All My Children Recaps: The week of June 7, 2004 on AMC
Kendall told the attorneys that Greenlee and Ryan's marriage was legitimate. Erica battled her inner demons as she prepared to go on stage. JR enlisted Liza's help to take back Chandler Enterprises. Krystal confronted Liza.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of June 7, 2004 on AMC
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Monday, June7

Having called Vegas from her Uncle Jack's apartment, Bianca talks on the phone with Desiree. Bianca tells her, "Wow, Desiree, you sound just like Erica Kane." Erica tells her she's not sure she understands her tone. Bianca tells Erica that her (Erica's) tone is pretty clear - betrayed again. Bianca admits she said some horrible things to her and points out that Erica left her during the worst time of her life. Erica then thinks the call is about recrimination. Bianca tells her mom she saw her picture as the toast of Vegas and wants to know why Erica left her family in their time of need. Erica swears she didn't mean to hurt them and, beyond that, doesn't know what to say. Bianca tells her mom, "That makes two of us," as Jack comes into the room and catches her on the phone. Erica hears Jack in the background and asks if he's there. Taking the phone from Bianca, Jack tells her he is indeed in the room. Zach sees Erica on the phone and has security patch him through so he can listen in as Jack tells Erica how much he loves her and how they all want her home. Erica tells Jack she misses him too but that doesn't mean he can talk her into coming back and that nothing he can say will change her mind. Jack tells her he's not trying to change her mind. He realizes she has made a choice and he will honor it. Erica thanks Jack and tells him if that's true, if he is really honoring her choice, then maybe there is hope for them someday. Jack tells her their someday will never come unless she is sober and hangs up. Bianca tells Jack he did the right thing.

After she hangs up the phone, Zach goes to Erica at her table. He tells her he just comped about 20 tickets for Ashton and Demi's entourage and asks her for a private meet and greet for them. She tells him she will see how she feels after the show. Zach asks her if something is wrong. Erica tells him their relationship is strictly business. She dances and he signs her checks. That's it. Zach says that is fine with him and leaves. As Erica goes toward the elevators, she sees a steward dusting liquor bottles and is mesmerized by them. She appears to be thinking about taking a bottle. Zach interrupts by walking up and asking if she needs help. Erica tells him she was just about to go to the bathroom and asks if she has to clear that with him too. Zach tells Erica her great comeback could end "just like that" if she doesn't get it together. Erica tells him since he can't stop hovering, she is going to remove the temptation. She's moving out of his hotel. Zach's cell phone rings as Erica walks away. It is someone telling him the SEC investigation of Cambias is over and the marriage looks legit. Back in her room, Erica removes a brown bag from her purse. From the bag she removes a bottle of brandy and caresses it. Alone in her room later, a tipsy Erica sips brandy from a snifter. The bottle is over half empty.

After the phone conversation, Lily finds Jack sitting on the couch. She sees he's sad because "his mouth is down." Lily thinks the sadness is her fault because she "gets in the way sometime." Jack wants to know who told her that. She says it was Ms. Turner at school. Jack tells Lily she will never be in the way there and asks permission to give her a hug. Lily isn't comfortable with the hug idea. But she wants his mouth to turn up. Jack tells her she's got it and smiles. Happy that she's gotten Jack to smile, Lily leaves the room. Jack sits down and looks through the pictures of Erica in Vegas with a pained look on his face. Having stepped back around the corner, Lily sees Jack looking at the photos and frowning.

Maria wanders lost around Wildwind trying to figure out what to do about Edmund not wanting to be intimate with her any more. Anita tells Maria she is going to talk to Edmund for her. Anita finds Edmund in the park. Edmund reminisces about the dreams he once held for himself and Maria. Anita explains to him the reason Maria is not somewhere else pining for better days is because she turns to him for comfort. Anita tells Edmund that because of her work at the hospital, she thinks she can imagine what he and Maria are going through. Still he has a partner who loves him no matter what. What she lost with Bobby was trust, and that takes away forever "for better or worse." Anita says she lost the other half of her soul. She concludes by telling Edmund how lucky he is. It appears Anita has gotten through to Edmund. He reaches for Anita, and they give one another a comforting hug.

