One Life to Live Recaps: The week of December 22, 2003 on OLTL

Al successfully had Michael commit three good deeds. David and Dorian kissed. Joey left Llanview and moved to London with Clint. Marcie agreed to go out with Greg, a guest on her radio show. John saved Natalie. Nigel bought a hotel in Angel Square.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of December 22, 2003 on OLTL
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Monday, December 22, 2003

Kelly shares a painful memory with Joey about a Christmas that ended badly for her and Kevin. Kelly finds a lost boy and insists on taking him home with her after learning he might have to spend Christmas in the police station. Jen agrees to spend Christmas with Joey. Viki and Dorian put their differences aside as they remember celebrating one specific Christmas when Dorian was married to Victor.

John tracks Natalie down at the Buchanan lodge. Michael tells Roxy about a Christmas he spent away from John and their mother. Meanwhile, John relates the same sad story to Natalie. Roxy and Natalie both remember an unhappy Christmas in Atlantic City. John comforts Natalie when she breaks down over Cristian and convinces her to return to Llanview with him. Al gains insight on how to get Michael to accomplish three good deeds. Al succeeds in getting Michael to commit two good deeds by having Michael apologize to Marcie and later soften towards John.

Blair eavesdrops as Walker tells Starr how Blair reached out to him one Christmas day. With double meaning, Blair relates a Christmas memory about her and Todd to Starr and Walker. David and Dorian exchange Christmas presents and end up in a kiss.

Tuesday, December 23RD

Viki is upset when she can't find her wedding ring from Ben. Al succeeds in getting Michael to accomplish his third good deed. Al visits a young girl in the other world and learns she is his and Marcie's future daughter. She tells Al that he is allowed to return to Michael's body and try to get Marcie to fall in love with him by Valentine's Day. Al/Michael finds Viki's wedding ring and takes it to her at Llanfair.

Kelly feels like a mother to the little boy she found. After a minor health scare, Kevin begins to bond with the boy, who in Spanish, says his name is Jesus. Matthew shares his presents with Jesus.

Dorian and David are close to a kiss when Dorian realizes River is the Spirit of the Night. Dorian goes to the radio station and she and River embrace. Gabrielle remembers Al while playing with Matthew. Gabrielle and Bo grow a tiny bit closer.

Uncomfortable at Llanfair, Jen leaves and sees Rex with another girl at Ultra Violet. Not wanting to do something self-destructive, Jen goes to Lindsay's. Lindsay is thrilled to have Jen with her for Christmas. R.J. finds comfort with Lindsay and later ends up in a kiss with Evangeline.

Wednesday, December 24, 2003

At the Buchanan gathering, Asa suggests that Kelly use the abandoned child to save her marriage and she follows up on this by drawing Kevin into a conversation with the little boy. They talk about how they wanted to save the world as the boy, Jesus, rubs his eyes. They share a laugh about a previous Christmas and Kelly begins to relax. When Kevin jumps up and tells her that it's too late to fix their mistakes, that he can't make her happy like she deserves, she is taken aback.

Rex shows up at Lindsay's place, gift in hand. He's surprised to find Jen there instead of at her husband's side. After Daniel drops by with flowers for Lindsay, and mentions an extra concert ticket that she can use, the young couple is left alone. Rex admits that he really wanted to see Jen as well. When she expresses dismay over the girl she spied him with at Ultra Violet, he recognizes that she is jealous of any girl that he spends time with, though she denies it. Informing her that it's only her that he wants, he also makes her realize that he doesn't just want to sleep with her. He demands to know her true feelings. Other girls want things from him but he wants to give her things. She's not like that and she needs him, she admits.

Joe, Jess and Nat celebrate the holiday at Llanfair, all of them alone, together. Nat gets called to work at Rodi's but she doesn't mind. Blair continues to plot against Todd/Walker. They each have a big surprise for the other. Blair can't understand why Todd/Walker wants to spend time with Viki, since she's not family. Viki gets Todd/Walker aside and asks about his telling Blair the truth yet. He's tried, but just hasn't been able to. Viki suggests he go back to the beginning of their lives together. She shows off the flower that she found at Angel Square. Joe comforts Viki who thinks about Ben and Nat's being without Cris for the holiday. Asa and Kevin arrive with Kevin mentioning that he has something important to announce.

Al/Michael and Luna watch as Marcie longs for Al at Angel Square. When Ron agrees to drop her off at the radio station, Luna spurs Al on, especially after finding some delphinium, growing in winter. It has a magic power if someone smells it, she tells him. It recaptures a lost feeling, like love. He takes off before she can warn him about the after effect. Instead, he runs into John, but refuses to take the time to talk about visiting their mother (as Michael). Luna scolds him for his behavior and warns him about the flower wearing off.

