One Life to Live Recaps: The week of December 1, 2003 on OLTL

Walker and Kevin decided to stay behind at Lake Champlain to aid in the search for Viki and Dorian, while Kelly and Blair chose to return home. While trapped in the cave, Dorian and Viki confided in each other about their pasts and hopes for the future. Kevin and Walker were thrilled to finally find Viki and Dorian alive and well.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of December 1, 2003 on OLTL
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Monday, December 1, 2003

While Viki explored the cave, Dorian held the end of the string Viki intended to use to find her way back. Upon returning, Viki showed Dorian a bag full of money and dynamite she had found. When the fire started to burn out, the two argued about whether or not to burn the money to stay warm. When they told each other to walk a mile in their shoes, Viki imagined life with the drama of the Cramer women while Dorian thought how horrible it would be to have Kevin and Todd fawning over her. Determined to escape, Dorian shot the ceiling of the cave, causing it to fall in, trapping Dorian.

Blair managed to call for help and got Kevin to the hospital, while Todd took the rescue workers to the cave opening. Upon arriving, they realized there had been an avalanche and told Todd that it could take until spring before they found the opening.

At a lodge, Kelly and Kevin were reunited in front of the press. When Walker returned to the lodge, Kelly asked him about what Kevin and Blair had been doing when he found them, and he told her that they had been all over each other.

Aunt Betsy informed Paul that he was her sole heir, dependent on what her background check found on him. Starr informed him that she was watching him closely. Frantic, he called Babe to verify that she had annulled their marriage.

At Capricorn, Evangeline tried to apologize to R.J. for hiring Antonio without his knowledge. Daniel informed David that if he tried to pull one over on Lindsay, he would pay. Witnessing the confrontation, Lindsay accepted a date with Daniel.

Tuesday, December 2, 2003

Walker and Kevin faced off, and Walker finally admitted that he was Todd. With the truth out, Todd demanded that Kevin get over himself so they could try to find Viki. While in the woods, Todd and Kevin separated from the search and rescue team, despite Kevin's warning. When they argued again, Kevin punched Todd.

Blair told Starr that her aunts were missing. Convinced that her dad would find them, Starr informed her mother that Aunt Betsy planned to leave all her money to Paul. When Betsy stated that Starr wasn't worthy because of Todd's genes, Blair defended her ex-husband. Later, Starr kicked Betsy in the shins and said that her father was a great man. Overhearing, Kelly wondered if Starr knew the truth about Walker.

Realizing that she was trapped in the rubble, Dorian's claustrophobia took over. As Viki tried to move the rocks, Dorian told about her childhood. When the conversation turned to Victor, Viki wished that her father had apologized. In an attempt to make Viki feel better, Dorian said that Victor had written Viki a letter of apology, but Dorian had burned it before Viki ever saw it.

Realizing that Dorian was lying, Viki called her on it. Asking what would make her secure, Viki unwittingly gave Dorian a plan to get her hands on Betsy's money. Once Dorian got out from under the collapsed rocks, Viki realized that there was light shining through a crack in the roof of the cave. Using the dynamite they had found in the convict's bag, they planned to use an explosion to escape.

Wednesday, December 3, 2003

As Viki was about to light the fuse to explode the way out of their snowed-in cave, Dorian quickly stopped her to rehash why she was even there in the first place. When Viki reminded her of the sequence of events that had led to it, she also stated that she was happy she was not alone. Dorian admitted to being afraid to die as she related her belief about how ecstatic her family members would be when they received the news of her death. They'd all be after her possessions, she imagined, with Todd yelling, "The witch is dead!"

Viki reassured her; that wouldn't be the case at all. Viki urged Dorian to think about the men. Dorian cheered up considerably, as she could just hear them all shouting and toasting her. The Dudes of Dorian only made her smile, and she was ready to light the fuse. However, Viki took a turn to stop the process. She worried about her children -- her perfect children, as Dorian put it.

Viki envisioned poor drunken Natalie who had gambled away all of their money on sports betting, as Jess begged R.J. for more hours to work. Joe conduced a sermon as Jen rushed off to be with Rex, and he got released from his post, amid boos from the crowd. Marcie urged him to go back to Jen, but he said he loved only her. Dorian interrupted; she thought Jen reminded Joe of her. Back to the dream, Kevin became a senator thanks to Asa's millions. He took leave of Kelly and went off with Blair.

Sounds of the avalanche drew Viki and Dorian back to reality, and Viki thought they should light the fuse right away. Dorian didn't, though, as she pictured a newly married David and pregnant Kelly. When Kelly died in childbirth, David was left with the baby and the Cramer fortune, including the house, which he renamed "Chateau Von Vickers." Viki believed Kelly was smarter than that and wouldn't allow David to dupe her as Dorian had, though she complimented her by mentioning that Dorian had certainly had her payback. Dorian could see River and Paul with the wrong women: Jess and Natalie. Viki was insulted but figured it was one dream that was impossible.