Livia shows up at Wildwind looking for Anita to discuss the divorce papers with her. Anita has gone to find Edmund. Maria takes advantage of having Livia there to ask her advice about how she can get close to Edmund again. Livia says she can "sue someone" for her but has no magic words that can bring back the intimacy. Left alone Maria sits on the couch with a wistful look on her face. Edmund rolls into the room and reaches for her hand. Maria gets up, sits on his lap and melts into his loving touch.

Kendall interrupts the SEC meeting with Ryan and Greenlee. Instead of ratting them out, Kendall vouches the only reason for their marriage is love. Kendall swears to them as the ultimate woman scorned she has every reason not to stand up for them and stands by her story when the SEC questions the truth of her statement. The head man for the SEC tells the people who started the investigation to give him some hard proof or drop it. The meeting is over and Kendall starts to leave. Ryan won't let her go until she tells him what the little performance she just gave was all about. Kendall tells him she's just trying to keep those suits away from Fusion and Enchantment. After Kendall leaves, Greenlee asks Ryan if that was a free pass. Ryan tells her he still thinks they're in a lot of trouble. Ryan tells her he was thinking billion dollar fraud before the SEC walked in. Now he suspects worse. He realizes Kendall mentioned overhearing a conversation to the SEC and how heavy the trunk was. Ryan puts the pieces together and figures out Kendall may have been in the trunk and have some serious ammo from what she overheard. He knows Kendall will keep the secret until there is something she wants then use if for leverage.

Kendall and Bianca meet in the park. Both have big news. Bianca tells Kendall to go first. Kendall tells her she's getting Ryan back. Bianca also shares her news and says she can only imagine what their mom is going through right now. "About a fifth a day," is Kendall's sarcastic response. To get off the subject of Erica, Bianca asks Kendall to tell her about Ryan. Kendall tells Bianca that Ryan and Greenlee are married in name only. She heard it straight from the "horse's mouth," Ryan, and the "horse's ass," Greenlee. Kendall wants to go to Ryan and tell him she knows he still loves her. Bianca tells her she should have already known Ryan loved her because of all the things Ryan did for her. If those weren't proof enough for Kendall Bianca tells her, "Then you're the horse's ass." Bianca points out that if Kendall goes to Ryan and tells him about hiding in the trunk and overhearing his conversation with Greenlee, Ryan will tell her to go straight to hell. Bianca backs up and realizes she's just gone off on Kendall. She apologizes for having gone off on her so much lately. Bianca just doesn't want Kendall to end up like their mom.

Zach browses a tabloid paper that has Ryan and Greenlee's wedding on the front cover. He stops at an inside story about Maria.

Tuesday, June8, 2004

JR found Tad in Adam's library, thumbing through a book on divorce JR had left on the desk and asked him to stay out of his business. JR was angry and Tad tried to reason with him and apologized for keeping the annulment and DNA test a secret. JR explained he was reading the fine print about annulments. Tad said he was there to pick up Krystal and was not pleased to hear Babe had taken her to see David to get her heart checked.

Babe knocked at David's door and asked him to examine Krystal. Babe was in a panic over her mother's anxiety attacks. While David examined her, he suggested she stop seeing Tad for her own health and blamed him for her stress. Tad showed up to take Krystal out. As soon as everyone was gone, Liza showed up to ask David's help in getting Krystal out of Tad's life. David was bored and said he wasn't going to help her and she only had to wait for Tad to screw it up.

After Tad left, JR went back to pouring over the book. Babe came in and he reluctantly let her drag him upstairs to their bedroom.

Reggie, Bianca, Greenlee, Ryan and Kendall gathered at Jack's for an impromptu birthday party for Jack. Things were tense, but Reggie warned everyone to get along or get out. He also warned them about Lily's condition. Lily and Jack returned and everyone went through the introductions without overly upsetting Lily. When Jack opened gifts, Lily was upset she didn't have a gift for him. She agreed to give him something he's always wanted, a hug from her.

The chorus dancers harped at Erica to hurry, but she ignored them. Bianca came to her in a vision in the mirror and reminded her she's hurting everyone. Slater came in and suggested she not go on, but she shooed him away and took another drink. Jack came to her in a vision and she tried to wipe him away with cold cream on the mirror. Erica nearly stumbled out the door to go on and during an intermission, Pearly yelled at her for tripping her during the show and accused Erica of being drunk. Erica warned her against saying that and then saw Bianca again in the mirror. She had another drink and got yelled at by the other dancers again. Then Jack, Reggie, Bianca, Kendall all came in the mirror and shouted at her that she is not fine. Slater came in and told her she was not going back on and she yelled at him as though he were her father, threw a glass and broke the mirror. Later, he nursed her hangover and she became argumentative and he told her Desiree doesn't serve her well and she should stop lying to herself. He took all her booze, ordered room service not to bring her any and locked her in her room. Erica was pacing and called Ryan and asked for help.

