As The World Turns Recaps: The week of December 1, 2003 on ATWT

Katie decided it was time to move on and said goodbye to Simon. Chris returned home and found out Alison was pregnant. Dusty proved Paul was out to hurt Rose. Paul observed Dusty and Rose embracing. Paul visited James in prison. Rose forgave Paul and started preparing for her wedding. Molly's hatred of Rose continued to grow. Barbara arrived at the church, dressed as a nun and packing a gun.
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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of December 1, 2003 on ATWT
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Monday, December 1, 2003

As Mike and Katie finished their leftover pumpkin pie, Margo and Tom arrived at the door with the news that Chris had returned from Philadelphia to patch things up with Alison. Katie rushed outside to call Alison to warn her then walked back in. Margo led the conversation around to a memorial service for Simon, but Katie immediately knew that Mike had asked Margo to broach the subject.

After Margo and Tom left, Simon told Katie that he hoped she would want to get on with her life and that there would be a place for him in her new life. Katie confessed that she couldn't handle a traditional memorial service in which everyone sat around telling stories about Simon. She knew that she was ready to say goodbye to Simon, but she didn't know how. Katie felt a strong need to talk to Simon, so she took his ashes and went out alone for one last time with him.

Chris appeared at Alison's door, and Katie called just as Chris went inside, warning Alison that she needed to tell Chris right away if he were the father of Alison's baby. First Chris apologized for the way he had left Alison then Alison admitted to Chris that Aaron had been the person in the hotel room with her. At that moment, Aaron rushed in with a bag of maternity clothes, which was how Chris found out that Alison was pregnant. Chris at first assumed that the baby was his, but Aaron said that Alison had told him that Aaron himself was the father.

Alison asked Aaron to give her time to talk with Chris alone, but when Chris asked if he was the baby's father, Alison told Chris that the one thing she would not lie about was the paternity of her child. She insisted that Aaron was the father. Chris told Alison that for a minute, he had thought the baby was his, and that had made him happy. He told Alison that he loved her, but it was obvious that she was still obsessed with Aaron.

Chris left, and when Aaron returned, Alison cried on his shoulder. Chris went to Metro and called Tom to meet him. Chris told Tom that he was in love with Alison, even though she said that she was pregnant with Aaron's baby and still wanted Aaron. Chris was angry because he was stuck in Oakdale, where he didn't want to be, since he had quit his job in Philadelphia.

Barbara sat in the wedding chapel, telling herself, "I just can't let this happen." Jennifer walked in and begged Barbara not to do something desperate to stop the wedding. When Jennifer begged Barbara to accept Rose, Barbara replied, "Rose D'Angelo has destroyed everything that is precious to me, and she will be my enemy until one of us is dead." After Jennifer begged Barbara to give up her hatred for Rose and to accept her as part of the family, Barbara pretended to agree and told Jennifer that she would stay home from the wedding the next day. Jennifer left, and Barbara drew a gun from her purse, saying, "I'm sorry, Jennifer. This wedding won't happen tomorrow -- or any other day. I will do what I have to do."

Outside the back door of the Snyder farm, Hal informed Paul that he suspected Paul of harassing Rose, although he didn't have proof. Will walked outside, and Paul gave him a camera for his computer that would enable the brothers to talk "face-to-face" every day, even though one would be in Oakdale and the other in Paris. Before Paul left, he thanked Hal for taking such good care of Will.

At Rose's house, Dusty showed Rose proof that Paul had made the threatening calls and damaged her car. He showed her paint, windshield glass, gloves, and a bat that he had found in Paul's trunk. He begged her to call the wedding off, saying, "Your life depends on it." Rose threw Dusty out of her house, telling him to leave and never return.

Dusty returned to Metro, telling Molly that Rose hadn't believe him. Dusty told Molly that, in spite of her objections, he was going to continue to try to save Rose from Paul. When Paul returned to the penthouse, he was surprised to find Rose there, since he had expected her to spend the night before the wedding apart from him. She told him about Dusty's accusations, so he rushed back out the door after kissing her, saying, "Remember -- I love you. Forever and always."

