby is his. Babe freaked out and accused them of having a competition their whole lives. Jamie insisted he was telling the truth and wanted to protect the baby. Babe was furious and Jamie told her he knew she'd changed the dates of her pregnancy and JR quietly walked out. Babe and Jamie continued their fight as Adam walked in wondering if it was assault or foreplay.

JR went to the bar at the Valley Inn and Kendall approached him, saying she was better for him than what was in the glass.

At Chandler mansion, Tad was searching Adam's desk when the phone rang. He picked it up and pretended to be Raffles, the butler, to Babe's mom, who was very impressed, albeit a bit flustered. She said she'd call back after she and Chet got to Tyler.

Wednesday, December 10, 2003

Kendall tried to get JR to open up about whatever was driving him to drink. They sat down at a table and JR said he didn't know who to believe, his brother or his wife. He told her Jamie said he slept with Babe and that the baby is his, but Babe denied it. JR said he wants to believe Babe but that Jamie says he loves Babe. Kendall said sometimes the most vicious lie hurts less than the truth. "Hasn't living with the Prince of Darkness taught you anything?" she asked. Kendall offered to give JR some life lessons. Number one lesson is that winning is not about the truth, it's about what you're willing to put out there to get what you want. JR asked if she came up with this theory on her own and Kendall proudly said yes. She asked him who he has set his sights on, Jamie or Babe. He dodged the question and asked her about her own situation. Kendall admitted that she was torn between two men, Guy A and Guy B. JR asked what Guy A did for Kendall and she glowed as she said "He makes me feel loved and protected. He's warm and generous and kind, and very sexy." She went on and on about his wonderful qualities until JR asked if Guy B was similar. Kendall said Guy B was nothing like Guy A, he was tricky and disloyal and she can't trust him. "But he's so hot you need a triple digit SPF around him!" JR said it looked like Guy A was the clear winner and asked how B even got into the finals. Kendall said she's just a sucker and she can't resist the way she and B make sparks when they're around each other.

At the Pinecone Motel Adam walked in on Babe and Jamie. He offered them money and the use of his private jet to go away. "I'm offering you two a life together!" he claimed. Jamie slugged Adam and he fell to the floor. When he got back up he said JR found out about his brother and his wife "in the passion pit." "How devastated was JR by your betrayal?" Adam snarled. Jamie said JR was as rank and disgusting as his father. Babe got in Adam's face and told him he wrecked everything. Adam laughed and wondered how soon he could say goodbye to her. Babe asked what would happen when she was gone and it was only he and JR alone in that big house. "Haven't you seen the look on his face when he looks at you? It's not love!" Babe told Adam. Adam said he knows his son and he knows JR loves him. Babe said that was the "porker of all lies" and said she could tell him all about her husband. Babe said JR fell in love with her because she loved him for who he was. She told Adam that if he wanted JR's love, he should really listen to his son. Then she turned on Jamie and told him the baby is JR's and that Jamie needed to "Grow up and get your own life!." She ran out of the motel room and Jamie followed her.

Babe went home and found Stuart sitting on the floor in the living room meditating. He told her it was supposed to make your mind quiet and asked her to try it. She sat next to him and he explained how to meditate. She started crying and told Stuart she messed up and lied to JR. Stuart asked if she had told JR the truth yet or was she still lying to him. Babe said she never meant to hurt JR and Stuart said everyone makes mistakes sometimes. He said the ones in the past don't count unless you keep making them. Babe said she made such a mess of things but Stuart told her she could still have a happy ending. He advised told Babe to decide whether she loves JR more than she's afraid of losing him. Babe told Stuart that while JR wasn't her "first", he was her one and only. Adam walked in and told Babe that a loose woman was like a used car, you could buff out the dents but couldn't roll back the odometer. Babe asked if there was no room for forgiveness in Adam's world. Adam told Stuart not to listen to Babe's sob stories, "You never see bad in anyone." Stuart glared at his brother and said "That's not true Adam, I'm looking at you and all I see is bad." Adam was shocked and Stuart continued to say that Babe wasn't bad, she was part of their family and that what he was doing to her was very mean. Adam said he could take care of her with just a few dollars. JR walked in and saw them all together and commented "Home sweet Home!"