Dorian worried that Blair might never learn that Walker was Todd, but Viki defended her brother. Dorian could imagine it: Walker signing adoption papers for Starr and Jack, which would give him legal custody of the children, and he would walk out on Blair while admitting his true identity. He'd tell Blair in his own time, Viki insisted, and she imagined a happy Blair when she learned the truth. Dorian imagined it: Blair being arrested for killing Todd and being led away in handcuffs. Things might be bad, Viki agreed. But she still thought they should trust everyone to do the right thing and began to light the match once again.

"Stop," Dorian yelled. She asked what would happen if one of them lived and one died. Dorian, for one, couldn't stand all of the crying at Saint Viki's funeral -- the crying and sobbing going out of control as the people wished that it had been Dorian instead. Viki could not believe that Dorian was still jealous of her. Dorian admitted she didn't want to resent or envy Viki anymore, but she couldn't help it because of how everyone thought so highly of Viki.

"I have my own fears and problems," Viki declared. In the recent past, her husband had gone into a coma, and her daughters had both been through hell. She herself wanted things, too, she admitted. The daydreams continued as Kevin became president of the United States -- without Asa's help -- and Joe, who was married to Marcie and having children, became the bishop of Pennsylvania. Meanwhile, Jess who was the editor of the Banner and publisher of ten newspapers, received the woman of the year award, while Natalie was a best-selling author with her latest book, Blondie and the Bartender. Viki missed Ben; Dorian missed Mel.

Everyone adored Viki except Dorian probably, Dorian mused. People would only love her after her death, Dorian believed, predicting the lining up of people at her mansion five years in the future, just to pay homage to her portrait. There was even talk of replacing the Luna statue in Dorian Square, formerly Angel Square, with one of Dorian. Viki just wanted everyone to be happy and pondered Kelly and Kevin, and Blair and Todd on a double date, drinking a toast to Dorian. Viki said she would like to have a grandchild, Victoria, not for immortality, but as proof that she had been there and had made a difference. Dorian liked the idea of a baby Dorian, and they agreed that maybe they were more the same than they had always thought.

Viki finally lit the fuse, and the women took cover as the explosion began.

Thursday, December 4, 2003

John told Antonio he was suspicious of Jen's alibi. Finding Jen at the Student Union, John told her that he knew Rex had lied for her. Tripping her up, John realized she had been at the crime scene. When Jen confessed, he took her to the Llanview Police Station to write a statement. When Jen finally showed up at the church, Joey questioned Jen's relationship to Karen.

When Jen didn't show up in time for a vigil for Viki and Dorian, Joey figured his wife was with Rex. Jessica tried to make her brother feel better but had to defend him when a parishioner questioned Jen's reliability. Upset, Joey went to Ultraviolet to confront Rex, who nearly slipped about helping Jen lie about knowing Karen.

Dorian and Viki were ecstatic when they finally made it out of the cave. When Kevin and Todd found them, the women told them about the dynamite moments before the cave collapsed, and they realized they had made it out just in time. Back in Llanview, Viki showed up at the church in time to defend Jen against the attack of one of the church members. After everyone left, Joey asked Jen to tell him the truth.

Kelly confronted Blair but was stunned when Blair mentioned her affair. When David overheard, he told Kelly that he admired her determination to get what she wanted in life. Later, David admitted that he was really concerned about Dorian. When she showed up, everyone was thrilled she had made it home, but she quickly became irate when she found out that Paul was inheriting Aunt Betsy's money.

Bo finally told his father that Matthew was Asa's grandson. After giving the boy a horse, Asa bonded with Matthew.

Friday, December 5, 2003

While Kevin and Jessica searched for their mother, Viki and Todd secretly met in the Lord Mausoleum. When Todd said he had no intention of telling Blair, Viki told him that lying to his wife was only going to cause him more trouble in the future. When they returned to Llanfair, Kevin and Walker verbally attacked each other. When Dorian stopped by, she told Kevin that Kelly was very upset. While Kevin placed a phone call, Dorian and Viki talked about their ordeal. In the midst of their bonding, flowers arrived for Viki from the governor.

Starr told Blair she wanted Walker to adopt her and Jack. Kelly asked Dorian if she knew anything about Kevin and Blair having an affair. When Dorian reminded her that she was a good girl, Kelly hinted that she had a plan. Later, she showed Walker a front-page photo of Blair and Kevin in an embrace and asked what he was going to do about it. When Walker faced off with Blair, he accused her of sleeping with Kevin. At Llanfair, Kelly became irate when she found Kevin telling Joey that his marriage was in shambles.

Jen and Rex filed their statements with the police. Lindsay warned Rex to stay away from Jen while Joey questioned his wife's motives in being with Karen in the first place. John worried that the Music Box Killer would find out that Jen was the eyewitness that Daniel had leaked to the press. John warned Marcie not to tell anyone that Jen was giving a statement, and she assured him that her brother was innocent. At Capricorn, Rex asked Jen to meet him at a motel. At the student union, someone watched Jen as she considered Rex's offer.

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