Finally opening the gift from Cris, Nat finds a painting of herself, captured while sleeping. Before she can react too strongly, John walks in, looking for a change of scenery. She needed it too, she tells him, so she didn't mind coming to work. Todd/Walker and Blair arrive as Nat and John are making small talk. Served their champagne, they continue to skirt around the truth, but both manage to allude to it during their conversation. Blair remembers how she and Todd were founders of the "Wild Hearts Losers Club." Blair has also had a whiff of the special flower, as she tells Todd/Walker that she loves him. He does the same. She can't forgive Todd for anything because he's dead, she states. Then, "let's keep the bad things buried with him," Todd/Walker replies. When John reaches out to touch Nat's painting, she becomes angry and runs off, just as Jess arrives. "Lighten up," she tells John. Nat needs to take the time to get over Cris. Responding that he only wants to make her feel better, he agrees that both of them are stubborn people.

Once Ron drops Marcie off at the station, Al/Michael finds her and learns that she came to be with Al. He would have been there for the evening and she'd like to be alone, she informs him. He hands her the flower and she inhales the scent, amazed at how sweet it smells. Suddenly, Marcie feels strange and asks Al/Michael to stay. He assures her that he's the same guy who loved her before and will forever. They share a kiss and she wonders why she hasn't seen this before. "Do you know who I am?" Al/Michael asks her. She sees Michael though and she loves him. She makes him realize things about himself, he explains to her. He tells her why he chose to become a doctor.

Daniel apologizes to Lindsay for taking her to a rock concert; he thought it was something much different. He pulls out a flower from beneath the Angel Square statue and hands it to her.

Taking Jess' suggestion to lighten up, John leaves and returns with a big red bag full of fruitcakes and dumps them all out. All of the cops receive at least 3 apiece for Christmas, he says.

Marcie and Al/Michael begin to kiss again, but as the clock strikes midnight she pulls away abruptly. She dashes out the door, but Luna stops Al from following her. Marcie returns on her own shortly after, explaining that there is dead air due to a glitch and she needs to fill up the space. She looks for an old tape of Al's but he suggests that she sing herself. She asks Al/Michael why he became a doctor as she can't remember what he told her previously. She sings "Silent Night" into the microphone.

Kelly prays for the sleeping child as well as help for herself. Kevin announces that there will be more funding for homeless women and children which is not what Asa wanted to hear. He is also annoyed about Joe's decision to take a leave of absence and head out of town. Jess returns and reports that Natalie is having a good time. She also receives a phone call from Antonio, announcing that he was able to catch a flight home from Puerto Rico after all. Blair returns to look for her purse as Todd/Walker whispers to Viki that he thinks she still loves him. He just has to work on her some more. Kevin, Joe and Jess celebrate together. Jen falls asleep with Rex, Daniel and Lindsay kiss as do Todd/Walker and Blair. Kevin looks on. Nat and John share a special moment at the pool table. When things get awkward, he shoves her a plate of fruitcake. Viki is happy that her family is together.

Thursday, December 25, 2003

Due to the Christmas holiday, today's episode was preempted for special programming. There will be no lost episodes as a result of this schedule change; Friday's show will pick up where Wednesday's show concluded.

On behalf of everyone at Soap Opera Central, have a safe and Merry Christmas.

Friday, December 26, 2003

When Antonio remains stuck in Atlanta, River turns to Jessica for answers to Adriana's whereabouts. Jen visits Joey at Llanfair and realizes that he is really leaving Llanview. He refuses to stay, despite her asking. Joey says goodbye to his mother and heads to London.

John and Bo continue to seek answers to the Music Box Killings. Nora realizes that the carpet fibers in several victims all match a carpet from Statesville Prison. Al tries to help Gabrielle when he sees her at Rodi's. When she leaves, she runs into Troy and tells him that she doesn't intend to frequent the bar anymore. Going to Bo's, Gabrielle asks him if he still wants to marry him.

David introduces Dorian to Michelle, a girl he hired to help with their plan to get Paul disinherited. David drugs Paul's drink, then proposes a toast to get him to drink it. After swallowing the drug, Paul instantly passes out. After dressing the pair in wedding clothes, David takes pictures of Paul and his ‘bride'. Paul wakes up in the cab before the marriage license is signed.

Marcie and Rae discuss relationships on Marcie's talk show. Al joins them as a surprise guest. Marcie is surprised that ‘Michael' knows her so well. After the show, Al is disappointed when Marcie accepts a date with Greg.

After announcing that he bought the hotel in Angel Square, Nigel realizes his mistake. Before he can change his mind, Roxy reminds him that it is his dream to own a hotel. When they leave Rodi's, a robber pulls a knife on Natalie. She hands over the money, but refuses to give him her wedding ring. John shows up in time to save Natalie.

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