In the hallway at the Valley Inn Greenlee and Juan Pablo struggled with 2 men. Ryan came out of his room and pretended to be drunk. He acted like the two men were really hotel employees and invited everyone into his room for a party. But he quickly attacked one man as Juan Pablo struggled with the other. Ryan threw the man on the floor and a gun went off. He got up unharmed and Greenlee hugged him. Juan Pablo pulled his gun on the other man, ready to shoot but Ryan stopped him. Feds arrived and took over. They took the injured man to the hospital and the other to jail. Ryan and Greenlee argued about Juan Pablo. Ryan said he told JP to turn Greenlee loose so she wouldn't end up in a body bag. He asked if she didn't wonder why JP and the Feds were so chummy. Juan Pablo joined them and said yes, he was working with the Feds. Ryan ordered JP to stay away from Greenlee. Juan Pablo told Greenlee he'd call her later and started to leave. Ryan demanded a thank you for saving his life. JP said "Muchos gracias" and the grabbed Greenlee in a long kiss. He told her "I love you, remember that" and left. Ryan took Greenlee into his room, where they argued more about Juan Pablo. Ryan told her there were more "guns" out there and that this was a blood feud and it wouldn't stop until no one was standing. Greenlee refused to stay away from Juan Pablo, she said he needed her. Ryan told her there was no future for her and Juan Pablo, that JP is a walking dead man. "I don't want you any where near him when the bullets start flying" Ryan said with great emotion. Greenlee was touched as Ryan told her he wants her alive and in his life. "Let me protect you," he begged. They hugged and Kendall threw open the door. Sarcastically she said "Poor Greenlee in trouble again?"

Jamie got home and Brooke asked where he'd been. She told him Tad was on some "secret mission", probably about Babe. Jamie told her to leave it alone. Brooke said she needed to be in the loop. Jamie said ok, he'd let her in the loop, "I'm going to marry Babe!." Brooke was surprised and said she had a few questions, like "Did you propose? Did she tell you she loves you?." Jamie said he has proof that the baby is his and told her about the conversation with Babe's doctor. Brooke sat down in shock, "Tell me this is not happening!." Jamie said he wasn't loving this either but he couldn't walk away from Babe. Brooke demanded that he not do anything until Tad returned. Jamie said it was his life and he'd decide what to do. Brooke said "Not while you live under my roof!." Jamie said he could fix that and grabbed his coat and walked out the door.

Edmund was working at his desk at Tempo when Juan Pablo walked in. Edmund wasn't exactly friendly and Juan Pablo noted that he must be angry because of what he said to Maria at the hospital. Edmund said he had proof that it wasn't Maria's fault that Carlos died. He had Juan Pablo look at the computer screen and he recognized a signet ring that belonged to the family that was after Carlos and Juan Pablo. Edmund said he saw this same ring on a male nurse at the hospital on Thanksgiving.

Thursday, December 11, 2003

Kendall walked into Ryan's room and asked to speak to him alone. Greenlee refused to leave saying that Kendall was probably there to have Ryan fuel up the jet so that she could take off. Kendall told Greenlee to shut up and to leave. Ryan intervened telling Kendall and Greenlee to back down. Greenlee told Ryan he should call the pilot and she'd give Kendall money to get rid of her. Ryan said that Kendall wasn't going anywhere. Greenlee looked at Kendall and then at Ryan and said that it wasn't about Kendall being in trouble it was about the two of them. Greenlee grabbed her purse to leave and told Ryan that she wasn't going to watch him throw himself into the volcano and left.

Ryan asked what Kendall wanted to say. Kendall spoke gently and told Ryan that she was tired of being afraid, tired of being afraid to go after what she wanted, which was him. She told him that it felt good to say that she wanted him. Ryan stared at her and said that he didn't know what she wanted him to say next. Kendall told Ryan to say what was in his heart. She told him that she wanted him again. Kendall touched his face and they started kissing. Ryan turned off the light and walked back to Kendall. They kissed and started undressing when Ryan stopped. Kendall asked him what was wrong. Ryan said "you're pregnant." Ryan turned on the light and Kendall stated that she was pregnant the last time they made love. Ryan said the difference is that now he knows. Ryan told Kendall that her honesty was good but was she willing to tell him the rest of the truth, did she know what she was risking. Kendall said yes, grabbed her coat and purse and walked to the door. With tears in her eyes, she turned and looked at Ryan, as he watched in disappointment as she Kendall closed the door behind her to leave.

Greenlee went to the falls and sat down to talk to Leo. Telling him how she was mad at him for coming into Pine Valley like a prince and teaching her how to love. She rubbed her finger where the wedding band used to be telling Leo that she knows that he knows she took it off. She told him that she was in love with Pablo but she was afraid that because he was in danger that she could lose him and she didn't know if she could go through that again. David walked up to her and told her not to fall in love again. Greenlee asked him if he wouldn't want to share his life with someone. He said no that it wasn't worth it. Greenlee asked if he wished that Anna and Leora didn't come into his life. He said no that he was glad that they had and that he had those memories but he didn't want to go through it again. Greenlee said that it would be worth it to love again.