Tad and Krystal went to a baseball game, the Pine Valley Mud Hens against the Llanview Boilermakers. Tad had to remind her to root for the home team as Krystal antagonized one of the player's girlfriends. Tad stood between the fighting women and Krystal got hit in the head with a baseball and was knocked out cold. As Tad tried to bring her around, she was groggy and said it wasn't Babe, she was the one who did it. Tad wondered what she did.

Wednesday, June9

Ryan continued his conversation with Erica while everyone eagerly listened. Erica begged him to come to Vegas as he was the "only one" she could trust. He acted like he didn't know where she was and Erica said "They know where I am, they pay people to watch me." She stumbled and then thought she heard cards being shuffled. Ryan asked what was going on and she asked if he heard that. He said no and asked where she was. She said "in hell." She cried and said she needed him to come get her. Ryan agreed and said he'd be there as soon as possible. Erica hung up and stumbled around the room, seeing double. She talked out loud to her father, saying that Ryan was coming and would make him go away. She stumbled over to the door and tried to open it but Zach had locked it from the outside. She began hallucinating severely and thought she picked up the death card from a pack of Taro cards. Erica crawled onto the sofa and covered up with a blanket sobbing "You can't do that! I'm not going to die!" with her eyes closed tightly. When she opened her eyes she thought she was in a coffin. She begged to be let out and then looked around the room. Everyone she loved was there dressed in mourning. She heard them talk about paying their last respects and watched as they stood in front of her. Erica tried to get them to listen to her but they didn't respond to her, only each other. Ryan came to the coffin last and said he was sorry he didn't make it in time. Then everyone went out the door and Erica watched Jack close the door. She thought she saw a hooded man across the room and began yelling at him, saying her life wasn't over, she couldn't be dead. The coffin lid closed.

When Ryan hung up his phone, he told everyone that it sounded like Erica had been drinking. He said he'd call his pilot and have him file a flight plan. Kendall got in his face and said no. They began to argue and Kendall said Erica was in a booze-induced haze and incapable of knowing who or what she needed. Kendall thought Jack should be the one to go to Erica. Jack said no, that Erica reached out to Ryan because she trusted him. Kendall continued arguing until Jack got angry and said she would not stand in the way of anyone trying to help Erica. Kendall backed down and was very hurt that he thought she didn't want Erica to be helped. She said she hated the fact that Erica was drinking and hurting. Kendall talked about finding Erica and being close to her for about 5 minutes and then Erica left. Bianca hugged Kendall, and Kendall said she didn't want Erica back if she was just going to push them all away again. Jack said he was glad Erica called Ryan because Ryan could be objective. Greenlee and Bianca agreed and Ryan said he'd go home and pack some clothes then get to the plane. He and Greenlee left. Minutes later Bianca and Kendall went into the hallway outside Jack's apartment. They hugged and talked about their mother. Bianca said things would never be the same between them again. They talked about their reasons for keeping Erica in the dark about Bianca's pregnancy. Bianca said no matter what, Erica's drinking wasn't their fault. Bianca was worried about how to react when Erica comes back to Pine Valley. Kendall said they would have to convince her they never meant to hurt her. Kendall left and Bianca went back inside. She said down with Jack, who told her how special and brave she was. Bianca denied it and said she just doesn't know what else to do but to keep going on. Jack said she gave the whole family hope and hugged her tightly. He said they'd get the best help for Erica. Meanwhile Ryan packed a bag and he and Greenlee went to the jet. He asked if she wanted to come with him and Greenlee said no, Erica wouldn't be thrilled to see her. Ryan said he'd miss Greenlee and then kissed her. Greenlee left and Ryan called the pilot to see when they would be taking off. When he turned around Kendall walked on board. She demanded that he let her go with him. He refused and she told him she just wanted to talk to her mother before she got back into Pine Valley. She wanted to let Erica know some things about Bianca so that the two of them could get back what they had. Kendall promised to behave and Ryan said he thought it was a really bad idea. But finally Kendall convinced him and Ryan said she could go with him. Greenlee went back to Jack's and told him and Bianca that Ryan was on his way. Reggie and Bianca left Jack and Greenlee to talk alone. Greenlee said she knew things would all work out.