Paul rushed into Metro, punched Dusty, and warned Dusty to stop harassing Rose. Paul left. Back in the penthouse, Rose looked through Paul's desk for a compact disc, and she found the voice alternator. After a few minutes Paul returned to the penthouse and found Rose gone and the desk in disarray. He told himself, "She found it." Rose entered Metro and held out the device to Molly and Dusty. She asked Molly, "Is this the voice alternator you found in Paul's pocket?"

Tuesday, December 2, 2003

Mike and Margo set out to find Katie. At the church, Katie prayed for a sign that she was not a jinx to the men that loved her. Margo and Mike found Katie's car. Mike carried a baby lamb into the chapel. She took that as a positive sign. They went to return the lamb to its farm, and snow began to fall. Katie saw it as a good omen, as well, and she leaned on Mike's arm.

Jennifer assured Hal that Barbara was not planning anything to wreck the wedding. She thought he was being too hard on her mom. Meanwhile, Barbara gave Bennett the slip. Walker, who was answering John Dixon's pages while he was away, found Barbara waiting in the cold. He offered her a place to stay. Barbara was moved by his generosity but declined the invitation

Molly confirmed to Rose it was the same voice changer she had found at Paul's. Rose was devastated, and Dusty comforted her. Rose was brief with Paul on the phone, and he realized she was with Dusty at Metro. Paul discovered that Crater was a double agent. Paul punched him out, fired him, and went in search of Rose.

Dusty took a terrified Rose home, and instructed Molly to cover for them if Paul arrived. Paul demanded Molly tell him where Rose was. She finally revealed they were at Rose's. Rose thanked Dusty for never giving up on trying to tell her the truth. Dusty admitted he was still in love with her. Rose went into his arms. Paul arrived in time to see the embrace. Rose and Dusty kissed, and Paul was devastated. He vowed Rose would not get away with it.

Wednesday, December 3, 2003

Bob urged Chris to find out for sure if Alison's baby was his or not. Chris cornered Katie, who divulged little about the baby. Later, she warned Alison that Chris was asking questions. Later, Chris informed Alison that he was home for good. Aaron told Alison he was not going to the wedding so he would not upset Lucy. After, Lucy encouraged him to go.

Emma reminded a newly hopeful Aaron how true love could overcome many obstacles. Elsewhere, Clark and Lucy confirmed their date for the wedding. Jack suggested to Hal that they use Will as bait to find Barbara. Jack, Emily, and Hal discovered Will was not in the house, and frantically searched for him. Will casually returned home from shopping and had a wedding gift for Paul. With difficulty, Hal asked Will to call Barbara and ask her to meet him.

Rose awoke in Dusty's arms. He wanted her to call off the wedding, but she insisted that she needed to think. A thrilled Dusty arrived at Metro and announced that it looked like the wedding was off. Angry, Molly accused Dusty of lying and of using her. She railed that Rose was playing both Paul and Dusty.

Molly broke into Rose's place, where Emily caught her. Paul visited the prison. James advised his son to put Rose to the test. If she was honest with him about the previous night, she could be trusted. Rose confided in Lily what she had found out about Paul.

Rose admitted that she had spent the night with Dusty, but they had not had sex. Lily encouraged Rose not to be swayed by Dusty or anyone else but to trust her own heart. Later, Paul found Rose alone in the church. Meanwhile, Lily cautioned Dusty that he might be celebrating the end too soon.

Thursday, December 4, 2003

Chris talked with Alison at the hospital as Katie looked on. Alison wanted to know why he was staying in Oakdale. Just as Chris was about to answer, he was paged. Alison told Katie that Chris was staying, and Katie told Alison that sooner or later, he would find out that the baby was his. Alison didn't feel that Chris loved her, and she wouldn't use the baby to make him be with her.