When JR returned home Adam started giving Babe more of a hard time especially when she told JR that she was worried about him. Adam asked if she wasn't sure that it was Jamie she was worried about. Babe told Adam that he was being mean and Stuart agreed; getting on to Adam for being so rude. JR asked Babe and Stuart to give him time alone with his dad. Babe walked out side. When the room was clear JR started talking about the office. Adam asked why he was talking about the office; wanting to know how he felt about what he found out earlier in the day. JR went on about how the people at Chandler Enterprises despised Adam. Adam said he didn't pay them to like him. JR said that they had no respect for him that some were even afraid of him. Adam said that had nothing to do with it. Adam asked JR what he was going to do about Babe, sure that JR was going to kick her out. JR told him that would be what Adam wanted. Adam said that JR being hurt wasn't what he wanted, he didn't want his marriage to unhappy or based on someone taking advantage of him. JR asked Adam if he remembered the Christmas when he was 6 years old. Adam said his memory was foggy. JR said that was a lie and asked if Adam remembered how he had the authorities commit his mother and them take him away. All because Adam loved his son. Adam tried blowing it off but JR wouldn't give up so Adam told him that he did love him, that he respected him for the man he is but loved him like the boy he was and that JR couldn't begrudge him of that. JR told Adam he was disowning his own grandchild. Adam said that the baby wasn't a Chandler. JR asked him how he knew that, that Adam had no proof. Adam asked if JR believed Babe. JR pointed out that he and Babe were together a lot and the baby was his. Adam told him to prove it. Adam told JR to go down to the hospital and ask the doctor. JR refused to go down to the hospital and throw the Chandler name around and he wouldn't turn to Adam's tactics.

Babe was sitting outside pretending to smoke a cigarette when Brooke walked up. Brooke asked Babe if she was okay. Babe explained that she used to smoke and that it calmed her down so she thought she'd pretend to do it to see if it would work, which it didn't. Babe told Brooke that if she was there to see Adam that it would have to wait because he and JR were duking it out on whether she would get kicked out or not. Brooke said that was the reason why she was there to see that Babe didn't get kicked out because she was not going to be marrying her son. Babe told Brooke that she loved JR and that the baby wasn't Jamie's. Brooke said she hoped that she was right. Babe said that Jamie was a sweet kid and that if she had met him first things might be different. As Brooke pointed out, Babe didn't meet Jamie first and that she needed to work things out with JR. Babe told Brooke that Jamie was going to mess up her marriage if he didn't stop doing the things he was doing. Brooke said that Jamie didn't want to do that but his feelings for Babe were real and they still had to address that situation. JR walked out about that time. Brooke congratulated him for being a daddy-to-be. JR thanked Brooke. Brooke said she had to get going an article in Tempo was calling her to finish. Brooke told them to get inside and keep the baby warm. JR agreed telling Babe she must be freezing.

Babe said that he could keep her warm like he always does and as she reached up to kiss him he held her at bay and walked inside the house. They went upstairs and JR sat down on a bench in the room while Babe told him to sit and relax. She knelt down in front of him and unbuttoned his shirt rubbing his stomach then up to his shoulders noticing how tense he was. She told him that she knew how to make it all better. She went to pull out a teddy from a drawer. After she changed she started to pull off his shirt and he stood up, keeping her away from him and said that he had work to do and walked off.

Jamie was at the Pit drinking when Reggie found him. Jamie told him that he was going to be a father. He got Reggie a drink and they went to a table to sit and talk. Jamie asked Reggie if he'd be his best man at his wedding. Reggie asked Jamie what he is talking about as far as he knew Babe was still married to Jamie's brother. Jamie said that he was going to raise his own child. Reggie asked Jamie what was wrong with him. Reggie told Jamie that he shouldn't want to rush into being a father because he has too many friends who has children complaining about how they screwed things up and how much diapers were setting them back. Jamie didn't want to listen to Reggie's advice. A police officer put his hand on Reggie's shoulder calling him "Sonny" and asking him if he wanted to be hauled down to the station. Reggie asked why the cop was hassling him. The officer said that Reggie was underage and if he didn't leave now he'd get hauled in. Reggie asked the officer if had nothing better to do like finding the real Cambias murderer instead of hauling some pregnant woman off to jail for it. Jamie tried getting Reggie to back off. The officer suggested that Reggie listen to Jamie. Reggie said that he didn't like being called sonny by the officer that he was Jackson Montgomery's son. Reggie said that if Jackson were still on the case the officers would be doing their jobs looking for murderers instead of hassling them. One of the officers said that if Jackson kept his nose clean then he'd still be in his job. Reggie got angry and hauled off and punched the cop.