Liza told David he could give her the ammo she needed to get rid of Krystal. She said she'd done some genealogy searching and found Babe's father, a Dr. Ronald Fitzgerald at Stanford University. David was shocked because he knew him. Liza asked if David knew where Dr. Fitzgerald had gone after Stanford and David said northern California to go into pediatrics. Liza tried to get David to call him for a visit, handing him the phone number. David refused to help her get Tad. Liza claimed it was for the good of the Chandler family, to expose Krystal for what she was. David said he thought Liza's obsession with Krystal and Tad was becoming unhealthy. They argued and Liza picked up a plastic baggie with a swab in it and commented "Talk about unhealthy! That's unsanitary!." David said that for a moment, that bag might have contained a miracle. She didn't understand what he meant and put the bag down. He told her it was the swab that had Bess's DNA and he had hoped to prove Bess was really Bianca's baby, until Tad burst that bubble with his announcement at the wedding. Liza said Tad wouldn't lie about that but Krystal might have done some switching. David told Liza she needed help and pushed her out the door. Later he walked around the cabin and picked up the bag and thought about what Liza said.

Liza made a phone call to Dr. Fitzgerald and said WRCW was doing a medical report and needed his help. She offered to fly him to Pine Valley and he was interested.

Tad tried to get Krystal to come to after being hit by the baseball. She hallucinated and thought Bianca was leaning over her, saying she wanted Miranda. Krystal said "Can't hurt Babe and JR" and Tad asked what could hurt them. She muttered "Miranda." Finally Tad got her to sit up and said he was taking her to the ER. At first she refused but when she saw how concerned Tad was she agreed. He got her to the ER and Joe checked her out. He said she had to stay overnight for observation and Tad asked if he could stay too. Joe said that was up to Krystal and left the room. Tad said he felt responsible and wanted to take care of her. Krystal said he was such a gentleman. Tad started questioning her about what she said at the ball park about Miranda. Krystal blamed her ramblings on being hit by a ball. Tad said it was more than that; it had something to do with Miranda. He said he was scared for her and that he knew she was truly a good person. "You can tell me whatever is bothering you." Krystal looked like she wanted to spill everything and said she was so afraid, "Babe could lose everything she ever loved." She said she had nightmares that she was watching her grandbaby drown in the river. Krystal said that ever since the wedding, with Babe wondering whether the baby was hers and Kendall throwing such a fit, that the nightmares had been getting worse. She worried about Kendall stirring up trouble. Tad said the only person who could destroy Babe's life was JR. Krystal said it was her own crazy life that made her worry so much for Babe. She went on about what a hard life she'd had, bringing up Babe alone. Then she looked at Tad and said he wouldn't understand, having had such a great life being brought up by a doctor. Tad said he could stack his miserable childhood up next to her life anytime. Krystal was confused and Tad explained about Ray Gardner. He said that no matter how great his life had been since coming to the Martin's, he still remembered what it was like before. "The past doesn't always want to stay buried" he told Krystal. She said he was a lucky guy. Tad said he wanted to make her feel safe and they hugged.

Thursday, June10

As Krystal and Tad walk out of the cubicle at the hospital, David spots them and asks what Tad did to her. Tad, ever the jokester, makes up a few things before explaining what really happened. He tells David that his father wanted her to stay overnight for observation but has given her a clean bill of health and her walking papers. David isn't so secure in Dr. Joe's diagnosis and insists on giving Krystal a once over. Tad, thinking that David just wants to hook up with her again, reminds him that he didn't have privileges at the hospital.

Much to Tad's chagrin, David informs him that the board got tired of granting him temporary privileges and just reinstated him to the staff. Slightly dejected, Tad can only watch as David escorts Krystal back into the cubicle.

Once inside, Krystal says that she hopes David didn't bully her in there so he can badmouth Tad. On the contrary, he proceeds to tell her that Liza is out to get her in an effort to get Tad back. He goes further and says that more recently, Liza has confessed that she is gunning for Babe as a way to get rid of her. Krystal storms out of the room.