Katie asked Alison about Aaron. He thought he was the father of her baby, and it wasn't fair to him to make him believe he was. Alison was about to leave when she ran into Chris. Chris wanted to know how sure Alison was about who the father was. Chris wanted Alison to have an ultrasound so he could be sure that the baby wasn't his.

Hal asked Will to call his mother. Hal was concerned about what Barbara would do at the wedding. Hal convinced Will to help Hal protect Will's mother. Will called his mother and told her he wanted to see her. Barbara caught on that Hal was involved and asked Will to put his father on the phone. She then proceeded to tell Hal off, and Hal warned her that she'd better not pull anything, but Barbara wasn't listening. After she hung up on Hal, Barbara pulled a gun out of her purse.

At the church, Paul was telling Rose that it was he who had made the phone call, because he had been trying to protect her. Paul was adamant about Rose telling him the truth about where she had been the night before. Rose never told Paul that she had been with Dusty. After she left to get ready, Paul turned around and called Rose a liar. Paul returned to his apartment and was having hallucinations about Rose and Dusty together, plus hearing his father's voice telling him not to call off the wedding.

Paul finally emerged from his daze when Jennifer called his name. Jennifer gave Paul a gift and apologized for not being more supportive of him and Rose. She said that she was going to the wedding. Jennifer noticed that Paul was acting strangely, and when she asked him about it, Paul told her that he knew exactly what he had to do and that Rose was going to get the wedding she had always deserved.

Emily caught Molly snooping around Rose's place. After arguing, Molly told Emily that there wasn't going to be a wedding because Rose had spent the night in Dusty's arms. Molly left and went back to Metro, where she ran into Lily. She told Lily that Rose was the one who was causing all the trouble and that Rose couldn't decide which man she wanted.

Back at Rose's, Carly and Emily wanted to know what was going on with Rose. Rose told them that she was really nervous about the wedding and that she was upset over Mitzi. Just as they were about to get ready, Dusty showed up and asked Rose if she had called off the wedding. Rose told him that she was marrying Paul.

Friday, December 5, 2003

by Andy

Jennifer asked Paul where he had gone, since his tuxedo was actually at home instead of at the cleaners as he had suggested. Paul claimed he had later realized the mix-up, so he had gone shopping instead. He had bought a present for Rose. He dismissed his earlier rage as pre-wedding jitters. Paul said, "Living well is the best revenge. And I will have lots of revenge." He excused himself to get ready for the wedding.

Rose told Dusty she was going forward with marrying Paul, despite his threat to kill her. She also said Dusty needed to accept the fact he couldn't see her anymore. Dusty whispered, "What if I say no?" Then he threatened to tell Paul she had spent the night before in his arms. She said Paul had had nothing to do with damaging her car. Inside, Emily was at the door, trying to eavesdrop. Carly decided to call Jack to help her break up Rose and Dusty.

Jack received Carly's call while he was at Hal's place. He headed over to help out. Hal called his stakeout team at the church and told them to conduct a thorough search of the church and to make sure his ex-wife didn't get inside. One of the cops sniped, "I had a wife like that."

As the cops entered the church, they saw a shadow move and heard someone walking. They asked, "Who's there?" They saw someone sitting in a pew. The figure stood up and slowly turned around. Barbara was wearing a nun's outfit and makeup and was holding a rosary. The cops didn't question her presence and apologized for disturbing the sister. Barbara just grinned menacingly.

Back outside Rose's house, Dusty said he was trying to protect her not because he wanted her back but only because he cared for her safety. Rose called his bluff and said Paul would forgive her if he found out about "last night," because Paul was just that kind of guy. Right after Dusty grabbed Rose to help him get his point across, Lily arrived and told him to get his hands off her sister. Carly and Emily also joined the group and told Rose to say goodbye to Dusty. Rose said, "I've been trying to do that, but he won't take 'no' for an answer."