Friday, December 12, 2003

Liza is going through boxes of her old clothes in her apartment when Mia walks out flocking a new outfit for Aidan. Liza compliments her and tells her that she giving her old clothes away. Mia tells her that she should keep one black dress in particular, but the rest of the "old Liza" clothes can go. She admits that she has been keeping Aidan's phone off the hook and not giving him messages from Kendall. She is surprised when Liza doesn't tell her to play by the rules in her new relationship with Aidan. Liza says that Mia should forget the rules! Mia tells Liza she is excited about the "new Liza" and rushes off to see Aidan. Simone visits, looking for Mia to go over Fusion paperwork, but Liza tells her she is gone. Liza looks over the paperwork instead and signs Mia's name. Simone compliments Liza's forgery. Liza brings up Tad and says she is surprised he did not invite Simone on his "business trip." She warns Simone about him and his ideas of "business trips." Brooke shows up and she gloats to Simone that Brooke knows just how unfaithful Tad can be. Brooke tells Simone that Tad has a notorious urge to cheat on women and asks Simone where Tad is. Simone says she does not know and rushes off. When Liza asks if everything is ok, Brooke tells Liza that she needs to speak to Tad about Jamie.

Tad is hanging around a hotel and stands outside of a hotel door. When he hears someone open their door from across the hall, the hides behind a pillar. The woman who emerges is Babe's mother. She talks to the maid about true love and brags about how her daughter has married a rich man. She gives the maid a large tip and says that her daughter has enough money to take care of her too. The maid leaves, Babe's mother's boyfriend comes out, and lures her back inside for another romp.

Kendall stands outside of Aidan's hotel room door. She seems unsure about disturbing him and when she turns to leave, he opens the door. He invites her inside and when she accepts his offer, she immediately sees a gun in a plastic bag sitting on his bed. She asks Aidan if the gun on his bed is the murder weapon in the Michael Cambias' case. Aidan tells Kendall that the gun was found from the city dump. He tells her that the cops found a gun in a bag with Michael's blood inside and fibers from her clothes and hair. Kendall becomes worried because Jackson did not inform her of those findings and thinks the cops will find out everything. Aidan reassures Kendall that the gun he found may help her case. He shocks her when he tells her about his, Boyd's, and Tad's nice burial for Michael in the landfill rubbish. Kendall is overwhelmed with thanks, hugs him, and tells him she will owe him for the rest of her life because of his devotion to keep her out of prison. There is a knock at Aidan's door and when he answers it, a mailman has a package for him. Aidan accepts the package and closes the door. He tells Kendall that the cops found two suspects prints on the dumpster murder weapon and he had a contact mail him the identities of the fingerprints. When he opens the package, he tells Kendall that the set of prints belong to Reggie and Bianca! Kendall refuses to believe that the prints belong to her family. Aidan adds that the fingerprints came from a national database and Bianca was arrested last Thanksgiving with Opal and Myrtle when Erica was in jail. Kendall remembers that incident, but still wants to protect her sister. She takes the gun, quickly dusts it off, and shoots it in the air. Aidan tells Kendall that she will ruin her case and worries about someone calling the cops after hearing the gun shot, but remembers, he is at the Pine Cone, not The Valley Inn. Kendall says Reggie is just a kid and there is no way he or Bianca killed Michael. Aidan says if they are innocent, why did they hide the gun" Kendall begs for him to put the gun back in the dumpster, but he refuses and tries to distract her by getting her to smile. Kendall confesses that she thinks about what her life would be like if she and Aidan had flown away on that plane together. They share a kiss and Mia spies from outside Aidan's window. She knocks on the door and Kendall pulls away, saying the kiss was mistake. Aidan lets Mia in and Kendall leaves. Aidan compliments Mia on her appearance and when she suggests they go out to dinner, he tells her he has to work on the Cambias case instead. Mia accepts his raincheck and they set a date for Saturday night. She gives him a quick kiss and leaves, unhappy and determined to get Kendall out of the picture.