While waiting, Joe sees his son and confronts him about his feelings about Krystal. Initially, Tad tries to downplay them but Joe sees right through the fašade. Before he can come clean, David strolls out of the cubicle and ignores the Martins. Tad leaps up and asks what he did with Krystal. David assures Tad that he needn't worry about him - but should worry about a "blonde with a TV station", because she's out to get Krystal. Tad takes off.

Over at Chandler Enterprise offices, Liza joins JR in his office. He tells her of his plan to take back the company by year's end, and tells her he wants her to clear everything off of her desk and work exclusively with him. Liza is confused as to why since Ryan has been nothing but good to him. JR launches into a quasi-impassioned speech about the company being structured by Adam to hand down to his children and grandchildren, and that it is Colby and Bess' legacy. Liza asks what will happen if she refuses, and JR says that he will go to Tad and tell him her part in trying to ruin his marriage. After a moment of thought, Liza says that she will assist him if he returns the favor and helps her get rid of Krystal. They shake on it, and JR takes off for home.

Moments later, Liza's cell phone rings, and after answering, she says that she can't wait to meet him either. Then, Krystal storms in and Liza cuts the call short. Krystal tells her that Liza can go after her all she wants, but if she goes after Babe, she will "part her hair with a chainsaw." She goes on to say that not only does Babe not need to meet her daddy, but she also doesn't need to be rejected by him twice. Liza in unfazed and says that she will do what she pleases. Infuriated, Krystal lunges at Liza. Tad shows up in the doorway just in time to witness the event.

Tad manages to pry Krystal off, and tries to revive Liza, who is motionless on the floor. After determining that Krystal has knocked her out cold, he tells her to wipe the smirk off her face and call a doctor. Suddenly, a man strides in, announces he is a doctor, and kneels down beside Liza. Standing, Tad notices that Krystal has a look of recognition on her face. Tad asks whether Krystal knows him, and she confirms that she does, while adding that he is Babe's father.

At the Fusion offices, Greenlee heads up a meeting with Mia and Simone. She makes some decisions, but the duo is hesitant to make a move without Kendall's input. Greenlee acknowledges that while Kendall is a significant stockholder, she and Ryan are the owners and she is perfectly capable of making decisions. Just as she asks "where Kendall is anyway", Bianca walks in and says she was hoping someone there could tell her.

After some brief discussions trying to deduce Kendall's movement, a delivery person arrives - with the hideous trunk from Ryan and Greenlee's place. Greenlee says it's a mistake and tries to get the delivery guy to take it back. He insists she needs to call another delivery guy for that, leaves the trunk in the foyer and leaves.

Forgetting it for the moment, Greenlee walks back into the main office area, figuring out along the way through her conversation with Bianca, that Kendall is in Las Vegas. They both believe that she is there to try to win Ryan back once again. At first, Greenlee seems upset, but before she can get too far they hear yelling out in the foyer. Running out, Bianca and Greenlee see Mia fiddling with the lock on the trunk and Simone yelling inside.

Mia fiddles with the latch for a moment and finally gets it open. Simone, believing that she was "one her last breath", and Bianca mutters that she would have been fine. Simone explains that when she was younger, she would climb in small places when things got too chaotic. It was a way to clear her head, but it didn't work this time. She also notes that it stunk like Kendall's perfume inside the trunk. She stalks off with Mia in tow.

Greenlee notices a hole in the trunk, and confronts Bianca about the trunk being at her place. She asks her directly to confirm that Kendall was inside. When Bianca does just that, Greenlee wants to know how much Kendall overheard. Bianca, torn because she loves her sister and cares about Ryan, doesn't know what to say. Greenlee tells her that if Kendall overheard what she thinks, she could very easily send both her and Ryan to jail. Bianca says that Kendall didn't miss a word.

Clearly rattled, Greenlee takes a moment to calm herself. Suddenly, she does a 180 and says that she hopes that Kendall really did go to Vegas - because Ryan is the only person that can get through to her.

Ryan and Kendall arrive in Vegas and knock on the door of Erica's suite. They get no answer, so Ryan breaks in. Once inside, they see that the room is trashed but no sign of Erica. Worried, Ryan says that he is going to check the bedroom - but is met in the doorway by Zach. They ask him where Erica is, but he acts as if he doesn't know who Erica is, and says that the room was occupied by one of his dancers, Desiree Dubois. Kendall informs him that Erica used that fake name to keep her loved ones back home from finding her. Kendall spots a scarf and says that it belonged to her mother, so they know she had been there.