Lily said, "There's a name for people like that." Dusty asked her to prove that she wanted him to leave, so she slapped him. Soon after, Jack arrived. He grabbed Dusty by the arm, but Dusty shook Jack loose and walked away under his own power. Jack made sure Dusty returned to his car. Emily and Carly went back inside while Rose and Lily chit-chatted. Rose claimed Dusty had threatened to tell Paul about "last night." Lily promised she would handle Dusty then took off to look for him.

Katie and Mike prepared for the wedding. Katie looked stunning in her dress, but Mike couldn't find a tux, and his black suit was at the cleaners. Katie didn't seem to mind. She suddenly remembered she had to feed Snickers and slipped out. Later, she returned wearing a frumpy outfit to match the best of what Mike had available to wear. Katie admitted she and Mike were best friends and that she was ready to move on with the rest of her life.

Rose, Carly, and Emily arrived at the church and headed off to the prep room. Ms. Walsh was already waiting inside and wanted to confirm that Mitzi wouldn't be a part of the wedding. Rose briefly filled her in on Mitzi's character and wasn't happy to find out Lucinda had given her $500. Rose wrote Mitzi off and said, "That means she won't be here to wreck my wedding."

Back at Rose's house, Mitzi unlocked the door and confirmed no one was home. Once inside, she said, "Now's my chance to stop you from sending me to prison."

Carly noticed Rose's shoes were missing. Lucinda gave Carly and Emily the keys to her car to go get the shoes. After the girls left, Barbara sneaked up to the door and eavesdropped. She pulled out a gun and reached for the door until she heard voices. Inside, Lucinda gave Rose a beautiful antique mirror. She told a story of how she looked in the mirror to find strength and confidence.

Rose wondered why Lucinda hadn't given the heirloom to Faith or Lily. Lucinda said she saw a bit of herself in Rose. Rose asked if Lucinda would walk her down the aisle, since Rose's father was sick and couldn't make it. Lucinda accepted. Rose let down her guard, let a tear fall, and then said, "I'm just starting to have fun for the first time!"

Jack escorted Dusty back inside Metro. Dusty asked what Jack was doing about Paul threatening to hurt Rose. "If you people can't get it together to protect the woman, I'm going to have to do it myself." Jack looked around the club and made a veiled threat about causing trouble for Dusty and his club if Dusty didn't stay away from Rose. After Jack left, Lily stepped up for round two.

Lily warned Dusty not to tell Paul about "last night" and said, "Don't you get it? This wedding is going to go off no matter what you say." Dusty turned everything around and pointed the finger at Lily. He accused her of making Rose's head spin with crazy ideas of her love for Paul. Dusty accused Lily of wanting Rose to marry Paul because, "You don't want her to hook up with me."

Dusty thought Lily still had a secret passion burning for her ex-lover. Lily tried to slap him, but Dusty grabbed her arm and whispered, "Your sister's a lot quicker." Lily turned to leave, and on her way out, Dusty uttered, "See you at the wedding!"

Jennifer couldn't resist finding out what Paul had bought for Rose. She pulled out a beautiful red goblet, but Paul caught her. He encouraged her to look at the rest. She blushed and then found an expensive bottle of champagne and other matching goblets for the bridesmaids.

Mitzi finally found the old books from the Roller Palace, but she heard Emily and Carly approach the front door.

Lucinda finished buttoning up the backside of Rose's dress before she asked if there was anything else Rose needed. Rose asked for a moment alone to compose herself. Lucinda obliged and left Rose alone in the room. After Lucinda was gone, Sister Barbara took a few steps toward Rose's door, gun in hand.

Hal arrived at the church and checked in with his police detail. One officer said, "Everyone is accounted for, even the nun." Hal wondered what a Catholic nun was doing at a non-Catholic church. It didn't take him long to figure out Barbara was up to something, and he raced inside the church, looking for his ex-wife.

Barbara reached the door, opened it just a crack, and pointed her gun directly at Rose's head.


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