Erica storms into Lt. Derek Frye's office at the police station, demanding that Reggie be released from jail. Derek reminds Erica that Reggie can only be released by a parent or guardian, and she is neither one of those. Erica tells him that since Jackson is out of town, she is there in his place. She adds that Derek probably knows exactly where Jackson is and they are only arresting Reggie to harass him. Reggie comes out and explains to Erica what he did. Erica tells him that she disappointed in his actions-underage drinking at a bar and hitting a police officer. Reggie apologizes and realizes how upset Jackson will be when he hears the news. Derek tells Erica that Reggie had an accomplice in his actions, and Brooke walks over. When Erica sees Brooke and figures out that Reggie's accomplice was Jaime, she tells Brooke that she has been a "walking disaster since the day I met you." Brooke defends her son and they swamp insults for a bit. Erica tells Brooke that the way her magazine handles the Cambias case is insulting and Brooke reminds her that her own daughter is facing a murder charge. Reggie is taken away to fill out some paperwork and then Erica signs off on them so they can leave. Jamie comes out and Brooke pulls him aside. She tells him that she spoke to Babe and Babe doesn't want him hanging around. Upset at his mother's remarks, Jamie tells Brooke to stay out of his business and sulks away. Meanwhile, Reggie is telling a handful of media that he can give the real reason Jackson was kicked off the Cambias' case. Erica rushes over and pulls Reggie aside, scolding him for talking to the press like that. She tells him that speaking to the press will only get Jackson in more trouble. When Reggie tells Erica that Jackson may not be the only one in trouble, she immediately asks Reggie, "What did you do"" Reggie says he is not the one who did anything and Erica should not assume he did. Even though Reggie got arrested, Erica tells him she is proud of him and if anyone ever gets in trouble in the family, they stick together.

Maggie and Bianca are discussing her pregnancy in their apartment. Maggie is worried about Bianca showing more and wonders how she will hide it. Bianca tells her she will find some way to hide the pregnancy and refuses to leave town because of Kendall. The phone rings and it is Maggie's professor. Maggie takes the call and when she hangs up, Bianca questions her loyalty and friendship. She demands to know if Maggie signed up for classes in the spring and when Maggie admits that she has, Bianca feels that Maggie is bailing out on their "adventure" and their friendship. Maggie tells Bianca that she wants to go with her, but thinks it is a bad idea. She has Lena back in her life now, and thinks that she won't get along with the three of them because she does not trust Lena. Bianca tells Maggie that her and Lena are just forming a friendship right now. She isn't ready for a physical relationship just yet and is only taking small steps with Lena. Maggie tells Bianca to ask Lena to accompany her instead. Maggie agrees to go with her after the pregnancy out of guilt and they toast with soda. The soda accidentally spills on Bianca's sweater and she removes it, but she has a tank top on underneath. It is the first time Maggie and Bianca notice how much her body is showing the pregnancy. Maggie gathers her things and goes to school to talk to her professor about the spring class she enrolled in. Bianca walks Maggie to the door and smells something burning, but Maggie tells her it is probably nothing and leaves. Kendall goes to visit Bianca and when they are standing outside, Bianca complains about smelling something burning. Kendall screams at Bianca and tries to cover her before an explosion hits and throws them both in separate directions! The walls crumble and both women get buried under the debris!

Babe walks downstairs to greet JR in the living room. She tries to get his attention, but he ignores her and continues with his work. He even tells Babe to go back to bed and get some sleep. Frustrated at JR's behavior, Babe tells JR that he should stop torturing her and says, "Tell me that you love me or tell me to leave." JR doesn't respond and Babe goes on about how much she loves him and even when she found out about his money, she still loved him. JR questions the baby's paternity and as much as Babe reassures him that the baby is his, he still doubts her. She threatens him by saying if he doesn't believe her, she will leave. JR jokes that Jamie would have not problem helping her pack her bags and she could stop her act at anytime. Babe claims it is not an act and she is telling the truth. She tells him that she will leave and go back to her mother. She threatens that JR will never see his baby again after she is gone and storms upstairs. Jamie comes over and tells JR that he had no idea Babe was his wife when he met her. He says if he had known who she was, he would have never slept with her. As they talk, Babe snoops and hears them from inside the secret wall. JR tells Jamie that if he is telling the truth, he needs to prove that Babe lied. Jamie refuses to trash Babe just for JR's pleasure and they need to find out who the real father is. JR tells Jamie that he probably wants Babe's child to be his. Jamie ignores his comment and says that they deserve to know, so they can figure what to do next. Babe accidentally makes some noise in the secret wall and JR catches her. She comes out and says, "Is it gonna be me or him"" JR tells them that he doesn't want to hurt anyone, but he has made his choice.



Multi-soap vet Michael Tylo dead at 73
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