Zach promises to have his people comb this hotel and the area - if she is still in Vegas, they will find her. Kendall says that she will pay whatever amount is required, and Zach insists he will do so free of charge. When he leaves, Ryan tells Kendall that he doesn't trust Zach. Ryan proceeds to call the PI they had trailing Erica and finds out the she somehow gave him the slip. He instructs the PI to keep doing what he is doing surveillance-wise, and to let him know when he finds something.

When he gets off the phone, he sees Kendall looking around the room in a daze. She says that Erica likes order and always has a place for everything. Because of that fact, Kendall feels like something is wrong - her room would not be in this state.

Pondering the situation further, she admits to Ryan that Erica isn't the only reason that she accompanied him to Vegas. She originally was up to her same old tricks - trying to use the same tactics to get different results and win him back. Ryan asked her what had changed - and she said seeing her mother's pain way too up close and personal shook her from her reverie. She tells him that Bianca often tells her that she is just like Erica, and seeing this scene makes her realize how true that is. When they are hurting, they retreat into themselves and go for the old standbys: betrayal and mistrust. She notes that Erica has retreated into the bottle and pulled the cork in after her. Kendall admits that she is scared for Erica - and wants to save her again, like she did the night of the big storm when they connected. She also says that she herself wants to be saved - possibly more than she wanted to be with him.

Ryan tells her that he couldn't save her. Kendall knows that but she says she can save him, and already has. She starts to tell him about hiding in the trunk in his apartment, but he finishes her sentence. She asks how he knew and he said he suspected but that she just confirmed it. With a smug look on her face, Kendall says that she had to know why he chose Greenlee over her - and was happy to find out that it was all for business.

As they discuss this, Zach looks on via the hidden cameras in the room.

Babe enters an abandoned church that had been damaged by the flash flood that she could see from the crash site. A preacher with overalls emerges and asks her if there is anything that he can do to help her. She tells him that she wants to pray but is finding it difficult because she lost her baby boy in the storm. She talks about the precious moments that she had with her son, and how she wasn't aware that she lost him right away because of being sick and because her mother tried to keep it from her. The preacher encourages her to pray in the form of talking to her son. She locks her fingers, closes her eyes, and tells her son that she should have taken better care of him, that she still loves him, that he will always be a part of her and that she will never let him go.

When she is done and preparing to go, Babe pulls a wad of money out of her purse and gives it to the preacher to help pay for repairs. She promises that she will come back with more. He suggests that the money go toward replacing the stained glass - and that perhaps a pane of the glass could contain a dedication to her son. She thinks it's a wonderful idea.

Once she arrives back at the mansion, she looks in on Bess/Miranda and talks with her. Moments later, there is a knock at the door and David comes in. He is there under the guise of a house call to make sure she is still doing okay and taking her medication. He takes out his stethoscope and listens to her heart and breathing. As he does so, he mentions that he heard on the radio on the way over that Paul is still alive. Babe starts to look worried but stays still so David can continue his checkup. He continues to talk, mentioning Krystal's not-heart attack and Kendall's outburst claiming that "Bess" wasn't hers. At that, her heart skips a beat and David hears it. He asks her what's bothering her and she jumps up and tries to brush it off.

He assures her that as her doctor, she can tell him anything and it has to remain confidential. As she ponders this, JR arrives and demands to know what David is doing there. David tells him it's just a house call but JR doesn't care. He bullies David out of the house, but before he goes, David tells her that if the stress gets to be too much, she can always come to him.

When he's gone, Babe tries to calm JR and insists that David was just there to help. JR tells her that he is still antsy because of "all the people that tried to take" his daughter away. Babe assures him that no one will do that because she made sure of it. JR asks what she is talking about, and Babe squirms out of it by reminding him about the DNA tests. She then says that she's exhausted because he kept her up late last night, and is going to take a nap.

After she leaves, JR tells "Bess" that she will always be safe because her daddy will protect her.

Back at the hospital, David holds up a vial in a plastic bag and not only thanks JR for the warm welcome, but also Babe for a fresh DNA sample.

Friday, June11

Due to ABC News coverage of the funeral of Former President Ronald Reagan, All My Children did not air. Today's show will air in AMC's regular timeslot on Monday, June 14th and there will be no "lost" episodes as a result of this preemption.

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